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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. tonight new details about a father of a 21-month-old girl who has been accused of placing the child on top of a wall on the other side of a safety railing. this was near the merrimack river in manchester. josh: andy hershberger is live there tonight with our top story. reporter: police say the child was on top of this concrete wall on the wrong side of a safety railing, with the rushing waters of the merrimack to the child's back. police have charged the child's father, 32-year-old matthew jordan, with two counts of reckless conduct saying he swung the girl over the safety railing and let her stand there on her own. court documents say there were several 911 calls saying witnesses thought an adult was letting a child get too close to the river. court records say a police officer arrived on scene and saw jordan place the child on the
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cell phone. >> the officer was immediate and swift in his actions, he advised the man to grab the child and bring him back to the proper side of the fence to safety, and fortunately the baby was unharmed. reporter: in court jordan said he would never do anything to place his daughter in danger. the toddler was released into the kufdz her mother. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: a store clerk who says he was robbed at knife point is speaking to news 9 tonight. he ran from the cash register stab him. and now police hope the public can help identify that suspect. wmur's mike cronin is joining us arrive outside the shop express in franklin with these new developments. mike? reporter: right now it's business as usual inside the store here in franklin. but the clerk describes a different scene last night when a man allegedly threatened him with a knife. video surveillance shows a man robbed the store at knife point
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the suspect can be seen jumping over the counter, opening the cash drawer and quickly leaving. police say he stole about $600. he's described as a white man in his mid 20's to early 30's, about 6 feet tall wearing a hoodie. police say he ran away towards prospect street. the man behind the counter says when he was threatened he did not hesitate to get away. >> they said are you wanting paper money? i thought he was looking for some kind of of paper. he said no, i want your money, i'm going to stab you if you don't give me money. register. reporter: if you recognize the suspect you're asked to call police. we'll have more reaction from the store clerk and the owner coming up at 6:00. for now live in franklin, mike cronin, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016 coverage
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from the new hampshire primary and donald trump is still the strong front runner in the republican field. in the latest of our polls trump leads the pack. it's, ben carson has dropped to 5% in new hampshire. this survey was taken before trump sent shock waves through both fields by calling for a total shutdown on muslims entering the u.s. while trump is saying that the ban is only temporary to get a handle on things, he is not backing down from his point. isis. people are coming in that are not good people that want to do damage to our country. i have great respect for muslims, i have many, many muslim friends. they agree with me, by the way, they say there's a radicalized
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are. josh: we'll have a deeper look at 6:00. should trump win the nomination polls nationally indicate he would face off against hillary clinton in the general election. and in a wmur exclusive, the former secretary of state said today that trump's proposed dangerous. >> this plays right into their hands, and it's something that will give truly aid and comfort to isis and others who are looking to make this a so-called clash of civilizations. it isn't. it's a clash between civilization and bar barrity. josh: hillary clinton is not the only one criticizing trump's remarks. it's coming from across the political spectrum and from around the world. sally kidd is live with the latest in washington. reporter: josh and jean, donald trump made the rounds of the morning talk shows today and he is shrugging off criticism, even
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>> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. reporter: donald trump is not backing down. >> i'm talking about a temporary situation until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. reporter: throwing condemnation across party lines. from capitol hill. >> call donald trump to withdraw his candidacy. reporter: to the white house. >> disqualifies him from serving as president. >> tell donald trump to go to hell. reporter: and around the globe. british prime minister cameron slammed the proposal as divisive and wrong. even j.k. roll weighed in, tweeting he's worse than lord voldemort. >> there's a significant strain
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anti-immigrant feeling that remain quite powerful, if sub terrainian. subterranean. reporter: some saying trump's proposal is unconstitutional and would be impossible to carry out. in washington, sally kidd, wmur wmur news 9. josh: tonight trump announced details of his next trip to new hampshire, on thursday night he'll meet with members of the new england police benevolent association and then will make some remarks. jean: right now jeb bush is campaigning in the granite state, talking about his plan to wipe out isis. also he's blasting donald trump for his controversial comments. heather hamel is live now with how bush is saying trump's idea isn't serious and he didn't
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reporter: bush says that we are living in dangerous time and says all trump is doing is dividing the country. >> this is what he does, he's an expert at this, he's phenomenal at garnering attention. this campaign should be about the big ideas that we need to implement to fix the things that are broken in our country, and in the world. reporter: at two events tuesday, jeb bush tried to show how he would do that, first talking about social security reform and an aarp conference. >> it starts with recognizing that we need to raise the retirement age, and my plan start to raise the retirement age a month for every year starting in 2022. reporter: then at a candidate forum bush laid out his machine to industry isis. >> our strongest allies in iraq need to have direct support. it requires, i think,le bedding our military inside the iraqi forces to help them, to train them. reporter: bush was also asked about violence in the united states, like the recent mass shooting in san bernardino, california. he says when it comes to home
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that we intervene as quickly as possible, and without naming names criticized trump's idea to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. >> you got to find the proper balance of believing in american values and being serious and real about keeping us safe. it's not about the blow-hards out there just saying stuff, that's not a program, that's not a plan. reporter: he asked new hampshire citizens who currently favor trump to consider him instead. >> we need to now have someone who is capable of being president of the united states that tries to lift people's spirits and tries to win the election that doesn't divide every time he speaks. reporter: when asked if he would support trump if he were the nominee, bush simple my said trump will not be the nominee and a lot will change in the coming months. jean: turning to the weather, our mild weather took a brief break today.
