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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hayley: mild temperatures for christmas day again before the temperatures start to go down. there's threat for snow. the forecast coming up. stephanie: the campaign trail has reached the christmas break. the most influential primary coming up. a man was inside his home in newton when a tree fell on top of it. they arrested a grinch trying to break in to a home. >> no one covers new hampshire
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now wmur "news 9 daybreak." stephanie: good morning, new hampshire. thank you for waking up with us on christmas morning. merry christmas. we're going to look outside right now. it is looking pretty warm out there. hayley: yesterday was incredible. some of us cracked 60 degrees. we broke records in a few locations. today we will again approach record high temperatures. it is going to be another mild one. not quite as warm as yesterday. a look at temperatures. we got to 66 in manchester. 69 in nashua. it reached 70 in salem. it was so remarkable that there were some towns that did not get there. look at the 20 degree difference in just a few miles from nashua to portsmouth or between plymouth and lebanon. it depends where the sun came out. mere are the temperatures now. 32 in lebanon. 38 in manchester and nashua. here's your christmas forecast.
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temperatures in the 50's. close to 60. i'll have more on the full forecast coming up in a few moments. stephanie: thank you. wii following a developing story out of hollis. a fire broke out displacing the family. no one was home when the fire started. one end of the house was badly damaged by the flames. the rest of the homes sustained heavy smoke damage. firefighters are still investigating, but they say the fire appears to have started around a chimney. a man was forced out of his home on christmas eve after a crashed on to his house. the tree fell damaging the house yesterday. the home owner was downstairs at the time and was not hurt. there's no apparent reason why the tree uprooted other than the recent rain. new hampshire's highest court has upheld the hiring of former associate spanish
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he was fired for changing evaluations from another faculty members. the supreme court said an arbitrator exceeded his authority and u.n. h. was within its rights to fire dorfsman. police are investigating an incident that put a police on lockdown. a corrections officer reported hearing a gunshot shortly before 3:30 p.m. officers reported seeing a white man in dark pants. a massive search was launched. helicopter. after three hours, no isn'ts were found. because of the situation, no one was allowed to enter the prison, even for christmas eve visits. the presidential candidates have weeks left to sway voters. some people believe the primary might offer the most powerful opinion in the long history in the first in the nation primary. that might be true in the
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josh mcelveen has the latest from the campaign trail. >> we just can't afford to be so politically correct. >> like it or not, donald trump isn't just the current front runner in new hampshire. he's the established one. with that now comes the burden of expectations. even national pundits admit that polls mean very little. is independent. we find out what they think when they two to the polls. >> in a recent interview, carl cannon says that polls are an illusion. he believes the first in the nation primary might be more influential and impactful. >> you have the big republican field. it is going to dwindle off after new hampshire. jeb bush and marco rubio might not both be there. we'll know if chris christie is
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reporter: others are banking heavily on iowa, other candidates like john kasich, rand paul, and carly know it poor showing might mean the end. voters are not done shopping. >> as trump takes more and more incomes attacks, is it going to wear him down or build him up. who is going to emerge as the alternative. we may not know that until primary night. throughout january, there's going to be a lot of jockeying for the second spot. stephanie: catch the full conversation on "close up" on sunday or read more about it in the on primary source at fans with tickets to see janet jackson will have to wait. she will need to have surgery
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she made the announcement saying every date will be rescheduled. please hold on to your tickets. she hinted that tickets will be honored in a special way in the spring. she did not disclose what kind of surgery she needs, but called this a quote difficult time. a plaistow girl is having her wish come true. 7-year-old anna got a big send off. anna and her family are headed to disney world. she will get the chance to become a princess. she was joined by a number of the disney princesses yesterday morning. a special item was discovered inside a red kettle in nashua. someone donated a coin made of solid gold. it was found inside a wadded up dollar bill with a note that said merry christmas. use it for good words.
