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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. josh: if you spent any time outside today, you know that the winter chill has arrived. tonight will be the coldest we've had all season, maybe even more dramatic by the toasty end, 2015. i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. take a look at these temperatures, and it only gets colder as we move into tomorrow. let's kick things off with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: it finally feels the part of winter. it took a long time to get here, and temperatures are finally running not only on the cold side but below average. down near zero in parts of the great north woods. teens anywhere from laconia points south through the merrimack valley, and into the monadnock region, a notch or two below that at 12. 20 to 24 along the coast. this is great news for ski areas that have been making snow around the clock since yesterday and will continue to do 24-7 through early wednesday. the reason, winds are draining out of the north adding an extra
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so by overnight tonight if the temperatures don't get below zero, the wind chill will make it feel like zeror below in many spots. we should get well below zero in the great north woods. right around zero give or take a couple degrees concord back to the north and west, and a little above that lower mermackri valley and towards the coast. you do notice the cold sector of air is lined up right in the northeast and eastern canada, back to the west right back to average temperatures. so when will those move back in across new hampshire? we'll look at a timeline and much more, in a few minutes. jennifer: right now a man is behind bars aftere say he held a woman against her will in gilford by handcuffing and chaining her to the floor. suzanne roantree has the latest. reporter: it was early smorning when a woman entered the gilford police department saying that she had been held at gunpoint against her will. police say the woman told them that 56-year russell holiday dha threatened her with a
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and chained to the floor of a home they once shared. the woman said she was able to convince him told release her and give her the gun, giving her enough time to get out of the home, into a vehicle and drive to the police station where she was put into a safe room, not knowing if holiday was following her. holiday was arrested about three and a half hours later in moultonborough, charged with kidnapping, criminal threatening with a firearm, reckless conduct, and felon possession of a dangerous weapon. police say holiday is a convicted felon and has a lengthy criminal history spanning several years and states. police say the woman's actions were courageous. >> very, very dangerous potentially volatile situation and the female victim in this was focused and determined to espe and having the o cwhe to the police department. reporter: police say that holiday was arraigned this morning.
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live in gilford, suzanne roantree. josh: candidates swarming into the granite state as the campaign trail gets under way in the newno yess than a half dozen white house contenders could be found in new hampshire today, while another adds a big name visiting on her behalf. jennifer: we begin with heather hamel who was in laconia. reporter: sanders today limited his criticism of his m opponent, instead focusing on the current state of government, the needs of senior citizens, and his dry sense of humor was evident throughout the event. >> i'm not running because i woke up some morning and said, you know, bernie, you've got to be president of the united states. when you grow up in a three and a half room rent controlled apartment in brooklyn, that's not the message that you get. reporter: speaking in laconia, senator sanders says he's running because the old politics just aren't cutting it any more. >> the moment is so critical,
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reporter: monday he focused on some directly affecting senior citizens. >> in my view when so many seniors are struggling to keep their heads above water economically, we have to expand social security benefits, not cut them. reporter: he also talked about the high cost of prescription drugs and poked fun at the drug companies' reluctance to bring drugs over from canada. >> you can't quite check the quality of the product coming in from canada, just cannot be done. reporter: laughter and aapplause were common place at the event, something democratic congressional candidate sean o'connor says sanders' momentum is on the rise. he endorsed him sunday. >> hundreds of thousands of people are coming to hear this message and it makes perfect sense. there are severe issues that we need to deal with today in politics, from income inequality
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the best answers to those questions. reporter: sanders spoke at a student conference this afternoon in manchester and will also have a forum in manchester later this evening. heather hamel. josh: thanks. in nashua today, this is video of then governor bill clinton kicking off his presidential campaign back in 1991. now 25 years later, the former president is back, but this time for his wife's presidential campaign. the presence of a former president is pretty big testimony. this morning clinton packed a gym in nashua community college, spoke for about half an hour in a speech that touched on his own presidency, and even addressed the state's heroin crisis, but in the end he said his wife hillary is the right president for these times. >> i do not in my
