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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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was once a category 5 hurricane. hayley lapoint tracking it all for us. hayley: we're going to see heavy tropical-like downpours and gusty winds as this thing moves through. already we've had a good helping of rain across the state and looks like over the next couple hours possibly a break in the action. you're probably seeing that if you're in keene or jaffrey, it's become more like drizzle. you see the drying toward the southwest, but that is just the beginning. really there's more rain off to our south and west that has yet to move closer to us. in concord probably a heavy downpour right now, sale thing in bow, but manchester light to moderate rainfall. the wind are picking up. you can see about 16 miles per hour in portsmouth, 14 miles per hour in manchester, overnight. some of us may gust up near 30 miles per hour, bringing down our precious foliage leaves. i'll talk more about the hour by hour forecast for you, coming up. josh: thanks. a day before owen labrie's
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sex all assault, lawyers submitted a memo -- jennifer: it includes letters from parents, former teaches, classmates and even a former girlfriend at st. paul's. amy coveno has the story. reporter: so the refrain is repeated over and over again in that memo, owen la bring has lost it all and that should be enough to atone for what he was convicted of doing to a classmate last year as part of a game known as -- he says the defense's suggestion for a probation only sentence is a long shot. >> i think the ultimate recommendation is going to be for him to go to jail for several months. report high powered defense attorney j.w. carney filed a 43-page memorandum wednesday morning that includes 12 letters, describing an
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exceptional young man. a reverend from connecticut extolled the virtues of owen la braintree over three pages, pleading for mercy from the judge, me wrote, he is humbled to the core, grateful for that which the rest of us take for granted. please let him move on. he will not waste the gift. >> the judge is going to look to his youth, lack of a prior record, other accomplishments and letters of recommendation that have been submitted on his behalf. reporter: owen's mother wrote a letter describing her only child as a gifted student whose parents divorced when he was a toddler. money was scarce. but owen sparkled from the very beginning, as an exceptional student. the offer of a full scholarship to st. paul's school, the culmination of years of sacrifice. a dream come true. in the days following the initial police interrogation, labrie's mother wrote her son was suicidal, watching his dream of harvard dissolve. holland begged the judge for
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without the stigma of incarceration. >> the judge has to also consider deterrence, the judge has to consider what kind of message this send to other young men that might be out there engaging in similar conduct. reporter: one of the charges labrie was convicted of is a felony related to using a computer, that of course carries the most serious potential sentence. the court did not receive the stay sentencing memorandum by closing time today, they anticipate they'll get that tomorrow morning. sentencing scheduled for 1:30. josh: tonight police have identified the man who was the focus of a standoff in laconia. an arrest warrant has been issued for 26-year-old robert audette to felony criminal threatening. police surrounded the apartment building on jewett street yesterday where they thought audette was. after firing tear gas into the building, officers made their way inside, but audette was gone.
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officers did find a shotgun though and bags of ammo. jennifer: tonight 1500 individual hits of heroin are arrest. elmer torre says was arrested on the west side of the city, detectives found 30 fingers of heroin. torres is charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to commit the sale. josh: both the governor and republican leaders today talked about passing legislation that will address the heroin epidemic. but today the governor said it needs to be sooner rather than later. jennifer: governor hassan wants a special legislative session to crank out new laws quickly. and while republicans agreed that change needs to happen soon, they say the process can't be rushed. >> this is not a problem that is going to be solved overnight. i wish it was, we all wish it was. reporter: senate majority leader bradley was joined by other republican leaders wednesday morning, they say new hampshire
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laws aimed at combating the heroin crisis. this comes after the governor called for a special session to work on legislation with the goal of of getting a bill on her desk by the end of january. >> we have been talking about this for some time and while there is bipartisan agreement that we need to pass legislation to address this issue, we haven't, i haven't heard a commitment from legislative leadership for a special session. and we're running out of time. reporter: despite her concerns, still no commitment from republican senators wednesday, as they outlined several bills they'd like to move forward on, including drug courts, changes to prescription drug monitoring and a study commission on long-term recovery. >> the governor certainly has the ability to call for a special session, but i think what's really most important is that we do this in a coordinated, comprehensive, well thought out way so that we don't make any mistakes so that we solve the problem and we don't have to come back and correct it. reporter: many of the priorities