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christmas eve worth $1,200. >> there's no way to tell that was it was going in or who put it in. i would think it would be the same giver. stephanie: the salvation army will get the coin appraised and auction it off at their ground hogs day brunch. need an extra dish to add to your holiday feast? paula tracy will give you a few ideas. last minute shoppers scrambled to get the holiday gifts. now stores are gearing up for what is expected to be a very busy weekend. right now it is 6:07.
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stephanie: welcome back. many people will be in the kitchens cooking up a christmas meal. we have some appetizers ideas for you at the cooks corner. hayley: the christmas meal is yummy. leading up to the big meal, sometimes the best part. lots of dips and appetizers. today i'm joined by paula tracy. he's going to talk us through a couple of dips you can make main meal. >> merry christmas, hayley. hayley: merry christmas. >> we have three different dips. i condition cream cheese to be the basic for all dip that is are yummy. i always go to them. the first one that we have is over here. this is the cream cheese salsa dip that i made up. the ingredients for it or over here. it is really basic and easy. it is a brick of cream cheese,
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throw in some extra jalopenos, and garnish it, and put it in the cuisine art. it is spicy and warm. the next one we have -- i really like the stacey's chips with them. this one is a curry crab meat dip that my mother used to make. it is really simple as well. just a can of the drained -- what is that? crab meat. another brick of cream cheese. you can choose to use the less -- the 1/3 less fat. i don't like it as much. it is for -- hayley: it is christmas. you can get away with it. >> then a tablespoon of curry. then my third and favorite one is the smoked blue fish patte.
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basic ingredients. cream cheese, -- i take the spin off of the back of the smoked blue fish. i get it at sauders. i go to portsmouth. i get get -- it is pre-made. >> excuse me. merry christmas. hayley: hey, jamie. >> whatever. we have -- i would say i use about -- hayley: a generous. >> it depends on how spicy you like the horse daddish. just a little bit less of dill. then a little bit of lemon. hayley: you could do some fresh. >> then i just mix it up. hayley: make sure the fish gets all chunked up. >> this is really delicious with my favorite is -- it is almost all done.
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we're going to do that more. hayley: the toasted onion chips are good with that. >> they are delicious with that. hayley: thank you for the recipes. go to to learn more. >> i'll have them on escape outside our web site for outdoors. all of the reciping will be there. go to escape outside at stephanie: making my hungry, ladies. still to come, we'll introduce you to the hometown heros, a group of young hockey players
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listening to the sweet sounds of "stephens and mac." mac being our sean mcdonald. don't worry, he's not planning to leave the news desk any time soon to go on tour. 37 degrees in meredith. hayley has your holiday forecast in a few minutes. our hometown heroses are the hockey players on the new hampshire junior monarchs. the guys got together to make a difference with their cold ice and warm feet project. they've been collecting socks as well as donations to buy more socks. all told over 2,500 pairs of christmas. this is part of the biggest initiative called operation making life better which includes programs like going to schools and nursing homes and a cancer. >> one of the least donated items are socks and underwear. aspect.
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it gets cold in the winter. it isn't something you'd wish on everyone. having nice, warm socks. >> any time you can get out in the community and help the homeless, it is a great feeling. the guys have really come together. >> it is the whole organization. we preach being a family and taking care of the family. it is not just us. it is the whole community. we're not building a hockey player, we're building good people. stephanie: a big thank you for being the hometown heros. >> do you plan on venturing out? stop by a cumberland farms. they are offering a free cup of hot coffee or cocoa. the grinch has no chance of stealing christmas. he was busted by the police. they released this video showing officers nabbing the green face
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to break in to a house. the grinch was ordered to stay 39.5 feet away from the town. he must also do a community service in jefferson. what i want to know is: did he think he was going to get away with it if he dressed up like the grinch? was that the thought process there? hayley: i think so. his heart was too small on the workup sheet there from the police. makes sense. stephanie: this is a spoof. he dressed up for fun. the weather is beautiful. hayley: it was crazy warm. we had temperatures in the 60's. even a couple of communities touching 70. that's not the usual here in new hampshire. look at what's happening across the region. the first stop in derry. the traffic circle there very quiet. everybody is home enjoying the time with family.
