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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 25, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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erin: now on daybreak, charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple accused of helping to get rid of the body of a murdered woman. police are still looking for the alleged killer. sean: protests broke out in chicago after police released a video of an officer shooting a black teenager more than a dozen times last year. that officer has been charged. kevin: nothing but sunshine for your travel. we will talk about the changes for your holiday weekend ahead. erin: police say this man stole thousands of dollars worth of baby formula over the span of two days. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanksgiving is tomorrow. potatoes. sean: i' i' ve not a -- i might actually venture into a grocery store today. a helmet on, football pads. kevin: i have about 10-12 cans of cranberry sauce ready to go. [laughter] kevin: that is just for today. we start off with a fairly light wind, allowing temperatures to drop back into the teens and 20' s. it will be nothing but sunshine into the afternoon. 37-45 from north to south. warmer temperatures for your thanksgiving and friday. we will have more details in a bit. let'
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wednesday morning ride. we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin. if you are starting your travel, all major roads in new hampshire are moving well and up to speed. everything is nice and quiet and incident-free. the bedford tolls look good on the everett turnpike. the hampton tolls are incident-free. if you are heading south of the border, everything looks great in massachusetts. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, nissan, and kia of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. our top story. charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple after a burned body was found along railroad tracks in massachusetts. sean: julian and shannon squires are charged with accessory after
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taking part in dumping the body. ray: police are searching for a longtime friend of julian squires, who they think is the killer. the body of 29-year-old ashley bortner was found hogtied and wrapped in a blanket in a burning car. investigators believe 43-year-old fernando owens of dorchester kilter, believing she was in the shooting death of owens' sound the night before. police believe the squires helped get rid of the body. >> cell phone records indicate they were in the bridgewater area at the time the bridgewater police received the 911 call. ray: julian and shannon squires back to 1999. this morning, the focus on finding fernando owens, who police describe as potentially
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erin: tilton police are looking for a man they say stole $2500 worth of baby formula. you can see the man here. officers say the man stole more than 150 cans of formula from walmart during two trips over the weekend. the same man also try to steal products from stores in concord and franklin. a frightening confrontation in laconia. two men pulled up to a boy walking home from school along autumn street not far from the high school. the men yelled at the boy and the driver pointed a gun at the boy before driving off. the driver was wearing a black hoodie, but had a pockmarked face. this car is described as red with black trim and it might have an emblem that looks like stars on the trunk. sean: hundreds of protesters filled the streets of chicago after the city released dash cam
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last year, killing him. the officer was charged with first-degree murder yesterday. will not show you the actual moment he was shot. stephanie: the windy city on edge as hundreds of protesters overnight. protests after the city released this dash cam video, which shows 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away from officers before being shot 16 times by police officer jason van dyke. >> it is graphic, violent, chilling. to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing. stephanie: the video tearing up the hearts of chicagoans. now that van dyke is charged,
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on october 20, 2014, police received a call about a suspect armed with a knife raking into cars. officers find mcdonald walking down the street holding that knife. officers. opened fire, shooting off 16 16 seconds. mcdonald fell to the ground and died soon after. officer van dyke kept firing even after laquan mcdonald collapsed. >> this is not a murder case. stephanie: calm is being urged in the community. officer van dyke is being held without bond. abc news, washington. erin: the man who pleaded guilty
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that killed his girlfriend now says that crash was caused by a defect in the car. robert pitts is serving 5-10 years behind bars after pleading negligent homicide. his family says the car was part of a recall due to problems with the ignition switch that could cause the engine to shut off. an expert testified about the problems that could create. >> you would lose your power steering. with the brakes, if you pumped them more than a few times, you would lose your vacuum booster and would not have the ability -- well, you would, but it would be much more difficult to apply your brakes. erin: the airbag would not deploy, but under cross examination said that this did not cause the car to go off the road. sean: a massive effort is underway to find the man accused
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amylou craig says she was walking a trail with her puppy when a jogger told her to shorten the leash. she says her dog was in her control the whole time and never got close enough to touch the man, but he kicked the dog, sending him flying four feet into the air. brewer was not heard, but the story has been shared thousands of times on social media and there is a reward for information leading to that jogger. cute little guy. erin: thousands of new hampshire children need your help. the toys for tots campaign is underway and there are some specific needs. >> we feed whoever wants to come in. sean: several local restaurants are ready to open their doors for thanksgiving, but there is no charge for these delicious feasts. erin: a victory for a woman trying to get permission to use medical marijuana while she
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kevin: starting off your wednesday morning with a beautiful sunrise across the area. we are starting off chilly, in the teens and 20' s. we get back in the upper 30' s to mid 40' s this afternoon. we are only headed upward for the first part of the holiday weekend. details coming up. sean: what a beautiful view. the annual toys for tots program is officially underway and the toys are already starting to pile up. erin: the campaign kicked off yesterday in the mall of new hampshire. they typically provide 60,000-80,000 toys each
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old. there are a locations all around the state. >> please donate. there are children out here that need help and there are families that need help. and it makes you feel good. it makes you feel good to help people. erin: it certainly does. the greatest need is typically toys for children 13 years old or older. we have a list of drop-off locations on sean: thanksgiving is tomorrow, as you know. several local restaurants are preparing delicious holiday feasts that they will serve for free. penuche' s grill has 26 turkeys, along with all the fixings, when they opened their doors from 9:00 until noon tomorrow. restaurants in somersworth and newmarket are offering meals, as well. the windmill family restaurant has been offering a free feast in concord since 1990.
