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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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years. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: we have developing news in claremont, a man has been arrested after police say he drove right through opera house square. jean: they say patrick taylor from hancock, new york hit another vehicle while going through the fountain area and did not stop until he struck the moody professional building. josh: taylor is accused of driving under the influence and resisting arrest. wmur has a crew headed to claremont and we'll have much more on this developing story as the information becomes available. jean: good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. a local school district decided to cancel dances because of what officials say is inappropriate behavior. jean: heather hamel is live now with more on why exeter superintendent of schools says a highly publicized sexual assault case was the tipping point for him. reporter: superintendent morgan says the owen labrie case in
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felt with sexually suggestive dancing going on in exeter with no foreseeable change on the horizon, a ban on dances was the prudent thing to do. he says for eight years he and past principles have tried to curb this behavior. the principle says students often dance in groups with moves of a sexual nature. he says some students are uncomfortable with what goes on, so after a lot discussion they decided to cancel future dances indefinitely. some support it, others say they don't think anyone would have crossed the line. >> you'd like to think that some people would have some respect for personal boundaries and things like that. >> it's just dancing, i think, nothing really ever came out of it at exeter high school. >> canceling dances is not something that anybody wants to do. but unfortunately we can never host something here at the expense of what is safe and what is prudent for kids to be doing in high school. reporter: exeter will still have their junior and senior proms.
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this behavior at those formal events. josh: a 20-year-old from middleton is accused of sexually assaulting a teen-age girl. andy hershberger was in court when zachary garland faced those charges and joins us now with more. reporter: police say the assault happened this past summer but it took authorities some time to figure out exactly where it took place. 20-year-old zachary garland appeared in court by video on three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. that authorities say happened this past august. officials say the victim was a 13-year-old girl. >> the court rules prohibit us from disclosing the evidence or actually speaking about the evidence. but basically the allegations is forceful rape of a minor child. reporter: police say garland and the victim knew each other, court record say they drove from maine with two other people to a residence in middleton where garl and invited the girl into a room to talk and told her she wasn't going to leave until they had sex. those court records go onto say
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he did not. >> given the nature of the charges and the facts as alleged at this time, the state believes a high cash bail is appropriate. reporter: prosecutors asked for dollars 35,000 cash bail, but garl an's lawyer says he vehemently denied these allegations and is waiting to challenge them in court. >> is there no history here that would indicate he poses a risk of flight or a risk of safety to the community. reporter: the court ruled that garland could be released on personal recognizance bail if he's accepted into a county program that would include electronic monitoring. live in the newsroom, andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. winter officially starts on tuesday, and so far we're seeing more rain than snow. although a few spots did see flakes this morning. this picture was posted today by the team at the mount washington auto road, it does exist. looks like the temperatures will drop a little this weekend, mike haddad is here to tell us what
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nice photo there. mike: sure is, and of course skiers and riders are excited about that to eventually get some snow, but it has gone over to rain even in the higher terrain up north. it's all green right now, and outside of some freezing rain atop mount washington it's all wet across new hampshire. steady rain lakes region all the way to the merrimack valley towards the coast, a little lighter in portions of the upper valley. the steady rain continues all the way through the white mountains and into the great north woods. there is a back edge to this that will race through by the midnight hour. we are talking about the rain winding down by that time, and daybreak. right now temperatures are certainly above freezing and relatively mild once again, with readings about seven or eight degrees above the norm. but there's some colder air marching in from the west, and eventually that means some snow showers, but of course it's very rare to go this far into the
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how rare, haley is here to take a look at those important dates and the ski forecast as well. hayley: yes. i know a lot of people want to get out there and do some skiing or snowmobiling. other people enjoying the warm air. how late have we gone into the season without having any measurable snow? the latest first snow has ever been in concord was january 13, the year 2000. look at this, when we get to the number five year, we're actually getting close to that december 19. so once we get to saturday or beyond, and if we've had no snow, not even a trace, we'll track the top five for the least snowiest, the latest snow that we could have in any given year. however, as we get into the weekend, as mike mentioned, we do get colder temperatures and there is the chance for light flurries saturday and sunday. but particularly on saturday. and if we get a dusting that would at least kick us out of the running for the top five latest snowfall.