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this job at a moment of greater importance who was better qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do what needs to be done now. josh: after the event in nashua, the former president did a little retail politicking in a op in manchester. he also stopped by to chat with us for a moment to talk about new hpshire's role in the selection process and why he believes now is more important than it's ever been, more on that at 6:00. republican candidates wer i the state today, some of them heading out early, marco rubio held a town hall at 7:30 this morning. he focused on national security with some harsh words for his republican rivals in the field saying -- and rand paul spent the breakfast hour in dover. he has a town hall in laconia tonight, starting at 6:30. and chris christie gave a mid morning speech at st. anselm college followed by a town hall
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another tow in concord tonight, starting at 6:00. somewhere over the rainbow. josh: that is carly fiorina singing a long with rotarians today, this is one of 15 granite state stops over the next five days for this republican candidate. fiorina says last may pollsters didn't even ask voters about her, she told news 9 she will finish well in the granite state primary because voters here think for themselves. >> i think they know the political classes, i think they know the system is broken. what i'm saying to the people of new hampshire is it's time for us to take our country back. it's time to restore a citizen government. josh: la month the other big race coming up in november, governor hassan has
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her senate campaign. ayotte. over the last three months hassan has raided 2.1 million, setting a new record for single quarter in an off year. campaign sources tell us that ayotte also raised more than $2 million in that same period. jennifer: president obama is defending plans to take executive action to tighten the nation's gun laws this week. no details have been released yet, but the plans he's expected to announce could include new rules on gun sales. added inspections for gun dealers, and improving the reporting of lost and stolen guns. as sally kidd tells us now, the expected moves follow a series of deadly mass shootings. reporter: the president says the changes are consistent with the second amendment. critics say he's abusing his executive powers. the president says he's considering a list of recommendations from the attorney general, measures that
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gun laws. president obama: make sure that criminals, people who are mentally unstable, those who could pose a danger to themselves or others, are less likely to get a gun. reporter: he's taking action without congress' approval, using his executive authority. >> it's possible that we could prevent even one or two incidents of gun violence, then we're going to eagerly implement those executive actions. reporter: the initiatives will be rolled out over the next few days and are expected to include expanding background checks to close the so-called gun show loophole. president obama: it will potentially save lives. reporter: after the 2012 mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, major gun legislation failed to pass congress. after a string of attacks last year, the president vowed to act alone. >> we view this as lawless, he's circumventing the congress, he's circumventing the constitution to restrict the rights of law abiding americans. reporter: gun rights advocates
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candidates blasted the president's move. >> he's obsessed with undermining the second amendment. >> continuing to abuse his executive power, in every way, shape and form. reporter: whatever the president does is likely to be challenged in court. in washington, sally kid, wmur news 9. josh: this was not a great start to the new year on wall street. the dow fell dramatically in the first moments of trading and things didn't get better as the day went on, at one point down more than 400 points. signs of a slowdown in china and new tensions in the middle east have investors worried. china stopped trading today after its main index fell nearly 7%. at 5:30 we'll talk to financial advisors about what this means for you. jennifer: first we get a look at how traffic is flowing around the state tonight, this is 93 through the windham camera. josh: peggy james has the
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>> yes, it's the first monday night commute of the year, so far so good. you don't want to be stranded with these cold temperatures. a good ride all the way up from the border to manchester, and once you get into the queen city no problems. busy volume on 293 around the city, but no incidents for you. further north through hooksett and up towards the bow junction it's a good ride, and you have some slight slowdowns as you make your way through the exits in concord. 101 west you're hitting the brakes from 114, but you start easing out, once you get past wallace road. the everett turnpike busy both ways, but incident-free and 101 no problems to and from the coast. pawing turnpike northbound a slow ride. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. jennifer: many mbta riders found themselves stranded in the cold today. josh: we'll tell what you went wrong. jennifer: also, the faceoff continues in oregon's high
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taken over federal facilities. mike: after a very cold one tonight, a bright and chilly tuesday will follow. this epidemic of gun violence hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby.
