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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to focus on. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jennifer: this is new video just in to wmur of the fire at a well-known restaurant in portsmouth that shut down the historic downtown area for hours today. good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. crews were called to the gas light company on market street where there was a very real concern about the fire spreading. amy coveno live at the scene with the latest details. reporter: good evening. traffic shut down here at historic portsmouth for hours this afternoon. you can see right now it's flowing once again freely. however the yellow tape behind me is blocked by traffic. but the yellow tape does mark the spot where the fire broke out, the address is 64 market street. it's the home of the first utility here in the port city and it is now the home of the portsmouth gas light company. it's a very popular restaurant
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on the website the restaurant says it has stood the test of time including the great fires of portsmouth in the early 1800's. sadly, today that narrative changed forever. fire crews training on the river spotted smoke this morning, the exact same time the 911 call came in. smoke was coming from the roof, the building has five stories and officials say the blaze that appears to have started on the first floor quickly traveled up the chimney and spread. within an hour the fire went to four alarms, bringing crews from surrounding towns and maine. the mixed use building has apartments on the upper floor that were heavily damaged. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> the guys were here quick, nay just come back from doing some training. we had two separate water supplies established quickly, we had access to the roof quickly, attack lines underneath the fire.
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and it was a remarkable job. reporter: investigators have determined the cause of this fire, they are not ready to release it just yet. when we saw them they were speaking with the owner and breaking the news to him just a couple of hours ago. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from an eyewitness who watched that smoke, watched the attack on this fire and talks about what this restaurant means to the city. for now, live in portsmouth, amy coveno, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight a former camp counselor who admitted to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in august of 2012 has learned his sentence. david johansen pleaded guilty today in nashua to three felony counts. authorities say he faces more in another state. wmur's kristen carosa has the details. reporter: johansen will serve two to six years in prison for sexually soughting the 15-year-old boy, it happened when he spent the night at the boy's house. the to met at a christian camp in hillsboro where johansen was a counselor.
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during the course of the night johansen sexually assaulted the then 15-year-old boy. the victim did come forward and when police questioned johansen he admitted to what he had done. in court this morning, johansen pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two counts of felonious sexual assault. johansen is also accused of a similar crime in massachusetts. >> there are at least three other charges for similar conduct that are pending here in massachusetts that he will be pleaing to on december 14, 2015. >> i'm a bigger man here, you're going somewhere, and i do feel bad for you. you need a lot of help. you immediate to learn a lot. reporter: once johansen finishes his sentence in new hampshire he will be sent to massachusetts to complete the remainder of his sentence there. he will also have to register as a sex offender. kristen carosa, wmur news 9.
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being investigated in manchester. police say this man entered the 7-# 1 store on beach street wearing a bandana, when the clerk asked tom remove it, he said it was a robbery and demanded money. he had a six-inch knife with a blue handle. if you recognize this man or witnessed anything in the beach street area right around 1:30, call police. josh: two people have been arrested for allegedly stealing $65,000 from a bartlett home. authorities say daniel lennon and his girlfriend jody broke into the home last week. police searched two different rooms in motels in north conway and found more than $34,000 in cash. both are now charged with felony theft. lennon is also facing additional charges since drugs were found in one of those rooms. jennifer: a new tactic tonight, the new hampshire's war on heroin, the attorney general saying dealers who sell drugs that lead to a deadly overdose
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second degree murder. heather hamel explains how the a.g. wants a concerted effort to make this happen all the time. reporter: attorney foster says he's met with county attorneys, law enforcement agencies around the state, the d.e.a., all to make this happen. he says deadly overdoses need to be treated like a crime scene. drug overdoses continue to skyrocket the new hampshire. the attorney general says there are predictions that the number may surpass 400 by the end of the year. >> our thought is what you're selling is deadly, you as a dealer have to know that you'll be charged with reckless second degree murder or what they call a death resulting case. reporter: foster says there are five cases under review that may fall into this category and recently there was one in little to be. in october michael millet pleaded guilty on a count of selling fen that fill that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old. he will spend at least seven and
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>> overdoses are really crime scenes. so with things like cell phones, social media, i think there's enhanced ways to track down whether this person, where they got the drugs, how they sold it did, they know what they were selling and how deadly it was. reporter: this week foster talked about the approach to a legislative task force dealing with bills focused on tackling the heroin epidemic. he wants lawmakers to approve a new drug prosecutor to happy carry the increasing case load. >> i think the charging a drug dealer with second degree murder may well have merit. reporter: senator bradley who chairs the task force says legislators will likely fund the position. just one approach. the task force has been looking at everything from increased penalties for sell fentanyl to drug courts and more money for undercover police operations. >> i think we are making some pretty significant progress here and hopefully we'll have a package that the full legislature after a public hearing in early january will be able to pass.
