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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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roofing accident at the new public safety complex project in bow. good evening, everyone, i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. both men were knocked to the ground when roof support that they were installing buckled. jean: wmur's amy coveno is joining us live from the bow fire department to show us what made the emergency response so quick. reporter: we're here at the current bow fire department, but it's just a couple hundred yards down the hill public safety complex. that project ground to a halt this morning. the fire chief was on scene at 9:30 this morning when two workers were knocked to the ground. town officials say the men were installing prefabricated wooden roof truss wees one buckled and fell onto the men. the men were taken to concord hospital with serious but not
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injuries. >> one had a broken leg and ankle. the other one had a mild concussion. couple stitches. and he bruised his elbow. reporter: osha spent more than two hours on the site doing their investigation, and the company who built those prefab trusses, they were here checking out the scene as well. town officials tell us they hope to be back to work tomorrow. tom: been charged with violating privacy rules for drivers licenses. joan joseph looked up the owner of a vehicle with a particular registration number as a favor for a friend. investigators say that violate the new hampshire driver privacy act. joseph was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. tonight the victims of what prosecutors call a multimillion dollar pobz i scheme now know how much money they'll get in
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that involved 81 victims. andy hershberger is live in the newsroom with that story. reporter: the issue before a federal court judge was how much money should be paid to the financial fraud victims of aaron olson. he pleaded guilty to tax evasion in connection with what prosecutors say was a ponzi scheme, involving more than 80 victims and millions >> he got their money, he invested some but he kept a lot% and through the course of the years none of these investments were profitable, he was in the red all the time and he lied to his victims and told them that they were making money, he showed false earning statements to them that encouraged them to give him even more money to invest. reporter: defense lawyers argue the victims went only entitled to about 17 million in compensation. according to paperwork filed
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anywhere from just about $2,000 to more than $5 million. and place the compensation figure closer to $23 million. >> here folks were stolen from and they're entitlessed for restitution to be made 100% whole from where their position originally was when they gave the defendant money because he defrauded them. reporter: the judge sided with the prosecution and ordered that restitution begin immediately. >> we'ui judge's order. i think it's fair, it's equitable and it serves justice. olson is serving a five-year prison term, and how the money will be repaid is estimate unclear. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. jean: to commitment 2016 now. tonight the justice department says it will dedicate all the resources needed to quickly review thousands of new e-mails to see if any are relevant to its investigation into hillary
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developments. reporter: jean, the clinton campaign and democratic leaders have been pressuring the justice department to release more information about this latest batch of e-mails. the october surprise that rocked the clinton campaign centers around, what else, e-mails. >> there is no -- >> the bombshell fame friday when f.b.i. director comey notify congress that appear to be pert neb to the clinton probe. the sexting investigation involves anthony wiener. the estranged husband of close clinton aide who isn't commenting on this. >> she has told people within the krn campaign that she doesn't know how those e mails came to be on the devices that the federal investigators appear to have collected. reporter: including a laptop
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"washington post" op ed writing that he violated long standing policy, quote, he has committed a serious error with potentially severe implications. the white house says it won't criticize or defend comey's actions and calls him a man of integrity and character. >> the president is completely confident that director comey has not taken any steps to try to intentionally influence the outcome of the election. reporter: we reached out to the f.b.i. and justice department for making any public statements at this time. and with just eight days to go, there's no official word on how long this probe might take. the justice department says it is trying to get it done as quickly as possible. sally kidd, wmur news 9. jean: hillary clinton is trying to push past the e-mail controversy and is campaigning in the key battle ground state
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cafe in cleveland where she mingled with customers and she will also attend an early vote be event at kent state university. there she warned supporters that a trump presidency would lead to a dangerous world. >> let's not get distracted from the real choice in this election, and the consequences for your future. [cheers and applause] jean: clinton has another event in cincinnati tonight and then heads to florida tomorrow. and republican nominee d in michigan today. during a rally in grand rapids he warned about voter fraud again, and urged supporters that they should get out and vote by the millions. trump also threw jabs at hillary clinton. >> the clinton crime spree ends on november 8, it going to end on november 8. and when we close the chapter on the clintons, we open a bright new chapter focused on the
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with running mate mike pence in wisconsin. tom: there's new information about campaign contributions being returned by governor hassan's campaign for the u.s. senate. news 9 learned that the campaign will return a total of $51,000 to a massachusetts law firm. that includes $13,000 from hassan's gubernatorial campaign two years where the latest wmur granite state poll. we'll have a look at where things stand eight days from election night in new hampshire's congressional races. here's josh mcelveen. josh: in an election cycle filled with unexpected story lines, the race for the second congressional district between incumbent an any kuster and hudson republican jim lawrence might be the closest thing there is to a sure thing in new hampshire.
