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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hampshire is under a winter weather advisory tonight. good evening, i' m josh mcelveen. jean: i' m jean mackin. this storm brings the first measurable snowfall for southern new hampshire. josh: we have live team coverage of today' s storm, which has been especially tough on drivers. let' s begin with meteorologist josh judge. josh: the roads have been very slick, partly because we had the snow but on top of it a lot of places have seen sleep, freezing rain and a little bit of playing rain as well. will take a look at a few of the numbers from around the state. most places in the state so far have been between two and six or seven inches but it is still that' s why the winter storm warning is still in effect until about 7:00 and winter weather advisory for the rest of the state until midnight. look at the wide range of ve had
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coming down in northern new hampshire. so the new hampshire, the radar makes it look like nothing is happening but there is freezing drizzle out there. . snow showers in parts of central and northern new hampshire. you can see occasional drizzle or freezing drizzle as we go through the nighttime hours. mid-20' s most places and we will degrees overnight. re not going to be re-freezing but that means it' s already reasoning out there right now so watch for icy conditions. we will look at some more snow totals as well as a look at new year' s eve, coming up. josh: this storm has made for a rough commute all day. this was the scene this morning, heading south on i-93. jean: wmur'
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look at the conditions right now and he is joining us live in salem. adam: it' s still kind of dicey out here although the state has lifted the speed limit on the everett turnpike. there is so much water content in the snow, you have icehe minutes the snow melts a little bit it re-freezes pretty quickly at these temperatures of people are still taking it slow. more than 100 accidents out there on state roads and highways today in the morning commute was a lot worse than what we' re seeing right now. it looks like a lot of people have headed home early so the traffic on is not that bad right now. a lot of the drivers were shocked at the sadness of the transition we had from christmas eve to this, which is really now in comparison.
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s nasty. but look what happened last year. we don' t want a re-occurrence of that, do we gentlemen? >> a live look at i-93 north in salem near exit 2. even know that 45 mile an hour speed limit has been lifted by the state, people are still taking it very slow especially on the ramps. there. adam sexton, debbie in you are news 9. -- wmur news 9. jean: here' s a look at the conditions a little further north this is a live picture from i-93 in hooksett. josh: for a look at the rest of the state right now, here' s 95.7 wzi-d' s peggy james. katie: 93 has had some issues coming up from massachusetts. an early accident by exit for back up to exit three and it exit seven at the 101 split,
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also reports of a spin out by exit nine. the way up to concord. the everett turnpike has had a lot of issues. northbound very heavy between exits eight and 11. a new accident at exit two on the everett. i' m peggy james for 95.7. josh: for the ski areas across the state, this is the day they have been waiting for. jean: john -- suzanne roantree joins us live. suzanne: conditions here from concord north up into the lakes region inherent limits in plymouth have been a lot easier
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folks up here from plymouth north have been praying for snow. their prayers were answered, more than six inches fell here in plymouth and further north, mother nature dumped even more snow finally. but granite stater' s new the routine, scraping ice off the cars, shoveling walkways and trying to take it easy. the freshly fallen snow made it a great day for those heading to cannon mountain to do a bit of skiing and boarding. >> but we are excited to finally have some snow and get out there and do some riding. >> i love winter it' s my favorite season. >> it' s a little chilly but it' s nice to see some snow. >> well, it' s cold it' s great. it' s nice to have winter weather. suzanne the snow stopped coming : down here just before 3 this afternoon and temperatures in this part of the state are expected to be in the low 30' s,
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enjoy new hampshire with some snow. live in plymouth, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jean: those little snow bunnies are so cute. this storm has dropped several inches of snow with some spots even approaching a foot. josh: let' s go to wmur' s hayley lapoint for a look at the spots with the highest totals. haley: good evening. there were a few areas that got at least a half foot, especially in the higher terrain. pittsburgh got up to about six inches. some communities close to the seacoast had some higher totals as well. we got upwards of five or six inches when you got to some communities. in greenland we had reports of that. here are some of the highest snow totals we saw across the state. some of these were reported this morning so some have higher numbers than these at this point. the biggest problems in terms of collecting the snow data has
