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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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erin: thomas eyed investigation, what we're learning about the death of the men in went worth. trapped by fire, what investigators say about the damage of a popular restaurant. kevin: we will t chances during the holiday weekend ahead. >> tater is here int totpthat >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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thank you for joining us. i'm erin fehlau. expecting possible snow. kevin joins us with our forecast. kevin: and western areas, we have a chance of a few flurries. no widespread problems. that will be confined to northwestern sections of the state where temperatures will be a couple of degrees cooler. flurries try to reach the ground in western and southwestern parts of the state will continue to angle northeastward over the next few hours. the clouds thicken this morning. mid-20's to 30's and highs in the 30's to near 40 with next showers this afternoon and evening. much more on the forecast through the holiday weekend, more snow chances to talk about coming up. erin: thank you. with some light snow possible today the dot is taking extra steps to prepare.
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help keep it from freezing over , and crews are ready to go if the roads get slick officials are urging drivers to allow extra time and whenever possible avoid driving at the busiest times like sunday afternoon when people head home after the long holiday weekend. the death of a man in wentworth has now been ruled a homicide but there are still many questions this morning. 60-year-old todd downing died early yesterday. wmur's ray brewer joins us now live from the attorney general's office in concord with thela ray: we were in wentworth early yesterday morning just hours after todd downing died and the scene was very active. police were still gathering evidence late last night. police were first called to a home on atwell hill road just before 2:00 yesterday morning . when they arrived they found downing severely injured. he
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the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide. investigators also spent time yesterday at a scene on buffalo road in wentworth just a couple of miles away but officials will not say how or even if the two are connected. so far no arrests have been made in the case but the attorney general's office says there is no reason for the public to be concerned. investigators questioned to people for several hours but they were without arrests being made. reporting live at the attorney general's office in concord ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. new on daybreak, firefighters were able to rescue two people from a burning apartment building in manchester last night. investigators say a cigarette tossed into a trash can sparked a fire inside an apartment on elm street above cesarios pizza. dispatchers stayed on the phone with both people who were trapped until firefighters
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flames. however there is water damage to both cesarios pizza and the element lounge. police in manchester are looking for the man they say robbed the t.d. bank on bay street officers say the man in this picture handed the teller a note just after 2:00 yesterday afternoon demanding cash and claiming he was armed, though no weapon was shown. and police in laconia need your help identifying this man, he was caught on surveillance video going through vehicles i and taking tools and other items -- officers say several thefts have been reported over the last week all from business parking lots and investigators think that more than one person is involved. an autopsy is planned to determine how a man died after his body was found along the connecticut river in lebanon. someone spotted the body around 8:00 yesterday morning near bridge street. the circumstances surrounding his death are not clear right now and police are
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a frightening a chaotic scene in massachusetts ended with two people in the hospital last night. police say a woman backing out of a parking spot at the hannaford in waltham hit an employee pushing shopping carts , the driver then crashed into 5 more parked cars forcing other people in the parking lot to jump out of the way. the employee was actually dragged a short distance was incredibly was not seriously hurt. out if driver error or a mechanical problem is to blame. the elections in new hampshire are officially over now that the secretary of state's office has completed more than a dozen recounts. republicans control both chambers under the golden done with a 52 seat majority in the house. and the breakdown remains unchanged in the senate with the gop maintaining a 14 to 10 majority. but for the first time since 2002, a republican governor will
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millions of americans will sit down to a turkey dinner today but at least two birds are breathing a sigh of relief -- president obama kicked the holiday off yesterday at the white house with the traditional turkey pardon, sparing the lives of tater and tot. and as abc's janai norman reports the president took the chance to make plenty of puns and provide some laughs. >> president obama letting the bad puns fly. president last time i'm doing this, so we're not leaving any room for leftovers. [laughter] >> even in the absense of first daughters, sasha and malia, the annual turkey pardon was stuffed full of dad jokes. president obama: so i've established another tradition; embarrassing my daughters with a cornycopia of dad jokes about turkeys. no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. [groans] >> the president joined in the rose garden this year by his nephews, austin and aaron,
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schedule conflict or something. president obama: actually, they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. they were fed up. >> over the last 8 years, the tradition has been a lighthearted start to the holiday season. with the president making the turkey pardon into more of a showcase of his punny dad jokes. president obama: time flies, even if turkeys don't. >> the two president obama the vice turkey. >> he is giving a nod to the turkeys that did not make the cut. president obama: they proved that they were not chicken. >> the president giving a goodbye of sorts, reflecting over his presidency affecting the american people before getting back to the puns.
