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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> and when we unify, there is nobody that is going to beat us. >> we' ve come too far to stop now. we' ve got to keep going. erin: it was a super tuesday for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> there is definitely a growing need for these families and the children. sean: there is a new effort underway to provide support for those affected by the drug crisis in new hampshire. kevin: snow and rain falling heavily at times.
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ahead. erin: state health officials have confirmed the first case of sica in new hampshire -- zika in new hampshire. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: i' m sean mcdonald. a lot to talk about. we have super tuesday results, the weather, and school closures. kevin: it just depends on where you are across the state. a lot of the precipitation, whether it be the north country snow or rainfall in southern areas, will gradually be winding down. it sets a clear skies and a
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the snow continues to gradually change over to a wintry mix in the foothills of the white mountains. the temperatures start to fall this afternoon with the wind. much more coming up. erin: the results are in and both hillary clinton and donald trump are celebrating big wins on super tuesday this morning, solidifying their status as the party front runners. sean: their challengers are also claiming key victories, especially on the republican side. lana zak breaks it down. >> thank you all so much. what a super tuesday. lana: with these results, it looks increasingly likely that the november election will be a matchup of hillary clinton and donald trump. >> i' m going to go after one person, hillary clinton.
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with a clear eye on her nomination. with a commanding lead in the delegate count, clinton is already taking on trump. >> america never stopped being great. lana: ted cruz won his home state of texas and oklahoma. marco rubio won his first state, minnesota, ensuring the race for the gop nomination will stretch on. but the night belonged to trump, who was a bit more gracious to his competitors. >> i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio, he had a tough night, but he works hard. lana: ted cruz feeling victorious with his texas win urged voters to think of it as a two-man race. >> if the race remains divided, donald' s path to the nomination
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lana: none of the remaining candidates on the republican side have given indication that they are dropping out, which could lead to a brokered convention. sean: we are getting a new look at just how critical the drug new hampshire. erin: our latest poll shows that 40% of adults say it is the biggest issue in the state. that is nearly three times as many people who point to the economy, the second biggest issue. ray: keene hates heroin is a grassroots group that helped launched emma' s circle. the circle is a support group open to caregivers of children whose parents struggle with heroin abuse or who have died from overdoses. they provided judgment free
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with the number of overdoses growing, organizers say supporting those is key. >> the people that are raising them don' t have a lot of resources or a lot of support. that was my goal. i' ve been through this. if i can offer support to other families, that makes what i' ve gone through a little easier. ray: turnout from last night was small, but organizers say there are many other people who can benefit. reporting in the studio, ray brewer. erin: the zika virus has officially arrived in new hampshire for the first time. state health officials confirmed that a granite state woman confirmed -- contracted the virus after having sex with her partner who traveled to the area affected by the zika virus. she is not pregnant, has already
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>> anyone who travels should take precautions to not get mosquito bites. erin: state health officials are urging pregnant women to reconsider travel plans to areas where the zika virus is prevalent. sean: one person is dead after a fiery crash on interstate 89 in enfield. troopers and bystanders tried to save the driver, but the flames were too intense. the highway was closed for 45 minutes or the flames were doused. police are still notifying family members. two people are dead and seven others hurt after an suv slammed into a busy pizza shop in newton, massachusetts.
