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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 11, 2016 1:07am-1:36am EST

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massachusetts home. tom: property taxes are going down in merrimack. >> now that the bills are coming in, they are seeing the reality of the situation. mike: gusty winds the, factor on friday. other changes on the way. >> no one's cover -- no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur nine news tonight. tom:he nine people are under arrest after a drug raid in manchester that has taken our context and weapons off of the streets. shelley: police it looks like they brought down a drug house with an extensive set up. a major drug bust operation in manchester tonight. members of the police special enforcement division with guns
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warrants on orange street. >> essentially, we had a drug operation here with numerous apartments. part of the drug operation also included firearms. we are executing search warran ts. we are trying to shut this particular building down. shelley: please recovered very types of narcotics including opioids and a >> this combination is alarming because there is a level of violence anytime you have firearms. the dealer may be fearful of someone stealing from him, another drug dealer, or, are they preparing for a raid from law enforcement. shelley: the chief says the suspects had an extensive set up. >> drugs were in one location.
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location. individuals were deployed to do surveillance. shelley: a small child was also taken from one of the apartments and cared for by the chief himself until family members arrived. several people were taken into custody. >> this was a well-established, shelley: two people were arrested for outdi tom: in concord, police investigated a serious crash on elm street. it happened on elm street and concord near horse hill road. the two vehicles involved seemed to hit head-on. three individuals were seriously and -- were seriously injured. >> it was a serious motor vehicle accident involving three
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stretch of elm street. tom: that road was closed for several hours as accident reconstruction teams investigated. shelley: a driver is facing felony charges after leading police on a high-speed chase from maine into new hampshire. the chase started in waterloo, maine and ended in wakefield, new hampshire. maine authorities tried to stop the car to check the they'll status of andrew allen collins. tom: charged with impersonating an fbi officer. gannon leblanc has been charged with trying to get inside a home last night. he was armed. cherise leclerc is in nashua with the story. cherise: police do not believe this was a random act. they believe that gannon leblanc may have used his job to target those homeowners. they also found other things in his backpack that led them to
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others. an alleged plot to get inside a massachusetts home has led to a nashua man being held behind bars. henan leblanc was armed with a loaded gun, a knife, a stun gun, a rope, and other items when he knocked on the door of an arlington home. he was wearing a white fbi hat and told the residents that he was looking for a wanted fugitive. he tried to get inside by asking to use the bathroom but the homeowners refused and called homeowners refused and called police. did them to the fact that it was strange -- why would an fbi person show up and asked to use the bathroom. they beat you want to use the bathroom at the station. cherise: police found gannon leblanc waiting at a bus station a short time later. >> officers located an illegal stun gun in his left front pocket. they searched his backpack and
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well as a black cat with fbi lettering. -- as well as a black hat with fbi lettering. cherise: he also had allegedly written down the names, addresses, and alvarez of four credit union clients. it woman that answer the intercom at his apartment told us that she was not interested in speaking to media. his defense attorney says he had his backpack because he intended to go camping and he knocked on the door simply to use the restroom. shelley: tonight, thousands of people have hit the streets once again across the country in protest of president-elect donald trump. it is the second straight night of protest across the country. protesters are marching in major cities like portland, philadelphia, and baltimore.
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has been peaceful. after a bitter election campaign, president obama and president-elect donald trump finally match. this morning, donald trump left new york with a ceremonial water cannon salute marking his first trip to washington since his victory. the first up was the white house were a meeting with president obama were they discussed the transition for almost 90 minutes. president obama: we are now going to want to do everything because if you succeed, the country 60's. donald trump: i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. shelley: after his white house meeting, he went to capitol hill to meet republican leaders. tom: some granite stater's are opening their property tax bills and they are doing a double take. all some communities ever used taxes, many big towns are doing the opposite including dairy, and sailor.
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we stopped by merrimack to see what it means to your wallet when tax rates drop and house values rise. reporter: the town is delivering some good news. the tax rate has dropped. >> we have had the great news that our tax rate is going down. reporter: the chair of the mayor back -- of the merrimack town council says rent bill to explain the numbers. it is now $22.79 per $1000. that is a drop of nearly 8%. but she cautions that property values went up so basically property owners will pay about the same amount but their property is worth more. >> there was great concern -- for example, might house went up 20%, does that mean my tax bill will go up 20%?
