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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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does cool down a little bit. josh: police on the scene of a crash that shut down several streets. reporter: we can give you a live look at the accident scene right now, which is scaled back in activity within the last 10 to 15 minutes. you can see a black s.u.v. there that took most of the damage and then a gray hyundai disannex to it. we don't have any information other than that the driver of the sedan is okay and the driver of the s.u.v. had to be extricated from the vehicle with the jaws of life by the manchester fire department. that person was conscious and alert. the fire department telling us that he suffered a severe lower leg injury, possibly a broken femur, but that those injuries are not life threatening. however it was pretty touch and go when they had to get him out
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broken femur is potentially life threatening. so they had to cut the other side of that s.u.v. off to get that patient out. as far as who is at fault and what exactly unfolded in this accident, that's something we're still trying to figure out and get information from police, but hopefully we'll have an updaughter later the this news -- an update later in the newscast. jean: tonight a man faces sexual assault charges after an investigation that triggered heightened security it a panthers school. three female high school students told police that the 19-year-old assaulted them near beach and hanover streets near central high school. wmur's heather hamel is live there tonight. reporter: it was a frightening spears for these three girls. they told school administrators that the man had groped them and tried to lure them back to his house. that was around 8:00 this morning and the superintendent says they immediately took action. the school was secured, e-mails
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effort out there. was a beefed up police presence around the school, and in about an hour they did find a man that met the girls' description. 19-year-old ahmed abukar of manchester was arrested, originally on a drug charge and then more. >> i think every incident can be a teaching moment for all involved and it's important to note that these girls reported this. but even more important is anyone that's walking in around school, work, you should always be aware of your surroundings, which these girls were. reporter: alonger with the three sexual assault charges, he also faces criminal threatening charges as well as criminal trespass. heather hamel, wmur news 9. josh: staggering numbers revealing tonight in a dcyf report obtained by news 9, it paint a picture of what staffing at the department looks like when it comes to protecting new hampshire children from abuse and neglect.
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reporter: the report says that dcyf has 176 child protection service workers. the turnover rate over the past two years, over 50%. the report states staffing is inadequate and burnout is at an all-time high. dcyf director bartlett authored the report, last year she gave news 9 unprecedented access to the intake center in concord where the phones never stop ringing. between october 1, 2014 and september 30, 2015 a typical caseworker was assigned 125 to 186 new investigations. some supervisors were managing 60 to 70 cases. burnout is cited as the common reason for the high turnover rate. child abuse reports have risen 15% over the past four years, but staffing is kripped by that high turnover. it takes about three months to fill a vacancy and 12 weeks to train a new hire.
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implement a 24-7 system would take 41 new caseworkers and $4 million. the governor's office released a statement this afternoon saying the governor support providing 24-7 response to dcyf to reports of abuse and neglect. but acting commissioner meyers believes the plan needs more work and has been working to improve that plan. jean: the man wanted in a pair of robberies is now under arrest after police say a wmur viewer recognized the suspect. right now krofer aldrich is in the hospital under the guard of u.s. marshals. police say he robbed the concord mart over the weekend. the clerk was stabbed when he tried to fight off a robber with a stick. aldrich is also accused of robbing a bank in goffstown yesterday. josh: commitment 2016 now, and campaign trail traffic is flowing into iowa, with less
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there is also a new republican national poll that is giving donald trump a new lead. nationwide now has a 41% republican support in this cnn-orc poll, that's more than twice as much as the second place contend, ted cruz. every other republican is in single digits. on thursday republican candidates will debate one more time in iowa before the caucus. here in new hampshire the campaign trail has also gone quiet, with one exception. ohio governor john kasich stayed busy with a series of events today, perhaps energized by getting the republican endorsement from "the boston globe" and concord monitor. kasich says new hampshire is his home away from home. >> i'm just glad you don't have an income tax here, because i might be qualified as a resident. reporter: for a weekday morning at molly's tavern, kasich had to like the crowd that packed the place. he maude it clear that he needs the crowd to like him back.
