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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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shuts down downtown marlborough, knocking out power to hundreds. coming up, why the driver had to swerve. a standoff in epping is now over. how police say it started and the threats the suspect directed officers. kevin: cooler air directing in over the next few days. as for the weekend ahead. adam: a legal battle between apple and the fbi. why the tech giant is refusing to comply with a federal order to help hack into a terrorist' s iphone. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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adam: let' s take a live look at a section of route 101 in marlborough. it snapped utility poles and took down power lines, leaving hundreds without power. good afternoon. i am adam sexton. the driver said he was trying to avoid a dog in the road when he crashed. wmur' s ray brewer is live in marlborough with our top story. ray: adam, the truck driver said he had to swerved to avoid that dr. you can see utility crews remain hard at work on the scene. we are told it will be several i was before everyone gets their powerback. >> it was a big crash. ray: that is a little bit of an understatement as a tractor-trailer carrying mail wiped out two utility poles and more role before crashing into a stonewall. some residents did not know what it was at first.
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rebecca: i could see lights coming off, and we called the police. steve: the next thing i know, i heard a boom, then it hit the transformer, and the lights lit up in the sky. ray: the accident knocked out power to some 400 customers. fortunately, no one was injured. the driver of the truck was walking around afterwards and said he swerved to avoid a dog. despite the mascoma steve fortunate. steve: my girlfriend usually parks are here. that would have taken up the car, plus, there is a propane tank here. ray: it happened on route 101. for businesses on main street, edmonds a morning without customers. mark: we have trucks, deliveries coming in today also that we have to schedule around. ray: the chief says it is too soon to say if the driver will be charged.
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s cargo, we are told the priority packages will be taken back to nashua. there they will be offloaded and put on another truck and sent on their way to keene and brattleboro, vermont. reporting live in keene, ray brewer, -- reporting live in marlborough, ray brewer, wmur news 9. adam: brown hill road was closed between putney and dunbarton center road this morning while crews repair damaged pole. right now, signal problems are causing major mbta commuter rail delays. that has created a ripple effect of other stations. amtrak crews are actively working to fix the issue and restore scheduled service. for now, passengers are being urged to use alternate forms of transportation. just in, a manchester man facing charges after police stopped in for a missing plate and found a stolen firearm.
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a traffic violation. police initially arrested him for driving with a suspended license. troopers searched him and found a ballistic vest under his jacket with drugs inside of it. officials searched the car and found two scales, cellophane bags, a stolen handgun, and a lidocaine patch. new details this note of a standoff in epping. state and local police were called to jenness road this morning for a domestic assault. officials say it was reported that any responding police officer would be shot, and jenness road was closed. officials got to be seen, they came and contact with the suspect, 55-year-old daniel paolini, who came out of the home peacefully. he was arrested and charged with two counts of simple assault and one count of felony criminal threatening. this noon, a manchester teacher is off the job, accused of assaulting a student in her middle school classroom. 53-year-old anita lemay turned herself into police yesterday. she is charged with simple assault.
