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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: a judge will now decide whether there's enough evidence to keep the charges against the mother of a teen who died of drug overdose. good evening, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. 17-year-old eve tarmey died of acute fentanyl poisoning, and her mother, jazzmyn rood, is one of the adults being charged in the case. jennifer crompton has more on today's court appearance reporter: the judge chose to take the case under advisement, so no decision yet. but according to the state, the charges especially reckless conduct are less to do with what jazzmyn rood than what she didn't do in connection with her daughter's overdose death. a rochester police detective who interviewed rood and her boyfriend mark ross testified that she knew that he and other woman were driving to massachusetts to buy heroin, she knew her daughter eve was going along to see a boyfriend who
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didn't appear. when he returned, eve was in the room as all three adults shot up. and that rood believed mark ross was going to give eve some heroin. >> did she say anything about why she didn't want to be in the room at that point? >> she just -- (inaudible) reporter: the defense argues that leaving the room proves that rood had nothing to do with her daughter's death. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear that argument as well as an outbursts, an emotional outbursts that came from eve tarmey's father's family while she was making it. josh: a manchester man accused of kill his parents and setting their house on fire has reached a plea deal with prosecutors. matthew dion is expected to plead guilty to two counts of second degree murder and one count of arson. other charges including
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will be dropped. wmur's ray brewer talking family members who say they are pleased with this deal. reporter: the notice came in a court file. matthew dion is intending to admit he killed his parents and set their hole on fire. robert and constance dion were killed in march of 2014, their home set ablaze days later. the remaining family says they were consulted on the plea deal. >> our biggest concern was making sure that he doesn't get spend the rest of his life in there, which pretty much it covers that. reporter: under terms of the deal, dion who is 40, would be sentenced to two consecutive sentences of 30 years to life. the arson sentence of seven and a half to 15 years would run con current with the other sentences. the murder indictments say that matthew dion did knowingly cause the death of robert dion by strangling or striking him in the head.
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did knowingly cause the death of constance dion by strangling her. roger mitchell s says the family still doesn't understand what set his cousin off, that his aunt and uncle had some problems with their adopted son matthew, but they never saw this coming. >> i know they've had their difficulties with him and stuff, but never thought something like this would happen. reporter: dion is set to plead guilty on december 3rd. mitchell anticipates the sentencing will provide some comfort to the family. >> at least hopefully we'll get answers and will just make it easier to understand what happened to them. reporter: ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: the man authorities say was the mastermind behind last week's deadly attack is now dead. the 27-year-old was killed in a raid in a paris suburb yesterday. abc's marci gonzalez is in paris with the latest tonight. reporter: police are still interrogating those eight people
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who were detained during yesterday's raid and we're learning more about that accused ring leader police tracked down in the suburbs of paris. his body found in the rubble of this raid. so riddled with bullets and shrapnel, investigators could only identify him by his fingerprints. today police confirming abdelhamid abaaoud, the so-called master mind of the paris attacks, is dead. police say abaaoud was also behind four other isis plots this year including the attempted attack on a paris bound train. authorities are now looking into how the 27-year-old was able to sneak into france to lead this terror cell that investigators say was planning another attack. >> the counterterrorism officials in france right now are worried about other attacks that might be planned and that's the number one priority to them. reporter: french police shown here training for a possible chemical attack with france's prime minister saying today that threat is real.
