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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 5, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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during the brk. apparently no plans for this saturday night, just stick around and watch the buckeyes finish off. many have already headed in that direction. >> kirk: i think the block o has to stay as part of their assignment. >> chris: what happens if you sneak out in a 59-point game. >> kirk: probably lose your spot
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takes a 21-6 lead. >> chris: cal is trying to threaten to chip away at the lead in the final minute of the first quarter. they got third and goal there. buckeyes in a festive mood. terrell newby is still in there grinding away for the cornhuskers. wasn't able to get the running team going. a shock to the system a minute and a half in, the p but couldn't get a tieing touchdown, settled for three. then the defense could not get ohio state off the field at all tonight. >> chris: fyfe overshoots morgan.
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on what happened in this conference. wisconsin's defense was suffocating against a good northwestern team on the road. >> kirk: now in the driver's seat to get the results in indianapolis. >> chris: maryland against the maize in blue. penn state jumped out 21-0 in a hurry and blew out the >> kirk: that was an emphatic win. alabama the big showdown takes ca >> chris: fyfe short of the first down. jalen hurts scrambled for a touchdown. added a late field goal and lsu's offense didn't do much at all. >> kirk: you had a feeling as much talk about lsu having a new spirit, at the end of the day, nick saban had two weeks to get his defense ready. that's a game at the battle of the line of scrimmage. if you can't throw the ball, i don't care how good leonard
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that's what happened to that offense. >> chris: just like last year. >> kirk: and the year before that. they averaged less than three yards a carry against 'bama in the last five, now six years. >> chris: demario mccall retreats. inside the 20. talk more about the national scene after this. technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song.
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>> chris: buckeyes scored a minute and a half into this game, busted out. a lot of folks headed across the bridge for their saturday evening festivities. still 6:16 to play. the buckeyes at 62, a point short of what they scored the last time nebraska visited here. home team has won every game, all five n nebraska's one win was 2011 at home. luke fickell was the head coach. du mccall ducking to the 25. as much as urban meyer doesn't want to talk about them because they have road games against michigan state coming up. wolverines against iowa.
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have left, it's a tricky test in most years for michigan to go to iowa. do you see any trouble next week? they have indiana, the home game and come here for the finale. >> kirk: with mich state down, iowa not having a great year, we're not going to know how good of a michigan team they have until they come here. that's the game that everybody was looking at. at the beginning of the year you thought a trip and a trip to iowa city are going to be tricky. michigan's big test is going to be against the buckeyes. all the hype and buildup is going to be about november 26. he's got to get ready to go to maryland, michigan state and lock in for a week and get ready for michigan where it's winner take all. >> chris: you saw the west
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with their second conference loss, will drop down to a tie with wisconsin at 4-2. the badgers with the overtime victory last week. they would have to lose a game for nebraska to have a chance to get to indy. >> kirk: we keep bringing it up but i know there's a big celebration right now, even though it's a long way to go, wisconsin still has illinois, purdue and minnesota but it is in madison. sitting where they are right now, because of this loss because of the head-to-head win last week against the cornhuskers, they control their own destiny. they're sitting at number 8 in these week's rankings. you expect them to go to seven. >> popping around the corner is corey smith trying to make a play. dropped for a loss. >> kirk: the job that paul chryst has done this year has
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the opening weekend victory against lsu. >> chris: biegel is out. cichy is out. they've been hit by the injury bug and they keep plowing on. >> kirk: and their offense is still a work in progress with their young line quarterback situation. >> chris: used both of them today. >> kirk: they've been dealing with a tenacious defense. >> chris: ken bone made the play card. did you notice that? >> kirk: i did not see that. >> chris: his 15 minutes are about up i >> kirk: joe burrow is throwing the ball very well. >> chris: austin mack, another true freshman, makes his second catch of the season. >> kirk: burrow's dad is a defensive coordinator at ohio university. so he's grown up in a football house and being around a coach, you can tell he plays the game with tremendous poise. they feel that once j.t. barrett moves on, he still has another
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burrow and dwyane haskins who's a freshman this year. >> chris: big shoes to fill whenever the next quarterback is chosen. burrow on a slant. catch is made. >> kirk: every throw he has had has hit the receiver right in the chest. i know it's mop-up duty but chance to play in front of this stadium, pretty flinice for him come out here six of six and he's putting it right on the numbers. >> chris: speaking of quarterbacks and numbers, if you look at the heismanology poll assembled by joe tessitore --
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clear lead, 91% of the this is among espn staffers. he had a monster game today. >> kirk: only 91%, that's shocking to me. hopefully the 9% get some of the video clips today from his game against boston college who actually is not a bad defense. 231 through the air. 185 on the ground. 7 touchdowns. >> chris: and he didn't play four quarters. >> kirk: that's absurd. electrifying. what a player. >> chris: peppers starting to get some support as a guy who's played d.b., linebacker, offense, returner. >> kirk: that's the hook. it's a story. he's a great player, probably the most versatile player in the country and he is fun to watch when he has the ball in his hands. great player on defense.