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will wrap up tomorrow and the full task force will meet next week to vote on bills in regard to this epidemic. heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: now to commit in 2016, new numbers are out in the wmur granite state poll. while she might be leading nationally, hillary clinton is still chasing bernie sanders here in new hampshire. right now sanders holds a 10-point lead over clinton with martin o'malley still struggling campaign. but from integrity to like edge. but by far most democrats see clinton as the inevitable democratic nominee. >> clinton does have the perception that she's going to win the primary and she's the most electable candidate in the general election. so she's the candidate that a lot of voters feel they should vote for, but not the candidate they want to vote for. josh: sanders leads on issues that might surprise you, we'll have a deeper look at the
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and presidential candidate jeb bush was the life of the party today at the new hampshire institute of politics, that's the name of the new series that invites candidates to sit down in an informal setting with millennials and young professionals and answer more personal questions. bush talked about life on the campaign trail today and how much he misses sleeping in his own bed, how hard it is to find time to read or work out. he was also asked about which historical figures he would invite to a party at the white house. >> i would have loved to meet and have a conversation with neil armstrong. i think discovery of space is something that is deeply underestimated in terms of its, how uniquely an american experience that is and how phenomenal it is for us to maintain our space program, to talk to some of, somebody who was the first to walk on the moon. josh: organizers hope to host primary.
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carly fiorina hosting a town hall meeting in west lebanon at 6:30. earlier today she talked about health care at dartmouth hitchcock hospital, and of course you can follow all the candidates on by clicking on the candidate tracker. jennifer: six students at a local high school had to be treated today after an incident moving mace. school officials at newfound regional school say a student accidentally set off a container of mace in the cafeteria during lunch. the room was immediately cleared and the fire department was called. the students were treated there on scene and the school day went on as planned. a former state representative is facing charges after crashing his truck in portsmouth. christopher sirlet is accused of aggravated d.u.i. and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child because his kids were in the car. police say he crashed into a parked car and then minutes later hit another car parked in a driveway. no one was hurt. josh: a car crashed this morning
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light pole and sent three people to the hospital. witnesses say a driver was turning onto granite state from south main street and made a wide turn, hit one car, which took down a light pole, then crossed the median and struck two other cars, including one of them head on. fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but several cars as you might imagine did have to be towed away. jennifer: hopefully no problems tonight, but let's get a look at how traffic is moving. this is 293 north from the elliott at rivers edge camera. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home mid-week. reporter: the mid-week ride is going pretty well so far coming up from the massachusetts border, about 21 minutes will get you from salem to manchester. 293 is moving well. beyond that north towards hooksett and the bow junctions, no problems on 93 or 89, although we do have slight slowdowns at the exits in concord at this time. 101 is bus any both directions
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a lot of volume on the everett turnpike, especially northbound through merrimack and bedford. 101a eastbound bus any nashua and an easy ride to and from the seacoast. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. josh: thanks. the f.b.i. releasing new information on the couple behind the san bernardino mass shooting. the new evidence discovered on their computers and how long they were planning this attack, next. jennifer: and we're learning the name of another gunman in the paris attacks, we'll tell what you tipped off authorities to this attacker's identity. mike: tonight we come to you from penacook, we'll show you this amazing holiday display coming up. josh: senator ayotte asking the secretary of defense how we are going to defeat isis during a hearing today.