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background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation?
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jennifer: the u.a.e. says it will downgrade connections with iran following the lead of their key allies. this is video of a protest in tehran today. saudi arabia cut all diplomatic ties with iran after protesters attacked the saudi embassy in tehran. they were outraged by a mass execution in saudi arabia that included a prominent cleric. the site where the deadly san bernardino terror aattack happened is now open. josh: employees returned to work at the inland regional center. the building has been closed since december 2, when two people were shot and killed and 14 others were wounded. f.b.i. believes that the two were motivated by radical islamic beliefs. and right now armed protesters continue to occupy a wildlife refuge the oregon, it began on saturday as a rally to support two local ranchers set to begin sentences for arson. it later expanded into a wider protest against the federal government.
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has been destructive to ranchers and miners. jennifer: the season's first bitterly cold commute arrived with problems for mbta riders. a disabled train on the orange line and a track issue on the blue line delayed people headed to work this morning. some shuttles were brought in. the mbta says all the problems were cleared up by about 9:00. and things are only going to get colder tonight, take a look at the conditions in the north country right now, colebrook is three degrees. it's been a long time since we've had weather like this. meteorologist josh judge is here with more on that. >> that's true. we had our coldest night so far of the season last night. here's a look at the low temperatures last night, as you can see berlin got to zero and it got to four above in whitefield. those are the areas you typically think of by november or december are getting to below zero, and this is the first time. it's been a long time since
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concord 15 degrees is also the coldest it's gotten this young season yet. november, december, couldn't do it. how long has it's been since we've been below zero in any of these cities? march 7 was the last time that concord was below zero. and only one below zero, but that was from last winter. portsmouth back to february. berlin, which you would think would be shorter ago, but not a whole lot, that's been about 43 to 44 weeks in many spots, so it's been a long time since we've been below zero, probably our real good chances that those places up north do. maybe elsewhere as well. mike: yes, josh, been great on the heating bill over the last several weeks around here. but we have the arctic cold for the first time this season. take a look at market square today where we did have the sun flirting with clouds. and even some passing flurries here or there. but most of the accumulating snow today just to our south,
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the cape as well. right now clouds beginning to clear out in many spots, we have the wind draining out of the north and that winter chill evidence all over the northeast, including all of new hampshire. these are the actual temperatures lining up. down near zero already in berlin, 8 below atop mount washington, 9 in plymouth and lebanon and only teens in the merrimack valley. just alittle above that along the coast. the wind is active and that's driving down the wind chill. the feel-like temperature 9 below in whitefield, 5 below in plymouth, feels like three above in concord and that's it. same story in manchester, and just a little above that towards the coast. so it's all about the temperature in the short-term forecast tonight. we'll dip back to 10 to 15 below in the great north woods and single digits above or below zero elsewhere in the state right around zero in concord. great news for ski areas, especially in southern new hampshire where it's been a struggle to make snow. they certainly did that last night and all day today and they'll continue to improve the
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there at least through wednesday morning. also at this time we're tracking milder air back to our west, so a very narrow batch of cold air, england. notice the jet stream by later tuesday night and wednesday, that lifts out of here, so it's back to seasonably cool for wednesday right through the balance of this week. there will be another surge of arctic cold billion through the northern plains this weekend. and with cool air, but milder stuff in the eastern seaboard, that will likely set up a stormy scenario along the east coast. looks like a fairly weak system, the next one holds off until saturday and maybe another one sunday or sunday night. in the short term, clouds are moving out, that means fair skies tonight, it's all about temperatures with the wind chill as well. if we don get down below zero tonight, it will certainly feel the part of zero or below due to gusty winds. but plenty of sunshine tomorrow, more sun wednesday, and bright skies continue into thursday and probably friday as well.
