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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on daybreak, an elderly woman is dead after freak accident interim. how she was dragged and run over by cars. >> a massive development in londonderry that could create hundreds of jobs. >> rain for winding down, leaving us to cooler air. what that means for the weekend ahead. >> from a white house win thank you toward to the question of backtracking on campaign promises. the latest on president-elect donald trump. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak.
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waking up to rain on the first day of december. sean: we needed the long days of soaking rain and it looks like we have had it. kevin: some spots picking up over two inches of rain. this is the last of it. it is winding down through the morning commute with a couple of lingering showers in the north country. wet highways as you walk out the door. you might have a couple of grief wind gusts hour. westerly wind will pick up sending temperatures into the 40's into the lower half of the 50's. from there, temperatures will fall this afternoon as cooler air wins out. more on the first, changeable day of december. we are joined by deb davidson. good thursday morning.
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to the split. it is a little slow between exit one and exit door. in exeter exit 111 a is closed at dogtown road for wires down your the brentwood tell . in manchester the odd-even parking restrictions begin tonight. this is being brought to you by bernie and phil's h of fine furniture. erin: a woman is dead after a tragic, freak accident in durham. sean: police say the woman was dragged and then run over by her own car as she was leaving a friend's home yesterday wmur's ray brewer joins us live from durham to explain how it happened. good morning. ray: police say a witness called 911 around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, reporting a woman had been struck by a car along
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injuries. she would later die at the hospital. investigators say the woman had been visiting friends. when she left, she started backing down the driveway, but for some reason opened the door and got out. >> it appears the vehicle was in reverse, and rolled down the driveway into the street, and came to rest off of the road near a telephone pole. ray: the woman was found in the road and her car was still running just a few feet away likely release her name later this morning, however, the crash does remain under investigation reporting live in durham, ray brewer ,wmur news 9. sean: investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire in conway that forced five people from their home. a viewer shared this video with us showing the intense flames engulfing the home on mountain view road early yesterday morning. firefighters did rescue one person from the home. it is not clear if that person was hurt.
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fire under control. a goffstown man accused of setting a fire back in february that destroyed a vacant auto parts building pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and hindering apprehension. as part of the deal, arson charges against 19-year-old calvin mitoulas were dropped. the deal includes suspended jail time and community service, and he must work with the fire department to build a firefighter's memorial in goffstown. >> i think other people who are older and facing similar sentences may find themselves in state prison, but this young man is lucky he had the support of the community, that he's going to be going forward with the necessary counseling and other treatment in order to avoid this type of activity in the future. and we're going to be keeping a close eye on him so that he knows he has to take the sentence very seriously. sean: mitoulas will also have to write a 1,000 word essay about the dangers of fire.
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trump is kicking off a thank you tour tonight in ohio, one of the key battleground states that helped him win the election. meantime a recount is set to , begin in wisconsin today, with michigan to follow tomorrow, and the president-elect continues to meet with potential members of his cabinet including people like sarah palin mitt romney and general david petraeus. abc's janai normal is following the transition. janai: a done deal by the billion dollar business man turned president-elect. people. janai: today, donald trump will head to indianapolis to talk about the deal to keep 1,000 jobs and a carrier manufacturing plant from moving to mexico. >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico. janai: the company announced the plans earlier this year with reports showing cheaper labor in mexico. details of the negotiations to
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has made public, plans to leave his own business to fully focus on running the country. this as questions remain over who he'll will pick for secretary of state. trump's team hinting at four finalists: senator bob corker, former cia director david petreaus, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, and former rival turned cabinet candidate mitt romney. at the same time, abc news has learned sarah palin former governor and vp-candidate is under consideration for secretary of veterans affairs, nearly all with ties to washington. >> [chanting "drain the swamp"] janai: after promising on the campaign to drain the swamp of washington, some now questioning whether trump is diving right in. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren released in a joint statement saying trump campaigned promising to change washington by taking on wall street. they say his pick for treasury secretary, steve mnuchin, who
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goldman sachs, is just another wall street insider and hypocrisy at its worst. janai norman, abc news, washington. erin: if you want to attend the inauguration ceremony in d.c. on january 20, the online lottery is now open. you can only request up to four tickets, and there is no gurantee that you will get any. remember, you will likely be standing. the deadline to apply is monday, december 12, and winners will be notified in early january. to apply, you can head to congresswoman annie kuster's website. sean: developers now have conditional approval to start building a massive real estate project in londonderry and work is set to begin in the spring. the 640-acres that used to be woodmont orchards will soon be known as the woodmont commons. planning for the massive urban community started in 2008. include a hotel, apartments, it will eventuallyinclude a hotel, apartments, restaurants, retail, single family homes, and