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success, it's a direct correlation to his play, to me there's lamar jackson and at this point there's everybody else in the country. >> chris: they're singing "good-bye." what we've seen tonight. armstrong hit h he was knocked unconscious. trainers and doctors cutting off his jersey and shoulder pads after a lengthy period of time. he was taken in an ambulance and a short time later in the third quarter he comes running back out on the field, almost miraculously hugging his teammates. >> kirk: greatest news of the night to see him come back into this stadium and to see how
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his team. he knew he wasn't going to play. he just wanted to be there for his guys. >> chris: certainly a bright spot in what was a nightmareish night for nebraska. 62-6. the buckeyes got their winning points on a pick six a minute and a half into the game. big night for j.t. barrett. you get the stats and highlights on the ford wrap-up game with cassidy hubbarth. >> kirk: j.t. barrett embracing tommy armstrong. a lot of players happy to see that he's okay. >> chris: a couple of texans there. nebraska will need some help to get to indy which was their preseason goal. the result of this game aside, it's still a positive season and they'll try to regroup and hope that wisconsin does stumble down
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with almost electric every time. >> kirk: speaking of heisman he's probably a guy that's going to start to gain momentum and get into the race. >> chris: buckeyes head to the end zone to lock arms and sway to the alma mater. buckeyes bust out tonight and beat down the cornhuskers 62-3. tonight's game produced by bill binle. for our black, our folks in the booth, thanks for watching. michigan and iowa, big ten battle coming up on saturday night a week from tonight. time now for the ford wrap-up show. throw it back to the studio to cassidy hubbarth. so long from columbus. ohio state gets the big win in a top ten big ten matchup. welcome to the forward wrap-up. two ranked matchups during this
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alabama in death valley taking on lsu who entered the day with an average margin of victory at 28. this one however felt like points were coming at a premium. after a scoreless game through the first three-quarters in the fourth on third and nine, jalen hurts scrambles up the field and scores. led all players with 114 yards rushing. alabama wins interesting games in the sec today. texas a&m-mississippi state. fitzgerald present for the bulldogs. mississippi state wins. auburn taking on vandy. zach cunningham jumps over the center and blocks the kick. take another kick. what a play. vanderbilt still very much
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second attempt from the 30. shurmur looking and his pass is intercepted. auburn survives 23-16. number 11 florida visiting arkansas. second quarter morgan to allen for the touchdown. 31-10 arkansas. another top 20 upset. tcu taking on finds the end zone. 192 yards rushing and five touchdowns. 62-22. oklahoma state up six, kansas state up. no time left on the clock, oklahoma state holds on to win 43-37. mason rudolph tied a career high
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deshaun watson was held out for the second half for precautionary reasons with a bruised shoulder but is expected next week against pitt. lamar jackson torched boston. seven touchdowns to run his total up to 45 on the season. michigan put on a clinic against maryland up 28-0. spate passes michigan rolls for their third win of at least 50 points this season. penn state taking on iowa. barkley 57 yards for the touchdown. penn state wins 41-14. fifth straight win tied for their longest win streak in the last five seasons. number five washington taking on cal currently in progress. first quarter, wide receiver to daniels for the 39 yard line
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road win against cal berkeley. 10:49 to play in the second and you can see this game right now on espn. that's it for the ford wrap-up. i'm cassidy hubbarth. (door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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cherise: new tonight, a man is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he shot a neighbor's dog. why the suspect says he did it in self defense. police are now identifying the two men arrested after a double shooting on manchester's west side. the item displayed inside a home that investigators say led to it all. hayley: don't be surprised and some sunshine. cherise: the first ballots will be cast in the granite state in just over 48 hours. the final push from the candidates tonight from the top to the bottom of the ballot. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. cherise: tonight, a mason man is charged with animal cruelty after police say he shot his neighbor's dog with a pistol.
11:56 pm
that man told police he fired his gun because the dog was running towards him and his son. wmur's mike cronin has the story. mike: the suspect turned himself into police at the state police barracks in bedford. we're told the dog is doing ok after the bullet went completely through his torso. 39-year-old colton skorupan is accused of shooting his neighbor's dog who police say is lucky to be alive. the in his back. the bullet exited his front side. >> a million dollar shot, if you will, because it missed all vital organs. mike: three weeks ago, state police say a mason woman heard a gunshot and called for her dogs. travis came to her with the injury and she claims he was shot on her property. >> the dog was able to return to its owner under its own power. mike: according to police, jop
11:57 pm
travis was hit. police say skorupan told them travis ran towards him and his son barking on his property. skorupan described the dog as aggressive. >> he was worried about the safety of himself as well as his 6-year-old child. mike: after investigating, police determined skorupan should be charged with animal cruelty. >> any time somebody's using a firearm, it's the absolute last resort to use a firearm. any and all other options before you use the firearm. mike: skorupan was released on bail and will face a judge in january. cherise: new tonight, manchester police say an argument over a flag led to the shooting of two people on the city's west side early this morning. investigators are now identifying the two men
11:58 pm
michael sirois are chester. police say those men and two others started arguing inside of a home on armory street at 2:20 a.m. after sirois saw a flag display he found offensive. that turned into a physical altercation and two shootings. >> there was the hollering that woke me up to start with. then suddenly it turned into a lot more than a verbal argument. cherise: police found the man who had been shot outside the building. he remains inti when officers pulled over a car with the two suspects inside, they also found a woman inside who had been shot. she has been treated and released. we are following several breaking commitment 2016 stories tonight. first, vice presidential nominee tim kaine's motorcade was hit by a car during his visit to florida today. kaine was reportedly uninjured.