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election were held today, 45 to 31%. in the first district however an i believe candidate is muddling things. >> o'connor's entrance into the race has shaken it up a bit. josh: shea porter holds a five-point lead over guinta, with o'connor getting 13% if the election were held today. but the election is not today. and 23% of first district voters have yet t night's granite state debate critical for all of them. >> i went won't be the first time that voters have seen shea porter and guinta. it will probably be the first time anyone sees sean o'connor and it's really an opportunity for him to make his case. josh: with only a week to go before voters head to the polls, time leaves very little marriage infor error for any candidate on the ballot. tom: ahead of the election one group is making sure candidates
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aarp in new hampshire has been traveling the state for months to bring attention to social security reform. members are highlighting the fact that the entitlement program will be forced into dramatic cuts in the years ahead if it goes unchecked. >> we're asking for the next president to lead, the next congress to act, and we've been going all around the state to about 150 candidate events beginning with the presidential primary up until now. tom: we are likely to hear more about the iss state debates which start tomorrow. candidates for governor are up first, followed each night of this week by the candidates for senate, new hampshire's congressional districts as well. all the debates begin at 7:00 p.m. jean: tonight you'll want to keep your eyes peeled, it is halloween night and some spooky little creatures and superheros will soon start popping up on many streets, although some got an early start at places like the plaistow police station.
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for your forecast. josh j.: it's clear right now, the temperatures will be dropping, as you might expect this time of evening. let's zoom into southeastern new hampshire first and show you the temperatures right now in the 40's. the next couple of hours, here's a preview, temperatures dropping to the upper 30's and lower 40's by 9:00 this evening. southwestern new hampshire right now in the low to mid 40's. you can expect those down by 8:00 or 9:00 at night, in the 30's. so make sure especially farther inland that you're bundling up the kids, or yourself, as you're heading out this evening. lower 40's up ander 30's in central parts of the state and those temperatures dropping down into the low to mid 30's by 8:0d finally in northern new hampshire as you'd expect, coolest there, already upper 30's. by 9:00 tonight we're down into the lower 30's, so down near freezing by the end of the trick
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air stick around. mike haddad will be back in a few minutes with your full forecast. tom: thanks, josh. jean: watch out for dancing mummies at the seacoast. tom: our weekend rain hit a milestone in one city, up next, can did it make a dent in the drought. jean: who discovered a woman stuck in her crashed car for almost a week. >> i got about 20 feet away from that car started to stand up. >> you could hear the bank, it was pretty loud. tom: at 5:30, a fire truck crashes into a line of cars on a narrow boston street. then at 6:00 -- >> an epping family is counting their blessings after some heroic action by their teen-age son. i'm jennifer crompton, we'll
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molly's not thinking about cancer today, but three years from now, a routine screening will catch it early and make all the difference.
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to cancer screenings and birth control for thousands of women, it's politics for him. for molly, it's the rest of her life. the stakes are too high to make chris sununu governo. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first
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jean: time for a quick check on how traffic is flowing around the state. live pictures over 293 in manchester. shows some southbound backup. tom: peggy james joins us live
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commute. >> hi tom and jean. we had have one accident, earlier in littleton on main street. otherwise most of the main highways are looking pretty good. we're being treated to a pretty good ride. 93 no issues from the state line all the way up to manchester. 293 you do have that mild slowdown on the southbound side. that usually clears out quickly. looking good through the hooksett tolls and up to concord. when you get to concord itself a little delay between exits 12 and 14, but nothing major. to the 114 intersection. everett turnpike northbound a steady ride. 101 looks good to the coast. no big tieups on the spaulding turnpike. do watch out for the trick or treaters this evening. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: tonight we've learned the man who died in a claremont accident was a beloved pastor.
