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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:00. jean: grab some mittens and an umbrella this weekend, a very light wintery mix tonight will give way to heavy rain before our weekend is over. mackin. tom: i'm tom griffith. a few spots are seeing light snow right now. what about the rest of new hampshire? let's begin with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: downtown manchester very fine light snow, also a little in northern stratford, southern carroll county. what you have to be on guard for tonight is that the precipitation that falls is very light, and it will be a mix of snow showers and also some flurries, also a little bit of freezing drizzle, very fine, very spotty, but with temperatures at or below freezing, that is just enough
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carroll county, wakefield, milton back through new durham could see a coating, possibly up to a half inch in a few spots. temperatures all at or slightly above freezing, south and east of the lakes region, and just a little colder in places like the upper valley. but again all it takes is another degree or two to get those temperatures to freezing or below. untreated surfaces could be slick as we go through the evening into early tomorrow morning. not a whole lot of precipitation as we advance through time. but later tomorrow night, some heavier rain will approach from the south. we'll break down the timeline of when that moves in on sunday, how much we could see and the changes that we go through all weekend long. tom: officials have identified the man who died in an outdoor brush fire in andover yesterday. 65-year-old donald gross, the former chief of the nashua police department, died from smoke inhalation. andy hershberger is live in nashua where people are
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reporter: nashua police chief andrew lavoie says that don gross was an outgoing guy who loved his community and tonight they are remembering his many years of service to the city. the former nashua chief died yesterday of smoke inhalation after a brush fire at his home in andover. he retired to that community after leaving the police department back in 2004. he served as selectman in that town for one term, ending in 2013. during his years as police chief in nashua he served with former mayor bernie streeter, who today remembered gross fondly. >> he was always available, you know, some chiefs sit in their office. office. was reachable. you could call the police department and he'd answer the phone. just an all around good guy. reporter: we also spoke to town officials who say that gross was a huge press thens their town
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business advice to young people starting out. jean: thanks. new developments tonight in the case of a rochester teenager found dead of an overdose in a motel. the stratford county administrator has overruled his own department over the bail mother. jennifer crompton is live at our seacoast bureau with more on this unusual move. reporter: well, the judge has to weigh this all. he's taking into consideration all he heard today and has yet to rule, but what we did learn is that the u.s. attorney's office is also weighing whether or not to file charges against jazzmyn rood and that information came to light as her attorney asked the the court to force community corrections to let her out of jail and move into transitional housing. looked is charged in connection with her daughter eve tarmey's death. the spaulding high school senior overdosed in a rochester motel in october where she had been
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mother's boyfriend. looked is one of three adults arrested. on december 16, a judge ruled that if looked -- rood met the restrictions they could accept her,. but her boss says he overruled it because of information that she might be targeted if she was released and because he learned that the u.s. attorney's office may now file its own charges. >> i'm concerned about safe housing, as i mentioned earlier, and i have concern that her safety and the safety of the others that would be housed with her when they are there, i also have concern that she would be a flight risk. reporter: the judge is taking all this under advisement.
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information bower received that he felt puts rood and others around her at risk. for now live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton. tom: thank you. the world's most wanted drug lord is now back the custody for a third time. al chapo was arrested in mexico after months on the run. this raid involved mexican marines. reporter: joaquin el chapo guzman, captured. mexico marines confirmed to abc news he was taken down during a raid and shootout in the western state area this morning. we have him. el chapo, one of the biggest and most dangerous drug lords in the world has been on the run for seven months. his daring escape from this maximum security prison near mexico city sparked an international manhunt and a massive investigation. over the summer abc news was underground and inside the
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travel from his prison cell to a house. the escape route, well-lit, ventilated, custom built to his height. there was even a modified motorcycle to help carve the passage way. >> given its sophistication, it probably caused at least $5 million, but to guzman that would be like $5. reporter: the leader of the cartel had the resources and a wide reef, it's believed his major drug trafficking operation is responsible for half the illegal drugs that enter the u.s. from mexico each year. >> it is a very big deal that they were able to pull this off, particularly when you consider all the potential resources el chapo has at his disposal. reporter: it was el chapo's second escape, so the work begins to make sure he stays behind bars. at one point the d.a. wanted him here because he's been charged with several crimes in the u.s., but no word if he'll be transferred across the border.
