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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  November 25, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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calm. black friday is in full swing. >> that seems to be the big things going this year, televisions. jean: helping people recover. the new milestone manchester say stations just hit. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. jean: and rain across the granite state on this thanksgiving night. good evening and happy thanksgiving. we won't see a slight warm-up tomorrow and the weekend forecast is looking even brighter. meteorologist josh judge is here as to who will see snow tomorrow. josh: tonight is where we are seeing some snow. central and northern new hampshire but even central --
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some snow earlier today. concord and northward it has been largely snow but it changed over to rain in other locations. you can see that snow from the lakes region northward is still coming down pretty good. temperatures are coolest to the north as you further to the south. for tomorrow, it is black friday. rain showers tomorrow at times, scattered in nature. it will rain at times. notice, the temperatures are a little more mild. that will be a trend. they will be more mild in the days to come. jean: we're hearing the 911 calls from a fire on elm street
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two people from the burning building. it has been an wife, both disabled were trapped inside the bedroom of a second story of apartment. investigators say a cigarette tossed into a trashcan sparked a fire inside the apartment on elm street above cesarios pizza. fire crews moved through the smoke and found the residents and cleared a path to the back door to get them out. >> i was in the bedroom. i heard a i went to go and check and i saw this team. -- and i saw the steam. >> we will get you. stay inside and keep the door closed. jean: the damage was contained to the one unit. the buildings before sustained water damage.
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a cesarios pizza is expected to open tomorrow. a salem family who lost nearly everything when the home they are renting went up in flames. it happened on haber hill road. where than 10 departments had to work together to put out the fire. the fire chief says this was especially difficult to fight because there are no fire hydrants on the street. the couple who runs the home made it out safely. >> these things happen very fast it is thanksgiving and it is snowing. it was on was like a movie. jean: fire officials are still investigating what sparked this fire. many stores are opening their stores to shoppers today for some early black friday deals. check out the line at the mall of new hampshire outside the best buy before the doors even open. dozens of people lined up early this afternoon waiting to get
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shoppers. she is joining us live from inside the mall at this hour. kristen: the mall opened at 6:00 tonight and many are spending the rest of their thanksgiving holiday looking for the best deals. the lines outside of best buy at the mall of new hampshire started forming yesterday afternoon. >> they started coming in at 4:00 in the afternoon. kristen: the manager says a lot of theng are here to buy televisions. >> that seems to be the big thing going this year. kristen: this couple came all the way from canada just for that. >> a 49 inch television. kristen: she and her brother along with several hours camped out overnight to get a good spot in line. >> we had our blankets. kristen: they admit it was cold overnight but once they got inside, they say the weight was
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everyone is willing to spend the money. they are in a great mood. kristen: the best buy store is part of the mall of new hampshire and great deals can be found at a lot of stores. >> there are a lot of buy one get one free deals and 50% off. kristen: the pajamas went fast among other items at the department store. many families say they make this a tradition. >> couponing and finding great deals. it is fun to see how much money we can save. kristen: many come for every day items but for in that list -- but for nicholas, he got a special item. >> it is a limited edition. kristen: he says there are only 18 being sold and he got one.
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valuable, you can keep it in the box. i am going to keep mine in the box. kristen: the mall will close at 1:00 a.m. but it will reopen at 6:00 a.m. for black friday. jean: packed at this hour. it starts earlier every year. black friday and cyber monday deals are out there but so is the risk for identity theft. reddit card information can be stoleny picked up right off your porch. siobhan lopez spoke to a cyber security expert and shares his advice on how to keep your money safe. >> we are going to get flooded this week and next week with emails. siobhan: cyber security expert gary warns people to be on the lookout for scams while online shopping this holiday season. apple cleaned out hundreds of fake shopping apps it but they
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of the store. >> this is the safest way to get the app. siobhan: offers and links sent to your email can be dangerous. >> if the middle of the url is not that company, that is not the company. siobhan: at checkout, be sure to use a credit and not a debit card. if your information is stolen and someone uses your reddit you can be missing thousands of dollars from your banking account. siobhan: never schedule anything to be delivered to your home when you are not home to avoid search pirates --porch pirates from stealing from your home. >> ask your boss if you can have
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facebook, and twitter have all experienced security breaches and experts say a great way to protect yourself is to change or password and never use the same password for online shopping. tonight, laconia police are asking for the public's help after a string of crimes. police a man has been stealing items out of cars in the area of whipple avenue, cross, pleasant, and dartmou things thrown at them near baldwin. several windows have been shattered. and now, to the drug crisis in the state. the manchester fire department is giving angst to the safe station program after helping its 800 person. chris hickey, a paramedic, sent out a tweet saying -- we are
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through this a station. save stations are open 24 hours a day, 70's days a week where anyone can get help without any questions being asked. >> everyone has a story. if we can give someone a helping hand and be the start of a change in life we are happy to do it. the 200 uniformed professionals under this roof are committed to the program and committed to helping people. jean: the fire department started the program in may and it is spreading to in the state. in manchester teenager took this holiday to say thank you to those who serve and protect. the teenager made a thanksgiving meal for the local police complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and cookies. andy hershberger explains why he chose to recognize law enforcement. andy: it is a delivery that is direct from the heart. something dreamed up by a manchester teenager to show
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andy: aj massie is a junior at memorial high school. as part of his curriculum, he needs to do some volunteer service. >> he could not find one organization he wanted to work with and so he thought to make a thanksgiving meal to the guys at work at manchester pd. andy: for three days, aj and his mom cooked and baked the thanksgiving feast which he presented to the officers this morn community and i thought to do something for them. andy: he paid for everything himself and while he had help with the preparation, this was truly his creation. >> we do not always get this. for someone to take time out of their day to come down and show appreciation for what we do, that is priceless. >> for him to think of this on his own says a lot about today's
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a little thought to his future plans but he says one possible career path is law-enforcement. in manchester, andy hershberger. jean: coming up on newsnight tonight, deadly shootings after youth football games in kentucky. the search tonight for the suspects. found save 22 days after she went missing. where this california mother was found after disappearing while jogging. josh: includes somewhere showers. will there be rain or snow showers? jean: to our u-local hotshot. teddy bear the chipmunk is saying happy chips-giving. submit your pictures and video.
