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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  December 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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adam: right now at 6:00, a man wanted in connection to bank robberies in two new england states turns himself in to police. what charges he' s now facing. >> right now, we are starting to get our stuff ready, checking the equipment and making sure it all works. stephanie: landscaping companies are gearing up for a winter storm this week. a.j.: it' s bright and beautiful to start the week tomorrow, but tuesday promises to be a little more challenging if you plan to be traveling. adam: presidential candidates are headed back to the granite state after a short break for the holidays. what to expect, with just six weeks until the first in the nation primary. announcer: no one covers new
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now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. adam: right now, a severe storm is hitting the south claiming the lives of 11 people. this same system will bring snow to new hampshire early this week. good evening, i' stephanie: and i' m stephanie woods. meteorologist a.j. burnett is tracking the storm and tells us what it will mean for us. a.j.: that storm means business over texas now. it is incredible to know in the same state, we have two there different kinds of weather. you have severe storms and heavy rainfall throughout eastern portions of texas. on the backside of this, on the cold side of the storm, you have almost blizzard conditions out to portions of western texas. this is the same system that will slide this way toward tuesday. we have had rain and snow showers today. that is not the same system. it is a piece of the puzzle. high pressure now building and. skies will clear out after stubborn clouds this evening. colder temperatures building in
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the cold air ingredient number this way for tuesday. we will put details on what you can expect and when you can few minutes. stephanie: thank you. after the warm weather this month, southern new hampshire is anticipating its first chance of accumulating snow. it has some local landscaping snowplows. s kristen carosa hasn' t slowed them down. kristen: for local landscapers, december has felt more likely follow so they have been able to do more for their customers. but they say they are looking forward to snow because winter services make up a big part of their business. ryan connor, owner of nobel landscaping and snow management out of hooksett, spent his day checking his snow removal equipment ahead of tuesday' s storm. >> right now, we are getting our stuff ready and checking the equipment to make sure it works
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kristen: as part of his business, he offers salting and plowing services he hasn' t been able to offer yet. just waiting patiently. >> when it slows down, it is different. but it is good to always have something else to do. kristen: because of the warm weather, he has been and will to do more landscaping and yard work for his customers. it' s kept revenue coming in despite the lack of snow. >> we are staying busy. s good. kristen: it' s a similar story for michael therrien. he owns a landscaping company out of bedford. >> we do landscape design and installation hardscape , installation, retaining walls, patios, planting, fire pits, pool surrounds. kristen: all things he has kept working on well into december. >> we have been able to continue working and start prepping for projects for next season.
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availability to get to more people this year. kristen: without the burden of bitter cold temperatures. >> in normal clothing, not be bundled up, frozen to the bone on a daily basis. kristen: therrien also offers snow maintenance to his clients, something he' s now preparing for. >> take my plow out from storage, get the trucks ready, and get ready to go. kristen: the two are keeping a close eye to the forecast as there may be some icing monday morning and of course there is the upcoming snow storm on tuesday. reporting in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9 . stephanie: thank you. police need your help finding a gunman, after an armed robbery at a berlin convenience store last night. take a close look at these surveillance photos, a masked man allegedly walked into the berlin mills variety store around 6:35, pointed a gun at the clerk, stole the cash out of the register, and ran away on riverside drive. officers searched the area, but weren' t able to find the gunman. if you have any information,
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adam: a man accused of robbing banks in new hampshire and vermont is behind bars. without incident. mike: matthew martin surrender to state police around 3:00 this living. warrants out of two state. he is suspected in at least half a dozen bank robberies in new hampshire and vermont. in each case, investigators say he showed a gun. police had help from the marshall services which offered a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to his arrest. authorities say martin was supposed to be sentenced for three robberies in vermont earlier this month but never showed up in court. since then, they say he robbed more banks including heritage credit union in ludlow, vermont, where he was caught on video surveillance. police say martin demanded cash
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the u.s. marshall center there may have been people helping martin. if that is the case, they would be charged as accessories. mike redmond -- mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. a man from keene is facing charges after police say he caused a crash last night. officers say 32-year-old robert tyler was riding in a car with his girlfriend when the couple got into an argument and things turned violent. tyler allegedly assaulted the woman, causing her to veer off the road and side-swipe a house. the house sustained minor damage. police say tyler fled the scene of the accident. he' s charged with domestic violence assault. adam: a man seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in hudson last night has been upgraded from critical condition to serious at mass general hospital. officers say 56-year-old kevin meaney was thrown from his motorcycle and into the woods. police say he was rounding a curve when he clipped a telephone pole. he was not wearing a helmet during the crash.