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chapo's cartel along with one of his cousins were sentenced here in new hampshire for charges related to cocaine smuggling. they will spend 16 years behind bars. jean: emily gray rice has worked as a trial lawyer and professor at u.n.h. law school and the state attorney general's office, she replaces acting u.s. attorney donald feif. several republican presidential candidates are on the campaign trail in new hampshire right now. marco rubio held a town hall in concord this morning. this was his second visit of the week, and tonight he's in south carolina. fellow republicans carly fiorina and john kasich are also in new hampshire today. stephanie woods is in exeter with a look at their events. reporter: on the last die of fiorina's five-day swing through the granite state she showed no signs of fatigue in amherst. the republican presidential
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in morning where she met voters and sipped locally made fine wine. earlier she spoke to students at colby sawyer college in new london. in amherst the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. railed against the issues she says are plaguing the country including islamic extremism, crony capitalism and drug abuse. >> i have a friend who lost a daughter to addiction and i know that it's a scourge in this country, in this state. and i know heart break, i truly do, watching a child disappear before your eyes. why do i say that in response to this question? because i also know based on that experience that criminal justice reform has to be a high priority in this nation. reporter: but fiorina isn't the only g.o.p. hopeful in the state right now. right now we're here at the
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to speak in a few minutes. stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: hillary clinton was in new hampshire today, and two familiar faces campaign on her behalf, they headlined a women for hillary event in portsmouth. former president bill clinton was in new hampshire last week on his wife's behalf. her daughter chelsea will be here next week. this year is the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary, and tonight at 7:00 we'll take an indepth look at the threats the tradition faces, the history of the primary, and what future primaries may look like from town halls to diners, back yards, to living rooms, candidates have come to the granite state for decades now to make a case for the presidency. and those who fought to protect our place in history say it's a part of our fabric. >> there's a reason why the
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there's a reason why the rose bowl is where it is. there's a reason why all kind of different cultural events are where they are. and it's the same reason that new hampshire has the primary. it's here because its birth was here. tom: add to that that in iowa they pick corn, in new hampshire they pick presidents. tune in tonight at 7:00 for the first in the nation 100 years of tradition. now let's take a look at traffic tonight. jean: live pictures in manchester, video from 293, the view from our elliott at rivers edge camera. tom: traffic is moving along. peggy james joins us live with a look at your evening commute. >> hi, happy friday, tom and jean. we have a lot of volume out there especially coming up from the border. not too bad from salem up to 111, but then you're busy from that point up to derry, then you break free again.
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are moving well north and southbound at this point. further north through hooksett a slight tap of the brakes and at the bow junction we start to get really busy on 93 all the way up past 393. a lot of people are heading north for some skiing. 101 west through bedford busy between wallace road and camp road. the everett turnpike is filling in, northbound especially between exits 10 and 11 through the merrimack stretch. 101a also slow through nashua. no issues right now on 101 seacoast. the report being brought to you by auto fair. i'm peggy james for 95.7, wzid. tom: coming up on wmur news 9, a police officer expected to survive after being ambushed in his car. the shooter has pledged allegiance to the isis terror group. jean: the same kind of corroded cable that led to a rhode island beach explosion is raising
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mike: plenty of changes as we move through the weekend. a timeline ahead. >> knowing that she was out heart. tom: the family of a woman who died on a remote stretch of road speaking out. how to protect your loved ones from a similar tragedy. plus -- >> i missed you. >> so did i. jean: it's been quite a new year families. see this dad and daughter's
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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tom: police say the man who shot a boston police officer is a known drug dealer. jean: investigators say grant headley was on probation when officers pulled him over in dorchester and he knew he didn't have a valid drivers license. they say headley stepped out of his car already shooting, hitting officer curt stockinger in the leg. he is in serious condition but is expected to survive. headley is in custody. tom: federal agents now joining the investigation after a man ambushed a philadelphia police officer, he shot him 13 times at point blank range, and said he did it in the name of islam. as abc's marcy gonzalez reports,