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and freezing drizzle that continues to fall and that can compact the snow accumulation. here in salem as i' m walking around, you can almost hear it because it has that top layer of ice and sleet, it has that little crunch to it. very grainy snow with the sleep that continues to fall. live here in salem we do have a fine mist coming down. walking around the parking area here where it is not treated is incredibly slippery so be careful if you are traveling tonight or even just walking the s going to be slippery. jean: the snow has prompted snow emergencies in several communities tonight, which includes parking bans. you can find a list of those on our website and with our mobile app along with detailed weather alerts and pictures of this storm from all around the state. josh: commitment 2016 now, and
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ohio governor john kasich drew a good sized crowd to nashua today. the republican has started to creep up in the polls of late, but kasich believes the big surprise will be on primary day when voters check the ballot and their conscience. >> i've got like 40 days left in this thing, and i' m just going to have a ball. >> with a genuine look of optimism, john kasich held his 47th new hampshire town hall of his campaign, and over that time he says he' s gotten a pretty good handle on what voters are thinking. >> i think you think that the whole thing is a rip off. that you don' t have a voice. that there is somebody else pulling the strings that you dont get a fair shot. >> throughout the race kasich has talked about a record and resume, he points to an economic revival in ohio and before that the architect of a balanced budget in washington while in congress. and while he understands money he' s not selling anything. >> people give me money, god bless them. you hire me, i'
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is to go fix problems. >> during a taping of " close up" airing sunday, kasich says aknowledged he needs to be a story coming out of the primary and while he avoids personal attacks on the current frontrunner, he' s convinced polls don' t reflect what people want. >> i just dont think america is to the point where people want to go in and vote for someone who is that much of a divider. maybe im wrong but i don' t think so. >> he' s also convinced he' s the candidate democrats would least like to see in the general election, and his supporters say that he has earned their backing by putting problem solving over party. >> as president i can see him saying what are the issues of my country that i need to help for everybody to benefit. josh: kasich will wrap up a two day trip to new hampshire with town hall number 48 in keene. he will return though early next week. mother nature forced jeb bush to cancel a town hall scheduled in peterborough tonight. the republican had to scrub the event after his flight to new hampshire was cancelled, because of the bad weather. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is in new hampshire right now.
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portsmouth this afternoon. clinton spoke about her plans to stand up for gun safety and how she would fight the addiction crisis in the granite state. >> if we are going to divert people from prison then what are we going to do well i' m a big believer in drug courts. i think drug courts are a much better option than imprisoning people. they should be given recovery, they should be held accountable. josh: clinton will also stop at berlin high school tonight. the event is scheduled to start at 6:15. jean: there' s much more ahead. including the dangerous floods sweeping across the midwest right now. they could set records before the week is out. josh: this storm system has been the first major test for boston' s t, after the meltdown that left riders stranded last winter. josh we' re watching the radar : and the temperatures as we head through the evening. a check of the rest of the week including new year' s eve. >> how communities on the seacoast are impacted by this first storm of the season. i' m jennifer crompton with the story, new at 5:30.
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first statewide snowfall of the season continues all night stay
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create
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for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> welcome mat. looking over at hampton beach where you can see the roads are' s lick. you can see the reflection from the wet roadways and the temperature 22 degrees. it is freezing on contact. one mile visibility at the seacoast and that means a lot of fog all over the granite state so keep that in mind if you' re heading out. we will have more on the forecast in a couple of minutes. jean: today the mbta is getting its first cold weather test of the season after long delays last year and a promise of josh: the morning commute went relatively smoothly, but less people were riding than normal because of the holiday week. there were some delays on the red and green lines because of old switch heaters. >> they were failures of the switch heaters themselves, but under our new procedure, we had staff available to respond quickly.
