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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 18, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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school bus strike is looming, -- mike: the feel of early spring in the afternoon. shelley: tai chi giving 190-year-old a new lease on life. how she is now sharing that with others at one assisted living center. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 shelley: starting tonight, this family is mourning the loss of a nashua man killed in jamaica. christopher leite was hit by a bus and did not survive. good evening. he was survived by his wife and three children. we sat down with the family tonight as they prepare to bring him home to say their final goodbye. kristen: christopher leite
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his 33rd birthday. his family is working to bring him back home and lay him to rest. christopher leite family has gathered in nashua to cope with his loss, the place where he lived with his three children. >> it has been great to have us all here. kristen: his brother anthony tells me he was in jamaica for his friends wedding. while he was there, he and another man were hit by a bus and died at the hospital. the couple who were married know what happened. >> it was not real. it still is not. because as far as i am concerned, he is still there. kristen: his twin brother jonathan says he is one of six children and the father of three. >> we need to get him home. we need to be able to say our goodbyes.
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focusing on who he was and what they will miss about the hard-working father, brother, son, and friend who gave so much. >> i cannot even begin to describe how much of an influence and how wonderful he is as a father and a provider. >> chris would do anything for anybody. he would not let anyone go without, without anything. he put everybody, everybody, people he did not know before people he did not know before hims is coming together to support christopher and his family. they are so grateful. >> i am in such awe. kristen: christopher's family created a gofundme page to help with travel and funeral expenses. any money left over will go to
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supreme court is upholding the sentence of a prison inmate convict did of second-degree murder. prosecutors say thomas milton was part of a white supremacist prison gang when he bade -- when he beat another inmate in 2010. he argued that an expert witness testified about other incidents that other gang members were involved in that he was not. the court ruled that the value of that school districts around the state remain concerned that a bus driver strike could impact transportation in the coming days. two districts in sau 55 are taking their fight to court to keep their drivers behind the wheel come next week. cherise leclerc is live tonight in belmont. cherise: only the drivers who work at of this bus depot in
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at those two school districts are taking action hoping to prevent any of their bus drivers from walking off the job as well. this bus depot in belmont is where a drivers strike could all begin. there is day in court, attorneys for sau 55 tried to prevent that strike from spreading to their district. >> we have a great bus driver that provides an excellent service but to withhold services from the families is unacceptable. timberlane school district. he said it could impact 33 districts including his so he turned to the court system. >> i was committed to using every tool in the tool shed to make sure that the company we contracted with was going to honor that. cherise: he also argued that any drivers other than those in
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contract if they picketed. they have a no strike clause in their agreement. cahill, a lawyer from the teamsters union said drivers will not strike until monday, november 20 eighth at the earliest and would give plenty of notice to schools if they do straight. >> -- if they do strike. >> it is our hope and desire that this will go away. cherise: everyone agrees tha school. >> i have never seen a strike that would not take into consideration the safety of the children. cherise: the judge in this case is expected to make her ruling tomorrow but the teamsters of attorney says they filed a motion to move this case to federal court. live in belmont, i am cherise leclerc. shelley: right now, manchester
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this man. police say 77-year-old kenneth fletcher has alzheimer's disease and went missing earlier this evening. he was last seen wearing a gray footie and blue jeans. anyone with information is asked to call manchester police. and now to win -- new hampshire's drought. recent rain was not enough to make a dent in the drought conditions. mike haddad has the latest map. mike: not much change at all to last week or the weefo drought status across new hampshire. extreme southern new hampshire, drought. all the way into salem and up towards londonderry and points west and southwest. severe drought for many. 25% below the average rainfall since the first of the year including the lakes region down to concord and manchester and up into southern parts of the white mountains. 28.4 is the rain in concord.