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officer's home two years ago. reporter: chilling surveillance images of what philadelphia police call an ambush on one of their officers, by a suspect they say pledged loyalty to isis. >> all cars stand by, we have an officer shot. reporter: the photo shows the suspect firing at least eleven times into a patrol car. >> my god, the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle, he knew what he was doing, he was trying to assassinate this police officer. reporter: the officer in the driver's seat, jesse hartnett. shot three times in the arm. >> i'm absolutely amazed that officer hartnett is here with us today. reporter: despite his serious injuries, hartnett managed to get out of the car, follow the suspect, and fire back. other officers soon arrested the injured suspect, identified as 30-year-old edward archer. police saying the suspect gave an alarming confession. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state, he
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reason he was called upon to do this. >> according to him he believes that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. reporter: investigators trying to determine how he was radicalized as the officer recovers in the hospital. >> he's waking up, he's a tough guy, i'm very proud of him. reporter: philadelphia's police commissioner says that 9-millimeter gun used to shoot hartnett was a police firearm, stolen in 2013. investigators still trying to figure out how the suspect got a hold of it. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. jean: this week's explosion at a massachusetts chemical plant does not have the same cause as an explosion at the same place in 2013. investigators say yesterday's blast happened when a chemical used for led lights came in contact with water. four people have shrapnel and burn injuries.
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by a different chemical, coming in contact with air. the same type of cables that led to an explosion at a rhode island beach may be under dozens of other spots around the country. one person was hurt when something ignited the hydrogen that built up as the copper cable corroded underground. the line had had been abandoned by the coast guard and now a new report says there are 48 sites where similar buried cables were left unused, they're spread across 12 states. a tropical system is forming in an unusual place right now, the atlantic ocean. tom: we don't usually see conditions like this in january. let's get some explanation from meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: i know, it is a little odd to be talking about tropical weather the january, but indeed is there a storm that's been lurking right off the coastline. nothing of course in new england. but there it is, you can see it spinning a few hundred miles off the coast of the carolinas. there's bermuda, that little
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to the north of bermuda bringing in heavy rains and gusty winds. the good thing is this thing is really disintegrating, falling apart and as it's doing so it's moving off toward the north and east, it has been has a 10% chance of becoming a tropical storm. but if it were, it would be the first of 2016, so the first letter of the alphabet, alex, that's what its name would be. at this point it doesn't look like that will happen. but one of the reasons that we're seeing this tropical development is because the ocean temperatures are incredibly warm. typically they have ocean temperatures in the low 70's by bermuda, it's 73 degrees where that storm was. but look up closer to us, the ocean water 45 degrees off the coast of new england. that's running a good three to four degrees above where it should be this time of year. earlier today i got to talk to students about storms at kensington elementary. i had a great time meeting them and want to thank them for
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about storms and tornadoes, it was pay great time. for more on the forecast let's go over to mike haddad. mike: hello, haley, looks like a unsettled changes. of the weekend and even before we get there, keep in mind, while it will not be widespread, there will be some spots that have a light mix of a few flurries and even some light freezing drizzle. manchester, very, very fine, very spotty, and after about 7:00 this evening it could start to turn slick, you're looking at photos out of market square from earlier today. on radar, not much to speak of. and a good indication of how light precipitation will be, yes, doppler radar not showing much if anything except for steady lighter snow showers in parts of southern carroll county, in around and wakefield and northern stratford county, milton back through new durham. all of these snow showers could add up to a coating, maybe a
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outside of that really not much showing up on radar. so whatever is falling is so fine that the radar is not detecting it, that could be light fine flurries or snow showers or freezing drizzle, but it could be just enough to glaze up area roads. tomorrow morning this band of light rain showers will be moving overhead, breaking up as it does so. but it may be just enough, again, to add additional ghaizing on aunt -- glazing on untreated surfaces. then, in the gulf of next corks notice what's happening over the gulf coast, showers and thunderstorms are beginning to work in to eastern parts of the lone star state and western louisiana. this is a storm that will race in our direction by sunday morning, bringing rain rather than ice or snow to new hampshire. right now, right around freezing, again looks like the roads will be in fine shape for the next hour or two. but then as we coast back into the upper 20's to around 30, that's where any untreated surface could be a little bit slick in some spots.