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morning commute. josh: when the switch heaters failed, a newly created team called the storm desk responded to fix the problems. jean: the same storm system bringing our snow is dumping dangerous amounts of rain in other states. 13 flood-related deaths have been confirmed in missouri, where the governor has called in the national guard to help with evacuations. in oklahoma, a man who went duck hunting remains missing, 29-year-old craig stickland is the lead singer of an arkansas country rock band. was found yesterday. that state says at least three deaths are tied to the storms. several rivers could reach record high levels this week. hundreds of flights today were delayed or cancelled today. these are planes in connecticut being deiced. morning' chicago but the problems affected travelers all across the country, including at the manchester boston regional airport. air travel was still better than yesterday, when more than 7,000 flights were affected by bad weather. josh: one passenger really
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airport had a good reason, he was trying to get to his girlfriend, so he could ask her to marry him. >> i' ve been stranded now in the airport for 50 hours. holiday travel, i mean, that' s all i can say, and the weather. >> danny roderique decided he couldn' t wait, he took a picture of the ring in his pocket and messaged the proposal. and she said yes. >> now, josh judge with your storm watch nine forecast. josh: it has been an interesting 24 hours as we all saw, heavy snow at times overnight and this morning but then it started to change to various types of invitation through the day and that continues at this moment. we will take a look at your temperatures and they are below 32. we stayed a couple of degrees colder than expected, so nobody got higher than 32 degrees in
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of us were locked into the 20' s. some parts of southern new hampshire mated up to 31 or 32 and then started falling again this afternoon. everything out there could be a sheet of ice as we' ve had freezing drizzle and sleet and a snow throughout the day today. let' s look at the visibility out there. as you can see it is quite low. we were just mentioning how the seacoast is down to one mile visibility. here is manchester and you cannot see very far either because the fog has really been getting week in some locations out there. keep that in mind as you are out and about tonight. you' ll be dealing with fog that could be coming out of nowhere. the wind has not been that strong, 5-50 miles per hour. instead of coming out of the east as was earlier expected, the came out of the north or the northeast and that kept pushing
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allow -- did not allow the warm front to roll through the state this afternoon. so we have been locked in frozen throughout the day today and that meant that even when it rained or drizzle it fell as freezing rain or sleep. northern new hampshire has stayed snow pretty much all day long. at last check most areas of here were six or seven inches and it has been snowing cents, so it could be even higher now. these are the areas where it looks seemingly like a lull but there is that missed an drizzle that does not show up. on the eastern slopes of the mountains, as you can see, quite often you are shadow on the western side. here is a good example of it right there, not getting quite
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mountains are to the eastern side. to the west, not a lot going on. one minor exception, not much going on around the entire nation right now. as we go through the nighttime hours, or snow for the north and some mixed rain or snow showers possible this evening in central and southern new hampshire through the night into early tomorrow morning. tomorrow we wake up with lots of clouds and they hold tight. by afternoon we could see a few breaks of sunshine and we should go about 32 and a lot of locations, especially central and southern new hampshire. tomorrow night a weak disturbance crossing to the south will bring some freezing rain showers through. thursday we clear out for new year' s eve. pretty good conditions out there for new year' s eve day and into the nighttime hours. this is right at midnight and things looking clear there. new year' s day itself is looking
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re going to be out there new year' s eve, temperatures will be between 25-35 degrees for the low temperature. a little warmer during the early evening hours. that' s about what you would expect or even warmer. conditions should be dry as well for new year' s eve. tonight expect mixed showers in freezing conditions meaning ice on the roadways, but we are slowly winding down a little bit. as we head into the weekend, upper 30' s and lower 40' s and week. couple of flurries this weekend after this one. jean: up next. a pair of robberies in the queen city tonight, police need your help to find these suspects. new hampshire' s supreme court expansion of rules for auto
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to
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incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. josh: manchester police are looking for the suspects in two separate robberies last night. the first happened just before 8 at gosselins market on somerville street. the suspect was wearing a surgical mask and had a gun. he got away with some cash. then around 10:30 the shell station on hanover street was robbed. two white men wearing gray hoodies stole cash and cigarettes but neither showed a weapon. bedford police are also looking
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s market convenience store at around last night. 8:30 the suspect demanded money and indicated that he had a weapon but did not show one. he got away with some cash. jean: the search for the so-called affluenza teen has ended in mexico. ethan couch and his mother were reportedly on their way back to the u.s. when they were captured. the two were on the run for weeks after the texas teenager allegedly violated probation. couch was on probation for killing four people in a drunk-driving crash. a defense expert argued he was coddled by his wealthy parents into a sense of irresponsibility, a condition he called affluenza >> i' d like for him to be held accountable, as i' ve said all along. i don' t think 10 years probation was appropriate for killing innocent people and driving at three times the legal limit of alcohol in his blood . jean: authorities detained the two in puerto vallarta. u.s.