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with this message, and if i get snuffed out in new hampshire, ball game over. reporter: while other candidates make a final push in iowa, kasich fielded questions in new boston on everything from race relations to guantanamo bay. he is feeling the heat, figuratively and literally. >> okay, this is such a nice group this morning, and i'm burning up. before it's over i'm going to go without any shirt on. >> he was one of my top pick from the very, very beginning, and i think he's a very sensible, humanized individual. >> i liked him back when he balanced the federal budget. i'd like to see him do it again. reporter: despite a pressing schedule, he lingered to snap photos and enjoy the moment. on board the bus, which is covering a lot ground in new hampshire, kasich says he feels something special might be brewing in his campaign. >> i've seen so many good things happen in my lifetime. i know people come together,
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really want to do at the end, lift everybody up. we can do it again. josh: with the addition of "the boston globe" and concord monitor, kasich has a total of seven newspaper endorsements this month. on the democratic side, both papers have endorsed hillary clinton. and republican george pataki endorsed marco rubio today. the former governor dropped his own bid for the white house, he says now that rubio is the best candidate from either party. jean: a police chief already indicted in a sexual assault investigation has now stepped down from the job. canterbury jeef john laroche is accused of assaulting a girl 16 years ago when he was a police officer. as wmur's ray brewer reports, the case had some people wanting to eliminate the department altogether. reporter: back in december, some residents were calling for the police department to be shut down, saying they could no longer trust police. but selectmen rejected that
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police department and they're working to address residents' concerns. news that of the police chief's resignation came in a brief statement from the board of of selectmen saying only that john laroche has tendered his resignation and selectmen voted unanimously to accept it effective immediately. laroche is charged with several felonies including aggravated felonious sexual assault. he allegedly assaultedded a teen at the boscawen police department and a cruiser and at the boscawen boat ramp. the chief has been on unpaid administrative leave, the police department being run a a sergeant. the selectmen are also working with the sheriff's department to conduct a formal review of the department. ray brewer, wmur news 9. jean: it's time to see how traffic is moving out there, 293 in manchester near exit 5.
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live look at the road home on tuesday. >> good afternoon to you. adam told but the accident on beach street in manchester, so we'll deal with the normal trials and tribulations of a tuesday afternoon commute. and coming out of boston on 93 there was an accident southbound on 93 around the some ran square area. that had traffic tied up northbound, dealing with the usual traffic at this time of day, you find yourself in a bit boston. once you pass that, heavy volume up to to 95 interchange and north of 495 to the state line, then it's pretty clear up to manchester. no major issues on route 3 until you get to group hill in chems ford. the everett turnpike has a lot of company, but no major issues or delays. 293 is a speed limit ride from top to bottom. usual light cycle delays on 101 in bedford. east of the city is wide open to the seacoast. over at the coast a rollover on 1a in seabrook, and typical volume delays on the spaulding turnpike going over the bridge.
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i'm dick lutz, for 95.7, wzid. jean: up next a settle president has been reached with the families of the crew members killed when their cargo ship sank during hurricane joaquin. josh: a waiting game in california where an anxious community is watching the ground literally crumble away beneath their homes. mike: limited sunshine despite a warmup today, but do we see bright skies on wednesday? the forecast coming up. jean: at 5:30 another location approved for medical marijuana cultivation in new hampshire. josh: and a decision from the new hampshire supreme court has opened the door to hundreds of sex offenders being removed from the sex offender registry.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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josh: welcome back. the navy now says there's no sign of a gunman or for that matter a shooting at a medical center in san diego. someone reported hearing three shots in the basement this morning. that prompted a lockdon. but the hospital even posting on its facebook page that people should run, mild or fight. but a room by room search of the facility ultimately turned up nothing. jean: this evening a massachusetts community will honor a fallen marine. hingham native corporal christopher orlando was among a
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week after his helicopter crashed off the coast of hawaii. orlando's relatives are scheduled to fly into logan airport within the next hour. multiple police agencies will escort them home. josh: the owners of the sunken cargo ship el faro will pay $5 million to settle lawsuits from families of 10 crew members. the ship sank in october after it lost power and was caught in hurricane joaquin. all crew members on board lost their lives and the ship owners face lawsuits. jean: a state of emergency in one california city now where dozens of apartments are at risk of falling into the ocean. strong el nino storms are eating a way at these cliffs south of san francisco. several back yards have already disappeared. city officials have asked people who live in these buildings to leave immediately, but some say they don't want to go. >> i they'll have to physically drag me out.