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>> they gave me a job working here. i' ve moved on since, but they gave me a new beginning in life. sean: john will return to the windmill tomorrow, but he will join the growing group of volunteers to serve other guests. usually, there is no shortage of volunteers to help out. erin: i love how he is paying it forward. coming up, this may look like abstract art, but it is actually part of a science experiment conducted by local highschooler' s at the edge of space. sean: plus, demolition gone
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sean: and excavator operator in alabama escaped unharmed when a giant smokestack established -- collapsed on his machine. tim phifer went to knock it down when the giant brick tower tumbled down. incredible. it landed right on top of him. fortunately, he was protected by the reinforced cab. he had no idea which direction this thing would go. but he walked away ok. a potentially deadly insect is making a comeback down south. but the dangers posed by "kissing bugs" are overblown, scientists say. they look something like a cockroach and they like to bite around the lips and faces of sleeping people. creepy. scientists say it is rare to get the dangerous infections the bugs are known for. that said, the symptoms can lie dormant for decades. erin: oh my goodness.
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sean: down south. [laughter] erin: the army national guard is keeping one of its airplanes and crew. the military has reversed a decision to take away the c-12 and the eight people who work on it. they recently returned from nine months in kuwait. 19 people in 17 states -- seven states have gotten sick with e. coli from rotisserie chicken salad at any -- at costco stores. anyone who bought one on or before last friday, should throw it away. sean: the menu at the aquarium like sleep -- likely looks a little different. myrtle, the green sea turtle, got her dinner yesterday. brussels sprouts and squid, of course. she happily munched away. great combination. high school students from the project smart program are learning about the environment in a really cool way.
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balloon that took two hours to reach the edge of space and then the balloon burst a short time later and the payload was recovered in maine. the experiment was to conduct atmospheric radiation. kevin: what did they learn? sean: a whole litany of things. i wrote them down in a spreadsheet. there was also a geiger counter involved. i' m not going to get into it. [laughter] erin: we need our weather. sean: i got a whole powerpoint display. erin: i' m going to save him this time. he needs it. kevin: yes, he does. we start off with clear skies, light winds. temperatures running about 3-4 degrees warmer later on this afternoon, which means low and mid 40' s later on in the day,
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sunshine across the area and really no approaching weather systems until sometime later on friday. when we get to that point, there will be a front located in the northern rock is. -- rockies. right in the middle of the holiday weekend and the cooler air will start to drain in for the weekend itself. teens to lower and mid 20' s from manchester to the shoreline. you will notice a warming trend to this man tro -- to the central part of the country. we start to get it on some of the warmth for a day or two. if you are going to be traveling later this afternoon, you have a light wind to go along with the sunshine. lower half of the 40'
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reasonable expectation from the white mountains southward to the seacoast. tonight, it will not fall quite as fall temperature-wise. overnight. i think we blend sunshine tomorrow morning with building clouds during the afternoon. s to lower ranges of the 50' s. then it looks like 50' s out ahead of that front. the front will be approaching late in the day and moves into afternoon. a passing shower eventually giving way to the cooler air, which we will have around for the weekend. high temperatures today, lower and mid 40' s. not quite as chilly, as we will drop back into the 20' s to mid-30' s for overnight lows. a warming trend all the way through friday.
