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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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america." and tomorrow night, see who takes home the mirror ball trophy when the two-night finale event of "dancing with the stars" begins at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central. ? ? hayley: cold temperatures and blustery wind chills to start the holiday week. how chilly it gets and if snow threatens your travel this week.
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this man in an atm skimming investigation. tonight, tips on how to protect yourself during the busy shopping season ahead. new video tonight as the coast guard rushed to rescue six people from a sinking boat just off the coast of massachusetts. plus, an officer ambushed. the san antonio police department is mourning the loss of an officer shot right outside the station while writing a ticket. history in homestead flo season and clinches his seventh championship. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. cherise: right now snow is falling in many parts of the state. these are live pictures of what -- of hooksett.
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to accumulate on the grass. meteorologist hayley lapoint with what you can expect overnight. hayley: it's following -- falling continuously in some places. over .5" to 1" in some places. it continues to fall. you can see on the satellite and radar that's the case, especially in southern new hampshire, now in the lakes region, t inch of what snow -- wet snow. some heavier vans in the lake region, too. it's all part of a low-pressure system that's twisting and turning over us. we are mostly around freezing, within a degree or two. 32 manchester, 31 in nashua.
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there may be some snow-covered roads. we are hearing there has been some snow-covered roadways up in the lakes region. it could be a little slip early tomorrow morning at the bus stop . temperatures only in the 30's. i will show you more on the holiday forecasts in a few minutes here. cherise: right now, police are trying to figure out who placed skimming devices on atm's in hillsboro and manchester. the suspect used sophiic camera equipment, and tonight investigators want to warn people during the holiday shopping season. wmur's mike cronin joins us live with more. mike: skimming devices are easy and cheap to find. after criminals plant them, they'll either come back later to get the stolen information or wireless transmit it. tonight's snow isn't the only sign of winter. the holiday shopping season is here, and security experts say people need to be on the lookout
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steal debit or credit card information. the credit cards with the chips on them, those are the most secure, so if you've got a credit card with a chip, that's probably the way to go. mike: peter la monica, a computer forensic analyst, who teaches at manchester community college says crooks could target shoppers over the next month. skimmers are generally planted in atms and gas pumps. your pin code as you type it in and check to see if the card reader is loose. >> if something looks like it's new or been replaced recently, make sure that's not a skimmer. mike: police in two new hampshire communities are investigating recent incidents. last weekend a hillsboro bank found a device after customers said they had trouble swiping their cards. a similar skimmer was found at the same bank in manchester. police hope these surveillance pictures help to find the suspect. the equipment was fairly
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the camera system, completely subdued. it blended in perfectly with the atm. mike: it's unclear if anyone's card was compromised. investigators won't say which banks were affected. >> the bank took precautions and alerted everybody that had used the atm. mike: as more people buy gifts for the holidays, la monica says to always be careful with cards. >> the really good deals from that guy that you never heard of may just be too good to be true. be careful when you give your credit card number out over the phone. you're not really sure who's on the other end of the line. mike: authorities ad fraudulent charges and if you do run into an issue, call your bank or police. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. cherise: thank you. new tonight, a manchester store has been targeted by a burglar again. this is the second time in a week the z-1 market on second street has been broken into. the most recent one happening last night just after the store closed. police say someone threw rocks threw the front glass door. in this case the suspect stole
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merchandise. at this point police aren't sure the two cases are connected. last time the thief took cash from the register and cigarettes. new video tonight of the coast guard rescue off the coast of massachusetts today. six people were rescued from a 72 foot scallop boat named "the captain jeff" as it was sinking five miles off new bedford. they called for help around 9:30 this morning, saying their boat was taking on water. those rescued were taken ashore and evaluated. there were no reported injuries. the cause of the sinking is still under investigation tonight. an update now to a story we brought you last night. a nashua family with 5 children lost almost everything in a fire and now donations are being collected. heavy flames broke out at a housing complex on eleventh street. no one was inside at the time. one of the displaced families has kids ranging from two to 19-years-old. firefighters said plumbing work was going on and they believe that maintenance may have caused
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can help this family, just log onto one driver was killed, another remains in the hospital tonight after a head-on crash in tilton. police identified the driver as 29-year-old robert arteaga of northfield. he was driving east up the hill when he allegedly crossed the double yellow line, hitting another driver head-on. the victim's family released this statement. "he was a son, a brother, a true friend, and recently a new father. our family, through this difficult time, also shares a concern for the person and family who were invo i a manhunt is underway in san antonio, texas, right now for a suspect in the shooting death of a police officer. detective benjamin marconi, who was a 20-year veteran, was gunned down in broad daylight just outside police headquarters while he was sitting in his cruiser. abc's chuck sivertsen has more. chuck: a san antonio police officer was shot outside of police headquarters just before noon.