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chemical or biological weapons. this is a new war. reporter: police are still searching for two suspects accused of carrying out the apacks, including salah abdeslam, believed to be the gunman shown in this disturbing video from the daily diners in this cafe ducking for cover, the killer shooting his ak-47, then taking aim at one woman when his gun seems to jam. that woman and everyone else inside surviving as abdeslam runs out. police looking for him and others connected to the attacks carried out more raids this morning in belgium, taking at least nine people into custody. jean: the u.s. house of representatives overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill today over how to handle the refugees looking for sanctuary. we'll take a closer look at the terms of that bill in a few minutes. josh: to commitment 2016 coverage, two more republican candidates put their names on
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the new hampshire primary ballot today, jeb bush drew a big crowd. certainly has struggled in the polls and says he expects a campaign revival here in new hampshire. going onto say it's first in the nation status is something that he would protect as the leader of the republican party. >> i'm going to win the nomination, and i can guarantee you that the minute the nominee is picked he's the leader of the party and we won't change it. josh: a short time later it was former governor george pataki, he concede he thought about dropping out, but inspired by encouragement he received in new hampshire and elsewhere, he pledged to continue his efforts. >> because it is in my view the best type of politics, it's retail politics, where you sit down and people ask you a question across the table or in a room, and it's not about 30-second tv commercial or sound bite. josh: both pataki and bush took questions after they filed for
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the primary ballot, the majority of which centered on the attacks in paris, we'll hear what they have to say about that at 6:00. meantime a fundraiser today for hillary clinton may not be sitting so well with patriots fans. political reporter john distaso why in his latest column, you can find that in the politics section of jean: they crane that was removing trees on a merrimack street fell over this afternoon, slicing through the roof of the house. the homeowners were inside, it did miss them, but a worker was left dangling from the crane. the homeowner says she paid healy tree works out of amherst property. the crew had been working since 7:00 this morning and as they were removing the very last tree a worker says the crane hit it a septic tank in the back yard, the hole opened up, the crane toppled over and hit the roof. the homeowner says she's owned the house for 28 years and never system.
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>> you should have seen me in the window, i was so amazed watching those big trees not hit the house, just come right down, i said oh everything is perfect, no problems. all a sudden we hear this big bang. >> we've been here since seven this morning, took down 20 plus trees. last one just went haywire, murphy's law. jean: that was one of the tree crew members there, he says when the operator tried to move the machine the climber hanging on did have his foot injured, he was taken to the hospital. well, rain, clouds are moving into the state right now. we're going to get quite a bit of rain before this clears up again. let's check in with mike haddad for the latest. mike: so far the rain this month has been well below average, especially in and around concord. since november 1, just over a half inch of rain. the normal amount of rain during this time, 2.37 inches, that
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means we are well below the average, by over an inch and a half. now, many spots will likely pick up between a half inch and an inch of rain, even though there's not a lot falling right now, just scattered light showers. there's some steadier rain building back through southern parts of new york and especially over eastern pennsylvania and new jersey. and that's all going to be building in here as we advance through the mid to late evening. so notice on future cast the scattered light showers that are out there, eventually gives way to some heavier rain. but the system is a quick mover, already some clearing skies will develop during the early part of the morning, in western parts of new england. so how much rain do we expect, again a half inch to an inch or so. what about the clearing, do we get the sun back for friday? and what about the weekend? all of that straight ahead. jean: thanks, mike. let's turn to the traffic watch, see how things are looking out there. we'll start with live pictures in manchester, 293 near exit 5. josh: peggy james joins us now
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home on a thursday. >> not a bad ride so far coming up from the meation border, 93 has some slight slowdowns through the salem stretch. 293 busy, but moving well both north and southbound. no problems from hooksett to the bow junction. seeing slight slowdowns as you approach the the exits through concord. 101 west you're heavy through bedford at 114 to just past wallace road. everett turnpike northbound getting sluggish through the merrimack stretch. a good ride on 101 to and from the seacoast, but we are getting word of an accident at the portsmouth traffic circle that is causing delays. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: coming up tonight, a former granite state school administrator will face a criminal charge in maine where a student says he asked her for sex.
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>> i'm sally kidd in washington. the house votes on tougher entry requirements for syrian refugees, and dozens of democrats side with republicans. josh: a federal epidemic, that's what one group of mothers is plague. at 5:30, the government help they're looking for. >> this as another city warns people about the dangers of discarded needles. at 6:00, every police car is now carrying special equipment in this new hampshire city to deal
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josh: welcome back. a move in congress to tighten screening for refugees has won overwhelming support in the house. jean: it comes in wakes of the paris terror attacks. sally kidd is in washington where dozens of democrats defied the president on this one. reporter: jean, the white house dispatched senior administration officials to capitol hill to urge skeptical democrats to vote against the measure. but dozens of them sided with republicans in support of it.
