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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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sean: suspect arrested. a number of tanks this person robbed or tried to rub this year. kevin: plenty of sunshine today with a northwesterly wind. we are tracking two systems. the elections in new hampshire? the allegations made by donald trump. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: back to work, back to school, good morning everybody. thank you for waking up with us. hope you had a great holiday weekend. the weather was up-and-down but today is supposed be pretty
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sunshine with temperatures likely in the 30's and 40's. close to where we should be. not a bad start. we should continue to dry up this morning. the cloud cast left over will be from the mountains. highs in the 30's and low 40's this afternoon. a westerly wind dies down this evening. the first of let's take a look at your drive. deb: good monday morning. right now on interstate 93, everything looks nice as we make our way through the state. no delays. movie well from the upper to the lower split. heading into massachusetts. heading into massachusetts. all roads are currently up to
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am deb davidson. sean: we start with a developing situation in berlin this morning, where fire officials say a child was flown to dartmouth hitchcock medical center yesterday. that child's condition is not clear right now and the attorney general's office confirms it is leading an investigation in berlin. though officials will not release any details nor will they say if it involves the child. we will bring you new details just as soon as they are available. we are learning new details this morning about a shooting last night in manchester near the intersection of lake ave and belmont street. police say the victim went to the hospital on his own he was treated for a gunshot wound to his arm. witnesses told police that a group of people took off in vehicles after the shot rang out. so far no arrests have been made and police say they are looking for a spanish man, around 6 feet tall with shoulder length curly hair. police in manchester say they have caught the man who robbed
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the alleged crimes span nearly a year but the last two were just days apart. wmur's kristen carosa joins us now live from the manchester police department to explain how the man was caught. good morning. >> good morning. police say clothing seen in surveillance video provided the key information they needed to make this arrest. 40-year-old michael giles faces several charges. the most recent robbery was late yesterday morning when police robbery at the t.d. bank on south willow street. responding officers say they found giles trying to start a mini bike nearby on gold street and determined that he matched the descriptin of the suspect in the robbery. they say he also had cash and clothes from the robbery. investigators say they believe giles is also responsible for a robbery last week at the t.d. bank on bay street in manchester , where he claimed to have a weapon. and they think he tried to rob
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at the time of that crime police said they thought the same person may be responsible for an attempted robbery in hooksett. giles faces two counts of robbery and one count of attempted robbery. he is being held without bail and will face a judge today. reporting live in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. sean: police in rye are asking for your help tracking down investigators say all the burglaries were in the 2300 block and in broad daylight between 10:00-1:00. police say the suspect or suspects tried to break into a fourth home but someone was home . officers hope anyone who was on the beach or in the jenness beach or sawyers beach parking lots may have seen something. investigators say it appears a power strip short-circuited in dorchester, massachusetts yesterday sparking a four alarm fire. flames quickly spread from the back of the building, all they
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five people were displaced by the fire and one firefighter was treated for a minor burn on the leg. officials estimate damages at around $350,000. the remains of former cuban dictator fidel castro will arrive in havana's revolution plaza today for two days of tributes before a mass public ceremony tomorrow. meanwhile, many cubans who escaped during his time in power are celebrating his death. abc's janai norman is following the reaction this morning. >> it's the tale of two cities united by the impact of one man. >> the road to havana paved with glory for rebel chieftain fidel castro. >> the cuban government banning public drinking, music and dancing for nine days to honor the leader. clerks missing all the music which we know is such a big part of the culture. >> leaving the normally lively city, eerily quiet. on the peninsula to the north, in miami's little havana? a noisy celebration for cubans
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>> i'm not happy because somebody died. death, it is not about that, it is about that we see the future changing. >> during his decades in power, castro sent more than a million of his own people into exile, separating families and denying them the right to return. cubans in miami consider the castro family a reign of terror. one that is still in power. >> raoul castro has things in place. the lack of freedom continues and so no, it won't be an overnight thing at all. >> the icy relationship between the u.s. and cuba is thawing. just this march, president obama marking closer diplomatic ties with cuban president raul castro. a move president-elect donald trump aims to undo. >> we will cancel obama's one-sided cuban deal made by executive order if we don't get the deal we want and the deal that people living in cuba and
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>> if trump reverses the recent openings to cuba by president obama, it stands to impact the american companies already invested in cuba like airline companies, hotel operators and phone carriers. it would also impact american tourism to the island, which was up 12% in the first half of the year. sean: fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california." he made the allegations last night on twitter and went on to ask why the media isn't reporting on it and claimed bias. he lost all three states in the election earlier this month mister trump is also critcizing the decision by hillary clinton's campaign to take part in recount efforts started by green party nominee jill stein. >> some people are saying that he's doing this to distract from other issues with his transition. perhaps.