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reporter: the school section of the bill is down. and the healthy rooms and meals tax help lower the rate. all good news for this family. >> we just moved to merrimack about a year ago. any drop in taxes is great. reporter: and the parry family who has been here for 22 years. >> quite happy about this. we are involved locally. and a lot of support from our local community. it is a good place to live. reporter: one way to save money is to avoid interest entities by paying your tax bill on time. they are due to weeks before christmas here in merrimack. tom: the concord main street project is now complete. there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a parade this evening. work started in april of last
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he added a cobblestone media -- median, trees, and benches. >> the results speak for themselves. it drives right. it bikes right. it walks right, it just feels good. tom: it looks good also. the upgrades will make the capitals downtown area more accessible. it really does look great. lighting for support -- coming up on news nine tonight. shelley: new hampshire mother trying to get back child support. >> if someone is not paying child support, what are you doing to enforce it? tom: we investigate the agency in charge of making it easier. mike: the weekend is just about here. after a windy friday, what other changes are ahead. shelley: now, to our ulocal hotshot.
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these were spotted in the queen city. you can always submit your pictures and video.
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shelley: communion singer-songwriter and poet leonard cohen has died. his management released the news today. he was known for "hallelujah," among other songs. he remained wildly popular. he released to a new album just last month. he was 82 years old. well, they are often referred to
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late in child support payments. tom: the new hampshire division of child support helps families set up those orders. amy coveno investigates that the agency is not doing enough to collect back payments. >> i have two boys. they are humans. amy: alicia houston herself a squeaky wheel. she has been fighting for back child support since 2012. >> i do not know if you are really good at math that it is near $5,000. amy: the target is not the father of her two boys, it is the state of new hampshire, the division of child support services. >> if someone is not paying child support, what are you doing to enforce it? you are offering a service.
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>> we haven't gotten anywhere. they are fairly ineffective. amy: she has practiced family law in new hampshire for over 15 years. she also -- she often advises her clients to avoid going through the state to get support. >> i have seen it take them 7-8 months. to start processing payments. amy: legal experts corporate structure like subcontractors or the self-employed that are the hardest enforcement cases. >> if you have someone who does not have an employer that gives them a paycheck, and you do not have a way to do a wage assignment. amy: the division of child support declined multiple requests for interviews.
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new hampshire currently receive child support. the agency currently distributes $84 million in child support. it reported $225 million as owed to custodial parents in back child support. >> why should a custodial parent have to fight so hard? >> it is their inability to adequately man the system and cover all of the cases. amy: maryland mahoney has practiced family law in new hampshire for decades says they are overwhelmed and under resourced. via e-mail, the state tells us that there are 84 caseworkers. the division gets most of its funding from the federal government. for every one dollar that a state spends on its child support program, the federal government reimburses it $.66.
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effectively enforce child support. are we letting our kids down in this state? >> you want my answer? yes, we are. yes, and on all fronts. because we are so concerned about not spending any money -- amy: we compared child-support arrearages to other states with similar populations. new hampshire averages $8,000 which is nearly $10,000 a case that worst then montana. -- but worse than montana. she says it will be 20 years before the back support is paid off and she wants the state to be more aggressive. >> i kept asking them -- every time you go to court, shouldn't you be asking for the full amount? that is what is owed to the
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dollar. the full amount owed to the case is what is owed to the children. amy: some states charge interest on back support but in new hampshire, interest does not accrue. the statute of limitations is 20 years for collecting unpaid support. she believes the way her ex-husband is operating, her children will never see the support they deserve. >> now, f mike: we will see clear skies like we saw up at newfound lake give way to clear's desk give way to clouds tomorrow morning -- give way to clouds tomorrow morning. official high in concord today, 55 degrees. the average is 51. 73 is the record in 1931 with a
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it is quite chilly now but not nearly as cold as it can get this time of year. upper 20's, north. same story on top of mount washington and down near plymouth. if you 40's along the coast. over the next 12-14 hours, through the morning commute, possibly through lunchtime, a wedge of slightly more mild air. behind the cold front, bit over a good portion of canada and that chilly air begins to take over here starting tomorrow late and into early saturday. as the front comes through during tomorrow morning, quite a few clouds and scattered showers. best shot of them holding together will be in the north and art of this day, in time for the morning commute. a slight chance that one of those showers survive the trip into southern new hampshire. scattered showers north.