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people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many
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minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. josh: welcome back. the man accused of killing three
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at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado admitted his guilt in court this afternoon. robert dear stunned those in the courtroom by declaring he is a, quote, warrior for the babies and that there won't be a trial. he was then formally charged with first degree murder as well as many other counts. jennifer: there is some new insight today from the f.b.i. about the couple who carried out last week's terror attack in san bernardino. we're also learning more about evidence found on their cell phones and computers. brandi hitt has the latest on this investigation into the mass shooting. reporter: a terror plot years in the making. the f.b.i. director revealed today san bernardino killer syed farook and tashfeen malik discussed jihad as early as 2013. >> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online and were working very hard to understand did they have other plans. reporter: law enforcement sources say images recovered
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tried to destroy show other locations including a high school. but it's not known if they were potential targets. >> when somebody launches this type of attack, typically there are other sites. reporter: farook's mother has now been added to the terror watch list to prevent her from traveling, and gun charges may be filed against his former neighbor, enrique marquez. the 24-year-old is accused of buying two assault style rifles for farook nearly four years ago, weapons paula watched the shooters unloaded, killing 14 people. >> spraying the room across, i wanted to get out and save my life. reporter: a vigil was held today for the victims at san bernardino valley college. while across the country, anti-islamic rhetoric and vandalism also heats up. >> come my way and i'll -- reporter: threatening voice mails left at a st. louis mosque. surveillance video shows a pig's head being thrown at a mosque in pennsylvania. the f.b.i. director says
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identified any isis networks operating in the u.s., and they're also working to find out if the killers' marriage was arranged by a terror group. jennifer: we now know the name of the third attacker who opened fire at a concert hall in paris last month, french police say a mother's text message and d.n.a. sampling led them to identifying f. mohammed agad. his brother is facing terrorism related charges and so far all of the attackers had have been islamic state extremists from france or belgium. josh: time magazine has named kill -- chancellor merkel as person of the year. she was also praised for being a
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she's the first person to be named person of the year since 1986. others include caitlyn jenner, donald trump and activists for plaque lives matter. as the holiday decorations continue to go up, we're asking displays. mike haddad went out to check out some of of the brightest in new hampshire so far and tonight he joins us from a home in penacook. mike: hello, yes, we're here on borrow road in penacook, an amazing display. joining me now, don and nancy moore, the owners here. thanks again for inviting us up here. >> thank you, mike. display. you've got so many lights here. how many lights on the property? >> approximately 50,000. about 10,000 more than last year. mike: some of the trees i noticed on here have an interesting take to it, they are home made. >> that's correct. basically this is a big field
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up making approximately 40 trees out of pvc pipe and another 40 from to may -- tomato cages. mike: we've got mr. and mrs. clause, the trees, the reindeer and all that. how massive is this display? it goes back quite a ways. >> it's approximately three quarters of an acre. mike: do you have any favorites? >> yes, i do, mine is the horse and stage coach. mike: i notice we're standing by a mailbox right now, any mail ready to go out to santa tonight? >> i'm not sure what's in there, but we'll check it out later. mike: all right, hopefully just good news. weather weiss you couldn't ask for a better night, we've seen numerous cars here, where there used to be a lighting rivalry, but it doesn't exist any more, we'll talk about that. but right now josh is going to let us know if we have any
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>> not a lot to talk about now, but there's some milder air on the way. could be mixed precipitation overnight. we'll show you that on future cast in a moment. that was a great light display, by the way. let's take a look at our display of temperatures. these are the highs today. while it wasn't warm, it was certainly above average. look at that average, it's 39 for concord and we did better than that. in fact, the month of december thus far it's the 9th, including today, it a days above average and only one day that was december 1st that was below the average temperature. every other day has been above. even with dropping temperatures we're still above the average temperature right now. lower 30's in northern new hampshire, 30's in parts of the upper valley and the lakes region. southern new hampshire still in the 40's right now. it latest be a milder night because of the cloud cover out there, and also the chance of some fog, maybe some drizzle, it will capture that temperature and hold it in place so it doesn't fall a we'll lot more, except for areas farther north