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become the story for a while and i think that's problematic for him. because he really needs to focus on ramping up because he did win the election. sean: we did speak with the new hampshire secretary of state last night but he had no comment on trump's claims of fraud. meanwhile congresswoman annie kuster says she is ready to work with the trump administration. on close-up yesterday kuster said she won't hesitate to call out the president-elect but she is also ready to collaborate when possible. >> i didn't support him, but i'm going to look for common ground, whether it's opiates or his family talked about paid family leave. that's a big priority of mine. infrastructure, big priority of mine. but the devil's going to be in the details. sean: kuster is the first democrat in new hampshire's second district to be elected to three consecutive terms.
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after the late ray burton. skating and shaving for a cause. the amount raised this weekend to help a local veteran as she battles cancer. and in the next half hour if you live in salem and you want to
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kevin: we are starting off with extra clouds in the north country. a fairly quiet start. a northwesterly wind through the day with a blend of sunshine and clouds away from the north country. sean: still some snow on the ground up there. plymouth state university is set to honor the state's longest ever serving executive councilor today. the school is dedicating a new, so-called open laboratory, in memory of the late ray burton , who graduated from plymouth state. the lab is designed to give students, faculty, community and
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collaborate, learn and is part of a much larger plan. the community is rallying around a local army veteran who is now fighting breast cancer. the berlin river drivers hockey team hosted a game over the weekend. and the organizer shaved his head to help raise money for jolinda hawkins, who started chemo back in august -- the teams also wore special pink camouflage jerseys and then auctioned the jerseys off. in all, the event raised just over $6,000 to help hawkins. a great effort there. you still have plenty of time to lend a helping hand this holiday season. we are once again teaming up with local hannaford, shaw's, and walmart stores for our spirit of giving food drive. it is now less than two weeks away, december 9-11. and on friday, december 9, members of the wmur team will be out at the stores all day long. including myself. if you want to come by and say hello. coming up, boots from l.l. bean are incredibly popular and now the company is taking big steps in order to meet the exploding
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plus, the new deadline that federal officials have set for protestors in north dakota near work to build a new oil
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sean: the army corps of engineers is ordering all protestors, including american indians, to leave federal lands near the dakota access oil pipeline in north dakota by next monday. the corps notified tribal leaders on friday that the lands will be closed to public access for "safety concerns." however, there are no plans for a forcible removal. the area includes where hundreds of people have been camped out for months to protest the pipeline and support the standing-rock sioux tribe, which says the project will threaten cultural sites. a search is underway in new orleans this morning after ten people were shot in the french quarter early yesterday morning, leaving one of them dead. police say none of the victims were targeted. instead, they were shot when two other men
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evacuated because of landslides in italy and more heavy rain and severe weather is in the forecast over the coming days. the slides have already damaged or destroyed many homes, with some buildings carried away by the rushing mud and water. an amusement park in japan is closed today, and owners are apologizing, after it opened an ice skating rink with about 5,000 dead fish frozen into the ice. park officials say the rink contained about 25 different kinds of fish, calling it an ice aquarium and that the fish were already dead. some fish were arranged to create shapes or words but complaints flooded in. the park is now planning a mass for the fish before replacing the ice. disney's latest animated heroine took down fantastic beasts at the box office this weekend. "moana" which is set in ancient polynesia, took in more than $55
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"fanstasic beasts and where to find them" to second. when you include thanksgiving day, "moana" has already raked in more than $81 million. it is the second largest thanksgiving weekend debut ever behind "frozen." tickets are now on sale for an upcoming block buster. "rogue one, a star wars story" opens on december 16. but advance ticket sales started this morning m today is cyber monday but it may no longer be the undisputed king of online sales. the deals are starting earlier and earlier and many stores are making the online sales available in store as well. analysts say that helped push online sales on black friday to a record high of $3.34 billion. more people did shop over the holiday weekend than last year but the average person spent a little less.
