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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 9, 2015 3:05am-4:30am EST

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from the egyptian resort of sharm el-sheikh. electronic intercepts of isis before and after the crash indicated isis was in communication with someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport. congressman adam schiff is one of the eight members of congress to receive a classified briefing on the investigation. >> if this is a bomb by the affiliate of isis in the sinai, isis has now fully eclipsed al qaeda as the gravest terrorist threat in the world. >> reporter: isis likely recruited someone with access at the ramp at the airport to plant the bomb on the russian jet. as more of the 224 russian victims were buried this weekend in st. petersburg, officials said shrapnel wounds were discovered in several of the bodies. indication that the plane was brought down by an explosive device. egyptian officials have now confirmed that the cockpit voice recorder, the cvr, captured a distinct but undetermined noise just before it stopped working. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cvr recording.
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critical to figuring out how this russian passenger jet crashed. >> is it a bomb or is it something we're hearing where the airplane is physically coming apart? >> airport officials in sharm el-sheikh say a key baggage scanner was often not working or unplugged to save power. they say the biggest weakness was human error, not searching workers, officers and friends. the individual attacks on israelis by palestinians show no sign of letup. seven israelis were wounded in three separate attacks in the west bank yesterday. this one was caught on camera after a young woman stabbed a settlement security guard. look again. she pulled a knife from her purse when he asked to see some identification. he was slightly injured but was able to shoot her. she is in serious condition. that's probably going to be one of the topics when the israeli prime minister meets with president obama. it's bibi netanyahu's first
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the adoption of the iran nuclear deal. that's why israel is asking for a new security agreement. also hanging over today's meeting in washington, d.c., netanyahu's new chief spokesman has described mr. obama as anti-semitic and secretary of state john kerry as someone who cannot be taken seriously. just outside the capital, a devastating toll from a fiery traffic accident. a pickup truck slammed into a church van in maryland and burst into flames. neighbors who heard what they say sounded like a bomb tried to save the passengers but the truck driver and three people in child. 14 others were hospitalized, condition. family and friends will hey to rest a young boy in louisiana who was killed during a police chase that seriously wounded his father. police say 6-year-old jeremy martis died after city marshals his father, chris few. it's not clear why the officers tried to pull few over in the
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him or why they opened fire. >> i mean, just smiling. burst out laughing at the sky. >> a bond hearing is scheduled today for officers norris greenhouse and derek stafford. they face charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. texas police are searching for a suspect in what they're calling a high i've profile hit on a state district judge friday night. judge jewelry ka sairic is recovering after being shot in an ambush outside her home in austin. cosairic is the top presiding judge in her district and police and staff are looking through her court cases for possible suspects. >> every year she has at least a 1,000 new defendants charged with felony crimes. when you're sending people to prison and you're sending people to death row, not everyone's happy with that. >> cosairic did not suffer life-threatening injuries. her colleagues are told to be on the alert for their personal safety.
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an extraordinary move by dozens of football mayors from the university of missouri refusing to practice or even play until the university president steps down. their head coach is actually supporting them as well. tweeting this photo of players and coaches linking arms. the action caps weeks of racial tension on that campus. university president tim wolf under fire for failing to take action after a series of hostile incidents. >> for the first time in decades, frankly, we are seeing sports lead the way on issues of civil disobedience. certainly for a team to say, we're not going to play, that's really unheard of. >> and this morning the players haven't said if they'll refuse to play next saturday's game. the university president says the school will unveil a new diversity and inclusion strategy but not until next april. when dallas cowboys defensive line man greg hardy played last night against the eagles while a scandal swirled
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the website dead spin published documents regarding the alleged assault last year of hardy's ex-girlfriend. hardy tweeted his regret about grateful to still be playing in the nfl. a lot of women, a lot of men, a lot of sports fans need to say, why is this guy playing in the nfl? >> hardy didn't talk to reporters after last night's game but cowboys owner jerry jones said he wants to give hardy a second chance. head coach jason garrett said he doesn't want to talk about hardy anymore. >> hardy wasn't much of a factor in last night's game. a 41-yard pass from philadelphia quarterback sam bradford in overtime gave the eagles a 33-27 win over the cowboys. the touchdown broke the fifth tie of the game. it was the sixth straight loss for the dallas cowboys. despite an incredible catch by dallas receiver dez bryant earlier in the game. it's been like that ever since tony romo was injured.
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>> if he wants a smart alecky cartoon, spongebob square pants isn't exactly educational tv? you'll have to think again. 13-year-old brandon alan says it helped him how to save a life. brandon, who has autism, knew what to do when she was choking on an apple at school. >> he spun her around and performed the heimlich maneuver until the apple popped out of her mouth. brandon says he learned the technique from spongebob, who used it on his frenemy. who knew. are your friends into spongebob? >> they're not into spongebob but maybe there's greater realize. >> beyond the sap he's an absorbent, yellow, and porous -- >> porous, that's true. coming up in "the mix." caught on camera a wild scene you have to see involving a seal getting a whale of a ride. also ahead, a soccer player showing her high school football team a thing or two.