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sanbornton. you can see the valley fog. it is patchy and thick. yesterday was warm enough that santa could have arrived on a surfboard. look at salem. 70 degrees. that was the high temperature we got to pop nashua 69. lebanon 68. 67 even up north in berlin on december 24th. that's crazy stuff. in manchester, we got to 65 degrees. we didn't break any records in concord or portsmouth. those were some of the lone communities that did not warm up. now let's look at what we're experiencing right now. 38 in manchester and in nashua. 36 in jaffrey. 37 in laconia. 42 in rochester. it was a little chilly this morning when you are getting up and getting going or maybe going to church services or going outside with the kids who maybe got a bike or something. temperatures this afternoon will be comfortable to be outside yet again. look at this.
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61 in nashua. we'll make it in the 50's. con ordinary and manchester, and some communities like exeter and new market that didn't get as much warm as the rest of us. today you'll likely get in some warmer temperatures too in the upper 50's. the fog has been thick in some spots. about a mile and a half visibility in concord. a mile in lebanon. half a mile in keene. it really depends on where you are this morning. it is very patchy. be careful of that if you are out driving around. clouds on the way in. we'll have some filtered sunshine. notice the rain showers here. that's a cold front that will sweep through. it is not going to bring us any rainfall. there are the clouds. it will shift the winds to be more out of the northwest as colder air gets dragged down from the north. overnight tonight we'll have a
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saturday is a dry day. clouds increase late in the day. the next storm system approaches. it will bring rain showers as we get in to sunday. a couple of dry days ahead of us. perfect for travel. opening presents this morning. we have patchy fog. temperatures in the 30's. 50 for lunchtime. temperatures in the lower 50's later on this afternoon. it gets colder as we look forward here. back down to december standard temperatures once we get to early next week. a few rain showers over the weekend, then tuesday we're watching very closely. it looks like we could have our first major storm. still up in the air as to what we will see, you know, it is so mild recently. it might be hard for us to get snow. we'll see what happens. stephanie: only in new hampshire. crazy christmas weather. hayley: 70's to snow. stephanie: we'll see what happens. people across the globe have
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there's an interesting story as
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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stephanie: hayley, have you seen the new requester star wars movie yet? hayley: no. i haven't seen any of them yet. stephanie: it is really, really good. one man was transformed. hayley china he says his life was forever change the. he started collecting star wars toys. now he has more than 12,000, enough to open a museum in his house. visitors have to -- a lot of people i know even at my household for watching the tv and phones to see where santa
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norad has been keeping tabs on the christmas travels for years. the santa tracker was actually started by accident. stephanie: six years ago a sears store ran a dial-a-santa add. instead of listing the number for the sears santa hotline, it posted the number for the air defense command center. on christmas eve, a colonel received calls from kids asking to speak with santa. hayley: instead of telling them they had the wrong number, he said he could help track st. nick. he gave kids the details about santa's location. very cool. we heard he made it safely back to the north pole. stephanie: he had a long night. good job, santa. a sandown woman whose young son died unexpectedly is being charged with animal cruelty.
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bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." stephanie: good morning. friday, december 25th. merry christmas. thanks for waking up with us. a live look where it is 38 degrees. a quick check after the top stories. a sandown woman whose 9-year-old son died earlier this year is facing animal cruelty charges. vermont state police say human remains discovered are those of a missing mother from connecticut. and we're following a developing
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fire officials are trying to figure out what sparked the late night fire that displaced the family on christmas eve. it is certainly been a very warm christmas. not a white christmas. hayley: definitely not white. temperatures 60's. it is unheard of to get as warm as we did. we broke records and hit 70 in salem. not a big problem with fog in the city itself. there's some patchy fog lurking around the state. you can see concord about two miles visibility. it is worse when you get in to the upper valley and lebanon and keene. be careful of the patchy fog if you are out traveling this morning. 31 in concord. 38 in manchester and in nashua. it is again going to be another mile day. not quite as warm as yesterday. still 50's, upper 50's in late
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it will again get there as we get in to the afternoon with more sunshine too. things about to make a radical turn as we push forward here with the temperatures and the possibility of snow. i'll tell you about it in a couple of minutes. stephanie: thanks. now back to the developing story out of hollis. fire broke out leaving the family displaced. no one was home when the fire started. officials say one end of the house was badly damaged by the flames. the rest of the home sustained heavy smoke damage. firefighters were able to save the kids christmas presents. the cause is under investigation. it appears to have started around a chimney. a sandown woman whose son died has lost her pets. she and her son, christopher, were taking in animals whose owners could no longer care for them. they only wanted to help, not hurt the animals. >> okay.
