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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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there are rain and snow showers falling across parts of the state. the roads could be slippery in spots. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> happy thanks giving to all of you. shoppers are getting ready to head out to the stores. let's check in with josh judge. what should they expect in these hours ahead? you are. let's take a look at what's happening. there have been plenty of them throughout the day. a little bit further north, the lakes region and areas to the north country we are seeing areas of snow at times.
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upper 30's but it gets colder as you had toward the north. futurecast with temperature superimposed on top. temperatures actually going in the direction that turns it into rain further north as we go through overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. for tomorrow, for brock friday look for temperatures -- for black friday, look for temperatures to be in the 30's. a mix or rain showers and highs will be in the upper 30's and lower 40's for tomorrow we will talk about that in more detail with a look at futurecast right into and through the weekend. >> it's been a difficult morning for a salem couple who lost nearly everything when the home they were renting went up in flames this morning. jen: it happened on have railroad -- it happened on haverhill road.
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as best as could be expected. the wife had to be brought to the hospital for smoke inhalation but her daughter told me earlier she is expected to be ok. i spoke with a husband who was inside at the time that try to fight the flames before they started. he has rented this house for 10 years. there is not much left of it tonight. a charred shell. he says they are thankful they are alive. the fire was especially difficult to fight the does there are no fire hydrants on the street. this is a very old home d as for the couple forced out, he noticed smoke coming out of the wall area. he tried to put it out himself but when that did not work he and his wife called 911. he remained on scene all morning hoping that his cats would be found safely. he says he does not care about his possessions but he was desperately hoping his other cats made it out.
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possession is in there. nothing is going to calm down until i know for a fact he's ok. cherise: some sad news to report, we did speak with mike on the scene. he is surveying the damage. his kitten, he was hoping would make it out did not survive. you can see just how bad it looks out here tonight so he's looks out here tonight so he's really trying to figure out w as far as what caused the fire officials have not yet revealed that. the red cross is now assisting this couple. jean: tonight at two people rescued from a fire on manchester's elm street have reason to be thankful. officials say the handicapped adults or trapped in a room in their burning apartment. jennifer crompton with the factors officials say contributed to them getting out
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1061 elm st about 9:20 wednesday night as firefighters sped to the downtown four-story building one of two handicapped residents of the second-story apartment unit where the fire started calling 911 in a panic. >> dispatchers state on the line to keep them as calm as possible. only one exit in and out of the apartment at the time. they were trapped and in fear that they could not get out. the scene as they evacuated dozens of units and businesses below. >> there was smoke on the second floor. acrid smoke inside the apartment. jennifer: dispatch telling the victims to stay put that firefighters would find them. >> firefighters made entry through the room that was on fire. knowing that there were two people trapped advanced into the bedroom adjacent to the room that was on fire and removed the
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was sparked by a carelessly discarded cigarette. 300 gallons of sprinkler and firefighter water rained down on over 100 patrons inside elements lounge at the time. caesario's pizza is its but open on friday. all in all, time for giving thanks. >> the automatic spring system, the coming presence of the 911 dispatch team and the rapid the coming presence of the 911 dispatch team and the rapid manchester fire department these people are fortunate to be alive. jean: gilmanton police are investigating this crash on route 140 near courier hill road . this was the scene around 11:00 last night. the crash snapped this utility pole in half which impacted phone lines and power to more than 1000 residents overnight. jen: a suspected bank robber in somersworth remains behind bars.
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holding up the service credit union last week. security jen: was tighter than ever for the macy's thanksgiving day parade because of concerns about terrorism. 3 million spectators watched the giant balloons float by. a elizabeth hur has more on the extra precautions taken. that's all about tradition for families, from new york city to philadelphia and overseas where u.s. troops, despite being away from family, spent this thanksgiving day feeling grateful. have lots of friends and great coworkers so that makes it easier. elizabeth: for law enforcement in new york this day was all about staying vigilant.
