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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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father had for his son's killer. shelley: starting right now after a foggy and dreary day in the granite state, we're placing for more heavy rain. a live look right now in portsmouth, i believe that was. but the good news is there is record warmth to come. i'm shelley walcott. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. when can we expect the rain to start? let's head over to meteorologist josh judge with the answer. >> interesting weather over the next 24 hours. your current temperatures are right now about 10 or 12 degrees above average for this time of year right now. but imagine adding another 10 to 20 degrees where we are and you'll be thinking of tomorrow. a look at the cloudy skies and rain beginning to push in from south to north and some heavier rain at times. it will be moving south to north
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could see up to an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall by the time it's done tomorrow. then to the record warmth that is a slam dunk for tomorrow. the record high tomorrow in concord is 57. we're predicting around 67. and portsmouth's record is 51, it will be in the upper 60's there as well. josh: you can stay up to date with the latest forecast by using our storm watch weather app which is available for both apple and android devices. sthrp one new hampshire man is dead and another in custody after authorities in florida say they were involved in a robbery. they shot police in new hampshire had been looking for michael hilber and another man after a deerfield officer was dragged by a truck this month.
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story. reporter: well, shellley, a search for a suspect in florida ended with a rochester man dead charges in florida and new hampshire. but the story begins on december 2. deerfield police tell us that police pulled over a pickup truck on route 107 and say they found 27-year-old derek kelley behind the wheel and 29-year-old michael hilber in the passenger seat. both with outstanding warrants in new hampshire. when an officer tried to arrest them, kelley allegedly took off, dragging the officer about 20 feet onto oncoming traffic. deerfield police charged kelley with felonious escape felony, resisting arrest and disobeying an officer but say they weren't able to arrest him because they hilber. florida police say a gunman who resembles hilber was caught on camera robbing a dollar general
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police chased after hilber and kelley and then police shot and killed hilber in the woods at about 1:45. he died at the scene. kelley was capture wednesday morning. deerfield police say even though kelley had had had an arrest history in the state, this was a surprise to them. >> it is based on the fact that you're deal mostly with burglaries here. armed robbery seems like he stepped it up, whether or not they had the firearms in their vehicle in new hampshire when they ran from us and that was the reason or whether they picked them up in florida we're not 100% sure. reporter: kelley is currently charged in florida with principle to an armed robbery without a firearm. he's being held at a florida jail. stephanie woods, wmur news 9. josh: the marshal's office is offering a reward to help catch a bank robber, they say martin has robbed a half dozen banks in new hampshire and vermont.
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armed and is extremely dangerous. reporter: in each of the robberies authorities say that martin shows a handgun and the brazen nature of the crimes worry them, that things could escalate. authorities believe that matthew martin's last robbery was monday in ludlow, vermont. in surveillance video you can see a man come in and show a black handgun. police say he demanded cash and told the teller not to press any buttons. they say he was out of the bank in just seconds. authorities believe this may be the fourth robbery that martin committed in a month and state police have enlisted the u.s. marshal service to help find him. they say he's from rhode island but has ties to vermont and travels frequently to new hampshire and massachusetts. >> there are some people out there who might be helping him. and if they are helping him accessory. if any of these people know where he is, let us know, we need to get him off the streets. reporter: authorities say martin is extremely dangerous, and if you do see him don't approach him.
