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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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50 in jaffrey, as warm air is beginning to creep in from the south and west. to near 50 at the coast. that's due to the water temperature, look at that ocean temperature at 51 degrees. manchester 40, the warmest time of the day so far. so anything falling out of the cloud cover is primarily rain, there are a few isolated pockets up north, dealing with a bit of freezing rain, but for the most part it's wet out there and the back end is a another one begins to take shape to our south, you can see it around memphis, tennessee with heavy downpours, that will be in here tomorrow night. we'll have more in a few minutes. jennifer: that weather earlier today caused slick roads, and tonight authorities say that led to the death of a driver who lost control and slid into some
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due to a number of crashes. suzanne roantree is live in meredith now with the details. reporter: the freezing rain came in about 7:30 this morning, up north. and that's basically the time of rush hour up there as well. emergency crews responded to over 30 accidents in both directions on 93 between franconia and stewartstown this morning. at one point bethlehem's fire chiefd to the station and stay put, as they would be safer to respond to incident from where they were. about half the calls they got were cars sliding off the road. >> but there were multiple accidents where multiple tow trucks needed to be called and vehicles were towed from the scene. >> we probably had somewhere
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on the interstate. every road in town was the same way. reporter: there was one fatality, that is being blamed on the icy conditions. 67-year-old patrick spencer died when the truck he was driving went off the road, slid down an embankment and hit some trees. suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. jennifer: dozens of d.o.t. crews were out salting and sanding to keep the roads as safe as possible. officials do say this was with. wmur's kristen carosa continues our live team coverage now from hooksett. reporter: this was a tough morning for drivers and d.o.t. we're learning crew has to wait before salting. just in time for the morning commute, a light rain combined with cold temperatures made roads slick, causing accident as cross the state. >> came on real quickly. reporter: this truck was heading north on 106 when firefighters believe the driver lost control.
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vehicles heading south. >> the driver of the cement truck was trapped, the police got him out. reporter: the roads froze rapidly in many spots, causing some cars to slide off the road and in some cases roll over. >> our crews work very hard to keep the traveling public safe. this type of condition this morning is one of the most difficult, when you get freezing rain. you really can't it get out in front of it. reporter: bill boynton says it's impossible to treat roads before a freezing rain event. >> the water will render it ineffective, it will blow o so you have to start treating it when it happens. reporter: the management center monitors conditions and called crews out as soon as the freezing process began. >> crews began to respond, we have 700 plows treating upwards of 5,000 miles of state roads. so just to do one route will take an hour and a half to two hours to complete. reporter: boynton says it's important for drivers to know that when roads rapidly freeze over there will be unsef conditions until crews can start
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line is when you get an event like this you're going to get slippery roads and people need to slow down and drive according to conditions. reporter: bill says it's important for all drivers to take it slow during a weather event like this, whether the roads have been salted or not. tom: an autopsy is under way for a man who authority say was found shot to death in his manchester apartment early this morning. officials say the call came in after midnight, but have and are turning to the public for help. wmur's andy hershberger live now with more. reporter: authorities say this case physician its early stages, but they are asking people in the area to be on alert and report anything unusual. authorities say a 911 call came in at about 12:30 tuesday morning. for a report of shots fired at an apartment on thornton street in manchester. >> their responded to 231
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male, appeared to suffer awe gunshot wound. that male was determined to be a resident of 231 thornton street. reporter: news 9 spoke with the victim's daughter but because authorities have not notified all of the next of kin, we're not identifying her. >> it's a horrible situation. my dad was a loving, caring guy, did favors for anybody, never knew how to say no. wore his heart on his scene all day, as news of what happened slowly spread through the neighbor. >> i'm just surprised that we didn't hear anything, that's the most surprising thing, kind of scary too. >> i just can't believe it. this neighborhood is really pretty quiet. sometimes there's some issues over at that house, but i'm shocked. i can't believe this. reporter: investigators say the case is in its early stages and are asking everyone in the neighborhood to be vigilant,