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pulled over a vehicle and was writing a traffic ticket. >> when the process of conducting that traffic stop, an unknown suspect parked his vehicle behind detective marconi's patrol car and approached him while he was sitting behind the wheel of his patrol vehicle. when the suspect reached the driver's side door, he fired a gunshot toward detective marconi, striking him in the head. the suspect then reached in through the open window and fired a second shot. >> i need ems right now. chuck: but medics could not save the officer's life. >> this type of senseless violence is unacceptable. chuck: police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect's car fleeing police headquarters after the shooting, describing the suspect as a black male wearing a hoodie, baggie pants, and a beard. >> we consider the suspect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. chuck: so far, police have no motive in the officer's slaying. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york.
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search and rescue team comes to the aid of a missing vermont hiker. new england k-9 was called in to help look for the 72-year-old who had been missing in holland, vermont, for 3 days. one of the k-9's was able to find the hunter by sniffing out evidence found in a beaver pond late saturday afternoon. new england k-9 offers free emergency response to authorities in new hampshire and vermont. tonight, two rock climbers are home after a 12-hour ordeal to rescue them from cannon cliffs in franconia. the pair from massachusetts called 911 around 10:30 last night, as they were stranded two thirds of the way up the moon shadow climbing route and knew bad weather was moving in for today. they were eventually lifted to the top of the cliff by rescuers. the entire rescue party made it to the trailhead around 10:00 this morning. a manchester man is recovering tonight after falling more than 25 feet from his balcony. it happened saturday at the gresley residences on chestnut street.
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just cleaned. according to firefighters, the building is old but has a good maintenance record. they say he's lucky he didn't fall on the cement right below the balcony. a medical plane explodes. see what happened just seconds after takeoff. plus, this scene leads to the recall of a popular tonka truck. one couple says it burst into flames on the way home. and the transition to the white house also includes the trump family. the announcement today that has people talking. hayley: snow showers continuing right now. they will wrap up overnight for some of us. i show you who gets more snow, ahead of the break -- after the break. cherise: and now, our u-local hotshots -- cotton in the act. she figured out what's been eating her pumpkins. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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cherise: right now, this fiery crash of a medical flight in hell like nevada is under investigation. investigation. one the plane exploded about a
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investigators say the pilot as we likely saved other lives did winds anywhere on their way by crashing into that parking lot avoiding a nearby apartment building. the ntsb and the faa are now on the scene. toys 'r' us is pulling a toy tonka truck off its shelves after a family in washington says theirs burst into flames. the husband and wife say they were on their way home when the battery-powered toy dump truck ignited. works we pulled over. the flames started shooting. >> stop selling this truck while an investigation is conducted. for the first time in modern history, the future first lady will not live in the white house immediately after inauguration. president-elect trump says his wife melania and 10-year-old son will move after he finishes school next year. he made the remark while meeting with a potential cabinet contender. as abc's mary bruce tells us, trump's day of vetting was paired with venting.