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cave-in at an ihop parking lot in mississippi. a big gash opened in the pavement, swallowed a dozen cars, just as families ate dinner a matter of feet away. the crevice, 15 feet deep and longer than a football field. several booms were heard before the lights went out sending peep running for their lives. >> four of the employees ran over to the window and yelled "earthquake." everyone went into a panic. >> sure does look like an earthquake. fortunately no one was hurt. the restaurant was just built and investigators are looking at an underground drain pipe in construction as a possible cause. it absolutely looks like a natural disaster. >> those images are so incredible. let's turn to the sexting scandal at one colorado high school involving hundreds of racy pictures and how they could mean criminal charges for the students involved. >> we're learning more about how students kept those photos hidden with the help of some sneaky smartphone apps. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the small town of
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from a high school photo sexting scandal authorities now believe may involve more than 100 underage students. >> are there adults involved, what's going to happen, how far this is going to go? >> reporter: officials say the scandal involves kids as young as middle schoolers to varsity high school football players exchanging nearly 400 nude photos in total. the school superintendent says students use smartphone apps designed to keep those pictures hidden. >> the main source of transfer of these pictures, as best we can ascertain, is an app called photo vault. >> reporter: the photo vault programs can masquerade as other apps such as calculators. by typing in a secret code it allows access to hidden content. files, contacts, images can be stored unseen. authorities in canyon city say they have confiscated three cell phones and are now seeking search warrants to examine them. >> we do have a telephone with several hundred images on it.
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>> reporter: even parents of kids not involved are concerned. 16-year-old junior kendra stubblefield wants the school to move past the scandal. she says she was asked to take part in the sexting but never did. >> they're just scared. they don't want this situation to define them. >> reporter: authorities are considering suspensions, expulses, and some students may face felony criminal charges. a conviction would force them to register as a sex offender. authorities in canyon city say it could take a month to sort out whether any students will face some of those very serious charges. and they say they'll only file charges if absolutely necessarily. clayton sandell, abc news, canyon city, colorado. coming up in our next half hour, keeping kids safe. the new push to install seat belts on every school bus across this country and how the government plans to get every kid to buckle in despite the major costs. first, kicking butt. the high school soccer player
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tapped to fill in for the football team which she's able to do better than every other boy in her school. can't wait to get to this one. you're watching "world news
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we're already a couple of months into football season. for many high school programs around the country playoff hopes are hanging in the balance. >> an injury on one team led their coach to think outside the box. he saw someone with real potential. but she had no desire to be in the spotlight. not till now. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: the water break for the minutemen of cocoa beach high in florida where one of the minutemen is, yes, a late-arriving girl. late in the season, that is. madison denini, added to the team only as the season was running out. why?
3:21 am
means she can kick, something coach spotted not long after his regular kicker got injured a few weeks back. >> i'm staring over there saying, hey. i mean, she's the real deal. i mean, 40 years of coaching, i've never seen a female actually kick an extra point or a field goal in a football game. >> reporter: on a hunch he put her on the team and on the field, and boom, madison scored her first extra point. that's her mom and dad. >> it's very exciting. we didn't think we'd get to see football. but here we are. >> reporter: then she did it again. and again. win. and the spotlight, well, madison could live without it. >> nerve-racking. attention. but if that's what breakthroughs are going to get, then i guess i'll do it. >> reporter: and so she did. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and that's why i love my florida. >> yes. >> you know it's increasing the numbers.
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estimates are about 1,500 girls across the nation are playing football. compare that to about 1 million boys. >> we're getting there. >> getting there. >> good for her.
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information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . time for "the mix." there was a big event held here in new york city over the weekend. i'm surprised that you didn't end up going. there was a world championship of moustache and beards. >> are you trying to say i have a moustache? >> they tried to cover it up in makeup. >> bloom! whoa! >> these are some of the guys that competed. they say the keys to a good beard is patience, wax, and hair drying. and you must shave or shape up your beard on a consistent basis. these are some of the finalists. they were really, really, really creative. so the winner for best moustache was keith hobridge of seattle.