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around where we were today, upper teens far north, lower to mid 20's lakes region points south. and the winds will be a bit active tonight and tomorrow, but not as strong as they were earlier today. for tonight, clear skies developing, coldest so far of the season, it will be breezy at times. so teens below zero far north, single digits below in the upper valley, right around zero concord and a little above that manchester, nashua and towards the coastk to or above average as early as wednesday afternoon. a little bit above the norm for the rest of this week and then we get to saturday, looks like a little light snow or snow showers and then maybe a mixed system later sundayunda o night. but in the short term, all about the cold. josh: thanks, appreciate i we're now five weeks from the new hampshire primary. and to help keepou informed, we're taking an indepth look at some of the hot button issues up next, the candidates' views when it comes to climate change.
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investigators say they caught this trio during a break-in on police property. stay with us. (phone ringing)t de with something, by ignoring it. but thatiden sal candidates seemo be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)cand ates, answer the call
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announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real i'm bernie sanders, and i approve is message. josh: welcome back. democrats call climate change one of the most important issues facing the nation, but
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take on what the government's role should be. jennifer: continuing our commitment 2016 coverage now, aixa diaz looks at this debate from both sides. reporter: among the major issues being debated on the campaign trail, climate change is one of the most polarizing. >> for democrats climate change, imposing regulations to reduce the amount of carbon in the reporter: in august president obama unveiled a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. three months later, he rejected the controversial kea steen xl pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can lead to serious heat waves, droughts, sea level rise. reporter: greg dodd son says the time for action is now. >> there are solutions, they are available today, if policy makers will embrace them. >> these policies really won't do anything to mitigate global temperatures. reporter: he argues more regulations do little for the environment. and end up hurting the economy. >> because energy is a necessary
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and everything we do, you'll be hit when you go to to grocery store, when you go to the home depot. reporter: josh of the national journal says a candidate's position on climate change could be a double edged sword. >> the risk is if you get too far to the left on the issue and you sound too much like you're focused on the environment over the economy, could it be a vulnerability. for the republicans sound like they're not deal with the issue in an empirical way. jennifer: we'll be taking an indepth look at a different issue every week leading up to the new hampshire primary. you'll find all the stories in the politics section of josh: one government is suing volkswagen over its emissions cheating software. jennifer: and tom brady should be back for next week's playoff
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>> just floored it and dragging all the way down and ran me over. josh: this woman says her own friend dragged her down the road with his car, after trying to rob her. jennifer: growing fears that a police impersonator may have thought. what you need to know. mike: arctic cold for the first time this year, some spots will dip below zero overnight. josh: this cold is good news for ski areas hoping to set a record this week and we'll tell you how you can be part of it.
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just dragged me down there, down this road here. josh: police are looking for a man accused of dragging and running over a woman whiletrlsng to rob her. welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. it happened at a camp ground in farmington, that woman has been released from the hospital and today she spoke with wmur's jennifer crompton. reporter: tyler emery faces felony charges of robbery and reckless conduct in connection with the crime. the victim says she and her boyfriend knew him from high school and that he offered to drop them off cigarettes because they were without a car and she says she still can't believe what happened next. >> i was just hanging over the driver'seat and he hit the gas. reporter: nicole is in pain, her ribs bruised, the skin under her loose clothing raw with abrasions. recounting what she says
5:29 pm
went to pay for cigarettes an old acquaintance was dropping off. >> he just floored it and dragged me all the way down and ran me over. reporter: she says her instinct was to hang on because it held her rent money. her boyfriend describes watching in horror. >> i screamed for her to let go, because i seen her going with it and he went right up over once she went on the ground. reporter: farmington police issued felony warrants on monday for 22-year-old suspect tyler emery, now of lebanon, maine, for robbery and reckless conduct. >> i'm alive, that's all that matters. >> something like this happens, biggest thing that comes to mine is luck. why was she able to walk away and thankfully she was. >> she had tire marks going all across. everything. reporter: how was it that you bones?
