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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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surgery. tough break, and good evening, everyone, i'm jennifer vaughn. tom: i'm tom griffith. rob gronkowski is scheduled to undergo surgery for a herniated disk tomorrow. we are live with all the details. reporter: it seemed hopeful that rob gronkowski would make a quick return after leaving last week's game in the first quarter but now not so much. this is what happened on sunday against the jets. he ended up leaving the game after this catch. espn are saying that the patriot's tight end has a herniated disbe. disk. he's headed to los angeles tore back surgery tomorrow. he a took a big hit in the seattle game that resulted in a long injury. missed a game after that. not a smooth couple of weeks. he could be sidelined for two months which means he would miss the rest of the regular season.
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in the playoffs, maybe, that is a big maybe he could be back to play again this season. tom: to a developing story that we are following tonight. a former proctor academy student is accused of sexually assaulting another student. in a letter to parents they say the male student was led into a girl's dormitory after check in hours had passed in october -- on october 25th of last year. the school says it learned of the incident that day, r authorities, and the male student left school the same day, and now that student has been indicted for that alleged crime, according to the letter. in a statement to news 9 the school said there is no place at proctor for assault, sexual or otherwise. we are saddened by the impact the incident has had on our community and the young women's well-being is of particular concern. jennifer: tonight a claremont woman has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder after authorities say she tried
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person. tom: the 20-year-old was arrested on wednesday and today she faced a judge. we are joined live in claremont with the details. kristen? reporter: the 20-year-old faces two felony charges for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill a woman she says ruined her life a. i corresponding to prosecutors while staying at a domestic violence shelter she talked with another woman there and said she wanted someone she knew dead. th shelter manager and police were contacted, then set up a meeting between the woman and an undercover officer. at the meeting she confirmed that she wanted the undercover officer to kidnap, drug, rape, and kill a woman she knew. according to court paperwork she showed the undercover officer where the woman lives and works, and offered him $500 to carry out the murder. >> she expressed that her motivation was that she had
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her. she indicated that she was pregnant, and that she had a child as well. reporter: she is being held on $100,000 cash bail. she will be back in court on december 8th for a probable cause hearing. wmur news 9. tom: tonight there are new details about a man accused of running from police after crashing into a parked car at a dunkin' donuts. the suspect's attorney says his client believed that he was being followed officials and that's why he took off. wmur's he andy herb herbburger and what apd. reporter: the man faces several charges, including crisissing arrest. after police say he crashed a car into a parked pickup truck and then ran from authorities, sparking a manhunt that lasted
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who has fled the scene. the state is concerned about the safety of individuals where he hits a parked car and flees the scene driving through red lights. >> he looked terrified. reporter: spencer was working at the dunkin' donuts when he looked out and saw the crash scene. >> he was running up through our parking lot and then he ended upright in front of the store, took off up the hill. reporter: suzanne was working at the cleaners next door and said it was her truck that got hit. >> i heard it came -- i was actually washing something in there, i came out, i see the guy running across the parking lot. >> we lost track of the individual, we brought in a police k-9 at that point established a track and determined that the individual was still close by. reporter: he was arrested not far from the scene of the crash. his lawyer says he was in court tuesday on unrelated charges, and saw federal immigration officials waiting for him in the parking lot who have a detention order against him.
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any criminal behavior, judge when he left the courtroom, or the courthouse, rather. what happened, this entire incident was precipitated, in my opinion, by immigration. reporter: bail was set on the charges at $10,000. wmur news 9. jennifer: the case against a former high school teacher accused of soliciting nude photos from a student is now in superior court. prosecutors allege that todd wile will heen girl nude pictures of himself and other men. ray brewer has more. reporter: if convicted he is looking at pee tension alley years in state prison but that is still a long way off as a trial date has yet to be set and there is always the possibility of a plea bargain. 63-year-old todd wiley did not have to appear in circuit court in morning. he was indicted on
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alternate the circuit court level he was charged with four counts ever endangering the welfare of a child. those charges are misdemeanors. so far, though there is just the one charge of solicitation to distribution of child sexual abuse image. >> felonies have -- the one felony has gone through the grand jury and the the misdemeanors will be filed here in superior court. reporter: it doesn't mean they are going away then, right? >> no it does not. reporter: he thought in the mirra mcschool years resigning once he was charged. according to investigators he tried to get a 16-year-old female student to send him naked pictures of herself. the indictment case that happened on or about the second day of october, through the 9th day of october, 2016. investigators allege that he also sent videos of himself performing sexual acts and the indictment adds that he sent the teen videos of adult men doing the same.