3:26 am
>> that's pretty good. >> that is good. even with the duck face, duck lips. the best beard, scott mets. look at that. florida. i would like to say, i moustache you a question. isn't this the best beard you've seen? >> oh! come on. so handsome. >> november can't get over soon enough. >> shaving cream. people are into carpooling. that includes creatures of the sea. we've seen lots of carpooling. this is a seal riding a whale in mexico. it's a trend of different animals mean heeg. we saw a raccoon riding an alligator, a weasel riding a wood pepper. this video has gone viral under the youtube channel whale of a time. >> ha. hopefully that seal is still
3:27 am
this is a really cool story out of the uk and south wales. this barber has been cutting this kid's hair for about a month. he's been trying to cut his hair for a month. he's been having trouble. the young boy, he's autistic, he says he fears when he's cutting near his ear. so finally the barber posted this photo showing how he was finally able to get him to cut his hair. by having him get distracted with his phone on the floor then cut his hair. like that. >> what was he playing on his iphone? that's what i want to know. >> i'm not sure. he went to give him a high five after the haircut and the kid gave him a hug. >> it is hard to get kids to sit still and cut their hair. >> exactly. good job. >> other things people freak out about, somebody hacking into your iphone. the password, right? apparently there's this guy in japan, they say his password is at least 50 numbers long. here's the thing.
3:28 am
do a thumb print to unlock your phone or a four to six-digit password.
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this morning this morning on "world news now," probing new questions about airport security, terrorism, and secrecy after the deadly plane crash in egypt. what intelligence agents are uncovering. huge hole, the earth opened up under a restaurant parking lot. the frightening scene inside, the destruction outside, and the unsafe conditions right now. new this half hour, a safety alert for parents putting their kids on school buses. >> who's demanding seat belts for every student. how tests show this requirement would actually save lives. the numbers are in. was donald trump's "snl" hosting gig the ratings bonanza he predicted? that's in "the skinny" this
3:30 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you on this very busy monday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to get started on a serious note and the new disturbing details about lax security ahead of last week's catastrophic plane crash in egypt. >> as the consensus grows that a bomb brought down the russian passenger jet, airport officials say scanners were often not functioning, workers weren't searched, and some tourists weren't even patted down. abc's brian ross has more on the chatter picked up from isis. >> reporter: aviation security officials say there is new evidence that what happened here was likely an inside job. that isis recruited someone with access to the ramp at the sharm el-sheikh airport to plant a bomb on the russian jet. with investigators this weekend scrutinizing airport surveillance videos and employee records for a possible suspect. congressman adam schiff is one of eight members of congress to receive a classified briefing on the investigation. >> isis may have concluded that
3:31 am
the best way to defeat airport defenses is not to go through them, but to go around them with the help of somebody on the inside. >> reporter: u.s. authorities tell abc news that electronic intercept devices both before and after the crash indicated that isis was in communication with someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport. >> if this is a bomb by the affiliate of isis in the sinai, isis has fully eclipsed al qaeda as the gravest terrorist threat in the world. >> reporter: as more of the 224 russian victims were buried this weekend in st. petersburg, officials say shrapnel wounds were discovered in several bodies, another indication the plane was likely brought down by explosive device. saturday egyptian officials said the cockpit voice recorder, cvr, captured a distinct but undetermined noise just before it stopped working. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cvr recording. >> reporter: u.s. experts say it
3:32 am
bomb, if so, precisely where it was placed. but that hasn't happened yet. senior u.s. officials tell abc news that fbi forensic agents have not been invited to be part of the investigation on the ground. brian ross, abc news, new york. back here now to a very washington, d.c. a pickup truck slammed into a church van and burst into flames. neighbors who heard what they say sounded like a bomb tried to save the passengers but the truck driver and three people in the van were killed, including a child. 14 others were hospitalized, eight in critical condition. six children are among the injured. police in austin, texas, are searching for a suspect in the shooting of a high-profile judge outside her own home. district judge julie kocurek is recovering this morning after being ambushed friday night as she pulled into her driveway. police are now going through thousands of her past felony cases for a potential suspect.
3:33 am
being told to be on alert for their personal safety. in michigan three teens are under arrest after officials foiled a school shooting plot. police say two 15-year-olds and an 18-year-old used instagram to hatch a plan to attack a middle school and high school in genesee county. if convicted they could face life in prison. the funeral for the 6-year-old boy killed during that police chase last week that seriously wounded his father. also today, the two police officers now charged in his death are in court for a bond hearing. the question remains, what triggered the chase in the first place? here's abc's philip mena. >> reporter: two louisiana law enforcement officers under arrest and facing charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder after an incident that left an unarmed father injured and his 6-year-old son dead. >> nothing is more important than this badge that we wear on our uniform. tonight that badge has been tarnished. >> reporter: investigators interviewing witnesses,
3:34 am
examining 911 recordings, and body camera footage. >> it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. >> reporter: trying to figure out what led the officers, who marshals, to fire their weapons at a vehicle driven by chris few. his son, first grader jeremy martis, a passenger after a pursuit tuesday night. four law enforcement officers in all at the shooting scene. >> i mean, just smiling, burst out laughing at the sky, like he's almost looking at god. >> reporter: megan dixon, few's fiance, say she and few left in argument at this pool hall a short time later she saw police vehicles pursuing him. now a makeshift memorial. balloons at the intersection where the shooting occurred. both officers were named in a criminal complaint filed this year by a man saying police used excessive force in his arrest.