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killed while working on a vehicle on white hill road. investigators believe the vehicle slipped off the jack. a gofundme page has been set up to help his family pay for his funeral. tom: tonight a man is charged with reckless driving after he crashed into a crowd of nascar fans at a speedway in virginia yesterday. at least 22 people were hurt. it happened in the parking lot after the race the victims range in age from 13 to 65 years old. some went to the hospital, but all are a woman in california who was missing for almost a week has been found, alive. after rolling over her s.u.v. some hikers spotted the vehicle and found her trapped inside. lauren lyster spoke to those rescuers. reporter: a woman macing for nearly a week is recovering today after this dramatic rescue from her overturned vehicle. it all started with this good samaritan, spotting the rolled over s.u.v. from afar.
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right. reporter: doug beerdon hiking the terrain with his girlfriend to get a better look, discovering a wreck. >> i got about 20 feet away from that car and the hair on my neck started to stand up. reporter: inside the driver trapped but alive. >> she could barely lift her head, all i heard was like -- reporter: doug stayed with the car and his girlfriend ran home to call 911. >> it was really it's on some rocks upside down. reporter: first responders rushing to the scene, stablizing the car and identifying the woman inside as 69-year-old barbara mcpherson, reported missing five days earlier. >> she was about 100 feet down on the slope from the top of the ridge. it was about a 30-degree slope on the ridge, and the car was actually leaning downhill and it was very unstable.
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freeing mcpherson from the s.u.v. and getting her to safety. a medical helicopter transported mcpherson from the scene to a hospital. her condition was reported as serious, but she is expected to recover. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. jean: one lucky woman. new hampshire's drought is far from over, but there's encouraging news for portsmouth the city says october rainfall will be above average for the first time in more than a year. seacoast remains drought levels and restrictions remain in place. but officials say the last two weekends have been encouraging, after five inches of much needed surface water. >> we had a couple smaller storms earlier in october, so looks look for this month we're at about 7 inches, which is the first month we've been above average in 13 months. so it's good news for us. jean: because levels are still running several inches below normal, restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable
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mike: a dry day today after a few showers during the course of this weekend in some parts of new hampshire. but take a look at the statistics over the concord area, we've seen big-time improvement just over the past couple weeks. and especially this month with over 6 inches of rain. we are now up to 27.3 inches since the first of the year. the average to date is 33.69. that puts us at a 6in there is a high likelihood that come the drought update on thursday, we'll see the drought being squashed a little more to the south and east. can't guarantee that it will be eliminated, but it's a good bet, we'll have to see what happens as we go through the next few days. in plymouth it is fair, clear skies, a few scattered clouds in the northern distance, but not too bad out there today if you didn't mind the gusty wind and
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on the chilly side, upper 30's in the great north woods. 23 atop mount washington. about 40 to 45 in many other parts of new hampshire. later on tonight the winds will gradually diminish, they are already beginning to weaken slightly. so on average about five to 15 with a few higher gusts. where do we end up for overnight lows tonight, josh showed you with the dancing mummy earlier that readings would be coasting back nicely. but day day break cold, mid 20's in the monadnock region, low 20's in the great north woods, around 30 in the lakes region and lower 30's along the immediate coast, everyone else in the upper 20's. even though it's cool now and will be chilly tomorrow, it will be a little warm toard and then a nice warmup takes over for wednesday into thursday. tomorrow night an isolated
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northern parts of new hampshire. then the best shot. any rain will come in here during the day on thursday. so for tonight, year skies diminishing winds, chilly temperatures. tomorrow a fair amount of sunshine, a few high clouds, mainly up north. then a scattered shower up north for later tuesday night into early wednesday morning, then right back into the sun-cloud combo for wednesday. but again, it will be warmer with highs back into the lower maybe mid 60's. there's our next rain chance creeping in here on thursday. could be raining at any point during the day foreign new hampshire. best chance of showers in southern zones will be during the afternoon. what happens once that front clears? temperatures will tumble, right back to or slightly below the average. upper 40's, southern new hampshire, gusty winds will make it feel colder. some sunshine though will help to warm it up back close to average and then we're right around 50 over the course of the weekend. maybe a little bit milder early next week.
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we get. jean: thanks, mike. there is new hope tonight for children with peanut allergies. tom: up next a little patch that could make a big difference. >> gun gap, i'm nikole killion in washington comparing and contrasting the candidates' views on the second amendment, what voters need to know co joanne: she's not fooling me.
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vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. andrew crossley: new hampshire has a senator who works just as hard as we do.