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capitol hill, that terrorists posing as refugees could sneak into the u.s. >> the margin for error is zero. reporter: the house measure tightens entry requirements for refugees coming from syria and iraq. >> there's nothing to shut the process down, it's simply add the layer of protection. doesn't shut it down. reporter: the bill requires that the director of national intelligence, f.b.i. and homeland security verify each refugee as not a security threat. >> it's not the issue of refugees. it's the issue of letting isis terrorists get into the country to kill us. >> they're being thrown under the bus for political gain, they're being demonized, characterized as terrorists, young children. reporter: 47 democrats joined republicans in supporting the measure, while others argue the vetting process is already rigorous enough. >> what are we reduced to here? what message does that send to the rest of the world?
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reporter: the house bill heads to the senate next where the democratic leader is vowing to block it. sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: the house will also take up a bill to block financing of hezbollah. it's already passed the senate, and it calls for sanctioning any financial institutions that knowingly do business with hezbollah and requires the president to keep congress updated on the group's movements, including drug trafficking. josh: the former maine high school principal accused of asking a student for sex will be facing a criminal charge. don reiter was fired on monday, prosecutors say he'll be charged with official oppression, a misdemeanor, because the student was not under 18 he could not be charged with attempted gross sexual assault. reiter is accused of similar behavior while working in mascenic high school in ipswich,
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accusations. jean: the former spokesman for subway sandwiches there had spend more than 15 years in prison, fogle admitted to several charges connected to prostitution. the former head of fogle's charitable foundation helped produce the pornography. josh: car thieves in virginia got quite a surprise. there was a child in the back seat. police say the 8-year-old's mother left him in the car when she ran into the post office. when she came out both the car and her son were gone. it took only a few scary minutes to find the boy. but the thieves dropped him off at school. >> we found the child at the school unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face. he said two guys got into the car, saw he was in the car and turned around and said oh, we're here to take you to school. josh: they have not found the car or the suspect yet.
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mike: bright skies yesterday. today the clouds winning the battle out there. we've seen a couple of light showers, with heavier rain and welcome rain at that is on the way later on tonight. to the coast, time lapse in portsmouth where from sunup to sundown the clouds have certainly been dominating the sky cover. we did see bright skies at times in a few spots today, but the emphasis has been on the cloud cover on this thursday. one week from thanksgiving, can you believe that. hey, rainfall out there, again, fairly light, not a whole lot showing up on radar. valley, north and west into the heart of the lakes region, the white mountains and points north and west. just off to our south, that's where some steadier rain is developing, down through new jersey and eastern pennsylvania. it's all stretching up in our direction, so by very late this evening after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight through the predawn hours of friday morning, that's when we get in on the heavier rain. temperatures have actually been
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today, 40's and low 50's in many spots. with a light wind out of the south and southeast in that cloud cover, it is going to be fairly mild, with temperatures not really going too far during the overnight stretch. so it's mid to upper 40's to around 50 as we go through early tomorrow morning. there is some cooler air sitting back in the midwest and northern plains states, and eventually that more seasonable air moves on in here, a long about tomorrow night into the weekend. and into a good part of next week. but for the here and now we're seeing the clear slot of air beginning to build in already through western new york, so this storm moving in will not last that long. here's a look at the timeline, light showers turn into heavier rain. downpours at times and many spots could get up to an inch if not a little more. but notice by tend of the morning commute tomorrow, rain is gone, already starting to see some clearing developing. with enough sunshine before that cool air builds in, we could make a run up into the upper 50's to around 60. projected rainfall anywhere from about a half inch far north to
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as much as an inch plus in many parts of the southern white mountains and into the merrimack valley and points west. beyond that jumping into the weekend, sunny start on saturday, and a sunny finish as well. once we get into early on sunday, that's when the next system will arrive, and just enough cool air could spot a few snow showers in the mountains and a couple mixed or rain showers in far southern parts of the state. highs tomorrow, upper 40's far north, lower to mid 50's south. temperatures will continue to be running above the average, right through tomorrow night. then it begins to cool back as we press into the weekend. again, showers, have the umbrella handy tonight, but most of the heaviest of the rain will move in during the late evening and overnight. it ends early on friday, developing sun. temperatures well into the 50's, and then cooler for the weekend. couple of mixed showers can't be ruled out on sunday. snow in the mountains, maybe a rain or snow shower south. dry and cool, seasonably so from monday through thanksgiving. jean: one week away.
