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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> we know where to go for thanksgiving dinner. >> there you go. >> that's what's making news in america this monk. >> stay with us for "good sean: a manchester teacher is on leave this morning and in trouble with the law after police say she slapped candy out of a students hand. erin: there is a big mess inside another school after two pipes burst. kevin: cooling off today with a couple of fairly quiet days ahead of a couple of systems we are tracking with snow chances. sean: should there be a registry for drug dealers in new hampshire? one of several issues facing lawmakers in concord today area -- today. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good thursday morning. i' m erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i' m sean mcdonald. let' s talk about the weather out there. what do we have on tap? kevin: usually, the chilly air has temperatures closer to the average and today is a good example of that. it is going to feel a lot cooler than it has been over the last couple of days. clear skies in southern areas. the north country. temperatures into the afternoon only getting back up to the 20' s and 30' s. a breeze out of the northwest wil drive in colder air. we want to take a look at your thursday morning ride.
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s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning, kevin. police around the scene of a very serious crash in marlborough. 101 is closed in both directions due to downed power lines. the intersection of 101 and watertown is shut down. 293 is up to speed from the upper to the lower split. if you are heading out to the seacoast, 101 is a nice ride from bedford to portsmouth. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: thanks. a manchester teacher is off the job accused of assaulting a student in her middle school classroom.
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anita lemay turned herself into police. police were called to southside middle school on january 29. a parent professional working in the classroom was first to report what happened. a 14-year-old boy caused a disturbance while eating candy and refused to listen to the teacher. that is when she knocked the candy out of the boy' s hand, leaving a scratch on the boys wrist. >> it is a hard situation. you want to protect the kids, but the teachers are there all day long having to deal with the kids. you hope that the teacher would take the higher road. erin: e lemay is charged with one count of simple assault. she started working for southside in september of last year.
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she has been on paid leave since february 1. sean: two pipes burst in a school, flooding eight rooms and causing thousands of dollars of damage. >> we did lose quite a few instruments. we will be replacing those. drums, a simple xylophone -- each item is about five hundred dollars, so it adds up quickly. sean: carpeting and sheet rock must also be replaced in the school. the good news is that the school does have insurance to cover much of the cost. erin: two teenagers had to stand on the seats of their snowmobiles after breaking through their ice in -- the ice in pittsburg yesterday.
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when they broke through a first layer of ice and got stuck on a second layer of ice in a couple inch -- feet of water. sean: lawmakers are hearing proposals on bills today. one would make using electronic device while driving a secondary offense. there is also a bill that would create a registry for habitual drug dealers. also up for discussion, a proposal requiring the department of safety to log certain actions like swat raids, tays inc., or use -- tasing, or use of drones. erin: a dairy man is behind bars pending extradition.
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mack used a large knife to threaten a woman while she was loading her groceries into her car. a few minutes later, he used one of her credit cards at a nearby kmart to buy $500 worth of gift cards. sean: a woman convicted in a deadly crash in laconia will not be getting out of jail early. amy lafond is serving a 6.5 year sentence for driving her jeep onto a sidewalk. 14-year-old lilyanna johnson died. after completing required mental health and parent education classes, she asked to have a year taken off her sentence, but the judge denied that request. officials in vermont have suspended the license of a daycare while police investigate the death of a child. a three-year-old boy drowned in
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the facility. still to come, the race for new hampshire' s first congressional district is growing. another candidate is launching a bit against frank guinta. >> presidential hopefuls participated in town hall forums with voters. i will have the latest on the campaign trail coming up next. sean: proposals to allow a bobcat hunt in new hampshire got
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kevin: thursday morning, we start off in the teens and 20' s this morning. there are a few snow showers kicking around. cooler air will be the theme for the end of the work week.
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sean: a new national poll shows donald trump and ted cruz not for the republican nomination -- net and neck -- neck and neck for the republican nomination. erin: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight race in nevada. ray r.: the clash of the republican candidates going into overdrive. the battleground is south carolina. four of the six candidates on the republican side participated in a townhall for him -- forum. donald trump was all alone on msnbc attacking his counterparts. >> a year from now, people will respect what i did. what would you rather have me do, be nice to everybody?
