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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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for most people the snow has stopped fall, but it's hard to tell in some spots. the winds are whipping up that fresh powder as the temperatures drop tonight. boy are they dropping. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. the early morning snow has been cleared mostly from the roads, but mike haddad says now this bitter cold is just now setting in. mike: any doubt the season we're in, finally, tike a while to get here. we've seen snow and cold here and there. but we've got the arctic chill building in with gusty winds. notice a few flicks of snow across the mountains, and that will continue right through tomorrow and tomorrow evening corks see a few inches in the mountains, especially the higher terrain and maybe an additional dusting to an nimple the valleys. temperatures the big story in the mid teens north to low 20's south. but that's only half the story, because the wind are putting the
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most part in the single numbers. 46 below atop mount washington. look at all that frigid air, 6 in chicago, one in minneapolis st. paul, and in some cases sub-zero just over the border. so how much colder will it get for tomorrow and what about changes for the end of the week? we'll look at all of that ahead. jean: new details about a standoff that police say started with a gunshot fired at it a car in lancaster and ended with one man dead. authority say 5-year-old jeremiah gillen shot himself after holding them at bay well into the night. as heather hamel explains live now, police say an argument between a husband and wife sparked this. reporter: state police say that gillen and his wife did have a history of arguing, but yesterday two hours after things had calmed down, guilt en from an upstairs window shot at his wife's car, and not only was his wife inside but two young boys. the 3-year-old twins were not
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exchanged words again before she drove off. the gunshots prompted calls to police, both lancaster and state police responded. concerned about the community's safety, they evacuated nearby residents and set up a perimeter. then they called inside trying to talk to gillen. >> had several good phone communications with him about what had happened, trying to convince him to come out of the residence and we lost past 6:00. reporter: state police say several hours later they sent a robot inside the house, that's where they found gillen in the living room, he had had shot and killed himself. jean: a nashua man is facing a domestic violence charge. he was arrested after allegedly cutting off a police officer on the road. a dunbarton police officer pulled over carlos bermio for the traffic violation and that's when the officer learned he may
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domestic disturbance that included chasing the victim and punching holes in a wall. josh: now to commitment 2016, donald trump just finished speaking in concord, his second event in the granite state in thras three days. adam sexton joins us live from concord. reporter: this was a fairly brief event by trump standards, his speech lasting half the normal time. we didn't hear any of the pointed attacks against senator cruz that we've we have over the last few days. the republican frontrunner did taylor his remarks somewhat to the local audience saying that one of the benefits of building a wall along the mexican border is that he believes it will stem the flow of heroin coming to new hampshire, helping the state fight its current addiction epidemic. he also said it's time to bring the job back to new england, saying we're not going to be
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one student asked him about who he would hire for his cabinet if he became president. >> you always say you're going to hire the best people to work under your administration. who are the best people? >> well, many different people and they come from all over and they're all different. but one of the groups of people i talk about all the time, i'm the greatest business people in the world and we're going to use them for our trade deals. reporter: truch has taken to name dropping tom brady quite a bit. he know is a good applause line when he hears one and this one draws big cheers. describing brady's play on saturday said he played bing bing bing bing touchdown kind of football. josh: thanks, adam. fellow republicans caseic and cruz also in new hampshire today, kasich attended a youth event in plymouth it a town hall
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he has a town hall at 1s, in lebanon at 6:00. cruz will be holding a town hall in whitefield tonight at 6:30. jean: today americans are remembering the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. people from all over the state attended the 32nd annual unity breakfast this morning, including governor hassan. this was held in hollis. she said that we as a state and nation are stronger when no one is excluded from the american dream. and our very own shelley walcott emceed the breakfast. events marking martin luther king jr. day have been happening nationwide including this parade in san antonio, texas. it's billed as one of the largest mlk marches in the country. at least 200,000 people were expected to attend. and in washington, the first family took part in a community service program to honor the civil rights leader. dr. king would have turned 87 on friday.