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jean: engineers are scrambling to fort file the bluff with boulders, rods and concrete. heavy rains are expected to continue into march. josh: 42 deaths are being blamed on the blizzard that pounded parts of the east coast and for the second day in a row all federal offices in washington were shut down. people are still digging out and many of the busses are still snowed in. >> it's getting old real quick. josh: right now crews are plowing nearly 4400 miles of roads in d.c. national park service also helping to clear bridges. but air travel continues to be impacted. nearly 600 flights were canceled today. and we know that some people are worried, but we've, that we've been left out of the snow belt. but actually we're seeing similar conditions that we saw at this time last year, at least before this arrived. 31 inches fell in litchfield on january 27. and for a look at where we stand for snowfall so far this year, let's bring in meteorologist josh judge.
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that we turned things around. last year we had had the thanksgiving storm, but after that had been relatively quiet. so far in year, total snow for the entire season is 12.4 inches. this is for concord. and you break that down, there was none in november. 4.4 in december, and eight inches in january so far. of course we've got a little bit of january left, but we're toward the end. so where do we stand in history on this? we're taking a look right here, and we are currently tied for fifth place. it's hard to believe but there were several years that up until this point of january and through the end of january there were less snow than what we've seen this year. so far, 12.4 inches, but we're just barely above 1954 and '55. take a look at this, this is how much snow we ended up with all those years after the really
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the average snowfall is 64.5 inches for the entire season, and all of these years ended up with less. could there be any snow in the offing for this week to change that? mike haddad has details on that. mike: yes, josh, it's been a struggle to get the snow. and of course today with the reading up to 50 degrees no chance at all. but the pattern is beginning to cool down a little. notice the time lapse out at the coast, in portsmouth we did have some breaks of sunshine at times. but quite a few clouds, and despite the cloud cover, how about the temperatures, again making a run well above the average, and looking ahead, yes, we do cool down a little bit but still remain above the norm all week long. good chance of some snow showers later on tonight and into tomorrow, mainly in the north country. otherwise mainly dry into thursday, and then there is a chance of a few snow showers or flurries later thursday night into friday, and then again later on saturday. as the pattern is somewhat active.
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compared to a big storm threat across the northeast. you'll notice on doppler radar right now, not too much happening, a few sprinkles darting through. a few more upstream will accompany slightly cooler air later tonight. more snow showers back to the west. best threat of those tonight and tomorrow will be northern and western new hampshire. there could even be a light accumulation. the highs today, again making a run, keep in mind the average is 31 degrees. 15 above that in the state capital. 50 in nashua, close to that in manchester and even near the coast, topped off in the upper 40s of even up north in the 40s as well. and even atop mount washington, not all that bad for over 6,000 feet up. here and now, 30's and 40's across the board, well above the norm. so we're jumping a head on the calendar. overnight tonight not that chilly. the low, 31.
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for a daytime high this time of year. so again a mild start for the day tomorrow. even though it will be mild early tomorrow morning, relatively speaking, there's some cooler air that begins to build on in. so not a big temperature jump during the day tomorrow. we should top off on average mid 30's north, lower 40's south before we cool a little bit later in the day. no big storms, a couple of snow showers chances, first one will move in late tonight and especially tomorrow in northern and parts of western new hampshire. there was a slight chance of a sprinkle or flurry that may survive the trip into parts of southern new hampshire during the afternoon. fair amount of sun for thursday morning. then jumping a head to the afternoon, a few clouds will build in later in the day into friday. a couple of snow showers with an upper level system as a big storm scoots well off shore of new england. no chance of that getting in here, but could be a light accumulation, especially in northern parts of the state. mostly cloudy, mixed shower up north changing over to snow showers later on tonight. tomorrow clouds and sunshine,
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showers in the mountains. there could be a sprinkle or flurry elsewhere. showers friday. a little bit of light snow or flurries later saturday, as another warm front moves in. so sunday and monday we're right back to 40 plus. jean: an amazing run here, thanks, mike. josh: up next, republican candidates for president weigh violence. jean: then at 5:30 we're hearing from the firefighter who lives in the historic home destroyed by flames this week what he did
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is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.