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of spectators. everyone seems to be having a good time. we keep people safe. elizabeth: more than 3000 officers were at the macy's parade as part of a security operation. the added security included closing sidestreets with more than 80 sand filled trucks and more than 100 blocker cars. all of this to prevent an attack like the one in nice, france after isis propaganda called the parade and excellent target earlier this month and the arrest of a oo ago for allegedly talking about attacking time square. >> nypd do a great job. we have full faith that they will keep a secure. >> everything has been great. security has been great. having a fantastic time. new york city officials said there were no credible threats reporter: but to be safe they even visited 135 rental sites -- truck rental sites to make sure
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says it's better to be safe than sorry and fortunately there were no reported incidents. jean: p is spending thanksgiving and palm beach, florida. mr. trump tweeted that he is working hard even on thanksgiving filling his last cabinet spots including the expected appointment of wilbur ross a secretary of commerce join his cabinet, both who were critics of trump on the campaign trail. >> i think it is interesting that he is able to go beyond his strict loyalists. that seemed to be the thing that mattered most to him during the campaign was that somebody was loyal to him and she certainly was not. jean: in a thanksgiving message posted on social media he said in part "it's my prayer that on this thing's giving we begin to heal our divisions and move
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lives on in concord at the windmill restaurant. about 1000 meals were provided today to people who may otherwise not have one. started back in 1990 when the owner of the restaurant serve meals to just 15 people. he passed away in 2013 but his family is carrying on that legacy. people come in from everywhere. they get everything from turkey to pile on witie shows me there are very kind people in this world. it's people like that than the world go around. otherwise i would be sitting home alone by myself. >> the town really relies on this. some people look forward to this day. it's important for those who really need it. jen: organizers say so many people helped out that they cannot keep track of the number of volunteers. jean: great to see the tradition
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a pelham police officer has a story to tell around the thanks giving table tonight. while he was out delivering donated turkeys for thanksgiving he says this happened. the next thing he knows he was surrounded on all sides by, you guessed it, turkeys jen:. i think they are rubbing it in a little. jean: stores are opening their doors to those waiting in line to get the best deals. jen: this was the line outside the best by this afternoon at the mallne shoppers and is live there now. kristin: we're live whereas you can see there is a long line of people waiting to get inside. some of these guys up and camped out since last night. they say it's been cold but because of the deals the wait is worth it. dozens of people lined up outside the best buy in manchester looking for an early
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world. if god's people can walk away with, double digits. kristen: this woman came from canada with her brother. >> a four k tv. 49 inch. kristen: they've been camped out since wednesday night. they got the first spot in line and city trip is worth it. >> no taxes and we save a lot. kristen: this couple is from out of state, visiting from montreal. >> we did kristen: they were on the hunt for a new tv. >> we came here to buy tvs because we are going to get married in january and just got a new house. we need to furnish. kristen: the toys "r" us in manchester drew a big line of customers. staff inside say they are ready for the rush. >> we work hard all year long preparing for this. kristen: the manager says there are lots of deals across all age
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or 50% off regular retails which is significant. a lot of people looking for that kind of savings. kristen: the toys "r" us in manchester will be open until late tomorrow night. the best buy at the mall of new hampshire will be open until 1:00 a.m. jean: let the shopping begin. jen: tonight, check of national headlines. across the country this week several officers have been shot. two of them we will tell you where the investigations stand on those cases. >> there on the ground wrestling . the guys trying to get away. jean: a prowling suspect was no match for one couple he targeted . they not only chased him down but helped police cracks in cases. josh: with snow and rain in the area right now a check on whether sticks around into the black friday forecast. jean: at 5:30 especially edition
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wallet to a good cause we have
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jen: two men are dead, several others injured after multiple shootings at a park in louisville, kentucky. police say a youth football game had just ended and a women's flag football game was under way when the shots were fired. at least four others have been taken to hospitals. jen: in idaho authorities have released -- kim video of a police officer stoppinan number of attacks on law enforcement. just the last week across the country. lauren lyster has the details. lauren: watch as this idaho police officer making a traffic stop faces a wanted fugitive springing out of the trunk wielding what appears to be a gun but turns out to be a replica. the officer brussels into the ground. his department calling it an attempted ambush. in detroit, a procession for a
