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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sentencing. >> heavy rain and wind are hitting new hampshire right now. look after these live pictures from hampton beach. a flood watch is in effect for parts of the seacoast. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the rain is falling pretty much across the entire state right now and in some places it coming down pretty hard as well. let's start with meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: it is pouring and that will slow travelers down tonight, low vis expibility the wind picking up as well. this is going to be a typical october rain storm packed with rain and also winds. and even some warmth too. i want to show you the latest on the radar here. can you see where the heaviest rain is, wherever you get those yellows, oranges and red, up in coos county it is pouring cats and dogs up in that area, same thing in the connecticut river valley from lebanon and up into littleton. even in southern new hampshire too we have it pouring as well.
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so some steady heavy rain continuing through the overnight, and it might even be some thunder, too. here's the latest wind speeds. we've cranked the winds in a few spots up near 12 miles per hour, nashua 14 miles per hour. but at the seacoast tonight we may gust upwards of 50 miles per hour. so make sure if you can, tie down those halloween decorations, you'll need it tonight with all the winds blowing around. temperature wise we're mostly in the 40's, upper 50's, and the temperatures go up through the overnight. so you can expect about one to two inches of rain possible, and watch out for slippery roads because of the wet leaves. that's something we don't necessarily think about at this time of year, but that can happen. then at the coast gusty winds and maybe some flooding there. i'll have the latest ahead. josh: thanks. this weather is also causing northeast. this is the surf that churned up in connecticut, which is also seeing flooding. the weather causing flight delays at several airports,
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some rhode island towns canceled halloween events today because of all the heavy rain. jean: governor hassan and legislative leaders both say tackling the heroin epidemic is a top priority, the governor essence. today she called for a special along. heather hamel is live tonight and some republican lawmakers are saying they need to be careful not to rush, right? reporter: yes, republican leaders say they want this to be a bipartisan well thought out plan that goes through the public hearing process to attack this crisis. today they announced some initiatives they're working onto crack down on the problem from drug court legislation to updating prescription drug monitoring. many of their ideas mirror governor hassan's u. but they say the process needs to be done thoughtfully. substance abuse legislation is the top priority and with so many people dying they need to expedite legislation. she recommends a special session, and barring that a bill on her desk by the end of
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>> i haven't heard a commitment from legislative leadership for a special session. and we're running out of time. so that's why i'm calling for it today. it does take willing partners, we want to make sure a special session is productive. >> the governor certainly has the ability to call for a special session. but i think what's really most important is that we do this in a coordinated, comprehensive, well thought out way so we don't make any mistakes, so that we solve the problem and we don't have to come back and correct it. report both sides do support treating the prescription drug fentanyl the same as heroin when it comes to penalties for sell it. but the governor wanted to use an emergency rules process for changing guidelines for prescribing opioids, and republican leaders don't agree. josh: commitment 2016 now, and hillary clinton is back in new hampshire for a two-day trip. today the white house hopeful
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for politics and eggs. she talked about inclusive prosperity. but this week she was also the target of criticism after she said the recent scandal at the v.a. was overmoney and not as widespread as some would have you belief. we asked her about that. >> there were clearly systemic problems and those problems must be dealt with, i've already been talking about what i would do. but i am worried about some people trying to use the fact that we immediate to make major reforms as a justification for dismantling the v.a., and i think my comments were really more directed at that. i want us to fix what's wrong. josh: clinton says as president she would order a top to bottom review of the v.a. she implied bernie sanders is a sexist, we'll hear her answer on that and get her take on the benghazi hearings, coming up at 6:00.
