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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i've been doing this my whole life. i've never seen it like this before. sean: now on daybreak the drug crisis in new hampshire seems to be getting worse with a grim new record in manchester hero. services are today for officer ashley guindon three days after the merrimack high school grad was killed in the line of duty. josh: those warm temperatures of the last few days are leaving town what that means for our next weather system arriving tonight. erin: it is super tuesday.
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i'm erin fehlau. it could be a big win for donald trump and hillary clinton. erin: good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. sean: i'm shine mcdonald. a line of storms blew through the state overnight knocking out power to thousands of customers. at one point more than 11,000 were in the dark mostly in the southern third of the state. right now crews have that under nine thousand but there is no word as to when all service will be restored. if you were trying to sleep, it was really gusty out there. josh: including myself. one minute before the alarm. sean: that's not too bad. josh: new alarm system i've been working on. down to 15 in colebrook.
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a cold front. you can see what it did to northern afternoon in. it is in the 20's in northern new hampshire. 20's and 30's elsewhere. here is the current wind gusts. 15 and 35 miles per hour right now through the morning hours slowly subsiding out there and look at some of the snow showers that came through with that cold front that rolled on through. your forecast today includes that system there that will be moving in tonight but not before we get in plenty of sunshine today and temperatures in the 20's north, 30's and 40's where else. we'll talk more about the forecast coming up. for a look at the morning drive, we're joined live by wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. did you feel that wind this morning? deb: i certainly did. it kept me up all night long. winds are still moving through.
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high-profile vehicle. congestion on 93 -- 95 northbound at the 101 merge on the seacoast. 93 south, not seeing any delays now from plymouth down to state line with massachusetts. if you're starting your commute on 293 southbound it is wide open from the upper to the lower split and the turn spike looking good through the bedford tolls and the merrimack and nashua. erin: deb, thank you. the drug crisis facing new hampshire and especially manchester is growing with more and more deadly consequences. sean: american medical response says it handled 60 overdoses last month in the queen city. 14 of them were deadly the most ever in one month. wmur's ray brewer is live in manchester this morning and ray, mayor ted gatsas is calling on the state to do more, right?
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the mayor said his frustrated how long it is taking to appoint a new drug czar after the stepdown last month. he stepped out amidst criticism over his performance. more measures are pending in concorde. the mayor said we're seeing too many overdose deaths and there needs to be more leadership in the statehouse. >> so we're off to a record and not a record that i even about because we're losing and i think it's important that somebody needs to step up and start challenging this at the top. reporter: governor hassan's people to fill the drug czar position as soon as possible. if mayor gatsas would like to be a constructive part of the process, we would welcome his advocacy, which we have yet to see, on the public policy steps
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the tide of this epidemic. there have been a total of 420 last year that's about 8 people reporting live in manchester ray brewer wmur news 9. sean: funeral services are today for fallen police officer ashley gwindon. >> the merrimack high school graduate was shot and killed on saturday in virginia during her first shift as a police officer. several members of the merrimack police department others are driving down to pay their respects. viewing starts arrest at 10:00 this morning with the service at noon in woodbridge, virginia. officer guindon will then be buried in west springfield, massachusetts next monday where she was born. thousands of police officers from across the country are expected to attend. she will be buried next to her father an iraq war veteran who committed suicide the day after he returned from duty. erin: super tuesday has finally arrived the biggest day in the
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with donald trump and hillary clinton poised to take firm control of the race for their parties' nominations. abc's stephanie ramos is in virginia this morning where the polls will be open today. the biggest voting day of the election. voters in a dozen states and a us territory will go to the polls today with 1600 and 10 delegates at stake. hours before polls openthe candidates zig zagging across the country holding rallies trying to nab those last minute votes in order to snag their partys nomination. >> let me be very clear to the men and women of texas. i will not compromise away your religious liberty rights. reporter: ted cruz hoping to win big in his home state of texas talking about religious liberty and the supreme court nomination. >> you know what they say about
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insults against donald trump day. but at a trump rally in virginia tension. >> get them out! student event. and as they pass a photographer from time magazine thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. the secret service now investigating. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america hole. reporter: clinton hoping to keep her lead over bernie sanders? >> now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. reporter: but a fundraising email from clinton shows her looking beyond sanders and targeting gop frontrunner donald trump the latest national poll showing 49% of republican voters would support a president trump. here in virginia, many more voters are expected to turn out today, much more than the last time both parties held presidential primaries. stephanie ramos abc news alexandria, virginia erin: with so much at stake today in the race for the white