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but that appearance has been waived. >> the court will schedule a scheduling conference probably in mr. six weeks. at that time we'll pick dates either for trial or talk about a possible resolution of the case. reporter: for now he is free on $20,000 cash bail. he must also live at his home in milford. orders remain in effect forbidding him from having any contact with his alleged female victim or her family. in 9. tom: nashua's safe station program paying dividends. a live look at some of the number. reporter: the idea started up two weeks ago. nashua's version of the safe stations program already has helped 17 people who are struggling with addiction. this concept started in manchester of course making local fire stations a first point of contact for people who want to stop using drugs and then get connected with
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queen city and down in the gate city they are seeing immediate results with about one person per day coming in to get an evaluation from amr and then transport to a recovery program. >> i was actually surprised to see how fast it started. we've seen all the reports from congres man manchester and it's a little bit bigger city than ours and it's pretty stunning the numbers. when they started knocking on our doors it was surprising to see how quick it's catching o the fire companies are averaging about 12 minutes of out of service time for each safe stationery sraoeufl. station station revile. we'll have new numbers at 6:00 released by amr. jennifer: to politics now. wmur has learned that new hampshire republican party chairwoman jennifer horn will not seek a third term. horn decision will leave the seat open in advance of state
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tentatively scheduled for january. several activists about have been mentioned as possible successors including matt mayberry and outgoing state senator jeannie forrester who ran for governor earlier this year. tom: president-elect donald trump on a thank you tour, his first stop was at the carrier atlanta in indiana where he touted and agreement that he cut with the company. as sally kidd reports it's an agreement which he says saved jobs from going toic this is an example of how he can get great deals done. but critics say it sets a bad precedent. on the factory floor at carrier's gas furnace plant in indianapolis there is a new sense of hope. parent company united technologies has called off plans to send hundreds of jobs to mexico. the company credits president-elect donald trump for that. >> we are going to be doing this and if i have to do speeches,
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to call up these massive leaders of business. i think it's very presidential. reporter: under the deal indiana will provide $7 million in tax breaks to united technologies in exchange for saving 1100 jobs. the company says it will invest $16 million in the factory. >> to insure that this remains a world class manufacturing facility. reporter: some economists say why it's a great deal for the workers who get to keep their jobs it's also a government handout for a corporation that made billions in profits last bribe them to keep jobs here is just underscoring my point that this is not sustainable economic policy. we are talking about essentially bribing a company that's already doing very well. reporter: and analysts say there are other factories within miles of the carrier plant.