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heather hamel, wmur news 9. shelley: some intense moments in strafford county superior court this morning as a murder victim's father and the man convicted in the killing turned to face each other. the staredown took place during tristan wolusky's sentencing to life in prison. he looked directly at the father of aaron wilkinson as he gave his victim impact statement. wmur's adam sexton joins us live now from the newsroom with more. adam? reporter: typically during these victim impact statements it's common for the guilty party to stare straight ahead or kind of zone out, but that did not happen here. in this case the father of the victim asked to speak directly to tristan wolusky and then got his full attention. >> you murdered my son. that's our story, and that's your story. the three of you showed up there that night, the three of you
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you drove away with his dying body. it's a tough story, but that's your story. reporter: could you have heard a pin drop in strafford superior court wednesday, as the father of murder victim aaron wilkinson spoke directly to dries tan wolusky, reiterating the facts a senseless crime to a convict who still maintains he is not a killer. >> i did not hurt aaron wilkinson. report that defiance in the face of the evidence and a guilty verdict leaves prosecutors shaking their heads. >> his comments were insulting to the jurors who actually sat on his case and listened intently both to his testimony and all the other evidence in the case. reporter: speaking out in court, wilkinson's mother remembered 18-year-old aaron as kind, funny, and sweet. >> i have a huge gaping hole in my heart. >> he really was a sweet kid. he was easy to like, you know,
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reporter: wolusky's first degree murder conviction triggers an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole. his defense team continues to assert he was just a follower, not the ring leader, of this murder plot. >> there's no question we're appealing this. there will be a notice after peel filed within 30 days. reporter: wolusky's coconspirators both testified against him and were convicted of second degree murder, they are both serving sentences of 30 years to life. adam sexton, wmur news 9. shelley: in the wake of recent shootings, state workers will situations. according to the state employees union, governor hassan's office has asked each agency to designate a security doored mater for the training. the emergency management office will also be assessing security measures at state offices. training will begin in january. a hebert woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the state liquor commission. a grand jury indicted her on 36
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say 52-year-old dorothy champagne took more than $109,000 from 2011 to 2014. the state liquor commission released this statement this afternoon that reads in part, the nhlc has been working closely with the office of the attorney general to investigate the actions of a former employee who has been indicted by a grand jury for diverting nhlc funds to our personal account. her personal account. josh: the campaign trail in new hampshire is growing quiet as holiday. marco rubio is the last in the state with a morning event in franklin that we had the chance to sit down with the senator and his wife to talk about the balance between a rigorous campaign and family. alongside mayor mariesfield, marco rubio was up early on
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big crowd at the vfw in franklin he told the packed hall that the government is out of touch on everything from the mountain of debt to social security. >> we all believe there needs to be a safety net but not as a lifestyle. and today you've got millions of people trapped in government dependency. you have a world that's grown more dangerous than it's ever military. josh: like everyone else in the g.o.p. field, marco rubio is looking up at donald trump in the polls, although the most recent poll show new hampshires like him. >> these people have taken us seriously, they're there to be convinced. josh: joined by his wife of 17 years, she says when it comes to marco rubio what you see is what you get, eve than on a bad day. >> he's consistent. >> consistently what? reporter: on this trip they also brought their four kids along, and while dad is running for president they've grown up
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spotlight. >> they understand how this process works, we've talked to them about it and they get it. they're proud of their dad and they know the good that comes along with politics but also the other side to that. reporter: jeannette is also from south florida, but if the white house thing doesn't work out maybe they'll just keep heading north. >> she said maybe we should move to new hampshire, she really likes it. >> i think it's beautiful. josh: it's not always 70 in december. you can watch the full interview this sunday on closeup at 10:00 a.m. shelley: that is for sure. still to come at 5:00 -- josh: asking for justice for the shooting of a black man in minnesota, what dozens of stores are doing in advance of the shelley: millions bracing for different weather across the country, the impact it's having on holiday travelers, hitting the roads and the sky.