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ray r.: on cnn, other candidates got their chance to address questions from south carolina. ted cruz whipped out the hammer on trump. >> what did you think when you got the letter? ray r.: i will confess, i laughed out loud. i don' t think anyone is surprised donald is threatening to sue people. marco rubio smiled from year-to-year about governor nikki haley' s endorsement. >> i got the in dorfman -- the endorsement of a governor of indian descent. ray r.: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling it out in nevada ahead of that state' s caucuses this weekend. the race in nevada is that a virtual dead heat. the race is so tight the democratic party is providing an
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a single card can possibly break the tie, a vegas-style game of chance. it could come down to a high card draw. erin: in state politics, there is another name in the race to represent new hampshire in washington this morning. during "close-up" yesterday, republican pam tucker who has served for four terms as a state rep in concord announced she is running against frank guinta. >> i think what we saw here in new hampshire with donald trump being on the top of the ticket is that people are looking for someone outside of washington, people who are not part of that whole establishment, if you will, crew. in terms of that, i fit the bill. erin: dan innis has also said he
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sean: apple is in a bit of a showdown with the fbi because investigators want to create a way to hack iphones, but experts say that could create problems.
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erin: the united nations has said that hunger problems in south sudan are getting worse. 2.8 million people in the country are in urgent need of food assistance with 40,000 on the brink of catastrophe. a quarter of the population is in need and the situation is concerning because numbers continue to rise even though the harvest just finished. sean: comcast is apologizing for the second time this week because of service outages in new england after another outage yesterday. the company is also providing credit to customers affected by
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things like on-demand video and certain channels were not available for 90 minutes. toyota is recalling more than 1.1 million rav4 suv' s because the rear seatbelts might fail in a crash. it covers the car from 2006 through 2012. and the electric model from 2012 through 2014. the seatbelts could get cut in a severe front-end crash. erin: the fbi wants to create a so-called backdoor to hack iphones, so they can gain access to one of the phones belonged -- that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters. hackers could find a start to exploit the backdoors immediately, putting all information on your phone at risk. >> sadly, there is no way to put a backdoor in that will not be uncovered by a hacker.
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encryption whole -- hole for hackers, someone is going to get a prize for breaking in and getting access. erin: apple is fighting the court order. experts say creating the hack could cause the company a lot of money in lost business. sean: a mail carrier in new not completing his rounds. >> you' this, but i' ve got a carrier being attacked by wild turkeys. sean: he was chased down by a group of turkeys and had to hide in his truck and call for help. police were able to finally scare the birds away. a town in australia is overrun with tumbleweeds. bumper crop. in some cases, they are piled as high as rooftops. the tumbleweed is being carted
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erin: look at that. you can' t even get in your garage. sean: they' sort of use for this. kevin: they called it a bumper crop. sean: who eats tumbleweed? australia is from the old [laughter] pictured. erin: that is amazing. my head. kevin: we do have fairly cool conditions. highs this afternoon are about 10 degrees cooler than anything we had yesterday. it will come with a noticeable breeze out of the northwest. the last of the snow showers up through the great north woods this morning. central and southern areas, kind of a back-and-forth between
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the lingering flakes of north should gradually give way to a little bit of sunshine into the afternoon. a weak area of high pressure settles and this afternoon. we are talking temperatures below zero north of the notches. we will start the day in single-digit and teens in southern areas tomorrow. we have a fairly weak system. temperatures running anywhere between 18 in whitefield to write around 30 around manchester. -- right around 30 in manchester. the breezes will be gusting today. the coldest of the air rotates through later tonight. tonight,
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5 in parts of northern new hampshire. highs this afternoon running from the mid-20' s to mid 30' s. we are almost talking 8-10 degrees colder in most locations than yesterday. we have sunshine to start the day tomorrow. we get into tomorrow afternoon and we notice the clouds start to approach from the west. we are looking at some areas of light snow as a possibility late saturday. for some southern areas, we could see a spotty, like coding -- light coating of snow. a lot of the hours beyond early saturday morning should be dry and warmer, as temperatures climb back into the low and mid 40' s on saturday afternoon. it is a chillier start across the area. a cold night coming tonight.
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temperatures up into the 40' s. may be a quick moving system could mean a few flurries on monday. we have rain or snow depending on the track of that system. erin: mild for the weekend. kevin: it looks that way. erin: we do want to check out top stories. route 101 is closed in both the intersection with water street. that is from a serious crash that cold -- pulled powerlines down. a manchester teacher is off the job accused of assaulting a student in her middle school classroom and leaving a mark on his wrist. anita lemay turned herself into police yesterday. lawmakers in concord will discuss a proposal today to establish a drug dealer registry in new hampshire similar to the sex offender registry. habitual offenders would have to
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sean: coming up, forget a fourth grader. are you smarter than a four-year-old?