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traffic can put people in a foul mood. >> and the pardons. president obama: congratulations. >> those turkeys will live at gobblers rest at virginia tech which even the president admitted this little hokey. erin: i like the gravy train to freedom. coming up, a local food pantry asking services for hundreds of people and there are very specific rings they need. learning about the american revolution, we will go behind-the-scenes as a groundbreaking new museum gets ready to open. at a 5:30, denouncing hate -- why the president of unh is
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kevin: a live look in milford.
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few flurries or light snow showers possible in the western areas. otherwise quiet travel and 30's for the afternoon. we will have more on other snow and rain shower chances for the holiday weekend coming up. erin: thank you. our spirit of giving campaign leads us to the seacoast family food pantry in portsmouth this morning. it serves more than 1100 people each month. the pantry's new location on west road has created a market type atmosphere for those in need. the organization needs donations like healthy cooking oils, beans , and proteins. but all help is welcomed, especially this time of year. >> vacation is a time when you should have food right, it's a time you don't want to be worried about food, but for some families it's a real stressful time because now their kids are home, they're not getting free and reduced lunch, there's $10 -- 10 extra meals per child and suddenly they're thinking wow how are we going to afford this and so we fill that gap and some families come on a regular basis
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important work. the seacoast family food pantry provides hunger support as well as educational programs to treat the root causes of hunger. we are to initially peek inside the new museum of the american revolution which is set to open in philadelphia next year. curators are showing off some of their prized exhibits including a mug from the 1770's that still smells like rum. george washington's tent that he used interactive displays. construction began about two years ago and the musem is set to open on april 19 next year -- the anniversary of the battle of lexington and concord. coming up -- the airport in manchester is earning some high praise, why it was just named one of the best in the country plus find out why meteorologist hayley lapoint wrapped up a stuffed animal while blindfolded
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erin: hurricane otto is gaining strength as it bears down on costa rica and nicaragua, landfall is expected near the border later today. the storm is already triggering dangerous floods closing schools for the rest of the week more than 15,000 people have already been evacuated. a hurricane has never made landfall in costa rica. the navy says it has been hacked exposing the names and social security numbers of more than 130,000 sailors. involved a hewlett-packard employee's laptop computer and affects current and former sailors. all those affected will be notified over the next few weeks. the navy says right now it does not appear that any of the exposed information has been used. a rare, handwritten poem by anne frank sold for $148,000 at auction yesterday. the poem is also signed and was written for her best friend's
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at the auction as it was nearly five times what had been expected. ? erin: the manchester boston regional airport is earning high praise as the best small to midsized airport in the country. that's according to a new survey by travel pulse and it was ranked 27th out of every airport in the u.s. manchester was cited for great customer service and easy access while also being comfortable and simple to use. striking cargo airline pilots back to work, calling it in the public interest. about 250 pilots for abx air went on strike early tuesday the company delivers for amazon and dhl and more than a million pounds of cargo has already been delayed. in his ruling, the judge wrote "
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our spirit of giving toy drive is just a week away but we have a challenge for you now . meteorologist hayley lapoint helped kick off our gift wrap challenge. we want you to choose an item from your home and then make a video of you wrapping it while blindfolded. cut the paper first for safety reasons. then tag 3 friends in the video and if they don't do it within 48 hours, they need to donate a toy to toys for tots next weekend. the gift wrap challenge, i know what i am doing this weekend. kevin: i have enough problems wrapping without being blindfolded. erin: we cannot wait to see what you come up with. kevin: it will not look very pretty. erin: that's all right. kevin: can we do the ice bucket instead? we start off and you will notice
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a light coating to an inch in some northwestern sections of the state through the afternoon and this evening but that will be stretched over to a long time. clouds continue to thicken early and that is one trend. you will notice there are a couple of flight returns, not all of this will reach the ground with dry air in place at the present time but more moisture to the west that will we we in and out of. across the state and i do not think we will have a lot of travel problems because of that. a couple of light snow showers and southwestern and western parts of the state that will move northeast into the very dry air. mid-20's to lower-30's early and temperatures in the afternoon mainly in the 30's. the coldest air continues to be focused in the north easton third of the country quality mildest there is well to ourselves.
