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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is targeting -- armed with bb guns is targeting businesses and costing them a lot of money. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. >> festive crowds are gathering around the state as 2016 makes its way to new hampshire. good evening. josh: new zealand one of the first places on the planet to welcome the new year. 2015 is going out in style. this month has shattered the records for the warmest in new hampshire ever. jean: there was no skiing, but there was a water skiing. josh: and servers are still on the water somewhere. there they are. let' s kick off with a.j. burnett. >> i cannot believe they are
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believe how warm it was. 2015, almost 38 degrees for an average, that bus the old record set in 1881. we are almost four degrees better than that. and amazingly warm weather in concord. as far as your new year' s eve forecast, first night, any revelry going on, mostly cloudy skies, dry tonight as well. you will get along fine with a moderately sized coat. there have been a couple of sprinkles out there, but that is about it. we are devoid of whether to the great lakes. not much to talk about except for some brand-new cold. we have to remember it is winter after all. that is when we typically get cold, and we are about to. something we are not used to, a shot of arctic air heading its
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we will talk about that in a few minutes. jean: one of the biggest new year' s eve celebrations in new hampshire will be portsmouth' s first night. it takes place downtown and at events throughout the city. josh: jennifer has been there all day long getting ready. she joins us live. >> it has already started. families are here with their little ones. they are taking part in the entertainment and a tivoli' s throughout the city. the street beyond us is already closing for an outdoor dance party that will run through the count down at midnight. this is the 30th year that pro port smith has organized this event. it is quite an event with quite an agenda.
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at least 10,000 people are expected to mill around market square, catch fireworks, or catch some of the great entertainment at 10 venues around the city. >> the whole idea of first night is that you purchase a button and travel between multiple indoor venues for great music, dance, and theater. it is all about the arts. it is all about community and being together on new year' s eve. >> why downtown portsmouth? >> why not? >> one button gets you into all of the activities and venues. it also gets you on the bus that can drive you between a venues. police want you to know there is parking outside the convention center and a shuttle that will bring you downtown. josh: thank you. boston'
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free of charge this year. that is a change from previous years when you had to buy a button to get access to the event. the city is not a running the celebration. that has been handed to another event. but don' t forget you can ride the t free after midnight. jean: we have live pictures of the big apple. extra layers of security are in place following the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino. abc' s marcy gonzales is in new york. >> on the other side of the globe, the new year' s eve celebrations are already underway. in dubai, the fireworks show went on despite this massive fire tearing through a high-rise hotel just across the street. in paris, the fireworks display
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the same in brussels after police arrested two men there suspected of being connected to a holiday plot. in new york' s times square, the crowds already gathering. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible. >> bny pd -- the nypd saying the crossroads of the world is now the safest place in the world with more police officers to ploy to ban ever before. police are searching every bag ever before. police are searching every bag and looking under every hat. safely. >> i feel safely with the police and being wanted on the way in
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>> about 20,000 smartphones were given to nypd officers as so that they can share information and pictures quickly if they see a potential threat. jean: a note, we will have much more on the dubai fire in just a few minutes, but first, a man in rochester, new york, is accused s eve tack there to prove to islamic state that he was worthy of joining the terror group. the fbi have arrested the man. they say he bought a nice -- but knives, a machete, and plastic table ties. josh: three dogs were plucked from a burning building this morning. police were called to a two-story duplex on a narrow side alley. a woman just getting home found heavy smoke pouring through the front door. fire crews did save her dog and two others from a neighboring unit. jean: two men expected of
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three days have been arrested. police say they held up a manchester business. one man has been held and charges against a second suspect are expected. heather hamel was told that all signs point to drugs. heather: court paperwork says that when devon was interviewed by police he said he participated in the robbery just to get high and walked away with just $30 in cash. he is charged with two felonies in connection with the robbery at forever tan. police believe he and another man went into the business around 6:30 p.m., demanded cash, and ran out the back door. police were able to get shoe impressions and dust for fingerprints. >> of a advised that they had to similar robberies in the last two days with -- and were advised that they had two similar robberies in the past
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heather: one man was arrested this morning and charges on the second are forthcoming. both are arrested with -- on connection with the robberies in queen city. josh: 2016 coverage now. in just a few hours, it will be 2016. for the ben carson campaign, it comes with a shakeup at the top. today, cars and announced -- carson announced the resignation of his campaign manager. he says he hopes to reinvigorate the campaign with a more impressive strategy. >> candidates who are up, even on new year' s eve, can be down by february 1. that' s important to keep in mind. josh: coming up at 6:00, we will
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hampshire push by the case a campaign. -- john kasich campaign. we will also update you on the continuing feud between the publisher of the states largest newspaper and donald trump. jean: several stretches of railroad in missouri and illinois are out of service tonight because of the historic floodwaters that are still rising there. elizabeth her is in missouri with more. >> the damage you see here is the work of the river, overflowing and flooding not only the businesses, but now a second water treatment plant in the area. the river crested in valley park earlier this morning. at more than 44 feet, a new record, officials say the water is starting to recede but the danger isn' t over yet.