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out and about, just give yourself a few extra minutes just in case you get in on a touch of that freezing drizzle or snow showers. a wedge of warm air building in along with the rain that will be blossoming in that direction towards the tennessee valley, so not only do we get on the rain, but we get in on some warm temperatures, possibly 50 in spots by sunday. so on the cool side through the course of the weekend, a little surge of warmth for sunday afternoon. and then get ready for a blast of classic winter cold, all next week. one shot of snow showers looks to be along about wednesday, but again up until that point it's that light spotty mix tonight and then heavier rain in the cards for sunday. for tonight, again that light spotty mix, flurries, touch of freezing drizzle, patchy fog, lows in the 20's. that will continue into your saturday morning, then mainly cloudy in the afternoon with a touch drizzle lingering, rain the heaviest will begin shortly after sunrise, 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and continue into the afternoon. it will become windy and warmer and then here comes the winter
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lingering flakes up north on monday, and there could be some snow on wednesday, much more as we go through the next couple of days as that's in question. another check of the forecast at 5:30. jean: thanks, mike. could you wake up without the sound of your alarm? tom: up next we're going to show you how one company wants to revolutionize alarm clocks. jean: and the officer who helped two convicted killers escape from a new york prison allegedly returned to court today, that's
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new day for america is responsible for the content of who do you like in this election? something done. the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred fifty thousand jobs, to a gain three hundred forty-seven thousand jobs. what do you think? kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another
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jean: campbells will start noting genetically modified foods in the ingredients on its soup labels. many people fear the gmo's don't get the same kind of testing as other foods. campbell's says it considers the ingredients safe, but still likes the idea of disclosing them to customers. if the sound of your alarm clock makes you cringe, would you consider trying the smell of it instead? tom: one device on dispray at the consumer electronics show is a clock that releases scents when the alarm goes off. >> what's your favorite smell, you have the coffee, chocolate, cut grass, seaside. you can pick your favorite one.
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people who tested the clock woke up in a couple minutes. you can swap out pods of different scents. the idea came from a 19-year-old who hates mornings. jean: then you wake up and expect coffee. tom: the only thing that would do it for me would be bacon. jean: that would be a number one seller. straight ahead at 5:30, rethinking the shape of television, wait until you hear what the newest concept tv set can do. tom: if your office wins the powerball jackpot, there's more to decide than what to buy with your winnings.
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hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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>> she could have called, because i would have tried to do something. jean: the family of a woman who died on a remote trail talks about their loss as we learn more about what may have led to the tragedy. mike: clouds look to hang around all weekend, when a light spotty mix will fall plus the timeline of heavy rain heading our way. tom: maine's governor has apologized for controversial comments that drew charges of racism. >> i was going impromptu in my brain, didn't catch up to my mind.