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to unleash that potential. ron goguen: she's out there fighting for good-paying jobs. andrew crossley: kelly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills for the 21st century. sue winter: she's fought against workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here. sue martin: kelly is a powerful voice for new hampshire's working families. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? he'll be a rubber stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. that's the key difference in this race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta
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jean: welcome back. a new skin patch could help children with peanut allergies. tom: that patch delivers small doses of peanut protein through the skin. researchers found that nearly half of those treated with the patch were able to eat at least 10 times more peanut protein than before. the patch needs f.d.a. approval. jean: here's a different kind of food focus, at the white house. live pictures from trick or avenue, there's president obama, and next to him you'll see the first lady. they've opened the white house to local children, and children of military members for tonight's festivities. they're handing out treats, one looks like a box with the presidential seal on it. and the first lady handing out little baggies of treats. this is an annual tradition they have here. also this year's halloween celebrations do have a new twist, we'll tell but that at
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jean: also ahead at 5:30, another granite state police department getting body cameras, but the source of the money is a mystery. tom: lots of people like visiting haunted houses, but would you want to actually live in one? the rules of real estate when it comes to haunted homes. jean: now to our u local hot shot, this is hadley's very first halloween. couldn't ask for a cuter pumpkin. submit your pictures and video, we'd love to see those costumes, just would you tell them to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? absolutely i would do that. like to punch him in the face. ahh, i don't know what i said. she ate like a pig. he's a war hero 'cause he was captured. i like people that weren't captured.
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ahh, i don't remember. would you point to him as a role model? absolutely i would do that. and you can tell them... to go [bleep] themselves. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. when you're raised by a single mom, you learn how important it is to live within your means. i'm colin van ostern, and i took that lesson to my work in business, and it's how i'll stand up for you as governor. by cutting inefficient spending using innovation to save tax dollars, we'll make new investments without a sales or income tax. to create clean energy jobs, protect affordable health care, and lower college costs and cut student debt. as governor, i'll stand up for you. ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges.
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to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. i'm maggie hassan when all three of these guys show up, they come up with some crazy ideas. sometimes, i just have to say, "no way." so i appreciate it when annie kuster says "no" she stood up to both parties to protect our benefits. annie's working to make sure we have a secure retirement. so i can worry about these guys instead. thanks, annie.
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jean: accused of kidnapping his own girlfriend, this man says he didn't do it. what he says was happening the day police put out his arrest warrant. tom: five people recovering tonight from a chain reaction crash triggered by a fire truck. mike: temperatures a little below the norm today, but that changes soon, when i swarms into the 60's plus the other changes on the way. jean: some of the the best menus in the country may be in a local dining hall. which granite state school made
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>> rated number one. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: a man accused of kidnapping his girlfriend at her job says investigators are misunderstanding what he calls a simple argument. welcome back. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. victor rosario turned himself in after a search spann wmur's ray brewer was in court as rosario faced a judge. reporter: victor rosario says what happened last thursday was no big deal. police say he told them that he and his girlfriend get into fights all the time, just like any other couple. victor rosario is charged with two counts of domestic violence, simple assault and one count of false imprisonment. rosario says the whole case against him is a misunderstanding. last thursday afternoon police
5:31 pm
girlfriends workplace in londonderry and dragged her from the building. a coworker calling 911. rosario says he was just walking side by side with her as they left the building. >> i was like, we was like that and she was walking with me. so there was no point, i was never like dragging her out. reporter: police say rosario then forced her into his car and drove to worcester. rosario says he was going there to sell his car. wh used cell phone pings to locate him and he was stopped. >> i pulled up and i got out from my car, went to the car to talk to him and it went from there. reporter: rosario was questioned and eventually released. on friday police issued an arrest warrant for him and he turned himself in. rosario says he and his girlfriend have been together three years and have a baby together the child was not involved in
5:32 pm
rosario says he would never hurt his girlfriend. however, according to court paperwork, he told police that the three scars on his abdomen were from a recent suicide attempt, and that attempting suicide was the only way to get his girlfriend to stay with him. rosario is frees on personal recognizance bail. however, he has been ordered to stay away from his girlfriend. he is due back in court on december 6th. ray brewer, wmur news 9. je start wearing body cameras thanks to an anonymous donation. someone gave the department $18,000 to buy the cameras. lebanon officers already wear microphones when on duty, but video is only recorded by cameras in the patrol cars. the town says the donation will cover the cost of 10 body cameras. tom: tonight five people including four firefighters are recovering from their injuries after a fire truck slammed into a vehicle in boston's back bay.