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has been breached and the river is flowing over sandbags and spelling raw sewage into the rivers and streams. on tuesday, a plant in high ridge was also impacted. both are now shut down. the record-breaking flood also closed i-55 overnight, the third major highway now under water. down. it' s unbelievable. reporter: the overflowing rivers have left hundreds of roads impassable, but misery isn' t the only state drowning. >> we got an inch and a half with in about 30-45 minutes. reporter: parts of north carolina, florida, and george winter flooding. you are now looking at interstate 44, flooded and closed since tuesday. the water is finally starting to receipt, but clearly, the damage has been done.
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abc news, missouri. >> it is traffic watch time. let' s check outside to see how it is shaping up. this is the view of 293. not too much traffic. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. peggy: hello. the final commute of the year is going smooth and easy compared to the last couple of nights. coming up from massachusetts, it' s a good ride to windham. a little bit of slowdown between windham and londonderry. then you are good to manchester. you might have backups later on this evening, 293 at the granite street exit, the monarchs are back home, so they have a game tonight. i little bit of congestion at some of the exits in the city of concord itself.
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canterbury has been cleared. looking at 101 through bedford, normal slowdowns. seeing a lot of company in both hangups. 101 to the seacoast, no issues, but we do see heavy volume. this report brought to you by nissan and honda of nashua. josh: happy new year, peggy, thank you. jean: coming up, a closer look at the fire that is tearing through a high-rise hotel into by -- in dubai and a controversial decision to go ahead with fireworks. josh: and we will show you who drove this to safety when flames took over the car. >> a slice of arctic air heads in. ahead. jean: the man wanted for murder new hampshire.
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. people don't have access because bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one i'm bernie sanders,
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josh: welcome back. authorities in dubai say 15 people were injured when fire broke out a luxury hotel near the world' s tallest skyscraper. a million people were gathered in the area for new year' s fireworks, which went on as scheduled. flames ran up the outside of that 63-story hotel building, which includes a shopping center. investigators think the fire started on a terrace on the 20th floor. they say 14 people have minor injuries, and another person had a heart attack during the evacuation. jean: an arizona boy who got stuck in a chimney is back on solid ground tonight. firefighters say the 13-year-old was playing with his friend' s on the roof when he fell into the chimney, falling five feet before getting stuck. crews lowered a rope to the boy and talked him through wrapping it around his arms. the boy has some scrapes and bruises, but is going to be fine. quick moves by a pennsylvania fire chief saved a man when his car caught on fire. dashcam video shows the
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burning car and pulling the driver to safety. everyone is ok. josh: an allegiant airlines flight from orlando to bangor had to make an emergency landing in rhode island last night, after a strange smell. >> my girls were sitting in the back and they said that it was really, really hot and smelt -- smelled like smoke behind their seats. >> there was no real explanation as to why we were landing. they just said we had to make an emergency landing. and that made people nervous. josh: investigators still don' t know what caused the smell, but say they didn' t find any evidence of fire or smoke. passengers were offered hotel rooms and food for the night, and re-booked onto a new flight today. another allegiant flight out of florida made an emergency landing in chattanooga today, after reporting an engine problem. jean: a round of turbulence on an air canada flight injured several passengers some were taken off the plane on stretchers. abc'