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meanwhile the republicans will turn to the stage tonight for another debate. the podium arrangement for this matchup will be a little different from last time around. reporter: it's round three for the republican presidential hopefuls. and there's a change in mood ahead of tonight's debate. >> please do me a favor, let me win iowa. reporter: for the first time frontrunner. a new poll shows him in a statistical dead heat with dr. carson nationally, followed by marco rubio, jeb bush and carly fiorina. tuesday carson also picked up u.f.c. champion. >> i do realize that's a marathon. >> he has to practice more with his vocal chords and show up in a much different way. reporter: four candidates low nest the polls also face off in an earlier event and with 10 on tonight's main stage, john kasich is vowing to take the
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gloves off. >> i'm done with being polite and listening to this nonsense. reporter: debate drama also behind the scenes. rand paul's advisor tweeted these photos comparing trump's elaborate green room to paul's. the r. n. c. later changed paul's accommodations. jeb bush is targeting democratic candidate hillary clinton in his latest ad, while marco rubio is having a little light hearted fun. >> i know i have a debate, but i got to get this fantasy football thing right. reporter: ruby's home town newspaper is call on him to resign his senate seat saying he's missed too many votes in washington. tonight's showdown will focus on jobs and the economy. millions tuned in to the first two republican debates which turned heated and ugly. as we now wait to see what happens this time around. brandi hitt, abc news, boulder. colorado. jean: news 9 broke the news today that there could be another challenger to congressman frank guinta next year, greenland state rep pam tucker says she's officially
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exploring a run in the first congressional district. rich achew and dan innis also considering a run. innis is expected to make it official this week. jean: now court filings released on the sentencing date for owen labrie, the prep school graduate convicted of sexually assaulting a teen-age girl. amy coveno is live in the newsroom where the 40-page document proposing probation in lieu of prison time. reporter: that's right, 43 pages, most of them letters written by a dozen people including owen's parents who describe him as a gifted young scholar with a kind and sensitive heart. owen's attorney trying to avoid having his client register as a sex offender. carney says his client has been punished enough, has lost his dream of attending harvard and
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school has been suspended. carney says the internet is a permanent scarlet letter for labrie, forever associating him with the conviction. one of the 12 letter writers, a mother whose daughter dated labrie briefly. she wrote if there were ever a young man who deserved leniency, it is owen labrie. the file includes photographs of labrie describing a childhood of near poverty but rich in scholarly pursuits. expect to see a firely presentation by the defense tomorrow and a different tone from the prosecution. >> i think what you're going to see is a very measured presentation by the prosecution, explaining its rationale for its sentence and saying why it's appropriate in this case. i think ultimately i would be shocked if they didn't recommend incarceration. reporter: labrie participated voluntarily in a psycho sexual evaluation, that psychiatrist found him to be at a very low
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sentencing scheduled tomorrow at 1:30. amy coveno, wmur news 9. josh: police released the name of the man they say was involved in a standoff in laconia yesterday. an arrest warrant was issued for 26 used robert audette this morning for felony criminal threatening. wmur's ray brewer has those details. reporter: laconia police believe that robert audette has left the immediate area and may even be heading out of state. meanwhile the woman who lives in the apartment where audette was allegedly holed up is stealing -- dealing with the aftermath. windows shattered by tear gas canisters seven as reminders of what unfollowed at 20 jewett street tuesday afternoon. police surrounded the apartment house after receiving a report that someone inside had threatened another man with a gun, setting in motion a standoff that would last for hours. kristen paul was away when the incident began. >> everyone was running around saying different things, and it's my part, no one would tell me what's going on. reporter: after firing the tear
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apartment and say they found a shotgun and bags of ammo but no suspect. he had apparently left before police arrived. paul says the suspect had only been staying in her apartment for a few days but describes him as a nice guy. >> just my friend's friend, so he brought his stuff, he was moving to his new house. reporter: she says she has no idea where the disappeared to but is upset with the police and the mess left behind, she has a hole in her shower and is worried that the chemical residue may have affected her cat. >> we had to bring him downstairs last night because we couldn't breathe or anything, so he definitely wouldn't be able to breathe. reporter: paul says that audette moved up here from the belmont area, but laconia police say that's just one of many addresses they have for him. if you have any information about audette's where abouts, you're asked to get in touch with the laconia police department. ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: let's turn to the traffic watch, see how the evening
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commute is shaping up because the rain is really moving in and you can see the trouble it's causing out there on 293, southbound lanes near exit 5, this view from our elliott at rivers end camera. josh: slow going indeed. peggy james joins us now with a look at the road home mid-week. >> hi, yes, it's proving to be a very challenging commute already. we had an earlier problem on 101 west bound between exits 4 and 3, by old manchester road, an accident there had things bogged down for quite a while. that seems to be clearing out. we have the usual slowdowns in bedford on 101 west as you're approaching wallace road. other than that 93 northbound is a heavy ride all the way from salem up to londonderry, it will take but 30 minutes to get from the border up to manchester. 293 north no major issues, but some slowdowns southbound as you saw there. a lot of volume on 93 north through the hooksett stretch. concord is busy but no accidents reported right now. everett turnpike northbound is
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11, very busy, and there was an accident at 101a somerset parkway in nashua that is approaching the everett turnpike that's had things very slow in that stretch as well. the report being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, kia of nashua, i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. josh: thanks. jean: coming up tonight, former house speaker deis in hastert pleaded guilty today to breaking banking laws. josh: a military blimp breaks loose, snapping power lines as it drift as cross two states. hayley: some heavier rain moving in now and this is just the beginning. overnight there might be a few thunderstorms. i'll have the hour by hour forecast coming up. jean: at 5:30, new hampshire's attorney general wants changes in case files, he says they're deleted too soon to protect children. >> daddy held onto him and tried
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josh: at 6:00, grieving parents want people to hoe now thankful they are for the support in
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p
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josh: welcome back. the house is set to approve a bipartisan budget deal.