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in kansas spent the day cleaning up 20 inches of snow that fell in the last 24 hours. josh: the national guardsmen were also out rescuing stranded drivers and patrolling for problems. farmers are thrilled by all the snow after a very dry season. jean: the weather phenomenon known as el nino is making a return this winter. the last time new hampshire had a strong el nino winter this is what we saw, ice and widespread power outages. i try not to think about it. so we could be in for a repeat? could it be that we would see more than 100 inches of snow? we'll answer those questions when hayley lapoint breaks down the winter forecast tonight at 11:00. josh: we're always hearing about how important it is to eat healthy. jean: but healthy can mean different things for different people, more on that coming up after the break. josh: then a very special day at the state house, what brought all these families together.
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is to bring awareness about the immigrants and refugees that come to new hampshire and honor the lives of people like you that come here and try starting
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it took alexis 4 years to earn her college degree. but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans. join the fight to make college affordable. join the fight for alexis. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. jean: the f.d.a. says genetically modified salmon is safe for people to eat. it's the agency's first approval
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of its kind. the company that produces the fast growing salmon has been trying to get approval for five years, over consumer concerns about eating genetically modified foods. the salmon will not be required to be labeled as genetically modified. a new study says what's healthy for one person may not apply to everyone. josh: how personalized diets may become a future health trend. >> we've all her the advice, white rice is bad, brown rice is good. but rules of thumb like this one may not be so simple after all. foods are classified according to their glycemic index for how much that food raises your blood sugar, conventional wisdom saying the lower the index the healthier the food. but now a new study showing that what is healthy for one person may not be healthy for another. nutritional value depends on a person's height, weight, medical problems, and even the different types of bacteria in their gut. it also depends on what
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the researchers also devised an algorithm that creates personalized diets. participants follow these diets had healthy blood sugar levels and the good bacteria in their guts began to increase. the future? there may not be a one size fits all fad diet, but a unique meal plan for everybody. jean: flying around the world business to get faster, straight ahead we'll tell but the new plane in production. josh: logan is one airport where employees walked off the job today. jean: now these young fans are excited to see kevin skarupa there. looks like they were having a
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josh: a federal epidemic, now at 5:30 the growing movement from the government to recognize new hampshire's heroin problem. jean: a man facing serious charges has been arrested for the break in at a worcester armory, and it wasn't hard for police to track tom the scene.
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mike: the latest system won't last that long, when it clears out again, plus a look into the weekend. jrm an important test for new hampshire high schoolers, will be offered for free. josh: three new hampshire mothers are joining forces to have the federal government declare a state of emergency over new hampshire's heroin epidemic. welcome back. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. as heather hamel reports, these women hope to get enough resources to address the problem from top to bottom. reporter: yes, these women say we all know what we need to do, but there's not enough money to do and it that's where the federal government can help. >> my fire comes from personal experience in losing a child to this, and anything i can do to participate in turning this around and putting in action a solution is what i'm all about. reporter: makeup artist chris
5:28 pm
has become a voice in the fight against the heroin epidemic. she says it's out of advocacy and a way to help her heal after losing her stepdaughter to an overdose. she's trying to open an emergency recovery shelter in her stepdaughter's name, amber's place. >> but we're stuck on funding because we don't have enough money to staff the facility that would need to be open 24-7. reporter: just one reason she and two other women are calling on the u.s. department of health and human services asking them to declare a public health emergency. >> our government should address this in a comprehensive and complete way so we can stop the suffering that so many are living with. reporter: the city councilor says it worked so well with the ebola outbreak, why not heroin. >> i'm a republican, stephanie is a democrat, chris is an independent. this is why i think this was so smart of stephanie to call us and say would you put your name to this. i do not want this to be political. this is about saving lives.