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like what these carrier workers may be giving up in exchange for keeping their jobs, and also the company still is expected to layoff hundreds more workers. in washington, sally kidd, wmur news 9. tom: tonight astronaut buzz aldrin is in a new zealand hop after being evacuated from the south pole. the medical issue he's being treated for and why he was visiting antarctica in jennifer: a child in maine dies after eating a piece of cake on thanksgiving. the foundation his parents are creating to make sure nothing like this happens again. mike: sunshine for some tomorrow tphraeubgz for others. flakes for others. what will follow over the weekend. tom: the ashes of a marine's mother stolen during a burglary. his plea for the thief to return those ashes. jennifer: we have details about a deadly accident in durham. police have identified the woman
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how traffic is moving tonight . looking live at our 93 in hook set and traffic seems to be breezing right along. tom: 95.7wzid peggy james joins us live with the rest of the evening commute. reporter: things are moving pretty well out there for the most part coming up over the state line. a good ride from salem up to wyndham. you do slow down a little bit from wyndham to dairy. bag on the gas up to 293 in manchester. hook set traffic does punch up on the 1101 westbound getting by the lights at route 114 in bedford. an early crash on the turnpike north has traffic moving slow three through that stretch. a portion of route 1a is closed for road work. the report being brought to you by bernie and phil's home of fine furniture. from the wzid traffic network
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jennifer: a suspect is behind bars after allegedly holding 11 people hostage at a florida credit union. s.w.a.t. team members were able to storm in when two people hiding in the bank ran to safety distracting the suspect. the alleged bank robber held hostages for about two hours show nobody was shot. and after nearly a 12-hour standoff with police a washington man suspected of shooting and willing a veteran tom: the fallen officer was responding to a domestic call last night when he was shot and later died at the hospital. a s.w.a.t. team member killed the suspect early this morning. authorities say he had been using two children as a shield. >> we were able to get the suspect cornered and trapped even though he had two kids, we negotiated through the night, the negotiations failed, we went in and took one of the kid when we had a chance and he grabbed the other kid and one of our officers felt he had a shot, he
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tom: officials say the children just 8 and 11 years old were taken to the hospital for evaluation. jennifer: astronaut buzz aldrin is in the hospital right now after being evacuated from the south pole this morning. the 86-year-old was visiting the area as part of a tourist group when his health deteriorated. he's now in stable condition in new zealand. elizabeth herr has more now. reporter: buzz aldrin's latest adventure started on a high note. the sharing these pictures and writing, south pole here i come. he was part of a tourist group visiting the south pole when according to the national science foundation his condition deteriorated, and as a precaution the decision was made to have him medically evacuated. first boarded on a cargo plane in antarctica and transferred to an ambulance headed for new zealand. this sir make even from his
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>> liftoff. reporter: the new jersey native and former fighter pilot became a household name and an american hero in 1969, that's when he became the second man on the moon. and he later told david muir in an interview he will never forget the moment he set foot on the moon. >> i get to the bottom and i with great confidence jumped up, but -- i didn't quite make the bottom. reporter: and tonight in mr. aldrin has fluid in his lungs but he is responding well to antibiotics and will be kept overnight for observation. elizabeth herr, a about, c news, new york. announcer: now chief meteorologist mike haddad with your storm cast 9 forecast. mike: partial clearing as earlies a the morning commute in many spots. partial sun. time lapse photos out there at new found lake, right around day
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little bit but temperatures well above the average for december the 1st, the kickoff to the meterological winter has begun. take a look at the rainfall deficit in concord still in the severe drought in the state capitol. extreme drought holds on in southern new hampshire with the update today. keep in mind that does not include the last two days of rain. rainfall deficit now down to 19% below the average in the state capitol,or from manchester and points south. no more rain to speak of for this evening, or for that matter a good part of the night anywhere in new hampshire, the exception could be in the great north woods and the white mountains, a couple of showers back to the west may survive the trip in here but a good part of the night will be rain and snow free. however back to the west a couple of disturbances, one entering upstate new york, yet another one back in the great lakes in southeastern parts of canada, both of these have to
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the best chance of clouds and mixed or snow showers tomorrow will be up north and snow showers best bet again on saturday in the mountains in the great north woods. temperatures have come down off of the highs of the day but not all that much, low 40s north, upper 400s to near 50s south. we topped off 50s-plus in central and southern new hampshire today. fairly uniform temperatures overnight tonight, a bit of a gusty wind at times. cloud up north will keep er while it clears out in southern new hampshire the wind go a little bit lighter and temperatures will fall basically to where they will be up north. mid 30s on average as you head out tomorrow morning. temperatures cooling down over a good portion of the country anywhere north of the central part of the plains, mid part of the mississippi valley, to the north seasonably chilly but not exceptionally cold. as a matter of fact temperatures are running at or above the norm even where it is the coldest in parts of the northern plain in upper midwest. even though we'll start to see a
5:21 pm
average as we go into saturday, sunday and a good part of next week. here is a look at futurecast, in terms of the temperatures, they will fall tonight but only back into the mid 30s, still running about 10 degrees, above the average for overnight lows, tomorrow even though it's cooler than today still above the average by about 6, 7 degrees in many spots, near 40 north, a couple of mixed or snow showers there, and could be a little bit of sunshine in central areas, best bet of sun southern new hampshire. there could be a brief pas tomorrow night as the front moves through and that will drop temperatures right back to average for the weekend, snow showers up north on saturday, partly sunny skies south it will be quite windy for the part start of the weekend, lighter winds on sunday, more son, 32 north toward 40 south could be a few flakes anywhere near monday morning but no big storms for the next several days. tom: it was nice to see the sun today. mike: beneficial rain, a good package. jennifer: people across the
5:22 pm
today. this is world aid day. the testing underway right now that is giving hope to hiv patients. tom: new at 5:30, some people in sports smith are suing the city over the new sewage treatment a plant now under construction.