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congressional leaders struck the deal with president obama after several weeks of negotiations. the agreement would authorize the government to borrow to pay bills and would set spending limits for defense and domestic issues over the next two years. disgraced former house speaker dennis hastert pleaded guilty today. jean: he was accused of illegally structuring banking transactionings to send hush money to cover up alleged sexual abuse. reporter: this morning as dennis hastert entered the federal court building in chicago to plead guilty to a felony banking charge, he was accompanied by us marshals. it was a scene so far divorced from the family values image once portrayed by the republican congressman, who was send in line to the presidency as speaker of the house. it started when hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach, it was there, it is alleged, that he preyed on
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>> these boys were 14, 15, 16 years old. reporter: she told abc news her late brother, steven rhinebolt was one of hastert's victims. >> she of he just looked at he and said it was with with dennis hastert, and i was stunned. reporter: authorities say a few years ago hastert began to pay another one of his victims more than a million dollars in hush money. when his bank asked him about the large withdrawals, hastert began taking money out in smaller amounts to avoid the scrutiny. that's the felony charge the former speaker pled guilty to today, illegally structuring banking transactions to avoid reporting requirements. the judge has accepted the plea deal and sentencing will happen in february. hastert will remain free until sentencing. and by pleading guilty he avoids the drama of a court trial in which details of more serious offenses would likely come out. josh: a sheriff in south
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resource officer that was caught on camera flipping a teenager out of a desk. today the sheriff said the maneuver used to the student was not based on training or acceptable procedure, he went onto say that the student posed no danger to anyone. she was arrested though on a charge of disturbing schools. jean: fighter jets were sent to keep track of a military blimp that broke loose from its moorings today. the aircraft drifted away from the aberdeen proving ground in maryland this afternoon and drifted over central pennsylvania. the tether trailing below the blimp snapped several power lines, causing blackouts to tens of thousands of people. it finally drifted down more than 150 miles from its starting point. hayley: well, today we had the rain moving in all day long, it was kind of gloomy, then all of a sudden the rain started and it's falling hard in a lot of spots at this time.
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take a look at the web cameras, you can see the dark skies in moultonborough, same thing in littleton and dublin. temperatures in the 40's or low 50's across the state at this hour. here's the latest on the radar. you can see the very heavy rainfall coming down now with pockets, especially up in coos county. look at that red and orange band moving up through colebrook, lancaster and now into pittsburgh and eventually that will move into northern maine. then there are pockets along 89 or 93, where you see the darker shades of green, oriole low, right along 89 there at the split with 202, that's where you get some of those downpours that can be blinding rain as you're trying to drive home from work. so be very careful of that if you do have plans to head out this evening. you'll have low vis ultimate and big puddles on the roads because of all this heavy rain coming down. this is a huge system.
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we'll call it a monster system. it is big, look at how many communities are being impacted. and it continuing to move up toward us, so this is really just the leading end that we're seeing right now. a couple things coming along with this system, wind and also some really warm air pumping in from the south. in fact, tomorrow it's going to feel almost like an early september day with temperatures that are going to be warm and almost a little more humid, too. state. 50 in manchester and portsmouth. 48 in rochester. most of of the temperatures you see here right now will actually be our low temperatures that we reach tonight. and we continue to go up there the overnight hours as this warm air surges in. the wind are cranking, right out of the southeast at this point. 8 miles per hour at the moment in concord. but overnight there will likely be gusts up near 30, 40, possibly even 50 miles per hour at the seacoast. especially during the overnight hours and early on thursday morning. so at the coast there are some concerns.