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process taking 15-20 years to complete. sean: developers say they hope a new exit and interchange off interstate 93 will help mitigate any traffic problems and that the development will attract hundreds of jobs. the first project is a new bewpub called 603 brewery, and work starts in the spring. exciting things. erin: changes coming. still to come on news 9 daybreak, sleeping in. one local school department is changing the start time for students after overwhelming response from the community. sean: how do you feel about the band nickelback? one police department plans to use the music as punishment. erin: at 5:30, a simple act of
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kevin: thursday, december 1, 44 this morning with highs in the
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then a westerly wind sending temperatures backwards. is that he drop in temperature over the next three or four days. -- a steady drop in temperature over the next three or four days. sean: students in portsmouth will soon be able to sleep in a little longer. erin: starting next fall classes will start an hour later at the high school and middle school. the school board received more than 2,000 survey responses and they have been studying sleep deprivation in adolescents. after weighing everything, the board voted 8 to 1 to make the are happy. >> 7:00 a.m. for my 11-year-old is just torture. he's just a zombie in the morning, and he's just not ready to get up that early, so it impacts everything. >> mornings next year will be less of a challenge. and i think, developmentally it's the right call for , everybody.
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students will not change. officials say they are still looking at how the new hours will impact things like transportation, sports, and other after school activities. sean: you will soon have to slow down a little more in boston. the city council has voted to lower the default speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour, effective in early january. this affects every road in boston except those with other posted specific limits. the goal is to help reduce traffic deaths. a town in canada has come up with a unique punishment for drunk drivers, nickelback. a police department on prince edward island says on top of fines and crim c of nickelback music in the cruiser on the way to jail hoping to start a dialogue. the constable says the department doesn't actually hate the band, which is from canada, and they haven't yet opened their newest album. this guy is actually a big fan. it was more tongue in cheek, but it has people talking. erin: how would you like to enjoy unlimited frostys at wendys? that dream could come true for
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letters that are showing up at
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sean: the fbi says it is keeping a close eye on threats mailed to mosques all over the country including new england. , identical letters postmarked in the los angeles area have been delivered to mosques in at least 7 states, including rhode island, warning muslims to leave the country or face genocide. the letters are addressed to the children of satan. the fbi saha letters are inflammatory and awfull, they don't pose a threat specific enough to investigate. erin: franklin police are warning of a scam targeting eversource customers. officers say one person already lost $2,000 to the scam. eversource issued a warning back in july that scammers were pressuring people to make payments over the phone and in person. the utility says in reality, eversource rarely makes unsolicited phone calls.
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opec has agreed to cut oil production and that is driving oil prices up. under the deal, opec will cut production by 1.2 million barrels a day. this follows months of negotiations. experts say this will likely results in higher gas and heating oil prices. sean: the man who created the big mac has died. michael delligatti introduced the iconic mcdonald's burger at his franchise in uniontown, pennsylvania back in 1967. he spent two years getting the special sauce just right. national, and now mcdonald's sells 900 million of them each year. michael delligatti was 98-years-old. quite a legacy. wendy's is offering unlimited frosty's for a year. the fast food giant says anyone who buys a $2 frosty key tag this holiday season will be able to get a free junior frosty with every purchase next year. and wendy's will donate 90% of all tag sales to the dave thomas foundation, which helps children
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the common man has a new ice cream flavor thanks to some local college students. each year, plymouth state college students create an ice cream flavor and complete a mock business plan as part of the school program. last night, the winner was chosen. it's called euphoric scoops. it will be served this summer at the town docks restaurant in meredith. the event also features an iron chef competition between common man chefs, which i helped judge. one of the themes was lewis and which were salmon and elk. i had and elk taco, which was very good. the ice cream is very good. it has secret ingredients. i won't tell you. erin: i will just have to get a scoop. kevin: you end up doing the winner in that. wet highways as you walk out this morning. this is the last of the
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southeast across the state in the next hour or towo. from there lingering showers for the north country. we will see that skies continuing to break up and that will set milder temperatures in the lower to middle 50's for the southern part of the state. a westerly wind will pick up and bring in the cooler air. cool enough to the west for mixed temperatures will slide back 2-4 degrees each afternoon. monday, high temperatures may not be out of the 30's. out the door early, anytime between now and 7:00, heavier downpours are out there with a front making its way through with a couple of wind gusts, especially up in elevation this morning.