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prisoner in iran for 40 days is now finally back at home. 30-year-old matthew t. was reunited with his family last night at logan airport. the hingham native was released over the weekend, but not part of a prisoner swap involving four other americans. at this time we still don't know why he was detained in the first place. he had been studying language in iran since september. and today we're learning new details about those closed door negotiations that led to the iranian prisoners' release. the obama administration agreed to drop arrest aren't for 14 iranians and release seven others charged with violating u.s., sanctions. this on top of paying dollars 1.7 billion to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. jean: right now the search is on for three missing americans in iraq. an iraqi government official says the american civilians were abducted while at their home, at the home of their interpreter. they are believed to have been taken to another neighborhood in
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iraqi troops are reportedly going door to door looking for them. let's turn to the traffic watch, see how things are moving tonight. live pictures in manchester, 293 near exit 5. josh: peggy james joins us to kick off our work week commute. >> if you're traveling late night tonight and throughout the week there will be bridge demolition on 293 and will cause intermittent closures twice per hour between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. that's by exit 4 in manchester on 293. so keep that in mind throughout the entire week. things are looking good coming up from the border of massachusetts on 93 northbound, although we did just get word on 293 in manchester of an incident at mile marker 2.2 that has the right lane closed on 293 northbound. so expect to see some congestion there.
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from concord through the bow junction, a lot of people heading home from their ski trips, we have slowdowns on 89 southbound. 101 mild delays west bound getting between 114 and wallace road in bedford. no major issues on the everett turnpike. and 101 between manchester and the seacoast is free and clear although we do have a backup at the hampton tolls. i'm peggy james. josh: patriots, broncos, brady, manning, afc championship game. has all the earmarks of a classic. jean: the game will be played sunday at mile high stadium in denver where history shows the broncos have an edge. there's a reality check for us. andy joins us live. reporter: tom brady leads the head to head matchup category.
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team has traveled to denver. brady and manning have met many times. the broncos beat the patriots in week 12, but manning did not play in that game. in the playoffs, brady and manning have met four times with each quarterback winning twice. >> i just think they're both great players. belichick is the greatest coach of all time. but i think if you look at the overall body of work, it's not even comparable, brady is superior. reporter: super bowl wins 4-1 in favor of brady. but one thing is certain, one of these quarterbacks is going to get another shot at one more ring. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. how many rings do we want? josh: all of them. jean: okay. a protest move in hollywood today to recognize civil right,
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boycott the academy awards. josh: and another suspect arrested in connection to the paris terror attacks. mike: along with bitter cold tonight and tomorrow, flakes in northern new hampshire. the forecast ahead. >> i have to do this for myself, no one can do it for me, but i cannot do it alone. josh: a new option to help pregnant women and new moms fighting addiction. jean: and we're hearing from a man who survived an avalanche on mount washington this weekend. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. josh: welcome back. a belgian man with a direction relationship to the paris attackers has been arrested in morocco. authorities there say the man is linked to isis and that he traveled to syria with one of the paris suicide bombers. officials say the man is only identified at this point by the initials j.a., he received military training and built a relationship with isis field commanders including the mastermind behind the paris attack. >> singer don mclean was arrested this morning in maine and released on bail. the singer songwriter lives in the town of camden.