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story tonight. >> overnight, new photos from inside the air canada flight that was forced to divert because of severe turbulence >> we are being told there are four serious injuries that will require assistance. reporter: these photos taken by a passenger on the long-haul flight en route to toronto showing oxygen masks deployed and trash and belongings littering the floor as an tossed the plane around. >> it was like you were on a roller coaster. to the plane was just going straight down and everybody was screaming. reporter: passengers escorted through this airport on stretchers and with neck braces after making the unscheduled stop in calgary, canada. the airline confirming 21 passengers including three children were transferred to local hospitals with rib, back and neck injuries. >> it is fortunate to that we
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t have patience with greater injuries, and all were not life-threatening. reporter: the boeing triple 7 carrying 332 passengers and 19 crew members was heading from shanghai to toronto. canada' s transportation safety board has started its investigation. >> there certainly has been no shortage of strong storms to the south of alaska. take a look behind me. you can see one of those storms just south of the aleutian islands right now, probably one of the culprits for the severe turbulence that flight encountered. it' s going to stay active out there right through basically next month, february, with el nio going on. closer to home, we don' t have a lot of weather basically from new hampshire through the great lakes. there are some clouds, but that' s about it. we'
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but that' s about it. activities, no question, cloud cover as well. take a look at concord where it is 38 degrees. light wind -- actually, no wind at concord right now. that' s some good news. it feels fairly comfortable outside. generally, light wind all across the granite state right now. cold air out toward the twin s 17 degrees. that' s not that cold heading into first night. i am not expecting any course of tonight. let' s take you hour by hour starting at 8:00. we will be in the 20' s to low 30' s from north to south. again, tame temperatures as we head into the first hours of january. about temperatures in the
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s to around 29-30 degrees or so, so again, not too tough to take. low to mid 20' tomorrow. we may find a few snow showers slapping at some of the mountain areas, but once you get south of the area south of new hampshire, really no problem. from the first of january, we hours to 7:00, some sunshine to greet us first thing. up in the mountains, some on and off snow showers, a squall or tuukka. over the course of the next few days we may -- a squall or two. over the course of the next few days, we may in depth -- may end up with some snow. but a strong cold front doesn' t head our way until sunday. overnight temperatures tonight and let 20' s as mentioned under a mostly cloudy sky.
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s again to welcome in 2016. the weather map, pretty quiet across the area with light wind let' s take you right to the extended forecast. we are talking about decent weather until sunday, and that is when some snow showers and squalls will come through. that is paving the way for some cold stuff sunday night into monday, right in time for the kids to head back to school. work. you are going to want those heavy coats. temperatures will be in the single digits, maybe even below zero. face. jean: a real winter. well, partying too much on new year' s eve can have plenty of side effects, including all too often a trip to the hospital. we will tell you about the
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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jean: it is new year' s eve, a time of celebration. josh: but drinking too much could lead to a trip to the emergency room. >> the countdown is upon us.
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start, but -- before the ball drops, the celebration will start, but some nights and with a trip to the emergency room, and all too often, alcohol is to blame. hospitals across the country expect surges during the champagne soaked we hours of the new year. fortunately, it boils down to a bit of common sense. space out your drinks over a longer time. don' t drink on an empty stomach. don' t forget and as -- a designated driver. a party to remember and a could forget. jean: the new year arrived early for one part of new hampshire. straight ahead, we will take you
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the sun set. josh: and travelers say boston is one of the unfriendliest places in the country. what else they' re saying about the city. jean: that' s friendly. now to our u-local hot shot. nothing but friendly faces here. pats peak is one of several ski areas that saw big crowds on this new year' s eve. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course.