5:33 pm
avenue and dartmouth street shortly before noontime. officials say the trucks sirens were on at the time, the impact was so intense it forced the truck to crash into a line of at least 10 parked cars. >> what are you going to do, it's a car, it's a possession, it's not life or death. so it will be fine. >> my head is spinning a little bit, i don't know what i'm going to do, but i gotta get it fixed and get a rental car. tom: right now investigators are looking at video from traffic cameras in the area to figure out what jean: back to commitment 2016, the debate over gun policy is traditionally an issue and this campaign is no exception. nikole killion has more. reporter: from the orlando night club attack to the dallas police shootings, a are you newed spotlight on guns. >> could be the fear of having guns taken away, it could be the
5:34 pm
on the street. >> i support the second amendment. >> i am a very strong supporter of the second amendment. reporter: while the candidates shared some view tess debates -- >> if you're too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to buy a gun. >> i agree with you. reporter: their overall positions differ with donald trump emphasizing security. >> i will restore law and order. reporter: he's backed by the n. r.a. and has staked much of his platform on who will >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. reporter: though he stoked controversy with those comments. >> his cash -- casualic sighting of violence. that doesn't mean i want to abolish the second amendment. i want to keep you from being
5:35 pm
reporter: she supports expanded background checks, closing the gun show loophole and has alied herself with victims of gun violence. the gun policy gap between clinton and trump supporters is the widest since the 2000 campaign. >> more than 75% of clinton supporters saying they favor controlling gun ownership. only about 9% of trump supporters saying the same. it's an enormous gap. reporter: despite that gap, few found clinton and trump supporters proposals like preventing people with mental illness from getting guns. tom: a first of its kind event at the white house this halloween, visits by presidents from beyond the grave. several past presidents and first ladies played by impersonators haunted the building's hallways today, it was all part of public tours and in the spirit of halloween. teddy roosevelt greeted visitors in the entrance hall and declined to say anything about this year's election.
5:36 pm
behavior today and not make any comments about the current situation. i got in a world of trouble with mr. wilson. tom: visitors also got to take pictures with abraham link don, boy, he's a good one. and former first lady dolly madison. abigail adams gave a performance in the east room. jean: and they're all being politically correct there. if you're thinking about s you'll want to see our next story. tom: the expensive record reached by this popular type of plastic. jean: also ahead, would you buy a haunted house? on this halloween we look at the real world laws for homes that some say have other worldly guests. mike: dry most of this week. one rain chance, a look at that timeline ahead. tom: halloween health news, being scared may be good for
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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this is where the oil billionaire koch brothers hosted a fundraiser for kelly ayotte... this is where ayotte voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time. ayotte's campaigns collected millions from corporate interests. and voted for them, not you. she voted wall street banks billions in write offs for executive bonuses. voted big oil billions in tax breaks. but kelly ayotte voted against letting families refinance student loans. and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued
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approve this message. molly's not thinking about cancer today, but three years from now, a routine screening will catch it early and make all the difference. so when chris sununu voted to cut funding for planned parenthood, cutting access to cancer screenings and birth control for thousands of women, it's politics for him. for molly, it's the rest of her life. the stakes are too high to make chris sununu governo. by put new hampshire first
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tom: here's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. it was a down day on wall street with the dow jones industrial
5:40 pm
s&p down slightly as well as the nasdaq. jean: store credit cards have hit a record high on interest rates. a a report says the average for a store card is now nearly 24%, that's well above the overall card average that's just above 15%. in many cases the store cards do come with special discounts that can bring down the overall price, but if you don't plan to pay off your balance right away the fine print. tom: there are plenty of scary things about buying a new home, but what if your new home comes with a very spooky something kra? mary maloney looks at the law surrounding haunted houses. reporter: when watching your favorite haunted house movie, do you ever find yourself shouting at the screen, just leave. >> they're here. reporter: nuferl the real world, it's not that easy.
5:41 pm
that there had been a death on the property but it had occurred over 10 years ago, so there was no resource. reporter: a potentially haunted house is known as a stig pa tiezed property. disclosure laws vary state to state, but most require sellers to list any physical defects. when it comes to emotional defects, it buyer beware. >> i'm so glad you brought me on this tour, vivian, it's given me hope. no matter how gruesome or who are tibl murder, you find somebody out there who will buy the house. reporter: in one new york case commonly known as the ghost busters ruling, a couple was able to get their money back the court found that whether or not ghosts are real, the facts that the house had been widely reported as haunted affected its value. to know what you're walking into, visit died, for a price you can find out if any murders, suicides or deaths happened on the property.