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all great for the ski resorts. as we go through the weekend the conditions will improve for them to start making snow and even get a little natural help too on saturday, sunday, a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the mid 30's. for more on what's been happening with the ski industry, we're going to kristen carosa now who has an update on that. reporter: we spent the day in the white mountains where tourism officials are telling us they're predicting a strong start. the announcement was made at a welcome center in littleton. state and local leaders say more than 7.5 million people are expected to visit new hampshire this winter. a 5% increase from last year, and their spending is expected to be 7% higher than last year, reaching more than a billion in just three months. during the event state leaders also talked about its winter marketing campaign. tracks. tourism officials are encouraging people to enjoy the winter season on their own terms and explore the state in
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three seasonal welcome centers are being reopened in colebrook and lebanon to help people enjoy their stay. >> here in littleton, down from canada, this welcome center is ideal which situated to provide a great first impression also come into our state. reporter: while the state is expecting a robust winter season, it has been a slow start for local ski areas, but some are getting creative. 6:00. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. josh: commitment 2016 now, and tonight it is official. we now know when new hampshire voters will head to the polls to offer their opinion to the rest of the nation. the primary will be held on february 9, 2016. the announcement made today by secretary of state bill gardner, after a little bit of cajoling. unveiling a poster to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary, the secretary of state
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date of the primary out loud. instead, he let the poster do the talking. >> first time in my years that we will not be out of compliance with one or both of the parties. reporter: without the threat of a calendar fight from another state, gardner chose the sweet spot of tuesday, february 9 for new hampshire's election. this is the 8th time it's been held in february, and it comes eight days after the iowa caucuses and eleven days before south carolina holds its republican contest. >> we are going to have the first in the nation presidential primary, the first real election yet again. reporter: along with greg, jim explain joined gardner for the event, in fact it was splaine who authored the law mandating the new hampshire probe be seven days before any sklar contest. >> new hampshire serves an
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candidates learn from us as well as we learn from the candidates. and bill, you have done your job again. reporter: bill is bill gardner. but on this day getting the secretary of state to actually utter the date, on a lighter thought, like bill belichick. so just to be clear for the record, what is the date? >> you do have to say it. the date is the date you saw when you looked at it. february 9th. josh j.: we got it out of him eventually. once again the calendar breaks down like this, iowa will hold its caucuses on monday february 1. eight days later new hampshire will hold the first in the nation primary. again on the 9th. then the candidates will be focused on south carolina. republicans will go saturday, february 20th, democrats a week later. and one of the questions stemming from this week's republican debate is whether donald trump is inadvertently fueling efforts to undo new hampshire's first in the nation status. for a closer look at that, you
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latest primary source column from political reporter john distaso. meantime we're 48 hours away from the last debate before the election year officially begins. the democratic candidates will take to the stage at st. anselm college this saturday at 8:00. news 9 will have complete live coverage before and after that debate, including a special edition, by the way, of closeup airing sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. jean: traffic watch time, let see how the evening commute is shaping up. live pictures in manchester where it's slow going on 293, this is the traffic heading southbound near exit 5. the view from our elliott at rivers edge camera. peggy james is joining us live with a look at the evening commute around the state. hi, peggy. peggy: hi, jean. with the wet roads out there and the wind shield wipers going, it's a slower ride than normal. 93 northbound coming up from salem definitely heavier and slower than our usual trip.