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. tom: the family much a florida
5:25 pm
repacks to peanuts on thanks thanksgiving is trying to raise awareness. jennifer: he mistakenly ate a piece of cake with nuts in it. they say benadryl always took care of his allergy but he lost consciousness and died four days later. the family is launching a foundation to make sure it does not happen again to another child. >> i always thought to myself in my heart of hearts that oakley was here for a reason and that he was going to be special. i just didn't know he w away. jennifer: so sad. the foundation is called red sneakers, named after the only shoes that oakley liked to wear. tom: right now health officials in washington state are warning about a mump's outbreak, at least nine people are infected with mumps and another are being tested. all of the cases are in children who had been vaccinated for mumps. doctors say in some cases people do not respond to the vaccine but they still recommend that
5:26 pm
day and there is hope that a new vaccine could help save thousands of lives. a trial is underway in south africa, the first trial in a decade. although treatment has improved health officials say a vaccine is the only way to stop the spread of hiv. the study won't end until 2020, but researchers are feeling optimistic about the initial response. >> we ultimately want control this epidemic, so we are going to need who to control the numbers of people becomes infected and there is no more sustainable way than having a prophylactic vaccine. it's the holy grail of epidemic control. jennifer: in south africa alone the government estimates that more than 3 million people are being treated for hiv. tom: a local nonprofit that helps hundreds of people get a new look. the groundbreaking for renovations coming to easter
5:27 pm
washington d.c. playing the
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tom: at 5:30 the city of portsmouth is the target of a
5:30 pm
treatment plant. why that suit calls the plant a waste of money. >> the pickup truck door was open and i'm like oh my god the house. jennifer: a marine returns home to find his house burglarized and his mom's ashes gone. the plea he's now making to the thief. mike: weather over 50 degrees in many spots out there today but the temperatures are beginning to fall off. how much cooler it will be over the weekend. tom: a london dairy high school graduate joins a lt 100 women in the world, what accomplishment landed her that title. announcer: now wmur news 9 at 5:30. tom: and tonight a u.s. marine in florida is hoping a thief will return something truly irreplaceable, some of the ashes of his mother who is buried here in new hampshire. and now making a plea directly
5:31 pm
>> i know they got a mom, and if they were their mom's ashes they would want them. reporter: he served eight years in afghanistan, he's now making a plea to the burglar who broke into his florida home. >> i spent the majority of my life defending our country overseas, so if you're a patriot, maybe you want to bring reporter: his mom died three years ago. his ashes are with his father's here in new hampshire. he kept a part of his mom caroline close to him in a tin container inside a rolex box he kept in a drawer. >> that little piece of somebody. my mom and i were best friend. i had a rolex on the top, they got a watch. that much was gone, my heart just sung. reporter: help left for work monday morning when he came home for lunch he knew something was wrong when he opened his garage.