3:35 am
philip mena, abc news, marksville, louisiana. protests at university of missouri ramped up when dozens of football players announced they won't practice or play. their head coach is lending his support, tweeting this photo of players and coaches linking arms. protesters are demanding the university president step down for failing to take action after a series of racially charged incidents. a terrifying night at an ihop restaurant in mississippi as the parking lot caves without notice, swallowing up car after car as families dined inside. first a loud boom, then lights go out, triggering chaos as the ground gave way. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: a car still teetering on the edge. more than a dozen others buried in the mud below. a massive far longer than a football field tore through this ihop parking lot on a busy saturday night. >> four of the employees ran to
3:36 am
"earthquake!" everyone went into a panic. >> reporter: slabs of pavement cracked open, creating a massive crevice 15 feet deep. remarkably, no one was injured. noah mathis was eating dinner inside with his family, their car parked outside. >> everything was sudden and quick. they were slamming their forks down and running outside as soon as they could. once outside there was a large amount of people sprinting for their lives. >> reporter: emergency personnel say an underground drainpipe collapsed. the investigation has not ruled out construction as a contributing factor. diners grateful to be unhurt are now hoping insurance will cover their losses. after such a dramatic end to what was supposed to be a normal night out. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. new developments in the is presidential race. ben carson is on the defensive as he faces fresh questions about his past. the retired neurosurgeon has told about overcoming a violent childhood and excelling in high school and college.
3:37 am
questioning his stories are "a political hit job." >> anybody when going back decades can be 100% accurate on everything, if you can show me that person, i will sit at their knee and learn. >> carson's chief rival, donald trump, calls the controversy very strange. he's back on the campaign trail in illinois after hosting "snl" over the weekend. we'll have more of trump's appearance in "the skinny." democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is in new hampshire today with that state's primary exactly three months from today. she'll officially file her candidacy today. she'll hold a town hall in the granite state. but the focus later this week shifts back to iowa where the three democratic candidates will hold another debate. google is already the master of the internet, now it wants to rule over heart disease. the tech giant announcing a partnership with the american heart association to find new ways of fighting the world's top killer.
3:38 am
a company executive says the battle against heart disease is ripe for innovation and unconventional thinking. the new project is starting out with $50 million. starbucks coming under fire for its holiday cups. >> what is the world coming to? why? >> the coffee chain use simple red cups. no ornaments. no reindeers, no symbols, nothing. some are accusing the company of waging a war on christmas and hating on jesus. >> what? >> customers are being encouraged to say "merry christmas" instead of their names forcing baristas to write it down. starbucks said they try to treat a culture of inclusion and the cups are meant to be a blank canvas. the cool baristas at starbucks could put on a menorah, a christmas tree, angels. >> a kwanzaa bush, something. all right. starting today, you can create a customized package of
3:39 am
on the oreo site there are two choices for wrappers, both in black and white with special graphics. >> consumers can color the wrappers digitally, pay for the cookies, and have the customized package shipped to someone special. if you prefer you can order a black and white package and mail them instead of markers. >> obviously the marketing folks at oreo were busy the last few weeks. >> no price yet how much that will put you back. coming up in "the skinny" -- how much would you pay for one of john lennon's guitars? the price might strike a serious chord. also ahead, tantalizing new hints for "star wars" fans and the latest trailer, the anticipation is building right before the movie's premiere. first a safety alert for parents putting kids on school buses. who's demanding seat belts for every rider before another accident? that's after our forecast map. storminess in the southeast. take a look at the map. little-known fact, there are 50 states.
3:40 am
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janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too.
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let's end this. a busy weekend for train derailments in wisconsin. this one west of milwaukee, 13 tanker cars jumped their tracks sunday, spewing hundreds of gallons of crude oil and forcing evacuation of at least 35 homes. there are no reports of injuries or fires. canadian pacific railroad put the evacuated families up in hotels last night but it's still not clear when they can return to their homes. in western wisconsin, 32 cars derailed saturday morning, spilling nearly 20,000 gallons of ethanol into the mississippi river. also in this derailment, no
3:43 am
reported. the residents were evacuated the cause of body accidents under investigation this morning. there may be a big change coming from washington that could impact how your child goes to school. >> for the first time the government is supporting a movement to have a seat belt for every child on a school bus. abc's marcie gonzales on what's behind the change. >> reporter: horrific school bus crashes like this sending students flying out of their seats, prompting a first of its kind effort from federal regulators. the head of the national highway traffic safety administration announcing a new push to put seat belts on every school bus in the country. though acknowledging it will be an expensive challenge, the agency now says it will save the lives of children. >> i believe my daughter would still be here if she had a seat belt. >> reporter: only six states require all school buses to be equipped with seat belts. until now, federal regulators have argued that was because
3:44 am
they are incredibly safe vehicles built specifically to protect passengers. crash tests by seat belt manufacturer imi performed for abc news showed cease belts can keep riders safer in bus rollovers. >> the children that are belted are safe. the children that are unrestrained are thrown throughout the vehicle. >> reporter: no timeline on when new requirements might be implemented, just a big push to get students buckled up. marcie gonzales, abc news, new york. >> very good effort there. coming up, the ratings numbers now in for donald trump's "snl" appearance. musical instruments played by john lennon and licked by mylie cyrus. "the skinny" is next. mylie cyrus.