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293. and as you saw there it's heavy and slow as well, but no trouble on 293 north or south. we see increased volume from hooksett to concord right now, and looking at 101 west you're slow getting through the lights at 114, then you start moving road. everett turnpike northbound, things are slow between 10 and 11 with increased volume there. no holdups to and from the seacoast on 101, but we do have delays in newington on the spaulding turnpike. the report being brought to you by peters honda, nissan and kia of nashua, i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. jean: thanks. josh: big changes have been announced at disney and universal. jean: up next new security rules mean many people will have to leave their costumes at home. >> and the force is strong with these once, as you see behind us, people are already lining up two hours ahead of the premiere
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we'll have coverage from nashua coming up. mike: temperatures remain above average for now, but it does cool down over the weekend. >> it really can change the face of a neighborhood. josh: police say this house has been a hot spot for drug deals, officers say they found several dangerous drugs within arm's reach of a child. jean: then at 6:00 we asked and you answered, the challenge you met to provide meals for hundreds of thousands of hungry
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jean: two people are dead in suspected road rage shootings on an oklahoma interstate. authorities responded to reports of a man shooting at cars on city last night. a man and woman were shot and killed about 10 miles apart. authorities arrested the suspected shooter after a morning. the suspect is being held on charges. josh: within the last few minutes the first federal charges were filed in the san
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the man under the microscope, syed farook's en friend who bought two of the tweps. reporter: he's the man authorities say purchased the two assault rifles used in the worst terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. now enrique marquez is under arrest facing federal criminal charges. >> he said something on the lines of like there's a lot of muslims in our own back yard red to go haywire. reporter: the f.b.i. raided marquez' home shortly after syed farook and tashfeen malik killed 14 people and wounded 22 others. before dieing in a shootout with police. marquez was farook's close friend and former neighbor. and after days of questioning him, the f.b.i. says the two even plotted an attack together as early as 2012, but backed out. >> he has provided them with a lot of detail about the weapons, about possibly other attacks planned, and that typically
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sentence. reporter: president obama will visit san bernardino friday to meet privately with the victims and their families. reporter: the f.b.i. investigation is far from over. agents are still searching for the couple's missing hard drive while trying to decode their encrypted private messages. san bernardino's inland regional center will reopen next month, but officials say the conference center where this terror attack took place will remain closed indefinitely. angeles. jean: majority security changes are coming to all three major theme parks in orlando. metal detectors are now in use at disney world, sea world and university. disney is also banning all toy resorts. and no one over the age of 14 will be allowed to wear costumes into the parks. disney is also using more local law enforcement and specially trained dogs.
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land and universal studios in hollywood. world of the changes comes as president obama says there are no specific terror threats in the u.s. right now. we'll have much more on his remarks coming up at 5:30. josh: star wars fans if you're headed to see the premiere tonight of "the force awakens," the 7th installment, you have to leave your masks and light sabres at home. in light of recent tragedies, new security measures are in place. movie goers are encouraged to dress in costumes, but masks and weapons will not be permitted inside. wmur's stephanie woods is at chunky's in nashua with a very enthusiastic crowd. reporter: absolutely. well, it's finally here. star wars' "the force awakens" premieres here tonight at 7:00 in a couple hours.
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this movie picks up where return of the jeddi left off in 1983, although there was a second prequel after the original movies, this is the first star wars movie directedly j.j. abe rams and produced by the disney company. all shows at all chunky's locations are sold out tonight. markham el, carrie fisher and harrison ford. still, there's one villain everyone is dieing to see. >> we have darth vader coming in tonight, we'll have him running around trying to have fun with people. get a few good pictures. we welcome everyone to dress up and come in and have a good time. don't let restrictions hurt you too much. have fun, dress up, and enjoy life. reporter: as mentioned before, all toy weapons including
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banned. but unlike some other cinemas, chunky's is letting guests dress up, paint their faces and wear costumes. tonight you might need a hood because it's very wet outside, it's going to be wet for those trying to see the stars. mike haddad is here with your star wars forecast. mike: yes, it's wet now and continues on and off through the evening and first part of the overnight. let's take a look at the forecast for this evening. if you're heading out you need the rain gear right through show time. so as you're heading into the theater and out of the theater, mid to upper 30's to around 40 to start, mid to upper 30's to finish. and the rain will start to taper off after the midnight hour. out at the coast today, a good part of the day featured some clouds, a little drizzle, and then during the mid afternoon the steadier rain did arrive and it is a wet night across new hampshire, at least right now. in terms of visibility that's cut down due to low clouds and