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there's a coastal flood watch that has been posted, especially at high tide which will happen right before 1:00 a.m. where astronomically at a high tide point, so splashover is likely. at the coastline winds out of the southwest 20 to 30 miles per hour and gusts near 50 as this storm rolls on through. here's the latest on future cast. so this is 8:00 tonight. you see the heavier bands starting to move in, there could be some embedded thunderstorms here. this is 7:00 a.m., it's going to be wet at the bus stop tomorrow morning and wet for the commute in to work. but then things get lighter about noontime, you might start to see the sun poking through. we're not completely done with rain, there will be a splattering of scattered showers, but we'll clear out on thursday night into friday. how much rain are we looking at? upwards of one to two inches of rainfall which is actually still needed, if you can believe that, especially at the seacoast.
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tonight heavy rain, gusty winds, temperatures actually go up and the wind continue to be breezy. thursday, tomorrow, we'll have wind out of the southwest between 10 to 20 miles per hour, even some gusts up near 30. and look at those temperatures. 70's, even mid 70's in some spots. it's going to be warm. then cooling back down on friday. saturday for halloween in the 50's with sunshine, and then on sunday a few scattered showers with temperatures in the 50's. josh: good. jean: thanks, haley. coming up at 5:30, an unusual investigation at one school, a boy accused of dumping hot soup onto another student's tt2watv# 1$! bm@qrhd tt4watv# 1$!" dztq 5gt tt4watv# 1$!" entq ec4 tt4watv# 1$!" gzt& \dl
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jean: a 19-year-old sleep walker was found nine miles from her colorado home. josh: investigators believe that taylor gamel walked most of the way before getting onto a bus to her uncle's house, all of this while she was asleep. her father notified the police as soon as he noticed she was missing and says this isn't the first time it happened. blast year she woke up in a nearby park. >> she just starts walking and i don't think she knows where she's going or what she's doing, which makes it even scarier. josh: taylor is safe at home now and they say they are setting their door alarm to prevent this from happening again. some people grow out of sleep
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experts say 4 to 5% of american adults are sleep walkers. but nasa astronaut scott kelly was very much awake when he took his first space walk today to tackle a long list of chores outside the international space station. jean: that included working on a robotic arm and routing cable for a future docking port. early thursday morning kelly will break the u.s. record for nasa's longest trip off our planet, surpassing 215 days. guess he's been pretty busy. straight ahead at 5:30, american test scores are dropping, but new hampshire students are still doing better than the national average. josh: what a game in year's world series got off to an unforgettable start. jean: now to our u local hot shot, look at this, it's a picture of last night's hunter moon, perfect for the week of halloween. submit your pictures and video, join newses of u local members by logging onto u
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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hayley: heavy bands of rain moving in right now, as the winds get ready to howl. the full timeline of the rain
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and wind. josh: new hampshire's top lawyer wants changes in the way d. c. f. handles case files. jean: with trick or treaters on the move this weekend, the warning for hunters as deer season gets under way. josh: and there's a new way to enjoy two popular rail trails. josh: heavy rain has moved in to new hampshire, the remnants of a storm that set records when it first formed. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. the rain is certainly needed in new hampshire, but it's prompted a flood watch for parts of the seacoast. here are live pictures from the portsmouth area. meteorologist hayley lapoint is joining us with the details. hayley: it's going to mainly be from the ocean that the flooding would be occurring during hey tide hours. with the winds blowing out of
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the southeast, it will be perfect conditions for minor flooding right at the seacoast during the overnight hours tonight. but for the rest of us it is some heavy rain passing through. even up into coos county there was a report of some small hail coming down. i wouldn't be surprised, this is very heavy rain. you see the oranges and yellow colors indicated on radar, so anywhere north of colebrook into pittsburgh, it's pouring hard. the win speeds have started to pick up a little, nothing too crazy at the moment. laconia about 15 miles per hour. 14 miles per hour in portsmouth. so here's what you can expect. this is a real october rain storm, we do tend to get these around here. and we'll have the rain, the wind and then a surge in the temperatures for the day tomorrow, in fact some of us will be talking about 70's for highs tomorrow. but a few thins to keep in mind. tonight the wind will be blowing around, so a lot of our find comes down, that leads to slippery conditions on the roads with the wet leaves, and also the halloween decorations