3:45 am
tt2watv#@54! bt@q3+\ tt2watv#@54! "a@q#'8 tt2watv#@54! bm@q(,4 tt4watv#@54!" dztq ($p tt4watv#@54!" entq x 0
3:46 am
tt4watv#@54!" hnt& q)$ tt4watv#@54!" iztq ;@\ tt4watv#@54!" jntq )0< tt4watv#@54!" lzt& 1]@ skinny so skinny so skinny donald trump on "snl." >> the numbers are in for his much-anticipated episode. the republican presidential candidate helped deliver the show their highest ratings since january 2012. >> the preliminary nielsen ratings, although strong, didn't translate to the numbers trump has helped bring in for the gop debates. his performance also draws mixed reactions. >> not too many people were all that fond. there have been rave reviews for larry david returning as democratic candidate bernie sanders.
3:47 am
bernie, i need you to go home, vacuum, dump it upside down, and send me all the pennies that fall out of it. that's right. i'm bernie sanders. and i want your vacuum pennies! >> he's almost so good you do a double-take, is it bernie? wonder. this is when he was out of character. he heckled trump during his monologue, calling him a racist, in reference to the protests outside the studio. >> david said he was paid $5,000 to do it. trump responded with "as a businessman, i can fully respect that." turning next to superstar skier lindsey vonn, the olympic gold medal champion ended up in the hospital over the weekend after trying to break up a dogfight. >> she was trying to wrestle away a frisbee from her two dogs when she suffered bites on her hand requiring a trip to the e.r. for stitches.
3:48 am
media from the hospital making a joke it was part of a jimmy fall hon halloween costume, referencing his recent tumble. >> fallon respond to vonn on twitter saying, oh, no, i was faking mine. >> oh, and wishing her a speedy recovery. we do too, because ski season in colorado, it's only a couple of weeks away. now to a follow-up to a "skinny" story from last week, a major auction of music memorabilia. >> the big-ticket item, a guitar stolen from john lennon. the 1962 gibson acoustic sold for a mind-boggling $2.4 million, even though lennon owned it for about a year. it was used to record the hits "love me do" and "p.s. i love you." it was said to have been used in writing the hits "i wanna hold your hand" and "all my loving." with paul mccartney. >> i love those songs. >> great songs. >> half the proceeds will go to the spirit foundation, a charitable organization that was founded by lennon's widow yoko ono. the winner of the multimillion
3:49 am
dollar guitar has wished to remain anonymous. i would too. >> thank you. >> i wouldn't want anyone coming near that. >> as part of this auction there were interesting items up for bid. including kurt cobain's green sweater. >> that's right. and a lock of his hair, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> i thought you were going to bid on that one. >> no. finally, a question. if a guitar played by john lennon fetched nearly $2.5 million, how much would an instrument licked by mylie cyrus sell for? oh, yeah. >> yeah. oh my goodness. she's really going to do it. >> apparently this one got over 50 grand this past week. the pop star used her tongue in an effort to up the bidding on a piano being auctioned for charity. cyrus was asked if she'd lick and it she did. >> she actually did. okay, so it worked. $50,000 was donated to the los angeles lgbt center. cyrus was there as the honored recipient of their vanguard
3:50 am
award for her work in helping the lgbt community and homeless youth. looking at that that's one way to tickle the ivories.
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you know what that music means. time for our corporate synergy "star wars." fans going wild this weekend after getting a surprise gift. >> the latest trailer for "the force awakens." in the long-awaited seventh part abc's resident jedi clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: in the latest "star wars" trailers, the dudes are back. >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: han solo.
3:54 am
an angry chewbacca. and the new guy. >> i don't know your name. >> reporter: but this surprise new peek at "the force awakens," released in japan, seems to suggest this time the force is with the females. daisy ridley's character rae is no damsel in distress, although this looks bad. >> this film makes it very clear the luke skywalker character in this movie is in fact going to be daisy ridley. >> reporter: and this new line -- >> i know all about waiting for my family. >> reporter: sparking all kinds of speculation. is she a solo? a skywalker? who is she related to? >> you hear family and you think, who's she related to? my bet is probably not admiral akbar. >> it's a trap! of droid bb8. a quick new shot of princess leia in a command center. mysterious character we haven't seen.