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devastated. first she lost her son and now her animals. despite the charges, she still feels she's innocent. >> i feel as though it is a dishonor to my son considering we worked so hard every day to make sure that they had everything they needed. reporter: despite what she says, she's charged with five cruelty. more than three dozens animals were taken from the property. this comes two months after her 9-year-old son christopher died from congestive heart failure. over the summer, the sandown animal control officer had visited the property and taken an interest in the animals, even voicing concerns. she feels she always acted appropriately. >> any time claire would say an animal needed a vet visit, i would have the vet out. i have a stack like this of
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animals here at farm. reporter: she says at the suggestion of animal control, she built the appropriate structures for the animals and had found homes for those she couldn't care for. she was in the process of changing one horse's diet when it came about. >> there were only two animals that had issues. every other animal of those 37 animals was in great condition. so, no, i don't feel as though i was in over my head. i turned them over because i was frightened. reporter: they contact the spca to assist them. the executive director said they had to make two trips to pick them up. they are settling in, but they have little to say. >> some of the animals look thin. i'm going to wait for the vet report. >> they are confident her name will be cleared. >> if taking an animal in because nobody wants it and take care of it so you can love it,
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animal cruelty, then i don't know what the world has come to. reporter: we did stop by the animal patrol officers home. nobody answered the door. as for the animals, the vet will be checking on them on monday. stephanie: thank you. police in haverhill, massachusetts say a report about a baby being thrown from a bridge was all just a hoax. the claim set off a massive search. officers say a woman and her daughter reported that a man had thrown the baby from a bridge. after a lengthy questioning, police determined they were lying. there's no word yet on any possible charges. vermont state police say human remains found in the town of goshen are those of a connecticut woman who was missing since january. 24-year-old dennis hart's death is being investigated as a homicide. 25th. her car was found on fire the next day in cornwall. they are hoping the public can help them determine exactly what
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>> well, we would just appreciate anybody that was traveling through the goshen area with these were found in the last year or so if they ever saw anything suspicious or anything that they think we should know about being this is the location that we founder these, we would appreciate a phone call. stephanie: at this time, they are not revealing the cause of death. state officials investigated a fire at a log cabin. many people spent christmas eve in stores. the mall of new hampshire was busy. many did not leave until the doors shut at 6:00. kristen carosa spoke with a few of them. >> the parking lot here is empty now. this was a busy place on christmas eve with people
6:33 am
>> people packed in to the mall of new hampshire christmas eve looking for that perfect gift. >> they are on a mission. they know what they are here for. reporter: mall manager says sales have been strong this holiday season with a steady stream of customers on the last day before christmas. >> a lot of time it is tradition. they come out here on christmas eve to get their gifts. they do it all in one day. reporter: they say the holiday season is the biggest time of year for retailers. this year the organization says sales will increase 3.7% equaling more than $630 billion. >> i picked up some last minute stuff at bath and body works. yesterday we did some last-minute shopping. we're probably going to go somewhere to do some more shopping. reporter: octavius says he
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>> a lot of stores have good percentages off. >> i went to see santa. my dad is getting two pictures. reporter: many families stopped by to take pictures, including one couple that got engaged on santa's lap. >> he said i've never taken a picture on santa's lap. i was embarrassed. he asked me to marry him. that's what happened. i said yes, of course. reporter: as the mall winds down from all of the excitement, the mall is preparing to re-open on saturday. >> it was the 26th of december. it lies on a saturday. we expect a lot of traffic and people coming in using their gift cards and some learns too. reporter: to accommodate the crowds, it will be open saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. and will close at 10:00 p.m. reporting in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9.
