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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> now at noon, a fallen police officer with ties to new hampshire is honored. how the merrimack community is making their presence known in virginia today. deadly crash. what we' ve learned about an accident that left two dead and , the difficult task left for police. >> i will tell you -- it' s a cooler day then the last few, how that will affect our next weather system that moves in late tonight. >> and right now millions are , casting their votes in the super tuesday primaries. what today' s elections could mean for the candidates' futures.
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] sean: happening now, funeral services for a fallen police officer with ties to new hampshire have begun in virginia. 28-year-old ashley guindon, a merrimack high grad, was shot and killed during her first shift at the prince william county police department. right now, members of law enforcement from all over the country including, the granite state, are there to pay their respects. wmur' s heather hamel is live in the studio with more. heather: ashley guindon is from merrimack and officers from that department took the trip as well. there was an elaborate police procession today as well as a viewing and noontime funeral for the officer. we have a live look inside the church at the funeral service right now. guindon was just sworn in as an officer for the prince william county police department friday , and saturday night responded to a domestic call. police believe the suspect , ronald hamilton, had already
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the three responding officers. guindon died from her injuries. the merrimack high school community had a moment of silence for her yesterday and the governor has ordered the flags flown at half staff in town. guindon was an only child whose father, an iraq war veteran, died in 2004. guindon' s mother and other family members are in virginia as well. reporting live, heather hamel, wmur news 9. sean: right now, two people are dead and another facing life threatning injuries in a rollover crash in kensington. the on scene investigation has wmur' s jennifer crompton joins us live from kensington with what we are learning this noon. jennifer: it happened here along this stretch of route 108, a car headed southbound towards east kingston, with 3 people inside, when it lost control as it tire marks, and colored paint on the ground left by the accident reconstruction team show that, when the driver of the 2001 toyota 4-runner lost control,
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into the soft shoulder on the opposite side, clipping trees and two mailboxes he for police say it rolled over at least twice, coming to rest in the area of 246 north haverhill road. all three occupants were ejected. tuukka died on the scene, the third -- two died on scene, the third air-lifted to boston with life-threatening injuries. cracks we have spent a great part of the night trying to identify who these individuals were, make notifications to the loved ones, which is always the worst part of the job and so happened. jennifer: they can' t say whether speed, or drugs or alcohol played a role, that part of the investigation happening right now. but certainly a very rough time now for the loved ones of all involved. their identities should be confirmed by later today. reporting live in kensington, jennifer crompton, wmur
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investigation this noon in manchester. this was the scene on bridge street. as you can see, the crash snapped the telephone pole there. right now, crews are working to make repairs. no official word on what caused this crash. if the wind kept you awake last night, you' re not alone. a cold front barreled through the granite state. here' s a live look from manchester, where things have calmed down a little bit. at the height of the storm, more than 11,000 people lost power. meteorologist josh judge joins us with the wintry mix making its way through the state tonight. josh: that system will bring a little bit of everything to the granite state. hi, thin clouds have been rolling in for the last hour or two. this weather system to our west with snow, freezing rain, and rain all contained within it, as it moves into night, many places
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late tonight until 11:00, 12:00, one :00 a.m. perhaps with this wintry mix. -- 1 a.m. perhaps with this wintry mix. we will talk about the potential for rain in more detail with the futurecast in a few minutes. not as windy as last night tonight. we have a much more complete forecast in a few minutes. sean: turning now to commitment 2016 coverage. super tuesday is here. about a dozen states cast their ballets for a presidential nominee. democrat bernie sanders and his wife cast their ballots today, they and the rest of the presidential hopefuls are now making last minute stops trying to snag their party' s nomination. abc' s stephanie ramos reports from alexandria, virginia. stephanie: super tuesday is here, the biggest voting day of
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voters in a dozen states and a u.s. territory will go to the delegates at stake. >> let me be clear to the men and women of texas. religious liberties. stephanie: ted cruz talking religious liberty and the supreme court nomination. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. stephanie: oh rubio' s barrage against -- marco rubio' s barrage of insults against donald trump subsiding by the end of the day. >> get them out. stephanie: a photographer thrown service agent. ms. clinton: i don' t think america has ever stopped being great.
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america a whole mr. sanders: now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution. stephanie: the latest national polls show that 49% of republican voters would support a president trump. here in virginia, many voters are expected to turn out today, many more than the last time both presidents held presidential primaries. sean: with so much at stake today in the race for the white house, you can count on wmur and abc news for complete coverage. abc will air a short special report at 7:00 this evening when the first polls close. results will start showing up at the bottom of your screen at 8. -- 8:00. and then there will be a one hour special starting at 10:00 breaking down all the super tuesday voting. and of course, we will have a full recap on news 9 tonight at 11:00.
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opioid crisis. right now, senators jeanne shaheen ang kelly ayotte are speaking on senate floor. they are calling for a vote to provide emergency funding to first responders and treatment providers. >> in february alone, there were 14 suspected opioid over dose deaths just in one city in my state. that is a record high in manchester. sean: the $600 million in funding would include money for for an anti-heroin task force and funds for substance abuse prevention and treatment. new this noon a manchester man , under arrest after police found him passed out in the mcdonalds drive through on south willow street .
