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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 1, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EDT

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of bedford. mike: chilly for now, but a nice warm-up is on the way soon. when that happens, plus how much higher temperatures will go. shelley: big donation. the new hampshire police department now getting body cameras thanks to a longtime resident. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: starting at 11:00 on this monday 2016. -- commitment 2016. granite staters head to the polls a week from tomorrow, but right now, many of them don't know who they'll vote for in some key races. good evening. i'm shelley walcott. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the final week of the campaign will be crucial for candidates locked in close races. the latest wmur granite state poll says 40% of likely voters say they haven't made a final decision in the u.s. senate race. and even more, 50%, say they're still making up their minds in
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with the major role undecided voters will play on election day. mike: if they haven't made a decision by now, analysts say voters could side with the party they associate with or even a gut feeling on election day. with polls opening a week from tomorrow, voters are running out of time to make up their minds. many of them haven't despite months of campaigning. >> i'm going to wait until the last minute, the last day. >> we haven't quite made up our minds yet because we're still mike: the latest wmur granite state poll shows a tightening race for the white house and new hampshire's senate race even closer with democrat maggie hassan leading republican kelly ayotte 44% to 43%. but among likely voters who were polled, 40% haven't made their final decision. in the governor's race, even more likely voters, 50%, haven't made their final decision with democrat colin van ostern leading republican chris sununu by five points. >> i think i would look for a candidate that's backing the
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matter what their party affiliate is. i think they should be going with their party affiliate. >> but then every day, you hear something different, so it kind of swings me around a little bit. mike: because of the presidential race, political anyalysts say granite staters might be less familiar with local candidates and could be unpredictable next tuesday. >> undecided voters at this point often tend to be people who are less involved in politics on a regular basis. they don't pay quite as close attention to it on a daily basis. they may make a decision based on less information. may come for many over the next few days. >> that final weekend, and kind of just the sort of general feeling about whether one candidate has momentum, could make the difference. mike: though undecided voters may not know right now how they'll fill out their ballots, there is something they all agree on. >> i can't wait until it's over. mike: political analysts are also looking for whether there's more split voting this cycle, meaning we could see more people vote for a mix of democrats and republicans rather than voting down the ballot for just one party. live in the studio, mike cronin,
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right now, the finishing touches are being put on our debate stage at st. anselm college. they kick off tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. right here on wmur. first with the candidates for governor, followed by u.s. senate and both congressional districts later this week. tom: now to the race for the white house. the latest poll shows the race tightening. if the election were held today, hillary clinton would defeat donald trump by a seven-point margin. trump with libertarian gary johnson and green party candidate jill stein combining to get seven points of support. hillary clinton campaigned in ohio today where she criticized the fbi for announcing friday it was reviewing more material that could be linked to clinton's e-mail scandal. the bureau will be reviewing e-mails tied to clinton's aide huma abedin, focusing on a laptop that belonged to former congressman and abedin's estranged husband anthony weiner. the clinton campaign calling the
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double standard. mrs. clinton: and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion that they did when they looked at my e-mails for a year. there is no case here. tom: the clinton campaign manager calls this a distraction from the issues that matter to voters and he's asking the fbi director to offer a public explanation, especially this close to election day. and vermont senator bernie sanders will be in new hampshire tomorrow. he will make a stop at plymouth tomorrow. he will make a stop at plymouth dartmouth for an event at 2:30. both events are get out the vote rallies. and then he goes to portland, maine for a rally and is off to michigan wednesday. shelley: meanwhile, republican nominee donald trump spent his day on the campaign trail in michigan. he held several rallies where he urged supporters that they should get out and vote by the millions. he also threw jabs at hillary clinton, saying that she is not a good role model. an attack that is very similar to the one clinton has used
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mr. trump: you know, i have a son named barron. and i want to tell you she's a terrible example for my son and for the children of this country. that i can tell you. shelley: trump made his claim after attacking clinton's use of a private e-mail server, suggesting that she was corrupt. tom: the police chief in bedford calls a situation alarming. officers in the town made five drunk driving arrests over the wmur's suzanne roantree is live in bedford with what the department is doing to crack down on drunk drivers. suzanne: the first arrest came just before month -- midnight on friday night. the last one at 3:00 a.m. sunday morning and one of those arrested was just 17 years old. police say three of the arrests were made after officers stopped drivers for erratic driving or other moving violations.