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rain in isolated valleys in the northeastern part of the state. anywhere from the upper 30's to the upper 40's and it will not take much to get into the 50's and southern areas as the skies clear. steady progress backward temperature-wise going all the way to the rockies. 42 in pittsburgh. 56 along the seacoast. ultimately, in the 30's later tonight. snow showers with light snow for the great woods through saturday . central and southern areas back-and-forth between showers and sunshine with the breeze each afternoon into the early weekend. lighter winds with a fairly quiet pattern going forward after much-needed rainfall.
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middle 50's in the southern areas and falling off with clearing skies. from there, gradually cooling air with temperatures lighting dark by 2-4 degrees with a good breeze around tomorrow. a couple of snow showers for saturday with the north country, but gradually cooler to the point we get a chilly, sunny day on sunday. there could be snow showers on monday, but it should not be a big to the south. a warming trend before the next system next thursday or friday. erin: our top stories. we start with ray brewer. ray: and 86-year-old woman has been dragged in run over by her own car and has died. police interim got a call 3:30's today afternoon reporting a woman in the road. it appears the woman started to
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for some reason, she got out and was dragged. the woman was taken to the hospital where she died from her injuries. erin: a goffstown man accused of setting fire to a vacant auto parts building earlier this year has reached a plea deal. as part of the deal, 19-year-old calvin mitoulas will help firefighters build a firefighter's memorial in goffstown. work is now set to begin next spring on a massive development project in londonderry. town leaders gave conditional approval last night to the woodmont commons project, which will eventually include retail, housing, restaurants, and much more. sean: coming up check out the , claws on this guy.
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kevin: starting with a wet weather across the area. the last of the rainfall making its way through. the skies should break apart into the afternoon with mild temperatures in the lower to middle 50's with the breeze out of the west bringing in cooler air. those details, coming up. erin: check this out. a massive lobster is back in open water this morning thanks to a rather unique purchase. this massive lobster weighs 23 pounds and was nicknamed king louie after he was hauled in over the weend its estimated he is 100-years-old. the lobster shop was trying to figure out what to do until yesterday when a woman from nova scotia bought him at market rate $9.99 a pound, so $230, in order , to have him returned to the sea. back where he came from. erin: being released back into the water. it is a. we saw big ones at the seacoast
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do secret santas this time of year, but in new zealand the tradition is a national effort. sean: nerly 2,000 people in the country signed up for the massive annual gift exchange sponsored by the national postal service. participants are given past postings from twitter to help decide what type of present to give. there is a suggested $10 dollar limit, but most spend much more than that. that is always a struggle in the christmas season. that is a lot of people in the secret santa. erin: coming up, more than a do across the southeast, and now there is a lot of damage to clean up. sean: plus, as teachers start to decorate for the holidays, find out why one school district is
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 "daybreak." sean: welcome back. thursday, the first day of december, a gorgeous morning in portsmouth. 49 degrees. erin: you're not looking out the window that i'm looking out. sean: erin: we have gotten a lot of it. the latest on that in your forecast. let's get to our top stories. durham police are investigating a tragic accident in which they say an 86-year-old woman was killed when she was run over by her own car. the company that was running a circus during a deadly tent collapse in lancaster last year has reached a settlement with osha. and hudson police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man they say robbed a walgreens at knife-point.