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about as we enter the holidays, some record warmth and plenty of rain, we'll have the timeline ahead. >> fire dave states a family's home in milton. coming up we'll tell you why they still say they're going to have a merry christmas. josh: then, the family of a new hampshire prisoner is fighting the ban on prisoners receiving greeting cards. why the aclu says that is
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shelley: time to check how state. josh: live 293 north in manchester where traffic appears to be moving fairly smoothly. 95.7, wzid's peggy james joins us with a live look at the road home on christmas eve eve. >> yes, hi, josh and shelley. a lot of people are hitting the road now and so far things are going well, although we have a lot of cars out there. coming up from the border on 93 slight slowdowns from windham up to londonderry to manchester. 293 is very busy but moving well throughout the city. and we have a lot of traffic on 93 between manchester and concord this evening, but incident-free. concord, you'll be tapping the
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taking a look at 101 through bedford, we've got the usual slowdowns in that stretch from 114 to wallace road. everett turnpike northbound getting congested between exits 10 and 11. no problems heading to the seacoast and traffic is building on the spaulding turnpike northbound. i'm peggy james. josh: thanks very much. hundreds of black lives matter protesters marching in minnesota are now blocking airport roads. shelley: the protests started at the mall of america before moving to the airport. airport officials say access to one of two terminals are blocked by protesters, dozens of stores and the country's largest mall closed their security gates in advance of the protest. the woman accused of intentionally crashing her car into a crowd on the las vegas strip did not enter a plea in court today. it was the first appearance for 24-year-old lakesha holloway to
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one person was killed in sunday's crash, at least 35 other people were hurt. three are still in critical condition. josh: the truck driver that police say crashed into the limo van carrying tracy morgan has been indicted, charged with aggravated manslaughter, very heck lar homicide and aggravated assault. one man was killed in the crash that seriously injured the comedian. authoritieses say the driver hadn't slept for 28 hours before the crash on the new jersey turnpike. roughly half the country is bracing for severe weather tonight and it's also having a big impact on holiday travel. airports and roads are packed with people and for some travelers getting home has been a nightmare so far. brandi hitt has more. reporter: with the holiday travel rush beginning, airports are packed across the country, long lines forming in chicago before 6:00 a.m. >> stant in line about a mile
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>> i'm hoping i'm going to catch my flight. reporter: today is the busiest travel day on the roads and skies this holiday season. and it's not off to a great start. with one two three-hour flight delays in new york, new jersey and philadelphia. >> we're delayed. >> looks like we're on time. no, delayed. reporter: this southwest flight was forced to return to oakland for an emergency landing after after -- >> the plane was thumping and thumping and going very slow because they were trying to get the landing gear up and it wouldn't go up. reporter: severe weather is also impacting the roads, with snow falling at an inch per hour in parts of oregon. 80-mile per hour wind leaving damage in southern california. and cleanup is under way in the flooding. 68 million americans are in this storm zone that could produce
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many drivers are packing their pish -- patience. reporter: if you haven't finalized your plans yet, be aware the second worst travel day is expected to be sunday. shelley: christmas is just two days away now and holiday lights are shining bright in new hampshire. josh: tonight in our last show, i can't believe it's the last one. we're going to head to a home in goffstown, where we find mike haddad, he's live on pastor drive. mike? mike: that's right. hard to imagine we're just here two days from the christmas holiday, still so warm. joining me now to talk about this great show, it's not just about lights, it's about music, is the owner justin calloway. thanks for inviting us up here. >> thanks for coming. we've got my son, my wife tammy
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mike: mellow and merry christmas. you have a big list for santa? >> yes, i do. mike: terrific, i hope he brings everything you want. this is some lighting display because it's set to music and you have how many different songs and what station do you have to tune into? >> 88.1 on the fm band. we have five different songs playing, they're all tuned to 20,000 different lights timed on a computer network. mike: listen to this, because we recorded it a little while ago, it's something else. it's something else because you've got this you'll tune in. how long did it take you to set up the lights and program it to the music? >> takes me a couple of months to do the programming and setting up the lights. i start basically right after halloween and finish right before thanksgiving. mike: it's all worth it because many are already lined up on the street and they're also here,
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good cause, and we'll talk more about that at 6:00. but how about the rain. so far so good in terms of keeping it dry. but when does that change and what about that record warmth on the way. josh? josh: you just highlighted the two things that we'll be talking about, the rain on the way, and the warmth is going to be or so. let's start off with a look at your current temperatures out there, and as you can see we've got the temperatures in the 40's to near 50 degrees at this moment. and that is well above the average for this time of year. here's your almanac and the average temperature for concord for this day is 34 degrees, so far concord has only reached 44. southern new hampshire tupper 40's. so we are 10 degrees above average today for concord. but can you imagine adding another 20 or more degrees on top of this, and that would be tomorrow, unbelievable. let's take a look at what's coming up.
