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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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panswered later this p pshelley: now at 11:00, some pseacoast towns are cleaning up pover half a foot of snow. pand the wet, pasty snow made pmany roads rough. pmike: after a snowy friday, pquiet and cool conditions build pin across new hampshire. pif they linger through the pweekend ptom: for another night the pdemocratic candidates for resident shared a stage. pmr. sanders: this government of pours belongs to all of us. pms. clinton: this is the biggest pjob interview in the world my pfriends. ptom: the issues hillary clinton pand bernie sanders emphasized to pdemocrats tonight. pshelley: there' s snow on the pcampaign trail but that' s not pstopping candidates or voters. pgranite staters tell us why its pso important to come out even on psnowy nights. p>> no one cutters -- covers new phampshire like we do.
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pearly february day in new phampshire. rimary campaigning in full pswing in the midst of a snow pstorm. pcampaigns took it in stride p. pthere is former first lady pbarbara bush plowed through with pher son jeb. pand ohio governor john kasich pfound time for a snowball fight. pgood friday evening to you i' m p, shelley walcott. ptom: i' m tom griffith. pwe' ll get back to the campaign pin a couple of minutes. pfirst, let' s go to chief pmeteorologist mike haddad for a plook at the temperatures out pthere right now and some of the psnowfall totals. pmike: impressive snowfall ptotals. pfrom springlike temperatures pyesterday to this today. phere it came. pheavy snow, dover 10.5. pjust over half a foot in pmanchester. pjust under that in concord. pyou do knows the snow in the pearly to mid afternoon.
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pthe only problem right now, pslush on area roadways. palso some damp spots. ptemperatures below freezing and pwill continue to fall at least panother 5-10 degrees. psaturday. pgive yourself extra time if ptraveling during that time. pweekend? pand any more chances? pahead. ptom: plows have been out on the proads all day, trying to keep up pyou' re looking live at i-93 pnorth in hooksett now, where the proads are fairly quiet, but ptraffic is moving smoothly. pthat might not be the case on pside roads though. pwmur' s stephanie woods joins us pfrom hampton beach now where pmore than half a foot of snow pfell. pstephanie? pstephanie: that is right. pit does not exactly look like a pdate at the beach. pthat' s because 8.5 inches of
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pit looks gorgeous on the sand pbut caused problems on the proads. p>> have some respect for the pstate guys and the town guys and pstay away. pdidn' t their parents teach them pto stay away from a plow truck? pstephanie: portsmouth department pof public works says a city plow ptruck driver was clearing lang proad friday evening when another pdriver hit the truck from pbehind. ortsmouth police shut down the proad for hours and brought the pcity worker to the hospital with pa leg injury. rivate plow driver anthony pmorabito in hampton says that eople tailgate his plow truck. p>> constantly. pconstantly. pit' s very common. peveryone' s in a hury. pthey don' t slow down until they psee an accident or they' re in an paccident. pstephanie: heather midgley says peven though plow trucks cleaned pup most of the snow in hampton pby friday night what' s left on pthe roads is re-freezing. p>> there was a guy in a giant ptruck who was going really fast pand that guy right there who pjust pulled out was going really pfast too. pso there were a few.
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pwere doing what we do in new pengland in the winter, just pdriving carefully. pstephanie: but the portsmouth paccident was far from the only pcrash tying up traffic friday. pone car rolled over off the road pin tilton. pand a wreck on i-93 near plondonderry shut down the phighway in the afternoon. p>> it' s been a break between pwinter driving conditions and we phad a lot of cars slipping and psliding out there even as we' re lowing and treating the roads. pstephanie: many towns and cities plike manchester are under a snow pemergency parking ban. pany cars parked on streets will pbe towed until six saturday pmorning. p>> our concern is tonight it' s psupposed to get cold, tomorrow pshould warm up. pwe' ll see some melting, but we pneed to get it pushed back pbefore it freezes tonight. pstephanie: it is going to take a pwhile to get rid of all the psnow. pyou cannot park your car on the pstreet until after 7:00 tomorrow pmorning.