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shielded by the mountains. it is a very weak impulse, a warm front that's approaching right here and as it moves through the state tonight and pull as way tomorrow morning it does bring more clouds, fog, drizzle and the chance of a few showers, and because of the cooler temperatures in the mountains it could bring a few areas at the higher elevations of some mixed precipitation briefly. but that really would just be in the mountains. here's the warmth and it's headed in our direction, it's a big area and that means several days in a row of temperatures, get this, on average in the 50's. starting tomorrow, and going right through the weekend and into part of next week as well. so let's take a look at future cast and show you all the clouds start of locked in tonight, a little bit of some breaks, a few breaks in the north country allowing those temperatures to be cooler and watch some of these mixed showers, a possible spot or two in the mountains, higher elevations overnight into early tomorrow morning. these are spotty showers,
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wetter overnight into early tomorrow morning, then the scattered showers pull away around lunch time tomorrow and in the afternoon, especially mid to late afternoon, there could be a few breaks of sun, could go partly sunny in some areas and then we get into sunday, excuse me, friday, saturday and sunday, and we're clearing out. temperatures getting much, much milder as well as the jet stream does a major flip flop here and brings a ridge of high pressure up and milder conditions. so the forecast for tonight, we'll see a few areas of drizzle or fog, 30's most everywhere. but not below freezing except for some areas farther to the north and then tomorrow we'll see the temperatures heading up even farther. and there's a look at the week ahead. one two three for five days with temperatures averaging in the 50's. jennifer: this has been quite something. still ahead tonight, a norovirus outbreak linked to a chipotle location in boston is growing,
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restaurant. josh: the mystery of a good samaritan at the boston common has been identified, who has been leaving warm clothing on the trees for people who need it. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions,
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who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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jennifer: boston college now says 120 students have gotten sick after a norovirus outbreak
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josh: that number is expected to go higher. the college says some students' roommates are now gettingic and that's because norovirus can spread fairly easily. chipotle in cleveland circle has been shut down so it can be cleaned from top to bottom. health inspectors found violations including low holding temperatures for chicken and steak. jennifer: a new report suggests more babies in the u.s. are getting off to a healthier start. as lana zak explains, infant mortality hit an all time low last year. reporter: a nation is only as healthy as its babies, or so the c. d. c. says it's through that infant mortality is considered a good indicator of a nation's overall health and now a reason to celebrate. infant survival rates hit an all-time high last year. the infant mortality rate dropped 2.3% between 2013 and 2014, meaning more babies born
5:27 pm
but still there's room for improvement. congenital malformations topped the list for reasons for infant death followed by low birth weight and maternal complications. another concern for all new parents, sudden infant death syndrome. and even though more american babies are thriving, more than 23,000 didn't make it to their first birthday. but fortunately there are things that expectant mothers and doctors can do to keep the risk low. moms to be need to be properly nourished and have access to prenait al care. this combined with proper sleeping practices for babies can go a lon way in keeping these little ones safe. josh: coming up, a popular clothing store is opening its first location in new hampshire. we'll tell you which european retailer is coming to newington. jennifer: and lobsters are bringing more money to the maine economy. how many millions of dollars the
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nand othernselect models. on-the-job training for president does not work. benghazi, beheadings, paris. our lives depend on a commander-in-chief with experience, who understands the world. time is of the essence. negotiation, ambivalence or delay, are not acceptable. the first with a plan to destroy isis? john kasich. new day for america is
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jennifer: a new hampshire senator questions the secretary
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strategy to defeat isis. >> the supreme court takes up aaffirmative action again in a familiar case. coming up, the arguments justices heard today. >> as another warm air mass closes in on new hampshire, get ready for readings to go back up. we'll take a look at how long these warmer temperatures last. josh: more jobs are coming to manchester, we'll tell you which high tech company is moving into the queen city. josh: the discussion continues tonight about possibly increasing the u.s. military presence in iraq, just one of the steps the obama administration is considering in its efforts to help combat isis. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: good evening, i'm jennifer vaughn. that was just one topic that the u.s. defense secretary discussed