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>> we are all going to have to pay for it. it is coming out of our pockets. josh: now at 5:30. vandals leaving their mark in one town targeting buildings and vehicles with b.b. guns. >> we have noticed an uptick already and we aren' t even into the throws of our heating season yet. jean: a winter emergency already keeping rescue crews busy. what you need to know as cold weather moves in. aj: after the warmest december on record for parts of new hampshire, we can' t forget it is still winter, after all i' m tracking some winter temperatures in the forecast. josh: and lowering your heating bill may be easier than you expect. the small costs now that can save you big bucks this winter. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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josh: a bb gun vandalism spree is causing thousands of dollars in property damage in the lakes region. welcome back, i' m josh mcelveen. jean: i' m jean mackin. belmont police have received several calls for help in the last two months the latest report came in just this morning. wmur' s adam sexton has a look at what' s being targeted. >> the summer fun is all wrapped up in belmont. now someone is making some winter mischief. over the last few weeks police say vandals have shot up 9 different properties with bb guns. >> the dollar damage is in the thousands at this point. >> and that makes catching these vandals a priority. police say whoever is doing this doesn' t discriminate, targeting the downtown library. while this may not be high profile crime, it does create compounding negative effects in the community. >> there' s a quality of life aspect to it. you come out, you realize your car' t go to work or can'
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some of the businesses that have been involved one of their , commercial vehicles was damaged and it was full of product. so then you have a vehicle that is out of service for the day and that costs extra to the business owner of course. reporter: the locals are upset too. >> you know what? we' re all going to have to pay for it. it' s coming out of our pockets. >> i think it' s ridiculous. i don' t know why people are doing it. >> these incidents have been happening all over town. police can' t be everywhere at once, so they' re turning to the eyes and the ears of the public for help. and they' d like you to look for some very specific things. >> whether it' s something that looks out of the ordinary a slow moving vehicle, a strange noise in the neighborhood, at least call the police and let us get involved and see what we can find. reporter while investigators do : not have any leads on potential suspects, they do believe whoever is doing this is using a vehicle to get around. in belmont, adam sexton, wmur news 9. jean: police in ceylon arrested
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salem arrested a man on the run from police in massachusetts for more than a year. 23-year-old joshua chevez appeared via videolink in court this morning. investigators got a tip last night that he was staying at a hotel in salem. chevez is wanted for a 2014 fatal shooting in lawrence, massachusetts. police say this arrest unfolded quickly and without incident. >> mr. chevez actually exited the room, forcing our hand to make the arrest faster than we probably would have wanted to, but with the information we had at the time and the scenario we took immediate action and took him into custody. jean: police say they found drugs scattered inside the hotel room, along with a loaded 38 caliber handgun stuffed under the bed. josh: as winter weather settles in, fire officials are reminding people about the dangers of carbon monoxide. crews in nashua alone say they' ve reponded to more than a dozen calls this month, including some that came close to being fatal. s kristen carosa. >> fire officials tell us that having a working co alarm can save your life and after the
5:30 pm
this month alone, they want everyone to hear that message. since december 1 the nashua fire department has responded to more than a dozen carbon monoxide calls. already and we aren' t even into the throws of our heating season yet. reporter: assistant fire chief brian rhodes says no one has died but there have been close calls and it can happen to anyone at anytime. >> carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. reporter and without working co : detectors, it will go unnoticed. yourself is to have a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home and to have one outside your sleeping areas. reporter rhodes says co is incompletely. the deadly gas can come from heating and cooking equipment. >> we cannot stress the importance of having your heating system, any of your heating appliances serviced by licensed contractors. reporter rhodes also says co can : also come from anything that has an engine, so never run a car or generator inside a closed
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vehicle exhaust pipes are not blocked by snow. the same goes for vents on the outside of your home for the dryer, stove and fireplace. all that snow has to go when we aren' t paying attention. reporter the centers for disease 2010, on average, four hundred and thirty people died per year from co poisoning. rhodes says the first sign is flu like symptoms and it progresses from there. >> if you leave that environment and get out to fresh air and you start to feel better that is a tell tale sign that you were suffering from carbon monoxide exposure. reporter the fire department : recommends checking your detectors once a month to make sure they are working. they say the same goes for your smoke alarms. for more safety tips head to our website, in nashua, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. jean: families rang in the new
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currier art museum with hier complete with a balloon drop and bubble wrap fireworks the 4th annual family friendly event went off with out a hitch. there were plenty of things to do for the kids from arts and crafts to face painting. and parents say its a great time for all ages. >> we came out with friends and it was a good cause to support the courier, and it was a lot of fun. jean: the event wrapped up around 2:30 this afternoon right after the balloon drop and kids say the best part was the magic show. still ahead on news 9 at 5:30. a class-action lawsuit against apple. the software change that has so many people so upset. josh: many people will see lower heating bills this winter. but cutting costs even more may not be as hard as you think. >> good news, josh, about those heating costs. hopefully, at least. colder temperatures are coming. when the thermostat will head up, coming up.
