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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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telling an adult, and police say that the girls weren't injured. but clearly this was a very frightening experience for them. they were right here on beach street when a stranger accosted them. police say 19-year-old ahmed abuk ar is behind bars tonight and central high school students and staff are breathing a sigh of refuse left. the school was secured for about an hour this morning after police say three female students reportedded a man approaching them near the campus and making inappropriate comment, even touching them. >> my hat goes off to them for making such a swift decision, that prompted us to put our plan into place. >> everybody did exactly what they were supposed to. the children who were involved in the situation knew that it was unsafe, they knew they needed to seek out an administrator, an adult immediately. reporter: the superintendent says in order to get everyone on the same page, e-mails and alerts were sent out to parents. >> we immediately had additional
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ultimately we apprehended someone that matched the description of the perpetrator described by the three young ladies. reporter: police say abukar was arrested after he accosted them in the area of beach and hanover streets and tried to lure them back to his home, even more disturbing he's accused of groping the teenagers. >> we do care very deeply about the safety of our kid and making sure that they feel comfortable on their way to school, in school, and on their way home. reporter: abukar faces several chargings including three counts of sexual assault as well as drug possession. police will be putting more patrols around the school moving forward. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: a landlord supplies police with the tip hey needed to find a man wanted in two robberies. christopher aldrich robbed the citizens bank on church street yesterday afternoon. he's also want forward robbing a
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tips after releasing the afternoon. and right now aldrich is being held by the u.s. marshals on unrelated charges. tom: an off duty officer was shopping in the a store as it was being held up. a clerk alerted the officer who escorted the man from the store. another man was also arrested on the scene for possession of heroin. right now manchester police investigating a serious crash that happened just south of the police department this evening. jennifer: a car and an s.u.v. collided on beach street. firefighter used the jaws of life to remove one of the drivers who was seriously injured. let's go live to adam sexton who is near the scene of this crash. reporter: a nasty looking crash here at the corner of beach and harvard. but thankfully first responders
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just after 4:15 this morning that s.u.v. and a gray sedan collided at that intersection of harvard and beach. the s.u.v. took out a telephone pole with live power lines overhead and the driver of the vehicle ended up pin inside with what firefighter say was possibly a broken femur. crews had to use the jaws of life to get the driver out of that s.u.v. when the crash happened witnesses in a nearby salon say they were just going about their business and then a loud boom. >> just looked and the telephone pole was dangling, we saw the truck up against it and we were like, we just called 911 immediately. and just had a lot of, the cruisers and things come. reporter: still awaiting an update from police on this crash in terms of what exactly hand. any information we get we'll bring to you.
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after a rollover crash in dover. cameron kennedy was trapped in this vehicle and once he was rescued first responders had to use narcan to revive him. kennedy is charged with driving while intoxicated and with possession of a controlled drug. he will face a judge next month. tom: the canterbury police chief has resigned. chief. board members unanimously accepted his resignation. leave. a landmark new hampshire supreme court decision has opened the door for more than 800 sex offenders to be petitioned to be removed in the list. jennifer: the court ruled that the lifetime registry requirement for crimes committed before 1994 was overly punitive. but the ruling left it up to the
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wmur's amy coveno is here now with urge the ebility push to establish a process. reporter: since that decision, at least five sex offenders have petitioned to get off the registry list. but their victims have not been notified because a process still isn't in place. this bill hopes to change that. >> i'm no longer that little girl who is afraid. i'm here to speak for myself and for all victims who are still afraid or may not even know that their offender has the opportunity to go before a court and petition to not have to register any more. reporter: she says she was molested two or three times a week. the assaults went on for years, and the man responsible recently petitioned to get off the sex offender registry. >> i swore i would never let anybody hurt me again, and he's here hurting me again. reporter: senate bill 468 establishes a process for the petition that includes a risk assessment and requires the court to notify the prosecutor, the victim or the victim's
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to be heard on the petition. proponents of the bill reminded lawmakers the crimes tier 3 offenders are convicted of. >> these offenders are convicted of the most serious crimes, this includes homicide, aggravated felonious criminal sexual assault, kidnapping, and any offender convicted of more than two sexual offenses. reporter: this case goes back 30 years. the child rapist fought his legal battle through a civil suit under the name john doe, testifying that the lifetime sex offender renting city requirement is preventing him from applying for subsidized housing. proponents say this bill is simply closing a loophole. >> new hampshire statutes already have provisions on the books for how tier one and tier two, the less serious offenders, go about petitioning to court to be removed. and that process is already laid out very clearly in the law. reporter: john doe is still on the sex offender rent industry as of today. a judge ruled in december that
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can prove he's not a damager to society. the judiciary committee is taking the bill under consideration. tom: commitment 2016 now. while many other white house hopefuls are making a find al push in iowa, one candidate is doing his best to stake his claim here in new hampshire. on the day he picked up the endorsement from "the boston globe" and the concord monitor, ohio governor john kasich kept up a busy schedule in new hampshire today. starting with a packed down new boston. kasich says his campaign is feeling momentum, and new hampshire is the key to all of it. >> i'd like to go on with this message, and if i get snuffed over. happen. but i got to have you to help me get this message out. >> kasich will make a quick trip to iowa for tomorrow's debate but will then head straight back to the granite state.