11:59 pm
while in nevada. looking at live pictures, awaiting him to speak in denver, his fourth rally of the day in the fourth state. trump's campaign says, while in nevada, a disturbance broke out in the crowd, forcing agents to rush him off. as abc's jonathan betts tells us, trump is blaming the clinton campaign for that issue. >> donald trump was speaking in reno, nevada, when he took note of an apparent protestor in guys from the hillary clinton campaign. reporter: then suddenly, his secret service detail sprang to his side and rushed the candidate off the stage. there was a commotion from the crowd in front of the podium. security took a man into custody and escorted him out of the hall. minutes later, trump returned unhurt. mr. trump: nobody said it was going to be easy for us. reporter: as their campaigns wind down. secretary clinton: i want to be
12:00 am
everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people who vote for me, people who don't vote for me. reporter: the candidates trying to wind up voters. mr. trump: hillary and her special interests would rob our country blind. reporter: donald trump stealing a kiss from wife, melania, as she campaigned with him in north carolina. there was massive early voter turnout saturday in florida and in nevada. nearly 37 million votes have been cast in 39 secretary clinton: know the power of your own voice. it can change the world. reporter: for hillary clinton, after friday's performance with jay-z and beyonce, katy perry was singing this song in philadelphia, hoping to end the campaign on a high note. ? ? cherise: and the presidential
12:01 am
up to chance. both the hillary clinton and donald trump camps have seen surrogates stumping in the granite state, hoping to sway the minds of undecided voters in their direction. political surrogates are hitting the campaign trail hard in new hampshire, hoping to use a tightening in the polls to change minds and drum up support for respective candidates. madeleine albright was one of those stumping for hillary clinton in new hamre and say, i'm in washington. she's worried about children. she's worried about women's rights internationally. cherise: the first female secretary of state says her support will go to first female that has a chance of becoming president as she says donald trump doesn't have the traits to be commander-in-chief. >> he does not understand what national security is about. he doesn't have the temperament to be commander-in-chief and
12:02 am
prepared person ever to run for president of the united states. cherise: trump surrogate, alabama senator jeff sessions, had different words about clinton while speaking to volunteers at a local campaign office. >> the clintons have just drifted further and further towards special interests, insider interests. you can see it in the wikileaks. you can see it in the emails. cherise: he urged volunteers to get out and raise support in the race for the votes up for grabs in the state. >> it's going to be close. that's why so many of the candidates have been here. cherise: also in new hampshire, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, ally to hillary clinton drummed up enthusiasm for the democratic candidate. tomorrow morning, donald trump's daughter, ivanca, will attend a
12:03 am
mike pence will be at the trump campaign office in windham starting at 8:30 and hillary clinton returns to new hampshire for a rally at the radisson in manchester. grammy award winning singer james taylor joins her at that 8:15 event and on monday, president obama campaigns for hillary clinton at an afternoon event on the u.n.h. campus in durham. republican nominee donald trump and running mate mike pence will hold a rally at snhu arena in to new hampshire's race for u.s. senate. democrat maggie hassan and republican kelly ayotte are making their last efforts to lure undecided voters in the race. that's being followed closely across the country. both senator ayotte and governor hassan were at an event in nashua tonight for the annual salute our soldiers dinner. ayotte says granite staters are excited about the future of the state and says she has a plan to improve the economy and hassan touts the friendly environment
12:04 am
move new hampshire forward. >> because we have been working together in a bipartisan way, we have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, cnbc named us the most business friendly state in the country and we can continue to make this progress. >> we have been doing 50 stops in five days. in the last 24 hours, 24 stops in 24 hours. it will be about meeting voters, listening to them and earning their support. cherise: both cdi multiple events leading up to election day to reach out to voters. with just two days left before the election, the gubernatorial candidates are campaigning. several democrats, including colin van ostern, rallied supporters in nashua. chris sununu made a campaign stop at the boston billiard club and casino. >> i think we deserve a governor who will put people over
12:05 am
and new businesses and start-ups here. >> i'm an engineer. i think people are looking for a governor who is a stakeholder in a lot of issues so whether we talk about energy or healthcare, these issues matter and you need someone living them every day. cherise: both candidates are confident the outcome will work in their favor tuesday. tune in monday night to hear from voters who are still struggling to decide. compare the perspectives who remember john f. kennedy's campaign. we'll have live team coverage of the last-minute push for your votes including the election eve visits from donald trump and president obama. our final hour special is monday night at 7:00 on wmur. governor maggie hassan is disputing an accusation from the state republican party that she knew about upcoming layoffs at dartmouth hitchcock before bringing a $36 million contract with the hospital to the


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