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s. head of the next system -- ahead of the next system. where is your spreadsheet? sean: i thought you did not want to do it. i have a huge display over there. erin: we need to go talk to the high school students. [laughter] sean: perhaps they would be better at that than i would. let' s check on our top stories. ray: charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple after a body was found along the massachusetts. julian and shannon squires charged with accessory after the fact of murder. they are accused of taking part in dumping the body. sean: tilton police are looking for this man. they say he stole more than 150 bottles of baby formula worth nearly $2500. the man who pleaded guilty to
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killed his girlfriend in 2013 says that crash was caused by a defect in the car. robert pitts is serving 500 -- 5-10 years behind bars.
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kevin: starting off your wednesday morning with a beautiful sunrise across the area. it is a chilly start yet again this morning. we get into the low-end mid-forties this afternoon. i will have the details coming up. erin: people in meredith, grab your cameras, head there and take your pictures. a cat in oregon is making his way into the guinness book of world records as the oldest living cat.
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he is still going strong. he will soon be featured in "national geographic" and "capster magazine -- "catster magazine." a great read. [laughter] sean: corduroy has never snuck up on anybody. [laughter] sean: he is living the life. erin: certainly. four luxury apartments, a movie theater, and a full kitchen. there is something unique about this compound for sale. sean: it is about 50 feet underground. it was built by the army corps of engineers in the 19th xts as a communications center -- in the 1960' s was a communications center. it is almost indestructible. the asking price is $17.5 million.
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t off i could live anywhere they did not have any windows. sean: no windows. it is quiet. you can relax. very safe. erin: coming up, the winter weather will arrive before you know it.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this wednesday. we are seeing some pretty color in the skies over new hampshire. 26 degrees in portsmouth right now. we are expecting some pretty decent weather for the travel day, unlike last year. sean: didn' t snow this time last year? let'
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charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple accused of being involved in the disposal of a murder victim, whose body was found in massachusetts. candlelight vigils were held last night to hold her -- support the resettlement of syrian refugees. a judge has decided that a woman suffering from cancer can get her medical marijuana id card. erin: last year, there were people in new hampshire that could not cook the turkey because they did not have any power for thanksgiving. kevin: we have a warming trend and are expecting fair skies. just one weak front coming through early saturday. -- early friday. we are looking at temperatures which worked their way up through the day all the way up s by later on this afternoon. a few spots may be as high as with a light breeze out of the
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erin: it is going to be a great day to have everyone over. we want to check the roads for you. they are going to be very busy all day today. just starting to pick up. this is a live look at 93 in windham. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin and erin. all major roads in new hampshire are beginning to see some volume, but it is a quiet ride and incident-free. if you are commuting in massachusetts, it is a perfect time to start your holiday travel. it is unusually quiet out there. everyone, have a great thanksgiving. this report is being brought to you by peters honda, kia, and nissan of nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple
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sean: that' s right. julian and shannon squires are now charged with accessory after the fact of murder. the charges, after a body was found along railroad tracks in massachusetts. they are accused of being body. ray: not only were the charges against julian and shannon squires upgraded, but investigators believe the couple death. police also issued an arrest warrant for a longtime friend of julian squires, who they believe is the killer. >> state police investigators followed the evidence that led them from bridgewater, where the body was found, to dorchester and on to new hampshire. ray: the body of 29-year-old ashley bortner was found three weeks ago long railroad tracks in a burning car, wrapped in a blanket and hog-tied.
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fernando owens of dorchester killed her, believing she was involved in the shooting death of his son the night before. police say julian and shannon squires are longtime friends. -- owens and julian squires are longtime friends. >> they told police they were never in bridgewater that night. ray: on tuesday, the charges were upgraded to accessory after the fact of murder for the role the prosecutors say they had in the death. involved in the disposal of the cell phone records indicate they were in the bridgewater area at 911 call. ray: this morning, police are down fernando owens. he is wanted for the murder and maybe armed and dangerous.
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candlelight officials were held in the granite state last night in hopes of urging lawmakers to support the resettlement of syrian refugees in new hampshire. >> we are all in this together, we shall not be moved. erin: lawmakers were concerned that terrorists could sneak in two countries by pretending to be refugees after the paris terrorist attacks. last night' s vigils were held in representatives bill that was passed. the american way. >> we must not compromise our values and our morality for fear. the terrorists are winning if we decide to change who we are. erin: the u.s. is expected to vote on a similar measure on the syrian refugees during the first week of december. sean: a judge has decided that a terminally ill woman is allowed
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new hampshire. she is suffering from --linda horan is suffering from stage four cancer. dhhs said it would not issue cards until new hampshire does in threes were opened -- dispensaries were opened, but the judge said that id cards should be issued once the dispensaries are designated. erin: a tilted man is facing charges after he was clocked driving 109 miles per hour on 93. 22-year-old joshua lessard is charged with reckless driving. three men convicted in the biggest synthetic marijuana bust in new england. authorities say robert costello to manufacture and distribute spice bearing the names scooby
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they were arrested after delivering a local shipment to officers. a third man was also sentenced for helping to distribute the products. sean: we are learning new details about a multi car crash in manchester. two people were injured when for evening' s commute. one of the victims is in fair condition, the other in serious condition. no word on what caused the crash. two women are recovering after serious injuries in a different car crash. a van crossed the centerline and slammed head-on into a car. rescuers had to use the jaws of life to free the drivers from the wreckage. the woman in the car suffered serious injuries to her lower body and was flown to a boston hospital.