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a man spread some holiday cheer to an unsuspected woman. she was shopping at barnes and noble when she spotted this teddy bear. she really wanted the bear. she decided she should not spend money on it. soon after the man bought the bear and handed it to her. coming up, scientists in australia are on a mission to protect the wildlife. they created the device to help keep animals from running in to the road. a company that's making guns from a meteorite. hayley: our christmas will be bright and mild. not quite as warm as yesterday. well above seasonal averages.
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forecast coming up. paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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hayley: good morning, new hampshire. merry christmas. live look in coleman. completely clear skies. we have fog in some spots this morning. be careful of that during your travels. that will move away and partly sunny skies through the rest of christmas day. temperatures will be mild in to
6:38 am
i'll talk about a cooling trend stephanie: thank you. now to a developing story in nigeria. more than 100 people were killed when a gas tanker truck ignited an infer row. the victims were lining up to refill their cooking gas cylinders for christmas. violent storms pounded the southeast. 14 people in three states were killed. kenneth moton has the latest. >> holiday record for the record books. the weather threat continues for parts of the south with heavy rain causing flood watches. >> we woke up to civil defense pounding on the door saying we had about 20 minutes to leave the homes. >> in georgia and alabama, people evacuated their homes. from the south to the midwest, ever weather turned friendly. 24 tornadoes terrorized seven states, including mississippi.
6:39 am
miles destroying homes and lives. >> if you look at the damage here, it is as bad as any tornado that we've had. i've been through a lot of them. reporter: in wisconsin, crews are working over time to restore power. in other parts of the midwest, snow and lots of it. a heavy downfall in omaha, nebraska, caused a traffic nightmare for christmas. >> it is impossible for me to get there. this is insane. it's like i'm not going to never get there. reporter: it is definitely a warm christmas. record highs from florida to vermont. 70 degree weather had people in shorts and t-shirts. >> i'm loving it. everyone should have a hot holiday. have to go to california. i'm fine here. reporter: temperatures are expected to drop next week. kenneth moton, abc news,
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stephanie: the tsa is tightening security. you used to be able to opt out of body scanners. it improves threat detection for miss. in sports this morning, the new england patty'ses -- patriots will look to continue the dominance. the pats have won nine of the last ten games. they can sweep the series for the second straight year. >> they have really good players. they have been well coached. this year. there's a lot of scheme things prepare for. it is tough. it is tough. we're grinding through it. they are -- they are playing really well. they were pretty good when we played them the first time.
6:41 am
nba fans we have a christmas double hudder. at 5:00 it is a re-match of the finals last year. cavaliers versus the golden state warriors. they are using gadgets from helping an endangered species from being wiped out. with the number of tasmanian devils dwindling, it will activate an alarm. the technology is called virtual fence. >> in the area where the defenses are installed, there's a significant decrease in the number of wildlife. they seem to have a good impact. stephanie: it is being sold in australia by a man who said he saw a need for the device in 2012. cabot guns is making a pair
6:42 am
youritis. -- meteorites. the gunset could sell for as much as $1 million at auction. the company plans to forge the guns tentatively called the big bang pistol set. the meteorites crashed 4.5 billion years ago. it was discovered in the 1830's. quite a pricey gift if you are looking for a late christmas present there. hayley: i would think so. the other presents that we got was this warm air. some of the skiers not liking this. the rest of us it was just incredible on christmas eve to be able to open the windows or to just be outside and not be so freezing. this was a beautiful picture though. it was just posted to the mt. washington observe story twitter page. one to share it with you on the christmas morning. what a beautiful shot. they've decorated a tree up next to the summit sign on top of mt.
