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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, protesters taking to the streets after video is released showing a teenager shot by a police officer. the officer charged with murder victim. terror threats. the road for the holiday as new details about the paris attackers and what else they had planned. winds setting the stage for a americans. we're tracking it all. and caught on camera, during a demolition, a smokestack
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equipment with a worker inside. good wednesday morning, everyone. breaking overnight, the growing outrage in chicago, of course, sparked by another racially charged police shooting. >> angry protesters spilled into the streets of chicago last night blocking traffic, clashing with police over the death of a black teenager at the hands of a white officer. >> take a look. this is the dramatic dash cam video that was released hours after that officer was charged with first degree murder. you can see 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away as the officer opens fire. mcdonald was shot 16 times, all of that in a matter of seconds. we get ramos. >> reporter: the windy city on edge as hundreds of protesters walk the streets overnight. protests after the city released this dash cam video which laquan mcdonald walking away
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dyke. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. >> reporter: the video tearing at the hearts of chicagoans after a year-long investigation, but now that van dyke is charged with first degree murder, documented details are unfolding. on october 20th, 2014, 9:47 p.m., police receive a call about a suspect armed with a knife breaking into cars. within ten minutes officers find mcdonald walking down the street. the video shows mcdonald was moving away from the officers. the prosecutor says within six seconds, van dyke opened fire shooting all 16 rounds from his 9 millimeter gun within 15 seconds. mcdonald falls to the ground almost instantly and died soon after. the prosecutor says officer van dyke kept firing his gun even after the teen collapsed.
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attorney had only this to say. >> this is not a murder case despite what you heard in the courtroom. >> reporter: but what is seen in the video has city officials and mcdonald's family urging calm in the community. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. the morning's other big story, we're learning more about a terror plot that could have >> the ringleader of the first set of attacks was planning to target the city's financial district a few days later but abdelhamid abaaoud and an accomplice were killed in a raid before they could carry out the second plot as police try to track down the eighth attacker and another man, they say a sleeper cell of about ten is still on the loose. as that search goes on in europe, french president francois hollande was here in the u.s. during an international effort against isis. he met with president obama at the white house before the two leaders addressed the issue with reporters. >> make no mistake, we will win and groups like isil will lose and standing with allies like
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france, we will continue to show leadership. >> hollande meets today with german chancellor angela merkel and tomorrow with russian president vladimir putin and president obama says turkey has the right to defend itself after it shot down a russian jet. the turks say they warned the russians ten times in five minutes that their plane had strayed into turkish airspace. this morning, russia's ambassador to france says one of the pilots shot down is now in the hands of the syrian army. the other was killed. in the meantime, tensions are being dialed up here at home. fears of a paris-style copycat attack has officials at amtrak and the tsa ramping up security on this getaway day with the largest number of people flying since the great recession. the tsa says it's stepping up passenger screening as well as deploying more than 900 canine teams nationwide. and despite the state department urging americans to avoid large crowds, here in new york that will be all but impossible tomorrow with temperatures nearing the 60s,
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crowds for the 89th macy's thanksgiving day parade amid unprecedented security including bomb-sniffing dogs and radiation detectors. in addition to the increased security, severe weather will have an impact on travelers today as the winter storm that has plagued the northwest moves east. take a look at the radar. clouds are gathering on the west coast after the system dumped as much as a foot of snow in the mountains. let's get the complete forecast right now from accuweather's justin povick. justin, good morning. >> reena and kendis, thanks and the northwest is going to be on the chilly side the next couple of days but not quite as stormy but where it's going to be turning stormier, at least the central plains, that's the case here on this wednesday, lots of gulf moisture streaming off to the north. at the same time, a front is sliding its way south and east so showers will arrive heading in towards thursday. look at the huge change in temperature from northwest to southeast. reena and kendis, let's toss it back over to you. >> thank you, justin. and breaking through the
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presidential campaign, a new bright spot, his wife. melania trump stumped with him for the first time in myrtle beach, south carolina, yesterday telling supporters he would be, quote, the best president ever. trump again called out hillary clinton as lacking the strength or the stamina to lead the country. hillary clinton, meantime, is appeasing immigration activists by take a new direction with her language. during a facebook chat with telemundo yesterday, clinton said her use of the term illegal immigrants earlier this month was a poor choice of words in describing immigrants who are breaking the law by entering the u.s. she later went on describe them as undocumented immigrants. pope francis begins his first trip to africa today and lands in kenya later this morning. that's the first leg of a five-day visit. the pontiff will also make stops in uganda and the central african republic.