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jean: we have developing news out of kentucky. two people are dead and several are injured after multiple shootings at a park in louisville. authorities say a youth football game had just finishedhe four others have been taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> when officers did arrive, they located to black males that had been shot and fatally wounded. it is a day to be thankful and we are thankful that moore did not get her. jean: police are looking for suspects. tonight, a california mother who
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found alive. authorities say they are now searching for two women believed to be involved in the of duction. lauren lister is in los angeles with the latest. lauren: after missing for 22 days, this california mother of two turning up alive very early thursday morning, about 100 miles away from where she disappeared. >> she was released by her >> she was released by her captor on a world road -- on a >> she has been reunited with her husband, keith. lauren: i would never wish this feeling on anyone. that was keith over a week after his wife went missing. he went to work when his wife was jogging on this rural road. she was not seen again.
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reported her missing. it kicked off a surge and and invest -- it kicked off a search and an investigation to find her. >> the investigation is not over. we are confident that with the help of the public we will make an arrest in this case. lauren: police are looking for a dark it as you be with two hispanic jean: we do have some good news for skiers and riders tomorrow. several mountains have some trails opened. at cranmore mountain, the tubing attraction is open. cannon mountain is set to open with three lists and eight trails tomorrow morning. and six trails are open at waterville valley.
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snow today and tonight. still falling in parts of new hampshire. as you can see right here from our look at the radar. we did see a little bit of everything today, even southern new hampshire got in the game this morning with some snow showers rolling through. southern new hampshire as you can see their changed over to rain showers. meanwhile, in central and northern new hampshire, the snow kept going and in some areas it still is. fallen in parts of northern and central new hampshire. not a lot left that may be an additional dusting on top of what you already had this evening. things will change over to scattered rain showers for tomorrow. temperatures, low 30's to the north. mid-30's as you head further into southern new hampshire. how high did we get?
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we got nowhere near the normal. below average. not the greatest day but plenty of dry time in there. hopefully, you were able to get out side for anything you needed to do or travel unencumbered yard showing you -- unencumbered. showing you low visibility in some areas partly due to scattered rain and snow showers and fog. there are also some slick roadways. you also made run into low visibility. the radar was very active for a good portion of the day. it is quieting down as you can see. looking at southern new hampshire, just some drizzle in parts of southern new hampshire. a little bit further north, from the lakes region northward, we still have snow falling. the darker blue showing where it
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you may see an additional dusting. after that, a bit of a break. a secondary area of low pressure moving in tomorrow reinvigorating rings the we will see -- reinvigorating things that we will see some milder temperatures coming in. northern new hampshire, later in the day, you could have some rain mixing in with the snow. overnight tonight, as the rain route -- as the further north, moving towards rain showers. if you are going to be out on saturday, things are looking pretty good. a mixture of clouds and breaks of sunshine. sunday, more of the same. breezy. that may bring out some snow showers in the mountains. 20's to the north overnight,
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black friday. upper theaters -- upper 30's. saturday, look at the milder temperatures. some spots in southern new hampshire could be near 50. looking ahead, it does look more mild. tuesday through thursday, we may have a decent amount of beneficial rain. jean: which we could use. a lot of black friday shoppers are out on the roads right now and need to be careful. jim foley is in thi with sports for us. jim: a lot of football to get to
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>> now, news nine sports. jim: the bruins visiting the senators. no zdeno chara, he is out with a lower body injury. first period.
