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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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erin: now on daybreak, a manhunt is underway this morning after a violent home invasion and robbery in raymond. police say the homeowner was bound with duct tape. >> if the primary were held today, sanders would probably win. sean: new poll numbers show a significant change in the presidential race in new hampshire. front runner and it doesn' to be close. kevin: the very cold wind continues today, just not as trustee as yesterday. we will talk about the trends. erin: manchester police say they seized tens of thousands dollars worth of drugs during an early morning raid and it is one drug
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to get off the streets. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur new 9 daybreak. erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for joining us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: good morning, i' m sean mcdonald. i think i set a new record from my car to the building. more the wind chill. colder conditions with winds over 20 miles an hour. temperatures feeling more like below zero. occasional snow showers starting to wither away up north. the rest of us, temperatures in the teens, winds over 20 miles an hour.
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and teens for the afternoon and temperatures in the 20' s. the potential for snow this s take a look at your s good morning deb. the entire state. a nice, dry ride. windshield. not seeing delays from north of concord to the state line. r lays on 293 northbound split. some delays 95 north and south construction in the left lane. network i' m deb davidson for , 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. right now police are searching breaking into a home in raymond last night and then taking off
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s car. erin: wmur' s ray brewer is live at the police department this morning. the homeowner fought back, right? ray: that is right erin. ,the homeowner did struggle with the people who forced their way inside the home on chester road at about 5:30 last night. after the struggle police say , the homeowner was bound with duct tape before the attackers went through the home and stole several small items as well as some wrestling memorabilia before taking off in the homeowner' s car. officers were posted outside the home last night as a statewide manhunt got underway. investigators say the homeowner sustained non-life threatening injuries because of the attack. they do have a basic description of the suspects. >> 2 male subjects with black masks. one being 6'
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58, -- 5' 8", entered the residence and took some wrestling memorabilia and the subject' s dodge charger. ray: police are looking for a black, 2010 dodge charger and say it may have some minor damage to the rear bumper that was caused during the getaway. investigators are not saying if any weapons were used during the home invasion. they do tell us that the homeowner is expected to be ok. reporting live in raymond, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. investigators say a fire in somersworth that sent a man to the hospital yesterday evening started in a second floor bedroom. when firefighters arrived on grand street just after 4:30, they found flames on the second floor and an injured man outside. officials have not said what type of injuries the man sustained but they were severe , enough that he was flown to boston to be treated. the fire caused about $75,000 in damage but the exact cause remains under investigation. sean: the fbi is investigating
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to schools all along the east coast yesterday, including three in new hampshire. students at farmington high school were evacuated after a message was found written on the wall of a boys bathroom. and apparent robocall threats were called in to portsmouth high school and sunapee middle school claiming that there were pipe bombs in the buildings. >> it is upsetting and i think that we' re close to finals so we' re busy, its really an annoyance. sean: similar calls were received at more than 20 schools in massachusetts and officials don' t think any of the threats were actually credible but they are taking them seriously. erin: the new hampshire primary is now less than 3 weeks away and our latest wmur cnn granite state poll shows that the democratic race may be turning into a landslide but not the way , many had predicted. the poll shows bernie sanders with 60% support compared to just 33% for hillary clinton. the divide is even greater among
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35, sanders has 81% support to clinton' s 17%. clinton once dominated with women voters in new hampshire but now they are tilting in favor of the vermont senator. clinton still has a 65% favorability rating in new hampshire but that is a far cry from the 91% for sanders. but half of voters still have not made up their minds. >> i think one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is that a lot of times in primaries, voter' s opinions can be very volatile, people can make up their minds at the last minute. i think the results in iowa are going to have a big impact and i think there are a lot of people who are waiting to see what happens between now and primary day. erin: in this poll, former maryland governor martin o' malley was a very distant third with just 2% support. former president bill clinton will be in concord today trying and several republican hopefuls are crisscrossing the granite state. jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich and chris christie
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new hampshire. sean: police in manchester say they have seized $35,000 worth of drugs after raiding an apartment on lake avenue. officers say they found mostly fentanyl, which is blamed for many of the deadly overdoses in manchester and across the state. fentanyl is also sometimes mixed with heroin. three people were arrested on drug related charges after yesterday morning' s raid. investigators say raids like this will help save lives. >> i' m very pleased with this arrest. this is a significant arrest particularly given the amount of , fentanyl that was seized. each one of those doses of fentanyl is a potential fatal overdose. it is the fentanyl that' s mostly killing our citizens today. sean: police say they also seized cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and drug packaging materials during their raid. police say a man from sugar hill is now facing his sixth oui charge. 52-year-old nelson progin the third was arrested last weekend in groton, massachusetts after