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booming for its iconic boot. the company has now leased a new building to build the rubber soles for the boots and plans to hire another 100 workers in the new year, all dedicated to making the boots. a decade ago annual sales were less than 100,000 they are expected to reach 1 million a year in 2018. of that company so we will see. kevin: i love those boots. my apologies, i asked. let's start out with a look outside. fairer skies. we're not expecting a lot in the way of precipitation this morning. a few western spots, the clouds will try to hang on on a
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northern terrain and keeps the cloud going. two systems on the map, this is the first one here with a line of rainfall pushing in tomorrow morning. this area of low pressure along that front, it heads towards pockets of heavier rain late wednesday and into wednesday night. upper 20's and lo' surge of warmth. temperatures are ranging and we will have a northwesterly wind which will put a bit of a bite in the air.
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temperatures tomorrow morning, we will warm up a bit. and then we see a bit of precipitation. and then we will have temperatures in the 40's. we could have wet snow or a wintry mix tomorrow afternoon before going to tomorrow night. that will follow a tuesday night clouds will second. temperatures will be warmer by the next round of precipitation wednesday afternoon. so temperatures in the 40's and the second system will most likely be all rainfall. we will have no blast -- we will have a blast of arctic and behind it. temperatures going through the week start off chilly. partial sunshine. a bit of a mixed with rainfall
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early on thursday. temperatures low and mid 40's into next weekend, close to where we should before this time of year. sean: we do need the rainfall. kevin: we do and a couple of systems promise an inch or two. sean: let's check our top stories. here's kristen carosa. >> manchester police have arrested a man they say robbed two banks in the queen city and tried to rob a third. 40-year-old michael giles faces several charges. the most recent robbery happened yesterday morning on south he will face a judge later today. sean: the attorney general's office is leading an investigation in berlin but they will not confirm the nature of the case. fire officials say a child was flown to the hospital yesterday but it is not clear if that is the subject of the ag investigation. police in manchester are looking for the person who shot a man in the arm near the intersection of lake avenue and belmont street last night.
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coming up on daybreak. what would you name a baby hippopatomus? a zoo in england needs your help
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sean: of the morning here. a zoo in england is celebrating a new addition, but now they need help coming up with a name. a male pygmy hippo was just born, making the first new male calf born at the zoo in a decade. pygmy hippos are native to west africa. kevin: they are so cute at that age. the zoo is now holding a public vote to name the calf -- the choices are derek, walter, george or norbert. i like norbert.
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he is great. can we just keep this up all morning? boston museum of fine arts is making way for ducklings. a new exhibit at the museum is now open, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the classic children's book and includes illustrations by author robert mc-closkey that had been kept mostly private until recently. kevin: there is also a miniature version of the sculpture from the public garden. the exhibit runs until june. se: i still read it to the kids. coming up in the next half hour, wedding bells were ringing in the produce aisle. find out why this couple just got married in a grocery store. plus, tom brady was chasing history yesterday as the patriots faced the jets, but this one was a lot harder than
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: good morning on this cyber monday, november 28. waking up to chilly temperatures today in meredith. nice today but there are chilly temperatures in the forecast. let's get right to our top stories. we arelo officials say a child was flown to the hospital yesterday, but at this time it is not clear why. the attorney general's office confirms it is involved in an investigation in the city but it's not saying if the case involves the child. a man suspected of robbing two banks in manchester, and trying to hold up a third, is expected to make a court appearance today. and president-elect donald trump claims there was serious voter fraud in three states during the election, including here in new
5:31 am
yesterday and we will likely have that again. 10-15 miles per hour. a lot of cloud cover out west and thicker cloud cover to the north. 30's and 40's, close to where we should be for this time of year. we are tracking two systems. one arrives tomorrow and another rise wednesday. before but you are actually shopping on two different computers. [laughter] let's check on the roads this morning. here's a live look at i-93 from our hooksett camera. kevin: there were not a lot of computers in the 1980's. for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning deb. deb: 93 is moving nicely. no major incidents to slow you down at this check.
