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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on daybreak, school bus strike authorized. >> what to do about the traffic around walmart in manchester. city leaders are recommendations to undo what they have already done. kevin: your have the latest on the timeline and how much rain we will see up ahead. >> the rain is good news for firefighters. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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thank you for joining us. sean: mother nature left the lights on last night with some clouds. and you could still see the super mood. kevin: the next system arriving could be up to an inch of rain but at the same time, it is the only rain chance this week. so we get an average amount of rain for the week in one day. there may be a light shower or two for state. but the rain we will see today will be moving in around midday and navigating further north in the afternoon. highs in the 40's and 50's with a breeze out of the east and northeast. much more coming up in a bit. we're joined now by deb davidson. deb: if your morning commute
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we don't see problems now as you make your way from tilted down through concord up the state line. the everett turnpike is up to speed. 95 north, a minor slowdowns at the 101 merge. and later today, 293, the exit four off ramps will be closed for paving. this report is bucks you the this report isro the minuteman health. erin: school buses are still running as normal across new hampshire this morning but that could change later this week sean: drivers for the company first student have now authorized a strike potentially affecting thousands of students but more negotiations are planned. wmur's ray brewer is live at the union headquarters in manchester . ray: officials tell us that any potential strike would not start until at least thursday morning
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putting in place contingency plans. union bus drivers who work out of first student's belmont location met last night and overwhelmingly rejected the latest contract offer from the company and then authorized a strike. that strike could also affect other districts in the state but a spokesman for the union tells news 9 that the two sides will meet again tomorrow and they still hope they will be able to reach an agreement and avoid any disruption for students and parents. school officials in r their plans if bus service there is affected including when students will be supervised and potential traffic changes. again, the school buses are running normally today and tomorrow. and the hope remains that a strike will be avoided. sean: firefighters hope to have a large brush fire in the white mountain national forest contained by the end of today
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already charred more than 325 acres near albany and last night was 50% contained. dozens of firefighters are dealing with difficult and dangerous terrain but they have been able to keep the flames away from any buildings. >> it's a low intensity fire, ground fire. the main issue we're having right now is there's a lot of snags burning and falling down. so right now, we're protecting firefighters. sean: officials aren't sure exactly how the fire started but person, possibly by a camp fire or cigarette. and another brush fire yesterday burned about 45 acres in loudon. erin: new on daybreak police in keene have caught the man they say robbed the campus convenience store on friday and attacked the clerk causing minor injuries. officers arrested 23-year-old justin thrasher last night after reponding to reports of a suspicious person behind the spaulding gym at keene state college. he is due in court later today.
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attempted murder trial of a strafford man accused of stabbing and biting another person. prosecutors say that 52-year-old kevin hinrichsen spotted his daughter and her ex-boyfriend together at a park and ride in northwood last year despite a restraining order against the boyfriend. the state says that's when hinrichson yelled and attacked. but hinrichson's laywer says it was self defense that the ex-boyfriend actually attacked himir was the boyfriend's knife. sean: members of president-elect donald trump's team say he could name more people to top spots in his administration this week and rumors are swirling over names on the short list. meanwhile, president obama is calling for unity while expressing reservations about donald trump's temperament. abc's janai norman is following the transition plans. >> president obama not backing down over concerns about whether
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president obama: do i have concerns? absolutely. of course, i have concerns. when you are a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than when you are president of the united states. >> this as trump's transition team faces more backlash over the appointment of steve bannon as senior advisor. a champion of the old right, a conservative movement many say is fue anti-semitism. >> i think the appointment to be a senior advisor is an absolute unmitigated disaster. >> he published headlines like these -- "hoist it high and proud." " birth control makes women
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that type of rhetoric is trickling down. in one pennsylvania school, chants of white power. in a michigan cafeteria, latino students are taunted by donald trump's slogans. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say, stop it. >> trump on 60 minutes working to ease fears. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly, don't be afraid. vladimir putin and trump. the kremlin saying the two agreed to try to mend ties between the u.s. and russia. erin: traffic around the new walmart in manchester could be going back to how is was before the store opened. the board of aldermen is meeting tonight after the committee of public safety recommended that all gates be opened and that president road be returned to two way traffic. traffic patterns have changed several times since walmart
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traffic flow and alleviating congestion but each change has produced new concerns and frustrations. >> i have customers every day calling to figure out how to get to our shop. erin: walmart agreed long ago to foot the bill for traffic changes around the store. sean: a driver in nashua says he jumped out of his suv after dropping a cigarette on his lap and that's when his vehicle the car rolled down the mines falls boat ramp just before noon yesterday and then floated away , before sinking about 75 feet from shore. no one was hurt nothing leaked into the water and the suv has already been removed. an elementary school in lawrence, massachusetts is closed today and maybe for the rest of the week after fire broke out in a classroom yesterday, leaving behind charred desks and causing significant smoke and water damage throughout the building. investigators think a faulty
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no students were in the classroom at the time but hundreds of students were evacuated just a few minutes into the school day. erin: still to come on newsnine daybreak. honoring veterans. how one hospitial is thanking patients who have served our country. sean: ready to shine. a local pooch is getting ready to strut his stuff against the best in the country. erin: a fugitive has been caught in tilton.