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a crash. police say more charges are possible. two people were hurt, one seriously, after a crash that shut down part of route 11 in farmington yesterday. turning left but collided with an oncoming car. the driver of the car was flown to an area hospital with serious erin: police in boston are looking for a gunman after two people were shot at the maverick t station yesterday afternoon. investigators say an argument on board a blue line train spilled onto the platform as the train arrived at maverick station 2:30. started to get off the train , another was shot on the platform. witnesses say it was terrifying. the doors. the first instinct was kind of to recoil. >> right when the doors opened, you heard boom, boom, boom. >> we heard one gunshot everybody got down. , erin: both victims were taken to area hospitals with non life threatening injuries. blue line service was suspended
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investigated but is back to normal this morning. sean: still to come on news 9 daybreak this there is a new wednesday. option in manchester for addicts looking to recover. but this private facility is a little different from the rest. erin: new reports are shedding light on a humanitarian crisis in iraq where thousands of , people are being forced from their homes and homes are being destroyed. sean: and in the next half hour, there are dozens of names on the new hampshire primary ballot, and some of the lesser known candidates got their chance in
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re there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work,
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right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. kevin: wednesday morning. temperatures falling to the upper teens, winds gustint g to when chosen to single digits.
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your weekend forecast coming up. erin: a new recovery facility is now open in manchester providing several options for men recovering from addiction. sean: live free structured sober living is located in a 5200 square foot victorian home with room for 20 residents. in addition to a 12-step recovery program, guests can also participate in meditation workshops, family support meetings even field trips. the private care does cost more than $1700 a month but the founder says it fills a desperate need. >> i' ve worked in other facilities, and ultimately there was just really a gap between what services were provided, and i had a particular idea of what i wanted to do. and this is where live free really was born. >> it' s wonderful. because this atmosphere is like home. and if we' re going to get people help, there' s no better place than an atmosphere that feels like home. sean: for mo infremation on the live free structured sober living house, you can find a link on our website,
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erin: definitely a need out there. coming up do you like french , fries? how about chocolate? how about those? mcdonalds has a new treat. sean: game of thrones is a very popular t.v. show. and now it is also part of the curriculum at a prestigious college helping students learn about history. she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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erin: officials have suspended the search for 12 marines missing after two helicopters crashed last week off the coast of hawaii. a memorial is tentatively planned for friday. all 4 life rafts from the helicopters were found but they were empty, and there is no evidence that anyone was ever on board. one of the missing marines is from hingham, massachusetts. the pakistani taliban is now claiming responsibility for an ongoing attack on a university in northwest pakistan. several explosions were heard as armed militants stormed the campus overnight and the
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with police and the army. at least 21 people have already been killed in the attack, though it is unclear how many of those are the militants themselves. in iraq amnesty international , says that kurdish forces have bulldozed, blown up and burned down thousands of homes in arab villages that have been recaptured from isis. the amnesty report says the actions could amount to war crimes and that kurdish forces are barring arab citizens from returning to their villages. and a united nations report says that nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in iraq between january 2014 and october of 2015 with nearly half in just baghdad. keep horse drawn carriages in central park may have come at the expense of another tourist attraction. in exchange for providing a stable in the park for about 90 horses, mayor bill de blasio wants to ban all pedicabs from park.
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that is their most lucrative area and the ban will put many of them out of business. they also say they had no idea this move was even being considered. hbo' s game of thrones is must watch t.v. for a lot of people and now it can even earn you college credit. virginia tech offered a course about the popular show in the religion and culture department. students were required watch game of thrones. but the professor says the class was really about exploring why fantasy is so often tied to the history of the middle ages and exploring how the middle ages are perceived in modern times. you' ve got to watch the tv show. mcdonald' s is turning one of its menu staples into a dessert item. look at this. the burger chain is rolling out mcchoco potato french fries drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce. but the combination is only available in japan for a limited time starting next month and
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bring mcchoco potato to the u.s. i assume if it is successful, it will make it on the menu. kevin: you can request it here, ask them to put fudge on the prize. erin: i would love to see the face of the person behind the register. i think it is fine if it stays in japan. kevin: you never know. we start off with clear skies in central and southern areas. clouds and snow showers continue in the north. temperatures are going to be packed up into the 20' s. wind chill readings in the single digits above and below zero. writer skies ahead and lingering snowflakes up north. highs for most in the 20' s. fair skies into saturday with highs in the 20' s. next snowfall possible saturday evening into sunday.