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coverage. we will air a report at 7:00 this evening when the polls first close. result also start showing up on the bottom of the screen by 8:00. we will break down all of the super tuesday voting and of course we will have a full recap on news 9 at 11. sean: we're looking ahead to a poll in november. how voters feel about potential matchups in the election. hillary clinton would easily beat donald trump, ted cruz or marco rubio but if the november matchup featured clinton against john kasich our poll shows the republican taking the granite state by 10 points. erin: a tilton man faces charges including reckless conduct after a domestic incident late last night. police say they talked 26-year-old nicholas godbout out of his home on winnisquam shores road overnight after his roommate reported hearing a
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with a woman. no one was hurt and godbout is due in court today. six months have now passed since a manchester woman was shot and killed while taking a walk, but there are still no arrests. 62-year-old denise robert was murdered while walking in the area of ray and carpenter streets on the night of august 30. police and the fbi have searched the area multiple times but the gunman remains at large there is a reward for information leading to an arrest perfectly still ahead, a health alert after as many as five students contracted the mumps but officials say the timing may help. sean: should new hampshire bring commuter rail to the area? erin: there are growing concerns about a rare form of cancer showing up in children along the seacoast. it is put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees
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josh: good morning and welcome back. temperatures have been dropping. a cold front rolled through. the cold front sparking some gusty winds overnight. there are some still around. we'll have a look at the rest of the weekend and tonight's weather system that is moving in this just minutes. sean: state health officials are hoping spring break will help stop an outbreak of the mumps from spreading at saint anselm college. erin: two members of the men's hockey team have been diagnosed with the mumps and another three cases are suspeced. spring break means students have gone home but with a 25 day incubation period, health officials are keeping an eye out. >> in new hampshire the last few years, we've seen one or two cases a year. this does happen it's unfortunate mumps causes mild symptoms, we're trying to prevent it from spreading any further. erin: health officials are urging anyone who may have come
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patients to get checked by a doctor just in case. sean: the special olympics new hampshire winter games wrap up today at waterville valley. hundreds of athletes are competing in events like alpine and nordic skiing snowboarding, and snow shoeing. despite a lack of natural snow officials at waterville valley say they were able to move some snow around so the conditions are great for the games. best of luck to all of the athletes. actually it was a beautiful day yesterday. erin: it is coming up a key win for apple in its fight with the u.s. justice department concerning hacking i-phones. a judge is weighing in. sean: smile show off your braces. but dental work is no longer just for people.
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sean: a federal judge in new york says the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to unlock an i-phone owned by a convicted drug dealer. the government wanted access to contact info of other suspected drug dealers. the case is important because investigators are currently trying to force apple into helping them break into more than a dozen phones across the country including one owned by one of the san bernardino shooters. sean: there is a new effort this morning to eliminate the -- accelerate efforts to spend $4 million on the rail study allowing them to examine the costs and benefits. >> the real opportunity for rail in new hampshire businesses is piercing that i- 5 barrier. getting into that market in urban boston and allowing those people to flow up to our
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erin: as many as 68,000 riders would use the rail. a house committee in concorde could decide on the spending as early as today. erin: the board of the mbta has service on the t. members say they can't continue costs. the t is already considering raising fares by 5 to 10%. the late night service which currently runs from 12:30 until 2:30 am on weekends will end on march 19. aren't just for humans any more. take a look at these photos. a veterinarian in michigan is now offering braces for dogs. doctor jim moore says braces can be very important for some dogs if they are dealing with problems that affect their ability to chew. he says dog braces are rarely for aesthetic purposes and are typically only worn for a few weeks. i would assume a retainer would be very difficult.
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headgear at night? sean: invisaline? josh: i can see him getting teased at the doggy day care. the wind out there had a bit of a bite to it overnight perfectly bracing for the cold. temperatures in the teens right now. in northern new hampshire, 20's and 30's. you see the further south you head, the warmer those temperatures are as the colder air is slowly spilling in behind this cold front. it metropolitan business. it brought some -- it meant business. it brought some wind gusts with it. a look at the max winds, the peak gusts overnight between maybe 12: 30, 1:00, they really started picking up into about well, present. peaking, though, around 3:00 or so. and as you can see, they really did some damage out there in
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wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour. meant a few tree limbs down. power outages in some spots as well. you can see it on the radar here. that line, that is the cold front sweeping through that caused that wind and it will calm down as we go through the morning as high pressure builds in and then it is all eyes on this weather system which brings us our next little dose of winter weather. mostly, though, it is more like spring weather because warmer air is streaming in and it is going to change things over from snow and sleet and freezing rain overnight to quickly changing over in central and southern new hampshire and rain and in northern new hampshire eventually. a lot of sunshine for today. again, the winds calming down through the morning. by this afternoon, fairly light winds, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. just a few clouds in a few spots. that is about it. it is tonight after you get from work.