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allow extra time traveling out and about for tonight. notice on the radar scopes, solid green all over the place, that means steady rain in many spots from the great north woods all the way points south, you have to go all the way to northern maine and eastern parts of quebec to get in on the snow line here, because the temperatures are well above freezing. right at 32 atop mount washington with rain and freezing rain. but elsewhere southeasterly wind driving in temperatures that are well above the average, near 50 at this time right along the coast, and overnight tonight will bottom out in the upper 30's and lower 40's. still remaining above normal high temperatures for this time of year. but there is colder air sitting back to the west and finally tomorrow night into saturday and sunday we'll cool right back to average. not even below the norm, we just get back to norm. what that means is a chance of snow showers on saturday for the north country, and even a passing snow shower south and then temperatures will certainly be cold enough for ski resorts
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weekend, which is great news for skiers and riders. take a look at the future cast, it shows the rain moving out by midnight, 1:00 a.m., by the early part of the morning low level clouds and fog beginning the break up. one more batch of clouds will scrape the coast during tomorrow afternoon, a slight chance of a shower, but outside of that looks dry for your friday and friday evening. very late friday night, early saturday morning, snow showers will begin to fire up, off the lee of the the great lakes and from a weak disturbance in southeastern canada, that will trigger snow showers again northern and central new hampshire for saturday. and can't rule out a few flakes even in southern parts of new hampshire with a slight chance of a dusting in a few communities, mainly off the main roads, and the reason, temperatures will still be above freezing. upper 20's near 30 north, lower to mid 30's south. same temperatures on sunday, less wind, that wind will be
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feeling the part of winter. josh: a chilly weekend. thanks, mike. jean: some exciting news tonight for those who can no longer walk. josh: the technology that will now be covered by the v.a. jean: and the c.e.o. some have
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for lynn's family, the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours.
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jean: defense secretary ash
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using a personal e-mail account for government work. he admitted to reporters today that he sometimes used the unsecure account for official business, and that he continued to do it after the controversy over former secretary of state hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. carter says he stopped using the personal account a few months ago and that he never used it with any classified information. josh: the v.a. will now cover the cost of robotic legs that will allow many paralyzed veterans to walk again. the most commonly used one costs about $77,000. it has f.d.a. approval but many veterans can't afford the cost. now the department of veterans affairs says it will start training staff on how to provide the device and support for patients following several petitions from veterans, which makes you wonder why they even had to ask. jean: good to see them walking again. straight ahead, star wars fans in one place cannot see the new movie this weekend. we'll tell you what's on their theater screens instead.
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. jean: now at 5:30, this home is
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drug trafficking, creating what police call a deadly threat to the child who lives here. josh: the woman who sued to fast track her medical marijuana card will get the drug tomorrow in a neighboring state. mike: warm enough for a chilly rain now, but as it cools down over the weekend will snow chances increase? a look ahead. jean: and president obama vis it's the country's counterterrorism center as congress debates the best plan for handling refugees. jean: the woman arrested after a raid in tilton may be just the first of several people to face charges. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. investigators say they found several times of drugs inside of a home on chestnut street as well as evidence of sales. this location is also close to a number of schools. ray brewer reports that there
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reporter: the 5-year-old boy is now living with another relative. police say that the heroin and methamphetamine were just lying about the apartment, and would have been very easy for the little boy to ingest a fatal dose. outside 21 chestnut street in tilton it was quiet on thursday, but wednesday afternoon it was a different story. >> there were police cruisers from the state police, from tilton that were over at this house. reporter: tilton police say they also recovered, according to police, scales and other evidence that drugs were being sold out of that location. >> we were very suspicious, out. >> people are going to notice that extra traffic. reporter: and that police say is what led neighbors to call them to begin their investigation. police say it took months to establish that the sales were an
5:32 pm
something the chief acknowledges can be nerve wracking for those in the neighborhood. >> because that opens up the question, is it meth, is it heroin, what type of people are coming to buy it? you know, it really can change the face of a neighborhood. reporter: in this case there were additional concerns. >> and in this case, that address was between essentially four or five different schools. reporter: that made the case a high priority. neighbors are hoping that things will get back to normal on chestnut street and that the arrest sends a message. >> this will hopefully tell people that if you're going to deal drugs, don't come to tilton. reporter: while no one has been charged yet with the sale of the meth or heroin, they plan on court. they also have recovered cell phone records and will try to match those numbers with buyers. and more arrests are expected. in tilton, ray brewer, wmur news 9.