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candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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josh: continuing our commitment 2016 coverage, we asked the presidential candidates what they would do to reduce gun violence in our country. here's the first round of answers. >> that's hard, because i think you're talking now about the character of men, and women. but violence is something that seems to have gotten worse in the last several decades. some say let's just ban guns. i'm not for that. you would have to change the constitution in order to ban guns. and i think ends are also used in good ways by good people and bad ways by bad people. if you take guns away from the good people then only the bad people will have them and criminals don't care about laws. if you're a suicide terrorist, more gun control laws aren't
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plan on dieing when you finish. so i think ultimately we do need more self defense and i think we should announce basically to people who are wanting to perpetrate these horrific murders, we should announce to them that there are not going to be place where is they can go that are called gun-free zones. i think we should allow people to have self defense mostly as a deterrent. >> gun violence in our country is a societal issue. part of it is due to mental illness, unfortunately and part of is is due to societal breakdown. we need a president that understand that the most important institution in society is the family. that without family we can't instill the values of respect for life, are of hard work, discipline and self control. so we've got to strengthen family life in america. that's not the job of government. but government shouldn't be doing anything that undermines the family. that's why i support the institutions in our society that strengthen the family. i support religious liberty. and i support a pro family tax code that allows working families to keep more of their
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>> i go back to the family, i go back to where the object isn't the problem. there's a higher ownership of guns in this country today, but there's a lot more gun violence. so it's not the inan mat job stheak causes the problem. we have a breakdown of the family that's leading to a country that is, well, less responsible and less concerned about the dignity of all human life. and more concerned about themselves and getting what they want. family is a big part of that. families, communities, churches. so it's the ability to build a healthier society is the easier answer. it's a harder answerer, and the easy answer is let's take people's guns, that's the wrong answer because it's not going to solve the problem.
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washington where guns are banned and the violence is the worst. so let's focus on what causes the problem as opposed to blaming something that had had nothing to do other than just being there. jean: also ahead, new hampshire lawmakers are working to close a loophole when it comes to so-called revenge porn. josh: and a strange health warning for women in response to a dangerous virus. jean: now to our u local hot shot, this is 18-month-old lindsey, already snow boarding pro. she hits the slopes with mom at her side, and a camera of
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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mike: the quiet pattern does continue across new hampshire as temperatures coast down just a bit. a look at what follows for the rest of the week ahead. >> a new castle estate with a storied past burns to the ground. i'm jennifer crompton, the personal story of one firefighter involved and the message the department hopes this will send. jean: new hampshire approves
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cultivation, this one in the queen city. josh: and a local airport will see some changes along the runway, but the plan has neighbors worry. >> definitely gives me a bigger perspective. i'm definitely not going to stop volunteering at all. jean: the first call of a volunteer firefighter's career, his own home. and tonight he's talking to news 9. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. his family lived in the historic tarbell estate in new castle which burned to the ground saturday night. jennifer crompton joins us live from the scene with the latest details. reporter: well, famed american impression ition artist edmond tarbell bought this once gorgeous estate in 1905. over the years it was turned into three rental units in the main house.
