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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 12, 2015 1:07am-1:42am EST

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describing just how special her brother was. shelley: new jersey governor chris christie picks up another endorsement. the state republican leader who' s giving christie his support. chris: 40' s, 50' s and 60' s may not be warm for summer but are downright toasty by december standards. how long the mild stretch drags along. tom: first praying and then waving flags. members of manchester' s islamic community turned out for a vigil today. >> what we are doing here is showing the real meaning of islam. tom: the message that brought people of all religions together. shelley: we' re appealing to your spirit of giving with our annual food drive. the challenge one donor has made to all granite staters. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. shelley : we' re hearing from the family of the u.s. army ranger from new hampshire who died this week.
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good evening, i' tom: i' m tom griffith. s family and fellow his leadership and for his service. mike cronin joins us live. s somersworth. he was a decorated soldier who corporal andrew aimesbury' s family remembers him as special person. his sister explains, anyone who knows andrew, knows exactly what i mean. even if they only beheld a fraction of his personality. if you only heard him laugh for a second. if you only saw his smile in passing. he is strong, kind, stubborn, goofy, hilarious, proud, humble, brave, a leader, a ranger, a friend, a brother, a son. special. the 21-year-old was killed this week at training in fort stewart, georgia. the army says he was seriously
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fire exercise and later died from his injuries. ve s very very sad. reporter: kelly gagnon doesn' t know the family but has a daughter and son in the army around the same age as aimesbury. >> they' saying that they' ll do whatever it takes to protect the united states of america and all of its pay the ultimate price and it' s really heartbreaking. reporter: aimesbury was born in manchester, graduated from dover senior high school, and lived in strafford. his family lives in somersworth. he enlisted in the army in 2013 and served one tour in afghanistan. his battalion commander says, corporal aimesbury will always be a member of the 1st ranger battalion and his memory will make all of us better men. the army says his death is under investigation. >> we are mourning corporal aimesbury as just a great example of a fine new hampshire
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much for all of the rest of us. reporter: senators kelly ayotte and jeanne shaheen also offered their condolences tonight and praised corporal aimesbury for his service and bravery. reporting live in somersworth, mike cronin. shelley: in commitment 2016, new jersey governor chris christie is in the granite state tonight, holding a town hall meeting in wolfeboro and picking up another endorsement. it' s just the latest high-profile vote of support for the republican presidential candidate. suzanne: he addressed the standing room only crowd telling them the show was over. mr. christie: let me tell you, new hampshire, the rest of the country is counting on you. what you decide on february 9 will largely determine who the rest of the american people have to choose from. suzanne: christie has garnered a lot of support here in new hampshire over the last few
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first with the endorsement of the union leader and today from republican jeb bradley. mr. christie: this is about getting votes now, we' ve made an impression we' ve worked hard. i' ve been here longer and more often than any other candidate. now it' s about me asking for the vote and closing the deal. >> governor christie is going to target terrorists, not a religion. suzanne: new hampshire along with the rest of the country is battling the heroin epidemic. in a one-on-one interview with wmur, christie says winning the battle is simple. mr. christie: treatment, listen i' ve talked to jeb about this a lot and he is leading the fight in the state senate to make sure un that we get people treated. suzanne: christie says what' s going to matter for the republican party is who it' s nominee will be. mr. christie: and once we have a nominee, our nominee will represent the party. and we' ll forget. i know it seems impossible to forget everything that has happened. but we will, because then we will have a republican nominee against hillary clinton and everybody'
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that. s time to get inspired and let the games begin. in wolfeboro. tom: presidential candidate john kasich talked to voters at a house party in bedford tonight. he says the republican party needs a positive message to win in 2016. to be one of lifting. know, i don' t like hispanics, insulting women, throw all the we' re going to do?. tom: kasich is the governor of ohio. earlier in the day, he held town halls and meet&greets in keene and peterborough. busy day today. republican presidential candidate rand paul held a town hall meeting in rindge tonight. the kentucky senator made stops in keene and derry earlier in the day. tomorrow, he' ll go door-door to nashua. he also has events in exeter and manchester. shelley: south carolina senator lindsey graham spent the morning in concord. he talked to students at the high school before a roundtable
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in the afternoon, he toured a this wraps up the republican' s latest two-day visit to new hampshire. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina wrapped up a three-day campaign trip in she held events in manchester, nashua, and exeter. tom: a week from tomorrow the democratic presidential candidates for president will debate here in new hampshire. shelley: today, the chairwoman of the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz, announced that the dnc will no longer include wmur in the debate due to on-going labor negotiations. in a joint statement, wasserman-schultz, and new hampshire democratic party chair, raymond buckley, said, in part, regrettably, as a result of wmur' s unwillingness to move forward on scheduling negotiations between the hearst corporation and production department employees represented by ibew local 1228 prior to the debate, we will no longer
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the debate, and their talent will not be participating in any way. tom: wmur president and general manager, jeff bartlett, released a statement saying, needless to say, we' re disappointed that the efforts of the 140 wmur employees in helping organize this debate will now be undone. nevertheless, we' ll continue to cover the debate, and the candidates and campaigns. as for the negotiations with this particular union, we will continue with the policy we' ve followed with the many prior union negotiations we' ve successfully concluded to negotiate in good faith, and directly and not through any third parties. to that end, we have a mutually agreed-upon date for another meeting, which has been scheduled and confirmed for some two weeks now. shelley: abc' s democratic presidential debate will still air on wmur. coverage begins next saturday evening at 8:00.
