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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  November 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> our transition team is working smoothly, efficiently and effectively. >> as trump heads to the white house. his inner circle deeply divided over secretary of state. is the front-runner rudy or romney? >> his appointments will come out when he's ready. not a moment sooner. >> trump promised to leave his >> i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. >> will he do enough or will his businesses profit from his presidency? and the growing call for a recount. does hillary still have a shot? we take the questions to trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders.
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and -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> fidel castro dead at 90. what it means for cuba, its people and with the trump white house, is our renewed relationship hanging in the balance? from abc news, it's "this week." here now coanchor martha raddatz. >> good morning and thanks for joining us this holiday weekend. hope you all had a great thanksgiving. w spent his holiday at mar-a-lago filling in his cabinet, detailing some surprising shifts on key campaign promises. and while he is yet to hold a press conference as president-elect, he released another taped message to the american people. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. let us give thanks for all that we have and let us boldly face the exciting new frontiers that lie ahead.
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now calling for unity. we'll get to that in a moment with senator ted cruz. in his first sunday interview since dropping out of the race. trump senior adviser kellyanne conway and senator bernie sanders. first, the world reacting to fidel castro's death at 90. president obama who restored diplomatic relations with cuba offering his condolences saying the cuban people must know that they have a friend and partner t but will that friendship continue under donald trump? for more on that let's bring in jim avila in havana and tom llamas outside of trump tower in new york. jim, let's start with you. we know cuba will observe nine days of official mourning. what will that look like? what is the mood like there on the ground? >> reporter: well, the sunday it's a normal quiet sunday morning, maybe quieter than
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here and that's what they're doing. the state has tremendous power to rally the faithful. 90% of the people work for the government. youth organizations are funded by the communist party. when they want to gather a crowd like tomorrow, it won't be difficult to rally the faithful here and they'll be out in force and they'll be out in force looking to celebrate fidel castro's life and his revolution. >> jim, castro did hold power longer than any national leader except for queen elizabeth while in power, he controlled almost aspect of cuban life. will his death change people's day to day life there? >> reporter: not right away. he has really stepped back in the last ten years since he was sick and just tried to be the conscience of the communist party. his brother raul has been running things hands-on and with approval of fidel castro, and things will continue along the same path until raul castro
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you'll have to wait for the younger generation of politicians here if there's going to be any change at all or some kind of popular revolt among the people. >> tom llamas, you were there in front of trump tower. you covered the reflect throughout the campaign. over the weekend both president obama and president-elect trump released statements they were extremely contradictory in tone. president obama's statement talking about castro's figure with enormous impa a trump saying today the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. fidel castro's legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights. on the campaign trail, trump promised he would reverse president obama's opening to cuba. do you think that will happen or might castro's death change all
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think president-elect trump sent two clear signals, first a statement. i can't tell you how many cuban american friends and relatives called me. some who voted for trump, some who didn't, praising trump's language on castro's brutal legacy. they loved the very blunt terms. the other thing is he's appointed one of the biggest supporters of the cuban embargo to his transition team at the treasury department. that is no accident. changed his policy on cuba during his campaign in the primaries he said he was open to dialogue with cuba but wanted a better deal, then later during the general election campaign he said he would reverse president obama's executive order on cuba, if the castro regime did not meet our demands. it's unclear where this will play. donald trump has to appoint secretary of state and our top diplomat where does cuba play on that person's list of important
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has sent clear signals that he's going to be very tough with cuba in the future. martha. >> this story is so personal for you. your grandparents and parents fled cuba as political exiles. you have talked very powerfully and emotionally this weekend about your cuban heritage. how has your family reacted to the news? and you? >> reporter: you know, i think as far as my family is concerned, there's a lot of joy. south florida with the celebrations in little havana and it's not joy that an old frail man is dead. that's not why they're celebrating. they're celebrating because a very dark chapter in their life has ended. we were constantly reminded of castro's legacy and brutal regime living in miami just 90 miles from havana and reminded when we had to send family medicines and food to cuba every week and money every month when
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floating in the florida straits and our relatives would reach the united states legally. i'll never forget one time cousins i had never seen before had showed up to a hotel right off of biscayne bay and i remember telling my dad how thin they were. my cousins. the parents and the children were so thin and i'll never forget martha, the children were much older than toddlers and walking and running around and yet still breastfed. why? because there was not gh >> thanks tom for sharing that with us. thanks to you jim as well. for more now let's turn to republican senator and former presidential candidate ted cruz of texas. senator cruz, you heard tom talk about his family. you have cuban heritage as well from your dad's side of the family. what was his reaction? >> well, look, this is a powerful moment for people all across the country and
