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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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concord or portsmouth that have those long standing records that go back a really long time, just didn't quite get there. you will notice for the here and now, still in the mid 60's in the monadnock region right now. the issue tonight will be for the areas that didn't clear out, where the patchy dense fog is going to develop. huge difference in temperature, we have cooled back into the 50's in the north country. still in the 60's in places like jaffrey, manchester and nashua. and at 46 out in portsmouth right now. 35 to 45 for overnight lows tonight, the fog will become an issue during the evening and overnight hours if you're headed out for midnight services tonight or early tomorrow morning. beyond that looks like another mild day with near records tomorrow. we'll talk about the huge changes we have for the weekend and beyond in your forecast, in a few minutes. josh: of course you can stay up to date on the latest forecast by using our storm watch weather app available for both apple and android devices. so people were out there enjoying these near record
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the warmth meant playgrounds in manchester could be very busy places. and how about this, so were the golf courses. adam sexton has a check on these decidedly nonyuletide temperatures. reporter: yes, it's just kind of weird out here, that's the best way to put it. within the last hour we've seen temperatures fluctuate from mid 50's to low 60's and back into the mid 50's. when ever saint nick makes it here he'll have to be being off the lay -- peeling off the layers. at the park kids were on the playground comparing this day to summer vacation. even though it was unseasonable, we did manage to fine at least one person who thought it did not warm up fast enough. this man wanted the warmers temperature from the south to get here as quickly as possible. >> we're waiting for it to come, it's 10, 15 minutes away. >> where have you been that this is cold?
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now, so this is cold. reporter: a lot of people we spoke with compared this day to christmas day last year which was also fairly warm. but they were quick to point out that that was followed up by the snow beating that we took later in the winter. so the sense is, enjoy it while you can. adam sexton, wmur news 9. josh: thanks very much. a sandown woman whose son died unexpectedly this october is now losing her animals after being charged with animal cruelty. sharon melanson says she and her son christopher were taking in animals whose owners could no longer care for them. as heather hamel reports, she says they just wanted to help, not hurt them, and for anyone to think otherwise makes her sick to her stomach. reporter: sharon melanson says she was devastated, first she lost her son and now her animals, and despite the charges she still feels she's innocent. >> i feel as though it's a dishonor to my son, considering we worked so hard every day to
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everything they needed. reporter: but despite what melanson says, she is charged with five misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. more than three dozen animals including horses, goats and al pack as were taken from her property. this comes just two months after melanson's 9-year-old son christopher died from a congestive heart failure, collapsing as he walked to a neighbor's house to deliver cookies. she says over the summer the sandown animal control officer had visited her property and had taken an interest in the animals, even voicing concerns. but melanson feels she always acted appropriately. >> any time claire would say that an animal needed a vet visit or she was concerned, boy have the vet out. i have a stack like this of documentation for all the animals here at the farm. reporter: melanson says at the suggestion of animal control she built the appropriate structures for the animals and had already found homes for those she couldn't care for, and she was even in the process of changing one horse's diet when this all came about.
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that had issues that are in the complaint. every other animal of those 37 animals was in great condition. so no, i don't feel as though i was in over my head. i willfully signed them over because i was frightened. reporter: sandown police contacted the new hampshire spca tuesday to assist them in getting the animals. the executive director says they had to make two trims to pick them all up, she says they are settling in but has little to say about their condition. >> some of the animals look thin, but i'm not going to comment any further. >> if taking an animal in because nobody was it and nobody will take care of it so that you can love it and feed and it take care of it, is animal cruelty, then i don't know what the world has come to. reporter: we did stop by the sandown animal control officer's home, but nobody answered the door. as for the animals, a vet will be checking on them on monday. in the newsroom, heather hamel.
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charges after she crashed into a porch while driving drunk. it happened just after one on fordway avenue. derry police say lindsey simon hit a fence, went down an embankment and slammed boo the porch of this home knocking it off its supports. soon arrested. sigh month is now charged with driving while intoxicated and other charges, fortunately no one was hurt in the home. if you still have some holiday shopping to get done, your options got limited over the last few minutes. moments ago most malls and big box stores closed for christmas eve. but the mall of new hampshire has been a busy place all day long with people getting those final gifts. kristen carosa is there live as those shoppers start to head home. hi, kristen. reporter: hi, josh, we're live inside the mall in manchester where the doors have just closed for the day. this was one busy place earlier today. people tell us they make this a tradition and employees welcome
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we spoke to mall manager jack toscano this afternoon, he says there was a steady stream of customers all day. he says people who shop last minute know what they want to get, for many it's picking up several gift cards. and there are plenty of sales going on from electronics to clothing to outdoor gear. another draw today was santa claus, many families stopped by to take pictures including one couple who got a -- >> i've never taken a picture like this before, i was kind of embarrassed. but then he was like will you marry me and got on his knee and i said yes, of course. reporter: again, the mall has closed for the day here in manchester, it will reopen saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. kristen carosa, wmur news 9. josh: thank you very much. so changes are coming for texter the police department.