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sleeping behind the wheel of a vehicle with the engine running. investigators say he failed a field sobriety test and also had marijuana on him. he' s charged with operating under the influence and possession of a controlled drug. coming up, a dream cruise turns into a nightmare. why it' s having to return to t the first a supreme court justice' s question is making headlines. why the ordinary inquiry is creating so much buzz. plus, in today' s grow it green how you can brighten up your , home year-round with these
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sean: new trouble for the anthem of the seas cruise ship. for the second time in a month extreme weather is cutting its trip short, and this time passengers onboard are also battling a norovirus outbreak. abc' s elizabeth hur is in new york with these developments. elizabeth: hoping to prevent a repeat, royal caribbean' s anthem of the seas is heading home early again. damaged after being caught in hurricane force winds just weeks ago, it is now racing back to its home port in new jersey.
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severe storm, not because 10 people a day are reporting symptoms of norovirus, haley -- nora virus. >> we had to walk past the medical facility to get off the boat, and the medical facility was jam packed, standing room only, literally just full of people and that' s when we kind of went whoa? this is not good. elizabeth: the cruise line maintains a severe forecast storm is to blame, tweeting monday, that norovirus in a small percentage of 6,000 passengers didn' t affect the decision to return. >> three people that i' m traveling with have shown some symptoms so it' s definitely going around. elizabeth: just 3 weeks ago, the same ship took a beating from 30 foot waves and 120 mile per hour winds, forcing passengers to
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>> the water kept coming above the window and it looked like we were in an aquarium. elizabeth: after that trip, the cruiseline offered full refunds and discounts on a future trip, but some of those passengers have already filed suit. this time around, the cruise ship is returning two days early, again to avoid a major storm. it' s expected to dock some time wednesday. sean: for the first time in 10 years justice clarence thomas , has asked questions during a supreme court argument. thomas' questions were asked in case in which the court is considering placing new limits on the reach of a law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. thomas asked the justice department defense lawyer whether the violation of any other law suspends a person' s constitutional rights. after nearly a year onboard the international space station. astronaut scott kelly will be back on earth today. today the 52-year-old nasa astronaut will wrap up a 342-day mission designed to study the
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flight. kelly will depart the space station at 8:00 this evening and is scheduled to touch down in kazakhstan at 11:27 tonight. >> there will be some active weather tonight and tomorrow. sean: you don' t need to have living plants to enjoy some
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>> we take a look at the areas around the region and we see sunshine and high clouds out there. 35 degrees, high, thin clouds and sunshine as well. the temperatures, what a difference between yesterday and today. a good 20-25 degrees, cooler in some locations. the winds were much cooler overnight. if you didn' t hear them this morning, there were some strong gusts tonight -- last night that
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it woke a lot of people up. as you can see they have calm down quite a bit and will continue to do so through the rest of the afternoon. we started with sunshine. now we have some high, serious clouds out there. plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day. we want to look west, clouds attached to this weather system that moves in tonight. you can see it still has a long way to go. most of this evening, you' re not driving wise p , but let' s take a futurecast. tonight, it will cloud up and some mixed precipitation will develop. at 1:00, it could begin a little sooner than that in some spots,
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wintry mix and snow and rain. the rain turns heavy at times in the predawn hours and the morning commute tomorrow. it eventually makes it to northern new hampshire for the tail end of the event around the morning commute tomorrow. that is when things get clearer tomorrow. the cold front sweeps through chills things down. a look at thursday, it will be colder and sunny. in terms of accumulation, nothing major here. a little bit -- notice how it sort of thins out here. that is the question mark, maybe as far as manchester. later in the week, it keeps
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this storm is going to make a close pass on friday. we have to wait and see how close. here is a look at today' s high temperatures. for the rest of the week ahead, getting chillier to and the is looking good. >> in today' s grow it green, we are making some silk artificial flower arrangements. you brought in a neat thing. >> it looks just like water. it' s kind of a fun winter project while we are waiting for snow to melt. first, get an inexpensive face because once you put the a pox he in it, you cannot -- they' s
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vase, because once you put it. you can use tape to hold it in place. the things you need to remember are that you are working with epoxy, so you do need to have precaution. part a goes in first. together. >> and that will keep your them. >> it takes about 8-10 hours to set up, which is why we are not
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then you can do the basic cleanup with paper tow it' s pretty straightforward. >> to you have any rules to create the nicest arrangement? >> so, there is a little bit of pink in the plant that reflects two. you want to have your numbers in 3, 5, or seven in the plants or cuts that you have. and it' s a good idea to use complementary colors. >> well, margaret, thank you so much.
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sean: if you want to get a little nutty today, it' perfectly ok. today is national peanut butter lover' s day. there' s even a web site dedicated to the day. did you know peanut butter is consumed in 90% of u.s. and here' s something to think about the next time you open a jar. it takes about 540 peanuts to
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butter. crunchy or smooth? josh: smooth. sean: i like crunchy. i think i am the only one. josh: happy peanut butter day. here is a look at the weather for peanut butter day. nice, sunshine, cooler than the last couple of days, but more like what you would expect at this time of year. tonight, snow and freezing rain changing to rain. sean: snow coming in. winter is not going anywhere.
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments, and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy today, right here, right now, on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] hello, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go? [cheers and applause] all right, as a librarian, our returning contestant is used to keeping quiet, so we' re gonna give him something to shout about today. from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back maurice coleman. [cheers and applause] how you doing, man? >> hello, sir. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> looking good, looking good. >> feeling good, my friend. feeling good. >> good. >> nervous but good. >> you should. you' re in great shape on the game. we' ll jump into that in just a little bit. >> all righty.


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