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anything suspicious to police. >> i haven't figured out a way to handle it. my emotions right now are really numb. i'm just waiting on some answers on who and what and why. reporter: investigators are looking for the public's help in this case, anyone who may have information is asked to call the manchester police department. live in manchester, andy hershberger. jennifer: today a lawsuit against phillips was back in federal court. a jury found that the academy wrongfully expelled a student after a sexual encounter with another student. today a judge ordered john doe back to the school, pending a hearing on january 13th. that hearing will decide whether monetary damages would be adequate relief. tom: tonight new numbers are offering hope in fighting the opioid crisis. the prescription drug monitoring program started in the state back in 2014, it requires
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for a patient, and requires them to check a patient's history before giving out a new prescription. according to the annual report, 5 million fewer doses of highly addictive opioids were prescribed this year compared to last. >> we've seen a significant change in the past year and it is very gratifying. >> they're taking this really seriously. i think the prescribers in our state are going to be very much a big role in changing this crisis in tom: a new law goes into effect in january that requires all providers in the state to check the monitoring program before writing any new pain prescription for a patient. and still to come on tonight's news 9 at 6:00, carts filled with toys, the the cross country challenge, a local musician has now completed. jennifer: after battling wild nicer in the south for weeks, a fire crew is back home. what they're saying about their experience. mike: a few spots remain near
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milder. how much higher temperatures could go this week. >> we're headed to u.n.h. football practice, check in on
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tom: staying true to their new hampshire recycled percussion is aiming to make a difference for granite state families in need. jennifer: the band's leader putting out a challenge on facebook bringing in more than $10,000 in donations. as wmur's siobhan lopez explains, that money helped buy hundreds of gifts today. reporter: a long receipt and thousands of dollars later, performance group recycled
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brighter for new hampshire families. >> this is cool. reporter: front man justin spencer having plenty of fun on the wal-mart shopping spree. >> these are ideal. if thereof was ever a gift for a kid, drumming is the best. reporter: picking out toys and gifts for kids of awe ages using money donated by people from all over the country. spencer drove his box truck already full of presents across the u.s. >> i locked myself in the cab of the truck, slept in there and used that money otherwise -- reporter: putting those gifts in a safe place. he credits the generosity of hundreds of people who donated to his dawes, some handling them cash when they saw him. >> those people are the reason i'm here today. i'm not the hero in this. they're the ones that made the effort. reporter: spencer urgings any family in immediate to reach out to them on facebook, they'll be giving out gifts on three
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siobhan lopez, wmur news 9. jennifer: that's awesome, good job. tom: i like spencer's hairdo nowadays, looking good. mike: and they always do a great job performing and a great job in the community. we're getting some beneficial rain in here. but what about another round tomorrow and of course we'll take a sneak peek into next weekend too. jennifer: now to our u local hot shot, this is a sure sign that the holidays are coming, just
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jennifer: tonight a new hampshire wildfire crew is back hole again after helping to fight large wildfires in the so northwestern georgia for two weeks, they were initially assigned to the fire near the national forest, but were later reassigned to the rock mountain fire there. we spoke to the forest ranger captain as he returned home. >> it was an awesome time down in clayton, georgia. they came out and offered a lot of assistance to the firefighters. tom: a replacement team was
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spend the next two weeks in the south. nieks we all know about the tricky travel in morning, you see the snow flying up there in conway giving over to a wintery mix. but basically the story is the overcast skies that were all over new hampshire. we do have some steady rain, even a little mixing far north, that will move out tonight. temperatures good news here, primarily above freezing, the exception parts of northern new hampshire, where we'rean clouds tomorrow morning, but then the next batch of rain moves in tomorrow afternoon and it could be heavy later on in the day, then mainly dry to follow for the tail en of the week into next weekend. warmest part of the day, in payne parts of new hampshire is actually right now in many spots, including mount washington. finally hitting the freezing mark. portsmouth up to 50 degrees, up