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the department the chief says it's time for him to retire. but one donation found in the salvation army red kettle in nashua could be worth thousands of dollars. kevin: the milder air we've had out there isn't going to last all winter long, we'll talk about a big change next week. >> in sports this hockey team, they are our home town holiday
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my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer' s. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she' ll require around-the-clock care. i worry about what the next step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton.
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because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work to support us. hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us. i' m hillary clinton, and i approve this message. josh: welcome back. exeter's police chief richard kane is retiring next month, he's been with the department for nearly 35 years, running it for the last 16.
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patrolman and animal control officer and his last day will be january 8th. a plaistow girl is having her wish come true this weekend, anna got a big sendoff thanks to the make a wish foundation. she is heading with her family to disney world where she'll get a chance to become a princess. she was joined by a number of disney princesses this morning at manchester boston regional airport for that sendoff. very nice. an asteroid will be buzzing past earth tonight, nasa says that 3600-foot long astronaut -- asteroid will fly by at a safe distance of 6.8 million miles. the asteroid will be back in 2018 for an even closer fly-by, if you want to check that out, but it latest be about 1.7 million miles away from the either, a relatively close call. we're less than 6 hours away from christmas day in new hampshire, but it's already midnight in much of the world, and folks at north american
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tracking santa's travels. right now he's delivering presents to the girls and boys, algeria. you can keep track of santa online at norad kevin: a comfy ride for him as he's gone over australia, japan and the middle east. but later on here we'll have some fog. and more mild temperatures. we'll give you details on how
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josh: 124 families received much needed food, clothing and toy this is holiday season thanks to the greater derry salvation army's christmas distribution day. the event was held over the weekend at pinkerton academy auditorium. the greater derry salvation army is also sending out a special thanks to all the volunteers who have worked so hard this season to help folks out. so the ringing of the bells, christmas collectors made two of the most familiar sounds the holidays, but this year one coin made a bigger noise than you might expect when it was dropped into a kettle in nashua and that's because it's made of solid gold. stephanie woods spoke with the salvation army in nashua that
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nation is worth thousands. reporter: on wednesday, a volunteer with the nashua salvation army was ringing her bell at the market basket in somerset plaza when someone dropped a wadded up dollar bill inside the kettle. >> i believe at first he thought it was somebody playing a joke, this thing is tightly bound up, again she remembered last year and said oh, we got another one, so she was excited when she opened it up. reporter: when was inside? a u.s. gold coin, wrapped around the coin a note saying merry christmas, use this gold coin for your good works. worth $1400. major david moore says a mystery donor dropped another cold coin in a kettle last christmas eve, worth $1200. >> there would be no way to tell with it goes in the kettle, you know, that it was going on or who even put it in. but i would think it would be the same giver. reporter: the salvation army
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then auction it off at its annual groundhogs day brunch. the money raised will help stock the nashua food pantry which helps feed 300 to 400 people each month. >> we thank who ever this person is, and they appreciate the work that we do as we reach out to many people in need in the area, and we thank them for their support and we thank everybody for their support, whether they're giving a cold coin or just a few pennies, it all adds up. reporter: stephanie woods, wmur news 9. kevin: didn't quite reach records in portsmouth and concord today where those records go back at least 70 or 80 years. but we had a situation today where temperatures in some spots were all the way up into the mid to upper 60's, and that includes parts of the north country. while the farther you go south and east, from the lakes region south and east to portsmouth, chances are temperatures in your location didn't get much above
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likely you're going to see thick fog later tonight as we are expecting temperatures tonight to ease back between 35 and 45, and some of that fog could be quite thick overnight. if you're headed to midnight services or early tomorrow morning, if you're headed out early in the day, but you'll notice the trend here is for a lot of these mid level clouds to continue to shove eastward, so after that thick fog that attempts to develop later tonight, starts to burn off tomorrow morning, we'll be getting back to partial sunshine in the afternoon, that all ahead of the next system which arrives weekend saturday for the day on sunday. temperatures have fallen back after jumping into the mid 60's in parts of the north country including berlin and whitefield. you're now back into the 50's and likely 30's later tonight. while central and southern areas of the state -- in concord, rochester, portsmouth, you're going to see thick fog and this area of fog
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to continue to expand overnight. under a quarter mile as we start off the day tomorrow. a light westerly wind. the trend over the next several days is to get the temperatures closer to average, by monday we're talking highs barely above the freezing park with sunshine. but for your christmas day, looks like temperatures ranging anywhere between 45 to 58, and it comes with a light west wind, and any fog early giving way to partial sunshine. a nice start to the weekend with partly sunny skies, we'll still be in the 40's on sunday. but the change between the two days over the actual weekend will be an increase in clouds and that will bring rain chances in for sunday. as we clear out behind that punch of cool air that comes in behind that system, highs anywhere from tupper range of the 20's to mid 30's for the day on monday. and that is out ahead of the next system that arrives and that one gives us our first potential for an accumulating snow across the region. it has been a while for us.