5:32 pm
open and i'm like oh my god the house. reporter: his catch cabinets open, his room ransacked, electronics gone. none of that matters to me. >> i kept a little bit of my mom's ashes so that when i pass away my brother passes away that we can put a little bit of her ashes with our ashes. reporter: he's hoping the thief will return his mother's ashes. >> it doesn't mean anything to them, don't throw them away, don't -- they are priceless to boca raton, florida are investigating the break in but have not found the person who stole the ashes. opponents of the wastewater treatment plan in pierc island are taking their objection toss federal court. more of a dollywood people have filed a lawsuit against the county, the state of new hampshire and the stead ral government. jennifer: officials approved $575 million upgrade of the
5:33 pm
reporter: that plant has been on pierce island for more than 50 years, but debate has raged about this for over a decade now. now the plaintiffs in this lawsuit want to see the plant moved all together. the group of people behind this lawsuit are not asking the federal government to intervene in an on going upgrade of the plant which so far has cost millions, that upgrade was to comply with concerns the wastewater from the plant was harming the environment. the plaintiffs location at pierce island is too small to handle portsmouth's needs. in the complaint they say the facility should have been newly built at the peas international trade port instead. we spoke with the attorney representing portsmouth that expects this lawsuit to not go any further. >> they have raised the same issues time after tame time. they came very late to the process. this is trying to deal with this
5:34 pm
speaking with the plaintiffs behind this lawsuit. you'll hear from them tonight on wmur news at 10:00 and 11:00. wmur news 9. jennifer: state economic leaders say more needs to be done to bring young people to new hampshire. that's one of the ways to improve our state's economy. that careful up at today's annual meeting for the department of resources and economic development. new hampshire has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, but that means companies time finding skilled workers. >> our biggest priority will be to continue to grow our workforce, try to find new and innovative partnerships that increase our talent retention and infuse new talent into the state's economy. reporter: he also says that he hopes more funding will be made available for out of state trips to market, new hampshire. the easter seals in manchester has just broken ground on a new renovation project and
5:35 pm
joined easter seals staff for today's ceremony. the organization is beginning renovations to its 60,000 square foot facility. the easter seals helps people of all ages with disabilities and special needs and last year alone the agency assisted 20,000 individuals. >> renovation like this means that we'll be able to serve more people and we could use help in order to make the renovations jennifer: the organization is looking to raise $2.5 million. the renovation is set to be complete by next summer. tom: well the annual holiday market now underway in manchester, in town manchester puts on the market the first three thursdays in december alternate the braid lee sullivan plaza from 10 to 5:30. it will be open saturday december the 10th from 9 to 3. more than 50 vendors are selling handcrafted jewelry, baked goods and part work. jennifer: wzid is getting in on
5:36 pm
annual christmas is for kids radiothon. even governor hassan was on hand for the event which raises funds for child and family services of new hampshire. >> some kids get to go to camp because of this. they may get a device, a medical device that helps them achieve normalcy and be a regular kid and that's what child and family services does throughout the year, and for wzid to be a part of this and make sure that we are helping them achieve that goal while they are in the trenches and doing all this blessing for us to be a part of it. >> always a great event and the marathon broadcast will continue tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. straight through to 6:00pm. you can also donate online at tom: and you can help make sure that every kid gets a gift this holiday season by helping the spirit of giving toy drive. december the 2nd through 94th at the toys r us locations in manchester, nashua and at the crossings.
5:37 pm
the need is particularly great for donations for children under the age of 3 and older than the age of 10. good stuff. hope you do your part. plans for donald trump's inauguration underway. still to come on news 9 how you can try to secure your tickets for inauguration day. reporter: even for lawmakers it is all about location, location, location, especially on lottery day. i'm jennifer davis in washington, i'll explain coming up. mike: tomorrow, do we see bright skies over the weekend? a forecast coming up. jennifer: do you want to get your loved one the gifts in 12 days of christmas? just released how much you'll
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[bell ringing] tom: happy holidays video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange and the dow the sap down 7 and the nasdaq off by 72. gas prices nationwide $2.15 a gallon and here in new hampshire we are at 2.13. kwrao jennifer: now is the time you can enter the lottery to get tickets to the inauguration ceremony coming up on january 20th. tom: you can only request up to four tickets and there is no guarantee that you'll get any. the deadline to apply is monday december the 12th and winners will be notified in early january.