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granite state's only medical marijuana card will receive the drug in maine tomorrow. linda horan sued new hampshire for an expedited card so she can legally get marijuana to treat her stage 4 lung cancer. last month a judge ruled in her favor and tomorrow she is scheduled to visit a dispensary marijuana. several of her supporters plan to be there too. josh: president obama is pushing to reassure americans that his counterterrorism efforts are sufficient, while congress considers changes to the vetting process when it comes to refugees. sally kidd is in washington with details. reporter: josh, the president says the u.s. has intensified the fight against isis, but recent polling shows many americans believe he can do more. after a meeting at the national counterterrorism center, the americans. president obama: at this moment our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and
5:34 pm
attack on the homeland. hill -- >> you don't have a clue, do you? >> i'm trying to get to where anywhere. reporter: frustration on both sides of the aisle at a hearing on the vetting process for immigrants and refugees. number? >> no, i'm not going to give you a number. reporter: lawmakers are questioning whether enough safeguards are in place to keep terrorists out. one of the shooters in the san bernardino terrorist attack was allowed in on a fiancee visa last year. by then the f.b.i. says tashfeen malik had already been radicalized. >> how did we miss the lady the san bernardino? >> there was nothing in the system that we used that would pick that up. better. we don't even look at their public stuff, that's what kills reporter: the department of homeland security has three small pilot programs under way on the use of social media, but ambiguous. >> social media is something we need to be talking about, it is something that we have been
5:35 pm
continue to build. reporter: reviews of the vetting process are under way at the state department and homeland security, with recommendations to be sent to the white house. in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: hundreds of families will have a happier holiday season thanks to southern new hampshire services. it led a community effort in raymond to give gift baskets to families in need. organizers say they are seeing more requests for help this year than in years past. >> this year the need in raymond has really grown. i'm up over 100 applications from what i was last year. we have over 300 families that have applied, filled out applications for food, gifts or both. we have close to 350 kids who we're providing gifts for or having people provide gifts for. and they're all coming today. jean: organizers say they should be able to fill every wish this season thanks to the generous
5:36 pm
josh: the holidays are a time of giving, and exeter area new car dealers are paying it forward to needy families in a big way. the association donated $10,000 bank. the dealers also unloadedded vehicles, and donated food to ensure that the pantry is fully stocked for the holidays. there's. still ahead, good reason to finish your holiday shopping tomorrow, why getting the gift there's on time could cost you less. josh: and a for a lot of travelers, a competing airline reimbursed them for the cost of travel fees. mike: quite a few changes over the past 24 hours and more to come as we move into friday and the weekend. the forecast ahead. jean: and the man who came under fire for dramatically raising the price of a life saving drug has been arrested in an entirely
5:37 pm
josh: what kind of day was it on wall street on a thursday? not very good. dow jones losing 253 points and the s&p and nasdaq also down significantly. don't forget, you have one more day to mail holiday gifts without paying extra for fast shipping. jean: u.p.s. says regular ship
5:38 pm
christmas if they're sent by tomorrow. after that you will have to pay more. tomorrow is also free shipping day for dozens of major retailers. most without requiring any minimum purchase. quite a christmas gift for air travelers who spoke up about their complaints. dozens of people who posted on social media about baggage and change fees on other airlines received gift cards from southwest airlines, enough to cover the cost of those fees. the airline also offered them some free flights. southwest makes a point of being the only u.s. airline that lets people check two bags for free, and it doesn't charge for changing flights. josh: you'd be hard pressed to miss all the marketing for the new star wars movie, but do you realize just how many thins have the movie branding? we rounded up some of the more unusual items. reporter: star wars "the force
5:39 pm
from toys to shoes. duct tape to adult size onessies. the blockbuster movie's marketing seemingly took a page out of space balls, the 1987 star wars spoof. >> merchandising, merchandising! where the real money from the movie is made. reporter: this time around, ads got creative. power light saber battle with duracell batteries. use h.p. laptops and r2d2 to get a date and dress the part with cover girl makeup. you you can also eat your way into the star wars franchise with campbell's soup. >> i am your father. reporter: general mills cereal brands, and subway. but it remains to be seen how much consumers will buy into the hype, even if it does come from a galaxy far, far away.