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pshelley: to commitment 2016. pbernie sanders and hillary pclinton shared a stage for the plast time before the new phampshire primary tonight. pour newest poll, released just phours ago, shows the vermont psenator is maintaining his psizeable lead over the former psecretary of state. p30 percentage points separate pthem. pbut a third of voters say they phaven' t firmly committed to a pny candidate. ptonight, clinton and sanders had panother chance to make their pcase to democrats at the party' s pannual 100 club dinner. pwmur' s mike cronin was there, pall evening long. pverizon wireless arena. pmike: of course, clinton and psanders are competing for the arty nomination. pmost supporters worsening on popposite ends. psomething make all agree on, pkeeping the republicans out of pthe white house.
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pthe dinner were hillary clinton pand senator centers made one of ptheir final pitches to new phampshire. psenator sanders drew tears -- pcheers when he vowed to make psure the citizens united ruling pgot overturned. pmr. sanders: this country pbelongs to all of us, not pcampaign country bidders. pmike: he said he voted against pthe defense of marriage act and pwere not popular votes. pmr. sanders: leadership is about pstanding up and being counted pwhen the times are rough. pmike: hillary clinton asked pvoters to take another look. pms. clinton: i' m going to pcompete for every vote. pi will work my heart out to earn pyour support.
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pms. clinton: this is the biggest pjob interview in the world, my pfriends. pi am a progressive who likes to pget things done. pmike: though many voters remain pundecided, the majority in this pcrowd have chosen their pcandidate. p>> here is a politician who pfinally gets it and is honest pand authentic. p>> he has done so much for our pkids. pshe is hopefully going to bring pthe middle class back. pcronin: state and local pdemocratic leaders were also phere as well as dnc chair debbie pwasserman schultz. pall of them rallying party pmembers to get out the vote on ptuesday. preporting live in manchester, pmike cronin. ptom cole and now to the prepublicans. pthere' s a new republican pcandidate in second place in new phampshire tonight. pbased on our newly-released pwmur-cnn poll. pdonald trump leads the field pwith 28% of likely republican rimary voters in new hampshire psupporting him. phe'
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prubio at 17%. pnow there is a tie for third lace between governor john pkasich of ohio and senator ted pcruz, at 13%. pthey' re followed by jeb bush at p9%. pcarly fiorina and 5% with pgovernor chris christie at 4% pand then carson at 1%. phowever, there are still a lot pof people who are undecided, ponly 45% say they have firmly pdecided on who they' ll vote for. pshelley: donald trump wasn' t pcampaigning in new hampshire ptoday and he blamed the snow. ptonight, he held a rally in psouth carolina. ptrump returned home to new york pcity last night, and said the psnow forced him to cancel a pmorning town hall in plondonderry. pit was his only stop in the pstate today. ptrump says he' ll be back in new phampshire tomorrow. pthe 3 candidates running closest pbehind trump all held town hall pmeetings tonight. pjean mackin caught up with them pand the voters who say they' re
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pup their minds. pjean: several candidates held pevents on friday night even pafter a long and snowy day out pon the campaign trail. pformer patriots player mike pvrabel introduced john kasich to pthe crowd in bedford. p>> governor john kasich. pjean: on the friday before the pfirst in the nation primary pkasich reached his triple digit pgoal, his 100th town hall in new phampshire. pat a salem school, the ted cruz preached capacity. phe asked voters who did make it pinside to show up at the polls pin bring some friends. pand in derry, marco rubio posed pfor pictures with every voter pwaiting in line after his town phall at hood middle school. p>> we' re used to the weather, pits not so bad. pjean: voters say snow can' t keep pthem off the campaign trail not pthis close to the primary. p>> i' ve been to every primary psince 1992, i can' t even count phow many candidates i' ve seen pover the years. pand if the snow' s going to keep