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kevin: we start off with clouds continuing with a few breaks in the overcast initially but then we may see a shower before 9:00 a.m.. the better chance will be in the evening where we could see over and it of rain in some spots. this comes behind a system with the sunshine returning for the end of the week, coming up. erin: a regional hospital is
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recognized. sean: the university of vermont health network is now placing american flags outside the rooms of veterans. one patient who received the medal of honor for his service in world war ii says the recognition is nice. >> i'm proud of it, it's one of my highest decorations -- i have others, the five campaigns in europe, that was great. >> it does it means a lot, that's one of the things we wanted to see, is making sure they're out in the hall, that our country is what it is because of those people that served. sean: 18 patients already have flags flying by their doors, and the hospital is also hoping to provide veterans with flags to wear on their i.d. badges. erin: what a great idea. you may want to tune in the national dog show on thanksgiving as you are getting your meal ready. a young new hampshire star will be competing. ronin is a one-year-old miniature bull terrier and he lives with a mother and daughter in nottingham.
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him in the national show ring. he has already won more than 14 ribbons since he started competing when he was 4 months old. he got an early start. sean: good luck. you said that as though i wasn't going to watch it originally? coming up, what is your favorite oreo flavor? before you answer, we'll tell you about a couple new options. erin: plus, one of our founding fathers needs help. the efforts now underway to restore benjamin franklin's
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erin: benjamin franklin needs your help. there is now a go fund me page hoping to raise $10,000 to fix the founding father's gravestone in philadelphia. the marble tablet has developed a serious crack on top of all this, caused by all the pennies that people toss onto the stone each year in tribute to
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a penny a day. a penny saved? a penny earned? the foundation responsible says it has received grants for the restoration but they don't cover all the costs. sean: work is now underway to shield and protect the worst nuclear accident, the world has ever seen a massive concrete and steel shelter is slowly being moved over the remains of the reactor at chernobyl in ukraine. it will take about five days to slide into place and then crews will start to dismantle the reactor which was sealed inside a so-called sarcophagus after the 1986 disaster. the goal is to prevent any further radioactive material from leaking out. some rather prominent vandalism in russia is grabbing international attention. someone painted a russian star on top of a city building to look like patrick from spongebob squarepants. i thought this was fake but apparently not. the russian star is a revered symbol of communism in russia. it will cost about $1500 to fix but officials want to make whoever is responsible foot the
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good luck with that. erin: who climbed up there to do that? it will soon be harder for electric and hybrid cars to sneak up on you. the government is now requiring that new hybird and electric cars make audible noise when traveling at low speeds. the goal is to make sure pedestrians hear them coming and provide protection, especially for people who are blind or have poor eyesight. safety officials think the sound alert could prevent about 2400 pedestrian injuries each year. delta is rolling out a new option for passengers today, becoming the first major airline to allow fliers to track their checked bags with a smartphone app. the airline says it hopes the technology will reduce the number of lost or unclaimed bags by 10% to 20%, and ease the stress felt by some customers. delta says the new system will also reduce mistakes made by baggage handlers. sean: i know you are wondering about this. you will soon have a new way to
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there are two options. one has bits of oreo cookies in a middle layer of vanilla cream filling. the other has a layer of oreo cookies and two layers of filling. is that the double stuff? they are already available in some stores but will be everywhere in january. so chocolate, vanilla and oreo? chocolate seems to be introduced the chocolate covered oreo and i said wow. it doesn't seem possible. they just keep trying. well, science in our benefit. we may see a shower pre-9:00 a.m. as far as organized showers