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will be a novel concept considering where we have been from sunday through wednesday for we had gas over 20, 25 miles for our desk gusts over 20, 25 miles for our. -- there our. if we have travel issues, the best chances are later on this evening as temperatures cool off, 20's to lower-30's. it may be mild enough early could be in liquid form in rain showers but cool enough between 30 and 34 that there could be a couple of trouble spots with freezing drizzle in southern areas tomorrow morning. we warm up through the day and most of the snow shower activity is confined up north, scattered showers for central and southern areas. it should not be a complete washout and not nearly as organized as what futurecast is going out friday night into saturday but running the risk through saturday afternoon and through saturday afternoon and saturday night of snow showers
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in the last 24 hours, next 24 hours, a light coating to maybe an inch in some northern parts of the state, maybe central or northwestern parts of the state. the warming trend over the next couple of days, low and mid-40's and that for southern part of the state will be mainly rain showers will be farther north you go, we mix the showers and even have some light snow. we quiet down again by the time we get toward sunday with a good breeze and we started warming early next week, temperatures near 50 on tuesday and 50's with rain by wednesday. erin: quite a change. kevin: a little bit unsettled over the next two or three days but nothing big erin: just light snow. let's check our top stories. here's ray brewer. -- ray: police called to a home
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when they arrived they found todd downing severely injured and he died later at the hospital. the medical examiner determined he died from blunt force trauma. investigators spent time at a home on buffalo road in wentworth a couple of miles away but officials will not say how or if the two are connected. erin: firefighters rescued two people from a burning apartment building in manchester last night. investigators say the fire was sparked by a cigarette in a trash can and there is water damage to cesario's restaurant below. state road crews say they are ready for any possible weather problems this holiday weekend -- crews are on standby and they already treated part of the spaulding turnpike just in case. still ahead -- dinner is almost ready for many of us but you might be surprised by just how many calories you are facing at
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erin: a lot of you are probably putting the turkey in the oven soon but safety first. federal safety officials share this video yesterday showing what can happen if you drop a frozen turkey into a deep fryer. my goodness. kevin: dozens of fires over last few years because of these problems, the turkey needs to reach an internal temperature of 1625 degrees. -- 165 degrees. erin: you probably do not want to count calories today but the average american will meet more than 4500 calories and 230 grams of fat during dinner and that doesn't include appetizers or drinks. kevin: the worst offenders are mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and pecan pie because of all the sugar and
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kevin: only 110 calories. erin: will it come out? it came out pretty fast. will you just sit there and eat it? kevin: yes. erin: you brought a spoon for me. kevin: this is so good. erin: let's not have it on the anchor desk. coming up -- good the rescue -- a local college is helping a lot of people this thanksgiving thanks to a generous donation. and where exactly did the pilgims live when they arrived? archeologists say they just made
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there's a path that takes you further in life. a breakthrough way of learning that prepares you for an ever-changing world. plymouth state's integrated clusters approach lets you follow your own path, not someone else's. it gives you choices within your degree. open labs. real-world experience. with faculty who work with you every step of the way. become the leader. the doer every day. a tomorrow changer. th state university.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 they break. erin: if you are about this early, you are probably in the kitchen cooking or getting ready for a long drive to grandma' for joining us. right to our top stories -- a homicide investigation is underway in wentworth. authorities say a 60-year-old man died yesterday morning after suffering blunt force injuries. a man accused of stabbing his daughter's ex-boyfriend in northfield last year has been found not guilty of attempted murder. and the president of unh says acts of hate will not be tolerated on campus after several students and staff members experienced racism and
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we are watching the skies and it looks like we could have some flurries. kevin: we have on storm tracker, a couple of light snow showers trying to reach the ground, i imagine most of that is not at this point but a lot of the computer maps that generate what is supposed to go on through the future have this developing into some light snow and snow showers the farther north and east you go over the next couple of hours. we will track otherwise, mid-20's to lower-30's early. a mix shower for southeastern area and the better chance of light snow may be locally and upwards a half inch to an inch in the north country later today. much more through the holiday weekend and more snow and rain chances coming up. erin: thank you. the investigation continues this morning into a homicide in wentworth. authorities say a sixty-year-old man was killed inside his home early yesterday morning. they say the victim, todd downing, died from blunt force