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and the rain and drizzle and fog we've had, there is some thick fog in parts of maine and along the coast. coastal new hampshire, you have a dense fog advisory in effect right through midnight and a little beyond, so extra caution driving around tonight for sure. here comes a few sprinkles beginning to push in from south to north and will continue to move north water over the next several hours, and by probably 7:00 or 9:00 most of us should be raining by then, and there you can see some of these embedded darker greens and yellows, and we'll widen the view and show you there's a long fetch here, a long area of rain state overnight into tomorrow morning, the heaviest of it is done by early tomorrow morning, but there will be leftover showers and sprinkles for a while during the day tomorrow before we kind of shut that off and gradually brighten up the day a little bit for tomorrow. but the big star of tomorrow will certainly be the warmth. that's because the jet stream
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just pulls up, not only this well. and that will be coming up here overnight tonight. in fact the air mass we're looking at is down here in southeastern united states, in overnight. because of that the temperatures don't get that low tonight, but most of us in the 40's and 30's for overnight lows because warmer air will be pushing in overnight and through the day tomorrow. so first let's take a look at future cast and show you the conditions for the rain off and on throughout the nighttime hours. check this out, some heavy downpours, possible at night, a very outside chance of a rumble of thunder somewhere in the state, and then it pull as way tomorrow, we start the day with left over sprinkles, a shower or two, clouds and fog. and peeks of sunshine beginning to appear in the good afternoon. christmas day, much more sunshine as well, but not quite as warm. for tonight, 40 to 50 this evening. the overnight lows not that low
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check this out, here's my forecast temperatures for tomorrow. christmas eve day, 69, possibly 70 in nashua for christmas eve tomorrow. then friday for christmas, it will be cooler but still well above average in the 50's. so i think everyone in the 60's tomorrow, and everyone in the 50's on christmas day, except northern new hampshire. shelley: how this is possible. >> and the obamas traveled tall way to hawaii. thanks, josh. the number of twins born in the u.s. has hit a record. shelley: coming up, the reasons that researchers think could be behind this increase. josh: and big sales for last minute shoppers, we'll tell you where you can get the best deals for those who go down to the
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sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
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by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. josh: if you think you're seeing double, you might not be. a new c. d. c. report shows that twin birth rates are now higher than ever. shelley: dr. timothy johnson explains. reporter: it's a boy, and a girl. with the rate of twin births reaching historic high last year, more and more parents might need to consider preparing for not just one baby but two, according to a new c. d. c. report looking at burst statistics in 2014. what's behind this shift, it's
5:25 pm
researchers say it could be the fact that women are giving birth later in life, a time when research suggests twins may be a more common occurrence. using in vee tro fertilization may also play a part. but while the number of twin births is going up, the rate of trip let and other multiple births dropped 5% from 2013 to 14. marking the lowest rate in nearly 20 years. and the rate in births in women under 20 is also down, with birth rates for teenagers declining 9% from 2013 to 2014, low. as for whether these trends will continue, nobody knows, but for those lucky parents with an extra bundle of joy, they can expect double the surprises for years to come. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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too. josh: double the diapers. shelley: you get you, okay. so we're working on more for wmur news 9 at 5:30. josh: this community outpouring is making sure this family can still celebrate. shelley: and you may not be able to hit the slopes for christmas, but there's other stuff you can do. find out what other activities are available up north in escape outside.
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>> i just went down to the fire department and it was overwhelming, an entire truck load of things from the community. josh: now a milton family lookeds everything only days before christmas. but we'll tell you how the community is coming together to help. josh: as if we haven't already been above average for temperatures this month, get ready for even more as we approach the holiday. a look at my eye popping predictions. shelley: those temperatures will make hitting the slopes difficult. the other activities many north country ski resorts are offering this weekend. josh: and the last minute shopping rush is on, and some stores won't be closing for the
5:29 pm
josh: it was a cloudy, dreary day in new hampshire, but record warmth will be moving in just in time for christmas eve. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. shelley: and i'm shelley walcott. we are expecting heavy rain tonight and then temperatures could reach almost 70 in some parts of the state tomorrow. josh judge is here with a look at the forecast. josh: sound weird to hear you say it, but it's the truth, and we've got rain and warmth on the way. we'll start with your current temperatures, because they're not going to change a lot over the next 24 hours. 48 in manchester. but these temperatures of about 48 don't fall a lot overnight because there's warm air streaming in and cloudy skies to capture the warmth as well. plenty of cloud and here comes the rain as well, rain pushing in from south to north throughout the evening hours and then heavier bouts of it during the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow. here's your overnight lows, if it even get this is low. some times of fog as well.