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more charges. josh: city leaders are not too happy with the marketing campaign for justin bieber' s new album. graffiti was painted all over the city. in san jose people are working , to clean graffiti off the streets before the super bowl. a group of 25 people is cleaning streets, awnings and lamp posts. the association also plans to paint murals on some of the city' s walls. >> we want to just continue doing what we do but just have a little extra eyes on the details, and making sure we' re just spotless down here. we want downtown to sparkle. josh: the superbowl is february 7 at levi' s stadium. whoever is playing the patriots has yet to be determined. jean: san jose, california is just as chilly as parts of the granite state tonight, with temperatures in the thirties. josh: but they don' t have our snow. we' ll continue our live team s first
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jean: and if you' re planning to return any christmas gifts, there are some important things to keep in mind this year. we' ll break it all down. >> now to our u local hotshot. this is one happy kid in plymouth. finally enough snow to make
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josh judge: now at 5:30. snow ice and freezing rain all making their presence known today. a check of how much longer they stick around and when the next round arrives. jean: a warning for anyone getting behind the wheel. this already-tricky drive is likely to get worse as the night goes on. josh: this storm has been particularly chilly for the seacoast. keep things clear. jean: and first responders say we' re asking the state to provide, instead. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: we'
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snowstorm blanketing the entire welcome back, i' m jean mackin. m josh mcleveen. this storm has been particularly we' ll have a closer look at that in a moment, but let' s go first first let' s go first to , meteorologist josh judge, for a look at the conditions right now. josh: the temperature never got above freezing and then it was topped off with sleet and freezing rain. now have some freezing drizzle in a lot of bought so that continues to add a then layer of ice to the top of it. brentwood at 5.5 inches and madison as well, quite a wide variety of conditions around and different snowfall amounts as well. the highest amounts in northern new hampshire where a winter storm warning is still in effect. you can see is still snowing in northern new hampshire and will continue through the rest of this evening and most likely to
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tomorrow. in southern new hampshire, showing up because it is freezing drizzle and fog which that in mind. another look at the lakes region and washington valley as well as we will continue to see that for a while. 20' s and is scattered shower and drizzle mix and snow continuing in northern new hampshire. adam sexton is live out there in salem and he will tell us how the roads are doing. >> we' ve gone from zero to winter in 60 seconds. the state did just lift the 45 mile an hour speed limit on i-93
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it is now free flowing in terms of speed limit although people are still taking it slow. this is some of the snow here. temperatures -- is still freezing into this compressed, icy type of structure. this is not a real street, this is an access road. they' ve had one or two cloud passes but you cannot get down to the road level. drivers have to be very careful out on the road, it' s definitely still very slick out there secondary roads off the highway. some of the traffic is flowing pretty smoothly, but again, it is slick on those roads. the water content in the snow is just remarkable. my back is still sore from driveway. certainly take caution on the road even though the storm is
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adam sexton, wmur news 9. josh: lots of you are loving the snow caylin in weare couldn' t wait to try out the sled that santa brought her. jean: and this dog raced out the door to play in the first snow of the year. anyone headed outside today really needed to bundle up, that includes the seacoast. josh: our live team coverage continues now with jennifer crompton in portsmouth, where it stayed very cold all day. jennifer: yes, it did. i can testify to that. communities directly on the water, like portsmouth, saw rain and sleet, along with a few inches of accumulation. hence the first big snow piles of the year that will be around for months to come. today was really a reality check that despite how warm this , november and december have been, this day would eventually arrive. the first snow of the season
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inches on communities around rochester, and brought a busy morning for some first responders. >> things started at 3 am with our first weather related incident. >> lots of minor accidents during the morning commute, especially major routes like the spaulding turnpike. >> a lot of vehicles on the road today don' t have winter tires, at least most of them don' t, and we' re finding those people are slipping and sliding. >> but overall, things were very quiet in cities like dover and somersworth, partly because schools are closed. business as usual, except we' re dealing with a winter wonderland. >> other than those clearing driveways, not many people out at all, in fact many were ordering in. >> it' s been very busy, delivery-wise, lots of people ordering out for take-out. >> letting someone else deal with the reality that winter has finally arrived. >> how are the roads?