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above average again this month. josh judge joins us live to take a look at where we stand so far this doition. >> thank you. certainly has been above average november as well. let's take a look at where we topped off today. much closer than where we were between yesterday and today. we have the cloud from that nearby ocean storm as well. highs in concord topped off at 40 degrees, that's the unofficial high, and the average year is 39. so right about at average. notice the record, yesterday's record was 73. today only 58 degrees, from 1951. but we were nowhere close. so the question is, december, how are we doing so far. most of the days except for one we have been above average, and the last three days prior to today certainly contributed to that. in fact when you average it all out, the average december temperature is 36.8. that is 5.6 degrees above normal for december.
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in the direction it's headed right now, there's more warmth building. mike haddad will have more on when it returns, in a few minutes. jean: thanks, josh. the city of portsmouth is investigating an increase in car break-ins. a majority of the vehicles were levment unlocked and someone went through them during the overnight hours. officials want to remind residents, always lock the car doors and bring anything of value inside. if you do see anything suspicious, please call police. let's turn to the traffic watch right now and see how things are looking outside. we'll start with live pictures in manchester. this is the view of traffic on 293, really slow, especially southbound 293 near exit 5, the granite street bridge. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. >> hi josh, jean. we have a report of a fire at west 73 chestnut street in
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coming up from the border is heavy and slow from salem up through londonderry. then you have a little running room until you get to 293. especially southbound. beyond that up towards concord you're doing well through junction. we are bus any the city of concord, slowing between exits 12 and 13. 101 west is heavy and slow as you're making the left turn at 114 in bedford. the everett turnpike northbound has pockets of congestion through merrimack and bed information. 101 east is an easy ride out toward the seacoast. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: thanks. josh: up next, word of another deadly case out of chicago, the new video of a prisoner who died in custody of police after a stun gun was used on him inside
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jean: plus video that will make your heart stop, we'll tell you why a camera was rolling when a train struck a car on the tracks. josh: then, health officials pinpoint the cause of what's made dozens of customers sick after they ate at a boston chipotle. jean: ahead, new details about the death of a service dog, the new hampshire man is now charged
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for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging,
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and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i
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josh: tonight federal authorities tell abc news that they are pursuing leads that could result in charges in the san bernardino attack. jean: investigators are looking into possible accomplices of syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. a large deposit was reportedly made to farook's account two beaks before the shooting. and there may be surveillance video of the couple taking target practice. investigators have also questioned a long-time friend who bought the rifles used by the killers. josh: now to the latest in chicago where the release of another disturbing video has the city's police department once again under fire. jean: the new video shows police interacting with a suspect in a jail cell. that man later died. this case dates back three years. and the family today said they didn't know this video was going
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here's abc's elizabeth hur. reporter: chicago's police department facing more criticism and questions after the release of this new video showing officers using a taser on a man inside a cell, then dragging him down a hall. he later died. >> this is not a gang banger, he's not a drug dealer, he's not a thug, so you can't use the chicago police scenario for this. reporter: according to the autopsy, the man, 38-year-old philip coleman, seen here on facebook, died from an allergic drug reaction at the hospital. >> somebody in this city needs to be responsible for killing my son. reporter: this happened back in december of 2012, and investigators ruled the officers were justified. but chicago mayor emanuel now says the case is not closed, writing in a statement i do not see how the manner in which mr. coleman was physically treated could possibly be acceptable. this new video come on the heels of the release of two other dash
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involved shootings in chicago. no charges filed in one case, but murder charges filed in the other prompted the department of justice to announce that it will review chicago's policing policies. as for coleman's family, they are now suing, claiming they believe excessive force contributed to the death of coleman whom they say suffered from mental health issues. jean: oscar pistorius plans to appeal his murder conviction in south africa's highest court. he was originally convicted of manslaughter for kill his girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. but the country's supreme court of appeals overturned that decision and instead convicted him of murder. pistorius says he thought his girlfriend was an intruder, but under south african law anyone can be found guilty of murder if he or she was aware that their actions could be deadly.