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the attorney general's office in concord. and ray, what else are investigators saying at this point? ray: not much, erin. right now few details on this case are being released. police say it is still an active investigation. police were called to the home on at will kill road -- atwell hill road just before 2:00 wednesday morning. upon arriving they found 60-year-old todd downingsu injuries. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators conducted interviews for hours from the plymouth police department, but so far say no one has been taken into custody. police were also seen standing watch over another home on buffalo road, just a couple miles away from the crime scene. >> the dog was barking continuously. i don't know what but he kept nosing over to the neighbor's house. i don't know what was going on but it was an awful lot of
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ray: at this time, officials are not commenting on whether the two locations are related. while no arrests have been made in this case authorities say -- the attorney general has said they do not believe that the public is at risk. live at the attorney general's office in concord, ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: thank you. a strafford man accused of stabbing his daughter's ex-boyfriend and biting his face has been found not guilty of attempted murder. prosecutors say kevin hinrichsen attacked his daughter's ex-boyfriend when he spotted the two together last year in northwood. because of a restraining order, the ex-boyfriend was supposed to stay away from the girl. hinrichsen's lawyer said the attack was in self-defense. he was convicted of misdemeanor assault and criminal mischief. the president at the university of new hampshire is condemning an increase in hate incidents on campus. the president sent a letter out yesterday saying those acts will not be tolerated.
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faculty, and staff members have experienced racial slurs , spitting, bullying and vulgar statements on social media. people on campus say they're glad this issue is being addressed. >> if people feel that there is an issue going on they have place to seek out some information to get advice on what to do and perhaps shelter if they feel as though they are in danger. erin: the school is now asking for all hate incidents to be reported to unh police. new on daybreak, somersworth police have arrested a suspected robber. 29-year-old marc beaulieu, of rochester, is accused of holding up the service credit union on penny lane last week. the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. he was arrested this week, while he was being held at the strafford county jail on a probation violation. nashua police say 22 people are facing charges following the latest round of operation granite hammer arrests. officers say they seized cocaine, crack cocaine and a
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arrests. three people are accused of selling heroin and 9 people are accused of selling crack cocaine. police tell us they expect to make more arrests in connection with these investigations. rivier university in nashua wants to thank the mystery shopper who stepped in to help students provide thanksgiving meals to the needy. every year, the university holds its thanksgiving basket project. through a campus collection, hundreds of baskets are given to charities to be distributed to families in need. but on monday, there was a glitch. their card was declined at the register at market basket in nashua because it reached its daily limit. >> and a woman came over and asked what they were up to and they explained the thanksgiving project and she actually offered to pay for the entire order which was near $500. erin: wow. along with that big donation, rivier university was able to
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baskets. they are now searching for the woman so they can say thank you. and a woman came over and asked -- they went to philadelphia for the taping of the thanksgiving show and stop by our studio. >> he had a great time with the little kids. the kids' hands. keeping the kids of america clean. erin: besides being a show dog ronin is also a model in dog catalogs. the national dog show airs today, right after the macy's thanksgiving day parade. coming up on daybreak, a scary incident at a wine store in new york. a man was injured in an explosion. we will tell you what was inside his pocket that caused the blast.
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for one wisconsin man. find out why he might be wearing shorts until february. kevin: cold as their retreating for the time being and sets up other shower chances to the holiday weekend.
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kevin: happy thanksgiving. we start out with clouds thickening up and a couple of light showers in the way of a few snowflakes a possibility this morning and make showers through the day with temperatures above the freezing mark in most locations. a potential up a couple of slick spots this afternoon and evening. details on that with futurecast co u developing story out of china. at least 67 people were killed overnight in a scaffolding collapse at a construction site. right now rescuers are digging through the debris, trying to find a missing person who may still be trapped. it's not yet clear what caused the collapse. a sixth child has passed away following a horrific bus crash in tennessee. family members say the 8-year-old boy died last night. police say the bus was going too
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monday afternoon. the 24-year-old driver is now charged with vehicular homicide. police say there was no trace of alcohol or drugs in his system. a police officer in detroit has passed away after he was shot in the head while on patrol near the campus of wayne state university. 29-year-old officer collin rose died last night at the hospital. he is the only wayne state officer to be killed in the line of duty. police say a suspect was arrested after the shooting late tuesday night but so far no charges have been filed. a wine store employee in new york is recovering this morning after suffering burns when an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. look at that. take a look at the surveillance video. you can see the man's pocket start sparking and then all of a sudden the e-cig explodes several times.