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i was with my dad when he found out the news that fidel castro was dead and he simply said praise god. you know, for so many of us whose families had been in prison, had been tortured, seen the destruction of cuba that castro carried out, my dad as a teenager was tortured. beaten in a prison cell. had his teeth kicked out of his mouth. my aunt whom i adore, she fought against castro and she and her two best friends in high school were thrown in prison and tortured as teenage girls. what they did to girls in cuban prisons was unspeakable. you know, i first heard that castro had passed the final judgment with a text from my cousin bb who said she got to call her mom and tell her mom
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for a man who was tortured and murdered and oppressed for so many, it is thankful he is no longer with us. >> so many powerful stores like that. you put out a statement paying tribute to castro's victims. those who were against him. do you think his death will open a new chapter for cubans? with increasing liberty for cubans? what happens next? >> look, that is certainly my ho made that less likely. what the obama administration has done is strengthen raul castro. raul is the dictator now. i asked my dad at dinner last night what do you think happens now that fidel is dead? and he shrugged and said raul has been in power for years. the system has gotten stronger and what obama has done is funneled billions of dollars to raul
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in 2015 roughly 10,000 political arrests occurred in cuba, five times as many in 2010 when there were only about 2,000. this regime has gotten stronger because of a weak president, weak foreign policy and very much my hope and belief that with a new president coming into office in january, president trump, a new administration, that u.s. foreign policy towards our enemies whether they are longer be a policy of weakness and appeasement but instead using u.s. strength to force and press for change but i look for the day -- i've never been to cuba. i've never been to the land where my father was born or grew up. i look forward to coming to cuba and seeing a free cuba where people can live, where it's pulled out of -- cuba is like
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working? do you want to double down on that? >> you know, what i will say is the economic pressure was having real effect. cuba was a client state of the soviet union. for in many, many, years. when the soviets collapsed it put enormous pressure on cuba but then venezuela stepped in and provided dollars in exchange for troops. when the economy was cratering president obama stepped in with billions and is propping up the administration. this ought to be a moment where cubans are dng but instead, listen, if you dance in the street, you're going to be thrown in jail. cuba is not a free society. in 2015 some 2,000 churches in cuba were declared illegal. 100 were destroyed by the government. you don't have the freedom to worship god, to speak. and it is my hope that we will see u.s. strength prompting real change and real freedom in cuba.
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you met with him last week in trump tower. you said you want to work with the new president in whatever capacity you can have the greatest impact. what capacity might that be? >> well, listen, we have got a lot of work to do. this election was a mandate for change. it astonished everyone. the pundits, the pollsters. winning states that had gone democratic for years after year after years, like pennsylvania, michigan, iowa and wisconsin. we have a mandate for change and republicans have been given the opportunity, we have been given control of the white house, of every executive branch and both houses of congress. we can't blow it. we have got to deliver. so i'm excited about working with president-elect trump, working with the new administration to actually
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made, to repeal obamacare, to lift the burdens on small businesses, to unleash energy to -- >> on that point -- >> to confirm strong principle conservative supreme court justices. >> mr. trump has changed his tune. he wants to keep certain provisions of obamacare instead of repealing and replacing the law. that mankind may be causing climate change and abiding by the paris accord and that sa marriage is settled law that he would not try to have the supreme court overturn. do those changes in his tone concern you? >> listen, what i'm going to work to do every day is to try to work closely with the new president. with the new administration. and with my colleagues in congress to deliver on what we promised. i got to say if we don't, if we're given the white house and both houses of congress and don't deliver, i think there'll
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i think people are so fed up with washington. this election was a mandate with change and the most catastrophic thing republicans could do is go back to business as usual. i'll tell you there are a lot of -- >> do you have real concerns about what he said since? >> listen, the new team that trump is bringing together is an impressive serious team. jeff sessions as attorney general, i know jeff and worked closely with jeff in the senate. jeff is a smart principled serious conservative. team coming around. the trump administration, it is a strong serious national security team. i'm encouraged by the team that is coming together by where their focus is. i'm encouraged by their plan for the first 100 days to act aggressively, lifting the burdens on small businesses and job creators. that's what the president should be doing and from my end, i want to do everything i can to help
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deliver on the promises, that's how we actually turn the country around, bring back jobs and raise wages for people that are hurt. >> i also want to go back a little bit. back to the campaign which at times was very bitter. you had some very strong words about then candidate trump. listen to this. >> this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies pracca the man is utterly immoral. morality does not exist for him. >> do you regret any of those words? >> well, listen, it was a hard-fought campaign on all sides. and it was vigorous until the end. but at the end of the day the people have spoken. he won the election. he won the nomination and the general election in convincing manner. my focus is on the country. my focus is we have a new
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mandate. we ought to deliver. this election was about jobs, about the fact for the last eight years working men and women in this country have seen their lives and wages stagnant and factories closing. we need an administration that nights for the working men and women in this country. that's my number one priority in the senate, fighting for 27 million texans >> i want to go back to those words he lies practically every word that comes ow of his mouth. do you think donald trump is a liar? >> you know, i'm not going to go back to the past. i'm going to focus on the future and on what's in front of us and fixing the problems we have. i will say one thing that's going to be an interesting test in the next few days. i very much hope that we don't see any u.s. government officials going to fidel castro's funeral.