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school gets a national award for student health. jean: we're going to want to bundle up, two wintery systems are moving into the granite state just in time for the weekend. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: i'm tom griffith. some spots are already getting some snow, but chief meteorologist mike haddad says the big headline for this system is freezing rain. mike: that's right and it not even heavy rain or moderate rain or even light rain. it's freezing drizzle, very tough to detect on radar, and now. there's a very fine mist falling over manchester right now, just above freezing. you wouldn't know it based on doppler radar, because all the action that's showing up is in the form of snow showers through portions of southern carroll county, northern stratford county and around milton, back to new durham, nosing up towards wakefield and those areas. so you could get a coating, maybe a half inch of snow in
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temperatures are critical, right now slightly above freezing, but in the coming hours we'll see a dip below freezing, that means any untreated surface with this light fine mist or freezing drizzle with a few flurries mixed in may result in a few slick spots. it will not be widespread statewide, but if you're out there between now and early morning tomorrow, there could be some icy travel. not a lot will fall out of the cloud cover, but that will change on sunday, as a strong storm moves in. we'll take a look at that in a few minutes. tom: an autopsy shows an ossipee woman died from a heart attack after getting stranded. alison robertson was found on bear pond road. her family talked to kristen carosa. >> i just miss her, i just want her here. reporter: holding pictures close, tracey is reacting to the loss of her grandmother, alison
5:31 pm
>> very upset, very traumatic. realizing that she was out there for so long. reporter: she says the last time she heard from the 87-year-old was this past sunday. tracey says robertson was living in ossipee and was on the way to visit her in pembroke. but she never made it. >> we discussed different ways of going, usually i go 28 to 16 and she was going a different way. and then i didn't hear from her after that. reporter: police say alison ended up here in warner, driving on roads that are not maintained by the town, and when she passed through her car got stuck on a rock. police think robertson then got out of her car looking for help. an autopsy reveals she died from heart failure. her body was found frozen in the snow wednesday night on bear pond road. police say she did have a cell phone on her, but it wasn't charged. >> i just wish she had called. reporter: she says she wished
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tracey says robertson had a hard time walking and was suffering from early signs of dementia, something that could have played a role in her death. >> it was definitely an unfortunate accident and we don't like to see that. reporter: officers from new hampshire fish and game say everyone including the elderly should be prepared for an emergency when day leave the house, even for small trims. >> have something in your car, extra blankets, a heat source, a light source, a flashlight. reporter: tracey says the loss of her grandmother will be something she will never get over but is thankful her body was found. >> knowing that she was out there for so long, just breaks my heart. i'm just very grateful that they did find her when they did. jean: a corrections officer who admitted to smuggling tools to two inmates who escaped from a new york prison last summer made a brief appearance in court today. jean palmer is charged with promoting prison contraband and tampering with evidence.
5:33 pm
palmer claims he did not know that richard matt and david sweat were planning to escape. he's been suspended, pending the outcome of his criminal case. tom: governor lepages getting criticism today after making comments, during the meeting he spoke about drug abuse. >> these are guys that are named d money, smoothy, shifty, she's type of guys they come from connecticut and new york, they come up here, they sell their heroin, then they go back home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl. tom: now governor lepage is apologizing. paul merrill reports from augusta tonight. reporter: the governor's office called a press conference so that governor lepage could address his racially charged comment. at first he said he was not going to apologize for his politically incorrect style but then went onto say that he is
5:34 pm
>> i spoke for an hour and 15 minutes and you're taking one word. reporter: but that one word injected race into a topic that doesn't have anything to do with the color of anybody's skin. >> half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. reporter: the closest the governor came to explaining why he specified the race of anyone involved in maine's drug crisis was this. >> because i tried to explain that maine is essentially all white. i should have said maine women. reporter: maine's chief executive who has a history of putting his foot in his mouth did eventually say he is sorry. >> so if i slipped up and used the wrong word, i apologize to all the maine women. because it was not meant to isolate any one person. i apologize again. my brain was slower than my mouth. reporter: linda is a democratic state senator from saco. >> i believe that the slip of
5:35 pm
feeling, that this is how he normally thinks when he is not filtering what he is saying. reporter: while valentino isn't saying that governor le page is racist, she is saying that the comment he made earlier this week is. >> we're tired of having the governor make national news for these types of inflammatory comments. >> you can say whatever you please about me. at the end of the day i'm going to walk back in that office and i'm going to continue to work. reporter: the governor also said members of the media are not doing a good enough job covering maine's growing drug crisis, though he admit he doesn't read any neurps or watch any television newscasts. in augusta, paul merrill, wmur news 9. tom: governor lepage endorsed governor christie for president and has campaigned with him in new hampshire. we reached out to the christie campaign numerous times today for reaction to lepage's comments but got no response. jean: a new hampshire middle school is being honored for its
5:36 pm