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law commission has rejected several challenges. against bernie sanders. republican andy martin said that sanders claims to be a democrat, not be allowed to run as a democrat. settle the paperwork was in order when sanders filed. those representing sanders says candidate. the petition upheld sanders' candidacy. >> i believe that secretary of state' s decision to accept senator sanders' filing was right and the fact that the ballot law commission made a unanimous vote to uphold that was correct, as well. erin: challenges to marco rubio, ted cruz, and donald trump were also rejected. wmur and abc news have announced the dates of two presidential debates that will be held in new
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the democratic debate will be on december 19. the republican debate will be on february 6. wmur' s josh mcelveen will be joining abc' s david muir and martha raddatz as moderators. saint anselm college is a partner. if you elect to submit a question for either debate, you can go to sean: the website has come up with a list of the most dangerous places in new hampshire based on fbi data summarizing the number of property crimes and violent crimes in each community per year. laconia topped the list. followed by somersworth, conway, manchester, and rochester, rounding out the top five. erin: coming up, a shocking discovery at a church in new york city. the priest says he found a real baby inside a nativity scene. sean: in today' s "what the winter weather," storm watches
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kevin: warmer temperatures on the way before a front back out to the midwest arrives,
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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kevin: beautiful sunrise out there and a chilly start. it will be a light wind and a good deal of sunshine for your busy travel wednesday. we are looking at warmer temperatures. we continue to warm up. we will have the details in just a few minutes. sean: police in maine are asking for the public' s help in locating to people they want to question in connection with a murder. erin: authorities say zina fritze and sean mcquade live in an apartment where a man was found dead. another man, 25-year-old damik davis of new york, has been charged with the murder. the victim' s name is not being released. police were called to the apartment on monday night for the report of a disturbance. they want to question zina fritze and sean mcquade about the crime and want to check on their well-being. >> whether they know the victim,
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is under arrest, and, first and foremost, their own well-being. they are unaccounted for and we are looking for them to make sure that they are ok. erin: an autopsy was performed yesterday on the victim, but officials are not saying how he died. sean: now to a shocking discovery at a church in new york. a real baby was found in a nativity scene. the priest at holy child jesus church heard crying and follow the noises to the nativity senior the altar. when he looked inside, he saw the baby boy with his umbilical cord still attached. he was taken to the hospital and is doing well. authorities are concerned about the welfare of the baby' s mother. >> i feel for the mother, for her sorrow, for her feelings that she must be going through. sean: several church mothers -- several church families have
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erin: a popular toy is raising concerns among parents. bunchems are velcro-like balls, but parents have been complaining that the toy is getting stuck in their child' s hair. the company actually made a video showing parents how to get the bunchems out. >> we took gobs and gobs of conditioner and it did not come out as easy as the video suggested, but it did work, it just took a long time. [laughter] erin: other parents have decided to cut them right out of their child' s hair. the company says there is a clear warning on the toy box telling people to keep them away from hair. but tell that to a young child. i have a daughter with long hair. just brushing her --it is a drama, let' s just say.