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world-famous rose parade floats. one common type of plant is
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josh: breaking news coming out
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train stations -- took a train stations, warning of evidence of an imminent attack. paris and brussels canceled their new year' s eve celebrations. in new york' s times square, a special counterterrorism unit is on duty tonight. jean: the s&p closed today with its worst return since 2000 eight. here are your numbers. s&p, off by 19. let' s check gas price averages. and nationally, it' s at two dollars a gallon, but here in new hampshire, we are averaging $1.99 a gallon. good to see. apple faces a class-action lawsuit over a recent software upgrade. josh: the tech company promoted ios 9 as being compatible with the iphone 4s, saying it would make the phones faster and more responsive. but plaintiffs to the lawsuit say it actually slowed down their phones, adding bugs and making them more prone crash. the lawsuit asks for $5 million in damages.
5:36 pm
the last major carrier to cut phone prices with two-year contracts is about to drop that option. a.t.&t will stop offering those contracts next week. after that, you' ll have to pay the full price for a new phone, or sign up for a payment plan. exceptions will be made for business customers who have qualified wireless agreements. jean: it turn out a lot of us genuinely like our cars. a new survey from consumer reports found that the most satisfied drivers are people with chevy corvettes, porsche caymans, and the tesla model s. the least satisfying car was the kia rio. josh: boston has made the top of a new travel list, but it is not really one to brag about. jean: up next, who says it' s one of the least friendly cities in the u.s. that' s not nice. josh: in sports, the manchester monarchs are ready to play their annual new years eve game we will hear from the players coming up.
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this epidemic of gun violence hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people before we before we come together as a nation?
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josh: tomorrow' s rose parade faces a new challenge, it runs through an area now under a citrus quaratine. the floats in the new year' s day parade are famous for being made entirely out of real plants. jean: but an outbreak of citrus greening disease prompted a quarantine across more than 100 miles of southern california, including the entire rose parade route. designers say they'
5:39 pm
the floats will be as beautiful as ever. josh: many families will spend less on heat this winter, thanks to lower costs for heating oil and natural gas. jean: but there are easy ways to cut your bill even more. abc' s gio benitez tagged along as one new england family retrofitted their house. >> meet the vonn family in rhode island. brian and amanda love their new home, but say the frigid winters are putting a freeze on their savings. >> heating last year was quite a surprise. >> a surprise in deed with the yearly bills totaling more than $3700. to drive down some of those costs, we brought in energy expert ben bixby. he said first, hunt for cracks and holes in your house.
5:40 pm
s where most of the warmth leaks out. >> some leaks are easy to find. others are harder to find. >> he said a -- pay special attention to your laundry room. that' s where we found a whole. the fix? seal it up with $10 phone sealant. >> during the winter, the hot air can go straight up there. >> just plugging the holes has paved -- saved the family $160 a year. use a thermal camera to see the dark area where valuable heat is getting out. we installed backing to direct heat back into the room. >> this will probably save you 48 dollars a year. >> finally, by a smart thermostat.