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the president-elect eager for another round of meetings. but a frustrated donald trump still venting about the broadway hit show "hamilton." >> we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. mary: trump demanding the actors and producers apologize for addressing vice president elect mike pence after friday night's show. mr. trump: they were very inappropriate. mary: but pence doesn't seem to agree. gov. pence: i wasn't offended by mary: at trump's new jersey golf club, a parade of cabinet contenders waving to the cameras, but already trump's team forced to defend his headline picks, like national security advisor lt. general michael flynn who has called islam a cancer. >> is he in line with how president-elect trump views islam? priebus: well, i think so. i mean, look, phrasing can always be done differently but clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. mary: and attorney general pick senator jeff sessions who was
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federal judgeship -- sen. sessions: i am not a racist. mary: still denying charges of racist behavior to this day. sen. schumer: the only fair thing to do is ask a lot of questions, very thorough questions, and then make an opinion. mary: scrutiny also falling on trump's much touted $1 trillion infrastructure plan. how will it be financed? and who will pay? rebecca: now the details seem to be more inclined towards tax cuts for private companies, tax credits for private companies. for example, if you're a private company and you're building a bridge, u toll on that bridge in order to monetize it. that will be a key question going forward. mary: just two months until inauguration day. mary bruce, abc news, bedminster, new jersey. cherise: the bells are already ringing and donations are filling the red kettles outside local stores but tomorrow the salvation army officially kicks off its annual christmas kettle project. a ceremony will be held at the statehouse with governor maggie
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playing christmas carols. donations collected through christmas eve will go to ten salvation army corps that offer services and programs for all ages. brave fourth graders willing to travel into the white mountain national forest can get a free christmas tree. fourth graders involved in the federal every kid in a park program with valid passes can get a free permit. which usually costs about $5. those permits can be picked up at forest service offices in campton, lincoln, gorham, and conway. the on by purina has become a tradition on thanksgiving day every year, but it's not that often one of the participants is a granite state dog. meet hellion's ronin samurai, he's a one-year-old miniature bull terrier from nottingham. he and his owners, mother and daughter kathy and erin brosnan, just got back from the show in philadelphia which is taped the saturday before thanksgiving. >> he has decided that he really
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of him yesterday, he would lean into the camera and look right at them. as if he was saying, is this good? cherise: kathy has been breeding miniature bull terriers at hellion kennels for years. she says they are very special breed. hayley: he was such a good boy in our studios today. i'm sure may be like the other doggies around the state jumping in the snow this evening the first snow of the season in very -- in derry. temperatures are cool, in the 30's now. there's some snow in the parking lot. it looks like the snow has started to dwindle and and a little bit -- and end a little bit. like to moderate snowfall continued -- light to moderate
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coming down in merrimack and nashua, toward pelham. also along route three. the snow was coming down heavy at times, upwards of 0.5" in some locations. along the 101, still snowing at a good clip. route 16 corridor from rochester up into middleton and ossipee, light to moderate snowfall coming down. if you have late night travels even early tomorrow morning, there could be some spots where it is slippery. i know we haven't had to deal with something like that yet this season, but it's about to happen. be careful over the next few hours here. this low pressure system continuing to twist and turn on top of us. behind it, getting dragged down, this cold air. temperatures today really just
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with the wins -- winds, it felt very brisk. 33 in concord. low 30's in the north country. tomorrow we will have a lot of clouds around, but i think we will see at least some sunshine, particularly in central and southern new hampshire early on. in the northern part of the state, the snow hangs on, especially in the higher elevations. additional accumulation likely up in the great north woods and even in the mount washington valley area as the white mountains, too. this is noontime tomorrow. you can see the clearing for some of us in southern new hampshire. the snow peaks flying up in the mountains. tuesday, the snow showers continue up in the mountains. by the time tuesday rolls around, this is how much snow we could be looking at. the highest amounts will be in the higher elevations up north. certainly in the higher elevations through the monadnock region and into cheshire,
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there could be a little bit overnight tonight from places like meredith into manchester and concord, mainly on the grassy services -- surfaces. there have been reports of the snow flying in portsmouth. tonight, snow showers with cloudy skies, coldest temperatures up north. low 30's across the rest of the state. wins -- winds still moving around. tomorrow, when dust up near tomorrow, wind gusts up near 30 miles per hour. it's going to get a lot cooler and risk as we push forward here. if you're traveling, here's a look at the breakdown of the forecast. if you're flying by air or driving, tuesday and wednesday look good. sunshine. once we get to thursday, turkey day itself, there is a chance of some big showers. at this point, i'm not thinking it's going to be substantial. in might be a little bit wet for
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football games out in the backyard after eating the turkey on black friday. -- beating the turkey. on black friday, we cherise: back to cloudy skies. cherise:will that --we are back to cloudy skies. cherise: will that snow stick around? hayley: probably not. cherise: over to jason now with a look at what's ahead in sports. jason: day in san francisco, but the
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announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: well, it wasn't the blowout that many of us expected, but the patriots got the win nonetheless. new england in san francisco to take on chip kelly and the 49ers. first quarter, the pats got off to a fast start. tom brady to julian edelman, 4 yard touchdown pass. 6-0 patriots. they missed the extra point. which is becoming a problem for the past -- pats. 6-3 in the second. 6-3 in the second. brady dumps it off to james touchdown. robert kraft likes it. 13-3 pats. the niners hanging around. colin kaepernick 18 yard touchdown pass to vance mcdonald. 13-10 patriots at halftime. third quarter, the 49ers kept the pressure on brady, but he was able to slip away a few times. 5 yard touchdown pass to danny amendolo. 20-10.