the department of agriculture awarded mclaughlin middle school in manchester a bronze award for challenge. only 7% of the nation's schools have earned these awards. today the usda presented presented the manchester school district nutrition director with a banner and a plaque. >> we try to enhance the appearance of the food. we have a check list that we go through. try to make it more attractive and present the food in a way that the students will be selecting the really healthy options. jean: the award also recognizes the school's excellence in health programs and physical activity. so congratulations to the school and all its students. coming up on news 9 at 5:30, if your volkswagen was affected by the emissions scandal, you may
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tom: tv's or legos, wait until you hear what you can do with the new generation of televisions. mike: a light scattered wintery mix tonight means slick spots are likely in a few areas. i'll look at the weekend coming up. jean: when is a dime worth a million dollars? we'll tell you when we come back. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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tom: yet another down day today. the first five days of the year basically down in the gutter. dow jones dropping 167 points. s&p 500 down 21. and the nasdaq dropping 45. than 100,000 vehicles in connection with its emissions cheating scandal. jean: more than 500,000 diesel and crossover cars were affected by the controversy. now the auto maker is preparing buybacks for many of those, either refunding the purchase price or offering steep discounts on new vehicles. tom: more ideas for the future of television have been unveiled at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. samsung is showing off tv's that can be stacked like legos, but if you put them together into one large unit, the picture actually expands. you're not limited to a square.
5:39 pm
inside each device will adjust the picture to whatever shape you make. jean: wow. a rare dime has sold for nearly $2 million. the 1894s coin was made at the san francisco mift, it one of just 24 ever made. the nint stopped production because the country was in a recession and didn't need any more dimes. the buyer wants to stay anonymous, but he or show outbid 15 other people, winning the coin for $1,997,000. that's a lot for a dime. tom: buddy, can you spare a dime. if your office pool wins the powerball jackpot, there may be complication, the rules to keep in mind up next. jean: jason king will have sports. tom: and firefighter jump into
5:40 pm
you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. what this campaign is about an economy that works rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. jean: we can't imagine that anyone would complain after winning tomorrow's powerball jackpot. but if you are in an office pool, wink wink, the celebration might be a little more complicated than you think. some previous lottery winners found themselves sorting out some unexpected questions. tom: t.j. holmes looks at some of the issues that have cropped
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reporter: the lottery office pool seems like good clean fun. until you actually win. and the fighting begins. this group of california coworkers barely had time to celebrate their $315 million prize when they were sued by four coworkers who claimed they had oral agreements to be part of the office pool. this construction worker in new jersey was in charge of buying the lottery tickets for his work pool. but without telling anyone claimed a $38 million jackpot as his alone. he was sued and lost. miscommunication and greed can come into play when hundreds of stake. i went to the office of home polish where 15 of the interior pool. or is it 16? are you in the pool? >> i thought i was in the pool. >> we have it written down. reporter: this is the most unprepared pool that i have ever seen.
5:42 pm
77 tickets with no plans on what they do if they actually won. >> we'll work it out. reporter: but it's not all bad. this real estate office in florida hit it big, and even though the new girl had no money for a ticket, they still cut her in. >> the fact that we got to share an experience most never have in a lifetime, winning a powerball, we grew closer. reporter: now they're all really good, really rich friends, and ready to get even richer. >> i feel 100% confident that in this group of lottery tickets we will hit the 700 million. mike: i think we have the same number on one of our tickets too. we wouldn't have that problem around here, would we? take a look at trouble that could develop tonight. newfound lake is deal with sunshine and clouds, and now of major issues. but is there a little fine light mist that may start to freeze on
5:43 pm
hours, a long with a little fine light snow or some flurries. so that's in the cards tonight. a light spotty mix again, snow showers, flurries or drizzle and freezing drizzle, with temperatures at or below freezing, untreated surfaces may glaze over in spots. not all over the place, but keep in mind if you head outdoors and you start to see drizzle falling, it may freeze tonight. the next system with heavy rain arrives sunday, most of it after about 9:00 in the morning, lasting through the afternoon. winds will pick up, driving in warm air for sunday, some spots could be over 50 in parts of southern new hampshire before colder air rolls back in next week. not a lot showing up on doppler radar, couple of light snow showers in parts of stratford and southern portions of carroll county, that's it. anything else that's falling is so fine and so light that the radar is not detecting it. but it's out there and again untreated surfaces pay glaze over in spots later on tonight. steadier light showers back to our south and west will approach tomorrow morning, but they'll
5:44 pm
they could produce a snow shower here or there. then all this moisture beginning to gather in eastern texas, that's the storm that will track for sunday, and again some of that rain will come down at a pretty good clip. some parts of new hampshire could get over an inch and a half to two inches out of that weekend. right now we're in the 30's, very close to or slightly above freezing in many spots. but in the coming hours we'll coast back into the upper 20s to very low 30's. that's why you have to watch for very fine light glazing in spots. again, scattered light showers, a break later tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow evening and then we'll wait on the wet weather that approaches on sunday. some of that could come down at a pretty good clip as winds crank up. the light spotty mix through midday tomorrow, lingering drizzle in southern new hampshire in the afternoon, could be a rain shower tomorrow night and notice that heavy wall of water that moves in for sunday, downpours at times, a long with gusty winds.