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-- tom: other news. a second person has been arrested in connection to the murder in manchester last month. adrien stillwell is charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the death of michael pittman. pittman was shot and killed outside his home on granite street last month. today the other man charged appeared in court for a probable cause hearing. somebody else has already claimed responsibility for the homicide. the lead investigator says one witness saw three people in the area. no issue on whether the judge will issue an order about whether this can proceed. shelley: a steel rocket prompted a store in pelham to call police and the bomb squad. someone renovating a house dropped off this 4-foot long rocket off at hammer firearms last night. the person said they' d found it while renovating a home. store employees called police who brought in the nashua bomb squad to make sure it wasn' t
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an x-ray determined it was inactive, and the bomb squad took it. concord police are investigating whether two purse snatchings in two days are related. the first happened wednesday at shaw' s on d' amante drive. a woman says someone took her purse from her cart in the parking lot when she answered a phone call while loading groceries into her car. yesterday, a woman leaving walmart on loudon road says a man grabbed her purse off her arm while she was putting her purchases in her car. police say the man in this picture is a person of interest in the walmart case. please do call concord police if you have any information. tom: the islamic society of new hampshire speaking out against isis today and they asked other religous leaders in the state to join them. this afternoon, they gathered a large group to share their message holding signs and waving flags on south willow street. prayers in new hampshire friday in the aftermath of the california shootings. all religons were invited.
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jews to take part in a vigil , a vigil against violence. >> we don' t believe in this, thi s we don' t condone it, we didn' t is not our thing. started. we don' t want it. tom: the muslims who came to pray say they fear the backlash . they worry for their children and the america they' ll be raised in. >> i am an american. my neighbors will dictate who i am. my students. not someone doing something somplace else and blaming every body else. tom: afterward, a show of unity waving the american flag on south willow street a , denouncement of isis and sadness on the trump proposal to stop muslim immigration until there is better vetting. has been saying, but like what i said today, putting all politics aside we are just focusing on the victims in california. their families, anywhere in this so that'
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, to tell people hey we are here for peace. >> what we are doing here is so when the true, legitimate meaning we' re not terrorists, behind islam. we' re not terrorists,we are not evil. we' re just normal people. episcopal bishop robert hirschfeld of new hampshire said when word came that the vigil would be one to unite not incite he had to be here. >> it just bears witness to the power of the word of love and dignity. human dignity to counter to so many of the other words of fear and hatred and anger and terror. tom: the islamic society of new hampshire has been active since 1987 and has members from throughout the greater manchester area. shelley: coming up on news 9 tonight. the mbta is sharing new information about the mistakes rolling down the tracks with no operator. the options emergency dispatchers considered to safely tom: plus, you'
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big contributions to our annual food drive. but an anonymous donor has set the bar high for this year. >> you might be asking how long the warm weather can last.
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tom: mbta officials say several operator errors led to a red line train traveling through four stops without anyone at the controls yesterday. shelley: safety officials say when the operator got off that train to check a problem, he did not set the brake. sources tell our sister station, wcvb, that he also tied a cord
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once the operations center found out what was going on, it cut power to the train and it coasted to a stop. dispatchers had a number of options to choose from to safely stop the train. >> if the trains were closer, yes, the dispatchers could have made the decision to kill power along the entire line and stop all the trains where they are. they' ll change the bypass procedure the operator was using for the original problem and will now require a second, senior-level employee to be present. tom: this holiday season granite staters are giving their neighbors a warm meal. the 2015 spirit of giving food drive kicked off today. our stephanie woods was in donations. concord heights, we' donations both big, and small. but the new hampshire food bank says every penny donated will help feed granite staters in need. >> money isn' t important during the holidays.