5:30 pm
reporter: nicole wasn't able to hang onto that wallet and police believe she was dragged at least 40 feet. they continue to look for tyler emery at this hour as their investigation continues. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: in rochester, police say they are getting more calls from people worried that they may have also been stopped by a phony officer. on saturday two teenagers reported that a pan they believe to be an officer pulled over and took out their basebl bat. the boys say he wore a police type uniform and duty belt and drove a black and white crown victoria with a seal on the door. >> if somebody is out there posing as a police officer, potentially could have more devious thoughts or intentions in mind of what happened in this case was relatively harmless. again, this person has no right to impersonate an officer, but we don't know what they were thinking.
5:31 pm
during a traffic stop should call 911 to verify it is a real officer and pull over in a well-lit area. josh: three people have been arrested after troopers say they caught them trying to bakre into the state police barracks. wmur's ray brewer found out what they were so desperate to get from inside that building. reporter: state police believe the target of the break-in was some evidence inside a car that had had been seized on friday night. but they say it's also a sign of how desperate these three were that they would attempt something as brazen as this. this two-way radio, according to state police, were found on fred morin as he was arrested early sunday morning. >> on saturday during the evening hours the state police received a credible tip that mr. morin might be possibly trying to attempt a break-in to the state police barracks in concord. reporter: the reason for the attempted break-in, authorities say, morin was a penning in a car that was stopped and seized
5:32 pm
>> at that time, evidence about vehicle. reporter: police believe morin was trying to get that evidence from the car, it was just before three sunday morning. >> an alert police officer on 89 northbound exit 2 off ramp was next to the state police barracks, lob indicated the subject in the wood line. reporter: morin was arrested and monday morning arraigned on several charges by video. but police believe that morin was not acting alone. after morin's arrest, police learned that two people including the driver of the car during the initial stop on friday, eric parker, had had dropped morin off near the barracks. >> state police responded and located a vehicle on the corner of the property which abuts the state police property. reporter: both parker and melinda hanks, who police say was driving the car sunday morning, were also taken into custody and arraigned monday at circuit court.
5:33 pm
charge, and the subaru outback at hanks was allegedly driving was also seized. according to court paperwork, state police believe they found what appears to be heroin and marijuana inside the car that was seized friday night, along with a loaded handgun. and they say more charges are pending. in concord outside circuit court, ray brewer, wmur news 9. jennifer: manchester police a noise complaint at a hotel led to a pair of drug arrests. police say they found evidence of drug activity inside a room at the laquinta inn sunday morning. 31-year-old richard acker was arrested on two counts of possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, his bail set at $20,000 this morning. 27-year-old stephanie di simone was charged with possession of a controlled drug and was released on bail. josh: for the first time we're seeing video of the cargo ship el faro at the bottom of the ocean, the ship sank in
5:34 pm
three miles off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board were killed including several with ties to new england. federal investigators are considering now whether to launch another search to find the ships black box. coming up, a rough start to the new year on wall street, but we're getting some good news when it comes to gas prices. jennifer: a major auto maker teaming up with lyft, the move could bring a big advantage over rival ride sharing companies. mike: outside of a few flurries in spots today, dry weather lingers into tomorrow. josh: a world record attempt for granite state skiers, stay with us. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs odunkin'. jennifer: it is way down on this monday, the dow closing down 276 points. the s&p 500 down a bit over 31. the nasdaq way down as well. so those are the final numbers after a very rocky day. the dow dropping more than 350 trading. josh: that was thanks to the steep drop in china's markets,
5:36 pm
that a circuit breaker system automatically halted trading. what does this mean for your portfolio? amy coveno talked to financial advisors about this jumpy start to 2016. reporter: experts say the stocks that plunged on the chinese market monday are called a-shares, pririly traded by local chinese citizens. >> so you can't look at what happens with the a-shares as an indication whether international money is coming out of china, it's not. it's simply what's happening with domestic investors in china. reporter: they have been buying and sell stocks since the 80's, they say context is critical. the dip in the dow monday was just 2%. during the black monday crash in 1987, the market collapsed by 20%. >> is a 2% move up or down really impacts you or your wealth, you probably shouldn't be in the market, because that's what it does. reporter: why did the chs market