3:55 am
>> hope is not lost today. >> reporter: luke skywalker is still missing from this trailer. for some, reigniting the whole luke is the bad guy theory. >> and fulfill our destiny. i will finish what you started. >> i sort of feel like when he is revealed to us, like he will be the luke skywalker we know and love. that said, if he is evil, that would be so interesting and fascinating. >> reporter: maybe this time he's just somewhere waiting to be rescued by rae. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what happened to chewbacca? where's chewbacca? >> he kind of lives. that bear just really fits with the whole chewbacca theme. december 18th. how exciting. it looks really, really cool. >> i'd love to play chewbacca's love interest. >> awkward. i'm still here.
3:56 am
tt2w`t+o m4: bt@qj9h tt2w`t+o m4: "a@qz5, tt2w`t+o m4: bm@qq> tt4w`t+o m4:" dztq n\p tt4w`t+o m4:" entq >x0 tt4w`t+o m4:" gzt& '_h tt4w`t+o m4:" hnt& 7q$ tt4w`t+o m4:" iztq ]8\ tt4w`t+o m4:" jntq oh<
3:57 am
good good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. here's some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." intense scrutiny for egypt's sharm el-sheikh airport as more experts point to a bomb as a the likely cause of the russian jetliner crash. security lapses are exposed and new details on what isis was saying before and after the plane went down. two major train derailments in wisconsin have triggered evacuations. 13 cars jumped their tracks in watertown, leaking hundreds of gallons of crude oil. and in alma, 32 cars derailed, leaking nearly 20,000 gallons of ethanol. google is partnering with the american heart association
3:58 am
the tech giant promising innovation and unconventional thinking in the $50 million project to take on the world's top killer. the philadelphia eagles handed the dallas cowboys their sixth straight loss last night, final score 33-27. it was in overtime. it's the cowboys' longest losing streak in 26 years. those are some of our top headlines on this monday, november 9th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. we're going to get started this half hour with the investigation into that russian plane crash in egypt. and growing consensus that a bomb is to blame. >> intelligence officials say intercepts show isis had direct contact with someone on the ground in sharm el-sheikh, egypt. airport officials are revealing a string of security gaps. with more, here's abc's molly hunter. >> reporter: a brief click
3:59 am
figuring out how this russian passenger jet crashed. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cvr recording. >> is it a bomb or is it something we're hearing where the airplane is physically coming apart? >> reporter: so far all signs seem to point to a bomb. and u.s. officials are expressing growing confidence in that theory. the metrojet flight came down 23 minutes into the trip, breaking up midair, killing all 224 people on board. scattering debris across the sinai desert. russia has now halted all flights to egypt and the uk has suspended flights to sharm el-sheikh, now sending in empty planes to evacuate tourists. back in america the u.s. department of homeland security announced increased screenings for all passengers. >> they will experience increased numbers of patdown searches and their personal items will be swabbed. screeners will be looking for explosive residue.
4:00 am
analyze those black boxes and interview every single airport employee, crews at the crash site are searching for any evidence of an explosion. >> every bomb has a signature, a chemical signature, that will be left on whatever it blows up. >> reporter: u.s. authorities are now telling abc news that electronic intercepts from the islamic state before and after that crash indicate that isis was in communication with someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport. that means that airport security was compromised and it was likely an inside job. reena, kendis? >> all right, molly. we're getting so much information as it goes on. you've now flown in and out of that airport a couple of times. how tight would you say security and is has it changed at all over the last week? >> reporter: it's changed a lot. now, we flew in and out about two days after that crash. and i can tell you i was not
4:01 am
searched. i actually made it to the tarmac without ever showing my boarding pass. it was comical. airports around egypt are famous for loose security. cairo included. now, just two days ago, about five days after the crash, security was comically over the top. they sent my bag through five times, they patted me down four times when i didn't even set off a metal detector. they're clearly trying to make a huge show for international media, that they've beefed up that security. >> that's so troubling. what can you tell us? what's the next step for investigators, given this new information? >> reporter: given this new information, reena, investigators, that investigation team which is based in cairo, is poring over that cctv camera footage, looking for any clues. but the egyptian investigation committee is begging the international community and western governments to share that information, to share any intelligence. right now they feel like they
4:02 am
information to draw conclusions and yet the western governments are out there leaking to the so they are begging for some international help. >> all right, abc's molly hunter, thank you for that report from sharm el-sheikh, egypt, this morning. we're going to stay in that region because seven israelis were wounded in three separate attacks in the west bank yesterday. this was caught on camera. watch carefully, a young woman stabbing a settlement security guard. she pulled that knife from her purse when he asked to see some identification. he was slightly wounded but was able to shoot his attacker. that woman is in serious condition. the ongoing violence will israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meets today with president obama. it's their first face-to-face deal was adopted. also hanging over today's meeting, netanyahu's new chief spokesman who has described mr. obama as anti-semitic and
4:03 am
seriously. we're counting down to the next republican debate tomorrow night in wisconsin. as he surges in the polls ben carson facing increasing scrutiny about his past. and his rival donald trump weighing in on the controversy. it's "your voice, your vote" and mary bruce is covering the campaign. >> reporter: live from new york. >> donald trump! >> reporter: the republican presidential front-runner took center stage on "saturday night live" to applause and protests. >> donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: donald trump took on chief rival dr. ben carson and allegations stories about carson's past don't add up. >> it's a weird deal going on but it's a lot of statements that are very troubling statements. >> dr. ben carson! >> reporter: carson spent his sunday at a rally in puerto rico, throwing his support behind making the u.s. protectorate a state.