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reporter: the women collaborated to write an op ed and sent it to the congressional delegation, noting that our state has some of the highest rates of addiction per cap that in the united states. >> now they're thinking and they're saying to us it what's wrong with you people up there, where did all this heroin come in. it's not a good thing, it's a big negative for the state. i don't want to live in a state that has a negative. reporter: the women say with someone deciding every day this is an emergency and the money would be put to good use. heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: one of the most common antidotes to an opioid overdose is f.d.a. approved. narcan can be injected or given through a nasal spray. doctors say the nasal spray can cause less than half the injectable version and it's easier to use. jean: a former army reserve member arrested in connection with a break-in at a
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massachusetts armory is out on bail tonight. investigators say he got into the armory in worcester through the roof. then cut a hole in the top of the weapons vault. jack harper with our sister station wcvb has more on the suspect's background. reporter: james walker morales has spent years in the cambridge area and has been arrested in several communities, from september 2012 to may, 2013, he lived here on mass. avenue and subsidized apartments for men in transition. he's also spent some of his time at this carlisle street apartment where his children still live. a neighbor says police hit this apartment about 8:00 this morning. >> there was a whole bunch of people, i think they are -- reporter: the woman living here posted bail for morales last june, refused to talk to us today. the bail followed an arrest for rape of a child under 14 at the cambridge home of a friend. it happened last may. prosecutors contending the victim was a girl, adding the defendant started touching in a sexual manner.
5:31 pm
of the army reserve. after bail was posted, morales was placed on a monitoring bracelet which investigators say he was wearing, and that helped them place him at the armory the night of the break. court documents show middlesex investigators were moving to revoke bail in recent days. on tuesday, after moral easy failed to show for a pretrial hearing, a warrant was issued. the f.b.i. says morales removed, cut off that ankle bracelet on monday morning and then took off. for wmur news 9, i'm jack harper. josh: police in laconia are investigating an early morning break-in at a gas station. when officers arrived they found the glass door had been smashed, police say the money, cigarettes and scratch tickets were taken. the suspect or suspects were scared off by someone delivering newspapers. surveillance video is now being reviewed, police say the second break-in though in the area this week. >> there was another burglary recently in the last several days, one of the businesses in
5:32 pm
burglarized as well. so we're looking at any connections to that. josh: anyone with information on eerlt of these burglaries is being asked to call laconia police. and investigators are trying to figure out what ignited a dealership. when crews got to bear auto on fire. the flames damaged two other cars before they could findly get them under control. jean: the society for the protection of new hampshire forests has taken its fight against northern pass to court. the nonprofit organization filed a lawsuit in coos superior court today. it's concerned that some of the transmission lines would cross through land owned by the society, and it has not kevin eversource permission to use it. >> in order for that to be permitted, they need control of the site. and they don't have our permission to build their facility through our washburn family forest and through the frontage that we own under the connecticut river. so we are filing the site
5:33 pm
that determination about property rights, the place that court. lawsuit irresponsible and says it's confident its application meets state law. josh: a big day at the state house for 122 children who smile. they were all adopted into new year. governor hassan proclaimed this adoption awareness month in new hampshire. she along with the division for children, youth and families honored parents who opened their hearts and homes in the past year like this family from bedford, which went from four to six children. >> open your hearts wide, there are children who are in need of home and who are in need of love. josh: it's a big honor for us here at wmur as governor hassan awarded a citation to our home at last segment, which features children looking for adoptive families. jean mackin was there along with producer mary page provost to
5:34 pm
home at last, which airs during "new hampshire chronicle" and has been successful in finding children permanent homes. jean: big day to celebrate. a lot of smiling children there, that's the best part. airport workers across the country are on strike tonight, we'll have a look at their demands when we come back. josh: new incentive for airports to keep their runways clear, fines for winter flight delays are now climbing dramatically. mike: no wintery weather, we have more rain and sunshine is back on friday. the forecast is coming up. jean: harley davidson has a special offer for people who put their lives on the line.