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driver's seat at a bedford gas station. she was arrested at the hospital after it was determined she was highly intoxicated. police say the number of arrests over the weekend is alarming, but say the most concerning arrest was that of a 17-year-old who was injured when the car he was driving rolled over on liberty hill road early sunday morning. >> the investigation is still ongoing. the operator was arrested for driving while intoxicated and the investigation concerns whether or not the operator came from an underaged drinking party. suzanne: chief john bryfonski says those five arrests bring it to over 60 people that have been arrested for dwi this year. that's up 40% over last year. >> that's an alarming increase here in town. as you know, we had two fatal motor vehicle accidents back to back on july 29 and july 30. as a result, we instituted an intensive traffic enforcement program. suzanne: police are intensifying their patrols and are focusing
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>> signaling for turns, staying within the fog lines and the yellow lines. speeding, either excessive speeding or sometimes very, very slow. making wide turns. things like that are tell tale to officers. suzanne: police say if you find yourself too impaired to drive a car, call a cab, a friend, your family member. road at risk. live in bedford, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. shelley: right now, the new hampshire community college system is working with police to recover $130,000 after becoming a victim of wire fraud. a college system spokeswoman says they had been making payments on a project by check, but was recently asked to pay through an electronic funds transfer through an organization called automated clearing house. but, they say it was a fraud and funds didn't go to the vendor.
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a fire forced the hutchins family out of their epping home last week. mom julia had been watching a movie with 16-year-old brandon's younger brother and two sisters, including three-year-old melodi, when the smoke alarms went off. when they got outside, they did a head count and realized melodi was missing. that's when brandon rushed back inside. >> could not see anything. i was just making guesses where things were and i didn't have my glasses on. i had grabbed her. i had almoel stairs because the smoke got me really dizzy. tom: they are doing just fine. the family is looking for a temporary home for now, but hope to be back in the house in six months. shelley: a big change is coming to the lebanon police department. a private donor is footing a hefty bill to make sure the city's police officers are equipped with body cameras. chief richard mello says it's one of the most generous gifts ever received by the lebanon
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a gift, he says, from a person who prefers to stay anonymous. >> the resident and i had some conversation back and forth and eventually met. and this particular resident expressed an interest in donating the funds that would be necessary to provide body cameras to our officers. shelley: the money will buy 10 body cameras for the department and will also cover the cost of necessary accessories, hardware installation and training. chief mello says the generous donor is an older and a longtime resident motivated out of her own concern for police on patrol. >> she certainly pays attention to what goes on and is going on nationally with law enforcement and some of the issues with body cameras and not having body cameras. she felt it was an important piece of technology that we should have. shelley: here in new hampshire, the use of body cameras is a local decision. recent videos of police shootings have triggered unrest around the country. local departments currently
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include weare and goffstown. chief mello says some of his officers have expressed concern . >> it's new for them, so we have a lot of things to work out. it's an ongoing conversation and dialogue. shelley: the cameras can be turned on manually, but they will also be activated through a cruiser's emergency lights. police encounters with the public in lebanon getting set to go on the record. >> generally speaking, when we're having contact with the public in offering police services, that's when recording takes place. shelley: the body cameras on police officers in lebanon should be up and running in the next couple of months. tom: there you go. fighting for mosul. coming up on news 9 tonight -- shelley: where troops are right now as they try to take back the iraqi city. tom: and, on the road. tonight, we follow democratic candidate for governor colin van ostern. mike: it is dry right now but we have one rain chance as the week goes on.
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could move in. shelley: now to our u-local hot shot. we couldn't resist sharing this u-local picture. check out abbie here channeling her best coach bill belichick. very good. you can submit your pictures and video and join the thousands of u-local members by logging onto u-local members by logging onto molly's not thinking about cancer today, but three years from now, a routine screening will catch it early and make all the difference. so when chris sununu voted to cut funding for planned parenthood, cutting access to cancer screenings it's politics for him. for molly, it's the rest of her life. the stakes are too high to make chris sununu governo. this advertisement has been paid for by put new hampshire first and has not been authorized by any candidate. would you tell them to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? absolutely i would do that. like to punch him in the face. ahh, i don't know what i said. she ate like a pig. he's a war hero 'cause he was captured. i like people that weren't captured.