5:32 pm
committee that includes both new hampshire senators jeanne shaheen and kelly ayotte. andy hershberger is here now with more on what happened. reporter: this is the first time that the defense secretary has testified before this committee, so it's a string of terror related violence that includes bernardino. saying that isis has yet to be contained, defense secretary ash carter defended the president's wednesday. >> the reality is we're at war. that's how our troops feel about it. because they're taking the fight to isil every day. applying the might of the finest fighting force the world has ever known. reporter: obama administration officials as well as military leaders took questions from members of the senate armed services committee, which includes new hampshire's senators shaheen and ayotte. they asked why there was a delay in american air power going
5:33 pm
>> why did it take so long for us to go after isis like the fuel trucks knowing where they were and there are a lot of people that have asked that and are we going to be more adegrees any of going after these assets going forward? >> yes, we're going to be more aggressive, but what made it possible was intelligence. reporter: senator ayotte also asked aboutle bedding operatives to help with those air strikes, and what the administration is doing about iran's missile test. secretary carter told the committee they are willing to support the iraqi military as they try to retake ramadi, a critical city taken by isis forces in may. >> the united states is prepared to assist the iraqi army with additional unique capabilities to help them finish the job. advisors. if circumstances dictate and if requested by prim abadi. reporter: secretary carter also said that a large military presence in iraq and syria could
5:34 pm
recruiting tool. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jennifer: two people are expected in court tomorrow after a burglary investigation in kensington. police spotted a suspicious car in a driveway on west school road yesterday, when a woman jumped in and drove off. she was caught, but a man was able to make a run for it, he was caught about an hour later. police say they are also investigating the pair for a second burglary in the area. josh: former employee of a conway area humane society office is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her employer. constance harger allegedly used a company credit card for personal expenses while working as the finance and event manager. conway police say she used the card to pay for household bills, plane tickets, food and a cell phone him police also say that she used a checking account for cash withdrawals. the department is still investigating. they expect the amount of money stolen to grow to at least $29,000.
5:35 pm
didn't have to go too far to arrest a man accused of stealing a cell phone. investigators say joshua hamlet was waiting to talk with detectives about an unrelated case when they say he stole a cell phone in the lobby of the police department. during a search of hamlet police say they not only found the missing phone, but also a needle and a spoon. josh: for the second time in four years the supreme court is taking up an affirmative action case involving a white woman suing the university of texas at austin. aixa diaz has a look at what the justices are now considering. reporter: josh, the supreme court is considering whether race should play a role in college admissions. >> hopefully this case will end racial classifications and preferences in admissions at the university of texas. reporter: abigail fisher applied to the university of texas at ought tin the 2008 and didn't get accepted. she says she was denied admission because she's white.
5:36 pm
believe that students should be treated differently based on their race. reporter: tuesday the supreme court revisited fisher at the university of texas, a case that was first before the court back in 2012. the arguments focused on whether the school has compelling reasons to consider race among other factors when it evaluates applicants. >> diversity fosters an understanding of one another. reporter: the school argues minority enrollment plummeted aat top universities in california and michigan after they ended the consideration of race. >> our use of race and ethnicity in the admissions process is con stews al and is in the best interest of our state and the nation. reporter: this supreme court decision could impact not just the university of texas but colleges nationwide. >> i think that's the reason the court took it again, you have to bring some fi malty to this question about what is permissible in terms of constructing a student body that is diverse. reporter: one of the liberal justices, elaine akagan, recused
5:37 pm
involvement with this case as solicitor general. josh: still to come, a new tech company is coming to manchester, we'll tell you how many jobs economy. jennifer: red sox making changes to fenway after fans were injured by flying bats, what safety features will be added. >> and warmer temperatures are about to make a comeback, i'll have the timeline for when the milder air works its way back into the state. josh: and the historic lodge in
5:38 pm
josh: not a good day on wall street. third day in a row of losses, dow jones dropping 75 points, s&p 500 down 15, while the nasdaq drops 75. gas prices nationally 2.02. a nickel higher in new hampshire. a new high tech company is adding more jobs here in manchester. jennifer: retrieve technologist is planning on adding between 50 to 80 jobs in 2016. governor hassan toured its new facility today, the company has developed video communications platforms for businesses to share information.