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sean: here' s a question? how many u.s. presidents can you name? erin: not as many as this kid. sean: a little boy from north carolina can probably put many of us to shame. >> millard fillmore. erin: everyone knows that. sean: i recognize fillmore from 10 feet away. [laughter] erin: tommy johnson -- johnston can name every single president,
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he says he simply likes to learn . there are those kids that are just sponges. sean: how pumped are his parents? "i love to learn." selfie sticks are everywhere, even underwater. erin: the aquarium of san diego made a special selfie stick for one of their sea lions. he quickly grabbed onto it and swim around, providing a sea lion' s view of the world. sean: he stuck with it. what a great idea. coming up, the red sox are getting to work down in florida. a sure sign of spring. erin: drivers stalled out after
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: welcome back, everybody. good morning. not a bad day out there yesterday. it was kind of nice. 26 in portsmouth this morning. erin: not bad at all and the weekend is looking pretty good. we are following breaking news out of marlborough right now. a section of route 101 to shut down in both directions due to an accident. we are told wires were in the some time. a manchester middle school teacher is facing a simple assault charge after she knocked candy out of a student' s hand.
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proposal to launch a bobcat season in new hampshire. sean: i attempted to do a little running yesterday and it was tricky because parts of the road were icy and parts were dry. kevin: we have had several tricky commutes early in the day. today should be fairly quiet. today. we should be up into the 20' s in the north country and into the 30' s in southern areas. sean: not bad. let' s check out the roads starting with a live look of i-93 in windham. kevin: we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. thursday morning. deb: good thursday morning. right now, emergency vehicles are on the scene of a pretty serious crash in marlborough on 101 at water street. 101 is closed in both directions
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authorities are asking you to choose an alternate route. ray brewer is on the way to that seen. right now, 93 is a good ride through the state in both directions with no major incidents to slow you down. the everett turnpike is looking good from bedford to nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: a manchester teacher is on leave after being charged with simple assault. sean: a southside middle school teacher turned herself in yesterday in connection with an alleged incident that involved one of her students. ray brewer explains. ray: officers came to southside middle school on january 29 for an incident involving math teacher 52-year-old anita lemay and a 14-year-old boy. the teen allegedly disturbed the
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when he refused to listen to the teacher, she knocked the candy out of his hand and left a mark on his wrist. some parents said they were shocked. others, it was no surprise. >> it is a hard situation. you want to protect your kids. the teachers are there all day long. they have their hands full with so many students. when one student might be acting out, you would hope that they would take the high road and go along a better path. >> somebody who is established their role as the teacher, it is not acceptable to lose your temper for a child. erin: a representative from the manchester school district says she started working for southside in september of last year. she has been on paid leave since february 1. sean: an investigation is underway about a late-night fire
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when crews arrived 11:30 last night, they found a home engulfed in flames. no one was hurt. erin: the new hampshire fish and game commission has improved -- approved a controversial proposal to approve a bobcat hunting season and trapping season. bobcat hunting and trapping ended in 1989 when the population was low. officials say things have changed and that is why five of the nine fish and game commissioners decided to move forward with the proposal. >> the department collected 300 cats from the highways. the fact that they are being hit by cars means the population is up. >> the outpouring of support for
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erin: it now goes to a legislative committee for approval before it can be signed into law. sean: bedford police are on the lookout for this woman --25-year-old stacey brasley. investigators say she robbed the td bank last month. anyone with information last month -- on her whereabouts are asked to call police. erin: the trial continues for a convicted burglar who is suing the weare police department. shane st. ogne was convicted of breaking into route 77 motors in 2012. his attorney said officers ken cox and kimberly sweeney were rough with him. he claims his client was tazed
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the defense says cox deployed his taser twice because he cannot see well. sean: officers went to this gas station last month after someone reported getting hit by abb. -- a bb. the man was actually hit by a 40 caliber bullet. erin: we are getting a look inside the claremont planned parenthood office for the first time since it was damaged by a vandal. it is now open after being forced to close for six weeks after last october. police caught a juvenile using a hatchet to damage equipment and water lines. the word murderer was found spray-painted on the building. >> it is important to send a message that planned parenthood is not going to be intimidated. planned parenthood does not ask someone' s political ideology when they walk in the door.