5:30 pm
record warmth, we'll talk about that. christmas day, still in the 50's. we'll tell you about the report warmth, it will shatter the record tomorrow, in a few minutes. josh: tonight a community is coming together to help, less than 24 hours after a fire ripped through this milton home. it destroyed the home and displayed the family which includes twins in kindergarten, all just days before christmas. ray brewer has more on how milton is stepping up. reporter: the pelletier family lost everything in this fire, but they say it also proves that the christmas spirit is alive and well in milton. >> it's like a blessing, a blessing. it's awful that bad thing have% to bring people together, but it really does. reporter: that's now how most people would prefer to -- this was their home just before 6:00 last night, fire ripping through 127 pineland park. the pelletiers were out christmas shopping at the time. >> our daughter had asked santa
5:31 pm
tell us about, so we had to go down. reporter: the couple's kids were with the grandparents, so no one was home. a friend managed to rescue the dogs, but that was about it. there are clothes we have on, as of last night. but the community pulled together. reporter: thanks in large part to the fire department, which alerted towns people to the need. >> when i realized that it was two twins, that they really needed the help and the family is going to need help, so i started a facebook post and really went viral after that. reporter: throughout the morning people were dropping off items at the fire station. >> i just went down to the fire department and it was overwhelming, an entire truck load of things from the community. report also stopping by to deliver things in person. >> this is from new high school and members of the community, we want you to know that we're here. reporter: so many items have been collected that the fire department now says the best thing to do for the family is gift cards.
5:32 pm
thanks to their neighbors -- >> it's going to be one of the best christmases we have. i'll guarantee you that. sharp was our ray brewer reporting. a fire in newmarket has triggered a flood of donations. the flames ruined christmas for the family of three. in just 24 hours the town has delivered a yuletide haul so e norm us that the fire department will be giving a portion of the gifts, the displayed family in newmarket, and also to that family we just mentioned in milton. some of the presents will also be heading north to berlin and to children in need. josh: more than three dozen animal has to be relocated after a suspected animal cruelty case in sandown. the new hampshire spca says sandown police requested that they remove animals from a property last night. all the animals are now in stratham.
5:33 pm
al pack as and goats, one cat, and a number of birds. >> i'm hoping that they settle in, that those animals like the cat and dogs, that they get a clear bill of health and be ready for adoption soon. and the others that need to be rehabilitated to have some weight put back on them and such, will be cared for over the next couple months and they'll be available for adoption as well. josh: all the animals were voluntarily surrendered except for one horse and a goat. a massachusetts man was rescued along franconia brook after he used his locater beacon, fish and game found christopher wright yesterday evening in his tent. conservation officials say he was suffering from hypothermia and could not cross the brook due to rising waters. wright did have the appropriate gear for the conditions, but was unable to stay dry because of all that heavy rain. so last minute shoppers, you have some options when it comes to overnight shopping.
