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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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road, that end of elm street is closed at this hour as police investigate the crash. josh: shelly? reporter: all the people involved in this accident have been taken to the hospital with serious injuries, now police are trying to figure out exactly what could have caused this crash. this happened, as you mentioned, in concord on elm street near the corner of horse hill road. the two cars involved ar have hit head on. there were two people in one of the vehicles, one person in the other vehicle. everyone involved had to be rescued after getting trapped, and they were all taken to concord hospital with serious injuries. right now the road is shut down for accident reconstruction. >> we have detectives at the hospital right now trying to determine how serious, two serious and one sound like it
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reporter: taking a look back out here live, this road will actually be shut down for the next couple hours, so if you usually travel on elm street on horse hill road at this time of day, you'll want to take a different route. for now, i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. a nashua man is accused of impersonating an f.b.i. agent and trying to get inside a massachusetts home. again nonleblanc was arraigned massachusetts. cherise? reporter: jean, police say it was alarming what they found on leblanc when he was taken into custody, including a loaded gun, knife, some restraints in his backpack. they did add this was not it a random act. take a look, these are some of the items they alley found in reblank's backpack including rope, restraints, gloves, and other items.
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to multiple charges. police say last night just after 7:00 leblanc knocked on the door of an article to be home dressed in a black suit waishing an f.b.i. hat, told the homeowners he was an f.b.i. at, he then asked to come inside to use their bathroom, but they refused and called 911. police also found the names and addresses of other people on po belong's backpack. >> officers located an illegal stun gun in his left front pocket. they searched his pack back and discovered a loaded .38 handgun as well as a black hat with f.b.i. lettering on the front, consistent with what was described by the individuals in the home. reporter: we did go to leblanc's nashua apartment where one woman speaking with the media.ed in-
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you what his defense attorney had to say about leblanc's actions last night. cherise let leclerc. josh: two search warrants were executed on orange street, police say they covered various types of narcotics including open oidz and a cache of firearms. investigators say the suspects had an extensive setup in the apartment building, police countersurveillance. >> drugs were in one location, the individuals were sell from another location and other individuals were deployed to do surveillance in case they saw law enforcement or a cruiser. josh: a small child was also taken from one of the apartments and was looked after by police until other family members arrived on the scene. tonight the u.s. drug enforcement administration is warning of an imminent threat from another deadly new street drug, it's a form of the
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new hampshire. jennifer crompton is live with the steps being taken to make people aware. reporter: this is a new form of fentanyl discovered in the last year, linked to deaths in 46, 46 deaths nationwide, including one so far here in new hampshire. its official name is u47700, but it's referred sometimes by the street name pink, and according to the state's drug czar has alho tested at the state lab. the d.e.a. has sent out a notice of emergency action placing u47700 into schedule 1 of the controlled substances act, which criminalizes its particular molecular analog. it's yet another worry for those struggling with addiction, their families and those on the front lines. >> the problem right now is that there are a lot of different synthetic opioids being
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all being produced in clandestine labs, so you don't know how they'll react with each individual or with each other and you don't know what's in them any more. reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from the d.e.a. and hear about some of the worries of sharing this information with people battling addiction. for now live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton. jean: the catholic church is reaching out to new hampshire catholic charities will be holding counseling sessions, in response to the state's drug problem. >> in the past we have waited for people who needed help to come to us. after looking at the statewide statistics, we decided we needed to go out into the community to help educate the people, heal
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in rochester on november 30, epping on december 6, and in manchester on december 13. josh: commitment 2016, right now the transfer of power at the white house is under way. president obama welcomed president elect donald trump to the white house today, and sally kidd is live in our washington bureau, or at the white house rather with a look at what was on the agenda. reporter: good evening, the meeting here at the white house lasted longer than expected, about 90 minutes. the president says they discussed a broad range of topics. two days after the conclusion of a bitter and divisive election, the current president and future president sat down in the oval office to begin the transition of power. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. reporter: president obama says they spent much of the time discussing staffing and
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do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. reporter: from the white house, capitol hill, trump met with the senate majority leader and house speaker. >> donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we've ever seen and we're going to turn that victory into progress for the american people. reporter: trump says his top priorities are immigration, health care and jobs. but one of t business, hiring people. >> he has proved himself to be a master campaigner, governing is different. so we don't know now whether he will continue to rely on outsiders or whether he might turn to -- reporter: meantime, anti-trump protests continue around the country. >> i don't think we're ever going to respect him as a person. we just have to hope that he be was extreme as he said he would