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pa different country. p>> it was terrible in pconnecticut and i said i don' t pdon' t care. pthis is a once in a lifetime popportunity. p>> i' m a lifelong nh resident so p, yeah, it' s no today but i pthink i can handle it. pi saw jeb bush, chris christie, pdonald trump and i wanted to see pwhat marco had to say. pi want to see a few more pcandidates the next couple of pdays. pjean: candidates plan to be at pit again on saturday though pmany there will be time set prepublicans tell us aside for pdebate preps. ptom: former florida governor jeb pbush wrapped up tonight' s pcampaigning in concord. pmr. bush: thank you all for pcoming. pwe' re getting near decision time pand i' m excited about that. ptom: he was joined for this town phall meeting by south carolina psenator lindsey graham, who precently dropped his own bid for pthe republican nomination. pearlier today, his mom, former pfirst lady barbara bush, joined
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pbush has another town hall lanned for tomorrow morning in pbedford. pand chris christie had some pattacks for bernie sanders ptonight, going after the pdemocrat' s free college tuition lan. pthe new jersey governor held a ptown hall meeting in salem this pevening. pchristie says sanders wants to ptake money out one person' s ocket and give it to another. pchristie has a rally planned ptomorrow morning in bedford. pshelley: former h.p. ceo carly pfiorina ended her day in pmerrimack, after spending the pmorning in manchester. pfiorina says she decided to run pfor president after a rotary pclub meeting right here in new phampshire. pfiorina did not meet the pcriteria for the abc wmur pdebate. pshe has spent about fifty days pcampaigning in new hampshire. pformer virginia governor jim pgilmore campaigned in the pgranite state today with stops pin manchester and portsmouth. phe also did not meet the pcriteria for tomorrow' s debate. pgilmore says he' ll continue pcampaigning despite that, with
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phampshire through the primary. pben carson plans to spend ptomorrow morning in manchester. pafter saying hello to campaign pvolunteers, he' ll meet voters at pthe airport diner. ptom: we' re less than 24 hours pfrom tomorrow night' s republican pdebate. pthe last one before the new phampshire primary. pit gets underway at st. anselm pcollege. pthat is tomorrow night at 8:00. pspecial coverage kicks off at p5:00 right here on wmur. pand on our website and mobile papp. pand then on sunday morning, join pus for a special lineup of rogramming, breaking down the pdebate and setting the stage for pthe primary coming up. pa special edition of news 9 this pmorning begins at 6:00 a.m. pfollowed by good morning pamerica. pat 10:00, we have a live phour-long edition of close up. pand then this week with george pstephanopoulos will have more panalysis at noon, followed by pmatter of fact. pif you want politics -- pshelley: it is all here. pcoming up on news 9 tonight. pa major earthquake hits taiwan,
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presidential building. pwhy the timing of this quake pleft so many people particularly pvulnerable. ptom: 45 years ago today derry' s palan shepard walked on the moon. pbut today' s anniversary also ptook on a somber tone. pmike: skies have cleared across pnew hampshire but how much sun pwe have over the weekend? pshelley: now to our ulocal hot pshot. pa brilliant sunset tonight after pthe snow storm moved out. pyou can submit your pictures and
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ptom: right now rescuers in ptaiwan are searching for psurvivors of an earthquake. p6.4 magnitude quake caused a presidential high-rise building pto collapse. pthe quake hit around 4:00 a.m. plocal time, so most of the eople inside the building were pasleep. pat least five people were killed pand search crews have pulled pmore than 200 survivors from the pwreckage. pa terrifying crane collapse in pmanhattan killed one person. pshelley: take a look at this pincredible video of the crane pfalling. pworkers were trying to lower the pboom for safety during a snow psquall when it fell. pit crushed several cars and pinjured three people. pauthorities are now inspecting