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the counter into the ovens right at the dinner rush. the driver was treated and released. it is unclear if he will face charges. erin: the state medical examiner says it appears a hiker found dead on a trail over the weekend died of hypothermia. the autopsy on timothy hallock' s body was completed yesterday. two other hikers found him between mount adams and mount jefferson. it is unclear how long his body had been there. a construction flagger hit by a tree more than two weeks ago has now died from his injuries. 77-year-old donald ferland died of severe head wounds at dartmouth-hitchcock medical center. he was struck while on the job. sean: a convicted murderer is asking for a judge to let him out of prison early. eric windhurst pleaded guilty to
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he agreed to a minimum 15 year sentence, but he wants to get out five years early, citing a law that allows for a reduced sentence. his attorney says he is not a threat to the community. >> he is where he deserves to be for sure. so, we' d like to keep in there for every day possible. the sentence was 15-36 and he deserves every bit of it. sean: the state has 30 days to file an objection. erin: still ahead, tornadoes can be terrifying, but imagine getting caught outside with nowhere to hide. survive. sean: fans will be able to bring their four-legged friends to catch a game this season. erin: support is growing to legalize marijuana for
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>> you are watching wmur news 9 daybreak with erin fehlau, sean donald, and kevin skarupa. now, news 9 continues. kevin: wednesday morning, march 2. winter weather advisory' s posted away from the coast line. a quick 2-4 inches of snow for the north country. it has been an extra rain and sleet through the morning commute for southern areas. sean: thanks. speaking of the weather, we are in the middle of one of the strongest el nio' s on record. not much snow, mild temperatures. tonight at 11:00, josh judge takes a look at what we can
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years from the past. could it give us an indication on spring? erin: a lot of people will be tuning in. sean: a woman in louisiana survived a tornado without shelter. erin: the twister with 140 mile-per-hour winds touched down and kyra johnson was stuck outside. she tried to take cover inside, but the doors were already locked. surveillance video shows are trying to protect herself from the flying debris. >> i braced myself between the coke machine. i did not know really what it looked like. i just figured i was in a tornado. erin: coke machine she used for protection fell over in the storm, but she was not hurt and no one inside the store was hurt either. sean: few people can tell a story like that. the ballpark is
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the arizona diamondbacks are teaming up with petsmart to create the first-ever full season. friendly baseball park. for sunday games, they will offer dog friendly patio seating and a play area. they will also have ice cream with kibble toppings. erin: where can we fit that at fenway? [laughter] sean: i suspect other ballparks will watch this experiment. erin: residents of flint, michigan have been dealing with dangerous water for more than a year now. they are now fighting a new water battle as the bills keep coming. sean: mcdonald' s is getting
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erin: residents in flint
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make the city stopped charging them for water. the city keeps spending -- sending bills despite providing undrinkable water for the last 18 months. this morning, the state said lead levels have dropped significantly at most test sites. sean: the unemployment rate in new hampshire has dropped to years. that is also far below the national unemployment rate. governor hassan says it is another sign that the state is strong and getting stronger. discount grocery chain aldi will now start accepting credit cards to lure in more customers. until now, they only accept it cash and debit cards. derry is the only new hampshire location. the company is growing rapidly with plans for another 500 stores by 2018.
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s is introducing unique new options, though not in the u.s. yet. in sweden, kids can get happy goggles with their happy meals. the happy meal box turns into a virtual reality goggle that links with a smartphone. mcdonald' s also launched a virtual-reality ski game to help celebrate 30 years of happy meals in sweden. in canada, australia, and the united kingdom, you can get a cadbury creme egg mcflurry. combining the popular easter candy with soft serve ice cream will certainly provide a sugar buzz with 55 grams of sugar in each serving. not here, but maybe someday. sean: i love the cadbury creme egg. i' m willing to fly to sweden. kevin: you are putting an actual egg yolk into a mc flurry. [laughter]
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sean: i' m going to get you some cadbury creme eggs and some peeps. kevin: peeps in a blender? [laughter] let' s move on to the weather. we are done with our think tank. depending on elevation, we have sleet. in some spots, it was going for several hours. this has been in the form of snow. whatever you have will be winding down mid to late morning in the eastern -- southern half of the state. it should be mild around midday. temperatures will start falling off as a wind starts to switch to the west and gust over 25 afternoon. s and teens. wind chill'
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time we start the day tomorrow. we may have a couple of flurries or a snow shower around on friday. you can see a back edge moving' s -- moving through central parts. we are expecting some clearing and a wind to pick up out of a westerly direction. last of the snow up north, maybe an additional inch or two, some sleep mixing in even in the north country. for southern areas, it is likely in the form of rainfall. then the winds pick up and we should see the milder temperatures between 35 and 48 start to slide back from west to east as the wind does switch to the west. for now, the occasional gust,
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midday highs right around 35-48 from north to south. we slide back between zero and 20 overnight. a system passing well to ourselves on friday could spread some extra clouds in here and that could be a couple of flurries or light snow showers. once that goes by, we get an area of high pressure in time for the weekend. a quick jump in temperature either side of midday and then as the wind picks up, temperatures start to fall off this afternoon. single-digit' s and teens tonight. a slip back into the 20' s for highs. these numbers are below normal for this time of year. friday, a few flurries around. you will notice that the end of the extended forecast, temperatures are in the 40' s monday, 50' s on tuesday.