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jean: the constitutional court will decide by april 18 if it will hear the appeal. pistorius is out on bail until then. josh: a frightening collision between a train and car in florida, was all caught on camera. the driver and passenger managed to get away with just seconds to spare after their car was stuck on the tracks. witnesses say the driver turned there, thinking it was a road, but instead turned onto the tracks itself, it's a scene the owner of a nearby warehouse has seen and heard many times before, and that's why his camera was ready to roll. >> i've been here 39 years, i've heard it eight or nine times. most of the other times we are able to call 911 soon enough so they can stop the train. jean: the train's operator told police he saw the car but didn't have enough time to stop the train. fortunately, no one was hurt. mike: nice and mild over the past few days, but as josh
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temperatures crashing right back to average for this time of year. newfound lake we're seeing the time lapse that did show the clouds and partial sunshine today, but clouds are quite thick to the south and east over the merrimack valley and towards the coast as the storm has scooted just off to the east. missing new hampshire. outside of a couple sprinkles it has been dry yet again today. you will notice the thick cloud cover beginning to pull away. as we advance through the night, cloud will partially clear out and it will be seasonably chilly through early tomorrow morning. another weak disturbance is back in the upper midwest northern plains, that will approach later tomorrow night into early thursday with the next chance of a couple of sprinkles of rain or even a little bit of a mix in the mountains to the north. right now temperatures are lining up in the 30's, to around 40 in parts of southern new hampshire. compared to this hour yesterday, similar temperatures back in the
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keene, but anywhere from concord points south and east was still in the upper 40's to around 50. 7 to 11 degrees cooler than it was at this hour last evening. overnight chilly as well, the cool air lingers at least through tomorrow and tomorrow night. but you'll notice not a whole lot of cold air back in the plains, the rockies and down into the southeast. all of these temperatures are lining up at or above the average, and after the cold air retreats to the north later tomorrow night we're right back into at or above normal temperatures for the rest of the week and on into the weekend. again dry weather nosing in for now, so it will be dry right through tomorrow evening, then this system does catch up to us early on thursday morning, predawn hours through the morning commute. could be a few sprinkles and with temperatures near freezing we could see a little wet snow in the mountains. maybe a coating there. anywhere south of that where temperatures are near freezing there could be a touch of freezing rain.
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issue. but nonetheless when ever you see a few sprinkles or light showers with those temperatures near 32, you do have to watch it, again that would be early on thursday morning. as for highs tomorrow, very close to where we were today, but with some developing partial sun a little more than today of course will be back about three or four degrees higher, so 40 up north, same story in the lakes region, upper valley about 42 or 43. same story in concord and a bit above that points south and southeast. once we get beyond then, temperatures will start climbing, we're back into the mid to upper 40's, possibly with enough partial sun near 50 by the end of the week and weekend. partial clearing tonight, chilly, teens and 20's, but seasonably so. for tomorrow, clouds and sun, lower 40's. then upper 40's for the end of this week. couple of spot showers we'll have to watch early thursday morning in case the temperatures are near freezing.