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talking about has slowed down by about 12 hours. that changes the timeframe toward saturday evening in early sunday assuming it rides far enough north. we have light snow from the white mountains this morning. through the ohio valley, this slides to our staff. -- our south. potential of a foot of snow for d.c., virginia and parts of north carolina. temperatures this morning in the teens, that is fairly deceptive. winds 10-20 miles an hour making when chosen the single digits and near zero in a few locations. lighter wind today, not as gusty as yesterday. he see the ms starting to
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in the single digits. highs today mostly in the 20' s. upper teens up north. sunshine in the north country. we give way to sunshine this afternoon. mainly fair skies through friday. an increase in clouds after early son saturday. the system continues to gather gulf moisture. the storm track a little to our south, that would keep the heaviest snow in southern new england, philadelphia, washington, d.c. and virginia. that would essentially keep it mainly to our south with white snow possible saturday evening and early sunday. plenty of time to keep an eye on it. temperatures over the next several days, highs in the 20' s. bit breezy tomorrow but winds
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sun saturday should give way to clouds. if we see snowflakes, saturday evening and early sunday. behind that storm system, temperatures turn milder early next week for monday and tuesday. erin: it will be interesting to see. kevin: i think all the activity will be to our south but it is a matter of how far north it goes into our area. erin: we want to check our top stories. here' s ray brewer. ray: the search is on in raiment for two men who broke into a home and stole the homeowner' s car. police recovered of the car. this happened at 5:30 last night at a home on chester road. after a struggle, the homeowner was bound with duct tape. the attackers stole several
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offers were posted outside the home as a statewide manhunt cut underweight. erin: a man is in a boston hospital this morning after a fire in somersworth yesterday evening. investigators say the fire on grand street started in a bedroom, but the exact cause is our latest wmur cnn granite state poll shows that the democratic race in new hampshire may be turning into a landslide. the poll shows bernie sanders with 60% support compared to 33% for hillary clinton. sean: coming up on daybreak. meet the teen super corps. a boy from vermont just t go create his own marvel comic
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sean: marvel comics continues to fighting cancer. erin: 12-year-old eli straight of vermont really wanted to create his own comic and now he has thanks to marvel and make a wish. he got to visit marvel headquarters in new york city and created teen super corps. on eli' s friends. and his father says that eli' s cancer appears to be in fighting that battle. awesome news. sean: double good news. what an experience. coming up in the next half hour , should the moon get a name of its own other than moon? you actually have the chance to name it yourself. erin: the bruins seem to be getting back on track and last night the black and gold put together a dominating performance against a bitter
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. can retire i'm bernie sanders,
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national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur new 9 daybreak. sean: wednesday, 20th of january. another cold start, 18 degrees. wind keeps blowing. erin: more on your forecast and saturday in a bit. first, top stories. a statewide search is underway this morning for two men police say broke into a house in raymond last night and restrained the homeowner with duct tape before stealing the victim' s car. bedford police are trying to track down the woman they say robbed the t.d. bank on south river road last night. and two presidential debates were held in manchester last night. nearly two dozen of the lesser-known candidates had their chance to be in the spotlight. sean: happy birthday to buzz aldrin.
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head south. the heaviest is in the mid-atlantic states, we could sunday. once it gets in, you have a better handle on the track of the system. gusty. single digits. highs better the next day -- better than yesterday. sean: let' s check out the roads. here' s a look at high-end he from our hooksett camera. three kevin: for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state. we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: if you are starting your commute, all major roads moving well. 93 looks like that from north of the notch to the state line with massachusetts.