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later this afternoon. an onshore breeze with the 40's and 50's. all told, before things lighten, most of the rain will be focused from midafternoon through mid-evening tonight. and because the system arrives from the south, we are not expecting much of a drop in temperatures. staying in the 50th statewide throug notice showers down. those will move northward initially. we may have a couple of sprinkles around for the morning commute. what we see with the rainfall measured up will be from lunchtime and through the
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through the mid-60's. here comes the rain chances. these continue to drift northward. by lunchtime, rainfall chances will be pretty good in time for the evening commute. a slow go. we are setting up a low visibility type situation for th morning. clouds tomorrow morning give way to sunny breaks. sunny for thursday and friday and without cold air behind the system we will still be in the 50's and 60's. a general expectation is a half inch of rain. there will be some spots that
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shakes up sunday. it has been a fairly easy go of it. but that could be changing going forward. this could mix with a couple of shoe weight showers on sunday. a pattern shift to get us to the season that we know after this one. that might be winter. erin: ok. let's check our top stories. here's ray brewer. ray: several school districts across the state are preparing for a possible strike high school bus drivers. the union boss trevor's to work out of the first student
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rejecting the latest contract number. and authorizing a strike. the two sides will meet again tomorrow. and they hope in agreement will be reached. erin: traffic around the new walmart in manchester could be going back to how is was before the store opened. the board of aldermen is meeting tonight, after the committee of public safety recommended that all gates be opened and that president road be returned to two way traffic. firefighters hope to have a large brush fire burning in the white mountains national forest under control by the end of today. the fire near albany has already scorched more than 325 acres. sean today the rain should help. coming up on daybreak. a lucky break for a turkey in california. he is in anything but a fowl mood and people are taking
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sean: this could be a stressful time of year if you are a turkey but a bird in california is strutting around confidently. erin: that's because it appears leon thinks he is a dog. his owner says leon loves people , likes being kissed and hugged and loves having his belly scratched. he is even learning to play games and spends time cuddled up on the couch. leon was actually found wandering as a stray but is beinsp sean: were they really serving him cranberries? there is a weird irony there. coming up in the next half hour, a local school custodian is taking extra time to provide smiles for students by creating some unique designs when he
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: welcome back. we are halfway through the month of november. there next week. erin: i can't believe it is next week. we will take a look at your forecast after our top stories. school bus drivers who work out of first students belmont location have rejected the company's latest contract offer and approved a strike. but we're told bus service will not impacted today or tomorrow. a man accused of going on the run, after he allegedly dragged a belmont police officer with a car, is expected to face a judge today. and littleton police say arrests
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home on manns hill road. sean: we talked about the dry conditions and we have had several brushfires. and some relief? kevin: light showers for the commute moving northward out of massachusetts and eventually rainfall for the evening. heavier downpours are a possibility. of to half an inch is a possibility out of this. and it will light up by the evening. sean: here's a live look at i-93 from our hooksett camera. for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. deb: good morning.
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are moving well as you move your way through the state. 293 looks decent through manchester but later today we will have some ramp closures at exit for taking place at 7:00, weather permitting until 4:00 this afternoon for some paving. in massachusetts, a crash on 490 favor -- crash on 495 southbound. sean: bus drivers for the company first student are authorizing a strike, but school officials say they do not anticipate any disruptions before thursday. erin: ray brewer joins us live now outside the union office in manchester with the latest developments. ray: good morning. union members who work out of first student's belmont location rejected the company's latest contract offer last night and approved a strike.