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then we'll start to cloud up. this will start to arrive. a wintry mix, snow and freezing rain in central and southern new hampshire briefly but as the warmer air purrs up, quickly, in southern new hampshire changing over to freezing rain. lasting a little bit longer in central new hampshire. even then it changes over by 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning tomorrow. northern new hampshire holds on to snow a little bit longer. out. look at some of these areas of rainfall, could come down in buckets at times. it all pulls away around midday tomorrow. windy. could there be accumulation out of this system? not going to be anything major. there could be a dusting in some partsor central and northern new hampshire. an inch or two or maybe three inches are a possibility. let's take a look at your temperatures today.
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developing sunshine. the breeze calming down. a wintry mix turning to rain. things calm down by really getting cold thursday and friday. haven't seen cold like this much this winter. it will be 20's and 30's. erin: yesterday was just balmy outlet's check our top there. stories. here's ray brewer. sean: there were 420 drug overdoses last year. the mayor said tezz frustrated how long it is taking the governor to select a new drug czar. erin: funeral services are today in virginia for officer ashley guindon the merrimack high school graduate who was killed in the line of duty. officer guindon will be buried in springfield, massachusetts next week.
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are expected to attend. power crews are working to restore service to thousands of customers right now after strong winds blew through the state overnight knocking down trees and lines. at one point more than 11,000 customers were in the dark. sean: coming up on daybreak. astronaut scott kelly is headed home. but he will face an obstacle course the moment he touches down from the international
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erin: astronaut scott kelly is set to return to earth tonight after a record stay at the international space station. sean: kelly handed over command of the space station yesterday after a 340 day mission. he and two russian cosmonauts are scheduled to touch down in
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kelly will then try to stand still for three minutes and then take on a short obstacle researchers can see if he would be able to hit the ground running if this were a mission to mars. of course he has been in a no-gravity environment. erin: the first american to spend a year in space making his return. the fast keep getting faster, anyway. bugatti is about to break the the world. sean: the french automaker just unveiled the chiron saying it will be faster and more powerful than anything it has ever built. it has been capped at 260 miles per hour for road use. sorry about that erin. i know you wanted more. erin: i want it to be faster. sean: only 500 chiron's will be made with a base price of $2.6 million. i think you can talk them down to $2.4 million so you're all set. erin: it looks like the bat mobile.
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the bigger the burrito,
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dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. erin: good morning, it's tuesday, march 1. it seems that march has come in like the big, bad wolf. winds knocked out power to a lot of people. sean: it was a nice night out there with the exception of a lot of winds. let's get right to our top stories, state police are investigating a crash on route 108 in kensington that left two people dead and a third person with life threatening injuries. a troubling record was set in manchester during february. the highest number of suspected
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and portsmouth police are investigating a possible case of vandalism that forced the skating rink at strawbery banke to close for the season. erin: powerful wind gusts knocked out power to thousands of customers. them? erin: i actually didn't. i'm a heavy sleeper. working these hours you have to be. at peak, more than 11,000 customers were in the dark. right now. that number is down to about 5,000. how high did those winds gust? josh: up to 45 miles per hour overnight. it is caused by a cold front rolling through the state. it caused a few snow squalls in the mountains. everywhere else it was dry passing of this cold front but certainly meant some business. the winds still gusting out there, not quite as hay high as they were a couple of hours ago. you can see the front showing up on the radar there. the front kicking through kicking up some snow squalls to the north.
5:32 am
weather system that moves in for tonight. windy this morning. winds gradually subsiding. again, the winter weather changing over to rain, the system moves in tonight perfectly we'll have a timeline minutes. erin: driving around, if you have a big car, you're bouncing around out there with the winds. sean: you need to hang on the this steering wheel. we are joined live by deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. you do need to hang on the the steering wheel and be extra careful this morning, especially in the southwestern part of the state. we're getting reports of several road closures due to downed trees and power lines. in westmoreland, route 63 is close it because of downed power lines.