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says with people dying nearly every day they must act quickly. >> certainly we have the capacity to get the kind of input we need. we have been working on these proposals over the summer, over this last fall, there is good consensus on many of them, and at the very least there is a group of five or six proposals that i think there is a great deal of agreement on that we can enact sooner rain later. reporter: heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016 tonight, hillary clinton reaffirmed her support for the death penalty today, saying that it should be used in rare cases. that came as the result of a question during a politics and eggs event at st. anselm college. we also sat down with the candidate to talk about a pair of new controversial issues raised this week following comments that clinton made about the v.a. and her challenger bernie sanders. >> it is my pleasure to introduce hillary rodham clinton. reporter: clinton enjoyed a warm reception from the crowd at st. anselm college on wednesday as
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she highlighted points of her economic agenda. but her trip also comes amid new controversy. in which she said the recent scandal at the v.a. had been overblown. and in a one on one interview she elaborated, saying there are systemic problems at the agency that do need to be fixed. >> but i am worry about some people trying to use the fact that we need to make major reforms as a justification for dismantling the v.a., and my comments were more directed at that. reporter: we also asked her about the implication she made that bernie samers was a sexist for remarks he made about raising her voice during the debate. do you believe he's attacking you based on your gender? >> what i said was during the debate when i heard him say that people should stop shouting about guns. >> for all the shouting in the world -- >> i didn't think i was shouting. i thought i was making a strong case.
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implication that sanders is a sexist? >> i said when i had to say about it. reporter: this trip comes just days after congressional grilling over benghazi. do you consider benghazi a setsed issue now? >> i hope the congress will take more action and pass the bills and make the decisions that will provide better training for our diplomatic security personnel and make sure that they have everything they need in a dangerous world. josh: hillary clinton continues her new hampshire trip tonight after stopping at moulton farm in meredith right. she'll spend the night at the mount washington hotel. jennifer: another big night for the republicans running for president as they all meet again on the same stage for a third debate. the primary focus tonight will be the jobs and the economy. josh: coming up next -- >> i i've seen such good people that i've never seen before.
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jennifer: devastated by grief yet thankful, parents of a boy who died suddenly tell us the support is holding them up. hayley: we get the rain, the wind overnight, then temperatures surge tomorrow, a lot us cracking 70 degrees. jamie: and who is this guy playing basketball against dartmouth years ago and what did
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world series do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r i'm hillary clinton p and i approve this message. josh: today family and friends said good-bye to a 9-year-old boy known around this town for his own generosity. jennifer: he died friday night while walking to a neighbor's house to deliver cookies. as kristen carosa tells us, the
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christopher to rest. reporter: standing side by side, sharon and bill reflect on their son's life, one of generosity. >> just the way he was, in everything, always thinking about somebody else. reporter: christopher was 9 years old, a 4th grader who loved his family, the outdoors, his animals and making others happy. >> he wanted to make sure that people would smile, because he just kind of thought that everybody should have a reason to smile, like he did. reporter: and that stayed true until the day he died. last friday christopher made cookies for his neighbor. >> made the cookies, afterwards friends of mine live a few houses down. reporter: they started out on their walk, but moments later christopher collapsed, his heart had stopped beating. >> he just died right there. and daddy held him and held onto him.
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reporter: he died of congestive heart failure and there wasn't anything anyone could do. the new hampshire medical examiner says christopher had a genetic heart condition called it why pathic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which causes the heart to enlarge, it can cause cardiac arrest without any symptoms and unless there's a history of heart problems in the family there would be no reason to test for it. a fund was created to help pay for funeral expenses, something that this family needed help with. more than $25,000 has been raised. >> we say thank you to people. thank you isn't enough, it's just, it's from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank people. i've seen such good in people that i've never seen before in my life, i really have. absolutely restored my faith in humanity. i can't believe what people have
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reporter: in sandown, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jennifer: our very deepest condolences. such a tragic loss. what an outstanding community effort to help. josh: it's a wet one out there.