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details into what led to his arrest. josh: seems that some big names in hollywood are going to boycott the oscars this year and that's because for the second straight year only white actors are up for the top acting a wards. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. reporter: jada pinkett smith taking that statement to her facebook page overnight. coming just days after her husband will smith's best actor snub for his role in "concussion." none of the acting nominations went to a person of color, reviving last year's controversy and the viral hash tag oscar so white. >> begging for acknowledgement or even asking diminishes dignity. reporter: she's not alone. director spike lee voicing his disappointment on facebook, writing he won't be an tending the ceremony, expressing
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honorary oscar the director addressed diversity in his acceptance speech back in november. >> it's easy to beat the president of the united states as a black person than be the head of studio. reporter: straight out of compton, overlooked in the actor and best picture categories, rapper ice cube speaking out on the wendy williams show. >> i'm not surprised. reporter: the oscar host tweeting out a new promo. the president of the academy who is herself black says she has sought to improve diversity. >> we are working inside the academy in order to make sure we have inclusion. reporter: both spike lee and jada pinkett smith in their messages referencing today's national holiday in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. jean: high surf is hurting the search efforts for a dozen
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since their helicopters disappeared off the coast of hawaii. crews have been searching around the clock since thursday's crash involving two of the military's largest helicopters. today they did find some of the life rafts that were on bore those helicopters, but no signs of the crew. one of the marines is from new england, corporal christopher orlando hails from hingham, massachusetts. josh: five french soldiers are dead after an avalanche during a military training exercise in the french alps of the mayor of the nearest town says the soldiers were on an all-day back country skiing session when the avalanche hit. eleven more people were also injured. the same system that gave new hampshire a few inches of snow today, new snow, also dropped several inches in eastern massachusetts. the bay state's first significant snow of the season. boston overnight got three inches. mike: a general 2 to 3-inch snowfall across many parts of
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take a look at the time lapse, yes it was a snowy scene out there through a good part of the morning. notice as we advance through the late morning and afternoon, there goes some of the clouds, beginning to break up just a little bit, and it has dried out. but those winds really cranking up out of the northwest, driving in some mighty chilly air for this time of year. no record setting temperatures to come this week. but it will certainly feel as cold if not colder than it has been at any point so far this season. notice that northwesterly win wringing out the available moisture with a few flakes up north, on and off right through tomorrow. we could see an additional couple of of inches if not more through the presidential range, it will be even more than that. but the higher summits generally an inch or two, maybe a dusting to an inch or so in the valleys. again that's for tonight. right through the day tomorrow. elsewhere in the state mainly dry, snow showers through the
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of them producing quite a bit in a short period of time, on the order of several inches per couple of hours. notice the trajectory here, moving south of new hampshire. so we are spared, and again typically those lake effect bands dry up before they reach the granite state. temperatures, the big story, down to 8 below atop mount washington, teens, very low 20's elsewhere, but this is only part of the story due to the gusty winds that are driving the wind chill down, on average, into the single digits. and a good part of tonight and tomorrow we will see wind chills running at or below zero during many hours and that includes not only tonight but into tomorrow morning. take a look at the busy winds, gusting up to close to 30 miles per hour. but they get even stronger from here. notice with our future win gusts through the day tomorrow they crank up between 30 and 40 miles per hour. gusting over hurricane force atop mount washington, at times, and then during the day on wednesday still quite breezy, but later in the afternoon the
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little bit. beyond that time frame, a little breezy later thursday, but not as gusty as the next couple of days. a lot of winter cold on the map settling in, so we're in a typical winter pattern for january, and even though it fairly quiet on the radar scopes, that may turn around this upcoming weekend. for tomorrow lots of sunshine in southern new hampshire, mixing with fair weather clouds, snow showers across the mountains. and more of the same tomorrow evening. by wednesday sunshine statewide, and looks like a fairly quiet pattern thursday and friday. but the next storm chance will be a nor'easter, hugging the coast during saturday, saturday night and early on sunday. where does that storm track is a big question at this point. snow is likely, the amounts way too early to think about that yet. but we've got the cold to worry about over the next couple days and the winds cranking up to near 40 miles per hour, of course everyone will jump to the flakes that are falling on
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a few days to fine tune exactly where that will go, but it will be a nor'easter, all of our computer models are locked in somewhere on the atlantic coast, exactly where it tracks will determine the impact around here. josh: of course we'll keep our eye on the forecast in denver too. mike: so far so good. josh: after the break, presidential candidates weigh in on finding common ground with their opponents. jean: and gas prices fall below a dollar in one spot, well
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josh: back to commitment 2016 now, talking about gridlock. we asked the candidates to tell us how they would break down the political wall that divides the parties. here are the democrats' answers. >> i worked with a lot of republicans who didn't agree with me on 99 things out of 100, but we found the one thing where we could work together. at president i will go anywhere, talk to anyone at any time to find that common ground. of course i'll stand my ground if i think what's being asked for is contrary to america's interests. but i think there is more space. but you have to work at it every day, you have to build those relationships, you have to learn to trust each other, even if you disagree.