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fatal shot to the head after stopping someone on a bicycle. earlier this week in texas -- >> we made an arrest in the capital murder of detective benjamin marconi. lauren: the suspect, otis mckane taken into custody for the alleged shooting of this san di antonio detective, shot twice in the head and killed sitting in his patrol car just outside headquarters. >> i was i was in. i lashed out at somebody that did not deserve it. i'm sorry. lauren: detective marconi is one of seven officers -- one of several officers ambushed over the last week. in st. louis, another officer shot in the face while sitting in his squad car. in florida and in missouri does go more officer shot and wounded during traffic stops. this year's firearm related
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memorial fund. that is up 67% from last year. jean: a washington couple caught a suspected before he was trying to raid their car. what the alleged thief did not know was he was trying to outrun a woman who used to run hurdles for the university of oregon. it all started with a couple arrived home to see the dome light on in their car. that's when the suspect jumped out of another car and took off her the victim grabbed a bottle of sparkling c was necessary to clobber this guy with the martinelli's? >> a soon as he pulled the gun on my husband. he had the pistol in a space area probably three inches from his face. jean: the backpack the suspect was carrying was full of keys and garage door openers. police say he had taken from other people's cars. >> meteorologist josh judge with your forecast. josh: temperatures similar to
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we have those temperatures -- other areas like southern new hampshire have changed over to rain showers. temperatures are going to be going upwards the next couple of days and that will mean more in the way of rain showers than snow showers for many of us for the second half of our -- second end of the week for black friday tomorrow. temperature today in concord -- we are well below average for today. the record, only 69 degrees from 1999. let's take a look at the rain and snow. a tale of where you are, central and northern parts of the state have seen snow off and on through the day. in southern new hampshire we've
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this rain snow line during the nighttime hours into tomorrow morning will move northward. over the next couple of days we are going to see the chance of rain and snow showers for the next 36 hours or so and thing start to calm down. rain and snow tonight and there will be minor dusting's or minor accumulations in areas to the north and west. rain for tomorrow at times off and on and that will move into northern parts of the at least a mix in northern new hampshire. the weekend is looking more promising than it was a couple days ago. pretty good news in terms of the weather. another look at what's been going on. the rain has been changing over from any snow you saw earlier today in southern new hampshire. flurries and snow showers in areas further to the north and west. that will be the case for a while this evening but eventually that line starts to move northward. here's a look at where the rain
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-- scattered rain and snow showers. the back edge is going to move through during the day tomorrow and it shuts off friday night into saturday. things calmed down quite a bit this weekend. futurecast showing the rain/snow line during the overnight hours move northward. around midnight in central new hampshire you could start seeing rain mixing in. good part of tomorrow before you go over to some rain showers in parts of northern new hampshire and then it comes to end friday night. a look at saturday with developing sunshine, snow showers still possible on saturday in the northern heart of the state but that is better news for the weekend. in terms of precipitation sticking to the ground in terms of snow, a dusting to an inch or so in these locations to the north and west of concord, but not very much that will stick
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forecast for tomorrow, milder with temperatures in the lower 40's to mid 40's in most of the state. clearing out for the weekend. expect rain showers tomorrow. tdm bella handy. -- keep the umbrella handy. jean: coming up next, now that the turkey is cooked and served it's time to talk safety tips on keeping the food fresh for your guests. >> family, and thinking of future good times, food and sharing and just being together with everyone. >> family.
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jean: with more on how to keep yourself and your family safe, here is dr. timothy johnson. dr. johnson: thanksgiving dinner is history but for most of us that means leftovers, tasty reminders that will tempt us for days to come. how you store leftovers can have major consequences for your health if you don't do it right. the holiday season is notorious for food poisoning.
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and december are up he can months for illnesses from bacteria that grow in improperly stored cooked food. the usda has tips for storing all that turkey and the other leftovers. after the big meal, carve all the turkey off the bonus is possible, store leftovers in the fridge right away and if it's been a fridge for more than four days throw it out or if you need your turkey to last longer, freeze it in airtight bags and freeze it in airtight bags and lastly, never store food outside animals can quickly make that food less than healthy for human consumption so save your stomach and store your leftovers properly. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. jean: that was kind of a downer. just enjoy. a special half-hour of news and 9:00 at 5:00 -- news 9 at 5:00, spirit of giving.