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we are about 20% below average. there is some precipitation back to the west. it is falling in the form of rain and snow. that means some big changes around here starting sunday. we will look at the nice weather until that point and what changes mean for our weather is sunday on. shelley: with winter around the corner, climatologist are warning that even if we do have a snowy winter, the current droughtdi freezes, any precipitation, whether it is rain, ice, or snow will stay on the service meaning the groundwater supply will not be replenished. >> for areas where groundwater levels are already low, people are going to have to conserve their water use if they are drawing from wealth or municipalities that are drawing
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evenly over time to improve things in the spring. the cause of a fire that broke out in an apartment on amherst street is being investigated. fire crews say the entire apartment building was occupied at the time but everyone made it out. when firefighters arrived, they found heavy fire and smoke coming from the front of the building. the fire was contained to a first-floor bedroom. >> due to the construction of the begich -- one apartment. no personal injury. shelley: a man and a five-year-old child were brought to the hospital for smoke in a. the fire caused $50,000 in damage. in merrimack, officials say a 1986 chevrolet corvette appears to be a total loss. after catching fire in the high school parking lot. fire crews were called to school
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and saw smoke. officials say the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. commitment 2016 -- work repairing for the white house keeps going for president-elect donald trump. the republican had back-to-back high-powered meetings today from trump tower. maggie rulli is in washington with more. maggie: as president-elect donald trump appears for his role in the white house, he is seeking to mend fences with old rivals. he is considering governor mitt romney for secretary of state, shocking for some when you consider mitt romney had this to say. >> think of his personal qualities. the bullying. the greed. the showing off. the misogyny. the upsurge third-grade theatrics. maggie: the feeling, clearly
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of himself. maggie: also up, governor nikki haley. she originally supported marco rubio. and now, a change in heart. part of a full day of meetings focused on foreign policy and national security including his first face-to-face with a foreign leader, prime minister abe from japan. democratic -- democrats are stillp relationship with his son-in-law. it is against the law for him to appoint a family member for a job at the white house but the transition team is reportedly looking into him serving as an unpaid adviser claiming it has been done before. >> the sons of president bush were very involved.
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hear more about his cabinet around thanksgiving. shelley: the surgeon general says addiction is not a character flaw but an illness. coming up, the new eye-opening report giving a look at the addiction crisis across the country. >> it gives you a whole new chance of life again. shelley: using an ancient form of exercise to get a new lease doing just that. mike: plenty of sunshine tomorrow with mild temperatures.
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shelley: a new report from the u.s. surgeon general's shedding light on the told drugs and alcohol are taken across the u.s. 21 million americans struggle with addiction's while only 10% are getting the treatment they need. one american dies every 90 minutes from an opioid or heroin overdose. they are encouraging better treatment. other states in suing to companies saying they blocked a generic version of a drug for treating opioid addiction. the companies worked together to switch suboxone from a tablet version to a film. the attorneys general claims that has led to artificially high prices for the drug. the companies have said the lawsuit is without merit. to citizen activists and the
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spoke out for open government received the first amendment reward. david pearl passed away in june so marc miville accepted the award on behalf of his family and the retired head of the nhcl u, claire ebel received the quill and ink award. >> think about the people who are saying things that you do not like. it is their first amendment also. us, to say that their first amendment rights are just as important as mine. >> there are many good people willing to help in this state. many in this room tonight. thank you all for what you are willing to do. >> he was committed to his principles and to his convictions, almost to a fault. to do the right thing and what
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requests. shelley: tonight's event was the main fundraiser for the nonprofit school. age is just a number to new hampshire's newest tai chi instructor. this 90-year-old is leading a class at a senior residents in windham and her neighbors could not be happier. in this community room, senior citizens are embracing a new age practice. they are taking part leading the pack is jeanette who at 90 years old says tai chi has given her a new lease on life. >> i feel as though i am 39 years old. i do not feel stress. it takes all of your problems away. shelley: she says she learned tai chi while living in florida and she became an instructor six years ago.
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this class two weeks ago. >> we made it happen very quickly. and got her in place. and made sure that she was comfortable with her presentation and the people that would be coming. and so, we had it happen and she is really great and really happy. she has brought so much to our facility. shelley: fellow residents are happy also. >> this is my second time. shelley: health experts say tai chi helps reduce stress and anxiety and the repetitive motions are good for alzheimer's patients. >> it gives you a whole new chance at life. shelley: jeanette says it is never too late to start. she says she was never an active person until she discovered tai chi. mike: they are having a great time there.