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hayley: it is definitely a wet one this evening. the last shots up in the north country there about a half-hour ago, you can see the rain, the thick clouds up in littleton and then some live shots of the monadnock region and at the seacoast where we have the rain coming down. it is mostly cloudy. but temperatures actually aren't going to get all that cold tonight. in fact they're going to go up instead of down. by daybreak tomorrow morning a lot of us waking up in the 60's as warm air surges in. here's the latest on the radar. looks like we get a bit of a break especially in the monadnock region, and in the next couple hours this area of a break in the rainfall action will start to move in. so if you have evening plans and you're heading out within the next half-hour, 45 minutes, you might actually be able to get couple minutes. but those of you up north or the lakes region, it is pouring, you're hearing it pour outside your house right now. light to moderate rainfall from
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concord and then pockets of heavier rain again in canterbury, franklin, lakes country north of loudon. warm air surging in with in system and look at how big it is. you've got rain all the way in d.c., and then snow on the back side of this system toward the twin cities. we aren't going to see any cold air or snow out of this system. we're going to see the warm tropical-like air mass coming up and even tomorrow you might notice a hint of humidity in the air too as the system continues to work this way through and by us. look at the temperatures now, we've got 50 in manchester and nashua, 50 in portsmouth. 40's when you get across the rest of the state. about 44 plymouth. 47 in whitefield. let's talk about the winds a little bit here. right now they're not bad, we have gusts up near 10, 15 miles per hour. but by 9:00 tonight, look at some of these wind gusts, up
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especially at the seacoast where there's a wind advisory that's been posted for the immediate coastline. tomorrow morning this is 6:00 a.m. and the winds are still gusting. they become more southerly tomorrow morning and that's when the warm air really starts to surge in here. finally it will start to diminish the wind once we get to midday. but tomorrow is going to be a breezy day no matter how you cut it, just not as gusty as what we'll have overnight tonight. so at the coast there's a flood watch posted through thursday morning and that's because of the high astronomical tide and the winds. so splashover may be possible after midnight tonight with the high tide. that will be going on about 12:51. as we go through time, the heaviest rain comes through overnight, you may even hear some thunder. then tomorrow morning the rain actually starts to taper off, we might even see the sunshine as the temperatures get up into the 70's in some communities,
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finally on friday, some dryer we weather moves in. tonight heavy rain, gusty winds, and the temperatures go up instead of down, so by tomorrow morning near 60 degrees in most communities. and here's where we'll land tomorrow. wow. 75 in nashua, 74 in manchester. 60's up to the north. then looking ahead to the weekend for halloween, to problems, it will be dry, the costumes are good to go, no need for the umbrella. it will be a little cool, and remember to put the clocks back sunday morning. a couple of showers on sunday. jennifer: thank you. >> u.n.h. hockey got a huge win saturday night, they had a successful weekend as well.
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wildcats jamie: february of 1999, 16 years ago, the 6-foot 10-inch center named chris young hitting a thrieper information princeton basketball against dartmouth and again in 2000 another three. turns out this chris young guy also played baseball in college and 16 years later here he was last night. royal officer the mets 5-4 in 14 innings, game two is tonight. celtics. the opener is tonight at 7:30 against the philadelphia 76ers
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at td garden. c hps an excellent preseason with six wins, seven games. >> since starting at home would be good for us, having a young people, having the crowd behind us these first couple of games and playing some good teams, so we just got to put our best food forward and be ready to go. jamie: in hockey, the wildcats may be building momentum after settling for a tie at u. mass friday night. they rebounded with a nice victory over union on saturday. union won the national championship two seasons ago. the wildcats have two wins, two losses and a tie on the young season, they play at merrimack college saturday night. >> we have a long way to go, obviously we're going to play a really good merrimack team that got off to a great start. we're -- it's going to be tough, but we feel we're getting better. >> i think we're starting to get
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go. jamie: division two portsmouth and trinity today, second half, that made it 2-0. the clippers had a lead. oliver thomas, he's about to take one down the sideline, over the goalie's head and that got trinity on the board, 2-1. then a corner kick coming up, gets bounced around until brenner boots it home. went to overtime and then penalty kicks, portsmouth advances with the win. in addition to the world series and celtics we have playoff soccer to follow tonight. new england revolution in the knockout round in major league soccer, they play at d.c. united at rfk stadium. charley davies the leading scorer on the revs with 10 goals, he goes against his former team tonight. jennifer: he has the big dance moves. don't forget to tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" following
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back here tonight after"
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