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sean: the warm-up. kevin: the roller coaster. erin: the groundhog, was he right? kevin: we will find out after that warm-up. ray: a new support group has formed in keene to help those dealing with the heroin crisis. a new poll shows that 40% of granite staters consider the drug problem to be the most important issue facing the state. the support group is open to the support group is open to caregivers of parents whose children have died. sean: a woman in new hampshire contracted the zika virus after having sex with her partner who traveled to the area where the zika virus is prevalent. troopers and bystanders tried to save a driver in a crash in
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erin: astronaut scott kelly is back on the ground for the first time in nearly a year and he
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kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, kate: and i'm kate. kelly & kate:
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sean: the future has arrived at a small college in california where there is now a self driving shuttle offering rides to and from campus. erin: the electric prototype a preprogrammed loop. a button to make it go. designers say it is perfect for campus settings. so long as it is not in a crowd. [laughter] sean: out of the way. lazy students. erin: does it have a horn? [laughter]
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astronaut scott kelly is back on begins. erin: he touched down overnight. emerged. he said he feels great. testing is underway to see how his body was affected by his 340 days in space. researchers will compare his results to his twin brother, who year. his brother mark kelly tweeting out scott kelly is back at home. he has been off planet for a year. sean: he is a true alien. imagine the first thing he wants to do, maybe a hamburger after eating space rations. a state championship celebration. the team did not actually win the game. erin: fighting the dress code. parents at one school just want their daughters to be able to
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning, everybody. a live look at meredith. 34 degrees. some places seeing snow, some are seeing rain, a mix in the middle of the state. erin: some schools are delaying their starts today. as new hampshire continues to deal with a major drug crisis, a new organization is aiming to help people caring for children whose parents struggle with addiction. a new poll shows that the
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support the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana in new hampshire. results from super tuesday are now in. hillary clinton and donald trump won the most contests. sean: it could be slippery out there. happy birthday to jon bon jovi speaking of slippery when wet. you like that? kevin: that is really smooth 45:30 in the morning. -- for 5:30 in the morning. [laughter] kevin: we have a wintry mix that has been going for a couple of hours. temperatures start off the day near or above reasoning -- freezing. this afternoon and temperatures begin to fall. s check out the roads. here is a live look at i-93. erin: for a look of the morning
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s deb davidson. good morning. deb: good morning. with the heavy rain falling in the southern part of the state, you do need to allow extra time and extra room for the car in front of you. the dot crews have been out all night, especially north of the concord area, treating i-93. you still need to be aware of of the tilton area. the speed limit has also been reduced to 45 miles per hour. on interstate 89, you need to be extra cautious. in the southern part of the state, there is a crash on 95 north north of the 101 merge. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump are taking victory laps after sweeping a series of super
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sean: nikole killion has a closer look at the state of the race. nikole: hillary clinton will rally supporters in new york today. donald trump has no scheduled event. >> what a super tuesday. nikole: super sweet. >> the next president of the united states. nikole: donald trump and hillary clinton cleaning up in a super night with wins in seven states. >> ima unifier. once we get all of this finished , i' m going to go after one person -- hillary clinton. >> we know we' ve got work to do. but that work, that work is not america never stopped being great. nikole: bernie sanders nabbed four states. >> when we stand together, we will be victorious.
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turf in texas and picked up oklahoma and alaska. >> our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly head to head. nikole: marco rubio clinched his first win in minnesota. >> we' ve all been underdogs, but we will win. nikole: ohio governor john kasich and ben carson vowed to stay in the race, at least for now. sean: thanks. the drug epidemic continues to pose a major problem for new hampshire. erin: 40% of adults surveyed in new hampshire say that drug abuse is the number one issue in the state. now, a new group is hoping to help families affected by addiction. ray brewer joins us live. ray: it was a small turnout for keene hates heroin, a grassroots group that helped get the
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affected by addiction and the inspiration came from a seven-year-old girl. >> she is no longer in her life because of her struggles. ray: jennifer has been caring for her seven-year-old niece. her story is the inspiration for a new support group called emma' s circle. the group' s first meeting was held tuesday night at keene' s serenity center. they will get together to provide a judgment free environment for those taking in other people' s children. >> the people raising them don' t have a lot of support. i' ve been through this and if i could offer some help to other families, that makes what i' ve gone through a little easier to cope with. ray: according to a new poll, more than half of new hampshire residents know someone who has abused heroin or similar deadly drugs.