5:37 pm
>> the largest factor being a slowdown in chinese economic growth. and the world has been looking for ed of slowdown in china and are worried that that slowdown could get worse. that made the asian markets sell off, which inn made the u.s. markets sell off. reporter: investment advisors have been taking calls from jittery clients but say only people who need their money right now should be nervous. this hickup will have no lasting impact. >> thises mirely a day, and on a personal base, it might look scary on the news, but in the long run it's just a blip on the chart. josh: as for gasce p nationally 1.99, the same in new hampshire. prices are expected to full fawrts, triple a forecasting an average of $1.79 for regular gas. the u.s. they'll production has
5:38 pm
falling demand oversays. production in the mideast also holding steady. the e.p.a. and justice department are now suing volkswagen over its emissions cars. jennifer: the agencies accuse emission standards. the lawsuit seeking up to $18 billion in fines. the company and its executives could also face criminal charges, the software was found in herely 600,000 vehicles. general motors is investing a half billion dollars in ride sharing company lyft. the two plan to open locations where lyft drivers can rent g.m. vehicles, that would give people who don't own cars a way to drive for lyft. vemp they hope to deliver a fleet of self driving cars that drivers can summon using its app. mcdonald's is rolling out a new menu option, the mcpick two allows customers to choose two items for $2, such as a chicken
5:39 pm
mozzarella sticks and small fries, almost three months after the company began offering all day breakfast. josh: one concept is getting big buzz at the electronics show in las vegas is a television you can roll up like a newspaper, the 18-inch display may never hit stores, but there's a lot of potential in a flexible screen. another concept is a 55-inch tv that's as thin as a piece of paper. this is the time of year to go looking for love online, apparently, dating site say the new year is their busiest time. so if you're looking for love, rest assured that plenty of other people are out there doing the same thing. jennifer: still ahead, a frightening flight, we'll tell you who alerted attendance to the door that was still open, nearly an hour into the trip. josh: patriots are limping into the playoffs, but hopefully tom brady will not be. we'll have an update on his injured angle in sports. jennifer: tonight at
5:40 pm
your help to catch this animal, it a coyote who got his head stuck in a jar. >> his great life ambition to give to other people, manifesting itself in him
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap.
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worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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this friday you can join a world record effort on new hampshire ski slopes. several resorts here will take part in the attempt to set a record for the most ski and snow bore lessons in a single day. if you'd like to find a full list and register, you can do so in the escape outside section of mike: that is a good idea over skating, because up at the big lake you're not going to be doing that. time lapse today, january 4th, all open water up at the weirs. there are some coves and smaller ponds that are starting to freeze over, but you really have to watch it, i wouldn't recommend getting on any ice yet. and you notice still open water with gusty winds today at the weirs, tough to get that ice to form despite the cold temperatures. coldest so far this season moving in right now, through early wednesday morning. then as quickly as that happens, temperatures begin to climb
5:44 pm
starting wednesday afternoon. the dry stretch right through friday and then a couple of systems will track as the pattern becomes more active towards this upcoming weekend. but again the next few days should be on the dry side. temperature wise, mid teens from manchester points south and southeast. a couple of low 20's exeter towards hampton falls, that's it in terms of the, quote, warm spot, because everyone else is below that. single digits in the lake sunapee zone. 10 to 12 in the monadnock region. up north it sub-zero pittsburgh and stewartstown. some spots near the canadian border could be near 20 below by tomorrow morning. the wind chill, will remain active. on average it's teens below north and single digits above or
5:45 pm
a little above that along the coast where it may hang onto 9, 10 or 11 by early morning. a lot of cold air in the east, but back to the west beginning to warm up a little bit. it's not trap cal -- tropical. that will begin to move in here as the cold air does retreat to our north and east. in terms of storms, not much to speak of through friday night. then that could change a little bit come this upcoming weekend. had a snow event to our south today, and a few of those flurries did scoot into southeastern parts of new hampshire, most of the accumulating snow, eastern parts of massachusetts and down towards the cape. but all of that moves off to the east, as the winds bank around to north and northwest tonight, that means complete clearing, will be breezy at times, and very cold. if those temperatures don't get down to zero, the wind chills will make it feel like that by the predawn hours. for wednesday, lots of sun as recover.