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temperatures will actually climb in a few spots overnight and then fall by daybreak as rain continues to move on through. you will notice a few pockets up north of pink, that indicates temperatures are right around 3e mount washington valley it's a mix of rain and sleet with pockets of freezing rain. so the roads will still be tricky to travel on in northern new hampshire over the next few hours. but it's all wet in central and southern zones, from laconia points south, and southeast. coming in out of eastern new york. so when will it finally clear new hampshire? josh is here with a look at your local forecast for the next few hours. reporter: can you see the back end approaching, but when will it move through, we'll take a closer look and zoom into southwestern parts of the state. and show you the local temperatures as well as the rain. heavy bouts of rain have been moving through, the temperatures are all over the place, from areas farther north in the upper 30's to upper 40's that have
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farther southwestern new hampshire locations. the rain will be off and on with a few more heavy downpours likely, but by the time we get to 7:00, to 9:00, it's pretty much done, ending first in the southwestern part of the state. a few left over sprinkles still a possibility. the central part of the state, lakes region and points north into the southern part of the white mountains, those temperatures a little cooler, but many of these spots still in the upper 30's. notice there are some aas are closer to 32, that's why we have some pockets of freezing rain and they're still present in a couple of localized areas. but the heavy downpours will be coming to an en between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. after that just a few localized showers or a sprinkle or two, as the temperatures as can you see there will actually be rising. now we'll take a look ahead the next couple days as another system is heading this way. mike: before the grub freezes we could actually use the rain to put another dent in the drought.
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overcast skies, to refreeze. temperatures well above freezing. as a matter of fact, up near 40 plus in many parts of new hampshire between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. but during the afternoon, steady rain fills in awhys the mountains right near freezing, so there could be a little mixing in the highest elevations through the heart of the white mountains. heaviest rain tomorrow evening through daybreak on thursday. then you'll notice the back end clearing for thursday morning's commute. good news for the again and also breaks in the overcast with any sunshine, look at what's heading in our direction for highs, on thursday lower maybe mid 50's before it
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it's a mild start to december on thursday with 50's in central southern new hampshire. same story on saturday, but even colder. then those temperatures back to average by sunday and early next week, maybe a few mixed showers later on tuesday. so ski areas really not in rough shape today because it was so chilly, and we actually had some mixing going on. tomorrow they'll take a little hit with some rain, but then much colder, some snow showers weekend. so that's not too bad. tom: thank you. >> u.n.h. football practice, they have another playoff game coming up this weekend. and a local hockey player
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jamie: boston bruins have looked a bit shaky recently, losing th but they did play well on saturday over tampa bay, so they throok right that momentum into philadelphia tonight. chap taken chara has missed three games with a lower body injury and is not expected to play tonight. buffalo sabres second year superstar jack eichel is set to make his season debut, he's been out with a high ankle sprain. eichel is from north chems ford, mass, grew up playing youth
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boston university. manchester monarchs have a game tonight on the road at the adirondack thunder, the closest rival for the monarchs, all the way in upstate new york. they'll play 15 times this year, that is game 7. monarchs and thunder tonight at 7:00. it's right back to work as the season continues for the u.n.h. football team. we caught up with the guys on the practice field this afternoon, in the rain they're gearing up for round plaf game with james madison. j.m.u. beat the wildcats 42-39 in the regular season. the team looked spectacular in the first round, they routed lehigh, setting a record for playoff points by a u.n.h. team, they would love to run up another big number on saturday. >> the kids are playing pretty confident. i think saturday's game will give a little boost to what
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>> they won the patriot league and more importantly our defense actually played really well against them. >> obviously we know we can play with these guys, we have played with them, we just need to play like we did in the fourth quarter for all four quarters. >> a nice win for the celtics in miami last night. they beat the heat and were able to pull away for a victory. thomas 25 points. bradley scored 18. celtics will host theto basketball number one in the nation and prominently featuring a freshman from manchester in 2010 again gabriel. last night kentucky beat arizona state 115-69. he had 10 points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots. they'll play ucla on saturday. jennifer: we're hearing that name a lot now. that's exciting. right now on, of course dogs, their man's best friend, so see which dogs top the list for america's most popular
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tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter


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