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complex, organizers hope to provide some assistance. >> this is available for them. this support is here. hopefully, other things will grow out of it. ray: once again, well it was a small turnout bus night, organizers have heard from others who just feel uneasy talking about the issue. they are hoping it becomes a stable group and they would like to get some funding to help grow the organization. sean: our latest granite state poll is revealing how residents feel about recreational marijuana. 62% of those surveyed support legalizing marijuana for recreational use in new hampshire. >> this is continuing to get more and more support as time goes on, as other states have legalized it. i think it may be something the legislature is going to put up again. >> if we make it recreational,
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getting it even more readily and it could be their gateway drug. that is my issue with it. sean: more than 70% of those polled say that they would support selling at in a licensed retail outlet and taxing it. erin: the investigation continues into a crash in kensington that left two men dead and a third fighting for his life. police say this toyota fourrunner crossed the line and hit mailboxes and trees before flipping over twice. 21-year old malachi davis and 21-year-old hunter vars both died at the scene. 20-year-old jack perreault was airlifted to boston, where, at condition. they were all members of the 2013. sean: state police are asking for your help in tracking down a driver involved in a hit and run
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pole -- a car hit a mailbox and pole. the car is most likely a black 2001-2009 volvo s60 like the one seen here. erin: sam brenton police -- sanbornton police are on the lookout for a utility trailer that was stolen and contained tools and construction equipment. five years later, a snowmobile trailer was stolen from the same road. that had to snowmobiles inside. sean: several police officers from new hampshire travel to virginia yesterday to pay their respects to a fellow officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. a funeral service was held in virginia for fallen officer
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she was a marine reservist and a 2005 graduate of merrimack high school. >> she was a member of our close-knit merrimack family. we are coming down here for that purpose. it is a much more tragic thing for us to reconcile and get our arms around and we want to be here for the family. sean: she will be buried on monday in west springfield, massachusetts. thousands of officers are expected to be there. students attending urban schools likely to be given in school suspensions. those kids are three times as likely to begin an out of school suspensions. all of new hampshire' s urban schools are located in hillsboro county and more than 15% of the attend urban schools. sean: the skating rink at strawbery banke will be reopening on friday despite
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suspected case of vandalism. an anonymous donor has offered to pay for repairs to puddle duck pond so the community can enjoy it for one final weekend. kudos to that donor. erin: that is great. coming up, a dress code controversy in north carolina. >> it is 2016. it is not 1950. erin: some parents are suing a charter school because their daughters are not allowed to wear pants. sean: it may look like a costume, but this get up is serving an important purpose. kevin: heavy rain for southern areas of the state. wintry mix in central spots. the snow continues in far northern areas. we will have the details on the
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>> you are watching wmur news 9 daybreak with erin fehlau, sean mcdonald, and kevin skarupa. 2. still snowing, but probably league.
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a couple of inches of snow already reported in the north country. a quick jump in temperature by the midday, but the western wind will start to drop temperatures. erin: the mbta has released a final report on a runaway train in that that happened back in december. sean: the operator tight a microphone cord around the throttle and forgot to set the emergency brake when he got off the train to access the emergency bypass. the driverless train carrying 50 passengers went through several stops before transit workers cut power. the operator was fired after the incident and no one was hurt. erin: some parents in north carolina are taking a charter school to court over its dress code. they say it is unfair that the daughters are not allowed to wear pants or shorts to school.
5:45 am
can only wear skirts, squorts, or jumper dresses. >> it sets a precedent that she is not as valuable as the boys. her comfort and what she feels, it does not matter. >> the only thing i want out of this is that my daughter has the option of wearing pants. erin: the school' s founder told one parent that the 1999 columbine school shooting motivated the charter school to enforce the dress code to preserve chivalry and respect among young women and men. sean: the boston bruins were on their home ice taking on the calgary flames. former dartmouth star lee stepney act -- stempniak got his first start. the flames tied it up in the third period. a late penalty was called on calgary for having too many men
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patrice bergeron made them pay. boston wins 2-1. erin: the unh wildcats are part of a big night of college hoops tonight. they will play bing and 10 in the first round of the america east tournament. sean: a basketball team in rhode celebrations during the state championship. the team in blue was winning into the air to run the clock out. the only problem is that they did not actually win. the other team caught the ball and called timeout before the clock expired. they were able to score quickly and win the title. too quick on the celebration. erin: wow. it is not over until it is over. some pet owners are turning to a new tool to protect their animals.