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the president's signature health care law and all of this is executive orders. the white house will not say whether those topics were discussed in today's meeting. live at the white house, sally kidd, wmur news 9. josh: incoming vice president pence also met with current v.p. joe biden today before heading back to indiana. a rally will welcome him to indianapolis in about a half-hour. pence will be finishing off the rest of his guberntorial term, that ends on days before the new presidential administration gettings under way. and the first ladies current and future also met today. they spoke about raising children in the white house, before the meeting with their husbands in the oval office. jean: we started the week with very mild temperatures for our election day. those are about to give way to one of the coldest weekends we have seen so far this season. let's head over to hayley lapoint. hayley: we've had some temperatures in the 40's
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winds. they're going to start to pick up. take a look at the temperature trend over the next few days. tomorrow about 53 degrees, but with the winds picking up it will probably feel under like the 40's all day long. then we bottom out by the time we get to the weekend. saturday is when we get to 46. 54 on sunday. right now the jet stream, which is the fast moving river of airway up above our heads, tends right now that's to the north of us. that's why temperatures are in the 50's, where we should be for this time of year. but then as we get into the weekend the jet stream will shift and it will dip to the south, allowing colder air to come down out of canada. so that will mean cool days and cold nights ahead for the weekend, just a small chance of some flurries, especially in the mountains on saturday. so at least we'll have the sun. be prepared, the overnight temperatures saturday night into
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20's. coming up mike will have a full breakdown of the forecast, that's in a few minutes. josh: today the capital city of concord is celebrating the completion of the concord main street project, the ribbon cutting ceremony was held this afternoon to mark it being complete and the roadway reopening. work started in april of last year, cutting four lanes of traffic down to. two a cobblestone media, wider sidewalks, bike lanes and bright lights and benches and trees. all added to the new jean: looking good, concord. let's see how things are moving in traffic, this is 93 in windham. josh: peggy james joins us now with a look at the road home on a thursday. >> hi. as you mentioned, we do have a road closure, elm street in concord due to that serious collision earlier. that will be closed at least a portion of it for several hours
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very busy. and londonderry heading north a pocket of slow traffic. 293 is heavy on the southbound side through the mill yard in manchester, between exits 5 and 4. no troubles getting through the hooksett tolls and heading up into concord. we have our familiar crowded spots, 101 west into bedford and the everett turnpike north through nashua and merrimack. heavy volume on the spaulding turnpike between going north. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: coming up on news 9, police say a meth lab was uncovered in an auto shop. what tipped them off. josh: a police officer killed while responding to what appears tieb murder suicide. right now a second officer is
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>> what he says doesn't really matter, but to see that my neighbors might feel the same way. josh: there's a special effort under way to help veterans get through the winter, how you can
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josh: welcome back. tonight police say an investigation into fraud lent inspection stickers led them to a possible meth lab at a used car dealership in derry. reporter: state police found ingredients and tools used to make methe dealership. they say it all started with a traffic stop. the sign in the window at auto alley on route 28 reads closed. one day after state police say they discovered ingredients used to make meth in the building. >> they were able to locate tools as well as issues that were cooked by meth. reporter: witnesses contacted state police after they pulled a vehicle over with a fraudulent inspection sticker, traced back
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more vehicle stickers belonging to other cars. >> it appears they were taking inspection stickers off of vehicles that had had been legally issued and reapplying them to vehicles that had not been inspected. reporter: police got a second warrant and seized drug manufacturing evidence. the division of motor vehicles immediately suspended their dealership and inspection station privileges, it's unclear if customers knew the stickers were phony. >> it's unlikely the customers would realize this was the case. it isos reporter: those who work at nearby businesses say they were surprised to hear there may have been drug activity going on. police trying to determine how many customers were affected. >> we would encourage customers if they are uncertain about it that they should reach out either to troop g or to another state inspection sticker. reporter: no one has been charged at this point, but police say they could be facing charges for both the production
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inspection stickers. jean: a pennsylvania police officer is dead, another is injured after a shooting this morning. police were responding to a domestic dispute when a man opened fire on them. authorities found the body of that man and a pregnant woman% inside the home. police believe he shot and killed the woman before turning the gun on himself. neighbors say officers told them to stay in their homes, away from windows and man, but then i realized it's not garbage day. i got up and i heard someone saying something like my partner is down or someone's been shot and then i knew something serious was going on. reporter: the injured officer had surgery and is now in stable condition. thousands of police officers from across the nation are paying tribute to a new york city police officer who was killed last week.