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tarbell art show for an upcoming march exhibition in portsmouth. another tenant had had to escape the blaze before coming back to fight it. this is all that remains of the historic tarbell estate, 15 area departments responded to a blaze there saturday night a. monk them, new castle volunteer monte, he just returned from work when he got a text alert about a fire, there at his home. >> i went into the hallway, i heard the smoke alarms from the fire, the west side of the building and my mom and sister were already in the hallway, so i said get out of the house, make sure you get watson, our dog and we all rushed downstairs. report he made sure tenants in two other units were out, too, then had a neighbor drive tom the station where he suited up and returned. >> at that point i wasn't really thinking about what i was losing, just making sure that
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didn't spread to any other houses. reporter: that was a worry of the chief as well, with a water supply issue and strong wind off the river. >> the downtown historic district of us in castle will be a different story. reporter: he credits all the help, including monte's, physician you first fire call in six months on the job. >> it was nice to have them here with me, a lot of close friends my age and mentors that were by my side. we were holding the hose, just right behind my bag, but i'll never stop volunteering. if i can do the same for someone necessary a situation i'll definitely always be there. reporter: there's information on our website as for gofundme sites for the families that are affected. the chief says it appears to have started in the basement and isn't considered suspicious. monte says the community has been incredibly supportive, including the wentworth hotel which is putting the affected
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jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. josh: manchester police looking for the man who tried to rob the dunkin' donuts on beach street. police say the pan told the clerk that he had a knife and needed drug money. the clerk refused, the suspect jumped over the counter to try the open the register, he couldn't and left with nothing. jean: new hampshire's second medical marijuana grow site will be in manchester. today the department of health and human service as proved the harvey road. the group was already approved to run dispeans pencaries in dover and lebanon. josh: so-called revenge porn, posting embarrassing photos or videos of another person without their consent could soon be illegal in new hampshire. a bill would make it a class b felony to disseminate sexually explicit content without the consent of the other person.
5:32 pm
about the language in the bill, cautioning lawmakers not to criminalize negligence. >> it's our position that the person in the image must not consent and number two the person had shares the image must know that the person in tim an does not consent. josh: class b felonies are punishable by up to seven years in prison. coming up at 5:30, another round of recalls of dangerous airbags, we'll tell you which vehicle is being pulled back this time. jean: several companies in michigan have clean drinking water. mike: dry for now, but does it say that way, the forecast coming up. josh: a health warning for women in one part of the americas and why they are being told not to
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike to look for america all come
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all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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josh: good news on wall street, with the dow jones picking up 282 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq also in the green area. gas prices nationally 1.83. in new hampshire, three cents more expensive another vehicle hold el has been affected by airbag concerns. jean: ford is recalling close to 400,000 ranger pickups saying the driver side bag inflaters
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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this recall is for the 2004 through 2006 models, this is part of the same airbag issue that prompted millions of other vehicles to be recalled. josh: companies are coming to the help of flint, michigan to deal with dangerously contaminated water. coke, nestle, pepsi and wal-mart are teaming up to provide clean drinking water for the city's students for an entire year. flynn's system is contaminated by lead. olive garden is launching a delivery service. it will be available for orders of at least $125. there will be a 15% delivery fee, but the food will come with full place settings, parmesan cheese, and after dinner mints. jean: you can thank the blizzard for a new record for on demand tv, with millions of people stuck inside from this weekend's snowstorm, viewership reached an all time high. overall on demand viewing rose more than 50% in the cities hardest hit, baltimore,
5:37 pm
and here's some fun perspective on how far tv has come. the doodle on google's home page is a tribute today to the first demonstration of live television 90 years ago. a scottish inventor showed off a mechanical tv set which he called a televiser. josh: still to come, the late entry to one marathon, a dog, enjoying the course and end up one of the top finishers. jean: bruins won last night and are back on the ice tonight. josh: then, the men who survived a fiery plane crash last summer
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josh: commitment 016, we continue with the presidential candidates' take on a controversial topic, asking what they would do to reduce gun violence in our country. >> well, i'm a big second amendment person. i believe that we have a huge mental health problem in this country, and that's the problem we have to solve. we already have too many rules and regulations on guns, and frankly if some of these gun-free zones had guns in the hand of the people that were being killed you wouldn't have had the problem. so i'm a very big second amendment person. and everybody knows it. in fact, i have a license to carry in new york, which is almost impossible to get, and i
5:39 pm