5:31 am
or three days in a row. when will it wrapup? kevin: it has been sorely needed rainfall. it is winding down in southwestern parts of the state. it is moving quickly north and east. the morning commute, lingering later showers, but wet highways due to the moisture we have seen . there are a few upper 30's in the sheltered valleys, but otherwise in the 40's. jumping into the lower to middle 50's with partial the breeze will bring in the cooler air with temperatures falling after 3:00 or 4:00. sean: it might actually feel like december? kevin: yes. sean: we start with a live look at i-93 from our common man camera in windham. for a look at the morning drive here in the granite state, we're joined live by 95.7 wzid's deb davidson. good morning, deb. deb: good morning. 93 north and south living well through the state, but you need to be careful of the wet
5:32 am
water on the roads. 89 is good from the upper valley from concord. exeter new hampshire 111 a is closed at dogtown road due to wires down on the brentwood town lines. in manchester the odd-even parking restrictions begin again. this report is being brought to you by bernie and phil's home of fine furniture. with triple team traffic reports throughout the day, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: police in durham are investigating a freak accident dead. officers say the woman was hit by her own car as she was leaving a home. they say it appears that she was dragged by the car before it ran her over. ray brewer joins us live in durham now with the latest details. ray: police say they were called by a 911 call it 3:30 in the afternoon reporting a person on baghdad road had been struck by a car. durham police say a woman was visiting friends yesterday
5:33 am
her toyota down the driveway, and then opened the door. >> it appears she stepped out of her vehicle. in doing so, she left the car in reverse. stepped out, the car rolled back and struck her. ray: police say some one who witnessed the accident called 911. they say the woman was found in the road with traumatic injuries, her car idling just feet away. >> reverse, rolled down the driveway into the street, and came to rest off the road near a telephone pole. ray: the woman was transported to portsmouth regional hospital where she later died. police say they will likely release the name of the woman later today. live in durham, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: new developments regarding last year's circus tent collapse in lancaster that killed a man from vermont and his 6-year-old
5:34 am
circus, walker international events, has reached a settlement with osha. it will pay $24,000 in fines, and now has to put together a safety and health management plan before the owners can continue running the business. state officials say this deadly tent collapse was completely preventable. osha says the company ignored seven weather alerts from the national weather service that warned of more than 60-mile an hour winds. the florida-based company is still facing a criminal trial in coos county and a wrongful death lawsui erin: new on daybreak, a farmington woman pleaded guilty this week to a riot charge in connection with the beating death of a man outside a rochester sports bar. police say laurie henner was with a group of people who assaulted 44-year-old james unfonak outside gary's sports bar in january. unfonak later died of blunt force head injuries. henner was sentenced to one year behind bars and two years probation. sean: hudson police are asking
5:35 am
they say the man seen here, in these surveillance pictures held , up the walgreens on derry road. the robber walked in just after 7:00 last night armed with a knife and demanded cash. he ran off after getting some money. no one was hurt. erin: the new hampshire gop caucus has nominated a house speaker. republicans nominated shawn jasper over representative laurie sanborn for a second term. sanborn now says she will not run against jasper when the full house votes on organization day next wednesday. democrats say they won'jo the vote, so jasper apparently has the deal sealed but some are indicating that there could be a late challenge. >> all of our speaker elections have been very narrow. i do not think it says too much. medicaid expansion vote. on the other hand, i do not think anyone two years ago thought i had a chance of being nominated by my party to be speaker for a second term.
5:36 am
one more than the 108 needed to , win the house speaker nomination. sean: the union representing drivers for first-student is agreeing to give 48 hours notice to two districts before any strike happens. the agreement with the timberlane and hampstead school districts came after the districts asked a judge for an injunction that would have prevented those workers from walking off the job. the districts say the 48-hours notice will give them enough time to prepare for a strike and to warn parents about any transportation disruptions. and people across the country will be showing their support for those living with hiv as well as remembering the people who have died. the southern new hampshire hiv, aids task force is holding an open house and candlelight vigil. the open house runs from 4:00 to 5:15 at 45 high street in nashua , followed by the vigil and walk to city hall. sean: it looks like exeter's holiday lights could be shining tonight after an unexpected problem threatened the town's display.
5:37 am
installed new poles over the summer and the lighted garlands could not be hung. a meeting on the issue was held yesterday morning and some fixes , were made. town officials are now hoping the lights can be turned on in time for tonight's bandstand celebration. speaking of celebrations the , town of salem is hosting its second annual night of lights tonight. thousands of people are expected to attend. the festivities begin at 5:00 at the field of dreams park. erin: an act of kindness at the toys r u m even more generosity, with people hoping to pay it forward. chelsea provencher took her daughter, violet, to the store on black friday so she could use some gift cards. while at the check out they ran into a bit of a problem. chelsea was $5.50 short. she told her 8-year-old daughter she'd have to put one of her new toys back and that's when a nearby cashier stepped in, offering to pay the balance.
5:38 am
like to do nice things for other people. >> it is amazing she was nice enough to help out when someone was distressed because of something so little. erin: violet's dad, roger provencher, wanted to pay this kind act forward so he went to the toys r us and donated 552 -- $552 for future customers who may need help. when toys r us corporate heard about that they returned roger's donation and instead made one on his behalf. how about that? sean: a lot of kindness. erin: tomorrow. sean: coming up, a controversial move by a school district in oregon. >> we believe in santa, my kids believe in santa, they should be able to celebrate it. sean: find out why the district of band teachers from using santa decorations in their classrooms. erin: what the gifts in the 12
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mild, but gradually cooler into
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kevin: starting with the last of the wet weather.