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jean: thanks, haley. a committee exploring ways to better protect new hampshire's most vulnerable children heard ideas from the state attorney general this morning. this group is expected to propose legislation to improve the way agencies like the division for children, youth and families work together with police. wmur's andy hershberger was at today's hearing and joins us live with the story. reporter: the discussion today focused primarily on information, how it should be shared and how long it should be kept. the attorney general made two key recommendations wednesday, to a commission appointed to review child abuse fatalities. joseph foster said that one problem is that law enforcement often cannot access all the records involving a child's death. >> law enforcement doesn't have access to dcyf records in circumstances where there's been a child death. they do if there's an ongoing investigation, but if a child for whatever reason perishes, law enforcement cannot automatically get access to
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those records and we think that's an oversight in the law. reporter: the committee is made up of lawmakers, child protective workers, domestic violence prevention experts and other professionals to help write new legislation and fix existing law designed to cheap children safe. the panel was formed in the wake of the death of 3-year-old pree pree -- brielle game last year. her mother is charged with her murder. a second recommendation is that records of all child abuse complaints both founded and unfounded should be held much longer. >> it sets the context for what our involvement could be. so i can assure thaw if there was legislation our staff would probably be cheering, yea, now we're going to have the history that we need to be able to understand the dynamics of the family. reporter: another idea discussed was whether there should be a 24-7 response team available through dcyf to look into allegations of abuse. currently they only handle these complaints during weekday business hours.
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many people agree, that suggestion needs more study. the committee chairman also suggested that the committee's life be extended into 2017 because of all the remaining ground that he feels they need to cover. live in the newsroom, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. josh: a disappointing report card for u.s. students, the 2015 national report shows that for the first time in 25 years math scores for american students have fallen based on assessment tests taken nationwide. here in new hampshire scores dropped by four points from 4th graders, two points for 8th greaters, but scores were still pier the top when compared to other states. jean: a high schooler in tyngsboro, massachusetts may face criminal charges after police say he poured hot soup over a girl's head. investigators say the incident happened in a school hallway, the girl's family says she suffered second degree burns. the 15-year-old boy has been suspended. he may also be charged with
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dangerous weapon. a massachusetts man is fighting a 48,000-dollar towing bill. he called for help when his jeep got stuck in the mud while off roading in walpole. it took the the towing crew and police 12 hours to free the jeep. the owner of that towing company says the bill reflects industry standards for the amount of time plus the threats posed by nearby power lines. josh: deer hunters will be heading into the woods this weekend and fish and game officials are urging everyone to be careful. muzzle loading season starts on saturday with regular firearms deer season opening on november 11. it believed that most of new hampshire's 59,000 licensed hunters will be out and about during this time. everyone, authorities want everyone to enjoy the outdoors, of course, but remind people that safety is key to having a good time. >> we encourage people to wear bright clothing if they go out in the field, starting this weekend. if hunters are going to be out in the field engaging in hunting
5:34 pm
activities we'd like to see them in a bright orange or bright red color. jean: we brought you the breaking news last night about the merger planned for rite aid and walgreens, tonight we're learning more about what it could mean for customers, that story next. josh: is motorola's new phone really shatter proof? we'll see the results of a new unscientific test. hayley: despite the rain showers and clouds that we'll have overnight tonight, the temperatures actually soar during the overnight hours and tomorrow. i'll have a full timeline of when you can expect the rain to
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jean: and jean: the dow picking up 198 points today to 17,779. s&p up by 24. nasdaq shot up 65 points. average gas prices, nationally 2.20. in new hampshire we're at 2.12. negotiations for a major beer merger have been extended. josh: the companies that own anheuser-busch and miller say they need more time to iron out details of their potential merger.