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school districts in the state. a union spokesman tells news 9 that the two sides will meet again tomorrow in washington, d.c. in hopes of reaching an agreement. that means bus service will continue at least through today and tomorrow. if a strike does happen, school officials have come up with alternative plans to make sure students can get to class. live in manchester, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: a man accused of dragging a police officer with a car in a police officer with a car in belmont last month is expected hayden moon was arrested during a traffic stop in tilton yesterday. on october 28, police say he drove off when an officer tried to arrest him on a warrant and dragged the officer who fired his gun. during his arrest yesterday, police say moon gave them a false name. he was also in possession of stolen credit cards and meth. >> in the booking room, he sat there for about two hours.
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a foster child, wasn't from around here, nothing made sense. >> i'm just glad that she had her backup there to give her a hand, and i mean, anything could've happened. he's got multiple outstanding warrants. he's a fugitive. erin: moon is expected to be arraigned today on a number of charges. sean: new on daybreak. a man from vermont is facing charges after canaan police say he tried to sell marijuana to an undercover officer. right now, the suspect 42-year-old arthur lee clark is during a search of his vehicle, police say they found about 13 ounces of high-grade marijuana and cash. they say the pot has a street value of $4400. state police say a suspected heroin dealer was arrested during a traffic stop in plaistow. troopers say 25-year-old ernesto reyes of lawrence, massachusetts refused to identify himself and put up a struggle while a trooper was arresting him.
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erin: a fire in littleton led to the discovery of a large, suspected meth lab. the fire broke out early sunday morning in the basement of a home on manns hill road. two adults were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. one of the responding officers noticed evidence of meth production and helped secure the scene. a hazardous materials company was called in to remove the suspected meth. police say the investigation is ongoing and they are planning to make arrests. the dea has selected manchester sean:the dea has selected manchester as the first city in the northeast to implement a new crisis. officials are holding a news conference today to discuss the project, which is called the 360 degree strategy. it will focus on dismantling drug trafficking rings and gangs. the news conference is scheduled for 10:00 this morning at the manchester boys and girls club on union street. erin: the trial resumes today in the case of a mother who is suing philips exeter academy after she says the school
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15-year-old son, after he had sex with another 15-year-old student. according to lawyers representing john doe. the sexual encounter happened in a dorm room. a month later, the girl involved went to the school's health center and reported what happened. a private investigator for the school found that john doe violated the school's misconduct policies. the school says that girl did not clearly consent, although it's important to note, it was not found that a sexual assault occurred. john doe was put on dean's leave with the possibility that he may return in the fall, but then the school ded his lawyers are saying the school mishandled the situation. but the school says its policies clearly say phillips exeter can take immediate action if necessary. sean: a motorcyclist is recovering this morning after he was injured in an accident in rochester. police say a 74-year-old woman was driving down eastern avenue yesterday afternoon when her car collided with a motorcycle. the rider, 26-year-old matthew medina, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
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life-threatening injuries in a crash in pelham. the accident happened shortly before 9:30 yesterday morning on mammoth road. police say a 56-year-old woman was driving down a hill when she crashed into a pickup truck , sending the truck into a telephone pole. the driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries. erin: the election was a week ago. hillary clinton has officially won new hampshire four electoral college votes. donald trump's campaign had until 5:00 yesterday evening to seek a recount but it did not do so. clinton won new hampshire by less than a percent of the ballots cast. trump's edge in the electoral college now stands at 290 to 232, with only michigan still left to be called. sean: this morning more names are emerging as the president-elect continues to fill out his administration. nikole killion is in washington with a look at who's on the list and what's on tap for the transition today. >> the head of trump's
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be in new york today as deliberations continue over who to select. he has been by donald trump's side for most of the campaign . now a senior trump official says former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is a leading contender to serve as secretary of state , though former u.n. ambassador john bolton is also said to be under consideration. >> we are looking for men and women who share the president-elect's vision to make america great again. >> as the vice president-elect sits down today with the names, the trump transition team pushed back against criticism for its selection of conservative news exec steve bannon as chief strategist. >> people should look at the full resume. he has got a harvard business degree. he's a naval officer. >> but groups from the southern poverty law center to the anti-defamation league have denounced the pick. >> the appointment of a bigot in the white house does not serve america. >> at the white house, president obama reserved comment. president barack obama: the