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on 101, 111 or the spalding, up to speed, as is 95 along the seacoast. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: right now police in raymond are searching for two men behind a violent home invasion. erin: they say the masked men broke into a home on chester road last night and fought with the homeowner before taking off with some valuables. ray brewer joins us from the raymond police department. and ray, is that homeowner ok this morning? ray: yes erin. ,police tell us the homeowner suffered non life threatening injuries during a struggle with the men who broke into the house. he' s expected to recover. now the statewide manhunt is underway for those home invaders. police say they forced their way into a house on chester road around 5:30 last night. at this time, officers are not saying if the homeowner is a man or a woman. they say the men were wearing ski masks when they scuffled with the homeowner before
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duct tape. at this time, police are not revealing if any weapons were used. the men rummaged through the house, stealing some valuables including wrestling memorabilia before stealing the homeowner' s car. take a live look here, you can see the todd charger with police tape, police have recovered the homeowners car. the suspects are only described as two white men. what about 6' 2", the other about five foot eight. live in raymond, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: bedford police are asking for your help in tracking down a bank robber. they say the woman, seen here in this surveillance picture, held up the t.d. bank on south river road around 5:30 last night. the woman claimed she had a weapon but never showed one. she took off after getting some cash and no one was hurt. a belmont man is accused of trying to break into multiple homes. police say they arrested 44-year-old joseph mazzitelli after following his footprints
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he is accused of trying to break into houses along forest drive while the residents were asleep. sean: the u.s. supreme court will not review the case of new hampshire' s only death row inmate. michael addison was sentenced to death after being convicted of killing manchester police officer michael briggs in 2006. his lawyers appealed his conviction, saying the trial judge violated his rights. by not allowing jurors to hear that addison was remorseful and concerned about the officer after he was taken into custody. has declined to review addison' s petition. erin: in commitment 2016. ben carson' s campaign team is dealing with a tragic situation. a campaign volunteer died yesterday after suffering serious injuries in a car accident. three other campaign workers were hurt in the crash. a campaign spokesman says they were all riding in a van in iowa when the van flipped onto its side on an icy road and was hit by another vehicle. carson was in south carolina at
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the republican candidate suspended all his campaign events through at least wednesday. >> our hearts go out to his family and to all the families involved. you know, life is so fleeting, and we have to make the most of every bit of it that we can. erin: authorities identified the campaign volunteer as 25-year-old braden joplin. several other presidential candidates, including jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz and bernie sanders all offered condolences to joplin' s family. sean: a new hampshire primary tradition dating back to 1972 took place at saint anselm college last night. some of the lesser-known presidential candidates gathered at the new hampshire institute of politics for their moment in the spotlight. the event featured two debates five republicans shared their views and then 18 democrats took their turn. one familiar candidate we did not see on stage was primary
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the institute of politics banned him from the debate because last cycle he glitter-bombed another candidate. >> apparently doing that disinvited me to this here event right here, right now, yes. >> any regrets? >> i would do the same thing, yes i would. sean: there are a total of 58 names on the new hampshire primary ballot, 30 republicans and 28 democrats. the primary takes place on tuesday, february ninth. erin: one of the men charged in connection with a violent road rage incident in raymond has accepted a plea deal. prosecutors say in june of last year matthew anderson hit david bell with a flashlight. bell allegedly fought back with an angle grinder. both men were charged with reckless conduct. yesterday, the bell pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor but anderson is fighting his charge claiming he hit bell in self defense. has taken steps to prevent problems, like the one that affected more than a thousand customers in keene last month.