5:42 pm
website. bottom line is who are you going to call. ghost busters. so which do you think is harder, having triplets or running a marathon? tom: this woman didn't try to decide, she did them both and also set a record. that story is next. jean: a big trade by the new england patriots, jamie will tell us which player is on his way to the browns. jennifer: straight ahead at 6:0n accident in bow sends two workers to the hospital. after a roof support what we're learning about their injuries. with just a week to go, the surprising number of undecided voters in new hampshire. what our new poll numbers reveal about how tight the race is for
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narrator: two kinds of business experience. chris sununu's family handed him a top-rated ski resort. he ran it into the ground. chris sununu cut jobs, dn't have to provide health insurance. colin van ostern went to college on student loans, became a stonyfield business manager. then a top executive at college for america. colin van ostern: i'm colin van ostern. real success is helping others get ahead. a bright new hampshire future starts with looking out for people. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998.
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who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
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jean: a north carolina mother may have broken a world record for running a half tom: a lot of work there, take a look at that. her 14-month-old triplets and a stroller combined weighed close to 120 pounds. more than the super mom's weight. she finished the race in just over two hours. >> the baby count three, i feel invigorated now. tom: the triplets spent the
5:46 pm
intensive care the mom says the race was the proudest run of her life. jamie: wonder if they got four race finishers medals there. jamie collins proving again no player is bigger than the team oriented system, the patriots traded tom the cleveland browns. collins would have been a free agent after this season and was said to be asking for huge money, so the pats traded tom the worst team in new england and in return gettings a third collins was third on the patriots 43 tackles this year, had a pair of interceptions. he's a good player, but jamie collins is off to cleveland the world series is not over yet, but game five last night in chicago, bottom of the fourth, chris bryant with a solo home run for the cubs and the cubs go onto win it and they win 3-2, they force a game six tomorrow night in cleveland. cubs have a couple of really
5:47 pm
arrieta and potentially kyle hendricks from dartmouth. >> why not us. it's kind of our, you know, i feel like we play our best with our backs up against the wall. we went out there today, took care of business, hopefully we can win game six, because you never know what could happen in a game seven. jamie: would love to see a game seven because the dartmouth graduated hendricks would be on the mound for the cubs. tom: a new hampshire college has made the list of best dining hall food. jean: our apologies if you're hungry right now, because chow how about put st. anselm college at number 15 on its list. part of the reason, the variety of food, and the students agree especially when it comes to breakfast. >> definitely breakfast, they have so many choices. if the grill is not open they'll have eggs benedict on sundays, that's always good, and i love going to the grill, they have awesome everything from pancakes
5:48 pm
>> it's almost like a home cooked meal here because i usually get chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies and i'm used to a big meal and here i feel like i can get almost anything i want. >> we should be rated number one. >> today's menu, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, bean ragu over polenta at lunch time. mike: can -- we just sent everybody off to the fridge. come on back. beautiful out at the coast, although it's on the chilly side. temperatures running a little below average. but that will start to change as we go on through the first few days of november. can you believe it? here we are on halloween night with a clear chilly one, a bright cool tuesday follows. and then look at that, for wednesday and thursday temperatures head much higher
5:49 pm
along about thursday before it cools back behind that front as we go into friday and at least the start of the weekend. yes it is quite cool for all those trick or treaters out there, heading out in the next few moments. 30's and 40's, will coast down another several degrees between now and 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. 23 atop mount washington, as it feels the part of winter no doubt about that. overnight tonight we bottom out around 22 or 23 on average in the great north woods. if skies clear in time and the wind will go light, we around 30 along the lake shore, but a half mile away from my lake shore you're mid to upper 20's by morning. same story in concord through the monadnock region. upper 20's to around 30 in downtown manchester and in nashua. at least for now it remains on the dry side after some beneficial rain on friday, and even a few showers over the weekend. this next batch moving through the great lakes will tend to fall apart as it moves north and northeastward. may clip northern parts of the state during later tomorrow
5:50 pm