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pthey are safe. ptwitter is using new technology pto fight isis on social media. pthe spam-fighting software flags paccounts with suspicious pactivity. ptwitter said today it shut down p125,000 accounts for threatening por posting about terrorism in p . pthe white house has pushed for psocial media companies to prespond to reports of abuse pafter attacks in san bernardino. ptom: apollo 14 astronaut edgar pmitchell has died. pmitchell was the sixth man to pwalk on the moon and today phappens to fall during the 45-th panniversary of his mission with pderry native alan shepard and pstu roosa. pmitchell' s daughter says he died plast night after a short pillness. pedgar mitchell was 85-years-old. pthe mcauliffe-shepard discovery pcenter in concord marked a pmilestone of the apollo 14 pmission today. p45-years ago today, derry' s own palan shepard walked on the moon. pthere are several displays at pthe discovery center that pcelebrate shepard' s paccomplishments in the space rogram. pofficials say the apollo 14
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psignificant. p>> for one thing they brought phome an amazing amount of moon procks that are still being plooked at today and we' re still pfinding out about new scientific pdiscoveries from the moon rocks pthat alan shepard brought back. ptom: alan shepard is one of only p12 people ever to set foot on pthe moon. p pmike: before we get to the pweather, we have the penguin lunge. ptomorrow and sunday. ptomorrow is the high school lunge. pand then the traditional penguin lunge at noon. ptemperatures and -- air ptemperature and water ptemperature may be close to the psame, low 40' s.
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psnow covered roads all day long puntil very late. pwhen they become more dan and pslushy. pslick out there. pkeep that in mind. ptemperatures will continue to pfall and we will likely psee/continue and black ice. psnow totals coming in. plee, 10 inches. patkinson, nine. pmerrimack, just over half a pfoot. pmany spots came in in that same prange. plesser amounts to the north and pwest. pmostly dry in the wake of that pstorm. psunday and tomorrow will feature pflurries up north. psunshine elsewhere. pspeaking of flurries, late pmonday, monday night and ptuesday, two storms will be pdeveloping to the south.
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pmaybe a few more snow showers palong the second system as we pget into the primary date ptuesday. paccumulations at this point look pto be fairly low. pthings can change, just like pthey did with the past storm. pdry air building in. pskies are clear. ptemperatures falling. ptreated surfaces, want to get pback, tough to keep it from not pfreezing. pwatch out for the slick spots. psingle digits will do it by pdaybreak. pteens elsewhere. pone little system trying to move pfrom the west. pdry air means sunshine early ptomorrow morning. leasantly cool temperatures pbefore it turns colder. pa good portion of next week.
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pa few more early sunday before a pbetter chance statewide for a pfew flakes later monday and into ptuesday. pcold tonight, single digits. pthe weekend is nice, mild psunday. pmonday, son gives way to clouds. pon and off snow showers between pmonday night and wednesday. paccumulation looks to be low pright now. pjust takes a little bit to make pthings slick but this should not pbe any blockbuster storm that aralyzes the state. ptom: there are a lot of people phating on your every word. pmike: it will change but phopefully not too much. pshelley: if 90-year-old barbara pbush can slog through it, so can pwe. ptom: i am not word by the pvoters, i am word about the poor pmedia. plet' s go over to jason king with psports.
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p now it's new hampshire's turn, p and all america is watching tor see who we choose r in this dangerous time. one man stands above. p he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make usr strong and safe again. r for america, jeb bush.
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there are many sides tor basketball star an p fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middlepnof anywhere from u.s. cellular, p he can find some new ones. t like, farmer. russell's brussels.trussell speaking. t paleontologist. t hashtag t-rex. t park ranger. t where am i? r and t.v. spokesperson. t that's my line. vi got it.