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population of catholics anywhere. politicians, educators and of course, end tainters among this year's 17 medal of freedom nominees, willie mays and the late yogi berra. its shack perlman. barbara strayser including gloria and emilio estefan and filmmaker steven spielberg. >> a good group of people. well deserved. a new champion was crowned on abc's "dancing with the stars." >> 17-year-old bindi irwin got a perfect score, but so did nick carter and earned perfect scores from the judges monday night but the fan votes put the mirrorball trophy in bindi's hands. the teen has been a crowd favorite from really the start. she, nick and alek skarlatos will be live in times square later on "gma." >> i wonder what she's going to do next. where does she go from here? >> i don't know, i mean, she's so young. has such a bright future.
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>> 17. >> she should do dancing. still ahead a consumer alert. e. coli infections linked to a popular pod at costco. >> plus, break overnight an nfl player shot while sitting in a car. the details just coming in. and caught on camera, a dramatic moment during demolition. a smokestack collapsing on an
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a wild car chase and shoot-out in the middle of philadelphia. a state trooper chasing a teenage suspect when the suspect's karamed the rear end of a school bus. both vehicles burst into flames. there were no students on board. then police say the teen jumped from the car, firing at the trooper who was shot in the shoulder.
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he'll be okay. the teenage is in custody. hundreds have marched in the streets after the shooting of jamar clark by police. clark's funeral is later today. three people are in custody for shooting into a crowd of black lives matters demonstrators monday night. prosecutors are considering whether they will be charged with a hate crime. the cdc says an e. coli outbreak which made at least 19 sick is linked to chicken salad sold at costco. all of it has been pulled from shelves and consumers being warned to thrown away any of the salad they bought on or before last friday. details on pay close attention. between now and black friday is when experts say you'll find the deepest discounts on tvs. where can you find that bargain flat screen? this 49-inch toshiba is $280
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this one is $350 off, $249 at target. the lowest price of all this 32-inch roku tv, $125 at walmart. >> what about ipads? miracle baby, a newborn abandoned in a church's nativity scene. shark survivor. a swimmer with severe injuries talking about his near-death encounter and reunion with the medics who saved him. (helicopter engine roars) pc does whaaat?! (music begins. the song, danger zone by kenny loggins plays from the pc) pc does what?! hey, guy! pc does what?! shhhh pc does what no pc
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more than a foot of snow on the ground in bend, oregon. the city on the eastern edge of the cascades got 4 inches in just three hours last evening. accidents stopped or slowed traffic on area roads. and with temperatures in the teens overnight, the roads are now icy. well, those snow, slippery road conditions cover all of the cascades and the northern rockies this morning. roads will also be wet in southern california and from texas northeast to the great lakes. if you're flying weather-related delays likeliest in san francisco, los angeles and salt lake city. well, chicago remains on edge this morning as the world gets a first look at the fatal police shooting of a black teenager. >> the dash cam video shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald gunned down in the street by officer jason van dyke shot 16 times in 15 seconds.
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the streets, blocked traffic and clashed with police. mcdonald was suspected of breaking into cars when he was shot last year. none of the other officers opened fire. officer van dyke seen in the center here charged with first degree murder and being held without bail. another story developing overnight, suspended st. louis rams receiver bailey is in a florida hospital after being shot listed in critical but stable condition. he was wounded twice in the head and is expected to undergo surgery today. bailey was in a car with others when he was wounded. he is serving a four-game suspension for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. a startling discovery at a nativity keen in new york. an hour's old infant healthy and full term baby was found by the church custodian after he heard cries. the parish priest said he could think of no better place to leave a child, a place the mother obviously felt was safe. now, police say there's video of the mother leaving the child
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they'd like to seek with her. david canary known for playing adam and stewart chandler for 30 years. he was nominated 16 years for daytime emmy awards. he won five types. canary retired from his role five years ago. david canary died last week of natural causes. he was 77 years old. a happy reunion in hawaii for a man who survived a brutal shark attack a month after losing a leg in the attack tony lee got a visit from the two paramedics who helped save his life treating him on the beach and rushing him to the hospital. lee still has a long road to recovery but he has a great attitude saying he remains positive and hopeful. >> i can still get to work and do everything else but this is the new normal and i can't spend the rest of my life, you know, mourning for the fact that i have only one leg. >> and lee didn't plan to be in