5:33 am
spoffered road and north shore, trees and wires are down there as well. 123 has a closure due to downed power lines and just be extra carefuled a you heading out this morning. deb davidson for 95.7. erin: thank you. a deadly crash in kensington is under investigation this morning. sean: fire officials say two people were killed last night in an accident on north haverhill road also known as route 108. state police say a toyota four-runner was heading south at a high rate of speed around 10:00. when it went off the road and slammed into some trees, causing the suv to roll over. all 3 people inside were thrown from the toyota. two of them died at the scene. the third victim was flown to a boston hospital with life threatening injuries. at this time there is no word on that person's condition.
5:34 am
manchester. erin: it was the worst month on record for the number of suspected overdose deaths. american medical response responded says it responded to sixty overdoses in the queen city last month fourteen of them deadly. ray brewer joins us live in manchester now. and ray, the mayor is criticizing the state's response to this ongoing crisis, right? reporter: that's right, erin. manchester mayor ted gatsas says the governor is not doing enough to deal with this epidemic and he is frustrated over how long it is taking to appoint a new drug czar. a troubling record was set in manchester for the month of february. there have been 14 suspected opioid-related deaths two more than the previous one-month record of 12 that was set in march of last year. american medical response says the addiction crisis is getting worse. >> i've been doing this my whole life. i've never seen it like this before. reporter: on monday manchester mayor ted gatsas called out governor
5:35 am
the drug czar position. the state's former drug czar left his role earlier this month. while on the job, he faced criticism over his performance. gatsas who is considering a run for governor says more leadership is needed in the statehouse. >> we need to start telling people that if you are caught dealing fentanyl in the state of new hampshire, you will be arrested for attempted murder. we need to make that loud and clear for people, that's what's going to slow it down. reporter: a spokesperson for governor hassan says she signed two bills last month to combat the crisis and there are several other measures before the legislature. in a statement her office says quote if mayor gatsas would like to be a constructive part of the process, we would welcome his advocacy, which we have yet to see, on the public policy steps that would actually help stem the tide of this epidemic. manchester alderman and state rep pat long says hassan is looking for someone who will work with both parties. >> personally i think the governor has stepped up to the
5:36 am
some change. reporter: meanwhile amr says a comprehensive solution is needed from lawmakers. >> we need people to put boots on the ground, to get their heads together and to keep working at this as hard as they can, even harder than they have been because what we're doing right now is not working. reporter: last fall a wmur-granite state poll showed that 25% of people said drug abuse was the number one problem facing new hampshire. we'll see if that's still the case when brand new poll numbers are released later today. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: dover police are investigating what may be the city's second deadly overdose so far this year. they say a 22-year-old woman, found unresponsive sunday night at a home on summer street, was pronounced dead at the hospital. another woman who was in the home also overdosed, but was treated and released. erin: senator jeanne shaheen continues her efforts to combat the opioid crisis. today she plans to speak on
5:37 am
vote on her amendment to provide emergency funding to first responders and treatment providers. the $600 million in funding would include money for an anti-heroin task force and funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment. sean: a barrington woman is facing up to twenty years behind bars after pleading guilty to selling heroin. 35-year-old crystal watson was selling the drug in rochester and barrington last winter. during a search of her home officers say they seized more than $244,000 in cash and more than 500-grams of heroin. another woman is also facing prison time after pleading guilty to her role in a major fentanyl trafficking operation in massachusetts and new hampshire. last september dea agents searched a home in lawrence, mass and found the woman trying to hide a suitcase containing drugs and packaging material. a child was in the room with her. the woman will be sentenced in june. erin: portsmouth police are investigating a possible case of vandalism. that forced the labrie family skate at puddle dock pond to
5:38 am
the rink at the strawbery banke museum was closed after officials say it looks like it was tampered with. they say it appears that someone opened a valve, spilling about $10,000 worth of glycol on to the ground. typically, the glycol runs through plastic tubing under the rink, keeping the ice frozen. strawbery banke's president and ceo says they are checking a web camera to try to find a possible perpetrator. sean: this morning. the state is assuring seacoast families that it will continue to monitor an increased number of cases of a rare form of pediatric cancer. this, after releasing a study that looks into possible causes. the request for the study was made in early 2014, when a child in rye was first diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer. shortly after two other children in the general area were diagnosed with cancer, but not all the same type. as to the cause, the state looked into concerns of environmental issues, like contaminated water discovered in a pease well. but the study did not find any
5:39 am