5:42 am
be changeable starting with wet weather then adding sunshine with temperatures tumbling his afternoon leading to cooler air starting tomorrow. details on the weekend, coming up. erin: residents in the southeast are waking up to severe damage today. at least five people were killed when tornados touched down in parts of alabama, georgia, and tennessee. cnn's yasmin amer has a closer look at the destruction. yasmin: devastating scenes ac through northern alabama, according to the national weather service. jackson county saw some of the worst damage. strong winds knocked down trees and powerlines and turned some buildings into ruins. one resident says a large tree collapsed on his house, but given the sheer destruction around him, he says it could have been a lot worse. >> i'm one of the lucky ones i've still got a roof over my head. yasmin: in georgia, three suspected tornadoes touched down in the metro atlanta area. no one was injured, but residents describe a terrifying afternoon.
5:43 am
everything was flying everywhere. it was bad. really dark up there right there in front of us. >> the wind was just like -- and the whole door just shook. yasmin: two people were killed in tennessee, where weather officials say a tornado touched down in polk county. that state is already reeling from deadly wildfires that have killed seven people so far. wednesday's rain provided some relief, but it's not nearly enough to quell the region's worst drought in nearly a decade. i'm yasmin amer, wmur news 9. sean: we are learning new details about a deadly plane crash in colombia. the pilot of the plane that was carrying a brazilian soccer team told air traffic controllers that he had run out of fuel and desperately needed permission to land. that's according to a leaked recording of the final minutes of the flight. 71 people were killed when the plane crashed in the andes mountains on monday night. six others survived. the pilot did not make a formal distress call. he was told to wait 7 minutes
5:44 am
mechanical problems was already approaching the runway. erin: the parents of an 11-year-old girl in maine are suing her teacher and her elementary school after they say the teacher put a paper bag over the girl's head. the suit claims that there were 4 incidents between september and november of last year. the allegations came to light after another teacher heard about it from students. the parents say they hope this lawsuit will force school officials to release the results of an internal investigation. they are also seeking saying their daughter was emotionally scarred. sean: a debate is brewing in oregon this morning after one school district asked its staff not to use any santa clauses in their holiday decorations. school officials say it's a way to respect all religious beliefs . the district's communication director says the santa ban is meant to make sure that all cultures and backgrounds are comfortable at school.
5:45 am
parents, just to make sure they were being sensitive and thoughtful as they enter the holiday season. >> if you are going to put a giant cross on the window, that is one thing, but santa claus is more folklore then a religious symbol at this point in time. sean: several other school districts in oregon have similar policies. erin: turning now to sports the celtics hosted the pistons at t.d. garden last night. putting the c's up by three. then, isaiah thomas did a drive and a nifty reverse layup. he scored 27 points in the game. in the end, detroit went on to win it 121-114. they out-rebounded boston by 18. the celtics host sacramento tomorrow. sean: a few of the patriot's key offensive players did not participate in practice yesterday. tom brady, rob gronkowski, martellus bennett, and julien
5:46 am
the most serious is gronk, who has missed two games with a back injury. the rest of the team was on the field, getting ready to host the los angeles rams on sunday. the rams are 4-7 this year. so the pats are heavily favored, by almost two touchdowns. erin: good luck to the souhegan girls cross country team. they are in oregon this morning gearing up to compete in the nike-cross national meet against 22 other top teams from around the country. souhegan finished second at the new england cross country meet, and then finished seco i also heading to oregon to represent new hampshire is bishop guertin freshman caroline fisher, who finished 3rd at the nike cross regionals. sean: good luck to them. you've all heard of the twelve days of christmas. this morning, we are taking a look at what all those items would cost you today. according to the annual christmas price index, which kevin checks on a daily basis the gifts given on the twelve
5:47 am
34,000 $363 and $.46. the three most expensive items are seven swans a swimming, $13,000. nine ladies dancing will cost 7500 bucks. and 10 lord silly thing would cost the least expensive items $5,500. are 8 maids a milking which cost three french hens at $181. $58. $210. erin: where do they get these races? where are they going to find a lord that will leap for you? kevin: five golden rings -- erin: that is the only thing i would be interested in. sean: does it come with the pear tree or just the partridge? erin: the maids to milking need
5:48 am
minimum wage. sean: or maybe it just doesn't take long. kevin: the last of the rainfall winding southwest to northeast with a few downpours. if you're heading out for the next hour or so, we will be looking at temperatures to warm up. it'll 40's to middle 50's. that will be around early afternoon. the west wind will not temperatures bar knock temperatures back to-four degrees through monday. a lot of areas not out of the 30's. there will be light snow as it will wring out any moisture left in the air. fair skies otherwise. we will continue to watch this for the next hour or two from drier skies after 8:00 and 9:00 in central and southern areas, 10:00 or 11:00 up north, even
5:49 am
later this evening. that is round of upper-level system that will keep the winds up out of the west. tomorrow and saturday out of the northwest. the last of the wet weather, some areas picking up two inches of rain. it will still slow you down, but is moving rapidly northeast and will be up through maine over the next hour or two. that will leave us to weather. a fairly changeable first they of december. temperatures in the 40's across the southern half of that state with temperatures jumping by five to eight degrees this morning. they will level off at noon or 1:00, then slide back after 2:00 or 3:00 as the west wind brings in cooler air. in the 30's to lower 40's up north. there are sheltered valleys hanging onto the cooler air and a wintry mix.