5:41 pm
congresswoman ann me custer's website. jennifer: there is a new name for two vermont state colleges that are merging. the vermont state colleges board of prus tees picked the name northern vermont university. the merger of lindh din and johnson state colleges was approved earlier this year and the schools will keep separate campuses as well as their athletic teams. the colleges will be under one administration beginning july 1112. tom: most of the prices for the 12 days of christmas stayed the same except for the two turtles doves. the five golden rings $750. you can find the full set of
5:42 pm jennifer: that's a lot for those drummers, that's what is throwing the bill way up, right? tom: you can't run a blue light special on drummers. jennifer: that's true. you need your drummers. a museum is set to open at new hampshire motor speedway. coming up next tonight we'll show you what will be on display at the granite state's first motorsports museum. reporter: not exactly good news at all for tkpw rob gronkowski. we'll get you caught up on the patriot's tight end and h jennifer: at 6:00 claremont police say they have thwarted a murder-for-hire plot. tonight the woman accused is behind bars as we learn new details about why she allegedly wanted another woman dead. and safe stations just opening in nashua, we'll check in to see what the first two weeks have been like and how many people
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tom: they all one their perspective races. representatives are playing the office lottery. jennifer: it determines which office space new politicians will call home on the hill. jennifer davis is in our wash tongue bureau tonight with this. reporter: this is an a animated process. in the past staffers have done cartwheels and flips in the hauls of congress when things have gone their boss' way. no gymnastics this year but a heart lighted lotto for lawmakers. this is the most well-known view
5:46 pm
but an old fashioned lottery determines the interior real estate incoming members of congress will soon call home? it's real now and so i'm excited about getting my office, getting it set up and getting to work with the people i represent. reporter: the contest for congressional office space comes down to luck of the draw for the 50 new house members. >> mr. crist drew number 50. reporter: the lower your number the better your options. >> mr. co >> when i won for congress that's when i got number one. this is also very nice to get number one but i think most of the offices here are functional, they are good. >> that was the one we really liked. reporter: there are differences between offices though as congresswoman elect stephanie murphy and her new chief of staff discover while scouting options. >> i was a little surprised too the amount of interest in the lottery process for picking an office, but it certainly is a lot of fun.
5:47 pm
>> it went really well in there we got our first pick. reporter: a good day for most really. because while it may soon get contentious on the house floor, for now a spirit of voices by barta san ship reigns. the most coveted offices are generally the ones a little bit bigger, have a view and are close to the elevators because members spend a lot of time running to the floor for votes. in washingn, wmur news 9. reporter: this is how december is going to start off for patriot's tight end rob gronkowski, in surgery. multiple reports are now saying he will undergo back surgery for a herniated disk. he left last week's game against the jets after this play in the first quarter. initially it seemed pretty hopeful that he would return quickly, but the all pro tight end is now reportedly headed to los angeles for the surgery
5:48 pm
two months, which means he would miss the rest of the regular season. if the patriots keep going in the playoffs, who knows just maybe he could make it back at some point, certainly a huge loss for the paths. the boston bruins are in action tonight at td garden and they will once again be without their captain. he will miss his fifth game of in a row but he did skate with the team this morning, that is certainly a good time. the bruins take on the carolina hushes tonight. our hometown hero today melissa dusett anee lease floor tumbler currently training in brentwood to be on the national team. she has a very exciting year ahead with a pretty big goal in mind. >> right now i'm trying to be on the national team which will happen in june. i have the difficulty and i have
5:49 pm
[ [no audio] tom: the first display car rolled into the museum today. they drove the car to more than 50 victories in 1978. it will heavily focus on the history of new england motorsports and feature dozens of cars and motorcycles. the president of the museum says the winter will be spent outfitting the nearly 10,000 square foot building. >> outfitting this building that is so important to those who care about automobile racing and motorcycle racing here in new en tom: it will be a sight to see. the museum will be open to the public in the spring. reporter: december is here. you might expected temperatures to be much cooler than they were today. take a look at this number. 58 the official high in concord, 7 off of the record. still very nice out there, gusty wind, made it feel a bit cooler especially if you were in the shade but overall much warmer
5:50 pm