5:36 pm
$104 billion for miller. the combined company would be the largest beer maker on the planet. and while rite aid's takeover shouldn't have much effect op customers, some brands may be coming off the shelves. wall greens is also expected to add more clinics to what are currently rite aid locations. jean: motorola's new phone held its own against one test. a reporter tried to see if the phone really is shatter proof, after several drobs and being run over by a bicycle and the horse, the phone was dented, but still in one piece and without any cracks. that would be a fun assignment. josh: some bold plays in the first game of the world series means you get a free breakfast, that story after the break. jean: also in sports, it's been a tough week of practice for the monarchs and after two poorly played games last weekend we'll
5:37 pm
hear from the team. josh: and want to be superheros
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hampshire today. if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's
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most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? josh: a new bridge has opened in manchester, this pedestrian bridge links two rail trails. jean: paula tracey walked the new connector for this week's escape outside. reporter: you can now go from the goffstown rail trail to the
5:40 pm
manchester piscataqua trail without stopping. the total route runs almost 8 miles between northeast delta dental stadium and goffstown's village center. the new bridge linking the two opened on monday. it was funded by a federal grant and a volunteer group called manchester moves, which raised the money to get the match. no local tax dollars were used. the trail run as long the former rail lines that shipped frustrate up until the 1980's. when you're biking or walking the trails, know that the manchester section is paved, but goffstown is a dirt surface. that end is also undergoing its own improvements with new crossing lights and parking schedule to come soon. for details on the routes and what to know before heading out yourself, go to the escape outside section of paula tracey, wmur news 9. hayley: how many of you saw this
5:41 pm
earlier this morning as the sun was coming up and the clouds were invading from the system moving in? it was quite the sight. i will call this a fiery sunrise, and it sure was. look at this picture from whitefield with the trees, which are bare, by the way, which is crazy to think at this time. but we are losing a lot of foliage and will with all the wind we're going to get from the system too. in this picture from christine she submitted this to the u local section of, and this picture is from weir and it's just beautiful with the clouds starting to move in and the sun coming up. that makes for a beautiful sky, and of course sailors take warning when you see that in the morning, and that's what exactly what they would have wanted to do today because of this system moving in. heavy pockets of rain now, especially along the 93 corridor, even into southern new hampshire too. look up into coos county, where you see these shades of the red, the orange, thankfully it's moving up into maine at this point, but that is some heavy rain just north of colebrook at
5:42 pm
but travel along the 95 route 1 corridors probably a bit slow because of reduced visibility. though it's mainly light to moderate rainfall from portsmouth to hampton and into the merrimack valley. 93, salem, derry and manchester again light to moderate rainfall, looks like by his where some heavier rain. there are pockets where the rain all of a sudden picks up. lincoln, woodstock and even if you're traveling up into northern grafton county, that's where we're seeing the rain beginning to pick up as well with pockets of embedded downpours. look at how big this system is. all the way back toward the da could the thats, there's -- the dakotas, there's snow on the back side of that it going to move up toward the north and east and bringing with it actually warm air for us. tomorrow a lot of us headed for the 70's, if you can believe that. temperatures overnight basically
5:43 pm
staying at these readings in the 40's and 50's and then going up by sunrise, most of us will begin the day in the 60's. the winds cranking, this is future cast of wind gusts, so once we get to about 9:00 tonight the winds will be howling, up near 40 miles per hour at the seacoast and there could even be wind gusts hour. it starts to diminish a little by daybreak tomorrow. but still a windy day tomorrow as that warmer air surges in. here's how things are going to go hour by hour, so heavy periods of rain during the overnight and certainly for the early part of the day on thursday. might even be some embedded thunderstorms, that's how strong some of these bands will be and these tropical downpours will be moving through. other than that once we get to about noontime most of the rain is done, it will just be a few scattered showers after that. then we'll probably get to see the sun breaking through the clouds and it will be brighter once we get to friday. but by the time this is all said and done, some much needed rain,
5:44 pm
a good one to two inches of rainfall expected from this system. so heavy rain tonight, gusty winds, the temperatures actually go up through the overnight and here's where we land tomorrow. mid 60's up north, 70's in the southern part of the state. and it's going to be windy too. so friday there may be a shower in the northern part of the state, temperatures cooler, then for saturday, 52 degrees with with sunshine. and for halloween the forecast looks spook-tacular, dry, cool, in the 40's. next week looks like temperatures do warm up again. so trick or treaters should be dry, just need a layer or two. josh: perfect timing, thanks, haley. jean: how about this, taco bell is offering free breakfast to everyone in america. josh: the fast food chain promised a free meal if any bases were stolen during the first game of the world series. well, two of them were stolen last night. so any time between now and next thursday, november 5, you can claim your free a.m. crunch
5:45 pm
wrap, whatever that is, you have 11:00 a.m. there could be more free meals ahead, depending on what happens in upcoming games. jean: the next game is just a few hours away, but first jamie staton is here to break down the very dramatic game one. jamie: sensational game, the longest game one in world series history, more than five hours. part of that thanks to a technical glitch that took down the entire broadcast. the kansasity royals took world series game one 5-4 after 14 epic innings. at five hours and nine minutes it was the second longest game in world series history. but it was a technical glitch at the bottom of the fourth inning that had fans at home fuming. >> we've lost our picture. jamie: fox lost the broadcast feed for over five minutes, viewers missing one at bat before the game was halted.