4:04 am
>> 51! >> reporter: the candidate appeared his usual mellow self, a far cry from friday. lie -- >> reporter: the latest questions raised by "the wall street journal" center on a story from carson's 1990 autobiography. the neurosurgeon says there was a hoax test on his perception 301 class and everyone walked out but him. according to carson the student paper took a photo. "the wall street journal" reported that yale says there was no such class by that name and no such picture exists. >> it's just so stupid. >> reporter: carson took to facebook showing this article from "the yale daily news" which talks about a hoax test for a class called psychology 10. it does not mention carson. he posted this syllabus for a class called "perception" but it's from 2002, not 1970. despite his explanations, more questions remain. >> the burden of proof is not going to be on me to corroborate everything that i've ever talked about in my life. we have much more important things to do. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. a major change out of
4:05 am
kids travel to school across all 50 states. for the first time ever the federal government is supporting a move to install seat belts for every child on school buses. an average of five people in the u.s. die in school bus crashes every year. only six states currently require seat belts. >> the children that are belted, they're safe. the children that are unrestrained, they're thrown throughout the vehicle. >> there's no timeline when the new requirements might be implemented. the head of the national highway traffic safety administration admits it will be expensive, but it will save children's lives. police in texas are searching for a suspect in the shooting of a high-profile judge, julie kocurek, ambushed outside her home in austin. she's recovering but now investigators are combing through thousands of her case files for a potential suspect. abc's ryan owens is there. >> reporter: she spent years putting felons behind bars, even sending some to death row.
4:06 am
someone may want her dead. and they have no shortage of potential suspects in the shooting of judge julie kocurek. >> every year she has at least 1,000 new defendants charged with felony crimes. when you're sending people to prison and death row not everybody's happy. >> reporter: plels say the judge was shot as she pulled into the driveway of her upscale austin home friday night just after 10:00. >> gunshots, rapid succession, no pause. >> reporter: the "austin american statesman" reports s s she was coming home from a high school football game with others in her suv. the paper says as she pulled up, a bag of trash or a garbage can had been placed in front of her security gate. as she got out to move it, the judge was ambushed. >> at this point, we don't have a lot of information about the suspect. >> reporter: kocurek did not suffer life-threatening injuries but her colleague judges are being warned to watch their backs.
4:07 am
she was a prosecutor in austin. so there may well be a very long line of hand right side criminals with a grudge against this judge. ryan owens, abc news, austin. an emotional day for a family in brooklyn, new york. getting back a pair of treasured medals earned decades ago. 93-year-old ann burn received two replacement purple hearts for her brother, lieutenant andrew doyle, who disappeared while flying missions over the pacific in 1944. the medals were stolen in a burglary several years ago and now the family can pass the replacements on to the next generation. veterans day came a little early for an injured member of the u.s. army reserve and her family. jeanette watson was surprised with a brand-new ford explorer from "operation home front" in boise, boise, idaho. local football legend ian johnson presented them with the keys. "operation home front" is in its fourth year helping servicemen
4:08 am
dangerous creatures. >> the first, a great white shark scare for a group of divers in south africa. the close encounter was posted online by american tourist spencer riley who was on his honeymoon diving in that area. that shark was chasing a string of bait. >> then nose dives straight into a small gap of that shark cage. no one was hurt. riley described it as a not too scary and pretty exhilarating. near houston, texas, a surprise visitor dropped in on a shopping center. it put up quite a fight. alligator trapper christie cragworth subdued him. the beast was 12 feet long, weighed more than 900 pounds. cragworth incidentally is only a part-time trapper. she faces teeth in her other job as well but it's not quite a dangerous stretch -- she's a dental hygienist. >> look at how she tamed that beast. >> like that one. >> glad to know everybody was
4:09 am
okay in all of those. coming up, an unprecedented move by a college football team pressuring the school's president to step down. also ahead, the bright strange lights seen in the sky over southern california. the instant reaction as the mystery is solved. >> it's aliens. discovering hope and a breakthrough. and extremely difficult cancer battle. now a little girl and her family have reason to celebrate. that is after our forecast map. 41 and snowy in great falls. the lead story, hockey is making a comeback in great falls. what do you got to offer us today? balance transfer that's my game bank you never heard of, that's my name haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one
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4:13 am