6:43 am
in the distance, you can start to make out a little bit of sun too. here's a live look across the area. you can see some bright sunshine in spots. the monadnock region and sunshine. also at the seacoast it is a bright start to christmas day. some clouds still in place though up in the lakes region. here are your temperatures. 31 in concord. about 38 in manchester. in nashua, 36 in portsmouth. yesterday. we still have so much moisture in the air too. the fog has been an issue overnight. it is patchy. only in spots as you are driving around. you can see visibility in the upper valley, monadnock, still down below a mile. with the fog in place and still a few clouds, temperatures again will struggle to get quite as warm as where we were yesterday. this is what you can expect in the santa forecast. sandown 55 degrees. 54 in andover.
6:44 am
50 degrees even. a mix of sun and clouds and ashland today about 51 degrees. well above seasonal averages for this time in december. 30's. this is really mild stuff. of yesterday's highs. clouds beginning to fill in. especially thick at moment. sunlight. you see the rain showers and snow showers up in northern new hampshire. they are going to stay at bay. it is a cold front. we'll get the clouds from the system. no rain from it today. there has been some really messy weather as we told you a couple of minutes ago in the south. it continues to be very stormy there. can you imagine worrying about tornadoes on christmas eve? you feel for the people. it is the same cold front that will kick out the warmth that we've had. it will feel colder as we get closer to the weekend. throughout the day today, sunshine and clouds passing through. that will be about it. a nice day.
6:45 am
overnight hours tonight, partly cloudy skies. on saturday when you are getting out and about, maybe doing some returns and heading back to the malls, it will be sunny in the morning. in the afternoon, clouds are going to start to decrease as our next storm system approaches. it will bring rain on sunday. maybe even some heavy rain at times. here's your christmas day forecast. temperatures again wicked warm. 60 in manchester and in derry. 59 in chester. 59 in peterborough. some of you were stuck in the clouds and fog yesterday. some of you may be warmer today. 50 in lancaster. 50 in bethlehem. mild with partly sunny skies. rain showers on sunday. all eyes on tuesday. i'll tell you a lot of our computer models that we use as guidance to tell us what's going to happen are showing a storm on tuesday. what's questionable still at this time is, of course, how many and what. it looks like at this point,
6:46 am
we'll keep tabs on it through here. stephanie: i'll get my radio flyer ready. we want to get you in to the holiday spirit. this morning we have a special christmas video to share with you. take a look. stephanie: look at ray go. look at us. i didn't know we had such good moves. this is me, hayley, sean, erin, and ray busting a move. hayley: these are cute. stephanie: we asked which restaurants serve the best soup.
6:47 am
suddenly soupy's, theo's pizza, the soup guy, collins brothers chowder company, and the number one place to find good soup in new hampshire: seacoast soups in north hampton. right now it is 6:51. still to come, a final check on your top stories, including a house fire in hollis that
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top
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it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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stephanie: welcome back. we're updating our top stories. a fire broke out at a home on farley home in hollis, leaving a family displaced. started around 11:00. investigation. firefighters say it appears to have started around a chimney. a woman from sandown who's son died unexpectedly in october is now facing animal cruelty charges. they took more than three dozen animals from the property on tuesday. she says she knew officials had some concerns. each time she resolved them. vermont state police say human remains found in the town of goshen are those of a connecticut woman who has been
6:51 am
24-year-old dennis hart's death is being investigateds a homicide. they are not revealing how denise died. a man was inside his home when a tree crashed in. there's no reason why the tree uprooted other than the recent rain. hayley: good mild day ahead of us. 36 degrees in hampton. a chilly start. mass that we have in place, we're going to warm in to the 50's. tomorrow starts the trend downward. temperatures in the 40's. rain showers kind of going to be a rainy day on sunday. monday back to sun with chillier temperatures. tuesday we're watching for the possibility of snow. stephanie: put on a red and green wet suit. i don't think it is too cold for that. coming up next, they will have
6:52 am
that's plaguing the southeast. violent storms are blamed for states. minutes. have a great day and a fantastic christmas morning.
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