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a 21-year-old woman was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a van hit her. the woman was taken to lakes region general hospital. she is expected to be ok. right now, the driver is not facing charges. two people are displaced from their home after a house fire in moultonborogh last night. it took firefighters an hour and a half to get the fire on whittier highway under control. they rescued three dogs from the home, but two other dogs and 5 pet birds died in the fire. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital for a minor back injury. the fire was caused by a broken grill on the porch. adam: we are heading into the last few days of campaigning in first-in-the-nation new hampshire before the new year. this week republican candidates , donald trump, jeb bush, john kasich are heading to the granite state. and democratic candidate hillary clinton will be in town as well. after that it' s a six week , sprint to the finish on february 9. on the republican side the question everyone is asking will donald trump go all the way? experts say his lead could evaporate if he doesn'
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in get out the vote efforts. >> that is the big question. we' re hearing that about iowa as well as new hampshire. and so not investing that time in the state makes it harder to have that ground game. it all comes down to ground game. it all comes down to your ability to get folks to go to go vote. and remember, it' s not just donald trump supporters that need to turn out. we' ve got a lot of independent voters who have to decide whether they want to participate in the democratic primary or the republican. adam: an advisor for a competing republican campaign says it is possible, given the lead trump has in the polls, that he could invest relatively little in ground operations and still pull out a win over a fractured republican establishment. stephanie: still to come on news signed a pledge to move to new hampshire. they are close to reaching the goal of bringing more supporters to the granite state. adam: and an olympic gold medalist is visiting waterville valley today. how you can meet olympic skier
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a.j.: skiers and snowboarders have been waiting for natural snow. that weight will be over tuesday. on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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stephanie: a movement to bring tens of thousands of libertarians to new hampshire has almost reached its goal, adam: the free state project is trying to get 20,000 libertarians to move to new hampshire. so far, 18,000 people have pledged to come here. some of them have already made the move. carla gericke: our growth rate is accelerating faster because for the first time, we can really reach a new audience through facebook advertising. so we' ve been doing targeted facebook advertising and that' s been working out great. adam: in february, the organization will hold its liberty forum in manchester. the headline speaker will be edward snowden, the former n.s.a. contractor who revealed classified information about government surveillance programs. russia. stephanie: olympic gold medalist hannah kearney is visiting waterville valley today. kearney is finishing her final season as a competitive skier. she competed in three olympics
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2010 winter games in vancouver. kearney grew up training at waterville. today, she took runs with guests and people could take photos with her at the base lodge. she' ll also be at waterville tomorrow. you can buy tickets online or at the ticket office. adam: i got to meet her. she is very cool and down to earth. stephanie: that is very nice. we might finally see snow to ski on. a.j.: not only that. but more appropriate whether to make snow as well. that has been tricky. stephanie: ahead in sports, the controversial coin flip. what were the patriots doing as they headed to ove announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully...
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going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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forecast. a.j.: i was beginning to worry whether we would get snow for the end of 2015. we will be in good company. the second latest snowfall in concord was on december 24 of 1912. we have done better than that. you have to go to generate 13 of 2000 to beat the top spot. we are not going to make it there. we get snow tuesday. we will come in with the second
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let' s take a live look at portsmouth where you can see holes in the lower deck of clouds. there are mid-level clouds to compete with. with time, these will thin out and we are talking about nicer weather returning in time for tomorrow. we have winter storm watches throughout a good portion of maine into central new hampshire. winter weather advisories in laconia toward lebanon and south. lesser amounts of snow here, but still a disruption to travel more than likely. winter storm watch is mean there will be more snow that way. we are close to 40 degrees around concord. lebanon about 37. jeffrey coming in at 43 degrees. still above average despite the fact we did not have any sun today and don' t have any now because it has set. it is still 70 in atlanta. 78 in new orleans.