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yards. patriots win 30-17. brady tied for second all-time with his 199th career win. >> we had pretty good field position to start the game. we had two drives where we got it in. we took advantage of it. we just had a penalty. they played some good i wish we could score every time, but they made it tough to. jason: dolphins and rams. elsewhere in the division, less than a minute left in the game, dolphins down 3. ryan tannehill throws a strike to devante parker. 9 yard touchdown. dolphins win 14-10. miami has now won 5 in a row to climb back into the playoff picture. bills in cincinnati. no score in the first. the bills score first. lesean mccoy takes it in from 7
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you are looking at the afc east division. the patriots still running away with it. miami definitely back in the picture. the jets were idle. the top team in the nfc is the dallas cowboys. they played the ravens. third quarte, tied at 10-10. dak prescott throws a jump ball into the end zone and dez bryant holds it in for the touchdown. the cowboys are 9-1. they win 27-17. team back in the playoffs for a 13th consecutive season. the wildcats gathered in their locker room this morning to watch the selection show. at 7-4 overall new hampshire received an at-large bid and will host the champions of the patriot league. the lehigh mountain hawks are 9-2. the 13-year playoff streak is the longest active streak of any fcs program. gametime at wildcat stadium next saturday is 2:00 p.m. >> it's pretty cool in the
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name go up and you hear the eruption. it never gets old. this year, there were a lot of question marks. i'm happy for the kids. they really deserved it away they played yesterday. jason: kentucky cruises past two came tonight. gabriel -- past duquesne tonight. the unh men's basketball team took virginia in the nit season tip-off tournament. early in the first. jevon carter creates a lose ball and keeps it in balance, to teyvon myers underneath for the dunk. west virginia rolled past new hampshire, 100-41. the wildcats are 2-2 on the year. they're back at home to host detroit on wednesday. the dartmouth men's soccer team lost in the second round of the ncaa college cup to 8th ranked syracuse today. 3-0 was the final. the game was played in syracuse.
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the dartmouth men end the year with a record of 9-10-5. still to come tonight, the sprint cup season ended with a bang tonight. see the wild finish at
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jason: jimmie johnson, kyle busch, joey logano, and carl edwards racing for the sprint cup championship today. the top finisher at homestead wins it all. a restart with 10 laps to go. carl edwards tries to block joey logano, but the move backfires. edwards gets loose and goes hard into the wall, triggers a major wreck that red flagged the race for about 31 minutes. the wreck opened the door for jimmie johnson, who actually had to start from the back of the field because his car failed prerace inspection. but johnson takes the lead on a restart in overtime. jimmie johnson wins his 7th sprint cup title, tying the legendary richard petty and dale earnhardt for the most all-time. cherise: very cool. jason: that's a long season, nascar. it starts in february and ends in november. cherise: november and snowing.
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of people. it wasn't much. about half an inch on the ground in some locations. tomorrow, more flurries in the higher terrain and the mountains up north. some sunshine poking through the clouds. temperatures only in the 30's. on tuesday, a little improvement. we will have sunshine, bright and sunny. mid 40's. thanksgiving, a chance of a few rain or snow showers moving through. cherise: [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.


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