morning, outside of that we have to wait until thursday for the next chance of rain. highs tomorrow making a run near 50 degrees. that's right around the average for this time of year. jumping ahead to wednesday, look at these highs as we head well above the average by 10 degrees in many spots. mid to upper 50's north with a blend of sun and clouds after an early morning shower. elsewhere between about 60 and 64. so temperatures, yes, will be heading much higher by the middle of the week. then once we get night and thursday, clouds begin to move in, and that means a change with some rain coming on in here, putting another dent in our drought deficit. we're talking about at least 20 to 30% below average rainfall from concord to manchester since the first of the year. so take a look at the next several days, again cold tomorrow morning, but a nice sunny day will help boost temperatures right at the average. speaking of average, we're well above that wednesday into thursday. doesn't really look like
5:51 pm
by friday, it all changes and we're right back to the average after a round of showers on thursday, we turn dryer again, breezy, cooler, right on into the start of the weekend. there are signs that it may stay a little cool for sunday into monday, but also other commuter models that drive temperatures right back above average, starting early and into the middle of next week, we'll have to see how that plays out. fantastic trick or treating weather. tom: if you d tonight but haven't figured out a costume, we can help. jean: up knicks, last minute costumes that do not require a trip to the store. tom: then police officers in at least one city will be a little more clean shaven tomorrow. we'll check in on the unusual fundraiser that makes a big
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:52 pm
joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to aks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this is where the oil billionaire koch brothers hosted a fundraiser for kelly ayotte... this is where ayotte voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time. ayotte's campaigns collected millions
5:53 pm
not you. she voted wall street banks billions in write offs for executive bonuses. voted big oil billions in tax breaks. but kelly ayotte voted against letting families refinance student loans. and against lowering the cost of prescription drugs. kelly ayotte's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content
5:54 pm
jean: a man in china quickly learned not to pet a sleeping panda bear. he snuck into the enclosure to show off to friends. once we got close to the panda it woke up and began wrestling with him. the man was able to escape with some minor injuries. we're told he'll be okay. but zoo officials say he is
5:55 pm
condon his actions as you can imagine. a good square may be good for your health. tom: some schoolses say haunted houses create adrenaline rushes which can increase your stamina and strength under stress. but of course it is possible for a scare to go too far. and psychologists say it's especially important not to force kids into something scary, especially when they're too young to tel believe. jean: and some adults too. tom: if you still haven't figured out as costume, there ae several options that can quickly, that you can make from things at home. add fake flowers to a laundry basket to a flower pot. jean: news 9 editor brook just needed a t-shirt and camera and became a tourists.
5:56 pm
overalls and some eye liner turns you into a really cute scare crow, straw hat definitely helps. jeans, flan expel boots make you a cow girl just like that. tom: and our morning producer anna suggested a nice duck into a box of serial yeah. what does that make you? a cereal killer.
5:57 pm
imagine if hillary clinton wins the white house... then what? liberal carol shea-porter? she'll be a rubber stamp for clinton's agenda. progressive shawn o'connor? er stamp, too. and you know their agenda: higher taxes. more government spending. and a weaker national defense. only frank guinta will put new hampshire first. that's the key difference in this race. frank guinta. he's on our side. i'm frank guinta
5:58 pm
>> now at 6:00, two construction workers hurt after part of a roof fell on them the role the location played in the quick response. >> he immediately called in for two ambulances because he saw the construction workers on the ground. tom: whitement 2016, new granite state poll numbers just released
5:59 pm
mike: a chilly one today but temperatures will be heading higher soon, when that happens plus how much warmer it gets jennifer: and brother to the rescue, tonight hear from at thing teen that ran back into a fire to save his little sister. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: two workers hurt in bow when the roof support they were working on buckled and gave way on top of them. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. the construction project is the site of the new public safety complex in bow. it is set to be complete early next year. wmur's amy coveno live with the fire department to explain. reporter: we're he original fire house in bow. this building is # 0 years old and by next year will be obsolete, that's because they're moving up the hill to a brand new public safety complex that's under construction.
6:00 pm
day though after two men were thrown to the ground by that roofing truss. this is a truss. a prefabricated roof support. crews subzfully installed dozens here at the site of bow's future public safety complex. but this morning something went wrong. >> one of them bowed, buckled, and came down, brought on the truss with it. reporter: jeff is the finance director in bow but is stepping in for the town manager who is out of town. he tells us at the construction site at the other end of the building when the accident happened. >> he immediately called in for two ambulances because he saw the construction workers on the ground. reporter: both were taken to concord hospital. >> one had a broken leg, and ankle. and the other one had a mild concussion, couple of stitches, and he bruised his elbow. reporter: construction was halted for the day


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