5:41 pm
with your smart phone, it monitors your family' s heating habits and automatically turns off when not needed, even if you forget. >> now we are in winter mode. >> this saves about 270 five dollars, but over five years, he says the family could be sued -- could be snuggling up to more than $1400 in savings. >> those thermostats are going to get a little bit of a workout as we head into the first few days of 2016. good evening, everyone, and happy new year' s eve. this is going to go down as the warmest december on record. each of these red cells is a day where we had above average temperatures. one day was below average, on
5:42 pm
one day was exactly average, a couple of days ago. there is no way when we are 11 degrees above average that we are going to drop into the number to place at all today. however, there is a little shot of arctic air coming our way for sunday night and monday, right in time for everybody to head back to school and work in a dose of reality in a couple of ways. a lot of you have been on vacation for a while. we have certainly been on vacation from winter temperatures. there are some rain showers to our south, but these will continue -- follow the clouds -- down to the south. we are pretty high and dry for the time being. as we zoom in closer, yes, there are plenty of clouds at there, but they will diminish tonight. those clouds are a good thing because they will help to retain
5:43 pm
temperatures right now in the upper 30' s, near 40 degrees. minneapolis right now it 16. that' s not bad for this time of year. 50 in our nation' s capital right now. has we had to the overnight tonight, by midnight, 20' s, again, not terrible. if you are heading outdoors with a moderately weighted coat. from the mountains southward, we are dealing with partly cloudy skies and just a couple mountain snow showers way up into the north country. that will be the rule through tonight and into tomorrow morning as well, brighter skies to the south, cloutier to the north, with a chance of snow showers. we will keep that trend all day long. on and off flaking from time
5:44 pm
afternoon. let' s take you right to the seven day forecast. we are talking about some pretty nice weather coming our way, although we slammed the brakes on the cold temperatures -- on the warm temperatures, i should say, and we are talking about frigid air starting to arrive by monday. so, first thing in the morning when you' re heading off to school, work, heavy coats because we will be dealing with single digits. a little dose of reality. jean: reality in the new year. thanks, aj. travel and leisure readers have named boston one of the unfriendliest cities in america. josh: it' s number five on the 2015 list. even though travel and leisure fans like the city' s history and shopping, and consider boston residents some of the most intelligent in the country, they also think they' re among the most rude.
5:45 pm
beating boston in the top 5 are washington, d.c., philadelphia, detroit, and new york city. something about the northeast maybe. >> thousands of hockey fans make it a tradition each year the new years eve monarchs game at the verizon wireless arena, with fireworks to follow. the greenville swamp rabbits are in town. >> i played for two years before, so i know about the crowd on new year' s eve and the fireworks display after. hopefully, it will be fun and we can back it up with a big win. >> i hear it' s pretty cool. a lot of people are coming. i hear it' s fun with the fireworks show. i have never heard -- seen fireworks indoors. >> oklahoma against clemson today. clemson is driving the trailing by a point. under the lights, michigan and alec -- alabama in the con bowl.
5:46 pm
amanda murray of bow. amanda is a three sport athlete for the falcons, she plays basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. she is one of the top students in her senior class, and has been the class president since the 8th grade and she' s done it all while managing her type one diabetes. we will have her story at 6:00. jean: still ahead. one family had a tough time getting rid of a surprise visitor this holiday season. josh: that' s not a stuffed elk in their basement, it' s the real thing. how it got there, and what it took to get it out. aj: minutes away at 6:00 the fun leading up to the ringing in the new year is underway in downtown portsmouth tonight from ice sculptures to a , market square dance party we are live in the middle of it all. plus, police make two arrests in a recent string of robberies the hold-ups that happened
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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jean: fireworks may not be the only light show in the sky tonight. josh: the solar northern lights
5:49 pm
the post office has new stamps, including four star trek designs in honor of the anniversary of the original tv show. there is also a of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and fish. jean: this is not a pet. it is an elk in the basement. the department of fish and game says it got there falling through a window well. they say higher snow levels are pushing wildlife into populated areas. everyone is ok, including the elk. josh: rack them up. jean: no.
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you're getting $400 in promo cards! yes! switch to u.s. cellular and get 15 gigs of data for just $70. plus $400 in promo cards. aj: now at 6:00, december, 2015 will go down as the warmest on
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changes are in store for the first few days of 2016. tom: the countdown to the new year is going to be filled with fun in portsmouth including a six ton ice sculpture to fireworks the whole family can enjoy. jean: three robberies in three days and police say tonight they , have tracked down two people behind them. tom: plus in this final stretch to the first in the nation primary campaigns are gearing up as one faces a major shakeup. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we begin tonight with live pictures of the celebrations underway at this hour from portsmouth to new york city , people getting ready to ring in the new year. good evening, new hampshire, i' m tom griffith. jean: and i' m jean mackin. here is the a live look at the countdown to the new year if you are headed out tonight andif you are headed out tonight you will probably want to bundle up. let'
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meteorologist a.j. burnett for more on the temperatures to
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