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brad marshawn shots from the far circle. the rebound hop out to david pastranak. spins to the backhand for the goal. his 11th of the season. second period. still, 1-0. ottawa in transition. mark stone ahead of the defense. gets the past right in front of rask. later in the period, derek research shoots it from the near side. the senators go on to be the bruins. one local football game today. the annual turkey bowl central taking on trinity. the little green got it going early. first quarter. andrew to james. spins away from the tackle and takes off down the sideline. later in the quarter, centrals matt gilroy hands off to josh brasher. he slips through for a 32 yard
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still in the first, trinity driving but ted snaps the ball over the head of foster stacy. it rolls along until cameron verney scoops it up and takes it to the other way. central goes on to win the turkey bowl, 48-a the plymouth football team is back on top of division ii after defeating though in saturday's state championship game. leading the way for the bob macomber. in the state title game, garrett carry the ball 31 times for 178 yards and two touchdowns. he also caught the game-winning touchdown pass. his senior season was one for the plymouth high school record books. rushing for 2373 yards. he also runs track and plays lacrosse for plymouth but he hopes to enjoy football in college.
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lows in the games. it is a crazy experience. we put in countless hours in the weight room and looking at film and it has paid off for us. jim: they got into the giving spirit. the student athletes read stories and even did some bowling with the children. the head coach shared these photos from today's get photos from today's get together. close one. first quarter, vikings down. matt asiata ties the game at seven with a rushing touchdown. it stayed close drop again. late fourth quarter, vikings driving but sam bradford throws an interception. it is picked up by darius slate. sensing -- setting up the game-winning field goal by matt
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what -- was a pretty good one as well. washington trailing in the red zone. a one possession game. dallas answers with their star rookie quarterback deck prescott. he ends up scoring here. they go back-and-forth. dallas wins. also, pittsburgh steelers on pace to beat the indiana -- indianapolis colts. memphis. at 3:30 p.m., nebraska cornhuskers will take on iowa hog-ties. we have the high school season wrapping up in the college football season continues to roll on. jean: still to come on newsnight tonight, keeping the tradition alive. the concord restaurant opened today to serve food and a smile
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jean: a thanksgiving tradition is alive and well in concord at the windmill restaurant. about 1000 meals were served today to people who may not otherwise have one. this all started back in 1990
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to just 15 people. he passed away in 2013 and his family is carrying on his legacy. people who come get everything from turkey to pie along with friendly service and some company. >> it is very special. it shows that there are kind people in the world. it is people like this that make the world go around. i would be otherwise sitting at home by myse those who really need it. jean: so many volunteers take part each and every day. -- each and every year. a quick check of the weather. josh: scattered showers of both rain and snow. tomorrow, mostly intermittent rain showers but more mild in
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get out of balance, we get a little fatigued, and why do our bellies protrude even in the first place? >> jeni, let me show you so our audience can really understand how life-changing triple action cleanse can be. here's a food scale. now, here's some of the food that we eat every day. how many of you love some meat, okay? pork, beef, all the different red meats? we know red meat contains antibiotics, chemicals, you know, a lot of insecticides, pesticides get in what you eat, and all fa >> ugh. >> now, it doesn't always come out if you don't have a bowel movement, so you got extra weight. >> it's adding up. >> now, how many of you love a nice, hot, spicy sausage? i love that. but what goes in all those processed meats, okay? they put in everything. you probably don't want to know, jeni. >> i don't want to know. >> [ chuckles ] okay. now, sandwich meat -- again, many sandwiches you eat are processed. now, think of different things in there that we don't want to keep inside. again, we'll put that in your body. and cheese. >> oh, my favorite. >> who doesn't love a cheese
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wine, okay? again, it's refined food, processed food. look at the weight just building up! >> oh, just building up. >> all right. now, packaged food. if you look in grocery carts, many people buy packaged food. why? because it's easy, it's quick, it's all ready. but packaged food is processed, so it's refined, okay? those kinds of foods get impacted in your stomach and impacted in your intestine, clogging you up, allowing you to become irregular. that's why your belly protrudes out -- because you're putting all this in, it's got nowhere to >> oh. >> ...lastly, sweets. okay, who doesn't love a cookie or a piece of cake, okay? too much sugar, too much refined carbohydrates. again, very refined food gets all inside. as you can see, we have all this impacted in your gut. and if you don't start removing it, guess what? you will be all blocked up. but, jeni, if you're like my granddaughter, who has a bowel movement after each meal -- after the meal, she's reducing what she is accumulating inside. now, normal physiology says
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we're supposed to absorb the nutrients, absorb the water, and the rest is waste, and that should be going in the toilet, not staying inside. and that's why it's so important for all of us to have a clean digestive system, in order to avoid some of the digestive issues that you be having. years ago, i felt my health was not at its optimal level. i was overweight. my blood pressure and cholesterol, they were rising. and i was not going to the bathroom every day. i started to get healthier, exercise a lot more, okay? boom! >> [ gasps ] >> you know, you can do all kinds of exercise. >> what are you doing, dr. ho? >> but most importantly, i started to detox on a regular basis. since then, i've been feeling a lot more energetic. and now i have no problem going to the bathroom every day. i'm able to completely empty myself each time, and that feels great. >> food goes into our body. waste -- it has to come out of our body if we're gonna have the energy, vitality, and we want to keep our immune systems high and


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