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and in massachusetts, all roads look good heading into boston, lowell and arlington. i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: we are following a developing story we are following out of berlin. fire officials confirm that a child was airlifted to dartmouth-hitchcock medical center yesterday. the attorney general's office says it is involved in an investigation in berlin. but at this time officials will not say whether the to the hospital. we will continue to monitor this situation and bring you updates as we learn any new information. a homeless man accused of robbing two manchester banks and trying to rob a third is due in court today. the alleged robberies happened over a span of nearly a year. the suspect, 40-year-old michael giles, was arrested yesterday. kristen carosa joins us live now at the manchester police department to explain how officers tracked that suspect
5:33 am
police say it was surveillance photos that helped them track down the suspect. around 11:30 yesterday morning officers were called to the td bank on south willow street for a report of an unarmed robbery. as police were responding, they came across a man at the intersection of gold street and john devine drive who was trying to start a mini bike. mad men, michael giles, matched the description of the robber. police say he was in possession of clothing that the robber footage from the bank. he also had an undisclosed amount of cash. police say security footage from a robbery last wednesday shows giles robbing another t.d. bank on bay street. he is also accused of trying to rob a citizens bank on elm street back in january. right now giles is being held without bail. he is expected to face a judge later this morning. live in manchester, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. sean: new on daybreak. a hunter had to be rescued last
5:34 am
alexandria. fish and game officials say the hunter was trying to walk out after dark, when he became disoriented. he called for help after finding a snowmobile junction which made it easier for conservation officers to find him. the town of salem is temporarily easing its water restrictions. the board of selectmen voted to loosen the restrictions on outdoor water use after they received several requests from residents who wanted to wash their cars, boats, or homes. town officials didn't want to do away with all restrictioin continue into the new year, but they wanted to give residents a chance to prepare for winter. >> people would prefer to obey the law and the rules instead of violating them so i think this gives them a way to do what they have to do and not be in violation. sean: daytime outdoor water use in salem is only allowed on the remaining odd-numbered days in november, which only leaves tomorrow.
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resumes his transition meetings at trump tower. this, as he faces fresh criticism for a series of tweets alleging voter fraud in states , including new hampshire. nikole killion in washington this morning with a closer look at trump's latest claims. >> the president-elect not only claims that people voted illegally but also alleges voter fraud in several states without any proof. as president-elect donald trump returns from a thanksgiving break at his mar-a-lago resort , he unleashed about the election results on twitter. the president-elect wrote, "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias big problem." and before that he charged, "in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." his tweets part of an extensive thread blasting calls for a recount in wisconsin, michigan
5:36 am
jill stein: it's very important that we look at the votes. the effort is being led by green party candidate jill stein with support from the clinton campaign. >> it's ridiculous. this is a fundraising notoriety-driven fraud. bernie sanders: i don't think that hillary clinton, who got two million more votes than mr. trump in the popular election, thinks that it's going to transform the election. but do people have the legal right to do it? yeah, we do. >> today the president-elect turns his attention back to the transition holding a handful of meetings with more potential sean: a book signed by president franklin pierce is now up for auction. the book, "the constitution by w. hickey" was signed and inscribed by pierce in 1855. he signed it for his friend, joseph appleton starrett, who like pierce, was also born in hillsborough, new hampshire. another item going up for auction is an 1851 christmas gift that pierce gave to his then ten-year-old son, benjamin. benjamin pierce was tragically
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the online auction ends december 7. memorial hospital in north conway is sending some newborns home with a baby box, aimed at encouraging safe sleeping habits. the boxes include firm mattresses and are designed for babies up to eight months. the birthing center at memorial hospital is providing the boxes to families that express a need for help in providing a safe sleeping environment for their babies. communities across the state are kicking the holiday season into high gear. the 45th annual salem holiday parade was held yesterday afternoon. more than 70 floats, marching bands, and groups of costumed characters paraded along main street. the event is run by volunteers and is funded by local businesses and generous donors. while walking the route the salem exchange club collected food and other necessities for families in need. and it was a nice day out there to fly down main street. coming up on daybreak, a school in massachusetts continues to
5:38 am
controversial decision. we'll tell you what veterans are saying about hampshire college's move to stop flying american flags on campus. and an unusual illness sends hundreds of australians to the hospital. find out why the weather is being blamed for making people sick. kevin: clear skies out there but a couple of systems will be tracking an unsettled pattern through the week.
