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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  December 24, 2015 1:07am-1:42am EST

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one is dead and police say in both states they drove off with someone hanging onto their vehicle. s thanksgiving card to his dad in prison has prompted a lawsuit. >> inmates and family members on the outside have a first amendment right to communicate. tom: the contraband concern that led the state prison to ban cards and drawings. shelley: this mild december has meant a slow start to the ski season. the ripple effect for businesses that depend on snow and cold. tom: a camera drone nearly crashes into a skier during a race. the changes a major ski organization is now making. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: a mild night across the granite state as we look live at downtown concord. it is 47 degrees outside right
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re set to break the record high of it will be a lot warmer than that. good evening, i' m shelley tom: i' let' s start with chief meteorologist mike haddad to tell us just how warm it could get. mike: tomorrow we shatter that record of 57 as midday and maybe steady rain across a good part of the state, breaking up in some areas, back to the upper valley in toward the heart of the franconia notch area but elsewhere steady rain continues. we will see it on and off for the balance of the night. about 15 above the average for this time of year and noticed the time lapse out at market square, we noticed the change with the cloud cover giving way eventually to some rain. once the rain moves out, guess what groups in?
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could we actually set the all-time december record of ebony three? shelley: tonight, the man police say was behind the wheel of a truck that dragged a deerfield police officer is under arrest in florida. and a passenger who was in that vehicle is dead. the two were found after an armed robbery in florida yesterday morning. our stephanie woods is live in deerfield with how police in florida say the two were involved in another dragging incident. stephanie: after massive search for two armed robbery suspects in central florida, now one new -- officer shot and killed one man from new hampshire and took another into custody. >> 911 what' s your emergency? >> yes i' d like to report a robbery, the man was wearing black pants and a black tshirt. stephanie: the hernando county sheriff' s office says 29-year-old michael hilber of rochester robbed a dollar general store at gunpoint
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truck manned by 27-year-old derek kelley of strafford and took off. but police say customers chased hilber and kelley and called 9-1-1. >> a blue chevy truck just pulled from behind my store and he' s following the people, he is with that guy. stephanie: one of those customers reportedly blocked the entrance to the highway with his car and tried to pull the keys out of the truck' s ignition. but police say kelley drove off dragging the man an eighth of a mile before the man let go. authorities say kelley and hilber then ran into a wooded area. hilber allegedly threatened police with a weapon and was shot and killed in the woods. after a near 24-hour search kelley was captured wednesday morning. >> having gotten in the don' thinking. but it doesn' t happen that often. stephanie: but the story begins on december 2 when deerfield driven by kelley with hilber in the front seat. an officer tried to arrest them for outstanding warrants in new hampshire but kelley allegedly took off, dragging the officer
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traffic. deerfield police filed charges against kelley for felonious escape, resisting arrest, and disobeying an officer, but weren' t able to arrest him after he allegedly fled to florida. >> armed robbery, seems like they stepped it up. whether they had the firearms in new hampshire, we are not 100% sure. stephanie: kelley is currently charged with principle to armed robbery with a firearm. he is being held without bond at a florida jail. live in deerfield, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: a former nursing assistant has been indicted on new charges now accused of sexually assaulting an elderly patient. timothy morrissey worked at bel-air nursing home and rehab center in goffstown. a grand jury indicted him on misdemeanor sexual assault charges for allegedly assaulting a 79-year-old resident with dementia. his license has been permanently removed. a grand jury has indicted a woman from franklin, accused of
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amber cowan is charged with arson. the fire broke out at the building on school street in september. cowan lived upstairs and had recently been served an eviction notice. a neighbor says he saw cowan walking toward the house with a gas can just before the fire. shelley: tonight the aclu of new hampshire is suing the state department of corrections, over its ban on inmates receiving greeting cards and handmade drawings. wmur' s suzanne roantree joins us is with more on why the ban was put in place, and the child at the center of that lawsuit. suzanne: the aclu' contends the department' s ban on what mail inmates can receive not only violates their constitutional rights, but is also hurting both the inmates and their family. >> we prohibited the sending of greeting cards and also the sending of drawings with crayons. markers and other types of pencils things of that nature . suzanne: the cards and drawings were banned because some were being used to smuggle in the drug suboxone into the prison.