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have enough to just be happy during the holiday season and have everything that they need. stephanie: concord shoppers opened their hearts and their wallets, donating to the 2015 spirit of giving food drive. five dollar, $10, and $15 tokens are available at shaw' s grocery stores which will buy food for local pantries. >> i' ve worked in the food business for many years and it' s our job to feed people. and we work with our customers and our communities and together we take care of so many people who need help. stephanie: shaw' the new hampshire food bank with a 5,000 dollar check. executive director mel gosselin says the bank received a 50,000 dollar-donation friday and another anonymous donor is pledging to match $100,000 in >> it' s historic to be at this day, it' s huge. and it just goes to show the generosity of others. stephanie: the food drive was in full swing at the hannaford in nashua although friday was the first day of the drive gosselin says the food bank has already
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food. >> just realizing the growing need and giving others the opportunity to give. stephanie: 1 in 9 men, women, and children in new hampshire do not know where their next meal that' s why shoppers at the wal-mart in hooksett loaded up on canned good like tuna chili and pb&j to fill up families for the holidays. at our work but this year we decided to give back so we all donated money and all the money that we got together, the company matched. so now we have 3 carriages of food for you guys. stephanie: to donate, head over to any shaw' s hannaford, or wal-mart location in the state. for a full list of locations head over to our website, in concord, stephanie woods. from: very good. good weekend for it, too. chris: 50' s to near 60' s.
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now. a shock when it goes back to the 40' s and 30' s. if it ever does. somehow, i have a feeling not walking out on a limb to say it will cool between now and april. in mild overnight. 30' s and 40' s. here is the difference of elevation. look at the temperature and white field. a bit of elevation, 50 degrees. the rest of us, at least 10 degrees cooler than that. that is why. cool air sinking near the ground. higher terrain will see better visibility. clearer because it is warmer. barely one point 25 miles as we move through concord. better around the coast. thicker fog in the monadnock region. some of the fog should get
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about in the north country. this thing is a surprising dynamo. there are advisories out for western maine and northern wayne -- maine. but you see the tail end of that, bringing sprinkles to places like the lakes. to the south, increasingly warm weather. sunday, right between the battle line of above average and on south. in here for the day tomorrow. maybe compressed a little bit by sunday. overnight, mild. clearing, especially 1000-2 patchy fog. s. i don' re getting reception, i
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we are talking about 30' s to 40 degrees. the exception being in the higher terrain. 40' s to near 50. once that starts to mix down, we break in tucson. it is going to be mild. takes most of the morning into the early afternoon. not much day line -- daylight after that. warmest weather, nashua and new hampshire. 50' s to near 60. push in. it has to scoop in and move in from the northeast. eastern and northern new hampshire cooler. still upper 50' s to near 60 in the monadnock region. brighter monday, too.
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a drink of water coming tuesday. could and with snowflakes today. we could see if we get snow before christmas eve and have a white christmas. tom: who very good. what a celtics game tonight.
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then andrew poturalski nets his 15th goal of the season. 2-0. matias cleland drives one off the post. 16 goals in 16 games, 3-0. it was 4-0 before dartmouth got on the board. power-play goal made it 4-1. rebound, 4-2. two goals for you and eight. wildcats win 6-3. the monarchs lost at elmira tonight, 2-1 in a shootout. they will play at adirondack saturday. warriors were in boston tonight trying to extend their streak to 24-0. the spoiler.
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avery bradley who hits the 3 . his 15th point in the quarter. second quarter, steph curry catches fire. barry' s a three from the wing. warriors led 57-53 at halftime. isaiah thomas for 3 from the wing. but steph curry responds, hits 3 -- thomas wood tired again. nice drive to the who. type 2103. they would go to overtime. -- tight end at 103 -- tied it at 103. they would go to overtime. do you -- the warriors escape with a 124-119 win in double overtime. 24-0. lakers in white, cade robinson knocks down a jumper from just
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inside the line. the engineers go inside to sam pushee. jaret bemis drains a three from the corner. the engineers get the win. the girls play the early game, also against woodsville. the defending stamps -- champs dominant. sydney clark will knocked down a jumper. they are out to a 16-1 lead after one quarter. the bucket and foul. 71-3 win. look out for the lakers in division four again this season rob gronkowski returned to the practice field yesterday, and today it was julian edelman. the patriots wide receiver was on the field for the first time since mid-november when he broke a bone in his foot against the giants. according to reports, he still
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a couple weeks away from he' s getting closer. >> i would like to be back as soon as i can. just trying to improve each day. >> feels good to be back with my teammates. out on the practice field. any other questions? talk to the coach. m not talking anymore. who shopped at a new england toy store are getting a big surprise. shelley: the generous move a mystery woman made to make
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tom: for the second year in a row, a lot of people will have a brighter christmas thanks to a secret santa. shelley: someone walked into the toys r us in bellingham, massachusetts and paid $20,000 to pay off layaway accounts. the store isn' t saying who. but she randomly picked who would benefit from her kindness. last year, her donation meant about 150 people benefited from her holiday surprise. so nice. thanks for joining us for news nine at 11:00.
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followed by night line. tt2w`tsi`r$# bt@q];\ tt2w`tsi`r$# "a@qm78 tt2w`tsi`r$# bm@qf
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