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the plant -- the best has plastic spikes and whiskers to protect the patch. veterinarians say the best protection is to keep a close eye on pets. here i thought it was so we could see the white dog in the white snow. sean: it probably is multipurpose. [laughter] sean: every little bit helps. it is an interesting look. kevin: dare i say it is quite the investment? sean: oh. kevin: just for the record. sean: it has now been duly noted. [laughter] kevin: rainfall is coming down hard in the southern half of the state right now. wintry mix and rain in some central spots depending on your elevation. in the north country, it has been snowing for a good part of
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3.5" is of snow officially in the mount washington valley. we will continue to see the general 2-4 in the white mountains. any sort of rain, mix, or snow winds down from southwest to northeast. we will have midday highs between the mid-30' s and upper 40' s. temperatures will start to fall as the wind turns to the west. lows between zero and 20 from north to south will feel much colder than that as we start the day tomorrow. highs will check back for most locations into the 20' s. we have a couple of flurries around southern areas on friday. we kind of revert back to the winter-type temperatures out there. anywhere from the foothills, parts of the north country, all the way farther south into the lakes region, winter weather advisory' s posted all the way up
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you are seeing sleet, freezing rain, snow up north. if you are headed out the door in the next couple of hours, it does look like the rainfall will essentially be pedaling up on area roadways and making for low visibility out there. we will look for a very quick end to this before we turn the winds to the west. we have strong winds over 25-30 miles per hour. the temperatures will start falling off later today. very heavy rain out there later this morning. the snow is still trying to hang on up north. the back edge of this certainly makes its way through mid to late morning and sets up temperatures in the 40' s across a good part of the state. we are near our highs for the day. temperatures are pushing up closer to the shoreline. mid-30' s back to the west. you get into central spots and
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it depends on your elevation. while it has been snow most of the night in the north country, look for a switch to a wintry mix. high temperatures will be right around midday. skies will start clearing in the afternoon and it sets up that colts night tonight. chillier conditions for tomorrow and friday. temperatures start to warm a bit into the start of next week. the wind will be noticeable tomorrow evening. clouds will be on the increase for the day on friday. s and then easing back from there. the winds will remain up later on tonight. as far as the extended forecast is concerned, we are seeing
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we will go from -- to a warming week. s on tuesday. may not be done for wednesday and thursday. erin: spring has arrived. kevin: it is only march 2. march 2. erin: march is women' s history month. while ithub has released -- wallethub has released a list of the best states for women. new hampshire came in at number three. maine and massachusetts rounded out the top five. new england is a great place for ladies. sean: governor maggie hassan has announced the winners of the 1215 what is so cool about manufacturing? videos.
5:52 am
place and the $1000 grand prize maker. cool video. second place went to kingswood middle school. erin: that is so need to get the kids out into the factories. sean: very creative kids. coming up, the idea of self excitement. most drivers are actually afraid of them, according to a survey. this beautiful fish is named josh after our own josh judge. erin: what? sean: the owner decided on the name after seeing one of josh' s weather maps with lots of blue
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sean: a reporter for
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money for a special order from burger king. it was stacked with $80 worth of pickles. this was one outrageous order he recently made. he also ordered one with 1000 slices of cheese and one with 1000 slices of bacon. did he actually finish them? [laughter] erin: $80 worth of pickles? kevin: that is the vision you need to have on that story. erin: a new survey shows that most drivers are not all that comfortable with the idea of a self driving car. sean: i like it. according to the survey by aaa, 75% of drivers say they would not feel safe in a self driving car. 60% say they would like to get some sort of self driving feature like parking. kevin: could we study that camera a little? erin: it does make me nervous seeing the little kids. sean: did you see the teacher?
5:57 am
sean: maybe that will be the first level. you just hit the button and it parallel parks for you. erin: that is happening. sean: coming up, state health officials are confirming the first case of zika virus in new hampshire. how they say a woman contracted the virus. lana: the super tuesday results are in. what does it mean for american politics? i will have the details coming up. sean: a woman in louisiana is sharing her incredible survival story. she made it through a tornado after getting stuck outside in a storm. erin: a hospital in connecticut is giving people a chance to do something extra special with
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>> when we unify, nobody is going to beat us. >> we have come too far to stop now. erin: a super tuesday for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> there is a growing need for these families and their children. sean: there is a new -- to


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