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of ability to pay or where they are from. erin: the claremont office provides a range of health care services including referrals for abortions, but it does not perform the procedure there. sean: a new hampshire family says marijuana could be the answer they are looking for in saving their 11-year-old' s life. colton schools is fighting a rare form of epilepsy. >> my husband and i kept looking at each other going, "he' s 11." here he is intubated, in the icu, on a breathing machine and that is all we can say. sean: he just took part in a trial at dartmouth hitchcock to test whether an extract from the marijuana plant can cure the condition. we will explain how this cannabis cure works and why the drug has to be locked up in two safes. erin: very interesting.
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drivers in pennsylvania. >> as soon as i saw all the clearwater coming out -- 15 gallons of water. erin: they filled up at a gas station only to learn it was pumping out watered-down fuel. sean: a warning for those of you who eat parmesan cheese. you could be ingesting woodchips without knowing it. kevin: cold air continues to rush in for the next couple of days.
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kevin: thursday morning, february 18. down to 20 degrees in colebrook. beyond that, we are looking at temperatures in the 20' s to lower half of ernie' s. a similar breeze to what we had yesterday. we will look ahead toward the weekend and the changes ahead. sean: it is almost time for the south carolina showdown. the gop race is heating up ahead of this weekend' s primary. nikole killion is in washington with a look ahead. nikole: tonight, three of the gop candidates will take part in
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it was a town hall two-fer. donald trump was on msnbc. three others were on cnn. this lawsuit. nikole: ted cruz fired back after donald trump sent him a letter. >> this pressed the bounds of received. respect. >> we certainly want to keep somebody honest. when he makes statements -- you can' t say that. nikole: the townhall tangle comes as a poll shows trump slipping behind ted cruz by two points with marco rubio in third. the florida senator seeking a boost after getting a key endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley. >> i'
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the republican party to be about. nikole: the endorsement is considered a setback particularly to jeb bush. he does have another powerful woman campaigning with him today -- his mother barbara. in washington, nikole killion. erin: the white house could announce the president is expected to pay a visit to cuba next month. his trip comes as the two countries continue their efforts to normalize relations after a half-century of cold war opposition. obama and cuban president castro announced that they would begin normalizing ties in late 2014. they have normalized air traffic for the first time in five decades. sean: a minnesota sheriff' s deputy is on leave after admitting to abusing his canine.
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blamed the crime on his excessive drinking that night. he was sentenced to probation s vet bills and was banned from owning cats or using alcohol -- pets are using alcohol. erin: hollywood presbyterian medical center paid a ransom of 40 bitcoins, currently worth $17,000, because paying up was in the best interest of the hospital. the hospital did not say whether anyone recommended that it pay off the hackers. sean: a dozen drivers in pennsylvania are irate after learning that the gas station they filled up that was selling water down fuel. >> i got gas, i got on the highway, and i stopped. >> it shut off in the middle of the intersection. i almost got hit by a car coming off from the highway. sean: that was the reaction.
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after learning cars were stalling out. state officials say heavy rain caused water to get into a gas tank. several violations were also noted. erin: if you like to eat parmesan cheese, listen up. the government says that you could be eating wood, as well. the fda is cracking down on companies cutting corners on 100% real parmesan cheese by using cheap fillers like wood pulp. according to a new report, some brands contain no parmesan at all. instead, they are made with a high percentage of cellulose, a common food additive made from wood pull and a mixture of other cheeses. sean: a mausoleum in japan is keeping people' s memories alive. the wall is lined with led
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loved ones can light up the buddha connected to their loved one when they come visit. erin: the red sox officially begin spring training today. can you believe it? xander bogaerts is already getting his swings in fort myers , as her hanley ramirez and mookie betts. the first full squad workout is not until next wednesday. sean: it was a big wednesday night for unh athletics. they hosted a season ticket launch for fans with a chance to show off their new stadium for the upcoming season. they unveiled all the new amenities that will be available to fans. erin: it is time to talk about the great american race. the daytona 500. joey logano won last year. chase elliott sits on the pole this year. >> i learned that our car has a lot of speed.