5:39 pm
we had less than 10 people last summer. in the last 100 days we've added 30 people. and we've just moved into this beautiful 10,000 square foot space to accommodate that growth. jennifer: the high tech sector accounts for about 9% of the state's gross domestic product. josh: maine lobstering dominates that fishing industry, with three quarters coming from shellfish. about 5,000 lobstering licenses are handed out each year. in 2014 the industry brought in 450 million, that's about 25% more than the year before. you probably noticed higher lobster prices because a cold winter delayed the start of the season. but lobster men say they are tempted for overfishing. meanwhile, a restaurant on the portland water front says it
5:40 pm
every day during the peak season and its daily revenue can run into the thousands. jennifer: or as we like to call them, tasty crustaceans. h and m will open its first granite state store tomorrow at noon in the mall in newington, known for selling fashionable clothing at low prices. just because winter is here doesn't mean allergies are gone. coming up, how to battle those allergies during the cold weather. josh: in sports we'll hear from john farrell about the new strength of the team and we're talking starting pitching. jennifer: coming in for a landing at manchester boston regional airport, a plane full of food. we'll tell you how it's benefiting people across the
5:41 pm
people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class, and new incentives for business to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise.
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approve this message. jennifer: there's a lot of skiing history in new hampshire including the historic lodge at the abenaki ski area. josh: that's where i learned to ski. so this winter that property is getting a major makeover. in tonight's escape outside, paula tracy has a sneak peek at their new look. reporter: one of the oldest small ski areas in the united states, wolfeboro's abenaki ski area opened in 1936. in 1940 they built a small lodge at the bottom of a rope tow. now in 2015 they're replacing
5:43 pm
1100 square foot cedar shingle lodge. it's getting the finishing touches this week and will be formally dedicated on december 26. the project is a result of a public-private partnership that will in the end be owned by the town. friends of abenaki raised $350,000. local taxpayers invested $130,000. and the federal funds added another $150,000. the new facility has a deck overlooking the main hill, a stone fireplace, and a kitchen featuring a pizza oven, along with bathrooms and a patrol room. at the end of this winter, the original 1940 structure will be demolished to make room for an outdoor skating rink. abenaki also has 30 kill kilometers of cross country trails and it's right next to the town's ice arena. for ticket prices and trail details, go to the escape
5:44 pm
paula tracy, wmur news 9. >> the temperatures were yet again another day above the average for this time of year. we made it well into the low and mid 40's across a good pores of the entire state. right now it's dry, and it's mostly cloudy out there. the temperature in downtown manchester 44 degrees. and some 40's throughout much of southeastern new hampshire from east. as you head north and west of there, most areas in the 30's up into the white mountains and points north you are down near or below the freezing point, as those temperatures are cooler because you haven't had had as many clouds. the white mountains blocking you from some of the clouds, keeping the skies partly cloudy there and allowing temperatures to drop a little faster and they'll continue to do so as well. these areas with the clouds in central and southern new hampshire, yes, the temperatures will keep dropping but they halt in the mid 30's as clouds will
5:45 pm
with this developing disturbance, this is a warm front, it brings milder air as it's named for, the warm front brings fog and some drizzle overnight later tonight. if you head out this evening don't expect that. it will be toward midnight or beyond that you can could see some of that. then the front pulls through and things get dryer and warmer too, as this air mass, a big giant area of milder air starts to push in along with that warm front and we will see the temperatures well above average for this time of year for what you would expect. we zoom in on new hampshire and show you the clouds en trenching themselves tonight, and as the temperatures fall just enough in the mountains, especially some of the mountain tops, there could be a little drizzle mixing with some freezing rain or a few snow flakes overnight into early tomorrow morning. we all could see drizzle and sprinkles overnight and tomorrow morning this last batch of showers rolls through by late morning for most of us it's coming to an end. the afternoon it tries to dry out.