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during a gun fight. during the eulogy, the police officer posthumously promoted the officer to sergeant special assignment. he was a 19-year veteran of the department. josh: a man accused of setting bombs off in new jersey and new york is now facing federal terrorism charges. ram he's accused of planting two pressure cooker bombs and also a rahimi has pled not guilty to charges that he tried to kill police officers as they captured him. mike: bright skies a good part of this thursday, starting to see changes move in for later tonight and tomorrow. then be the wind becomes a big factor for your friday. take a look at the time lapse from newfound lake.
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now down thanks to flipping the clocks back last weekend. as for the temperatures out there, topped off at 54 in concord, three above the average, a few degrees lower than we were yesterday, and a lot lower than we were two days ago when we hit 67. now we're starting to see that classic fall chill building back in. 73 the record high, set back in 1931. right now seasonably cool, quite chilly up north, my to upper 30's, great north woods, 30to for many, right around 50 as you get through downtown manchester, but everyone else a few notches below that in the cool 40's. where do we end up by early tomorrow morning, fair skies are out there right now, and the win is fairly light. you'll notice not a big jump from north to south, that's because the cloud cover will be advancing very late tonight and that could trigger a scattered shower up north by daybreak. right now that cold front is lining up north of the border.
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showers. best bet to get in on that will be the north country tomorrow morning and lingering as mixed or snow showers during the afternoon. as for southern new hampshire, just a slight chance of a shower during the morning hours. so mainly clear a good part of the night. by # or 8:00 tomorrow morning, a scattering of showers, mainly in the form of rain, although there could be wet flakes mixed in across the higher terrain. snow showers linger up north right into the early part of the evening. but the winds cranking up. lots of sun on saturday and sunday. low 40's, that's it up north. it will actually cool down later in the day. mid 40's lakes region through the upper valley, and lower 50's concord points south and southeast. look at the winds, during early tomorrow morning starting to pick up out of the southwest, as soon as that front goes through they crank up out of the
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of scattered power outages for tomorrow and tomorrow night. where do we go from here into the weekend? again it's going to be quite chilly behind that front, so early on saturday, teens north, lower 20's south. it's a breezy and chilly saturday with a lot of sun. a few clouds to the north, lots of sun on sunday and after a cold start, it will be a few degrees above the average by afternoon. so this chill that moves in doesn't linger all that long, as a matter of fact by monday not all that bad on tuesday early, but then the clouds will move in and bring some showers our way later on in the day and into early on wednesday, before it clears out again. we could use the rain. new drought monitor update was issued today, we'll take a look at that. not much change from last week, but we'll show you the map coming up at 5:30. josh: good stuff. jean: thanks, mike. here's a new twist on falling back at one new england hospital this year. josh: up next these twin boys were born on opposite sides of
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>> there's a new alternative to detention in zoo it involves a
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. josh: a maine hospital is stopping all surgeries because of a patient with a rare and
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jean: health officials believe a patient has prion disease, it is often deadly and can be spread by contaminated surgical instruments. test results from the c. d. c. are expected tomorrow to confirm whether or not the patient has prion. josh: new research shows that more sunshine could help breast cancer patients, those who had healthy leveling of vitamin d had had a better prognosis, you or 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine. and of course doctors say you should wear sunscreen. jean: daylight saving time created a unique situation at a massachusetts hospital, twin boys at cape cod hospital born early sunday morning. samuel was born at 1:39, his brother ronan was born after the clocks were turned back an hour to 1:10. the hospital says this is the
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rest of their lives. josh: day light saving, not savings. new england has a new millionaire, what we're learning about the megabucks ticket worth more than 5 million bucks. jean: and wal-mart's black friday begin this is friday, but you'll need one key thing to
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victory has left them feel uncertain about just how welcome they are in this country. jean: wmur political reporter adam sexton has the story from manchester. reporter: in 10 weeks these manchester streets will be part of donald trump's america. for immigrants the prospect of having a president who is described as brutal, >> he wants to get rid of everybody. reporter: local immigration activist eva says she's troubled by the fact that so many american voters endorsed trump appears general da. >> that means that nobody likes us. you know, that's what really scares me. what he says doesn't really matter, but to see that my neighbors might feel the same way and adegree, you know, or my kids' teachers, who knows, that is the scary part.