so we have to preserve and protect our second amendment very strong, very powerful. >> what we shouldn't do, particularly at the washington level, is to impose restrictions on law abiding gun owners. that doesn't deal with gun violence. that restricts people's freedom. and inevitably washington has this impulse to try to solve a problem by inflicting challenges or burdens on people that haven't had anything to do with the violence or the problem that existed. so the second amendment is an important as any of the 10 in our bill of rights and i think it should be protected. gun violence can be solved by dealing with habitual offenders and it can be solved by giving people hope that their future can be better, which means a world class education, more career orientation so that people can access jobs. stronger families, a focus on the fact that we have these
5:40 pm
mental illness and maybe we ought to have a better safety net for people that are spiraling out of control, and identify them before they commit these atrocious public violent acts. >> i am not one of those people who says we can reduce the violence by grabbing guns. because when we look at the mass murders that have occurred recently they tend to occur in gun-free zones. that's because the good people listen to the rules, but the bad people don't. so i do believe we should learn from every single incident of mass murder. so we can try to develop a profile of what kind of people are likely to do this. and we need to be able to pull the trigger, no pun intended. it was several of the people who have done these things have been in psychiatric consultation. but nothing was done. and in some cases it was even
5:41 pm
potentially be dangerous. we have got to find a way to be able to activate mechanisms to intervene before the tragedy occurs. >> well, i would make sure that gun violence is reduced in this country by empowering police officers to put criminals in jail. socio-paths who are using firearms to commit crimes need to go to jail. and the christie administration there will always be a jail cell for the socio-path who used guns to commit violent acts. but we do not need to pass new gun lawls that place further restrictions on law abiding citizens, folks who are doing this for self protection or collecting guns for their own sport or for hunting. those people do not new gun laws on them, they're not the ones creating violent acts in the streets. the ones creating violent acts are the criminals, as i former prosecutor i know how to bring those cases. we'll set that policy in a christie administration and we'll reduce gun violence in
5:42 pm
josh: well hear more from the candidates tomorrow. you can find this entire series of questions and the answers in the politics section of jean: women in el salvador are now being told not to get pregnant for the next two years because of the mosquito born virus that may cause birth defects. spreading through central america and the caribbean. scientists are trying to make the connection between it and children born with unusually small heads. >> what is the link? is it ziak alone or zika with something else together. jean: right now 22 chris are dealing with reports related to the ziak virus. arkansas official says a person who recently traveled to the region has tested positive. mike: how about those temperatures today, making a run well into the 40's. a couple of spots hitting 50. about 20 above the norm for this time of year. take a look at the time lapse
5:43 pm
quiet day, again temperatures running nowhere close to the average, starting off on the relatively mild side. although it was cool and bouncing up quickly into the 40's a good part of the late morning and afternoon. the almanac data for concord today, topping off at 46. the average 31. even though we did top off above the average, nowhere close to the record of 63 set back in 19506789 there's a look at your sunset time, getting closer and closer to 5:00. right now on the dry side, there are some clouds continuing to build on in with the weak system approaching from the west. couple of sprinkles of rain and snow in central new york. a lot of that will dry up in time. these snow showers will tend to dry up as well as they approach later on tonight. but as soon as the wind go more to the west northwest that will start to ring out some snow showers in parts of the great north woods and white mountains, again beginning very late tonight. as for the here and now, still on the mild side, lower merrimack valley to the coast,
5:44 pm
the coastal plain, on average upper third and lower 40's in the monadnock region and mid to upper 30's from the upper valley into the lake sunapee zone. good part of the lakes region around 40, give or take a few degrees. still above average even in northern new hampshire where readings are in the 40's south and 30's to the north. with a lot of clouds out there and wind out of the southwest, not a big temperature fall from here on out. you'll notice as we advance, future temperatures, yeah, we dip back into the upper 20's north and lower 30's south. right here, a look at the average highs this time of year, and these will be the overnight lows. so a relatively mild start to the day tomorrow. having said, that wind turn around to the northwest, so it will drive in some cooler air. so not a big temperature climb during the day on wednesday and yes there will be snow showers mostly in the north country where there could be a light accumulation through the daylight hours. future cast for tonight and tomorrow, clouds will tend to thin out. best bet of snow showers tomorrow in the northern part of
5:45 pm
flurry that survives the trip into southern zones. again, it will be a little cooler, but still above average. thursday, not all that bad. plenty of sunshine and a few clouds late. next chance of scattered snow showers later thursday night into friday. so tomorrow, breezy, mid 30's will do it up north, lower 40's south and temperatures will drop a little bit later on in the day, and then slightly cooler, but a little for in the way of sun as we go into thursday morning, before the next front approaches, and that one may trigger some scattered snow showers later thursday night into friday. and another front, that will be a warm front that moves in saturday afternoon. so maybe a period of snow showers or flurries saturday afternoon, and especially saturday night. then it dries out and warms back up. maybe 40 plus, not only sunday but possibly monday and tuesday. the next storm chance in terms of something more than a shower or two would be the middle of next week, but still we've got a week plus to work on that. josh: you'll be eyeballing it though.