5:40 pm
josh: so one place you won't see star wars fever this weekend, apparently, is in bollywood. they already have two blockbusters premiering this weekend with some of bollywood's biggest stars. so to keep theaters free for those films they had to push back the new all-stars movie -- the new star wars movie by a week. jean: fewer people are having holiday party this year, we'll look at why. josh: and find out which players they picked up today in sports. jean: new at 6:00, granite state generosity comes calling again for the mother who said she couldn't afford the ingredients
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josh: we're following breaking news from farmington. crews from multiple towns are responding to a two-alarm building fire right now at 474 main street. josh j.: a dispatcher tells us main street is closed in the area. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will be bringing you updates as soon as we get them. a pharmaceutical entrepreneur under already screut knee for raising the price of hough medications is now the subject of a federal investigation. josh: he's facing chargings of securities fraud from his former work as a hedge fund manager. reporter: he's an entrepreneur at the center of a firestorm in
5:44 pm
pharmaceutical company and jacking up the price of a life saving drug more than 4,000%. >> growing outrage over that life saving drug and the sticker shock. reporter: tweeted about by hillary clinton. called a spoiled brat by donald trump. named the most hated man in america in the press. currently defending himself against critics on abc news in september. >> i think they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the way pharmaceutical companies operate. we've agreed to lower the price of it to a point that is more affordable. reporter: a promise he later reneged on. today 32-year-old martin screlly under arrest in new york for fraud and conspiracy unrelated to that price hike controversy or his current company. the charges involve his alleged actions as a hedge fund manager and at another drug company where he was c.e.o. from 2012 to 2014. >> for kelly essentially ran his
5:45 pm
where he used each company to pay off defrudded investors from the prior company. reporter: accused of lying to investors after losing millions in bad trades, prosecutors say he used retrofinn as a personal piggy bank to pay back shareholders. his attorneys had no immediate comment. lauren lyster. mike: a light wintery mix in northern new hampshire earlier today, it now all over to rain as temperatures have warmed up well above freezing. out in newfound lake today, the clouds are in from sunup to sundown, a little middle of the, light sprinkle activity, a few light showers during the early afternoon and the steady rain has taken over statewide. notice on radar it is fairly active, from maine westward through new hampshire, including all of vermont back to the west as well, down through southern new england. then the rain showers beginning to break up just a little bit in
5:46 pm
i would say the back edge of the steady rain is through here, near the midnight hour with a couple of lingering showers during the overnight stretch. but it will be rough going for this evening due to low visibility and wet roads, so do allow extra time if you're traveling during tonight. but tomorrow some dryer air begins to nose in from the west. most of the showers will scoot to our south and that means that it's a dry and pleasantly cool friday before temperatures finally are going to return to average by this this weekend. right now still well above and that means rain as opposed to snow, light wind out of the east and southeast, temperatures in the upper 40's at the coast, but upper third and lower 40's for many, as you work a little bit away from the shore. then we focus in on this, season my chilly air through all the great lakes back through the midwest and northern plains, and that's marching towards the east and by tomorrow night, saturday and sunday, that will bring our temperatures finally again back to average. in terms of the steady rain
5:47 pm
out by late this evening or around midnight. couple of light showers may linger, especially in the north country and parts of western new hampshire during the overnight and early tomorrow morning, then the most in the way of sunshine should be in central and western parts of the state, a few more clouds up north and a few more clouds right along the immediate coast, and then jumping ahead to saturday we could see some snow showers, even in parts of southern new hampshire, although the greatest chance with any steady accumulation of an inch or two or three in the mountains will be in northern parts of new hampshire. along with a chance of flakes, gusty winds out of the northwest and temperatures back into the 30's. highs tomorrow one more day of the relatively mild stuff, near 40 north to around 50 along the mass-new hampshire border, salem and towards the coast. then it cools back down. temperatures for the weekend, we drop, but right back to average, that's all we can do right now, because by early next week