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was pumped into dozens of homes. three people were hospitalized with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. liberty utilities told the public utilities commission that a period of low voltage shut down a fan at its production plant and not enough air was pushed into the propane mixture. >> obviously there was a failure that happened and we' re going to look closely at that and make sure that doesn' t happen again with redundant systems. we' re going to look at what we' re going to do to change that. sean: a final report from liberty utilities is expected to be filed by the end of next month. erin: people in grafton are vowing to rebuild a historic church that was badly damaged by fire. one man was killed when flames broke out at the former church last week. now the board and parishioners of the peaceful assembly church say they are moving forward. over the next few days, contractors will be assessing the damage and cost to rebuild the church, which has stood in the grafton town green since 1798. the board is also hoping to meet
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back taxes owed. sean: coming up on daybreak, a concerning situation involving the super bowl. federal authorities believe someone may be plotting an attack that would bring the big game to a halt. erin: and a warning for those of you who like to eat snow. scientists now say it could contain more toxic chemicals than you think. kevin: cold wind continues with a couple systems on the map. we will talk about your weekend. you'
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announcer: you are watching wmur new 9 daybreak with erin fehlau, sean mcdonald, and meteorologist kevin skarupa. now, new 9 continues. kevin: clear skies, a few snowflakes up north. we' re going to look for the breeze to continue to be a factor with highs in the 20' s to near 30. we should break apart sunshine through the afternoon. a look ahead towards the weekend, coming up. erin: the terror group isis is confirming for the first time that the man known as jihadi
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the u.s. military announced back in november that one of its airstrikes likely killed him. jihadi john had appeared in several videos showing the murders of hostages including new hampshire native james foley and kimball union academy graduate steven sotloff. isis published jihadi john' s obituary in its monthly magazine, including a picture of the militant without a mask. sean: authorities are investigating a potential plot against the upcoming super bowl. they are examining whether recent attacks on fiber optic systems in northern california may be linked to a quote, more complex plot. officials say fiber optic cables were deliberately severed. fifteen of the cases remain unsolved. the fbi and department of homeland security are now looking to see if those cases may have been tests by those who plan to threaten the super bowl. a retired counter terrorism expert for the fbi says an attack on fiber optics systems can cause major problems, potentially stopping the super
5:35 am
>> if it were cut, it' s going to be a disaster. this is a big event. this is the largest spectator event we have in america the super bowl. , sean: jeffrey harp says the threat of a fiber optic attack against the super bowl is minimal, but he still believes it is worth keeping an eye on. erin: a college in oregon is introducing a new cultural heritage month in response to february' s black history month. portland community college is making the month of april and calling it whiteness history month. the school says this is not meant to celebrate white people. instead, it is meant to be an education project to stir up a conversation about diversity and racial issues. many students say they do not feel that race is a serious problem on campus, but they are open to the idea of discussing it. >> at think this point in time a lot of people don' t want to talk about it because it' s ugly. but it' s necessary it' s happening. we' re in a city that' s heavily gentrified. so i think it' s something that needs to be talked about and needs to be acknowledged. >> we talk about black history month we celebrate it. i'
5:36 am
i think it is a good need. erin: the college is currently confirming speakers and working out the details of special events for its whiteness history month. sean: a driver in massachusetts is speaking out after surviving a frightening car accident. 73-year-old leon rudman says he was driving on an icy road in easton yesterday morning when his car hit a tree and utility pole. the car flipped over and landed on its roof on the edge of a pond. leon was trapped upside down in the car. a retired firefighter who lives across the street from the accident scene rushed over to help. >> he just drove straight into a chara, the car hit the tree. jumped up like this and rolled into the water. >> i didn' t realize it until the emts came that i was upside down . i get emotional. i didn' t realize it was that bad until they had me out. sean: a close call. rudman suffered shoulder and leg injuries and is now recovering at home. again, he blames icy conditions for the crash, but police say
5:37 am
cause. erin: oscar winning actor jamie foxx is being credited with helping save a man' s life. he and another person pulled a man from his burning truck just moments before it was engulfed in flames. the crash happened monday night in front of foxx' s california home. the actor says he heard the crash, then screaming, and sprung into action. he and the other good samaritan broke out the truck' s window, cut the man' s seatbelt and pulled him to safety. police say the driver was treated at the hospital and later arrested for driving under the influence. sean: the world economic forum is predicting a dire situation for the world' s oceans. it predicts that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. the report is based on interviews with more than 180 experts. they estimate that by 2050, the amount of plastics produced globally will increase three times. the forum said the only way to avoid a disaster is to drastically improve recycling. erin: turning now to sports. the boston bruins took on the
5:38 am
night. in the first period, max talbot scored on an unassisted goal to give the bruins a 1-0 lead. the game was tied 1-1 in the second when the bruins went on the attack. they scored three goals in the period, including an empty netter, and went on to win it 4-1. sean: u-maine played the number one college hockey team in the country last night, quinnipiac. this game had new hampshire written all over it. both head coaches are granite state natives. bedford' s rand peknold for quinnipiac and red gendron, of berlin, for u-maine. the game ended in a 3-3 tie. erin: check out the cover of sports illustrated for this week. peyton manning and tom brady are featured, with the title the last tango, manning vs brady 17. they are set to collide in the afc championship game on sunday in denver. sean: does that mean they both get the s.i. curse? fenway park is looking unrecognizable these days.