5:46 pm
clouds, other areas should see breaks of sun. but the big difference is the temperatures. they'll be milder for tomorrow, a lot of places tomorrow making it into the 50's and that trend continues for the next several days as well. as we head into friday we see partly sunny skies with a clearing trend and that lasts into saturday. saturday and sunday quite a weekend on tap with temperatures in the 50's, well above average. here's how it looks from manchester tonight with cloudy skies. we move those across into tomorrow morning with a couple of showers early, then turning sunny, check out the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, low and mid 50's, maybe upper 50's in a spot or two both tomorrow and friday as well. and then yeah, it continues longer into the weekend. so this milder air is here for a while. so there could be fog or drizzle tonight, as those temperatures bottom out mostly in the 30's, maybe some mixing in the mountains and then tomorrow check out those temperatures, lower to mid 50's, and we're not done yet.
5:47 pm
right through the weekend with temperatures in the 50's every day, clouds come and go, but the temperatures, you'll feel it, you will not be needing that thick winter jacket. jennifer: i'm loving that, it's nice white it lasts. >> some people love it, some people hate it. jennifer: thank you, josh. josh: so just because the cold weather is here, more or less, gone. jennifer: winter al are gees can leave you itchy, sneezy. indoor allergens like dust mites and pet dander can cause the same symptoms as pollen. you can make some changes to your home that might help. reporter: covers are on the mattress, pillow, box spring. are available online and all over the lynn then type stores and can really make a difference if you're allergic to the dust mites. washing in hot water also helps.
5:48 pm
medicines can help relieve the allergy symptoms. josh: red sox will be putting up safety nets at fenway park to protect fans, this is a change that comes after several fans were hurt during this year's season. tanya carpenter suffered life threatening injuries after getting hit by a broken bat. the team will be complying with safety guidelines put forth by the major league baseball and announced for all 30 of its ballparks. the league suggests placing nets between the dugouts for field level seats near home plate. jamie: the baseball winter meetings are going on in nashville and after making some big moves, manager john farrell says the red sox really like how they are set up for next year. and it starts with the starting rotation which appears to be way better than what they had last year. >> we certainly lead off with david price, obviously. but after that in no particular order, with clay buchholz, rodriguez and joe kelly, there's talent, there's youth, there's
5:49 pm
us every reason to believe it's a group that can give us the required number of innings to balance out the workload of the bullpen. jamie: monarchs played this morning, they got a goal with 20 seconds to go to win it. more high school seniors from new hampshire will go division one for sports in college next year, carter dylan from laconia will play football at brown. teddy bought debt, a baseball player, will compete for northeastern. josh: a mystery on the boston common has been solved. jennifer: ahead the good samaritan who has been leaving warm clothes out for the homeless has now been identified. josh: a four-alarm fire rips through a portsmouth landmark dating back to the 1800's. the challenges firefighters faced in this old building. jennifer: with the popularity of drones growing, the rule manchester officials want everyone to announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home.
5:50 pm
and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone.
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longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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josh: finally this hour, a mystery act of kindness on the boston common has been solved. jennifer: someones that been leaving hats, scarves, gloves and coats out on the common along with signs telling people who need them to take them. rebecca barasso of madden, turns out she's the good samaritan. she returned last night to leave even more warm clothes behind.
5:53 pm
anyone to come, they can just come here and take what they need, no one is really watching, if they come at night or during the day, they can take what they need to keep warm. jennifer: she's doing great work and she said she heard about someone doing this same exact thing in new york city, so she wanted to give back to her own community. josh: our food drive kicks off this friday. all hannaford, shaws, wal-mart locationings in new hampshire running through sunday the 13th, all the food collected will be going to the new hampshire food bank. thank you for joining us for
5:54 pm
josh: flames tear through a portsmouth landmark and it grows to four alarms. investigators know where it started but are trying to figure out how. >> he's never going to be able
5:55 pm
jennifer: a guilty plea from a camp counselor accused of sexually assaulting a boy, and this is not the only state he's charged in. >> the calendar says december, but our temperatures are about to head back up again, we'll take a look at how high they'll go. josh: and new numbers could give a rival candidate a needed boost. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. >> the fire was coming through the ceilings. josh: the cleanup continues in portsmouth after a four-alarm blaze destroyed a popular restaurant there. good evening, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. this building dates back to the 1800's. and it has survived devastating fires in the past.
5:56 pm
with our top story at 6:00.
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