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jennifer: for the first time we're meeting the two men who survived a fiery plane crash, as they thanked the rescuers and survivors who saved their lives. mike: a pleasant pattern for now. if we see much change by weeks end. >> she's a qualifier for the
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. tom: to men involved in a fiery plane crash over the summer are describing those frightening moments inside the cockpit. jennifer: today they were reunited for the first time with the doctors and first responders who cared for them. mike cronin live tonight from portsmouth regional hospital with this. reporter: after the crash, ronald gagnon and roger crossworth taken to portsmouth
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one of them was treated here for burns and 18 broken bones. the other was airlifted to boston where he was treated for bushes on more than 10% of his upper body. the two are from maine and have been plying together for years. they believe there was a shift in wind, which they say isn't a problem at higher altitudes. but because they were so low to the ground, there was nothing they could do. the plane caught fire and the pair had to break through the windows to get out. >> the only door on our plane was on the right side of the plane. tried to open the door, but it was jammed in the ground. so the fire started to come into the plane, caught his arm on fire, his arm was bubble l. >> the list of people to thank goes on and on. i was very humbled by the support and the treatment i got. i can't thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart, so thank you very much. reporter: that man, roger cross, is a lieutenant with the coast guard and his training certainly
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getting out alive. the two men say they will fly again. we'll have much more on their amazing story tonight at 10:00 on me tv, and at 11:00 on wmur. mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: good to see they're doing okay. jennifer: they look very well, yes. mike: when you get up near 50 degrees in january, you wonder if you're heading toward the january thaw, but do we really need the thaw? it's been a mild winter so far. does it stay dry? tom: then at 10:00 on me tv. the big snowstorm didn't just affect roads in new york city. how badly it cut into broadway profits last weekend. jennifer: now to our u local hot shots, some huge waves captured on camera at hampton beach
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tom: it's another week of winter featuring a warmup rather than a snowstorm. jennifer: of course this is quite the sharp contrast from a year ago when an active pattern was setting up to bring new hampshire near record snowfall. so what gives? meteorologist josh judge is here to take a look at a unique kind of january. josh: it really has been a
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entire season up until now. so i thought we should compare history. so far just over a foot of snow in concord, so far. and we could see that, if that ends up being at the, that it goes that way until the end of january, we could be putting this on the records. we'll take a look that's in a moment. that breaks down to no snow that we've seen in november. 4.4 inches december. and 8 inches in january. so where does that fall in the record books? well, currently we are in fifth place, and this assumes no more snow before february, which would be another week or so. it certainly could. place. but look at the years in front of us, as recently as 1988 to 89 and in number one, 19, excuse me, we have a couple years in there that weren't that far away. now, take a look at how much
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years got at the end of the season. they all were well below that 64.5 inches, which is the average. so thus far there has never been a winter that has had this little snow to this point and we've ended up above average snowfall. doesn't mean we won't this year, but that's what we've seen in history. i guess the guy to ask about that is mike. anything coming up? mike: the next couple of days will be tough to get a big snow cover except in the north country. we finally turned the corner in terms of starting to get a film of ice out there at the weirs. still some broken water in some spots near the shore. but even despite the warmup today, near 50 in parts of southern new hampshire. 40's to the north. still hanging onto a little ice, of course not nearly thick enough to support you out there. so it's not safe to venture out on the ice just yet. a ways to go, and mild pattern holds on, even though we do cool down a little bit. with we still remain above the norm all week and even into and