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the weekend gets here, sun, clouds, temperatures well above the average. that early november late october feel does continue. jean: thanks, mike. josh: a new study uncovers what could be a hidden danger in e cigarettes. jean: next, this one is linked to the flavoring added to nearly all of them. josh: ahead at 5:30, with online shopping soaring this holiday season, some brick and mortar stores take a new approach to
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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jean: welcome back. there's new evidence tonight about the dangers of e cigarettes. josh: a harvard study found a flavoring that's found in most e cigarettes has been linked to a debilitating respiratory disease known as popcorn lung which first appeared in workers who inhaled artificial butter popcorn. jean: u.s. adolescents are among the least physically active in the word, and one of the reasons is the lack of active opportunities at school. dr. tim johnson has more. reporter: classes, socializing, extra curriculars and keeping up with their media, our kids' lives are packed with things to do. but are they packed with activity. a study in the journal of
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than one in 12 adolescents in the u.s. meet current exercise guidelines and that makes american kids among the least active in the world. one of the main reasons is a lack of active opportunities at school, even though nearly half of the physical activity the researchers recorded occurred in school proportionately kids spent less of their time active in school than they did at other places throughout the day. more studies are finding that kid who start their lives more complicated health problems as adults, so it's a call for parents to work with their schools to put more exercise into their lives, in school and out. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. jean: plus it's fun. coming up in the next half-hour, congress takes its first major look at a proposed american they're would create the world's largest beer company. why one company executive says this deal makes sense. josh: t mobile under
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take issue with the company's new ad campaign that they claim
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josh: more trouble for chipotle and this time closer to home. a number of sick customers connected to a boston store released. jean: plus these new laser christmas lights are making decorating easier, but why are pilots. mike: quiet and cool as temperatures have fallen since yesterday, when it warms again. josh: a nativity controversy like none other, why an ohio man has been ordered to remove the one from his yard. josh: welcome back. this has been a tough year for chipotle and tonight things are only getting worse. jean: boston college now says 80 of its students became sick after eating at a restaurant near campus. this comes on the heels of an
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in the u.s. shelley walcott is live in the studio with what officials say is behind this issue. shelley: chipotle officials say it's not e-coli that made people sick at the restaurant mere the b.u. campus, and within the last hour boston's public health commission confirmed that norovirus was found at the chipotle on cleveland avenue. the illness reports started coming in monday. dozens of boston college students were sick with some sort of stomach disorder. all had eaten at this chipotle mexican grill in cleveland circle near the b.u. campus. this included at least eight members of the school's men's basketball team. the department of public health immediately became involved, enlisting the help of boston inspectional services. a check of the restaurant they say immediately raised concerns. >> upon entry to the establishment, the inspector did identify three violations that caused enough concern in her
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prudent to close the establishment. reporter: those three violations, cooked chicken and steak below the proper holding temperature of 140 degrees. and an employee working despite being sick. the store's license was temporarily suspended. >> it was a precautionary effort that if there was a question of illness we wanted to make sure that the establishment was set up properly and managed properly so that this would not be a -- reporter: they believe the illnesses are the result of norovirus and not linked to the e-coli outbreak linked to its west coast restaurants. and again the final result of testing just came back, confirming norovirus in that restaurant. 52 people in nine other states were sickened by e-coli become tier yeah after eating at chipotle restaurants in recent months. i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. josh: now both sides in the next trial of former patriots player
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the joint motion filed last week cites a pending appeal over evidence does request a specific new date. hernandez has pleaded not guilty and is already serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. jean: deliberations in the murder trial of a massachusetts teenager could begin this week. defense lawyers for philip chism rested this morning, he's accused of murder, his high school math teacher colleen ritzer when he was 14. his attorneys say chism was severely mentally ill at the time. the state argues chism faked psychotic symptoms. the now 16-year-old is being tried as an adult. right now we want to bring you live pictures of the traffic backup on i-293 southbound in manchester. this is around exit 4, 5, and stretching back to exit 6. as can you see the headlights going for quite a ways.
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small accident just down the road in bedford that's causing this delay. josh: a proposed american they're would create the world's largest beer company is under screw scrutiny from congress. anheuser-busch executive testified in front of a senate jury subcommittee today advocating for that merger. critics say the joining would curb competition and cripple smaller brewers if it's approved. jean: laser displays are the newest holiday lighting fad, they make decorating happen in a snap. but they are posing a damager to pilots, according to the f.a.a. reporter: red, green and blue lasers projected onto homes are a cheaper way to decorate this year. but they're also a problem for pilots of passing planes. that's according to the f.a.a.