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kevin: starting off your monday morning in the 20's and 30's. we will have a northwesterly wind into the afternoon. not as gusty as yesterday but notable for the afternoon. two systems we're keep an eye on at the fir o up. sean: cuba officially begins its nine day mourning period today for the late fidel castro. he died on friday at the age of 90. memorial ceremonies are scheduled throughout the week, ahead of castro's funeral this coming sunday. castro ruled cuba for nearly fifty years before his younger brother, raul, took over power in 2006 when fidel castro fell ill. on wednesday, castro's ashes will begin a three-day procession across cuba. veterans are showing their outrage over a decision by a massachusetts college to stop
5:42 am
the move came after someone burned a flag at hampshire college following the election. yesterday, dozens of veterans and other demonstrators gathered at the campus, holding american flags and chanting "usa" and "raise the flag." they say the school's decision to stop flying the flag is disrespectful to veterans and current military members. >> they took down my flag, they have a right to that, i'm here to defend their right to do that . but i want them to understand how bad that hurts me. >> there's no way i will let anyone take down the flag, it means a lot for me and my brothers. >> for the students here and the president and board of trustees , opportunities have arisen from what veterans sacrificed. to not fly the flag on this campus, if you were in some other countries around the world, it would be handled very,
5:43 am
sean: school officials say they welcome peaceful discussions about the flag decision. an unusual combination of weather conditions is leading to a freak illness, known as "thunderstorm asthma" in australia. officials say hundreds of people were rushed to the hospital last week with breathing problems and three of them died. ambulances were responding to one call every four or five seconds. experts say thunderstorm asthma occurs when a storm hits during a period of unusually high rye grass pollen. the pollen irritates the lungs, making it hard for people to breathe. >> within about half an hour, it was out of control. i couldn't breeze. it got worse. >> wheezing and coughing and it was very tight in my chest. sean: experts say thunderstorm asthma has also been seen in the u.k., italy and canada, but the condition is very under reported. new data shows that divorce rates in the u.s. have plunged
5:44 am
include the aging population, changing gender roles or the simple fact that not as many people are getting married. but marriage rates have remained stable. utah has the highest marriage rate in the u.s., but it also has a higher divorce rate than most other states. turning now to sports. tom brady picked up career win number 200 on sunday, tying him with peyton manning for the most all time. the patriots took on the jets in new york. first quarter when brady threw deep downfield to rob gronkowski. gronk missed last week with a chest injury, but this time, the patriots say it was his back that was injured. he stayed in the game for a while, but eventually went to the lockeroom and did not return. the jets were leading 17-16 with about 2:15 to go when brady passed to a wide open chris hogan inside the ten. brady then to malcolm mitchell for his second touchdown of the game and the patriots rallied to
5:45 am
wanted to. but we made the plays when we needed to. so it was a division game on the road. it is always a tough team to play. i thought they played really well and i am glad we made the plays at the end. sean: the patriots improve to 9-2. they host the rams on sunday. to the ice now. the bruins tried to snap a three game losing streak against the tampa bay lightning yesterday. boston scored three times in the tukka rask made thirty saves during the game and the bruins went on to win it 4-1. they play at philadelphia tomorrow. mikaela shiffrin has won back to back slalom events to start the world cup season. her latest win came at killington, vermont yesterday. shiffrin lived in new hampshire for a while as a kid, and attended burke mountain academy in northern vermont. the win was the 22nd world cup victory for the 21-year-old, and
5:46 am
were the first for killington, and the first in 38 years in vermont. a chef in illinois is paying tribute to the chicago cubs after their world series win. remember that? he made a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. it weighs more than 400 pounds and it's all edible. except for the players who are made out of legos. don't eat those. the chef says it took him and his crew more than 70 hours to build the replica. [laughter] everything? i love it. sean: a couple in georgia had a thanksgiving they won't soon forget. they spent their holiday getting married inside a grocery store. >> she said where are we going to have our wedding at and i said obviously, where i met you at. sean: larry tinson and his now wife, mary have known each-other for about twenty years but it was not until four years ago, when they ran into
5:47 am
thanksgiving so they decided to tie the knot on thanksgiving day, inside the store where they were reunited. >> on thanksgiving day, he said what he wanted to do is to give thanks to the lord for the old going out and the new coming in. sean: congratulations to them. the supermarket helped mary and larry with the planning making sure they had live music and a cake for their grocery store wedding. you need to go to the bakery, a bunch of cakes there. and according to a new survey, a lot of people will be doing shopping at work. the survey by staffing firm robert hall technology shows that 49% of professionals shop from work on cyber monday. 33% of companies block online shopping sites but 17% of professionals say they still shop on their phones. 43% of those surveyed say the -- say they shop during work hours out of boredom. and 65% said they will minimize their screens if their boss
5:48 am
[laughter] is that what happens when mike walks by? sorry about that. kevin: thankfully we don't see each other much. this is why -- [laughter] sean: interesting. kevin: i will buy you something nice. with fair skies. an overcast sky in western areas of the state. we continue to see that wither away. we are looking at cloud cover coming in a little bit thicker with temperatures in the upper 20's and lower 30's. it will be a back-and-forth between clouds and some sunshine.