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ahh, i don't remember. would you point to him as a role model? absolutely i would do that. and you can tell them... to go [bleep] themselves. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. tom: new tonight, a florida judge is ordering the city of orlando to release the 911 calls from the pulse nightclub shooter immediately. 49 people were killed and 53 others were hospitalized after omar mateen opened fire inside the nightclub june 12.
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and decide if any more can be made public. shelley: now to the battle for mosul. iraqi special forces are now less than a mile from mosul's eastern border. tom: military officials say forces are about five miles from the center of the city and say they will soon enter. meanwhile, a state department spokesman says forces are trying to preserve as much of mosul as they can as the fight continues. >> we're actually working on building contracts so that people can go in, clean up what campaign and repaint buildings and restore electricity and water services and get people back to work. shelley: the operation to reclaim mosul began october 16, but military officials warn that it is far from over. tom: the parent company of bauer hockey equipment and easton baseball equipment has filed for bankruptcy protection. exeter-based performance sports group announced today it already has a buyer lined up -- a group of investors led by two
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the company says it plans to continue operations through bankrupty proceedings and any sale. shelley: the department of homeland security says 46 states have now asked for help protecting their election systems against cyberthreats. the dhs offered to help states and local governments test and prepare their systems, and urged states to take advantage of its resources. they include scanning systems for vulnerabilities and recommendations for improving cybersecurity on election day d tonight, we finish our on the road series with the candidates ahead of the election. our final candidate is colin van ostern, the democratic candidate for governor. wmur's jennifer crompton has the questions voters want answered. mr. van ostern: hi, my name's colin. i'm running for governor. i just wanted to introduce myself. >> good morning. jennifer: executive councilor colin van ostern making the rounds at maryann's diner in
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run for statewide office has its challenges. mr. van ostern: my name's colin van ostern. >> i'll try not to forget. mr. van ostern: well, i'm running against a guy named chris sununu whose name is a lot better known. it's nice to meet you. >> you're running for governor. mr. van ostern: i am. >> against mr. sununu. mr. van ostern: you got it. his name is a lot better known than mine is so -- >> i know. jennifer: the 37-year-old democrat connecting with voters, talking about jobs in the granite state and sharing his background. mr. van ostern: well, i'm running because i want to make sure for my kids and all our kids that we keep this a great place to live and raise a family and grow a business. i used to work down the road here at stonyfield yogurt which is a great local employer and then at southern new hampshire university which has also been growing a lot and hiring a lot of people. i want to make sure we create good jobs, keep taxes low. 10 years ago, stonyfield had the biggest solar array in the state of new hampshire on the roof of the yogurt plant and now the biggest one is 20 times that. it's a good way you can actually create good jobs and lower
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time. jennifer: van ostern pointing out some of what's happened in his four years on the executive council. mr. van ostern: one of the things we worked on a lot was extending medicaid healthcare coverage to more people over the last couple of years. there are now 50,000 people who have access to coverage including drug addiction treatment services that we should have been doing a few years ago and hadn't. jennifer: van ostern claiming he'll be a governor for all the people, fielding lots of comments about the presidential race. mr. van ostern: el comfortable with my party, i'll put it that way. >> well, you can count on us. mr. van ostern: well, thank you for your vote and thank you for your support. i appreciate it. jennifer: in derry, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: everybody is pounding the pavement for votes. mike: crunch time. tom: how does it look this week? mike: temperatures are heading out and eventually going back down. not too bad. take a look at the photos. the wind is busy today.
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like day with temperatures a little below average but it was dry. refreshing at times and downright chilly at others. we are in the chilly zone statewide. 30 in whitefield. in the upper 20's in plymouth. conquered below freezing. rochester at 32. just a few notches above that manchester points south. it is mainly but a few clouds lingering in the north woods. not a big temperature trouble so far. overnight, even though it will cool down, we are not looking for temperatures to fall into the teens. the exception could be north country. watch out for valley fog. they can become quite dense early in the morning. st. louis still in the low 70's
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average. not anticipating 70's, but 60's likely on wednesday and thursday for a nice warm up. before we get there, one front has been move through tomorrow night and early on wednesday. we could see some widely scattered showers mostly in far northern parts of the state tomorrow night and early wednesday. ahead of that, a beautiful looking tuesday. we will have sunshine statewide from north to south, west to east. it will feel more pleasant by afternoon. and then the clouds and warm front moves through. a couple of showers north. we will call it partly sunny and warmer. highs in the low to mid 60's. the next front gets closer on friday. showers at any point during the day in northern new hampshire. southern parts of the state, it will hold off until midafternoon into the evening.