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will school on january 29 after a 14-year-old boy caused a disturbance in a classroom while eating candy in refusing to listen to his teachers. investigators say that is when lemay knocked the candy out of the boy' s hand, leaving a scratch on his wrist. a woman is wanted for robbing a local bank. 25 euros safely -- 25-year-old stacey brasley rob the td blank -- robbed the td bank last month, claim and she had a gun. meteorologist kevin skarupa has a look at what we can expect for the rest of the week. kevin: after several miles days across the area, we' re looking at a good deal of sunshine across the region, and the last of the clouds in the north country giving way now, and that leads us to a bright but brisk afternoon. a couple of gusts over 20, 20
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clouds will start increasing ahead of the next system that tries to arrive, producing more changes in time for the weekend. the system that arrives friday night does not reinforce the cold air. if anything, it is starts to warm up again over the course of the weekend. we will have the details on a look ahead down the road with your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. adam: thanks, kevin. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is getting a new legal team. he asked a federal appeals court to appoint new lawyers to handle his conviction and death sentence. it is not unusual for prisoners to get new lawyers as their cases shift into the death penalty appeal phase. the lead council will temporarily remain on board to assist with the transition. a major legal battle is brewing between apple and the fbi. the tech giant is refusing to comply with the fbi to create software that will unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters, saying it
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apple users at risk for your abc' s elizabeth her have some relevance. elizabeth: the white house wants apple to do what a california judge - ordered, hack into the phone of a sammartino -- of a san bernardino shooter and get answers. mr. earnest: they are not asking to create a new product or create a new back door to one of their products. they are simply asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. sen. rubio: i think being a good corporate citizen is important. elizabeth: while some of the republican candidates are siding with the obama administration from others disagree. charlie: most hackers are identity thieves or any number of people trying to gain access. elizabeth: apple is standing firm, vowing to appeal. coo tim cook saying "the applications of the government'
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demand are chilling," adding that the software is "something we simply do not have, and something we considered too dangerous to create," arguing if they find a way to break into that phone, they will then be able to break into any phone. seth berenzweig: apple has made it clear they' re going to fight, and whoever loses will appeal to her dismay and up in supreme court. elizabeth: legal experts say this is -- will appeal. they may likely end up in supreme court. elizabeth: legal experts say this is a big deal. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. adam: bowing strong retaliation after a deadly attack. coming up, who turkey is planning for the suicide car bomb attack that killed 28 and left dozens injured. plus, president obama set to make an historic trip. coming up, where he is visiting and what makes this trip so important. kevin: colder air filtering and come about a warming trend sets
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adam: plus, how to plan the perfect winter vacation. we have ideas on getaways and
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adam: right now, we have breaking news on the summer' s deadly tent collapsed in lancaster. walker international events did not put up that tent correctly. stakes were not used as required, were not incurred properly, -- anchored properly, and the tents were not taken down when winds were expected to exceed 60 miles an hour. two people died. osha also found employees were put at risk of electric shock or other injuries. walker international events has also been cited for 14 violations, finds totaling nearly $40,000. turkey is blaming syria for a deadly suicide attack during rush hour. it killed at least 28 people and injured dozens more. turkey claims a syrian national air it out the attack in collaboration with syria and turkey' s outlawed kurdish rebel group. turkey is vowing strong
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conflict. today, the white house is set to unveil plans for president obama' s historic trip to cuba. he is planned to visit in march. the two countries continue efforts to normalize relations after a half-century of cold war opposition. the president and cuban president raul castro announced in late 2014 that they will begin to normalize relations. mr. obama will become the first commander in chief to visit the islands in nearly nine decades. a new hampshire family says marijuana could be the answer they' re looking for in saving their 11-year-old' s life. colton schools is facing a epilepsy. hospital. janice: my husband and i keep looking at each other going, "he is 11, he is 11," and here he is integrated in icu on a breathing
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adam: colton just took place in a trial over whether marijuana extract could cure his condition. we will explain if this cure will work and why the drug has to be locked up in not one but two safes tonight on news 9 at 11:00. kevin, we have had a taste of just about every weather pattern we could have. kevin: we like to call that something for everybody. we start warming up again this weekend. adam: if you are looking to take a winter vacation without
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: in a lot of cases, we are still running a solid two feet of snow below normal this time of year. you have to argue over the last seven days, it has been quite the roller coaster rise, which trended upward before now seeing cool yet again. the scattered showers in the north country now finally giving way to a little sunshine. it will be a bright but brisk afternoon out there.