5:49 am
morning. it could be a mix initially but then it does go to rain. but the next system arrives. the thicker cloud cover is in the north country. i suspect the clouds will hold tough. a line of light rain an area of low pressure will develop along that same spot. that will be a break on wednesday. that gets here wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. so fair skies for most. clear skies and southeastern spots, we will see sunshine into
5:50 am
air, it looks like after the system goes by on wednesday, we will start to cool off a bit but temperatures will be below average for this time of year. 32-44 from north to south. the wind is still noticeable. with clearing skies this evening, temperatures drop back. the day tomorrow. and we may have a wintry mix. we may start as a bit of what snow. and we could have have an edge of rain fall out of this during the daylight hours tomorrow. a break in the clouds and then
5:51 am
through. we will be closer to average for the end of the week. we finish in the 30's and 40's this afternoon. the breeze starts to lighten. we could have an initial wintry mix. and then we go to rain elsewhere. we could have locally heavy rain for some time. or tremendously gusty wind. shark out and will be the month of december and we expected to cool off a little bit. a teenager in dover is collecting toys for kids at boston children's hospital. 13-year-old searra geanoulis first noticed that the hospital
5:52 am
searra says many kids did not get any toys in the hospital for the holidays so she decided to start a collection. how cool is that? speaking of toys. our spirit of giving toy drive gets underway this friday. people can drop off donations throughout the weekend at toys r us locations in manchester, nashua, and newington. the drive benefits the toys for tots program. right now the need is particularly great for children under three-years-old and older than ten. still to come on daybreak. we'll introduce you to a boy in pond been given a grant to pay for his college at only 9-years-old. and now time for our u-local hot shots. apparently, this little girl was not very thrilled to be sitting with santa. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto
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sean: a company in maine is giving its customers a chance to do some bird watching while drinking some brew.
5:56 am
the company partners with the maine brew bus to shuttle people around to different breweries, while stopping periodically to allow customers to check out some birds. the tours are $65 per person and they run until december 11. to learn more head to the kevin: not quite the combination i ever expected. a nine-year-olwh government grant to pay for his university studies. the 4th grade student attends several university classes each week including math and physics. one of his professors says the boy even helps other college students. while he is taking college classes, he must also continue to attend elementary school. poland's minister of education describes the boy as a genius. sean: i want to be the minister of education sunday. i wish i was born with a brain like that.
5:57 am
shooting in manchester. police are looking for the person who shot and injured a man last night. >> manchester police have arrested a man they say rob two banks. we will explain how he was caught. >> i am in washington with the president-elect's latest claims about the election, coming up. sean: it bizarre situation in japan. there's a path that takes you further in life. a breakthrough way of learning that prepares you for an ever-changing world. plymouth state's integrated clusters approach
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sean: now on "daybreak," suspect arrested. the number of banks police think this person robbed or tried to rob this year. kevin: clouds with a northwesterly breeze. we are tracking to systems with your test. sean: the allegations being made by president-elect donald trump. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." sean: hope you had a great long weekend. it is back to work and school for most of us. thanks for waking up with us. i'm sean mcdonald. today, more of the same. at this week overall is going to get interesting.


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