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>> this winter has been wonderful green christmas, sad for the kids, but happy for us and most adults. mother nature is showing is that she can bring it and here we are. >> mother nature has brought it and we are standing in it now and will be for months to come. a lot of credit goes to cleanup crews and communities being proactive who were ready to roll, especially after last season. live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur newsnine. josh: we do have some breaking news on the commitment 2016 campaign trail. george pataki is ending his run for the presidential bid.
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s board in the most recent cnn granite state poll. we will have reaction to his decision later in the newscast. jean: new hampshire' s supreme court has rejected a chalenge to what' s known as the auto dealers bill of rights. the law regulates contracts between auto manufacturers and dealers. the state expanded it to include heavy equipment, but many of those companies say the competition clauses interfere with their business model. the state supreme court rejected that challenge today, with one exception, it told a lower court to reconsider whether the legislation is an undue burden on interstate commerce. josh: still ahead, exchanging -- exchanging your unwanted gifts is getting easier. jean: whole foods has reached a deal on claims that it overcharged customers. how much it will cost the
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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josh: video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange.
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who in the s&p 500 up one and the nasdaq gaining 66. gas prices nationally, pretty even, $2.00 whole foods will half a million dollars to settle allegations that it overcharged customers. jean: this summer, new york city accused the grocery chain of mis-labeling prepackaged foods. the ceo' s apologized for the mistakes and hired a third party to audit its pricing. it will pay new york city $500,000 to settle the issue. holiday spending rose this year by nearly 8%, but online surge, jumping 20%. for most retailer, disappointing in-store sales between thanksgiving and christmas were balanced out by record cyber sales. josh: the day after christmas is usually the second busiest day thanks to everyone exchanging unwanted gifts. abc' s amy robach got a look behind the scenes, at the companies that rely on those
5:37 pm
>> i' m sure this is a good gift, ok? get in there and tear it up. >> we' ve all been there unwrapping an unwanted christmas gift that we know we' ll be rushing to the store to return. but where do all those returns go? many end up at places like this shorewood liquidators where products from popular retailers like amazon and home depot are returned. >> we process store returns. we check the items to make sure they' re complete. if they need any parts, we do repair of tools and electronics in our facilities and then we resell the items online. >> this holiday season alone over $19 billion worth of gifts are expected to be returned. this is a major industry, it' s >> called the recommerce industry. these are wholesalers and liquidators who are swooping in and picking up truckloads of stuff that you' ve returned that retailers don' t know what to do with. companies like these breathing new life into those gifts you didn' t want. josh: that was amy robach reporting. if you' re planning to return
5:38 pm
gift receipts with you and re-pack the gifts in the boxes they came with. check a store' s return policy, some have a limited time frame for gift returns, and others may have re-stocking fees, especially for tech toys. coming up in sports, the unh hockey team. we' ll hear from the wildcats. jean: first, a request for first responders when it comes to dealing with drug overdoses. josh: and we are on the storm watch, with severe weather
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this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton
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jean: fire chiefs around new hampshire are asking the state for more training on how to connect repeat drug users with treatment services. josh: a coalition of chiefs are supporting a million dollar initiative that would put drug counselors in local departments. the request stems from the growing opioid crisis in new hampshire and neighboring states. although it has become easier to get antidotes like narcan, the chiefs say treatment and recovery is a better long-term solution. appear of snowmobilers from the night in the mountains because they were repaired. >> here we are. this is the fort of forts. this is what happens when you go
5:41 pm
time. jean: they got trapped 15 miles from the nearest road on saturday after a snow drift trapped their snowmobiles. >> we didn' t know the terrain, we were out there too late. you know, we tried to go somewhere about 4:00 when we and that' s what really did us in. jean: they used a chain saw to cut wood and a lighter to keep the fire going. rescuers contacted them on to wait radios to finally reach them. josh: it has been an active day with of driving conditions from the beginning of the day even to right now. we will recap a couple of snowfall numbers here for you. bear brook state park with five inches, new boston at 3.5 inches.