weekend for $100,000. now to the controversy that is brewing in the midwest. dozens of players on the university of missouri football team say they will not play, sitting out all team activities, until the president of the university steps down. >> and the coaches support their decision to protest how their president has handled race and discrimination on campus. ron claiborne has the latest. >> reporter: weeks of racial tension on the university of missouri campus boiling over with roughly 30 african-american football players vowing to boycott the team. saying they won't participate in any football-related activities unless the university's president is fired or steps down. head coach gary pinkel seeming the mizzou family stands as one, we are united, we are behind our players. >> the first time in quite some time in decades, frankly, we are seeing sports lead the way on issues of civil disobedience. certainly for a team to say,
4:14 am
really unheard of. >> reporter: tensions on campus have been simmering for weeks. last month at the homecoming parade protesters blocked the car of university system president tim wolf. african-american students complaining of a series of episodes of white students shouting racial slurs. this past week a swastika allegedly scrawled on the wall of a dormitory. protesters, some live in tents on campus, say wolf has failed to adequately address the racism on campus. the governor of missouri adding his voice saying, racism and intolerance have no place at the university of missouri or anywhere in our state. university president wolf said in a statement, it is clear to all of us that change is needed. we will share next steps as soon as they are confirmed. steps, whatever they are, will be enough to convince the football players to call off their boycott. practice, was canceled. the next game is scheduled for
4:15 am
saturday against byu. if the university of missouri does not play that game, they penalty. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. it's going to be quite a showdown there in the midwest. thanks, ron. coming up, a potential medical miracle. >> the baby given new hope in her fight against cancer. the experimental treatment next
4:16 am
for the thousands of families with children battling short supply. >> for one special little girl, hope came just at the right time. abc's marcie gonzales has her story. >> reporter: the scientific smile inspiring doctors and cancer patients around the world. >> it was a miracle. >> reporter: after spending most of her short life battling leukemia, 1-year-old laila richards' parents were told traditional treatments weren't working and their baby girl was going to die. >> i don't believe in giving up. that's not in me. so i said -- i carried on in my head, i'm going to fight these doctors. when i lose i'm going to get the result that i need. so we just pushed on, pushed on, pushed on.
4:17 am
london decided to try an experimental treatment never before tested on humans. injecting laila with a donor's immune cells genetically engineered to attack her cancer. >> the technology itself has got enormous potential. >> reporter: two months later laila's leukemia appears to be gone, though doctors caution it's too soon to know if she's cure order whether this could be used to help others. >> it needs to be studied further in a lot more children to know how well does it work and are there possible side effects? >> reporter: still, a dose of hope from this now-healthy, happy girl and her ground-breaking treatment. marcie gonzales, abc news, new york. >> childhood leukemia is the most common form of cancer in children and teens. >> it's so great to see, to realize what a struggle it is for those parents and it's great that they got that hope. in the past, researchers saw some success when using this type of treatment on hiv patients. we wish them luck in their research on this.
4:18 am
>> we certainly hope this is a potential cure. coming up, mysterious lights in the sky. >> could they be extra-terrestrial in nature? >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance that's simple to get. coverage options for just $9.95 a month, less than 35 cents a day. act now
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over the weekend residents of southern california have got quite a surprise. spotting a mysterious light in the sky. >> theories were around flooding social media. concerns the unusual night was from another world.
4:22 am
abc's sarah haines has more. streak of light across the night sky in southern california, visible as far away as nevada and arizona. >> i have my camera, we look up, we saw this crazy [ bleep ]. ufo. what is that? >> we're being invaded! >> reporter: watch as the small white light slowly expands looking to take over the skyline -- and then a blue-green tail appears as it continues to travel across the sky. the curious scene causing many onlookers to call law enforcement and flood our l.a. station kabc news with calls wondering what could this be? it's like a scene straight out of "the x-files." >> it looked like a regular airplane, then out of nowhere it blew up into an enormous bright light. >> reporter: social media exploding, weird object, anyone know what that was over southern
4:23 am
#meteor, #ufo. and videos showing onlookers' quizzical reactions as people caught a glimpse of the celestial sight. >> oh my god! >> this is scary! >> reporter: not so fast. turns out the navy strategic system programs was conducting a scheduled missile test. assuring residents the missile was unarmed. sarah haines, abc news, new york. >> you believe in ufos? >> of course, and that was one. i don't believe the missile theory. i had friends tweeting about it in san diego. because they saw this. having worked in san diego, you're surrounded by the military bases there, they usually tell you if there's going to be something unusual that's not secretive that's going to take place. >> we should be cautious because you think this is some top secret -- >> i think it's bigfoot. >> bigfoot? in the sky? bigfoot's flashlight? >> it's a really big flashlight. i don't know. >> what? that's the news for this half
4:24 am
>> could be chewbacca's flashlight. tt2watv#@6t bt@q5"( tt2watv#@6t "a@q%.l
4:25 am
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