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snow shower chances, one will be very late tonight and tomorrow, mainly in the north country, and after a dry thursday the next chance will come in later on friday. actually later thursday night into friday and then maybe again later on saturday. but no big snowstorms to speak of, at least for the next week or so. couple of sprinkles darting through the north country, most of central, southern new hampshire in the clear. a few more sprinkles may work on through later this evening and overnight tonight. but in central and southern parts of the state nainly dry. couple more snow showers upstream, they'll pivot in later tonight. how about the highs today, making a run even up north in the mid 40's. 28 atop mount washington. and 40's to around 50 in extreme southern parts of the state. 46, by the way, again, 15 above the average. not out that cool right now, even though the sun is down, it is below freezing in plymouth, but everyone else below 3,000 or
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overnight tonight not a big temperature fall, a few clouds building on through. upper 20's north, lower 30's south. so those stand right at the average for daytime high this is time of year. so it's really not all that chilly tonight. and early tomorrow morning. having said that, there is some cold air building in from the north and west, so temperatures will dip just a little bit over the next couple of days. but still remain above the average. you notice the jet stream flow from southwest to northeast, tough to get a major cooldown with that happening. and speaking of cooler air, as temperatures dip just enough late tonight and tomorrow, the best chance of snow showers will be up north. here's a look at future cast, notice the skies tend to clear in southern areas by early tomorrow morning. clouds and snow showers will hang tough across the mountains. there could be a in your in southern new hampshire tomorrow, but for the most part it will be dry. then moving beyond thursday, the next chance of snow showers, as you can see, will be later thursday night into friday. but most of those will fall across the north country. could see a light accumulation
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or flurries later on saturday, into saturday night. and then once that front moves through, temperatures head higher again, by sunday up to 40 plus, and early next week into the mid 40's. next storm chance of rain or a mix or even a bit of snow, not until probably late wednesday or wednesday night of next week. tom: very good. keep us posted. >> we are going back 30 years ago today. you remember tom when that was a fancy graphics package there, don't you?
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion
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voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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jamie: if you're having trouble getting over the patriots' loss the other day, just know there have been other losses that stung more, like this one 30 years ago, chicago bears romped over the patriots in super bowl 20, they won 46-10. the super bowl shuffle bears featured walter peyton, mike did it that, refrigerator perry and jim mcmain. the patriots featured john hannah, andre tip it, coach barry, tony eason and grogan played quarterback. bruins take down the flyers 3-2 on the road last night. tonight they host the anaheim ducks. ducks coached by former
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a good photo, at the garden, with b.c. coach york who just won his 1,000th game. # they're all abuzz in rhode island over this one, a big matchup in college hoops, the 10th ranked providence college fryars will take occupy xavier tonight. the matchup is the first between top 10 teams in the 44 year history of the dunkin' donuts center. the fryars coming off a win at number 4 villanova on sunday. the 2016 summer olympics in rio day januaryer oh begin august 5 and the olympic marathon will be held the 21st. the three men and three women for team u.s.a. will be chosen february 13 in los angeles. seven of the runners that qualified for the marathon trials are from new hampshire, including this runner, amherst native alexandra veranka, she said making the trials was a
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and she's honored to be going. we asked her about her goals for the race in l.a. >> definitely to be within hopefully under 250. that would be great. mostly just to be able to finish, coming back from an injury, so to finish feeling healthy would be really good. it's a little intimidating. my preparation isn't exactly what i would have hoped for. so it's definitely intimidating, but it's definitely a privilege to be able to run with all of those people. jamie: here are the seven athletes from new hampshire that will be in l.a. february 13 for the trials. that's a huge number that we're sending to the trials, awesome. jennifer: very exciting. right now on we have simple steps can you take to boost your health and they only take a minute, from giving a hug to having a bite of chocolate. we have eleven easy ideas to
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tom: we'll see you back here tonight. good night. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth
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this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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