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which can be hidden in heavy card-stock paper or by layered crayon drawings. >> when we first put the intital notice out there were concerns from members of the public but we feel it is an important change in our policy because it was the one the main ways that suboxyn was getting introduced into the prison. suzanne: the aclu filed the lawsuit on behalf of an inmate whose 3-year-old son sent a thanksgiving card that included drawings and the handwritten message, i u daddy. >> inmates and family members on the outside have a first amendment right to communicate. and not only is it a first amendment right but it also good for rehabilitation. prison officials can inspect mail, can inspect cards as they already do and the prison could certainly contemplate a more narrowly tailored policy that attacks the specific ways that suboxone is smuggled in thru the
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corrections maintains the policy is effective. >> security is tantamount for us and trying to keep contra band out of the prison is really a major priority for us on a daily basis and what ever methods we can use to keep that from coming inside we' ll take those steps . suzanne: the aclu says while the policy is well intentioned, it bans a huge amount of speech, including that of child trying to communicate with his father. live in the newsroom, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: officer started following a pickup in springfield vermont. they say he would not stop even though he had flat tires. he' s accused of hitting another pickup truck for finally stopping. he faces charges now in both states. right now at 11:00 u.s. marshals , are trying to find it armed robbery suspect. 31-year-old matthew martin is wanted in at least a half-dozen robberies in new hampshire and vermont. the most recent was an armed
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ludlow, vermont on monday. u.s. marshals say they want to get him off the streets now because they are worried things could escalate. >> he is armed and he is dangerous. where his mind is that, we don' t know, but people can do strange things when pushed to the edge. tom: martin is also wanted for the robbery of a t.d. bank in loudon earlier this month where a semi-automatic pistol was shown. marshals say if anyone is helping martin hide they could be charged as accessories. shelley: the chipotle restaurant in boston closed after a norovirus outbreak is reopening tomorrow. the restaurant passed inspection today. it closed more than two weeks ago after nearly 100 or two people who ate there got sick. health officials say a sick employee infected the customers. the mayor' s office said all employees have completed a food safety training program. tom: yesterday was the first day of winter but you would not know it by the weather. that' s making for a challenging
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the conditions at loon mountain and lincoln. >> record high numbers on the thermostat have translated to record lows at new hampshire ski resorts. mountains desperate for real snow to fall struggling even to make it themselves. loon mountain has been stripped of its white gold. snow trails lay barren and exposed. >> we' re about 30% below what we were this time last year. >> a ride up the mountain only 17 of loon' s 61 trails are open, and all of the snow that is on the ground is 100% >> we' ve invested a lot in the snow making over the last several years so we are prepared for this. this isn' t the first time we' ve had this kind of weather at >> tough conditions force even tougher business decisions. work aren'
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>> as we open more terrain we' ll bring more people on. >> and as it is on the mountain, so too it is in the valley below. it' s one of the worst in recent >> memory. >> businesses that bank on loon' s success, like lahout' s ski shop, are seeing terribly weak sales numbers. >> our store is based around cold weather, ski, heavy clothing. we have fewer skiers here and that just means fewer people to spend money. >> and normally sold-out hotels during the christmas break are finding themselves with rooms available, as cancellations have been steady. >> it' s the weather, yeah, most people, they don' t want to come that' s your primary reason for coming. >> so, despite what you see now, optimism remains high here at loon and area businesses. keep in mind the little snow we saw last december, and we all know what happened weeks later in january. this >> the mount washington auto road will be open on saturday. this picture is from last week and you can see how little snow there was then.