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at last check he was in stable condition. the government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when phones are being used by drivers. the voluntary guidelines are designed to reduce crashed by -- crashes by distracted drivers. people behind the wheel could still make calls but the phones would lock out the ability to enter text, browse the internet, watch videos and look at photos. the national highway transportation administration says it will take public comment for sixty days before deciding whether to put the guidelines in place. on our facebook page we asked if for drivers. at last check 40% of you said yes 39% said now five% said -- 5% said maybe and 16% said they need more information. ? turning now to sports people will be pounding the pavement all across the state today. a number of turkey trots are taking place. there is one that takes place
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all this week and here's a look at some of them. it will be a huge crowd for the 6th annual fisher cats thanksgiving 5k today. that is the one i was talking about. more than 2500 runners have registered. the race starts and ends on the warning track inside the ballpark and goes right by wmur, two times. the 8th annual seacoast rotary turkey trot begins at 8:30am at pierce island in portsmouth. costumes are encouraged. and the purity spring thanksgiving day 5k in madison gets und the logo you see here was designed by a kennett high school student. very cool. the rotary club of merrimacks 5k turkey trot starts at 8:00 a.m. at merrimack middle school. proceeds from the race go towards purchasing coats for kids, holiday gifts for the less fortunate, and to local soup kitchens. and the wobble n gobble. 3.14 pi fun run.
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regional school in franconia. bode miller's turtle ridge foundation is the sponsor. to the ice now, the manchester monarchs hosted the florida everblades on thanksgiving eve. the monarchs were leading four -- 4-1 in the second when florida scored to cut manchester's lead but later on, the monarchs scored three more goals and went on to win it 7-3. the teams play again tomorrow night. because of their 13 year playoff together is the norm for the unh football team, they will eat at holloway commons and this is video of the last years dinner. listen to the food order with 150 people on the guest list, 100,000 turkey, 75 pounds of primer, 100 pounds of potato, 60 pounds butternut squash, a large that of a gravy and plenty of desert. they are hungry been a wisconsin
5:45 am
to where shorts until his team wins a game. he said at first it was by choice but not the son-in-law put $100 on the line. >> you think my father in law is nuts but he is a diehard fan, it shows what kind of support they had in wisconsin. i am proud to say that is my father-in-law showing support fock >> i get a lot of comments -- are you nuts? people did you brakes and slow down, i am in shorts and they will roll down the windows and say what are you doing? erin: the packers have lost four games in a row and play the eagles next on monday. centuries after the programs arrived in new england, we are learning more about where they lived in plymouth, massachusetts.
5:46 am
they believe to be part of the original summit. we show you the new evidence. >> the actual burial site where these artifacts were found is off-limits now but this is the workspace, the inside left for the umass boston field school. the tourist experience getting more authentic thanks to graduate and undergraduate students who are not several artifacts, a downtown plymouth's burial hill. >> they part of the cap skeleton and 17 century ceramics, a musket ball, and the most exciting for archaeologist but hardest to describe is stains in the dirt. >> clues of how the 17th-century village was actually built and most importantly, the original address. >> the first time they have found 17th-century post holes. >> the miracle is there is something left after 400 years of development in downtown plymouth.
5:47 am
about the actual guns used. the remains of a calf will identify the type of capital to grace the area. all of the noodle -- all of the items are in a umass lab but ceramic artifacts are always used as the mold for the pottery made in the plimoth plantation craft center. >> those dishes and dragons of ceramics shows us what needs they haven't how they ate and prepare their food. >> for eve there are several days of research. at this point, there is much more to learn about these artifacts. in plymouth, rhondella richardson. erin: very cool. as people hit this roads this thanksgiving cumberland farms is releasing a the results of a survey about travel preferences. it says that when it comes to pit stops 42% of travelers allow their companions to take bathroom breaks.