5:46 pm
30 acres of teresa long the runway at lebanon municipal airport. jean: official says the trees could be dangerous for planes taking off or landing, but neighbors are worried the noise levels will rise without the trees as a buffer. plans call for those trees to be gone by march. a dog who unexpectedly joined a half marathon in alabama ended up finishing in the top 10. josh: the blood hound snuck out of the her owner's garden and actually ran the entire course, coming in 7th out of 165. the dog even got a medal. the owner didn't know what had happened until a friend called to fill her in. jamie: the first coach in manchester monarchs history is back in new england, that's because -- celtics are off before they host the nuggets tomorrow night.
5:47 pm
standings. in the regular season. but if the playoffs started today they would open up at the chicago bulls. coming up at 6:00 we'll profile one of the seven new hampshire runners that will be competing at the u.s. olympic marathon trial police l.a. the race is on february 13. top three men and top three olympic team. just making the trials is a huge accomplishment. also coming up at 6:00, what happened 30 years ago today. refrigerator perry, walter peyton, mike singletary, jim mcmahon. josh: haven't we been through enough? joarp that's true too. thanks, jamie. the storm that slammed the east coast had people feeling creative. tom: much more coming up at 6:00 tonight, a serious crash
5:48 pm
manchester, we are learning more about this at the scene at this hour, a frightening more than for several female students headed to school in manchester. what happened that led police to arrest a man and charge him with
5:49 pm
josh: some travelers will get an extra dose of romance this valentine's day. delta airlines says passengers between new york and san francisco or los angeles will get small complimentary bottles of wine and cupcakes. that's nice. many people have to finish digging out from this weekend's blizzard. jean: but lighter moments from that storm keep surfacing too. take a look at what happened during one live shot in tennessee. >> aren't you cold? >> no, man, i'm from wisconsin. >> from wisconsin, everybody, there you go, it's like a football game broke out. jean: might be normal in wisconsin to walk around in a snowstorm without a shirt on, this storm was definitely unusual for tennessee. nashville got its heaviest snow in almost 20 years. josh: aren't you glad you're from new hampshire. buffalo is also unimpressed by the snow to its south.
5:50 pm
posted at the height of the storm. if buffalo got two feet of snow, it would be called tuesday. but some new york residents made the most of the storm. jean: they built an igloo in their brooklyn yard and put it for rent on air b and b. the ice cave furnished with blankets was listed for $200 a night until air b and b gave this the cold shoulder. >> air b and b broke our hearts. jean: well, can you keep that igloo until it melts.
5:51 pm
tom: happening right to you in man manchester a utility pole snapped in half and streets are
5:52 pm
a serious crash. jennifer: a man charged can sexual assault near a queen city high school, what he's accused of doing to three students as they walked to class. mike: after a run at 50 degrees in some spots today, it does cool down a little starting tomorrow. tom: plus more than 800 convicted sex offenders can now ask to be removed from the sex offender registry, following a state supreme court ruling. but victims and their advocates say there's a major loophole that needs to be closed first. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: a manchester man under arrest tonight and charged with sexual assault. jennifer: police say he's accused of groping three teen-age girls as they walked to school this morning. heather hamel is live tonight with why police say a lot of credit for the quick arrest here goes to the girls themselves.
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