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obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and democrats lining up for a murderous tyrant and thug. if you wouldn't go to pots funeral because they were murdering communist dictators, then you shouldn't be doing what obama is doing which is celebrating fidel castro, a murderous dictator. >> thanks so much. >> thank you, martha. god bless. >> let's bring in donald trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway. president-elect trump said in his statement about fidel castro's death that his administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty but also promised to reverse president obama's opening to cuba. how will ending diplomatic
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>> martha, first, thanks for having me. what president-elect trump was saying is that the first priority he has is to make sure the political prisoners are released and the people of cuba finally after 60 years of oppre oppression know economic and political and religious freedom. he is opened to researching and in fact resetting relations with cuba but his criticism of what has happ i it's that we got nothing in return. that by reopening diplomatic relations with cuba, allowing commercial aircraft and the rest that we really got nothing in return. we didn't get those political prisoners released or assurances that cubans who live on the island would be religiously and politically and economically free. and we respect the thousands and hundreds of thousands of cubans who live here who fled that
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fled who they believe to be a dictator and as ted cruz is saying on your program, has 60 years of blood on his hands. we can't romanticize. we have to take a look at the way he ran his country to the democracy we have here in the united states. it's much like donald trump on trade. you don't just give up everything and get nothing in return. i think that's very clear in president-elect's message. across any numbe i >> he has to get all of that in return or he reverses the opening? >> he hasn't said that and he's open -- i discussed this with him directly. he's open to any number of possibilities but we remain very firm that when you open up diplomatic relations as president obama has with cuba and fidel castro in the last several years, to get nothing in return including political prisoners and assurances that
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will be free politically, i personally and i'm sure you have victims of fidel castro's oppression and his torture. i many years ago was touched as a young girl meeting an author who wrote a book. against all hope in a movie made on the book and that's one example of many. we all have friends i'm sure who have those stories of cubans coming in the dead of night with $20 in their pocket and children strapped into a boat trying to away and they have done that. to the extent that president trump can open up new conversations with cuba, it would have to be a very different cuba. again he's all about america first. american workers, american interest, american allies and certainly americans and in that regard, he wants to make sure that when the united states of america when he's president engages in any type of diplomatic relations or trade
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being protected and are getting something in return. >> i want to turn to the personnel this week. you weighed in into the cabinet selection process with tweets concerning governor mitt romney saying you're receiving a deluge of social media and private communications about romney. some trump loyalists warn against him as secretary of state adding later that being loyal was an important quality for the job. why did you weigh in? on governor romney? >> i weigh in privately first of all, let me make clear that there's one person who will select his cabinet and it's president-elect donald trump. whatever he decides will have my full support and respect and he knows that. as does vice president-elect pence. i think there was trump movement and governor romney. he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. he gave two speeches about donald trump.
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we don't know who mitt romney voted for. apart from that, look, i'm glad they're talking. i've been critical of mitt romney in the past and also last week on your network and other places talked about how i was very pleased that the president-elect and mitt romney had met. i was there when they met. i'm glad two job creators who have the rare privilege of having represented their presidential nominee. >> i don't understand why you took to twitter on this, why not go to mr. trump. did he want you to tweet that or is that just you talking? >> i won't discuss that but i will tell you i've already weighed in privately because i've been asked to. first of all, it's donald trump who is going to form his cabinet. i did want to say, you know, this is trump's party now. he won states that mitt romney lost. he's the one with the political instincts, this is his cabinet
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lost by ten. we won pennsylvania. romney lost iowa by five points. we won it by nine. we won ohio. i think that the political instincts and it wasn't just -- i only wish governor romney had been as critical of hillary clinton and her policy positions. i'm all for party unity. i'm a big party unity person. and look what donald trump has done. he's got nikki haley in the cabinet. u.n. ambassador. daughter of indian immigrants. he's met with ted cruz. taken calls from mitt romney, from jeb bush, from john kasich, from carly fiorina. he's working with speaker ryan. reince priebus is his chief of staff. we're all for part of unity. i don't think a cost of admission for party unity has to be the secretary of state position. >> i want to turn to hillary clinton. when mr. trump say that is he does not want to pursue investigations of hillary clinton, what does he mean by that? is he asking the fbi or justice department to stand down? >> no.
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those institutions and the next leaders of those institutions when he's president will do their jobs without the interference of the executive branch and the president of the united states. at the same time, president-elect trump is being very magnanamous. what he said to the new york times was that he's not focused on that right now. not focused on hillary clinton and prosecuting her any further. making those comments? should he have been making public comments about that? >>'s welcome to. he's the president-elect and about to be the leader of the free world. he is not undercutting anybody's authority in any of those branches, any of those positions. martha, as you and i know and respect, different people will have the authority to make those decisions based on the evidence presented to them. this is how the president-elect feels at this moment about hillary clinton.
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