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that some folks who run for the congress need to learn that it's not a dictatorship. it's a legislative body. you may have your ideas, you may have campaigned and told your constituents you're going to washington to do x, yoz, but you're one of 435 or one of 100. and the point is when you're actually sworn in, you take an oath to uphold the constitution, and to work on behalf of the country, as well as your constituents. and i want people to remember that. >> our politics is very divided, very, very polarized right now. and i don't think there's any way to go around it or to pole vault over it. we have to come through these times as we have before. but one of the lessons of history is that our ability to do that depends on leadership, and in particular new leadership. that's not part of the divided battles of our past.
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of the three candidates kawferring themselves in the democratic party, i'm the only one that has the ability to say that i haven't been part of the 30 or 40 years in washington leading this gridlock. i'm not a socialist, i don't believe in wall street crony capitalism. i believe we can fix what's wrong with our country and our economy, but we need to bring people together to do it. that's what i've always done as governor. what's what i can do as president. >> well, i'll tell you something. obviously there are huge differences of opinions in this country on a number of issues. but i will tell you something else. sometimes i think the media misses this point, that on issues about whether or not we should create millions of jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure, whether we should raise the minimum wage, whether we should have pay equity for women, where we should move aggressively in climate change, whether we
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free, on those issues there's a lot of unanimity, and there's also a lot of common belief that at a time of massive income and wealth inequality the wealthiest people and the largest corporations in this country will have to start paying their fair share of taxes. josh: we're going to hear from the republicans on this topic in the next half-hour. you can go to the politics section of for this series s much more on the candidates. jean: straight ahead at 5:30, new information about lyme disease, why your risk could be higher than you realize. josh: and would you give joag aa try if it ended with a pint of beer? the new trend is bringing in a lot of newcomers. jean: now maggie didn't want her chickens to miss out on the fresh snow, so she took them for a ride on the sled.
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>> at the time when i was
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jean: candid revelations from mothers trying to overcome their drug addictions. mike: wind chills below zero at times, when temperatures climb. josh: and lyme disease may be more common than you think what we're learning about the spread of the dangerous disease. >> jobs and the economy, how those issues are playing on the campaign trail. josh: the snow that greeted morning drivers has cleared out of here, but you might have noticed it's been replaced by a bit of a chill. i'm josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. you can see the temperatures in the north country right now, it is 16 degrees. mike haddad says things are going to get much colder tonight and tomorrow. mike: that's right.
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single numbers and as we advance through the day tomorrow, sub-zero at times. gusty northwesterly winds, you can't see it on the radar, but you can tell where those clouds and where the snow showers are moving, from west northwest to east southeast. and as that wind continues to crank up it's driving in bitterly cold air from that direction. notice on average steady winds of 10 to 20. but gusts up to 30 at times, so actual temperatures that are in the teens and very low 20's feel even colder. these are the wind chills, well below zero over 6,000 feet at the top of mound washington, a bitterly cold arctic 46 below. single digits to near 10 elsewhere. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning all of that frigid air to our north and west will continue to drift in. having said that no record lows over the next couple days, so we're not talking about anything unheard of for this time of year, it just that we haven't seen a lot of it as to far this winter.
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this winter is a nor'easter, there's actually one in the extended outlook. we'll look at that in a few minutes. josh: tonight there's hope on the horizon for pregnant women and new mothers who are struggling with addiction. another residential facility that would indicater specifically to those people could soon be a reality. jennifer crompton has the story of hope on haven hill. reporter: she and her little boy parker are survivors. >> he is about 26 months old and at the time when i was pregnant with him i was actively using. reporter: homeless, addicted and 8 months along, she met registered nurse carrie norton, an obgyn who had seen too many young women like her. >> they're at risk for losing their children, for dying, for not inteeg supported. reporter: they tried to fine the care she needed in new hampshire.