5:46 pm
the upper 30's by wednesday afternoon. beyond that up near 40 on thursday, again on friday. so these temperatures again will make a recovery. great news for ski areas, by the way, even when it warms up slightly during the overnight, we'll be well below freezing, so they're going to crank out snow. many ski resorts in the last two or three days, at least adding 40, 50% to their original terrain just by making snow. so this is good news for them. josh: a passenger plane bound for south korea took off from the philippines but had to turn back 40 minutes later because a door wasn't closed all the way. jennifer: the staff said a noise alerted them to the cracked open door, there are 163 passengers on bore at the time, no injuries reported. the flight then took off again, 15 hours later. >> tom brady had an m.r.i. on his injured ankle today, good news, no breaks or fractures,
5:47 pm
brady told weei radio this morning that he will get treatment and will be ready to go in two weeks when the patriots host the divisional round playoff game. brady was injured in the first half of yesterday's 20-10 loss to miami. the celtics are in brooklyn tonight, they'll try to snap a two-game losing streak, boston lost to the nets at home on saturday, that was 100-97. the monarchs dropped two of three games to greenville over went to overtime. two of them went to a shootout, including yesterday's 3-2 loss. they play at adirondack on wednesday. >> we have to clear our heads and recharge the rest of today and tomorrow and go for practice on tuesday. >> that's sports for now. josh: with temperatures dropping, a lot of agencies are reaching out to help people who have nowhere to go. jennifer: we'll tell you about one effort at a local police department.
5:48 pm
comeback kid making another granite state comeback, but this time former president bill clinton is campaigning for his wife. what he says has not changed after 25 years. and drug related deaths hit a record last year in the state's two largest cities, why police
5:49 pm
jennifer: a new rule requires all cities and towns in new york state to take homeless people into shelters during freezing weather. even people who resist. governor cuomo issued that executive order saying it's necessary to save lives. but many people are questioning the legality of the move including new york city mayor bill deblasio. and as temperatures drop in new department has teamed up with americorps and the volunteer vista program to help homeless people right here. josh: a donation box is set up for hats, socks, gloves, tooth brushes and toothpaste. this campaign was timed to coincide with the upcoming martin luther king jr. holiday. donations will be accepted until mid month january 15.
5:50 pm
didn't let a snowstorm keep him from work. dr. daniel gale works in an emergency room, but after record breaking snow he couldn't make it out of his own driveway, so he decided to ski to work instead. the two-mile trek was no problem for this competitive skier, he didn't plan to tell anyone, except for one thing, guess what that one thing was. he forgot his shoes, so imagine working in the e.r. and you had to wear your ski boots all day long. yikes. that's what you call dedication. josh: thank you for joining us. jennifer: stay with us, news 9 at 6:00 is straight ahead. is the economy rigged?
5:51 pm
in two years than the bottom i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
5:52 pm
tom: right now at 6:00, 25 years after his first presidential race, bill clinton returns to the granite state to campaign for his wife.
5:53 pm
that, as hillary always says, keep americans up at night. tom: why the former president says campaigning in new hampshire is like nothing else. mike: after a chilly monday temperatures dip lower than any point this season. how cold it gets by morning. jennifer: a guild ford woman is safe after escaping a man she says chained her to the floor. tom: records in the heroin epidemic, the numbers are in of just how many people died from drug overdoses in the state's two largest cities last year. jennifer: right now temperatures are dropping across the state from the seacoast, where it about 22 degrees to the north country where it's lower than that at three. we are in for the coldest night so far this winter. bundle up, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith.
5:54 pm
tells us how cold it will get tonight.
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