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air, temperatures in the 50's tomorrow. as you'll notice, temperatures there. we're still going to fb the mid to upper 40's, sunshine around on saturday, this then we start to add clouds on sunday with rain showers in the afternoon and evening. once we clear out the breeze picks up on monday, it will be a chilly day with a good breeze, then the temperatures will be in the 30's as the next system arrives. and right now that system looks only a mixture of rain and snow, but could be an accumulating snow in quite a few spots, just depending on the exact track and trying to detail that five days away is fool's gold this time of year. so beat keep you updated on that as we go through the weekend, but looks like it could be an accumulating snow, which we are beyond past due. our top five latest first inch of snow with concord with the numbers going back 155 years. josh: skiers will like that. red. >> i thought we said we were all wearing red.
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covered, and you do. >> tom umbrella is always well dressed, he's got a hoodie,
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jamie: welcome to christmas eve and one of the slowest sports days of the year. celtics and bruins on a holiday break. c's won in charlotte last night, they're in detroit on saturday. bruins are also off the ice until saturday when they host the buffalo sabres. a christmas eve practice for the
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earlier today, they will look the continue their dominance over the jets when they play in new york on sunday. the patriots have won nine of their last 10 against the jets, and new england can sweep the season series for the second straight year. >> they have really good players, obviously well coached this year. there's a lot of scheme things they do that are challenging to prepare for. so it's tough, but we're grinding through it. they're playing really well. they were pretty good when we played them the first time. jamie: our home town heros on this christmas eve are the hockey players on the new hampshire junior monarchs. the guys got together to make a real difference in new hampshire where their cold ietion warm feet project. they've been collecting socks to help the homeless and needy. all told over 2,500 pairs of socks were distributed before christmas. this is part of a bigger
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making life better, which has included programs like going into schools and nursing homes, yard work for military families on duty, and a pin income the rink game for cancer. so congratulations to the players for being this week's home town heros. >> one of the least donated items for shelters are socks and underwear, so in the cold and winter, obviously it's something you wouldn't wish upon anyone. >> any time you can get out in the community and help the homeless, it's a great feeling, and the guys have really come together. >> it's a whole organization, from top to bottom, we preach being a family and taking care of our family and it's not just us, it's the whole community. we always talk about we're not building hockey players, we're building good people. jamie: thanks to them for their work on that. college football on saturday, the big 10 against the acc, from yankee stadium, indiana against duke, that's saturday at 3:30. then nba fans we have a double header on christmas day,
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the oklahoma city thunder, at 5:00 a rematch of of the nba finals last year, lebron james and the cavs and the golden state warriors. josh, you and i both grew up in new hampshire so we remember the christmas days of the celtics against the lakers, those were great. josh: yes, but boy, steph curry remind me of michael jordan. nice jacket. let's check in on where santa can be found now, the big guy dropping off kids' gifts just off the shore of nigeria. the santa tracker is thanks to the folks over at norad, and he's making his way here. so right now on we are sharing favorite holiday recipes from some of the members of our news team. this live show includes everything from cookies to sweet potato casserole, plus some communities are really getting into the spirit of christmas this season, have a look at the pictures of cities across the country that go all out for the
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we'll see you back here tonight after the great christmas light fight. my mom's name is irene, and she has alzheimer' s. adult daycare costs so much, i have to take my mom to work with me. eventually she' ll require around-the-clock care. i worry about what the next step is. my mom deserves the best care she can get. so i met hillary clinton. i could tell that she was moved by my story... because she teared up. being able to pay for daycare... to know that my mom is safe while i work so that i can continue
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hillary clinton has proposed real things that could help us. i' m hillary clinton, and i approve this message. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders.
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building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders


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