risk factors. >> eventually we found out it was more genetic based, which was a big relief still not completely relieved because it's a cancer that's in our community and it's affecting children. sean: the state says it is monitoring the situation and will re-evaluate the number of cancer cases at the end of the year. erin: a massachusetts man will spend the next 8 years in prison after he was found guilty of transporting a teenage girl across state lines for prostitution. 21-year-old andy pena was among multiple people involved in transporting the fifteen-year-old from boston to a hotel in salem, new hampshire. the girl was rescued in february of 2014. sean: a vermont woman is facing charges this morning after being busted in lebanon for allegedly driving drunk with two kids in her car. lebanon police stopped 31-year-old lindsey shook around 9:30 sunday night and determined that she had been drinking since early afternoon. she is now charged with
5:40 am
of endangering the welfare of a child. erin: the department of correction is launching a new system that notifies victims of crimes when there is an update on an offender's status. new hampshire statewide automated victim information and notification system will provide fast and secure notifications of offender status through phone calls, text messages and emails. both prosecution based advocates and victim advocates will be tasked with registering victims of crime. sean: coming up on daybreak, a college in vermont is taking a new approach in trying to stop problematic behavior. it will soon stop selling energy drinks on campus. erin: and if you have a long ride to work, you'll want to stay tuned for this. studies show that your commute could actually be taking a big toll on your health. josh: yesterday temperatures in the 50's and 60's. today a whole new story as cooler air pushes on in.
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temperatures for now and take a
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josh: good morning. welcome back. a nice shot of the sunrise this morning. 32 degrees. that is one of the warmer spots
5:44 am
rolled through the state overnight. chillier air is pushing on in. it also caused some wind and snow squalls in the northern part of the state. colder air pushing into the granite state. next up after some sunshine today will be this weather system to our west that moves in and brings us a wintry mix to begin and that changes over to rain. in the meantime we have nice sunshine today and temperatures from the went to the 40's. super tuesday is finally here. today the stakes are high for all of the presidential candidates as voters in about a dozen states cast their ballots. nikole killion is in washington this morning with a preview. reporter: this is by far one of the biggest days in the race for the white house which could be make or break for many of the candidates. more than 1400 delegates are at stake with democrats awarding about a third needed to win nomination, while republicans will allocate nearly half. after contests in four states and three wins a piece hillary
5:45 am
prohibitive favorites hoping to expand their leads. >> super tuesday is crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the race. rubio or cruz could stop trump's momentum by winning some big states but if they don't, game all but over. reporter: but it may not be game over several candidates have hinted they could hold out for even more critical contests two weeks from now otherwise known as mini-super tuesday. in washington, i'm nikole killion, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. we got you covered tonight. wmur will have complete results from the super tuesday contests. you can watch the results on the bottom of your screen or head over to our website,, for a list. erin: police in maine say they do not suspect foul play in the death of a woman whose body was found buried in a backyard. the 72-year-old woman lived at the property in baldwin, maine with her 43-year-old son. failing health and likely died last week. her son then buried her body on the property. investigators have not been
5:46 am
certificate or permit to bury the body, which is required by state law. but so far no charged have been filed. sean: a college in vermont will soon stop selling energy drinks in an effort to deter problematic behavior. middlebury college says on march 7, it will no longer sell drinks like red bull and 5-hour energy on campus. the school claims those beverages are linked to high risk sexual activity, poor academic environments and elevated student stress levels. students and staff will not be banned from bringing the energy drinks on campus but they won't be sold at the school. erin: a university in australia has created an app to help parents determine if their child may be showing signs of autism. the app, called as detect claims to indicate whether a child as young as 12 months old has signs of autism spectrum disorder. it takes parents through a series of tests and questions. researchers say eight in ten children who are assessed as being highly likely to have
5:47 am
diagnosed. autism support groups say the app is helpful, but should not be used as a stand alone tool in determining whether your child has autism. sean: turning now to sports. the celtics were locked in a tight game against the utah jazz last night. this was the third of five straight home games for boston. down the stretch. jae crowder hit a three pointer to put the celtics up 96-95. then with less than 30 seconds to play, avery bradley came up with a huge block. and the celtics went on to win it 100-95. erin: good news for all you tom brady fans. the patriots have reportedly agreed to a 2-year contract extension with their star quarterback. this would keep number 12 under center for the pats thru the 2019 season. that means at least 4 more years for brady and the pats. he would be 42 years old when he finished that 2019 season.