5:42 pm
it is chilly out there and has been subfreezing all day long, meaning that every time the snow fell but once it started changing over to sleet and freezing rain, it immediately froze on contact. the sleet what bond with the top. we have temperatures now below 32 and will be staying that way throughout the nighttime hours, tomorrow. you can see the uniformity, not a lot of difference in southeast new hampshire. low and mid 20' s in central new hampshire, it' s cold. everything that has been freezing creates a thin layer as the sleet and freezing rain lands on roadways or other
5:43 pm
temperatures in the north country, 20' s and teens in far northern new hampshire which may be the spot that ends up with the most snow out of the system. conditions are quite foggy. portsmouth with about one mile visibility. it doesn' t look that bad here but there are heavy fog banks within the area. we showed you manchester earlier , thick fog with only 1.5 balls visibility and manchester-boston regional airport. some thick locations over toward and in dublin the visibility is pretty low as you can see here. it' s not just ice but low visibility that can create lots
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northern new hampshire has snow still falling, central and southern new hampshire, nothing showing up on doppler but light drizzle does not usually show up on doppler radar. the snow continues through the nighttime hours, 4-7 inches has fallen in many parts of the north country. most of the nation is pretty quiet, this system right here just scams by us tomorrow night in gives us a few more mixed showers wednesday night into thursday. there could continue to be a few more scattered snow or mixed showers throughout the overnight hours. nothing major but it could happen at any time see you are not in the clear through the nighttime hours. by afternoon there could be some partial sunshine and tomorrow night, spreading some mixed showers around. it certainly could make things difficult thursday morning for new year' s eve day briefly. then things clear out and it
5:45 pm
s evening, largely dry. in the mountains there could be a few snow showers but that is year' s eve. and into the weekend and beyond? saturday and sunday there could be snow flurries. then we start to have the temperatures live that a little above average, better than what we saw today. jean: granite stater' s are josh cohen this woman decided to her car. >> this man proud to wear shorts until the end of the year and almost made it, just a few more days to go. today. we want to see your pictures
5:46 pm
>> now, jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: it is all about the home and home series in hockey these days unh starts one tonight the bruins are about to finish one they lost in ottawa 3-1 on tonight, they host the senators sunday. at 7:00 p.m. we have some great college hockey to follow for the next two nights, with the unh wildcats in action. they play umaine in portland tonight and then they host the black bears at the verizon wireless arena tomorrow night. it's a home and home series, but with both games away from their normal home rinks. >> it' s a big rivalry, and to physical teams that go in and play with speed. i think we will be good. >> there are a good number of tickets available for that game in manchester. and don' t forget about the manchester monarchs game on new years eve and annual tradition
5:47 pm
greenville swamp rabbits. you cannot lose to the rabbits on new year' s eve. jean: a lot of travelers found themselves stuck in airports this week. josh: one airport plans to make that wait a little easier, with a movie theater. more on that, when we come back. tom: at 6:00 we continue our team storm coverage. it could be a long night for road crews with the threat of re-freeze. an update on the conditions just minutes away. plus new details about the driver who caused this wrong-way crash. now police say this wasn' t the
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running from. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands
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and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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josh: there will soon be a new way to pass the time in portland, oregon' s airport, a movie theater. jean: the airport is converting a service terminal into a small theater. but you won' t find feature-length movies here, they' ll be short films, showcasing directors from the pacific northwest. >> so the films will be shorts they' ll be between five and 7 minutes, and they' ll be on a looping reel that lasts about an hour. so passengers can come in, they can enjoy as many films that they have time to see and then go back to their flights. jean: the theater will have seats for 18 people, with
5:51 pm
it should be open in six months. josh: but is there popcorn? netflix is offering a way to make new year' s eve a little less exhausting for parents. it will have a countdown to the new year that you can start at any time. netflix promises the show won' t tell kids it' s not midnight just make sure you cover up the clocks so they don' t figure it out. jean: i think they' ve done this before and it is really brilliant. >> stay with us for the issues we could be dealing with tonight with this winter storm. jean: we will see you next at
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5:53 pm
in the hours ahead. jean: heavy wet snow with an added glaze of ice a dangerous combination not only the roads but when it comes to removing it too. tom: and finally some fresh powder couldn' t come at a better time for the ski resorts packed with visitors this vacation week. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we begin tonight on the storm watch as the first storm of the season leaves the state blanketed in white. keeping the plow trucks busy good evening i' jean: and i' m jean mackin - these are live pictures tonight over interstate 93 in hooksett where it continues to be slick and a slow go out there with people venturing out on the roads after a day of snowfall. we have live team coverage beginning with meteorologist
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