5:48 pm
again and there are some signs, at least in one of our computer models that indicate a very warm christmas eve day before it cools back down again. exactly how warp, we'll try to figure that out as we get closer. jean: amazing, thanks, mike. josh: fewer companies apparently are throwing holiday parties. jean: a placement firm says many companies have decided the to drop holiday parties, although another survey found 30% of businesses skipping the event. while some worry about misbehavior, others say it's too hard to schedule something all the employees can attend. and many workers say they'd rather have the money spent on, that would be spent on the party spent on things like bonuses or time off. a mom in minnesota wins a basketball challenge. she has left everyone in awe. josh: angela was given a chance to score half off tuition for her daughter's schooling next year.
5:49 pm
could sink a half court shot. does that count? went through granny style. jean: it bounces in. josh: amazingly, the ball did make it through the basket and the mom was pleased. jean: you go, mom! josh: congratulations. jason: son: fun fact for you, that's how jamie staton bowls. wide receiver leonard hankerson and adrian waddle from the lions. the pats can clinch a first round bye with a win on sunday. we'll hear from rob gronkowski tonight at 6:00. the monarchs played an early game in kalamazoo today, matt leitner scored a power play goal with six minutes to go in regulation to force overtime.
5:50 pm
sixth goal of the season. man chers will play at fort wayne tomorrow night. sunapee's rachel malanga is tonight's home town hero, she's won championships in three different sports, basketball, softball and volleyball. rachel is also one of the top students in the school and the student council president, we'll have her story tonight at 6:00. josh: curling up with an e book shouldn't keep you from falling asleep any more. jean: up next how the newest e readers make sure you still get a good night's sleep. tom: coming up at 6:00 tonight, citing concerns over inappropriate behavior, exeter high school puts an end to student dances. what recent court case sealed the decision. and with no snow and above normal temperatures, winter tourism still expected to be strong. the conference held today that is predicting a solid season
5:51 pm
josh: am amazon and google have
5:52 pm
>> studios show blue lights keep people from relaxing into sleep. the new apps will fitter out the blue light waves as the clock changes. josh: one family has the ultimate 21st century light display, they've made it a family tradition to connect their lights to the internet on their web page. you decide which ones to turn off and on and which can make some crazy displays when there are a lot of people clicking. this is a live picture of their home in fairbanks, alaska. jean: wow. josh: to join the fun, just go to christmas in jean: our producer says we should get on line and get in line. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain
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veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes. but, unlike some, his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe,
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because he's done it before. only an impatient rascal can bring america back. john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. tom: developing now at 6:00, a car crashes into a billion in claremont, the damage left behind and the charges the driver is facing. jennifer: school dances canceled
5:55 pm
the events that led up to the superintendent's decision and what he says was the tipping point. mike: the wet weather continue this is evening before dryer air brings sunshine back for some on friday. a look at the weekend changes ahead. >> winter will come, it always does, and we'll enjoy it very much. tom: plus how much money tourists are anded to pump into the granite state economy this winter. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we begin tonight with breaking news out of farmington, new hampshire. crews from multiple towns responding to a two-alarm building fire right now at 474 main street. main street is closed in that area. we have a crew on the way to the scene, we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. now onto a developing story, police have arrested a man after they say he crashed a car into a business in downtown claremont. the driver charged with d.w.i. good evening, new hampshire, i'm
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