5:48 am
with one team. sean: incredible stuff there. the nhl trade deadline passed yesterday. but not before the bruins traded for a top scorer and a former dartmouth college star. lee stempniak is heading to boston after leading the new jersey devils in scoring this year. the bruins gave up a 2nd and 4th round pick to get him. boston also acquired defenseman john-michael lyles from the hurricanes in exchange for minor league forward anthony camara and two draft picks. erin: if your commute to work is long, you're going to want to listen up. a study shows long rides to could lead to health issues. sean: with long commutes toned have larger waistlines. it increases your cortisol levels. couples are 40% more likely to get divorces if one person has a commute longer than 45 minutes. keep it close to home if you
5:49 am
happy. erin: longer commutes probably mean more traffic. josh: that is probably a big part of it, the traffic. erin: you need to work early in the morning. you don't face a lot of traffic. josh: another pandora's box of problems there. a lot of people lost sleep last night because to have wind. northern new hampshire saw the temperatures quickly fall the last couple of hours thanks to a cold front rolling on through state. here are some of the winds that we have been seeing. these are the current winds out there. gusts from 15-35 miles per hour in some locations. not as bad as it was a couple of hours ago and gradually it will get better. these were your peak wind gusts. plymouth reporting a 48-mile-per-hour wind gust overnight. mount washington, 101 miles per hour and about 35-40 in some spots.
5:50 am
lots of places people were reporting into us, getting woken up by the wind and certainly trees down in many locations. keep that in mind as you leave your property this morning and even some power outages we have been reporting this morning as well. it is all caused by a cold front. you can see the front on satellite imagery there. this little arc is what pushed through overnight. it also pushed away the clouds and brings in cooler weather. gone are the temperatures of yesterday which were in the 50's and even a few places with 60's and we'll replace with it 30's to 40's today. lots of sunshine today. this is our next weather system approaching. you can see it has a live little of everything. snow, freezing rain and rain. that is what is headed to afternoon in tonight into tomorrow. warmer air coming along for the ride. changing to wintry from wintry weather to rain.
5:51 am
pulls away quickly. therefore the wind also subside through the morning hours. lots of sunshine today. windy conditions picking up again tonight. they could be strong again tonight into tomorrow as our next system arrives. this is into tomorrow's weather system. a warm front here is playing a huge key in it because as it move thruss it changes over as -- through, it changes over as warmer air comes in from the south. then a correspondent rolls through and brings in very cold air thursday and friday too. lots of sunshine on futurecast for today. a few clouds tonight. as you head home new york city problems but late tonight we cloud up and see precipitation rolling in. snow to the north. sleet and freezing rain in new hampshire and southern new hampshire. then going to rain. the rain/snow line pushing north during the overnight hours. when you wake up in morning in,
5:52 am
depending on what time you wake up. all coming to an end by the midday portion of tomorrow. in terms of accumulations, nothing major. northern new hampshire could see an inch or two. central afternoon in could see a coating in some parts -- central new hampshire could see a coating in some places. rain showers ending by midday. turns windy again tomorrow. real cold air thursday and friday. something we haven't seen a lot of. sean: winter is not over yet.
5:53 am
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sean: we do have a school announcement to pass along this morning. conval high school has a two-hour delay. due to power issues.
5:56 am
11,000 power outages. it is being restored this morning. yesterday was a special day for a few lucky families across new hampshire. that is because they welcomed leap babies on the 29th of february, a date years. sean: hospitals across the state say they each welcomed a few special deliveries. kevin: the odds of having a february 29 birthday is about one in 1500. supposed to be here, it's all in god's timing, it does make it more fun, something a little extra special to make his birthday more unique. sean: the parents of the leap babies say they now they have to decide whether to celebrate birthdays on february 28 or march 1. by the way their next true birthday rolls around on february 29, 2020. erin: they don't grow up as fast. which i love. sean: are you allowed to just skip the birthdays?
5:57 am
is 44 and turned 12 yesterday. sean: coming up, a concerning situation at saint anselm college. an outbreak of the mumps. erin: the mayor is speaking out voicing frustrations. reporter: super tuesday stakes. i'm nikole killion.
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>> i' ve been doing this my whole life. i' ve never seen it like this. sean: the drug crisis in new hampshire seems to be getting worse with a grim new record in manchester. erin: honoring a fallen hero. services are today for police days after she was killed in the line of duty. josh: our warm temperatures are leaving town. what that means for our next weather system arriving tonight. >> it is super tuesday. i' m stephanie ramos. polls are showing it could be a hillary clinton. like we do.


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