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who buys one of these little devices is putting it up with even the first thought that it might have enough power to hit an aircraft in the sky. reporter: you can buy these laser lights at walgreens, target and other department stores, they'll cost about 40 bucks or so. american airlines pilot reported to the f.a.a. that he was flying into d.f.w. on thursday night and saw lights from these lasers, at 15,000 feet up. >> if the box is aimed a little high, some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house, for example, it will just keep going off into space. reporter: the f.a.a. says other pilots have reported them as well. that american jet was over garland at the time. it's a new fad, festive on the ground, but creating concern in the sky. jean: the f.a.a. has a plan it will most likely first ask the homes that are shooting lasers toward the sky to turn them off or redirect them. if that doesn't happen, that's
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to court or charges could be filed. josh: let's talk about the spirit of giving, because it does continue. wmur is giving you another chance to help those in need. our annual spirit of giving food drive kicks off this friday, december 11. so we'll be collecting nonperishable food donations at all hannaford, shaw's and wal-mart locations in new hampshire through the 13th. all of the food collected will go to the new hampshire food bank. jean: it's a nice and very easy way to give too. coming up next, stocks take a dive for two office supply stores. josh: with online sales soaring, the changes companies are making to try to draw you back into the stores. mike: quite a cooldown today, again soon. when that happens. the forecast ahead. jean: you could call this a
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josh: not another good day on wall street, second day in a row that stocks were down. dow jones losing 162 points, s&p 500 and nasdaq also in the red. how about gas prices nationally, 2.03 we're a bit heighter in new
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stocks took a nose dive for both office depot and staples, this after the federal trade commission filed a lawsuit seeking to block a merger. jean: the lawsuit by the f.t.c. alleged the transaction would mean higher prices and fewer options for companies that buy office supplies in bulk. both companies plan to contest the lawsuit and say it's based on flawed analysis. josh: t mobile is coming under fire for its popular ad campaign that promises to rip up service contracts and do way with hidden fees. the new york attorney general now investigating after complaints that the ads are misleading, especially since the vast majority of t mobile customers are locked into a two-year loan for new phones and other equipment, loans which must be paid off to exit, contradicting t mobile's flashy ads that promise they can switch carriers at any time. jean: the days of heading to the mall to cross people off your shopping list is a thing of the past for many. the online sales soaring this
5:36 pm
stores to rethink the shopping experience. rebecca jarvis shares this behind the scenes look. reporter: this is a retail revolution, with sales up 14% this holiday, retailers are reimagining the in store experience. target with an exclusive first look at their latest con set. is this the future? let's go shopping. target wonderland, a temporary popup shop in fork city opening tomorrow. instead of a shopping cart, customers walk around with these, rfid enabled keys, technology that lets you tap what you want to buy and automatically transmit it to a digital shopping cart. >> i hope when you walk into a target store in the future it's as inspiring to shop here and can be as easy to shop as scanning your token. reporter: the new interactive
5:37 pm
giant each a sketch, interactive video games and a visit with santa. >> we are testing different things all around the country. the more we can make them actual shopping teerns fun again, exciting again and easy, that's the magic. reporter: target isn't the one store reinventing the instore experience. >> that's cute. reporter: monitors inside megachains where you can get personalized skin care and fragrance recommendations at the touch of a button. >> target has to improve the instore experience because otherwise people would just shop online. target is trying to up the convenience factor. reporter: 80 policer of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout. shopping in stores means customers are much more likely
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>> our technology will definitely take off, retailers are going to use this to make the shopping experience more convenient for consumers. jean: it's like an amusement park for shoppers. heavy rains force evacuations in oregon. residents left their homes carrying what they could through floodwaters. see the get away by one family's pet. josh: in sports, the gatorade high school volleyball player of the year in new hampshire. jean: we're already seeing the
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we look into why it's so much people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i
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josh: rare video released by nasa of the most distant objects in our solar system. jean: the tiny moving white point you see in the middle of the screen is actually a small planet like body in the, in a belt more than 3 billion miles away from the sun. these are the closest ever images of the object taken by the new probe visiting pluto. nasa expects to see new images of another similar object in about three years. mike: a lot more fascinating than our weather recently. we've seen storm-free conditions, temperatures well above average, a pattern more typical of late october and early november.