5:34 pm
retailers are keeping their doors open until just about before christmas. josh: plus judges in europe say no minimum alcohol prices in scotland. why europe's high court knocked down this law. josh: today's temperatures were above average again, but they'll jump another 10 to 20 degrees, a doppler. shelley: speeders in parts of west virginia are getting a special break this holiday, what the police gave out instead of tickets. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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josh: not a bad way to head into the holiday on wall street, dow jones picking up nearly 185 points, s&p 500 and nasdaq also picking up points. oh toys r us location as cross the country will be staying open until 9:00 tomorrow night. shelley: the toy store extended hours once again to allow last minute shoppers to get everything they need before christmas. and toys r us isn't the only store staying open all night. kohl's has been open 24 hours a day since last thursday. and won't close until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. good news if you put off your holiday shopping until the last minute. turns out the longer you wait
5:38 pm
geo is here with the secrets to scoring massive deals, half off or more. reporter: this morning the mad rush for those last minute deals, and you're not alone. 40% of the season sales have been on these final days before christmas morning. with less than 48 hours to go, it turns out waiting this long way be good for your wallet. just check out some of these deals, a diamond necklace on amazon, 86% off. saving you nearly $400. this camera from cannon, just $38. stores like the gap, banana republic, express, 40 to 60% off the entire store. >> we're past the biggest part of the holiday shopping season, so retailers are already looking ahead to the post holiday season and wondering how they can keep retailers online and in stores. that's why they're offering
5:39 pm
reporter: for a higher price many retailers are offering overnight delivery. so if you order within the next few hours, you could get your gifts by tomorrow, but it's risky. >> your best belt for a last minute deal is definitely to go in store, and it's not necessarily because there aren't deals online. it's because even sites with guaranteed shipping might not arrive in time for christmas. >> you could also look for local experiences, rather than products, on we found this 60 minute massage in new york for 91% off, 29 bucks. or private dance lessons in los angeles, 77% off, $39. remember, gift cards are still year. starbucks is getting ready to sell those and that's because last year they sold 2.5 million gift cards, just on christmas eve. josh: it seems that europe's highest court is topping scotland from setting a minimum price for alcohol.
5:40 pm
ruled today that a law setting a drink's price based on alcohol content would restrict the market. scotland lawmakers passed the law in 2012 to discourage heavy drinking, the law claimed to be aimed at protecting health. the justices did suggest that scotland use taxes to discourage heavy drinking. as we know, a white christmas is not going to happen in the granite state. shelley: just ahead, we share some great snow alternatives for people heading to north country this weekend. josh: in sports we'll hear from the newest patriots player, steven jackson. >> ahead at six, how one new hampshire family is fighting the ban of greeting cards and post cards being sent to prisoners,
5:41 pm
josh: so the mountains in california are one of the few areas that are enjoying a white christmas this year. shelley: thanks to a series of powerful snowstorms in the sierra nevada, snow pack is not only higher than average it's at levels the state has not seen in two years. statewide it's 111% of the average for the date, and the snowfall isn't over. it's expected to continue into friday. for most of new hampshire, dreams of a white christmas have pretty much been dashed. josh: but there are other ways to enjoy the season, of course,
5:42 pm
in tonight's escape outside. reporter: if you really need a dose of snow this christmas weekend, you can find some high in the white mountains. but if that's not an option, consider the mount washington valley. they have plenty of weather, other activities from tubing to the giant swing at cranmore, there are plenty of ways to burn off energy. many snowmobile rental agencies also rent atv's, and sleigh rides turn into carriage ride in the saco valley when there's no snow. you'll also find indoor pools and outdoor skating rinks and a new weather discovery center is a nice way to cap it all off. you can fine more details in the escape outside section of our website, paula tracy, wmur news 9. josh: so much going on in the next 24 to 48 hours in terms of
5:43 pm
condition license changing rapidly. we'll start with a look at where we stand at the moment because even these temperatures that we're at right now, between 44 and 49 degrees statewide, are well above the average for what we would normally expect. so if we saw temperatures like this this sunday, we'd be saying how mild it feels, but it's nothing compared to where we're headed. there is fog in some locations, can you see the areas with lower visibility, meaning that there's fog and a little bit of haze out there, so lower visibility means be careful on the roads as you head outside. some dense fog advisories for the entire state of maine and coastal new hampshire locations, but that doesn't mean you won't find thick fog in the valleys too. now, light to moderate rain already pushing into southwestern new hampshire and making its way eastward and northward as well, the next couple hours will be raining
5:44 pm