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hard to say what he'll do in the white house. but he has consistently promised to deport america's 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> it's a very real sort of nightmare to imagine yourself, imagine your parents being taken away or you all being taken away. reporter: this summer we spoke with caesar, an undocumented immigrant who has lived in manchester since age 5. he graduated from phillips exeter in june and is now studying at columbia university in new consider myself to be an american, but i'm not an american on paper. reporter: his status in this country is protected by an obama administration executive order. but that could quickly change under president trump. >> we're already preparing and brushing off our papers, know your rights and already organizing training and see how
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the reality of the election lost was caught on camera in virginia. these workers removing the house used by tim kaine during the election. jean: this election shard records in the granite state. the secretary of state says 755,840 ballots were cast, that's well above the previous record and 17,000 more than projected. this year's total includes 25,000 people who registered on tuesday to vote for the very first time. josh: on this 241st birthday of the marine corps and the day before veterans day, one local high school has installed a new tribute to service members. ray brewer was there for the big reveal. reporter: on this the day before
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they have something -- >> they will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. reporter: a group of st. johns and bishop brady alum who took that military oath of office gathered today for a special ceremony. part of the veterans day ceremony at the high school. this particular day's event had its genesis three years ago at the 50th anniversary celebration for the high school. one of the displays was a tribute to to the military alum. and once we had that display we saw the interest develop. reporter: as veterans gathered to hear from one of their own, a slide show of those who serve played in the background, bringing back memories for sullivan. >> my father, my uncles who graduated from st. john's and many members of my class in particular that served in vietnam, they're not forgotten.
5:34 pm
about the foundation of the country built on ideas. >> written down and adopted by the people in a very special set of documents. the right to life, to liberty, to the pursuit of happiness. reporter: ideas defended by those in the room, including his father who servedded in the navy during world war ii and says the navy changed his life. >> it taught me a lot about care of myself. reporter: then came ton veiling of a wall, dedicated to special alumni who have served, some of whom paid with their lives. and a chance for those present to look for their own names, which will be there as long as the school remains. part of the mission statement for the school is to engage the service to others, the alumni here hope that this wall will serve as a daily reminder of that to the students here.
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jean: a nice tribute there, thanks, ray. a massachusetts man is facing drug chargings after a traffic stop in northampton. state police say they stopped 27-year-old nicholas leone for speeding, troopers say they smelled marijuana, he admitted to having some and was was thered, approximately 7 pounds of marijuana and more than $31,000 in cash were recovered. josh: a develop storying in florida right you're looking at live pictures, because of an eagle stuck in a storm drain. officials say one eagle is stuck, a second is protecting it and refusing to leave. it's not clear how the first bird got stuck, but animal rescue officers are now trying to figure out the best way to help these eagles get out of a jam. jean: we hope they're okay. josh: up next some people are banking on this year's hottest toy to beef up their own
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jean: and one response to a company's billboard advertising moves to canada, the calls now flooding into this real estate office. mike: next front moving in means gusty winds for friday, as a cold front begins to slide