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a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures tomorrow. if you have tomorrow off for the first half of the weekend, you are in luck. we have temperatures well above the average and were sunshine. look at the time lapse photos up there in warner. many saw some sunshine. the clouds were stubborn. high temperature yet again was well above the average, 57 before it cooled down a little bit later in the day. the temperatures are beginning to warm washington. 39 degrees. cool air, heavier, tensed to sing down into the valleys. that is what we have in place out there while the mild air surging in from the southwest rides up on top of it. you can see it reflected in the temperature there in the northern part of the state and on top of mount washington. overnight tonight, upper 20's, low 30's.
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we will call it 30 at most, or at least by daybreak. look at this mild weather to our west. for this late hour of the evening to be sitting at 70 in st. louis and mid 60's in chicago, well above average. however, winter is on the map from the rockies down to the northern part of the plains states and the jet stream is driving the separating cold from warm. right now, it is west, southwest over new hampshire keeping us above average. a big dip occurs sunday afternoon bringing chilly air our way taking temperatures below average. namely clear skies right now with a few patchy clouds out north giving away to son early tomorrow morning. elsewhere, a sunny sky for your friday. temperatures, well above average by about 15 degrees.
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there will be some coastal clouds trying to move in early saturday evening. and then everyone will see the clouds thicken early sunday morning with rain developing. tough to call when the rain-snow line will move in. it will cool into the 30's late. most of the snow will pivot up north as we go into sunday afternoon 50's and low 60's tomorrow. a couple of degrees cooler than that on saturday with full sunshine. enjoy the next couple because here come the changes. rain tapering into snow in the north country. snow showers monday night into tuesday. mostly in northern parts of the state, through the mountains. gusty winds. much cooler.
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shelley: that is good. everyone is focusing on wednesday now. thank you.
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>> now, jamie staton and news nine sports. jason: and the award goes t mike trout of the angels. he went the american league m.v.p. award with new keep -- mookie betts of the red sox coming in second place. trout is on, to mvps in three seasons. bruins have been off since sunday. they deserved the break after playing six games in nine days. tonight, they were back on the
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where the wild have a new head coach this year. bruce boudreau, the first coach in manchester monarchs history. he coached in anaheim last year. there was no scoring in the first area. it continued in the second thanks in part to a couple of big saves from tuukka rask. devon minnesota. let us go to college basketball. unh at home with abilene christian. wildcats in white. jaleen smith was an early layout. daniel dion had a three. 34-17 at the break. smith with a couple of degrees.
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65-57. they have a tough one on sunday at west virginia. in division iii, plymouth state home to norwich jack preston, working the offensive glass. he had a game-high 18 points with nine rebounds. preston kicks it out to max coleman. the freshman, j lindley roy for manchester central has a nice career with the panthers. they are off to a 2-0 start. dartmouth hosted a first-round tournament game against st. francis of brooklyn in double overtime. matt had the game-winning goal. they advanced to play at syracuse on sunday. college football tonight. you can count louisville out of the playoff hunt. they are stumbling at houston. the mark jackson trying to avoid
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nice play hereby houston. they are up 34-10, late in the fourth quarter. jackie, a junior distance runner for exeter high school. she began the first new hampshire girl since 2006 to win the new england cross-country championship. the first ever from exeter high school. she champions. she is also a two-time division i chair. she runs indoor and spring track. a top 10 finish at the northeast regionals will win -- will earn her a spot at the nationals. >> i don't have any expectations. i just want to run as hard as i can. >> she is a tremendous student athlete. she works tremendously hard.
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senior as well. shelley: looking forward to that. a sneak peek into this year's auto show and to how local dealers got together for a great
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shelley: the new hampshire sportsplex in bedford is preparing for the auto show. it started today with a fund-raising gala. it is raising money for the education foundation. the gala also gives participating dealers a chance to look at the new models in the showcase. >> we want to raise money for the charity and also we want to say thank you our partners. shelley: more than 150 new vehicles are on display. doors open tomorrow at noon at the sportsplex in bedford and the show runs until 5:00 on sunday. if you love cars, that is the place to be. thanks to all of you for joining us for news nine tonight. jimmy kimmel live is next followed by nightline. have a great night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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