this is not all reaching the ground, but where it's darker green and yellows you're seeing that rain pick up in intensity. you'll notice that there's plenty more to come from our south and pushing up through, so that means much of the evening hours and a good portion of the entire overnight will see those rain drops falling, sometimes heavy. could be some downpours at times, can't rule out a rumble of thunder in a spot or two. it's all coming from down south up toward us, riding right up the coast along with it warm temperatures as well as the jet stream dips down and scoops up that warmth and this moisture. and then transports it rapidly up toward us. so actually temperatures, believe it or not, in southeastern parts of the united states and even down in florida, this is the air mass that gathers tonight, pushes up along the coast overnight and moves in tomorrow. and just brings temperatures to unbelievable levels for christmas eve day. first on future cast,
5:45 pm
picks up at times overnight and some downpours, you may be woken up at times with mar rainfall. maybe a random rumble of thunder somewhere in there as it pushes through as well. the heaviest of it pull as way tomorrow morning, but we're left with fog, clouds, drizzle or sprinkles for a while, starting to see bright spots in the afternoon though, at least peeks sunshine tomorrow afternoon. for christmas day here, a good amount of sunshine out there for friday, it won't be as warm, but will still be well above average for temperatures on christmas day. then saturday partly sunny with a couple showers a possibility. let's talk about it for tonight, here's your lows to expect. 40's for most placeses are 30's in the north country. tomorrow simply unbelievable, the average high for tomorrow is 33. tomorrow we're thinking somewhere around, this is for concord, around 67 or so, and the record high for christmas is 57. so that will be shattered. there's a look at my predicted
5:46 pm
at that and the rest of the week ahead. and into the weekend, milder through the weekend, but a change does occur. next tuesday is the day to watch, there could be wintery mix involved in that, we'll be breaking that as we go through the weekend. >> just looking forward to continuing to get better and continuing to learn the way of the patriots. jamie: a great christmas present for steven jackson, that what he said, the newest patriots runningback. but also a great present for a patriots team that can use a former pro player at runningback, we'll hear more from jackson at 6:00. there is celtics basketball 7:00. hornets have lost four of their last five games. and let's check out a nice view from the sky of gillette stadium, that's the football
5:47 pm
but right now you might as well call it gillette rink. they're building a hockey rink for the nhl winter classic, that will be the bruins taking on the canadiens new year's day at 1:00, we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. shelley: still to come on news 9 -- josh: how one west virginia police department is cracking down on speeding, but in a special way. tom: then at 6:00 tonight, an armed robbery helps authorities track down two men wanted after dragging of a local police officer. tonight one of them is dead after a confrontation with police. plus the marshals are searching
5:48 pm
and dangerous. sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wall street banks and billionaires by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders,
5:49 pm
on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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by taking their money. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. josh: obviously safety on the highways is a concern for anyone traveling by car. shelley: but this holiday season a police department in west virginia is trying a soft sell approach. wheeling police ran speed checks for traffic safety, but drivers moving faster than the speed limit found out these local officers provided holiday cheer along with a warning. >> from what i've her so far, a lot of people really surprised. they were expecting a citation, in exchange they got a candy
5:51 pm
shelley: that's right, the department gave out candy canes instead of speeding tickets. in all officers stopped between 60 and 70 drivers. >> henry is a red nosed mailman, had a very shiny nose. josh: this south carolina man puts a smile on everyone he serves by using his voice. aaron norris works in the may room at a county office building, says he started making these sounds after his coworkers banded together to help through a tough time with his family, but that was more than 20 years ago and apparently has been singing at work ever since. christmas carols for 23 years.
5:52 pm
>> now at 6:00 we've already seen temperatures soar well above normal as of late, but now get ready for the warmest day we've seen this month.
5:53 pm
hampshire, one is dead, the other in custody in florida after this armed holdup. shelley: the search is on for this man considered armed and dangerous, the holdups police say he's wanted for including one just this week. tom: and one local family's fight to change the rule that bans cards from being sent to prisoners is now a federal lawsuit. >> now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: tonight the calendar says december, but there is a feeling of vining in the air, and records. good evening, i'm tom griffith. walcott. this weather sure has everyone talking. a white christmas will be hard to find around new hampshire, so let's check in with josh judge for what to expect. josh: some of the ski areas have been making snow. but that's about it. otherwise we have rain moving in right now, and record warmth on the way for tomorrow. a look at the doppler radar
5:56 pm
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