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times over 20 miles an hour. that finally lets up this evening and eventually sets up across the area. a pretty chilly night. a lot of areas in the single digits at or below 0 later on tonight while we see teens in southern areas. you can see the last of the clouds continuing to whether a way up north. there were a few spots in northern parts of coos county that dropped to the single digits and will likely be below 0 tonight. a weak area of high-pressure settling in. likely sunshine to start tomorrow before this warm front approaches. that warm front will bring an increase in clouds tomorrow afternoon and the chance of a little bit of light snow tomorrow evening. so a pretty nice rebound. teens in whitefield and berlin, back in the lower 20' s, and a few spots getting up near 30. we have the brisk wind to go along with it. the wind speed is sustained going at 10, 20 miles an hour, and a few occasional gusts
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wind chills in a lot of locations in the teens. it is the coldest of the air rotating through later on this evening, and then you will notice all of the air back to our west over the next several days as the next few systems make their way toward us. itself. here is a look at it again third we continue to have clear skies through the area through the this evening. we' re talking as cold as -5 or - range of the teens in southern areas. good deal of sunshine to wrap up the work week tomorrow. light snow pushing and later on tomorrow evening. could be a light coating to one inch in some spots. further north, a general one inch to three inches of accumulation. a lot of that wraps up on saturday. there could be a lot of dry air hours through the day on saturday. the winds turning bit more southerly saturday afternoon. that will push temperatures in the low and mid 40'
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temperatures: fun monday. it will be a quick moving system to our south. the largest system is slated sometime tuesday night around wednesday. in the 20' s to the lower range of the 30' s. winds obviously making it feel cooler than that. letter winds out of a southerly direction. you notice the warming trend after that chance of a little light snow early on saturday. meek system could mean a few snowflakes on sunday. tuesday or wednesday, rain or snow or even both p or we will keep you updated as we get closer. adam, over to you. adam: thanks, kevin. this is the time of your people want to get away from the winter weather. we have kim bergeron, extreme coupon professor, to take us through vacation and staycation options. kim: i want to announce that i took over a new blog for a friend who moved out of state.
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i get to share what to do in new hampshire, and like you said, people are tired of the winter and want to do something fun, so i cover a lot of february ideas. head to the site because i have a fantastic away from lego discovery center. i am giving away four tickets to my readers, so come and enter that. for what to do in new hampshire -- sledding. i have a list of local places in new hampshire to go sledding. we have got our -- adam: trustee sled here. [laughter] kim: also places for fun vacation, loon mountain is fabulous. mountain club on loon, they have regular suites, family suites, the ones with the kitchens, so that is great for us. in the backyard, they have the not have to walk up the hill with your sled. they have indoor wall climbing. then you have skiing in your backyard, see you have plenty
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you can stay overnight, enjoy the fun in the backyard. they have a lot of specials. adam: what if you have little ones under five, and you are not able to get out to all of these great outdoor adventures. what are things you can do a little closer? kim: a lot of places are extending their hours. caliber hunger -- cowabungas is huge. vertical dreams is another one. and then you have different art camps. the curry our gallery has things for all different ages of kids, so you have all of that information. i have dates and times going on for everybody for all of february as well. another fun thing we have is i get to play with fun recipes now. i am doing kid friendly fun recipes. a friend brought this over for the super bowl, and i made it several times at home. i brought the ingredients today. the camera guy is like, "put it in the oven, let' s make it now." we have s'
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thrown in the oven for 120 m and then youinutes, -- 120 minutes, and then you did in your graham crackers. it is gooey. it is nice and easy. that is what i hope to share on this website, extreme coupon professor' s will always show savings, in southern new hampshire kids will show lots of things to do with your family. you enjoy all of that. [laughter]
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adam: this week' s adopt a pet is bella the bunny. she is a friendly, three-year-old california breed rabbit. bella loves all of the attention she can get and will hop onto your lap. she will even eat treats right from your head -- it says "head," but maybe it is hands. for more information on adoptable pets, head to
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i did receive confirmation it is eating out of your hand. [laughter] kevin: that would not be good. starting out this afternoon with the chilly winds out there and a cold night on the way tonight. warming trend for the weekend. light snow on saturday. adam: we will take it. thanks, kevin. starting tonight at 5:00, we will have much more on this hour' s breaking news of the deadly circus tent collapse including other violations. and a pope francis opens the door to approving contraception due to a health care tearing through the americas. that doesn' t for us. i am adam sexton.
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>> this show has a long history and we' re continuing that tradition all week, raising money for shriners hospitals for children, it' s time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] i' m chris harrison. all this week we' re working with shriners hospitals for children, a truly fantastic charity that has transformed the lives of more than a million kids with its innovative pediatric care, and they do it all regardless of the families' ability to pay. this week, every time a contestant reaches that we' ll be writing shriners hospitals for children


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