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speed weeks. you' ve got to have a fast car and you' ve got to execute. the backbone is to have a fast car and we have at this week and i' m really looking forward to the rest of the week. >> i' ve learned a lot about the cars especially. they are much different than an indycar. we don' t have a lot of time to practice. understanding the car helps the crew chief make better changes and then i' m able to help give him better information to point us in the right direction. erin: the daytona 500 begins at 1:00 this coming sunday. sean: a new york man who lost his wallet a few weeks ago received an interesting letter in the mail recently. the person sent him back his credit cards and driver' s license, but kept a few things. the letter reads, "i kept the cash because i needed pot, the metro card, and the wallet is kind of cool -- enjoy the rest
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he sent back most of the stuff. erin: this is a new one. [laughter] sean: it is like partial honesty. erin: toodles. kevin: i always hear you guys use the phrase the good samaritan. we never talk about the bad samaritan. [laughter] sean: this is a moderate. kevin: a partly cloudy situation. [laughter] kevin: it will be breezy through the afternoon. 24-34 through the afternoon. there will be some spots in the single digits below zero later on. a lot of sunshine as we wrap up the work week tomorrow. the clouds start to move in friday night. the next system looks to be a quick mover next saturday. we will have a warm front that will produce warm temperatures for the weekend itself.
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there are still a couple of snow showers early this morning a warm front approaches later tomorrow evening. temperatures have slid back. we are running 5-10 degrees time. yesterday, we were right around the freezing mark. we are looking at temperatures in the 20' s across a good part of the state. in far northwestern parts of the state, even some single digits up north. we are running even 15 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. we are looking at highs climbing back into the 30' s down south and into the 20' s up north. last weekend, well below the average.
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way back to halloween with temperatures at or above normal. this afternoon, 20' s to lower 30' s today. tonight, below zero up north and lower teens in southern areas. we start tomorrow with sunshine. we at high clouds late in the day. tomorrow night or very early on saturday, we could have a quick light coating of snow to a couple of areas. beyond that, it looks fairly quiet for the remainder of the weekend. the warm front will send temperatures up into the low and mid 40' s saturday afternoon and likely into the 40' s on sunday statewide. we have a much larger system is a possibility on tuesday night and into wednesday. high temperatures are right
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we turn colder later tonight. midteens for southeastern areas. it is single digits above and below zero elsewhere overnight tonight. it little bit of a warming trend over the weekend. then there will be a couple of other chances -- a fairly weak system will pass to our south early on monday. that would be early on monday morning. the much larger system, which looks like a good possibility of develop late tuesday night and into wednesday of next week. that will be school vacation. sean: can i vote for snow? erin: more rain than snow. kevin: we will have to wait and see what happens. erin: mount washington snow coaches are sitting idle these days. there is not enough snow to run tours of the auto road. the tours have been put on hold until there is more snow.
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begins to wrap up his year-long stay, he is leaving us with incredible images of earth. kelly has set a record for time in orbit and is scheduled to return to worth next month. gravity is going to hit him like a ton of ricks. erin: still ahead, an unusual scene in wisconsin. we will tell you why these police officers were spotted rescuing a pair of giant teddy bears. our hotshot photo of the morning. these otters surfaced just in time for an alert photographer to get a picture. submit your own pictures on
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sean: you just don' t see this every day. police officers in wisconsin came to the rescue of a pair of
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two women stole the bears and chocolates from a local drugstore. police later pulled them over -- the women, not the bears. they then saved the stuffed bears. erin: how were they able to make it out of the store with those huge things? a special needs boy got to make the play of his life during his school' s final basketball game of the season. there you go. that was 15-year-old kyle tori making that great shot. kevin: he finally got a chance to play with his freshman basketball team. he nailed the jumper, causing the crowd to go wild. erin: getting support from all the fans in the stands. sean: that was a tough shot. the latest on the breaking news have been following out of marlborough -- a section of route 101 is shut down in both directions due to a crash. erin: a close call for two teenagers in pittsburg. they had to be rescued after their snowmobiles broke through
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sean: an important announcement for those of you who drive toyota rav4' s. erin: it may look like they are catching butterflies, but these ladies are on a much bigger mission. they are collecting clean air to sell to people in polluted
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sean: a manchester teacher is on leave and in trouble with the law after slapping candy out of a student' s hand. erin: there is a big mess inside another school after two pipes burst. officials are asking for your help. kevin:erin: good morning to you on this thursday. sean: hi there, everybody. we have breaking news out of marlborough, which we will talk about in a moment. gorgeous weather yesterday.


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