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josh: a good day on wall street, the dow jones picked up 218 points, s&p 500 up almost a nickel while the nasdaq dropped 42 points. jean: it's been a long week. josh: yes. the presidential election has some people wondering what one south carolina company is in a unique position to help. jean: they've put up these billboards, as a joke, asking people if they're moving to canada, but says its phones are now ringing off the hook. most callers are not actually planning to move, but they do have some questions. >> we realized that even though it was sort of a joke and to get attention in the beginning, we found out very quickly, there's a lot people that are very serious about wanting to sell their home because they're
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hold. jean: they say the calls are coming the from all over the country. josh: wal-mart's black friday deals begin in a few hours, midnight tonight shoppers with wal-mart app can start getting those super deals. not all the black friday sales will be available tonight. others will roll out over the next couple weeks, with many hitting at midnight on thanksgiving day. and it's not all online. wall meter says there will be for deals that you can only get inside the stores themselves. that require attention and care to crack open and hatch the animal inside. even santa loves them. but good luck finding one. >> in all the years i've been selling toys, we traced around care bears and cabbage patch kids, but this seems to be just gone to another level. jean: many people have snapped up extra hatch-imals to resell them at higher prices, one e bay
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josh: fisher price little people and done junes anddraons will be inducted into the hall of fame. the classic swing. jean: you would think pin ball would be there. but i'm glad to see the swing finally getting some attention. detention or meditation? up next we take you inside one approach to discipline. josh: in sports, one of the most popular college coaches is stepping down. tom: coming up at 6:00 tonight emergency responders called to a serious crash scene in concord. there are multiple victims with serious injuries. a live update from the scene tonight. and evidence of a troubling effort to impersonate an f.b.i. at, the disturbing items police say were found after they
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because at goodwill we see potential everywhere whether it's in a purse or a person. jean: one massachusetts college is teaching students how to give narcan. mannequins are being used for the training, right now it's limitedded to emt and paramedic courses, but these students say they've already been in situations where they needed to know these skills. an elementary school in maryland is taking a different approach for students who misbehave. josh: instead of sending them to detention, students have to go
5:45 pm
teach an important life lesson. reporter: the chaos of early morning. silenced by mandatory meditation along with writing, reading and math here at coleman elementary in baltimore, students also study breathing, with mindfulness classes woven into their every day. if a student acts up, they're not sent to the principal's office, they're sent here to this mindful moment room where they are given a chance to recenter. >> what do you thinkut >> happy stuff. >> what's your happy thought? >> like making a safe place for kids. he got shot when he was going to the movies, so every time i get mad, i just breathe. reporter: he helped launch the program in baltimore about 15 years ago with two local
5:46 pm
these are toorls to help them self manage themselves, make them healthier mentally, physically and emotionally. reporter: with a combination of movement exercises, breathing and mindfulness, he says the kids' behavior eventually changes. >> most of my class will come back and be at peace. reporter: the goal is that they'll not only be at peace for hopefully for the rest of their life. >> take two minutes out of your day. that's what i say, take a minute to stop for a second and just be. reporter: they want to expand upon the success they've seen here in baltimore to school as cross the country, and now other programs are tapping intoob mindful meditation as well, hoping soldiers in wars, stressed out executives and even families at home. jean: we could all use that
5:47 pm
headed to chicago's mayor. this cake was put together by the master sugar artist at the chicago french pace tree school with help from an intern, he uses 45 pounds of sugar, 23 pounds of chocolate and 10 pounds of rice chris piece. >> the boston bruins skate on home ice tonight at 7:00 against the columbus blue jackets. should be a good matchup. round games this afternoon, tough loss in overtime for the ravens. two goals for the fen men in the final eight minutes of the first half, they have another one in the second half. there's about 10 minutes to go in that one. a big loss for women's soccer at franklin pierce.