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5:45 pm
but look what happens beyond sunday. temperatures head right back to seasonable levels. some gusty winds, temperatures will be running on average in the 40's and 50's, giving way to 30's and 20's, and beyond that we've got the the chill that continues with the gusty winds, maybe another round of snow along about wednesday. >> bill bowes will be inducted into the national college football hall of fame. the announcement made this morning on espn. bowes was the head coach at u.n.h. for 27 years, retiring after the 1998 season as the conference history. he's the first ever u.n.h. wildcat to be inducted, the ceremony will take place on december 6. the hockey team has a big test tonight against the u. mass lowell river hawks, beginning tonight it's all hockey east
5:46 pm
>> it's going to be tough, and we want to get home ice for the playoffs, the next few games are key. >> saturday afternoon the nfl playoffs begin, the afc wild card game between the chiefs and texans you can see here on channel 9 at 4:20. the chiefs, three and a half point favorite. the patriots will play either one of those teams or the bengals if the bengals beat the steelers. tom: huge congratulations to coach bowes. jean: yes. thanks, jason. a disabled veteran can move more easily now. tom: still ahead, what volunteers did in new boston today to help the vet and his family. jennifer: straight ahead at 6:00, remembering the former nashua police chief who was killed in a brush fire yesterday in andover. friends describe a caring leader who spent his life supporting his community. and investigators take an unusual step to ensure the mother of a teen who overdosed
5:47 pm
we'll tell you what happens next
5:48 pm
hundred americans to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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jean: in new boston, the community came to the aid of a disabled veteran. tom: craig has been bound to a hospital bed in his home since november. community members donated a motorized wheelchair and lumber for a yamp. several people donated the time
5:50 pm
today for the first time in months, craig spent some time outside and he says he is so grateful. >> now i'm outside, i could possibly take the dog for a walk again. i'm just so very thankful they came together to help us. tom: craig has two children and says he's grateful the ramp came together so quickly. jean: just being able to take the dog for a walk is so important. tom: thank you for joining us.
5:51 pm
announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
5:52 pm
>> now at 6:00 a former nashua police chief and selectman from andover has been identified as the victim of a deadly fire. >> everybody considered him their friend.
5:53 pm
gross from his friends and colleagues. mike: an unsettled stretch, quite a few clouds, verge a light spotty mix that could result in slick spots tonight. when that changes and heavy rain arrives. tom: a judge is deciding whether the woman charged with her daughter's overdose death can be released on bail. prosecutors say she's a flight risk. jennifer: after nearly a year apart a soldier and his daughter are back together again. the happy surprise reunion this morning in milford. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: tonight we've learned the identity of the victim of a deadly brush fire in andover, and he's a man who spent much of his life in new hampshire. i'm tom griffith. jennifer: 65-year-old donald gross died of smoke inhalation and the caution of that fire was accidental. wmur's andy hershberger joins us
5:54 pm
department, where gross had had
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