5:39 am
a 140-foot snow ramp is being built on the field. when it is done, it will tower over the green monster. the ramp is for the polartec big air at fenway, the event takes place in february and is expected to feature the world' s top skiers and snowboarders. erin is going to flip off that thing. erin: not just for baseball anymore. an effort is underway to give the moon a formal name. the name the moon society has launched a petition asking the international astronomical union to give the moon a unique name, like other moons in the solar system. the society is also holding a name the moon contest. for one dollar, people can submit a potential name for the moon. to learn more about this effort, head to the website what would you name the moon?
5:40 am
sean: kids think it is made of cheese. erin: swiss? sean: this is bizarre. kevin: we name hurricanes because there could be two or three at the same time. maybe they are expecting another moon. sean: that would be interesting. tides would be thrown off. s leave it at that. prater skies. yesterday. an hour. fair skies last into saturday. 20' we should be. the next potential snowfall
5:41 am
possible, saturday night into sunday. at the best chances would be in southern new hampshire because we had a strong system passing to our south. it could be producing over a foot of snow through the mid-atlantic states, virginia up through d.c. and as far north as new york city and cape cod. around here, a couple flurries with extra clouds up north. the first of two systems through the a ohio valley will move through the mid-atlantic, giving them the beginnings of the next storm system. this is the beginnings of the more active pattern. if you do not see the storm system and it passes to yourself, does not seem as active. teens to near 20 across most of the state. the wind keep things level. wind chills are in the single digits early on thanks to winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. wind chill' s will come up a touch.
5:42 am
on' t have 40 mile an hour gusts, wind will be noticeable. there may be a few holdouts in the north country in the upper teens. near 30 in southern areas, not feeling like it with the wind, which starts to die off 5-10 miles an hour tonight. tomorrow, temperatures back in the 20' 20' s to near 30 30 through the end of the week. that has moved over the rockies yesterday and becomes the storm system later today. by tomorrow morning and into friday, the storm system moving through the southern plains. a stripe of heavy snow. this will add eastward over the
5:43 am
the timeline slows down early sunday. looks like it would be southern new hampshire and a lesser version of what would be going on to our south. temperatures 20' s to near 30. wind making it feel colder than that. we dropped to the teens tonight. breezy tomorrow with sunshine through friday. su saturdayn -- sun saturday gives way to clouds. the best when we see light snow would be the evening. there' s potential, it is not a complete miss put it is not the foot plus of snow that if the right track occurred would have occurred around here. we are three and half to four days away from arrival.
5:44 am
erin: as storms continue to roll in this winter a team of , scientists is warning people not to eat the snow. they say snow in urban areas can absorb the toxic pollutants that come from car exhaust. one scientist says the interaction of pollutants with freezing temperatures in snow might even cause the release of new compounds. sean: kids everywhere, just gasps. a new movie theater in new york is serving moviegoers only non-noisy food. syndicated offers food service directly to customers' theater seats. it says the in-theater menu consists of only finger foods, so that people do not make noise by clinking silverware during the movie. erin: silverware? sean: that has never been a apparently popcorn is not considered a noisy food, no matter how loud you munch it. it is included on the theater menu. popcorn. if you have a bag of candy and you are trying to open it, it
5:45 am
moment. i' ve got to get my goobers. erin: still ahead on news 9 daybreak, a very large cat creating headaches for its owner . the measures they took to make
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan --
5:47 am
and make them pay then we can expand health care and provide universal college education. will they like me? will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? i'm bernie sanders
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dealers. sean: nobel prize winner malala is spreading her message. she designed this scarf with tom' s. the company that helps a person in need with every product purchased. 100% of the sales from the scarf will benefit malala' s foundation. the scarves cost 48 dollars each and are available at she continues to do great things. erin: and at such a young age. a very large cat in california is keeping its owner on her toes. spock is maine coon cat that
5:49 am
is near 4 feet long. so big that people often mistake him for a bobcat. kevin: his owner says that because of his size spock tends to bring things around the house, so she took some unusual measures to protect her stuff. >> it is a lot like having a toddler in the house, we have to spock-proof the house. everything that is in here is locked down with earthquake putty. kevin: when spock is not scaring neighbors or breaking his owner' s things, she says he likes to keep busy by watching videos of squirrels and birds on youtube. who doesn' t? sean: that is what i do, spock and i are like brothers. erin: look, he can open the door. sean: coming up in the next hour of news 9 daybreak. a major drug bust in manchester. police say they took $35,000
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