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it dress into southern new hampshire. a 30% chance of a quick hitting shower. outside of that, a dry friday with snow showers holding together in the afternoon in the north country. not only will it turn chilly, but they are being aided by a northwesterly wind pulling out any moisture. on average, 20-30 mile per hour winds. temperes slightly lower than today. it will cool down later in the afternoon. the highs will be reached at around noon or 1:00 before it cools. as for the wind, take a look. getting to increase tomorrow morning. the front comes through and they increase even more. 25-35 miles per hour and a few higher gusts near 40. any wind that gets up to 35-40, could lead to a few scattered
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what about the weekend? spot shower tomorrow morning. clearing out in the afternoon. lingering snow showers in the afternoon -- in the north. teens and 20's, and ending up in the 40's south upper 30's, north. monday, we are up near 60. next chance of rain is late tuesday into wednesday. we are stilln hampshire. we are still about 20%-30% below rainfall. and we could use some more. shelley: tomorrow is going to be a two hands on the wheel kind of day. tom: we are taking a look tonight at plymouth state basketball. jamie: the college basketball
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nine sports. jamie: the columbus blue jackets scored two minutes and 29 seconds into their game at the bruins tonight. a good start for them, but that was nothing compared to what the bruins ended up doing in the first period. they honored veterans day with medal of honor recipient ryan pitts dropping the ceremonial first puck. would never lose it. still in the first, a nice backhand feed. miramax tim schaller will lift a backhand under the crossbar. it was his goal. his second. they go want to win, 5-2 and they are at arizona on saturday.
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begins tomorrow at an unlikely time for unh. the wildcats host lesley university at 1:00 p.m. we dropped in on plymouth state basketball practice tonight. the panthers will open their season on tuesday against revere college in the boys and girls club classic. their leading scorer is back from last year. they are looking to build on that success. >> we are trying to gel together but we have a lot of enthusiasm. >> for our senior group, we want to leave with a winning record so we have to be nine games above point 500 to do that. that is something this program has not done in 11 years. we want to get into the ncaa tournament. jamie: dartmouth season begins
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wildcats will open up tomorrow night. it will not take long for this freshman to be thrown into the real fire against michigan state sunday night. this week's hometown hero is a big-play threat for the stevens high school football team. parker smith will lead the cardinals into the division iii semifinals this weekend. the 6'3" receiver has great hands and athleticism. he hopes to continue his football career at a division two or three college level. football is a fairly new sport to him and he says he has worked hard to improve. >> i have always been a basketball player but our offensive coordinator put it in my head -- you are pretty good
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watched it more. i made football my life. so i have a better iq overall. jamie: good luck to parker. congratulations to three proctor academy basketball players from new hampshire. they all signed with division one teams this week. caleb green signed with holy cross. geo baker is going to record's. and c bonaventure. after will have a really good basketball team this year. the big loss for women soccer team at franklin pierce. head coach jeff bailey is leaving to pursue other opportunities. they will miss him. and a tough loss for franklin pierce as they lost to merrimack college.
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shelley: some of our brightest in ventures are being honored. the product of the year that is
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were highlighted today by the new hampshire high tech council. tom: companies showed their products to people in the business community who then voted on the winner. the product of the year was the wilcox patriot hybrid, a device to keep first responders save when arriving to hazmat emergencies. >> the team has worked very hard and to get this recognition is very exciting. tom: sensors for trains and high-tech keyboards. a lot of high-tech gadgetry in new hampshire that they do right here. let us check with mike haddad. mike: the wind, that will be the key. not a widespread issue but there may be a few scattered power outages. snow showers possible in the mountains. shelley: thank you for joining
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