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jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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jean: our video of the closing bell is provided by the new york stock exchange and here are the day's numbers. the dow lost four points to 17,732. s&p off by two. nasdaq down just one. thousands of airport workers across the country went on strike today. josh: that included employees at boston's logan international. the workers want new contracts that provide medical benefits and a minimum salary of $15 an hour. most of the workers are subcontracted by outside
5:38 pm
like delta, united and jet blue. meanwhile airports have extra pressure from the f.a.a. this winter to keep runways clear of ice and snow, buildups that cause delays could lead to big fines. the f.a.a. has proposed a $200,000 civil penalty against the detroit airport for the icy conditions that caused problems last november. this comes on the heels of a $735,000 fine for cleveland's airport. jean: a new jet could make around the world trips fly by. the makers of the as2 claim it can go from new york to london in three hours. and only six hours from l.a. to tokyo. test flights are expected to start in six years with commercial flights starting two years later. the second largest diamond ever botswana. this gem is 1,111 carats. the mine that held this diamond revealed several other large diamonds at the same time,
5:39 pm
that is the sixth largest ever found. ring. josh: yes, it would. still ahead, a holiday tradition is getting a hip-hop makeover. we'll tell you where you can catch this very modern nutcracker. jean: in ports after playing six games on the road, u.n.h. hockey is finally home for two this guys. >> it's a reunion 46 years in away. a vietnam veteran and his dog tags reunited here in brookline,
5:40 pm
story that's healing dec i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
5:41 pm
josh: patriots will be hosting the buffalo bills in next week's monday night football. you can watch the game here on wmur. kickoff monday night 8:30. jean: that means "dancing with the stars" moves to me tv new hampshire at 8:00. you can also watch the show on demand the next day and at josh: say again? jean: i've got it all in my memory, just give me a minute. all right, a holiday dance classic wouldn't have any toe shoes.
5:42 pm
the hip-hop nutcracker. reporter: it may southbound familiar, but this version of the nutcracker gets a totally modern twist, both in how it sounds and how the dance is performed, because this is not a ballet but a hip-hop version of the classic. the idea was conceived here at the united palace of cultural arts in washington heights. and is inspired by the neighborhood. >> let's go! reporter: jennifer is the choreographer. >> all the elements of the nutcracker is in our production, but we give it an urban spin, it takes place today, there's a love story, and the magic of the holidays brings everyone together. reporter: there are eleven dancers in this production and particularly exciting for the adults in the audience of king of rap appears opening night. he thinks this show will inspire future performers.
5:43 pm
>> you can take this hip-hop thing, your music, your talent and take it and go places with it, evolve and grow. reporter: as for those in the production like 23-year-old derek. >> of course the music is a big change and it's like a whole another format that you have to listen and pay attention to. i like it, i like the challenge. >> as hip-hop dancers what we do is listen to the music and try to interpret the sounds into our bodies, we're just as good at interp -- interp mike: very dry this month so far, just like october and september. once in a while you get hit with someone slug of heavy rain and tonight is a time for that. clouds locked in across the lakes region from sunup to sundown with a few showers dotting the lens. rain drops here or there, not a lot of heavy rain yet. but that will change later on this evening.