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the tree line, that' s about 4200 seat. -- feet. no private vehicles will be allowed and the tours are weather dependent. shelley: the weather is quite country. a string of tornadoes have touched down in mississippi and at least six people are dead. during a ski race. the changes ahead because of the mike: do we hang on to the springlike temperatures for monday? shelley: plus, you might not be able to offer out from the body scanner when you go through security. tom: it was a foggy morning
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tom: watch this -- a drone crashes, almost knocking out a skier during a race in italy. the international ski federation is now banning camera drones from its world cup races. the drone was carrying a t.v. camera. the company responsible for the camera drone a sports marketing agency says it is examining the circumstances leading up to the crash. the skier wasn' t hurt. protesters in minnesota blocked access to an airport terminal and caused significant traffic delays this afternoon. shelley: the black lives matter rally started at the mall of america in minneapolis this afternoon. the protesters then took a train to the minneapolis-saint paul
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terminal and forcing two security checkpoints to close for about 45 minutes. the group wanted to draw attention to the recent police shooting of a black man in minneapolis. the families of more than a dozen victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting in newtown, connecticut have settled a lawsuit. they had filed lawsuits against the estate of the shooter' s mother saying she failed to properly secure her legally-owned rifle. adam lanza used that gun to kill 20 students and six educators. he killed his mom before the shooting and himself after. the settlement comes from nancy lanza' s homeowner' s insurance. tom: a rule change means you may not be allowed to opt-out of body scanners at airports anymore. tsa screeners can now require anyone to go through the scanners. before, passengers could choose a full-body pat-down instead. a tsa spokesperson says the
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detection for metallic and non-metallic objects that a pat-down might miss. shelley: a deadly line of storms pushing through the south tonight. the system is responsible for flooding in several states and it' s not over yet. >> i think that is a tornado brewing. >> severe storms take aim at the south, two days until christmas. >> a tornado heading towards holly springs. >> i cannot stick around here. i' m going to go find cover. >> a massive ronald cloud for across the state. some people caught on the side of the road, trying to decide where to turn. >> there is a tornado in front of us. >> this couple capturing the scary moment when one twister
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one family evacuating their home had to shelter with neighbors. >> a tornado hit us. >> the christmas tree and presents survived. the system sweeping the south spawning tornadoes and dumping heavy rains. and it has already turned deadly. >> they' ve already got emergency folks out here, there are 18 wheelers going over an old cotton gin. >> parts of holly springs mississippi reduced to a pile of bricks. tom: a lot different than what we can expect here. mike: they got a lot more energy in that storm. take a look at what is happening
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down through good portion of alabama, that will be for the next few hours. notice the line extends north northeast all the way into southeastern ohio where there is a squall line right there developing that will tend to weaken in time as it moved toward the east coast. how about our temperatures, the big story between now and tomorrow night will be record highs. we did not come close to a record today but yet another december day well above average of 34. the record 66 setback in 1990. here comes the rain, started to continues over a good part of there are more showers back to the west and a good portion of eastern new york. then it begins to dry out. a cool front begins to approach with the scattered shower
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much weaker than the front moving through the deep south. by the time it gets here, much weaker. we had some patchy fog so the visibility is not all that bad. it has come up considerably due to the rain that is falling. that is dragging down all the fog and increases the his ability. winds are light on shore, temperatures in the 40' s but by tomorrow afternoon making a run well into the 60' s. heavy at times, areas of patchy fog and temperatures not going too far. here comes the springlike temperatures from that the south towards new england. that will be with us tomorrow even know we cool a little bit for christmas day, still close to record highs and then we cool weekend. by monday of next week, we get right back to average and even a
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deliver the first snow of the season in places like concord in manchester. right now tracking the rain that will move out towards daybreak. cloud strife to break by late morning tomorrow, could be an isolated afternoon shower and more partial sun. plenty of sunshine for christmas day on friday and temperatures cooler than tomorrow but still well above the average. look at the highs for tomorrow, upper 60' s to around 70 in southern new hampshire. the all-time record high 73. i do not believe we will hit it but we will come close. there are the records in both limits and concord, shattering those records tomorrow. a little cooler for christmas day. still well above the average and possibly more record highs. we will be in the upper 50' s.