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45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him set up a great team that he thinks will serve him well. >> the president said he wouldn't discuss mister trump's individual appointments, but did say it will be up to the president-elect to send signals of unity. in washington, wmur news 9. erin: the department of health and human services is holding a families. 84 adoptions were finalized in the granite state between october of last year and september of this year. the celebration will be held at the state house in concord at 2:00 this afternoon. sean: coming up on daybreak, an effort is underway in china to help people with diseases like als. we'll tell you about mind-reading software that's being developed to help those patients communicate. erin: and s taking carpet cleaning to a
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kevin: clouds thickening up this morning with beneficial rain
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kevin: clouds continue to increase on a tuesday morning. we will continue to see clouds thickened this evening with rainfall moving in from south to north. it will be heavy as later this evening. a couple of spots could get over an inch of rain fall. details are head. erin: a man whose homicide conviction was profiled in the netflix series making a murderer has been ordered to be released from federal prison. brendan dassey's convic yesterday the judge said dassey should be released while prosecutors appeal. dassey was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of helping his uncle, steven avery, kill a woman back in 2005. dassey was sixteen-years-old at the time. he's now 27. his attorney says he expects his client to be home by thanksgiving. sean: now to a shocking sight in one new york waterway. schools of dead fish covered an entire bay. >> i'm out here 23 years and
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>> you could have walked across the water. it was covered with fish. sean: thousands of dead bunker-fish were clogging a canal. officials believe the fish were chased into the area by a large school of blue fish. they say the bunker fish could not get out because the canal was closed at one end. >> the water was just bubbling with fish. it was like something you see out of the amazon with piranhas. that's just what it looked like. sean: by the time the canal was opened most of the fish had already died. some fishermen scooped them up and plan to sell them as bait to lobstermen in maine. erin: a person in massachusetts had a frightening encounter while taking his dog for a walk. >> i was in a panic because i was like, is it going to come after me? erin: he spotted a bear roaming around a neighborhood in tyngsborough yesterday afternoon. fortunately the bear was not aggressive. police believe it is the same bear that was caught roaming in
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continue its winter preparation. sean: scientists in china are working to build mind-reading software to help people who are not able to communicate. right now the new software is being tested by a man with als. scientists say a cap, fitted with electrodes, transmits his brain waves to the software in the computer allowing him to make simple yes or no decisions. researchers say there are still some kinks they need to work out. right now there are no plans for a e- be necessary before the software can be cleared for use in the u.s. erin: a new study is revealing which states are the best, and worst, for teachers. wallethub compiled the list based on factors such as average starting salary, classroom ratios and school safety. new jersey tops the list of the best states for teachers, followed by massachusetts, illinois, minnesota and wyoming. new hampshire was listed as the 26th best state for teachers.
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arizona. sean: turning now to sports. we are learning new details about the injury rob gronkowski suffered during sunday night's game against the seahawks. original reports on monday said he may have suffered a punctured lung. but a new report from espn last night said it's a chest injury, and not considered overly serious. gronk missed five plays after the hit by earl thomas and he later said it was a clean hit, erin: the celtics took on one of the worst teams in the nba last night, the new orleans pelicans. new orleans came into this game with with one in ten record. al horford sat out his seventh straight game, due to a concussion. the pelicans certainly looked better than a one-win team in this game. they led by five at the half and held on to win the game, 106-105. the celtics host the dallas mavericks tomorrow night. sean: last night, unh put its
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the wildcats' first two baskets were 3 pointers. jordan reed, the transfer from rice, scored first, followed by david watkins. unh led by six at the half. watkins hit five 3 pointers in the game and the wildcats went on to win it, 57-52. >> now, your storm watch nine forecast. erin: the clouds are kevin: usually you have a transferring from the early-mid fall-late fall weather. and seemingly we will head towards the weekend with a front coming through and we will start to do that. at the time being it has been an easy going of it. temperatures have been running above normal. and we are still continuing to