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p from the middle of anywhere. tthat is my line! p pa role lately, winning seven of ptheir last 8 games, good time to psee how they match up with the ptop team in the conference, pjames and the first place pcavaliers. pfirst half, cavs jump out to an pearly lead. pkevin love left alone for 3 from pthe cleveland up by nine. oint. pceltics kick it out to avery pbradley who had a huge game. phe knocks down a three. pbut a quick outlet pass by pcleveland, and kyrie irving lays pit in at the other end. pceltics trailed by 15 in the pfirst half, but chipped away,
11:23 pm
. pevan turner reverse lay up, pboston down by six at halftime. pthird quarter, bradley misses pthe three but gets it back. pceltics take a one point lead. p4th quarter, tied at 94 with p1:30 to go, lebron james takes pit to the hole. p97-94, cavs. phe had a game-high 30 points. pbradley to win it. p14 points. pnone bigger than those three. pceltics win it with a last psecond is her beater high school p, 104-103. phoops on this friday night p. lymouth hosting the generals of pjohn stark. pbobcats in the white uniforms, pconnor nolan running the floor, psplits the defense and scores pjohn stark was tough on defense p. pthey get the steal and then pget it down court. pnice move at the other end.
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pbig guy. pspeaking of big men, the pgenerals parker mcquarrie pworking the offensive boards, pthe 6' 4" ethics -- 6' 6" pfreshman. pgood with both unh and dartmouth phockey games with both unh and pdartmouth taking on highly pranked opponents. punh gave number 4 boston college pall they could handle in pchestnut hill but the eagles got p, the win for auburn' s zach p-three. psanford scored a goal for bc, punh plays at 8th ranked pumass-lowell saturday night pand dartmouth and yale met in a pbut the bulldogs ran away with pshowdown of top 20 teams it 5-1. pthe big green play at brown on pwomen' s college hockey, plymouth psaturday. pstate at home with southern pmaine. pan important game for the psteady' s -- standings. lymouth in the white, freshman pgoalie emelie lingqvist came up
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pmay save in the first. pshe made 23 saves on 24 shots. pgood chance for marisa zamrock pin the second, but the game was pscoreless, until the huskies got pon the board. pcassandra sherman scores to give pthe visitors a 1-0 lead in the pemily auby scored the psecond. pgame-winning goal for plymouth pwith 2-50 to go. lymouth wins 3-1. pit was a big game because the pteams were tied for the eighth pand final spot in the playoffs. pthe monarchs return home ptomorrow night with pink ice pawaiting them. pthe monarchs and catholic pmedical center are hosting their pannual pink in the rink game on psaturday night, to raise funds pand awareness of breast cancer. pthe monarchs will wear pink pjerseys. pthose will be available for pauction to benefit the cmc pbreast care center. pwe are two days away from super pbowl 50. pthe panthers and the broncos pmeet on sunday night at 6:30 peastern time. pboth teams wrapped up ptheir practices today. pall 53 players on each roster
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pavailable for sunday. pat last check, panthers were six oint favorites. ptom: who do you like? prooting for the panthers. ptom: still to come for many rimary. pshelley: we are going to ptime.
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i'll be right back.v be good. text mom. boys have beentreally good today. send. let's get mark hisv own cell phone. nice.z send. brad could use ap new bike. send. [siri:] message.t you decide. r they're your kids. why are you guysv texting grandma? it was him.zit was him. keep your familyt connected. app-connect. on the newlyr redesigned passat.
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p pshelley: one voter in new phampshire will experience her p24th primary on tuesday. ptom: clarina hudson is believed pto be the oldest person in the pgranite state at 110-years-old. pshe moved to new hampshire from pquebec when she was a child. olitics was an important topic pin her family growing up. preporter: hillary clinton or pbernie sanders? p>> i don' t know this man. preporter: you don' t know bernie psanders? p>> i' m going to take hillary pclinton. pi know her. preporter: so she'
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p>> is there you go. pshe says the secret to a long plife is eating well. pshelley: thanks for joining us
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision p above the obstacles in place and lookr to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americapwhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timep for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defendsrour people and our values, but no longer carriesp so much of that burden alone. i knowrwe can create that america if we listen to our consciencet and our hearts
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i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,


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