5:48 pm
other opportunities, he has 15 tournaments, three national championships, 11 conference titles, he will be miss. and congratulations to three basketball players from new hampshire, they all signed with division one teams this week, londonderry's caleb green with with holy cross, baker going to rutgers, and the last one going to bonaventure. josh: back to these ama eagle is stuck in a storm drain and a second eagle is protecting it while animal control officers try to figure out what to do. jean: the other eagle is refusing to leave, protecting the first eagle from the people standing around. police have closed this road around these eagles, trying to figure out how to rescue them. a true scene of loyalty. josh: we'll keep you posted. mike: the drought update came
5:49 pm
last week. let's take a look at the way it looks across new hampshire, we're still in the extreme drought over extreme southeastern parts of the state. you have to get south of manchester around derry, londonderry, over towards seabrook, severe drought still intact there. the moderate drought through the heart of the white mountains into southern parts of the great north woods, abnormally dry, farther to the north. look at over concord, we've seen a bit of a bulge in that deficit over the last three, four or five days compared to last week. we're now 7.23 inches of rain below average since january 1st. last week at this time was about 6.5 inches below, that means we're about 20% below the average rainfall since january 1st. so we could use more rain, only a shower chance at best tomorrow morning, then it's mainly dry as
5:50 pm
very cool tonight, as for the shower chances they'll be mixed in the mountains and great north woods tomorrow morning, as it will be quite chilly. and gusty winds will be the big story for your friday, heading outdoors on friday, get ready to hold onto the hat, two hands on the steering wheel because winds could gust over 35 to 40 miles per hour, and that may lead to a few scattered power outages. but the weekend looking fairly nice after a cold start saturday, i warms a bit by sunday mid to upper 40's for many. you get up in elevation, down to about 40 degrees. so it feels the part of early to my november out there. same story in the heart of the lakes region, and some 30's showing up in the white mountains and great north woods. where do we end up from here? not a big temperature tumble later on tonight due continue creasing clouds with a cold front from the north. so on average low to mid 30's north, right around 40 in southern new hampshire.
5:51 pm
and 8:00 tomorrow. here's that front with a few showers, most of them will affect the north country for the morning commute tomorrow, but there could be a passing shower in southern new hampshire. tonight mainly clear. by morning a few clouds begin to roll in. could be a spot shower for the morning commute, as temperatures start off in manchester at about 42 degrees. and we're up near 50. any clouds give way to clearing as we go through the afternoon, and then the could see the winds over 35 to 40, watch out for that tomorrow. full sunshine in many spots saturday, sunday and monday. starts off cold for the start of the weekend, ends up nice and mild by monday, then maybe a few showers, tough to call how much rain, but we could use more than a few showers, maybe later tuesday and part of wednesday. jean: thanks, mike. so why stress out about
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>> how you can get it delivered right to your door. jean: and a show of support for one family in new hampshire targetedded by racism. join us for this special ride on news 9 at 6:00. >> and on "new hampshire chronicle." >> veterans when they get out sometimes there's a difficult transition period, so what veterans count does is they actually, they're not handing out money, but they're helping
5:53 pm
this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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josh: thanksgiving can be a lots of work, but martha stewart can make it easier with a feast in a box. inside the box you'll find everything you need for mashed potatoes, gravy, brussels sprouts, stuffing, apple pie, the package costs $180, or 120 if you provide your own turkey. manchester candy store will take some of those leftover halloween
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jean: van otis chocolates is collecting your treats at its elm street store, operation care for troops out of nashua will package the candy to be shippedded to our troops. the store is also accepting tooth brushes and any other unopened hygienic products. >> it's great to be able to send something to the troops, and we all have leftover halloween candy, so it's a good thing to be able to offload it onto us and we're happy to take it and send it off. jean:ou until tomorrow, and a quick happy birthday to the u.s. marine corps and all of our
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tom: an armed man arrested the for allegedly impersonating an f.b.i. agent and trying to gain access to a home. the things police say he had on him.
5:59 pm
been one death associated with the u47700. jennifer: the action taken against this deadly new street drug. tom: and the first step in the transfer of power, president obama welcomes president elect trump for a meeting of the minds at the white house. mike: a light breeze now, but that changes tomorrow, strong gusty winds for your friday. >> no one covers new hampshire like we now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: we will have those stories in a moment. first we have breaking news in concord where a serious crash is under investigation right now. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. police say this was a two-car crash on elm street, it does remain shut down. shelley walcott is live tonight with the latest on this. reporter: three people were
6:00 pm
hospital. this happened this afternoon around 3:00 on elm street in concord near the corner of horse hill road. the two vehicles involved appear to have hit head on. there were two people in one of the vehicles, one person in the other one. everyone involved had to be rescued after getting trapped, and so far police know very few details. >> a serious injury accident involving two motor vehicles, as of right now we don't know what the cause of issue took place along this strep of elm street. reporter: three people in the hospital with serious injuries. accident reconstruction is under way, and this road is expected to be closed for the next couple hours. so if this is a route you usually take, you'll want to be find another direction tonight. tom: tonight a nashua man facing


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