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erin: the christmas pictures would not look very nice if you had to cut the hair out. i think your wife would have a problem. the boston celtics played on the road last night against the atlanta hawks. sean: atlanta has been struggling lately and the celtics wanted to keep it that way. avery bradley hit a three-pointer to close in on the lead. but the hawks kept the momentum going and went on to win. umaine at football coach jack cosgrove is resigning and will transition into senior associate director of athletics. he is the all-time winningest coach at umaine. erin: before you know it, winter is going to be rolling into new hampshire. meteorologist hayley lapoint explains the differences between the storm watches and the storm warnings. g hayley: you will often hear about winter weather advisory'
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these products are put out by the national weather service to get us already and prepared for what may lie ahead. while these are meant to help us , they can sometimes be really confusing. what is a watch anyways? is that any worse than a warning? these are the questions we get every year from many of you, so i am here to set the record straight. winter storm watches are a heads up 24-48 hours before a winter storm would begin. this could include sleet, snow, ice, six inches of snow or more. a watch is intended to provide leadtime for a storm. winter storm warnings are put out when a winter storm is capable of producing six-plus inches of snow and when it could be occurring or imminent or has a high probability of happening. a warning is issued for conditions posing a threat to life and property. an advisory is issued when there
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could be travel dangerous and are imminent or occurring. can facebook us. i' m hayley lapoint. sean: that was all good information. m still [laughter] sean: i' m giving you fair warning. kevin: when you have four distinct seasons and all of these different things -- i mean i have trouble remembering what i had for breakfast. the advisory means it is probably going to be lesser than a major storm, but still something to keep an eye on. sean: i think we got it. erin: for now. sean: yeah. [laughter] kevin: we start off with chilly conditions across the area. a lot of folks from the midteens to lower 20' s. light wind and sunshine for us
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an excellent day for travel across the entire northeast, going all the way down through the mid-atlantic states. may be beside the northern plains, there really is not anywhere across the united states that has adverse weather today. tomorrow, we start to roll into friday and the southern plains are going to be the trouble spot with heavy rain and the possibility of some icing to go along with the heavy snow through the rockies. temperatures going to the lower 20' s this morning. mid-to-upper elevations, higher terrain going into the mid-and upper 20' s. down to 10 up in pittsburgh. not quite as cold as what we had yesterday. hardly a cloud in the sky for the afternoon. this evening, we will see the
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as far as your thanksgiving, we should be drive for travel. those may increase in number through the afternoon. partly sunny, initially on friday, but giving way to clouds as the next system approaches. this system looks like a quick moving shower later on friday evening, which could change over night, early saturday morning. this front will continue to die here. we are looking at a couple of hit or miss showers. the best chances of a lasting more than an hour or two are in the north country. behind that front will be cooler air coming out of canada that will drop highs back into the 30' s and 40' s by the weekend. a lot of sunshine around today. a light breeze into the travel across the region.
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the 50' s to near 60. a building breeze out of the move in. falling back into the 40' time for the weekend. a big hello and thank you to the middle school. we went over all the storms and all of the weather that they know and the weather patterns that affect our seasons and what the winter is looking like. amherst middle school. i had a great time yesterday. they had some really difficult questions. you can tell the difference when you talk to them at the beginning of a weather unit and the end of a weather unit. erin: also when you talk to them before a holiday. [laughter] sean: they are pretty excited. kevin: normally, we show the middle school visits earlier in the show because they are on the bus, but they are home. sean: i thought you were going to do a stage dive there.
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erin: researchers have developed at amite -- researchers at m.i.t. have developed a living shirt that morphs when you sweat. it uses bacteria harvested in a lab. the synthetic bio skin reacts to body skied, causing flaps to open up, enabling sweat to evaporate and cool down. m.i.t. is working with new balance to bring this technology to market. kevin: wow. erin: interesting. sean: a whole sweat map of my body. i don' t think i' m ready for this. this is the future. erin: whoever developed that, though. sean: you are just blowing my mind. still to come, a final check of
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upgraded charges dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of
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it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. erin: it is now 6:55. sean: charges have been upgraded against a manchester couple accused of playing a role in a recent murder. ray: julian and shannon squires
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after the fact of murder, accused of taking part in dumping the body. the burned body was found along the railroad tracks in massachusetts. police are searching for a longtime friend of julian squ ires, who they think is the killer. erin: a judge has decided that a terminally ill woman is allowed to keep a medical marijuana id card before dispensaries open in the state. linda horan sued the commissioner of health and human services to get that id card to legally obtain medical marijuana in the state of maine. sean: a man who pleaded guilty to his role in a 2013 crash that killed his girlfriend now says the crash was caused by a defect in the car. robert pitts pleaded guilty to charges including negligent years. erin: tilton police are looking for the man they say stole more than 150 bottles and cans of baby formula from walmart worth nearly $2500.
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partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. yes. sean: what is that? kevin: what is that? sean: that looks like snow on the ground. kevin: you said that. not me. [laughter] sean: make a snowman. kevin: yes. a warming trend through friday, maybe a shower friday night, giving way to more sunshine saturday and sunday. erin: all right. coming up next, congratulations
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"dancing with the stars." sean: it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform
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covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the republicans rip up obamacare and throw it away.
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