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another state. >> addiction is a mental healthiness and they can't just stop. just say no doesn't work. and who wouldn't want to do something to help their baby. it a very motivating time, but unfortunately the brain has been taken over by these chemicals and it's really difficult. reporter: as they look for funding help, dr. arnold will move her own family out of their big haven hill farmhouse in rochester, which has approval for eight women and their babies to move in, hopefully by fall. >> we're going to have family meals, family meetings, we're going to run the home like a family and they're going to get and deserve. >> they are already getting calls for help. they know that if they opened today they'd have a wait list of hundreds. >> i have to do this for myself, no one can do it for me, but i cannot do it alone. and they loved me until i could love myself. they had hope for me. reporter: and the hope is hope
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of many. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: new research shows ticks carrying lyme disease are now in nearly half of all u.s. counties. the c. d. c. study shows the black legged tick, also known as the deer tick, has been reported in more than 45% of the country. new hampshire has the nation's second highest rate of lyme disease. symptoms include fever, headache and fatigue, it often mistaken to the flu. josh: back to commitment 2016 now, we are using the eight weeks leading up to the primary to look at eight key issues in this campaign. one priority for a lot of voters, jobs and the economy. aixa diaz in our washington bureau. >> this is the big divide. reporter: polls show americans are split on how they feel president obama is handling the economy. not surprising given the mixed bag of economic news. >> ton employment rate is going down, the jobs have been created, but the amount of
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past decades. reporter: economists from the economic policy institute say the slow recovery creates uncertainty for many americans. >> my worry is that they think this is a new normal we have to live with, when in fact most of the problem we have is we haven't achieved full recovery from the recession yet. reporter: he says there's one major area economists are watching. >> everyone agrees we have a wage problem in the united states and 80% of workers have not seen wage increases, and what do policy makers do about it. reporter: candidates make the case. >> democrats will try to paint a more optimistic picture of unemployment rate going down. republicans say not enough jobs are being created and people still feel anxious about their own situations. reporter: but experts say economic growth will take more than a presidential plan. >> if we continue to have divided government, the president will have a tough time doing a lot about jobs. reporter: last year employers
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positions, making 2015 the second best year for job gains since 1999. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. josh: we want to know what you think should be done to create jobs in this country. head over to the wmur facebook page to answer our eight weeks eight issues question and then share with it your friends. plus you can log onto any time, under or our mobile app to see where the candidates stand on issues that are important to you. jean: new hampshire has the lowest gas prices in the region, but we still can't beat this, where prices fell below a dollar a gallon. josh: shipping costs are up, how much the post office has raised rates. mike: blustery and cold over the next 24 hours, but will the there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes,
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their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. who do you like in this election? not sure yet. whoever gets something done. we've gone from eight billion in the hole, to two billion in the black. we've cut taxes and we're growing from a loss of three hundred
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of three hundred forty-seven thousand jobs. what do you think? kasich. kasich. kasich. that's a funny name. he brought back jobs both from china as well as mexico and i don't believe another
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jean: markets closed today in honor of the martin luther king holiday. but gas prices continue to fall. here in new hampshire 1.91 average for regular unleaded. it is the lowest in new england. josh: but this is in michigan, 47 cents a gallon. just the end a price war in that area, things are back up to the quote unquote regular prices now. but iran has announced plans continue crease its oil
5:36 pm
barrels a day, which could push gas prices down even further. shipping priority mail packages though will cost you more. jean: the post office raised rates yesterday by close to 10%. one price that did not change, cents. private shipping services have also gone up. u.p.s. and fed ex raised rates by about 5% in the past month. josh: the latest evident from grade. jean: up next what caused a textbook mission to end in this disaster. josh: and the patriots will get another shot at the broncos this weekend, we'll tell how the early favorite is to move onto the super bowl. jean: and just two weeks from the first caucus, what should we be watching for out there on the
5:37 pm
josh: continuing our commitment 2016 series of questions for the candidates, how would you break down the political wall dividing the parties? >> when i was governor i governed in the most lopsided state in the entire country. more democrats, fewer republicans than any other state. and that surprises a lot of people. but i'll tell what you that was good for. it taught me how to govern. you win legislative battles by knowing two things, rules and relationships.