5:41 pm
out at the coast today at market square, this is great weather for people out and about doing holiday shopping, planning holiday parties and doing all sorts of outdoor it's the. but for those die-hard skiers and riders, the snow guns have been blasting during the nighttime hours, so there are plenty of spots open, just call ahead for the latest conditions. in terms of natural snow, really don't see much of that over the next few days. the reason why the jet stream lifting well to our north allowing temperatures to be above average, even though we cooled right down to the norm today, we're going back in the other direction as we advance through the end of the week and weekend. chilly night, into the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. then it does turn a little warmer by the end of the week. over the weekend with enough partial sunshine from later thursday and especially friday on, some spots could hit 50 or above yet again. so that's moving on in with a couple of spot showers early
5:42 pm
we'll have to watch for temperatures near freezing, especially areas concord north and west. there could be a light glazing due to a touch of freezing rain during that time. outside of that mainly precipitation-free. it is season my chilly, as mentioned, but notice mount washington at 27, really not all that cold for over 6,000 feet up, indicating that the air mass beginning to warm already and by later tomorrow and into thursday and friday, we get those temperatures well above average again. but right now it's mid to upper 30's across the board from the merrimack valley towards the coast, mid to upper 30's in the monadnock region, colder in places like new london, back to the lake sunapee stretch, heart of the lakes region, mid to upper 30's. stuartstown at 29. during the next several hours, temperatures slowly come back,
5:43 pm
spots, lakes region north. just in time for the morning commute tomorrow a recovery, by eight or nine we're back into the low 30's. a good part of the country below normal, so that indicates it will be tough to get below average for any time soon or for that matter any duration. we may cool like we did today back to average, but we're not going to see a major cooldown that lingers for day after day. next system on the map due to the mild air ahead of it will come in the form of rain for many and again it's spotty in nature, these showers, not a lot of steady rain or snow. once that gets in here outside of a couple showers early thursday it's dry again, through later thursday into early on friday. highs tomorrow back into the low to mid 40's, so a couple notches above today. thursday, despite clouds and limited breaks of sun and a few sprinkles early, it will be milder, back into the mid to upper 40's, a couple spots may
5:44 pm
so how long does that last? well, right on into friday, saturday, sunday and monday. the next system that could bring steadier rain in here probably not until sometime early next week. so again this is good news for ski areas by night, they can make the snow. so a bit of a tradeoff here. josh: heavy rains have drenched portland, expoarg that's causing flooding and mudslides. jean: it's also forcing people to leave their homes with only means pets. one cat is making headlines after making a swim for it. she was safely recovered by her owner who carried her the rest of the way to safety. there's also devastating flooding in norway right now. take a look at this home washed away by the power of water, all this flooding was caused by a severe storm over the weekend. many people were forced to evacuate there as well, while a
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and southern norway was shut down. jamie: bruins and celtics have this tuesday night off. but they are back in action tomorrow night, the b's play at the montreal canadiens. that's a tough game. bulls. congratulations to that girl, merrimack high school volleyball star joe an coffey, she's been named the gatorade player of the year. it's a repeat for the coffey family, her older sister won it last year. 724 assists this season and finished her career with a state record 2,056 assists, she will play in college at snhu. that will begin next year. and some great photos from the dartmouth big green hockey team, they visited chad yesterday, the children's hospital at dartmouth hitchcock. it's an annual tradition. look at the photo on the left, they're playing a game of 7up. that looks like josh mcelveen at his desk every day at 4:00, we all have to be really quite fret
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for the show. jeerpz sometimes it's nap time. josh: or practice. thank you, jamie. up next, a story that has people talking. jean: an ohio man is refusing to back down despite orders to remove his nativity scene. jennifer: coming up, a manchester father is accused of dangling his baby over the railing above the merrimack river. we'll tell you the charges he's now facing and the reason he wanted a judge to lower his bail. and the latest wmur granite state poll numbers are out, as donald trump's strength grows, we'll tell you the candidate who saw a big tumble. on-the-job training for president does not work. benghazi, beheadings, paris. our lives depend
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josh: we know that money doesn't grow on troas, but in austria cash apparently does float down the river. authorities say nearly 100,000euros worth was found in the channel, police spent the day diving into the water to retrieve the cash. but they say the money is real, but they have no clue where it came from. and a man in ohio was drawing a lot of attention with his unusual holiday display. jean: jason dickson created a
5:50 pm
depicting baby jesus, joseph and mary. the city wants him to take it don and this isn't the first time he's had issues with it. last year dickson was told to remove it because he didn't have a permit. this year he applied for one but received a letter saying his application was denied. >> it just rubs people the wrong way, and it puts the spotlight on me. it's not hurting anything, and it's here for not even a month. jean: he was told he could be fined $500 a day if he does not remove the zombie nativity. josh: interesting debate. thank you for joining us for
5:51 pm
jennifer: a father from manchester is accused of holding his toddler over a safety railing over the merrimack river
5:52 pm
the plea he made to a judge when asking for lower bail. josh: a man jumped over the counter and got away with cash. mike: 20 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday. the cool temperatures stick around for wednesday. when that changes and it warms up again. jennifer: a new poll shows donald trump extenting his load over the other republican candidates in new hampshire, but it comes as the real estate mogul faces criticism from all side over his plan to stop muslims from coming into the u.s. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. josh: a long-time manchester police prosecutor says that he's never seen a case quite like this one before tonight. a father is accused of putting his toddler over a safety rail along the merrimack raifer, all to get a good picture. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: good evening, i'm
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