5:48 am
highway. when asked who they would least like to spend 10 hours in the car with 35% of respondents said their in-laws. the kids came in a close second. kevin: as we were talking about this last night at home, i said no bathroom breaks, it is three hours. they did not like that. erin: you have to stop. you are fitted to connecticut. kevin: that's headed to connecticut. kevin: wait. flurries in the western area is a possibility early this morning but not much else. headed out in the next hour or two, should be just fine. just clouds, we have finally lost after four consecutive days of gusts over 20, 25 miles per hour, wet -- lost the west and northwesterly breeze. temperatures today in the 30's, clouds and a couple of widely
5:49 am
they believe more organized in the afternoon in northern parts of the state mainly and a couple of scattered next shower chances tomorrow into saturday. in southern areas, this may fall in the form of mainly rain showers later tomorrow afternoon and are night. highs in to the weekend will be from 38 to 48. clouds thicken with a clearer sky up north for the first time in a while. these areas of flurries and the light snow showers navigate northe area where snow is reaching the ground through northern parts of new york. behind that, not much to talk about. a mostly cloudy sky and because of the extra moisture we may kick off a couple of areas of light snow or snow showers or maybe a mixed shower in southern areas. the areas we see precipitation should likely be few and far between and early light. not expecting a lot of problems if you will be traveling.
5:50 am
evening after highs in the 30's to near 40, that may be our best chance for slick highways later tonight where we may see a little bit of patchy, freezing drizzle in southern areas with lows in the freezing mark overnight. inland sections will likely be cold enough to stay with light snow and flurry activity. temperatures today between 34 and 40 in those locations. the area of light snow heading northeast, most organized up north. for the rest of us, a lot of clouds. this develop in southern spots while up north it will likely be in the form of wet snow. not expecting anything more than an inch of accumulation, on and off with lighter rain showers in southern areas. this is more organized than what we will have an out, an area of low pressure tries to develop offshore and stretches the moisture backward, those maps going back and forth for friday night and saturday timeframe for
5:51 am
hour, there could be a light coating of to an inch in western areas. a little bit of a warming trend after highs today in the 30's. upper-30's to mid-40's through the remainder of the holiday weekend. our next best chance for scattered showers will be later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night which will be in rain for bit of light snow up north. the quietest of the base is sunday as people had home. a -u dot will be treating roads on the spaulding, so far they are preparing sure they get slick. kevin: better safe than sorry but those issues will be widely scattered until later on this evening. erin: bring a can in the car. they love the cranberry sauce. the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade gets underway at 9:00 this morning. the giant balloons were inflated yesterday. this year's parade will feature
5:52 am
it will also feature felix the cat. the cartoon character originally appeared in the parade back in 1927. >> that was the first year that we actually had balloons in the parade. we've recreated it exactly the same, same size, same scale, same design, and back then, it was carried on poles, so we've rigged it to be carried on poles for this parade, too. we're doing a lot of looking back at our own history, but erin: something that people look forward to each year. still ahead -- a long wait for
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erin: how would you like to wait in this line? some people in texas stood in line for more than hour just for a chance to buy some holiday
5:56 am
look at it. the store closed just before 6:00 last night after running out of pies. kevin: that must be really good pie. erin: no kidding, right? that was the unbelievable. -- that must be unbelievable. a motorcyclist in iowa is turning a lot of heads as he rides down the street. kevin: that's because his 150-pounds great dane, named elvis, usually rides in the sidecar. willy sears says he and elvis have been riding together for about a year. there is one rule the great dane has to follow, he must wear his goggles. >> it does not like them but my wife says we could not go without them but he knows he has to have them to ride. he thinks he is the thing. kevin: willy says elvis badgers him every day to ride. he usually takes him out once a week.
5:57 am
his motorcycle with a bird on his shoulder. kevin: really? erin: animals let it also did coming up, to be were rescued after a fire broke out at their manchester apartment building, what investigators say started the fire. >> the death of a windward man ruled a homicide, we will take how the medical examiner says todd downing died. erin: a couple of turkeys a part in ahead of thanksgiving, they will live out the rest of their lives. ever wonder how many calories
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erin: homicide investigation. what we are learning about the death of a man in with. trapped by fire. what investigators say people in manchester inside their apartment and damaged a popular restaurant. kevin: clouds thickening, with mixed showers a possibility. we talk about other mixed showers chances during the holiday weekend i can. president: tater is here in a backup role in case tot cannot fulfill his duties. erin: president obama a little fun while part-time two -- while hardening -- while pardoning two


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