5:38 pm
and build those relationships with people that don't have to work with you, you'll never be able to be effective. one of the reasons that i believe i'd be the most qualified person for the presidency is because i understand how to build a relationships and to create that kind of consensus that actually can govern effectively for everybody. we need that in america today. >> well, i've done it all my lifetime, i've put together more bipartisan proposals, whether it was welfare reform, balancing the federal budget, or whether it's in ohio lifting ohio in a variety of ways and bringing people together. it's a matter of respect and it's a matter of putting country ahead of party and ahead of politics. if you do that, show respect, reach out, find areas of agreement, you can solve this problem. >> i've done a lot of work with the other side on criminal justice reform. i think kids who make a mistake with marijuana shouldn't have a permanent exprord should get another chance.
5:39 pm
admitted to drug use and they went onto become president. what happens in our country is a lot of poor kid don't get the same chance and don't get the same representation in court. so this is something i've been able to work with democrats on. i've also been able to work with democrats on protecting privacy. i think you do have a right to privacy and the government shouldn't be collecting all of our phone records or all of our credit card records. and these are two incidences where i've had good relationships with democrats. also i'm a physician, i believe in solving problems. my believe is in more freedom for people, but it isn't dependent on the party. >> there's some issues we'll have to have elections about. the democratic party is a big government party, they think issue before america can be solved with a new tax or government program. that's why we have elections. i think we can work together on national security on issues like modernizing higher education. but primarily on taxes, on
5:40 pm
government in our economy, i think those are issues we'll have to have elections over and put the right people in charge. it one of the reasons why i'm running for president. >> the best thing to do is have a president who is trustworthy and not give -- divisive. i served in the senate and got pieces of legislation passed on health care, on welfare we form, on pro-life legislation, on national security legislation. i was the author of, in many cases with a liberal democrat on the other side. you say how does that happen, because you find common ground. how can you work with liberal democrats, you're so conservative and they're so together. because you don't make it personal. you don't personally attack people. you don't go out and impugn people's motives. you can't castigate them and ridicule them in the american public and then try to sit down with them and not be honest about what you want to accomplish and expect them to work with you. they're human beings too and they should be treated with
5:41 pm
this president doesn't troat his adversaries with respect, so we have a very divisive president. jean: if the weather has you feeling down, you're not alone. in britain today is known as blue monday. it started as a publicity campaign for a travel company, it declared the third monday in january the most depressing day of the year, when the holiday cheer has worn off but we're still paying off the bills from christmas celebrations and the weather usually is a little gloomy. no blue monday in new hampshire, the cold and snow did not keep surfers from hitting the waves in rye this morning, so take that third monday in january, mike. this isn't usually surfing weather. mike: , no but they'll get out there any chance they can, and speaking of the ocean, a reminder, we're not going to be surfing out there in under three weeks, but it is the plunge on saturday the 6th, and the
5:42 pm
february 7, go to our website for more information on we had snow showers today, some of them quite heavy, including out there in warner. midday and afternoon. cloud started to break, but most of them have been drifting through the north country. we've got the wind and bitter cold. wednesday the winds relax a little. still breezy on thursday. most of the snow showers tonight through tomorrow night will be in northern new hampshire, and then all eyes will turn to the weekend, when a nor'easter will be close by. but being five days out, the impact for new hampshire very much uncertain at this moment. what we're certain of is the cold and gusty winds, wringing out the available moisture, could bring a dusting to couple
5:43 pm