5:44 pm
will turn over to heavier rain, up to an inch in spots by morning. especially in central and southern new hampshire, and then quickly the system exits so we get the sunshine back and temperatures run above average. we're talking about 40's and lower 50's tonight, and a run into the upper 50's tomorrow, then a dry and cooler weekend with one weak system that marches through early on sunday morning. notice right now we have a scattering of light showers over a good part of the state. not everyone getting the rain, but a few sprinkles otherwise. then you look to the south and west and wonder where all the heavy rain is. it's beginning to blossom in new jersey and eastern parts of pennsylvania. and it's all moving northeastward, right towards new hampshire. so i would say sometime after 9:00 or 10:00 tonight the rain will begin to increase, and then the back edge of this will clear by the end of the morning commute tomorrow at the latest. temperature wise running in the 40's and 50's. so relatively mild out there, and notice, no big temperature
5:45 pm
fall. by early tomorrow morning, 40's and lower 50's. with any developing sun, which we will certainly see, we could hit near 60 in a couple spots before cooler and dryer air builds on in. you will notice back to the west, scattered snow showers, a lot of this will work off to our north and west, so once the heavy rain exits we have to wait until early sunday to get in on a little precipitation that will fall in the form of snow in the mountains and maybe a rain or snow shower farther south. look at the timeline, rain, mostly light through again 9:00 or 10:00, then it begins to pick up. heavy downpours at times, can't rule out an isolated rumble of thunder in extreme southern parts of new hampshire, then it's a quick mover by tomorrow morning, 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. it's gone, clearing skies develop, a little breeze out of the northwest and that will start to drive in cooler air. but before that happens we make a run well into the 50's, possibly near 60 in a few spots. things are looking up in terms of those temperatures through
5:46 pm
back to reality beginning later tomorrow night. showers early, then heavier rain late tonight, areas of fog, low 40's far forth, near 50 south. it's a mild friday after rain ends early. again, 7:00, 8:00, so you'll want to have the umbrella for the morning commute. after that looking dry until early sunday. snow showers in the mountains, maybe a rain or snow shower south. a nice but cool stretch for monday through thanksgiving which includes of course a big travel day on wednesday. so hope it holds here. jean: you're a big basketball fan, check out what audiences laugh last night at the game between the raptors and jazz. josh: third quarter, this flair threw up a shot and the ball got stuck behind the back board, so he grabbed the broom, started poking it and when it came loose, swish. it went in.
5:47 pm
93-89. jamie: when will the bruins get things rolling in the right direction on their home ice? possibly tonight when they host the minnesota wild at 7:00. through nine games at td garden wins. should be a fun weekend of hockey for u.n.h., two good games at the whittemore center, they get a rematch with u. mass, they led the minute men earlier in the season, only to settle for the tie. then the wildcats tangled with boston college saturday night. >> u. mass has a very good power play, 27%. so we'll have to stay out of the penalty box, they have a couple offensively. so we'll have to control the transition game. boston college right now, they're playing as well as anyone in the country. they're very skilled. jamie: another division one
5:48 pm
baseball star tyler copo signed with hartford. jean: thanks. one town has a new strategy to stop bullies. josh: what could happen to their parents if they mistreat other kids. tom: coming up we're in merrimack where a crane smash through this house, we'll hear from the homeowners who were inside at the time. and the father of a teen-age girl killed by a drug overdose was in court today as her mother appears on charges related to their daughter's death. the new information about how
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
jean: a wisconsin town is trying bullies. trouble. josh: accused bully's parents could be hit with a $124 fine if police find that the bully is a repeat offender, the idea came from the police chief who says responsible for teaching their children the difference between right and wrong. jean: next year juniors in new hampshire will not have to pay for s.a.t. tests, the smarter balance state tests that they take now will be replaced by the college boards s.a.t. next spring.
5:51 pm
that usually costs more than $50, but the education officials say granite state students won't josh: that's cool. and harley davidson apparently will offer free motorcycle next year. the company says it's a way they can say thank to you the people who risk their own lives to save day. so starting in january, e.m.t.s, firefighters, police officers, military members as well as veterans can all sign up for the free motorcycle classes. you still have to buy the motorcycle, though. jean: nice gesture, though.
5:52 pm
people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place bernie's campaign is funded by people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: now at 6:00 a crane crashes through the roof of a merrimack home. tonight hear from the homeowner who was inside at the time. jennifer: a day in court for the mother of a 17-year-old
5:54 pm
rochester girl who died from a fentanyl overdose, the disturbing details she told detectives about her daughter's drug use. tom: plus a health alert issued in rochester, the action first responders are now taking because of all the needles being found in the city. mike: a few light showers scattered about new hampshire today, but heavier rain will take over for many tonight. when it arrives plus how much we could see. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right off the top tonight, a big scare for some merrimack homeowners after a crane comes crashing through the roof. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. a crew was cutting trees in this merrimack neighborhood. they were taking down the very last one when the crane toppled. stephanie woods is live in merrimack with our top story. reporter: both of the homeowners were inside the house on turkey hill road when the crane came crashing down.
5:55 pm
thankfully it missed both of
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