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extra pressure being put on groups trying to help children through the holidays. >> i'm thankful for my family. my family, they have been there for me no matter what and i'm very grateful. >> family, friends, food, football.
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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>> the holiday has seen times of rain and snow and is more ahead. we check when the wet weather winds down. >> in the spirit of giving, helping those in need this holiday season beginning with a holiday meal. >> the multiple ways you could help the less fortunate this year. organized for black friday shopping, helpful tips on how and where to get the best deals. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. jean: rain and snow falling in parts of the state after colt thanksgiving day for new hampshire. welcome back. i'm jean mackin. jen: i'm jennifer vaughn.
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josh judge is here watching the radar for us. josh: southern new hampshire this morning with some snow. temperatures have warmed up enough so it is changed over to rain showers that have been in that part of the state. we take a look at your statewide radar and you can see the trend turned over to more rain in the southern part of the state. there's also some snow just about to move into the monadnock region. northern new hampshire which will continue at times through the night and it could be some dusting's the very minor accumulations to the north and west of concord. the temperatures will be staying in the 30's for most of the nighttime hours and down to the 20's before rebounding tomorrow. temperatures will be heading up the next few days. talk about that and when we hit 50 in your full forecast. jean: time for our special
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organizations across the state reliably generosity of you to make a happy holiday season for those less fortunate. jen: along the bottom of the screen we have put together a list of organizations were looking for donations. tonight we're going to profile some of their specific needs. today families across the state have a warm meal on the table thanks generosity of others. jean: the behind-the-scenes work was in full swing. kristen carosa difference this holiday season. kristen carosa these bags are ready for families who need a hand this holiday season. >> each bag contains enough for a traditional turkey meal with fresh vegetables. turkey, things to make a pie. kristen: several local organizations donated the food to the fairgrounds middle school in nashua which is being packed up and handed out. >> each bag contains a note that says we are happy to help your family and we only hope that you
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and pay it forward to someone else in need. kristen: a group of five students helped pass out more than 100 holiday baskets. the same group of girls that helped run the schools food pantry. >> you never know who's in need and how you can help them. kristen: in manchester, seniors living at hallsville court have been collecting thanks giving meals to get to the less fortunate. >> turkey, stuffing all the way >> turkey, stuffing all the way down to the desert. the food drive for the first time this year. >> we just wanted to give something back to the community. kristen: the meals will be given to three families chosen by the organization. >> this gives us the opportunity to provide some food and a
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jean: new hampshire passes drug crisis is creating an extroverted and for a popular holiday program. there's still time to donate. the annual toy drive operation santa claus still has 90 children without sponsors. they range from infants to teenagers and organizers say most are from families struggling because of drug abuse. >> great need every year. children throughout the state of new hampshire. a lot of these children come from broken homes or foster care. this year the drug crisis is having an impact on children in need. jean:jean: organizers say older children are often the hardest to find help for. jen: crossroads house and portsmouth could use your help especially this time of year. it provides hot meals and a
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homeless. mother is room for about 100 people each night last year they were overcapacity 87% of the time. >> we ask for donations. every resident who stays here gets a gift back with practical items. new socks, underwear, some practical things people need along with gift cards that allow them to select a gift that is meaningful for them during the holiday season. head to information on how you can help crossroads house. jean: new hampshire's toys for tots campaign is underway. that kicked off at the mall of new hampshire in manchester. this is the 31st year the mall has partnered with the marine corps to collect toys for thousands of children in need. >> we pride ourselves in keeping those toys local. it can rest assured every toy that gets donated from southern new hampshire stays in southern new hampshire.