5:46 pm
reporter: announcers for the international feed called it until it was fixed. back to baseball, both teams came out swinging. after the royals scored that jaw dropping inside the park home run in the first. the mets came roaring back to take the lead. the mets took the lead for a moment, only to give up a game tying home run in the bottom of the 9th. but it was the royals first became eric hosmer's bases loaded sacrifice fly in the bottom of the 14th that finally clinched the win for the royals. and for one royals player, gail one ended on a much more serious note. pitcher edison volquez learned after the game that his father had passed away, his family decided not to tell him until
5:47 pm
after the game. all right. basketball fans, celtics host the 76ers tonight at 7:30. c's made the plaintiffs last year, so they'll be looking to build on that success this year. a rough go of it for the manchester monarchs last weekend, they both both ends of a home and home series with adirondack and they were not happy with how the team played. they've had some long practices this week to try to right the ship. >> we have long practices, sometimes two hours of skating, then work out. we can't play like this in front of our fans, so we will be better next weekend. jamie: runners, this is prime weather and peak season for distance running, not right now because of all the rain, but there are two good new hampshire race this is weekend. manchester city marathon and the castle in the clouds half marathon. coming up at 6:00, we're going
5:48 pm
to talk about a guy that factored into the world series last night and he used to play against dartmouth basketball years ago. jean: thanks, jamie. this year's national christmas tree will make history. >> this one far surpassed all the other trees. josh: we'll tell you what make this year's selection so special when we come back. jean: then at 6:00 we are on the storm watch with heavy rain passing through the state tonight, more on that. also making the case for leniency, the documents filed on behalf of owen labrie, ahead of tomorrow's sentencing in his sex assault case. and riding on a post debate rise in the polls, hillary clinton
5:49 pm
jean: the holidays are right around the corner and washington d.c. has selected a christmas tree and it will be the very first national christmas tree to come from alaska. josh: the lutz surprise is 74 feet tall and 90 years old and took three weeks for a national resource specialist to pick it out. >> i looked at it, i'm like wow, that's perfect, that's tree number one on my list. josh: people watched as two cranes supported the tree while it was being loaded on a trailer.
5:50 pm
it will travel nearly 3,000 miles to sit in front of of the capitol building. we're still two months away from christmas, so there's plenty of time to celebrate national chocolate day. jean: there are more than 20 holidays where chock latest has become a staple, plus there's mondays, tuesdays, fridays, several cock la tiers offering discounts on their websites today. josh: and there will be plenty of time for trick or treaters to gather candy around the state, we have a list on
5:51 pm
jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. were a republican. it didn't matter if you were he said: 'this is where this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff
5:52 pm
the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. hayley: here comes an october rain storm, it's bringing downpours, gusty wind and soaring temperatures. how much rain we're going to get and when the storm moves out. josh: a plea for mercy from the mother of owen labrie, hours
5:53 pm
before he learns his sentence for sexually assaulting a freshman at st. paul's school. jennifer: plus controversy at the state house over how to fight the growing heroin epidemic. the deadline from the governor and why some republicans say that's too soon. >> my mission as president will be raising incomes for hard working middle class families. and reigning in the expenses that they face. josh: from the economy to recent comments about bernie sanders, we go one on one with clinton. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. josh: we begin tonight on the storm watch, a huge swath of storm clouds moving across new hampshire tonight. waves are already choppy as the wind is kicking out out there. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn.
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