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we have a big temperature contrast. that is where you will find stormy weather. all of the rain and snow from new england through the ohio valley to were the mississippi valley into the region were severe storms are hitting. you also have blizzardlike conditions in western texas. this complex responding severe weather over texas, louisiana, and arkansas. it brings the snow for tuesday. that is the same system. high pressure tomorrow means sunshine with a few clouds when we get rid of the last vestiges of drizzle and showers now. the clouds will thin out after 10:00 this evening. as we take you toward midnight into the hours of monday morning, no problems. sunshine for the morning drive. i can promise you on tuesday, no school on tuesday.
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big prediction from the weather guy, right? there will be snow. unfortunately, it will not count as a snow day because you don' t have school to begin with. clouds increasing monday afternoon. no problems tomorrow. tonight' s lows dropping into the 20' s and teens in a few spots. not warming up much tomorrow at all. it is the cold weather taking hold of new england overnight tonight into tomorrow which sets up for a snowy scenario into tuesday. tuesday morning' s commute is not going to be pretty. s look at your forecast. we are talking about -- can we go back to that for a second? we are talking about three to six inches of snow throughout southern sections of the state. a little bit more, probably 428 inches into the mountains and higher amounts into the maine mountains. we are going from nothing to
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stephanie: we could have a snow day on new year' s day? a.j.: it would not be new year' s day. it would be tuesday. it will be a snow day but will not count because the kids are off anyway, so i am promising no school on tuesday. stephanie: a big prediction. jamie: jason king is off on this sunday. the patriots in new york. the game went to overtime. before that, a coin flip which the patriots won. under orders from the coach, the patriots elected to kick rather than receive. that is the big story coming out of this one. game number 15 of the season for tom brady and the team. injuries have been the story of the season. why should this one be any different? left tackle sebastion vollmer gets his leg rolled on. he had to leave the game, another big loss for the pats. stephen jackson making his patriots debut. a 5-yard carry here. it was 3-3 just before halftime
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ryan fitzpatrick to the all-pro receiver brandon marshall. jets led 10-3 at the half. second half, the pats had their best drive of the game going until tom brady gets picked off by longtime rival darrelle revis. a 19-yard return for revis, and you know that one felt good for him. and the jets turn that into a touchdown. fitzpatrick with a 33-yard touchdown pass to marshall, who beats duron harmon on the play. 17-3 jets in the lead. the jets got marshall from the bears for a fifth round draft pick. 13 touchdown catches. amazing. the pats needed a play from their defense, and they get it. jabaal sheard forces the fumble just before the fitzpatrick pass. jamie collins scoops it up and takes it in for the touchdown. gronk catches it for a patriots first down. brady to james white for the touchdown capped off a 66-yard drive and tied the game the pats 20-20. won the overtime coinflip but
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. he was told by the coach to kick the ball. the touchdown goes to eric decker. the jets get a huge boost to their playoff chances. the patriots lose. fiztpatrick throws for 296 yards. of those to brandon marshall 115. the pats fall to 12-3 they can still clinch the first round bye with a bengals loss tomorrow night or if the pats win next week. >> we thought it was the best thing to do. >> what was the confusion after the twin costs -- coin toss? >> there was not any confusion. there was no confusion. >> whatever the coach decides, that is what the team does. we have to play better. i don'
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were tracking it up and down the field. jamie: the steelers lost today. they were one of the hotter teams coming in but the ravens got them. backup ryan mallett with a touchdown pass through the ravens win 20-17. no more undefeated teams in the nfl. the carolina panthers lost at the falcons. that makes it 7-0. the falcons were able to pull this out, 20-13. the first loss of the season for the panthers who faulted 14-1. the falcons able to get an incredible catch for a 70-yard touchdown. that is it from the nfl this afternoon. we still have hockey.
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jamie: the boston celtics are
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two nights. they beat detroit 99-93 last night in michigan. tonight, they host the n.y. knicks at 7:00. the knicks lost at the atlanta hawks yesterday. the boston bruins are on the ice right now at the ottawa senators. it was a 5:00 start. the first power-play goal. they have scored. in the second, it is a 1-1 game. two more home games before the new year for the monarchs, including tonight against the adirondack thunder. the first goal goes to alex rich, his third of the season. this gives the home team a 1-0 lead. he got another goal in the second. that one for a goal. manchester wins this 12-0. 44 saves in the shutout for the rookie. the monarchs host the greenville swamp rabbits on new year'
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switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we
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come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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