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every child in southern new hampshire has a gift underneath the tree. jean: there are several toy drop off locations around the state. jen: the red kettles are ready for donations. salvation army possible red kettle campaign has already kicked off. they will be out there until christmas eve and dollinger's say every penny counts. >> anything counts even if it is just a penny, anything to get back to people. it really does truly at up. anything anybody can do to help would be great. than $1 million statewide this season. that money helped to pay for the salvation army's programs and services. you can also make sure that every child it's a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving t drive. december 2 through the december 4 at the toys "r" us locations in manchester, nashua and newington. the need is particularly great for donations for children under
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jean: wmur will team up with hannaford, shaws and walmart locations across the state to collect food and cash for the new hampshire food bank. our spirit of giving food drive will be december 9 through the 11th. all day on the ninth members of our team will be at stores around the area to thank you personally for all your generous donations that we are expecting again this year. keeping our veterans special project to fill a garage with clothes. jen: tips on how to have a successful black friday including what you should and should not by.
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jean: time for some black friday do's and don'ts. jen: why it's so important to do your research before you go. of you getting ready to head out to the stores. sean: we are hours away from the start of what is considered the super bowl for shopping, black friday. maybe a game plan. we're joined by someone who knows this stuff, kim bergeron, the coupon professor. kim: people with a this all your long. there's definitely a lot of ground to cover because all stores have all sorts of deals. one thing i found doing research
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really comparable a lot in each flyer that i saw. the name brands were different. you might get the same price on a television from best buy to walmart at the name brand is different. sean: keep an eye on the brand. kim: watch when it says regular price $1000 and may be marked down to $300. went on to amazon for that same model same product and it was only $100 more than what the black friday price was. so you feel like you're getting a fabulous deal. the key to shopping and especially black friday is do your research. to a quick check on the internet. the make it easy for us to do that. this is the only time of year -- $15 and kohl's cash for every $50 you spend. that put your savings maybe a little higher than best buy
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price at kohl's. kohl's cash put it lower. different models to choose from as well. sean: you also mention sometimes it's a cheaper models that gets sold on black friday. kim: black friday is shopping for cheap so you will find a lot of kitchen appliances. it might not be the top namebrand but he will spend $15 on need it in your own house get it for yourself and that is what happened -- their gifting but buying a life of their own home. video consuls, this is the best time of year because they put the bundles together so you will have a better deal. also, the games he will find 50% off in a lot of places. my best place to go for toy shopping is toys "r" us because you have a bigger selection.
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they will have even better deals for cyber monday but they could be out of stock because of black friday. do keep that in mind. maybe what not to buy for black friday, i say stay away from winter close. we will see better prices after christmas in january. christmas decorations, wait until after christmas. this was something you look in this. i got the container at home goods for $20. the christmas balls uncleanness -- the christmas balls on clearance. i have the stuff from last year. definitely hold off on the christmas things if you can. for a tip, keep receipts in an envelope with you. a lot of times you second-guess yourself and want to return it. everything is there together so it makes things easier.
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come and check it out before you go shopping. sean: good luck to all the shoppers out there. jen: coming up next in our spirit of giving coverage we visit the seacoast food pantry and learn more about the specific donations they are looking for this holiday season. jean: in sports a manchester tradition at gill stadium. highlights from today's turkey bowl, coming up. jen: tonight at 6:00, thanking our officers to manchester police tonight. jean: are you ready to shop until you drop? we are live is more stores start opening at this hour for black friday.