5:50 am
seacoast by 1:00 or 2:00, then temperatures will dive backwards. any lingering moisture will switch over to snow showers. statewide in the 30's tomorrow. tomorrow, temperatures in the 40's, just about statewide. it will be with the breeze and a good deal of sunshine. from there we slip back with fairly fair skies weekend with accumulation for the white mountains and great north woods. otherwise a back-and-forth between clouds and sunshine through the weekend into early next week. monday, high temperatures in the 30's before a recovery in a middleton next week. a quiet pattern going forward except for the light snow in the white mountains and great north woods. we should be quiet tuesday and wednesday with maybe light snow showers on monday.
5:51 am
drive gets underway tomorrow. the drive runs through sunday in manchester and nashua and at the crossings in newington. this is all to benefit the toys for tots program. i will be out there in manchester tomorrow morning. sean: the new hampshire motor speedway is getting in the holiday spirit. it's hosting its sixth annual gift of lights holiday display. more than 2 million lights are part of over 400 displays set up at the race track. vehicle, but if you bring three items to donate to the loudon food pantry, you can get a $2 discount. for more information, including what is new this year visit the , escape outside section of erin: new hampshire's community colleges are holding a special video contest. the what's your 603 contest asks granite staters to reveal what
5:52 am
submit a video seconds or less 60 through december 14. contestants will be able to share their video submissions on their facebook pages and the video that draws the highest number of votes will win. the winner will get $1000. for more information, go to the website sean: still to come, a school in wisconsin is offering a special class.
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erin: christmas is now less than 4 weeks away, and that has us wondering, are you dreaming of a white christmas? we asked that question to our facebook fans and here's how they responded. 543 people said definitely not. and 1200 people said bring on the snow. melissa writes, "i love the snow. i hope we get a ridiculous amount this year. bring it on."
5:56 am
snow storm, say the 23 of december, and have it gone by new year's day. is that too much to ask?" kevin: welcome to my world on a daily basis. we hear from both sides early and often. erin: it is december and we are having a lot of rain, that could be a lot of snow. a high school class in wisconsin is going far beyond text books and computers. technology and engineering instructor jeremie meyer founded formula student in 2007. it is a program in which students design and build a race car from the ground up. the class is now expanding overseas. there is already a program in australia, and just this week a teacher from dubai reached out to meyer about teaching the course. this is really neat. i know they do it at local schools where they do a program to learn about engineering and building of racecar. coming up in the next hour, good news for middle and high school students in portsmouth. the school board has decided to push back their start times.
5:57 am
hours take effect. ray: a strange accident interim in which a woman suffers fatal injuries after she is struck by her own car. sean: police in canada have come up with a new, musical way to handle drunk drivers. find out how they're using nickelback as a form of punishment. erin: just call her the squirrel whisperer. we'll introduce you to a woman who has a hobby of dressing up [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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erin: now on "daybreak," an elderly woman is dead after a freak accident in durham. how police say she was dragged and run over by a car. sean: work is set to begin on a massive development in londonderry that could create hundreds of jobs. when the first business could open. kevin: the last of the much-needed rainfall winding down this morning, leaving us cooler air. thank you tour to backtracking on campaign promises. i am janine norman -- i am ja nai norman in washington with the latest on donald trump. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. erin: it is still raining in many areas as we welcome


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