temperatures statewide again very cold, upper teenses, lower 20's. 20 in manchester. lower 20's all the way down through hudson and nashua and over towards the coast not a lot warmer, right around 22, 23 in exeter and also in hampton. colder in the higher terrain, upper teens, and mid and lower teens and just a bit below that in and around the lake sunapee zone. good part of the lakes region on average 15 to 20. then farther to the north, as you might expect, it's colder, teens for many, but a few single digits, stewartstown and pittsburg heading close to zero by morning. the winds will make it feel like sub-zero up north a good part of the night. right now win chills in the single numbers to around 10 in many spots, win very active. 15 to 25 miles per hour on average. but they are gusting a little higher in spots, up near 30, along the coast and also in manchester. tomorrow wind could gust near 40
5:44 pm
so that could lead to a couple of scattered power outages, nothing widespread though. overnight lows, near one north. 12, 13 southern new hampshire, but that's only half the story because the winds will make it feel like zero if not below. tomorrow we've got the clouds and snow showers in the mountains, sunshine in southern new hampshire. then on wednesday still quite windy, but not as gusty as tomorrow. bright sunshine statewide, a weak system darts south of us on thursday. so quiet, a little breezy in the afternoon. some sun on friday ahead of the next storm that will likely work in in some form over the course of the weekend. exact timing and how much snow and any mixing, way too early to determine that, but we'll watch it closely all week. jean: thanks, mike. success and family in the same day for space x. josh: this space x rocket
5:45 pm
in the pacific ocean, but a leg of the rocket broke and it toppled over, exploding as it fell, as you can see. space x is one of several companies looking for ways to reuse rockets instead of having to build new ones for each and every mission. playoff rubber match. the two quarterbacks have met four times in the post season with each of them winning twice. sunday the game will be, both teams 13-4. broncos earned the advantage in november when they beat the patriots 30-24 in overtime. you probably remember this, that was the game that sidelined rob gronkowski for a while with a knee injury. celtics will try to make it four straight wins when they take on the mavericks in dallas tonight. boston coming off saturday's
5:46 pm
u.n.h. women's basketball team at home with maine. maine winnings it 62-a52. incidentally, the patriots right now three and a half point weekend. those odds. all right, a new move in yoga is brewing interest. beer. tom: then at 6:00 tonight a man swept hundreds of feet down mount washington survives. tonight he's sharing his amazing account of being caught in an avalanche right here in new hampshire. tom: and a standoff in lancaster
5:47 pm
jean: the boston symphony orchestra hopes technology attract younger audiences. at certain concerts ticket holders in specific sections will handed i pads, they'll be displayed sheet music, interviews with musicians and analysis of the current performance. and around the country many
5:48 pm
josh: classes are drawing a lot of newbies, especially men. yoga instructors love how spacious the brewing rooms are and the fact that people who may not have tried yoga before are giving it a shot. >> the girlfriend wanted to come, and it's free beer. >> nice to get a buzz after working out. josh: classes typically sell for $15 and they include 45 minutes of yoga and a pint of beer afterward. the trend has gone on quickly with yoga beer partnerships in multiple cities from miami to areas in california. jean: and a few in new hampshire, i'm hearing. josh: is that right. well, it increases flexibility any way. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street.
5:49 pm
millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
5:50 pm
tom: tumbling for what fell like forever, a man survived an avalanche down tucker man ravine
5:51 pm
lessons he learned. mike: wind and bitter cold, plus when the winds finally shut down. jennifer: the new details we're learning about a multihour standoff that ended with the suspect dead. tom: plus who has the most to gain in the race for president on both side of the ticket, as the countdown to iowa is down to two weeks. tom: tonight at 6:00 a man who survived a weekend avalanche on mount washington is sharing his heart stopping story tonight. and the lessons he will never forget. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. this man was swept off his feet, struggled to breathe and when it stopped he had to search for his friends. stephanie woods just spoke with him and she's live tonight from
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