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>> one local football game today the annual turkey bowl. central taking on trinity. little green got it going early. first quarter we go and drew to stefan to james tanguay who spins away and takes off down the sideline, 37 yards, 7-0 central. matt gilroy hands-off to josh thrasher. he slips through for a 32 yard rushing touchdown. dives across the line to give central a 14-0 lead. trinity driving. ted mello snaps the ball over
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cameron varney scooped it up and takes her the other way for a little green touchdown. central goes on to win 48-8. new hampshire saw more than 15 turkey trots and if you want to work off a big meal there's another one on tap for tomorrow. the trot of your turkey 5k at amherst. hayley lapoint will handle announcing duties. grace is at 9:30 a.m. and amherst village. derry did their part to help homeless veterans. jen: joshua borden and richard tripp held a one-day drive to try to fill this garage with winter clothing. all of the items people donated went straight to the liberty house in manchester to help the approximately 250 homeless veterans in the state. the jean: seacoast family food pantry in portsmouth serves more than 1100 people each month. the pantry's new location has created a market type atmosphere for those in need or the
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oils, proteins and beans. all the help is welcome, especially this time of year. >> josh judge with your storm watch nine forecast. josh: today, some rain, some snow and temperatures below average for today. as we did go through the day at least southern new hampshire warmed up enough so that it changed over to rain showers. temperatures around the region, lower 30's in northern new hampshire at the moment. state as you further to the south. we're in the mid-and upper 30's. what does that mean in terms of visibility? a couple of spots because of some snow showers are seeing reduced visibility. as you are driving around anyplace that you go you suddenly see -- you could
5:50 pm
keep that in mind in areas where you are seeing the snow versus the rain. we did change over to rain showers in southern new hampshire off and on. mostly off but more are likely on the way. a couple of areas of some drizzle or spnorthern central pe state and western new hampshire useful have some snow around at times. even these areas with the snow eventually this will change over to rain srs into tomorrow morning. eventually even in this part of the state tomorrow you will see rain mixing in. it may stay partially snow. we all pretty much go over to rain showers tomorrow. southern new hampshire, southern parts of the state, the country are seeing the warmer air
5:51 pm
particularly next week, temperatures milder than this past week. we go back to the above average regime once again for temperatures. this is a system that looks like it's about to move through but stalls over us the next couple of days and that's why we will see temperatures and conditions staying lower for now but starting to rise and showers of rain and snow beginning to come to an end. notice the rain in southern part of the state, still some snow and central and southern new hampshire try to push its way north overnight into tomorrow morning. those are temperatures and conditions to expect real early tomorrow for any black friday activities or festivities. it takes a good part of the day tomorrow to change over to any rain. on an offering showers. a look at it from a birds eye view. you can see that rain snow line
5:52 pm
continue off and on rain showers during the day for tomorrow. any snow that does accumulate overnight will be north and west of concord in the hills and higher terrain. a dusting to an intra-two certainly a possibility. there's a look at the temperatures we see tomorrow. rain showers during the day for friday. jen: thanks, josh. a warm meal on this cold thinks giving day. jean: a local restaurant opens its doors for a free lunch and ends up serving hundreds of
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jean: tonight the spirit of giving continues at a downtown manchester restaurant. jen: the eight-year the penuche's grill has provided think skipping dinner to the people in need. volunteers served up a total of 13 turkeys and all the trimmings to over 450 people. the owner says he has been
5:56 pm
calls this his favorite day of the year. >> just to see families be able to come in here, we had kids coming in here -- the smiles, that's what does it. the cheerfulness saying we're going to have turkey. everyone coming in with a smile is out of this world. jen: penuche's and chuck doing a great thing. the 23rd year providing a free thinks giving dinner. this is a tradition he sayse
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>> rain and snow showers moving in across the state on the doppler radar. a look at how long they will last and if any snow accumulates. jen: a woman hospitalized a thanksgiving day house fire.
5:59 pm
it's almost like it's a tv show or a movie. jean: giving thanks for their service. how one teenager major these officers got to enjoy their thanksgiving dinner. jen: black shopping about the kickoff. big deals that have people heading to the shops right now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at and snowy thanksgiving evening across the granite state. good evening. i'm jennifer vaughn. jean: i'm jean mackin. happy thanksgiving. willie clear out for friday? josh judge is here with the black friday outlook. josh: not looking all that clear for tomorrow. a lot of the snow we see right now will be changing to rain showers for tomorrow. the doppler radar, a little of
6:00 pm
southwestern new hampshire with snow falling at this moment. in southern new hampshire it is changed over to rain showers occasionally as they move through. flip-flopping back and forth as well. central and northern new hampshire has been all snow and will be for a while longer so you could see a dusting to an inch or so from the showers that are passing through overnight tonight into early tomorrow. temperatures in the 30's drought the state. a look at temperatures we will see i morning when we start the day early with temperatures above freezing and temperatures will push the snow showers to rain showers during the day tomorrow but they will be scattered in nature. upper 30's and lower 40's pretty much low to mid 40's most of the state tomorrow. we'll show you the doppler radar and the futurecast outlook right into and through the weekend.


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