now we are starting to see a cooldown beginning to move in from the west, so a cooling trend will take our temperatures finally back to normal during the course of the weekend still several degrees, above for tomorrow. best bet of mixed or snow showers tonight and friday will be in the north country, and snow showers up north on saturday could be a few scattered flurries or sprinkles tomorrow night anywhere as the next front moves through. and then a couple of snow showers anywhere during the day on monday. outside of that main here dry weather building in for few days. you will notice on doppler radar there are showers mainly in the form of rain right now upstate new york, higher terrain, a couple of mixed or snow showers and these may survive the trip in across the great north woods and the white mountains between now and about midday tomorrow. after that a couple of mixed snow showers will work southward with a front and once that clears the temperatures finally get back to average for this time of year. right now still above the low to mid 40s, yeah much cooler than the mid to upper 50s a few hours ago, but still running above the
5:51 pm
lake cenepede gown. upper 30s in the higher terrain. low to mid 450s elsewhere. a bit cooler to the north. not dramatically colder and running above the norm. the overnight temperatures we'll not see a big fall from here through day break, so low 30s will do it up north, mid to upper 30s south. running about ten degrees, above the average for nighttime temperatures. so tomorrow we start off cool, cooler than t and yes temperatures will start to slip downward back closer to the average as we go towards the weekend. in terms of sunshine best bet of sun the next few days will be southern new hampshire, more clouds in the mountains with a couple of mi mixed showers tonight, it's cold upstate widest specially up north for snow showers, for friday, friday night and saturday and the one shot of a shower of rain or snow in southern new hampshire over the next couple of days will come friday evening as a front sags off to the south of new
5:52 pm
back to the average for this time of year. beyond that sunshine on saturday, southern new hampshire, more clouds in the mountains with a few more flurries and plenty of sun but chilly as we go into sunday. monday we get a few snow showers scooting through with a week disturbance, back to more son, chilly on tuesday, next front could move in here wednesday and/or thursday with a few mixed or rain showers. tom: thank you so much. jennifer: a big honor for a graduate. we'll explain why this teenager
5:53 pm
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jennifer: meet jado, a 3-year-old pit bull-lab mix who loves to go on walks and snuggle. he would prefer a home without dogs or children and loves cats. you can find him in strat ham. stratham. if you'd like more information visit our website tom: a londonderry high school graduate has been named one of
5:56 pm
mckinney designed a series of science workshops for girls 8 through 12 that is part of a summer camp series by the circle program. she received the girl scouts honor gold award for her project and is one of the youngest women to make the bbc lists joining the ranks of simone biles and alicia among others. congratulations to her you keep up the good work. is thatha
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
tom: this woman now charged in a murder-for-hire plot. what she is accused of offering an undercover officer to kidnap, rape and kill another woman who she claims stole her boyfriend. jennifer: plus, minutes after leaving court this merrimack man crashed his car and allegedly ran from the scene.
5:59 pm
tom: open for just two weeks we visit nashua safe station toss hear about the help they have already offered to those addicted to drugs. mike: temperatures over ten degrees, above the norm today, a cooldown is on the way soon. when it does cool back to normal, plus if the pattern stays storm free into the weekend. announcer: now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: and tonight a claremont woman has been chaed connection to an alleged murder-for-hire plot. good evening i'm tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. authorities say this unfolded after an undercover officer met with the woman about killing another person. they eventually arrested 20-year-old monique earle who today placed a judge. we have the new details in this case from claremont. reporter: 20-year-old monique earle faces two felony charges
6:00 pm
someone to kill a woman who she says ruined her life. the 20-year-old faced a judge in claremont thursday accused of telling another woman while living at a domestic abuse shelter that she wanted someone she knew dead. the incident was reported to a shelter manager and police. >> law enforcement the following daikon tacted the reporting party, the reporting party reiterated those concerns, and the reporting party agreed to cooperate with law enforcement in this investigation. reporter: claremont police and force say they set up a meeting between earle and an undercover officer, where earle confirmed that she wanted that person to kidnap, drug, rape, and kill a woman she knew. >> she expressed that her motivation was that he had taken her boyfriend away from her. she indicated that she was pregnant, and that she had a child as well. reporter: to show how serious


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