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already talking about learning to walk again. well, there is new proof that operating heavy equipment can be dangerous as a backhoe was demolishing the smokestack at an old mill in pell city, alabama, the structure collapsed on to it but the cab is built to actually take it and the operator is fine. the 1890s smokestack resisted two attempts to demolish it with explosives. this worked a little too well. >> a pretty good commercial for the backhoe company. nice. well, some sports now and we did mention there would be changes in the new college football playoff rankings and there were. >> yeah, the new top four, clemson, alabama, oklahoma and iowa. as for last night's hoops highlights from espn. >> hey there they're keeping us here against our will and compelling us to give you a sports report. kenny, jay, big doings in the nba. >> 16-0 to start the season, the warriors led by that man, steph
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lakers. curry lobbed to andrew bogut, warriors up 20. here it is again. later, curry driving baseline. leave him alone. they turn away easy fadeaway and warriors up 60-44. curry coming around to pick, nails a three. he had 24 points, 9 assists, warriors win, 111-77 making history with a 16-0 start. >> 16 wins in a row happens all the time probably. this has never happened. pacers/wizards. pacers, 73% three-point shooter. best three-point mark percentage by any team taking 25 or more shots and big reason why was paul george doing it once, twice, how about some more, otto porter jr. ain't going to stop him, huh-uh. might have traveled first but it doesn't matter. it doesn't, 40 points, eight
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rebounds, four assists. paul george is our overnight news, player of the game. >> steph curry might have been in contention with that. >> probably if he'd have played the fourth quarter but he didn't. happy thanksgiving. around against your will. up next in "the pulse" breaking the internet overnight, the new "captain america" trailer released. going viral, the man being
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time now for "the pulse" starting with sweet satisfaction for the man known than the pie guy. >> james' video showed his transformation into patti labelle just over a few bites of patti's pie. patti when you've been blessed feels like heaven >> guess what, patti herself has confirmed she's not invited him for thanksgiving dinner she's even going to cook for him. >> he's going to lose his mind. patti says he gives love to people and now her love will include personally introducing him around the music industry. >> get a contract. >> he could. >> i would be happy to just have dinner with patti. she doesn't even have to cook.
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>> next up, big news for marvel fans. >> well, thanks to chris evans and robert downey jr. you now have a first look at "captain america: civil war." they brought the first trailer to jimmy kimmel last night and one scene in particular, oh, so heartbreaking to see, captain america and ironman going at it. >> here it is. >> pretty good. >> we should mention that marvel by the way is a division of disney, abc's parent company and you won't be able to see the movie until may, but, objection, the anticipation is already building for it. >> sure is. and now we take you to india. >> oh, we do. >> this is our nomination for the best husband ever. it's from khedni. >> no way. >> the town has been overwhelmed with lots of flooding. >> he's making us all look bad but he finds a way to make sure his wife stays dry by using two chairs to keep her feet out of the water every time she takes a step he puts a chair if front of her.
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checking our top stories, outrage over yet another police shooting. protesters hit the streets of chicago last night clashing with police officers after dash cam video showed a white officer unloading his gun on a black teen. police say the ringleader in the paris attacks abdelhamid abaaoud was planning to target the city's financial district days later as they hunt for the eighth attacker and another man they say a sleeper cell still on the loose. strong winds in seattle brought high waves crashing on to the shore. gusts knocked trees and power lines cutting electricity to thousands overnight. more weather now, mild weather in the east for our getaway day. rain moving into the midwest but warmer than usual. snow in the higher elevations of the west. well, finally from us we get
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a backstage look at the final night in the ballroom. >> abc's brandi hitt is in los angeles with every detail and how 17-year-old bindi irwin earned that mirrorball trophy. >> reporter: good morning, reba mcentire and kendis. celebrating continues on the floor. victor espinoza to my right but the big story, of course, is bindi irwin. she was a fan favorite from the beginning and right now she is a dancing with the stars champion. >> who, who, who. and welcome to the season finale. >> reporter: a star-studded holiday themed finale for season 21's "dancing with the stars." enough for two stages with 12 celebrities back out on the dance floor. there will be music everywhere >> and several live performances including this one by chaka khan. i'm every woman >> reporter: but it all came down to the three finalists and
4:59 am
first up, backstreet boy nick carter with just 24 hours to rehearse. >> 10. >> reporter: then it was alek skarlatos' turn, the american hero kicking up his heels one final time for the judges. >> 27 out of 30. >> reporter: finally team wildlife conservational bindi irwin, a crowd favorite since the beginning. >> season 21 has been my favorite by the far. it's because of you, bindi irwin. >> reporter: the host first revealed the third place celebrity. >> alek and lindsay. >> i've had so much fun. >> reporter: the big moment, "dancing with the stars" champion. >> bindi and derek. [ cheers and applause ] >> bindi irwin deserve i had. bindi deserved. >> thank you so much for everything. i can't believe i'm here. thanks for changing my life art she and the rest of the finalists are now on a flight heading your way to new york city so they can appear on "good morning america" this morning. reena and kendis.
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>> i want to know what she does next.


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