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s. we cool down a little bit especially into the weekend. best chance of showers between friday and sunday will comments saturday night and early sunday. then we will likely see the first snow of the season on tuesday but it will likely go over to a messy mix. tom: let' and the celtics tonight.
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jamie the boston celtics have a : couple of trips sandwiched around their christmas. they were in charlotte tonight and they play satruday night at the detroit pistons. let's find out how it went down against the hornets tonight. isaiah thomas having a great year, should be an all-star. 3 pointer.
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david lee with a layup in the final seconds of the quarter for the c' s. second quarter. frank kaminski with a layup. the big guy out of wisconsin. a lot of celts fans had hoped to get him in the draft last year. good player. it didn' t happen. celts up by 7 at the half 47-40. how about this play in the 3rd quarter. jared sullinger misses the 3. kelly olynik with a monster follow up dunk. what a play, the celts bench loved it. 20 points, nine rebounds. nice play by jae crowder after tyler zeller had his shot blocked. 19 points, 12 rebounds for him. celts win 102-89. nba fans, we have a double header for you on christmas day. at 2:30, it' s the chicago bulls at the oklahoma city thunder. at 5:00 p.m., a rematch of the nba finals last year. college hoops bryant college at , michigan in college hoops. duncan robinson is from new castle new hampshire. he plays for michigan. three pointer for robinson, 8-3 wolverines.
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3 pointer robinson, 38-25. 12 points, 6 assists. they didn' t need him in the 2nd half. michigan wins 96-60. he is third in the country in made 3 pointers and 5th in percentage of 3' s made. having a good year. high school hockey. goffstown hosted the combined team from pembroke-campbell. and the grizzlies honored maddie carlson tonight. she dropped the ceremonial puck to start the game. she is a 16-year-old from goffstown who has a rare form of cancer. great to see her at the game tonight. 1st period goffstown michael fortin goal 1-0. 2nd period goffstown max lajeunesse goal 2-1. goffstown noah charron goal 3-1. goffstown rolls on maddie carlson night. they win 9-1. high school hockey from this afternoon. windham against the combined team from portsmouth-newmarket. the game was played at exeter rank. 1st period ports johnny witkowski goal. 2-0 ports. same period jack alden shoots
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save. beau arsenault goal 3-0 final score on the seacoast. portsmouth-newmarket wins it 4-1. check it out from above. gillette stadium has never looked quite like this before. the home of the patriots is being turned in to an nhl hockey rink. the boston bruins will play the montreal canadiens at 1:00 pm on new years day. outdoors at gillette, fenway park has hosted the nhl outdoor classic before and now it's in foxboro. but also going on in foxboro, the patriots are practicing for their game at the ny jets on sunday afternoon and for the first time this season, it was action for stephen jackson number 39. the former all-pro running back with the rams is in a patriots uniform now he has a lot of mileage on those legs after 11 years in the league but he should be fresh for now, since he has not played in the nfl this season. jackson said signing with the pats was a great christmas present for him. >> they are already a championship team. they just needed some depth and i' m just coming here to be the best running back for the
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the game plan is what it is. i have to get in as fast as possible and learn all i can. >> i think his career speaks for itself. jason: hometown hero is a hockey team making a difference in their community. tom: coach belichick excited to have him on board, i can tell. still to come on news 9 tonight. it' s a christmas tradition in bedford. shelley: the generations of families who' one church'
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church held it' living nativity scene this evening. shelley: several hundred people put on their rain gear and followed church members dressed as joseph and mary as they made their journey from the inn to the manger to welcome baby jesus. except for one year, it has been held rain or shine for the last 32 years, and the weather really cooperated this year. mike: 70 tomorrow, get ready for that. shelley: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00.
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