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off again. tomorrow, we saw the temperature climb upward. upper 40's north, about 50 to 54 south. look what happens on wednesday. upper 50's north, about 60 to 64 south. more clouds and sun in the north. there could be a passing shower but a good part of the day is dry. temperatures will be about 10 degrees above the average. still very mild on thursday. into southern new hampshire during the afternoon. rain could fall at any point of the day in the north country. friday, sun and clouds. much cooler. near 40 north, about 50 south. weekend, cool by the afternoon with some sun and clouds. i have to throw the clock back up because sunday morning at 2 a.m., we gain one hour.
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time. that means the sunset will be prior to 5:00 on sunday, but at least we get one hour. make plans on what you will do with that hour this weekend. tom: there you go. you have to do it in the dark, whatever you do. let's find out what is going on in sports. jamie: check out this move coming up right there. coming up right there. ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart... and mom's still that way today. i'm maggie hassan
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announcer: now jamie staton and news 9 sports. jamie: trick or treating at the bulls-nets game tonight. celtics fans are rooting for losses by the brooklyn nets this year since boston gets their first round draft pick if they want. dwyane wade with the slam and jimmy butler with the assist. butler led the way with 22 points. second quarter, trevor booker with the steal and makes the dunk. the nets have one win and three losses so far.
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wednesday night. hi, everybody. i hope you had a great halloween. it was not so great for an nfl linebacker named jamie collins. he was traded from the best team in the nfl, the patriots, to the worst, the cleveland browns. the all-pro collins would have been a free agent after this season and was said to be asking for huge money. he reportedly wanted von miller-type money. the denver broncos star got a six-year, $114 million deal in august with $70 million guaranteed. so, the pats traded him to the worst team in th new england gets in return is a third or fourth round draft pick. he is a really good player, but jamie collins is off to cleveland. the patriots have reached their bye week. they won't play again until november 13 when they host the seattle seahawks on sunday night football. it is also the bye week for the unh football team. coming off a huge win over stony brook, the wildcats will play at albany on november 12. the stats fcs college football national rankings. unh is up to number 22.
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so if they can beat albany and maine to close out the regular season, they should be looking good. boys soccer. division four semi-finals at laconia high school. it's epping against woodsville. first half, a.j. newman gets epping on the board, 1-0. tom bullock stays with the play and scores. epping had a 4-0 lead at halftime. 5-0 in second half, woodsville breaks through. antonio houde feeds garrett olsen, 5-1. they win, 5-1. in the other semi-final, the littleton crusaders against the eagles of portsmouth christian academy. first half, littleton scores quickly. lucas bray drives it towards the net. christian silveira plays it off the body and then scores on his own rebound. 1-0, crusaders. same score until about 7:30 to play in regulation. william holman with the free kick. joe yoon collects it and scores. that keeps them alive. they needed double overtime to
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kubkowski gets behind the defense and beats the keeper. he is only a freshman. that's the game-winner. in double overtime, littleton advances to play epping in the championship game. after a terrific regular season of high school football in new hampshire, the second season is ready to roll. the playoff pairings for the first round this weekend have been announced. in division i, salem at bedford. goffstown at merrimack. if the be looking at a bedford and merrimack rematch. that was a huge game to start the season this year. exeter is the number one seed in the other bracket. in division ii, windham is looking really good. bow at john stark.
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monadnock. all of those games at 1:00. cannot wait to get that rolling. three great weeks of high school football playoffs. tom: thank you. still to come on news 9 tonight -- shelley: celebrating halloween one more time at the white house. we will take you inside today's
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shelley: in washington, d.c., it was a thrilling night for president obama and the first lady. they celebrated their final halloween at the white house with a flashmob dance to michael jackson's "thriller." tom: they handed out goodies and visitors got to walk through a storybook-themed lawn. it featured decorations inspired by classic tales like "peter pan" and "the wizard of oz." more than 4000 people were expected to visit the white house this halloween. it looks like they were having a good time. what do you suppose they give away? shelley: full-sized chocolate bars. mike: the temperatures are heading higher. we gain one hour this weekend, but we also fall back so sunset is pretty early on
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