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even as we get closer to the ground freezing of the season. we have clouds continuing to advance northward. and that means rainfall follows from south-north. from there, there could be upwards of an inch of rain fall out of this system. it is wn expecting to push in through the afternoon from south to north. there may be a stray shower around for the morning commute that any breaks of sunshine will give way to a thickening of clouds this morning. still, upper 30's and 40's closer to the shoreline. in a few spots we have had clear skies. we're all the way down near the freezing mark early this
5:49 am
the rain overnight. high temperatures today ranging from the upper range of the 40's where the rainfall starts earliest. low range of the 50's in the north country where we are remaining for a good portion of the day. so again, a small chance of a shower this morning. here comes the rain chance making its way to southern areas of the state either side of lunchtime. evening for the southern half of the state where we are expecting the potential for a couple of heavier downpours involved. this is where most of the heavier rain will be. center of right the evening commute. it will life and later in the evening and taper off overnight. by early tomorrow morning, showers with clouds leftover and sunny breaks for the second half
5:50 am
friday. all of those days are expecting to be with sunshine. there is not a huge punch of cooler air, it will come behind it but that may change as we have another front approaching from the west over the weekend. that system will start to drive down cooler air. and the pattern shift that we have been talking about for a couple of days looks to head in our direction sunday into monday. but either side of 50. forecast, really nice. well into the 50's in the southern part of the state. we will hold on to that through the weekend. monday, colder air starts you come in with a chillier week expected next week. which as we know, it is full of important days like the travel day on wednesday and thanksgiving on thursday and
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erin: there are all kinds of artists. an elementary school custodian is getting international attention for his creative carpet cleaning skills. check this out. ron munsey has been working at the peter woodbury school in bedford since july. in one first grade room, he started vacuuming designs into the rug. the students thought the designs were cool and their teacher started building a photo album. when the designs were posted online, they went viral. school officials say they've heard from people as far away as japan. >> just started doing stripes and squares. when the red sox made the playoffs, i did a red sox insignia and it just continued on. it's actually a last minute thing. when i walk in a room, i just think of something. erin: wow. he is talented. munsey says he sometimes makes his designs topical and educational, like a white house after the election and a flag
5:52 am
charlie brown there. he says he can't practice his carpet art at home, because he has hardwood floors. that's amazing what he can do. look at the white house. sean: i vacuum and it makes patterns but i never thought to make artwork. still to come on news 9 daybreak. need a gift idea for the holidays? we'll tell you about a watch that is powered entirely by your body heat. and now time for our u-local hot shots. check th this was taken at connolly cabins and campground in north stratford. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto
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erin: a rare diamond is going up for auction. it is called the sky blue diamond and could fetch up to
5:56 am
kind. it is beautiful. sean: it is going to the auction block. a new-type of taco bell is now open for business on the las vegas strip. taco bell cantina actually sells alcohol. it also has vip lounges and a dedicated space for a dj, the company has restaurants with similar concepts in chicago, san francisco, and austin, texas. i am willing to do that tour. kevin: hang out with the dj. [laughter] erin: if you're tired of your watch running out of batteries you may want to check out the new powerwatch by matrix industries. it is actually a smartwatch that's completely powered by your body heat. the powerwatch has the basic features of fitness trackers, like step counters, but it also tells you how many watts of power you've generated through
5:57 am
sean: matrix is launching its watch line for men first. the cost is $100. the company plans to debut watches for women in the near future. kevin: this is genius. right? your own power? sean: coming up in the next hour of news 9 daybreak, we'll tell you what investigators think is to blame for sparking a fire that damaged an elementary school in massachusetts. ray: several school districts in new hampshire are preparing for
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this city is it. great food, gorgeous scenery, friendly people. and what's better than doing something awesome in manchester? doing it for free. we hear you. that's why a-a-r-p is hosting fun, free, informative events. like wine tours and movie premieres. plus, we're offering resources to help you achieve your goals. and we're finding ways to make manchester even more livable. so if you don't think, "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p then you don't know "aarp."
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erin: strike authorized. school bus drivers have rejected an offer but are not walking off the job yet. sean: what to do about the traffic around a walmart in manchester? recommendations to u they have already done. kevin: clouds thickening. we have the latest on futurecast ahead. erin: the rain is good news as firefighters battle large brushfires across new hampshire, including one that has charred hundreds of acres. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us.


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