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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 3, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and no one is going to think that someone is holding them up with a real gun if they use this. >> the push to regulate toy guns has increased since a cleveland police officer shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice in november. the boy was holding a realistic air soft gun. there is an all-out manhunt right now for a suspected cop killer in memphis. the suspect in the case was a passenger in a car during a traffic stop overnight, and police say he is armed and dangerous. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: witnesses say things went bad quickly. >> heard bang, bang, bang. bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: memphis police officer, sean bolton, shot and killed after apparently interrupting a drug deal at a traffic stop. >> they discovered a small bag of marijuana, about 1.7 grams, located inside of the vehicle. >> reporter: neighbors rushed in, trying to help officer radio. >> please, please hurry up. >> reporter: calling out after they say they were unable to get
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through to 911. >> call an ambulance! call an ambulance! >> ambulance is already en route. >> reporter: but paramedics couldn't save the 33-year-old iraqi war veteran who had been a memphis police officer for less than five years. an intense manhunt continues now for the suspect. tremaine will bourne, a 29-year-old convicted bank robber identified by a man who was in the car just before the fatal shots were fired. >> he had been hanging out earlier in the day on saturday. smoking marijuana. the shooter asked my client if he could ride. my client said yes. and then all hell broke loose as we now know. >> reporter: as police search for the murder suspect, they're also searching for answers here. >> we lost not only an officer, but a great man. a dedicated servant to our community. and a family member. >> reporter: a family and community in mourning right now. jay gray, news 4, new york. still ahead, we're going to
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tell you what a major baseball group is doing after the sad death of a 9-year-old bat boy. and janice is here. >> severe thunderstorm warning for sullivan county is no longer in existence. it's ended. but that same thunderstorm is now in you willster county. we'll track it for you have the rest of the forecast coming up next. coming up on "nbc nightly news," firefighting veterans say they have never seen a fire behave quite like this one. the inferno in northern california now setting thousands, fleeing their homes. we're there. we'll unveil poll numbers on hillary clinton, and on how donald trump is affecting the gop. and we're in rio a year ahead of the olympics as concerns surface over polluted waters, tonight.
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in decision 2016, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, is taking her message into the homes of families in iowa and new hampshire. >> when i think about why i'm doing this, i think about my mother, dorothy. >> clinton's first tv ads will begin airing tomorrow. of one tells the story of clinton's mother, who was abandoned as a child. the other will emphasize her work on behalf of families. the ads will run for five weeks and cost about $1 million in each state. and sibilia, on the gop side, a man familiar to us, chris christie, did not get a warm welcome in his only state of new jersey sunday. a crowd of 60,000-plus loudly booed the governor as he stepped into the winner's circle at the monmouth circle racetrack. he was on hand to present the trophy to american pharaoh who won his first race since winning the triple crown. we're waiting to see if chris
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christie makes it into the first republican debate. the debate is only open to top candidates based on an average of national polls and a new monmouth used poll shows donald trump easily topping his competitors with 26%, followed by jeb bush and wisconsin governor scott walker. coming up here, searchers are looking for possible debris from the missing malaysian passenger jet. and after a clerical error cost a woman her irs tax refund, she said "better get baquero." what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. first our social pic of the day. marquetjay1 from the poconos. >> it's beautiful there. if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, send it to and use the #nbc4newnew york when posting to twitter or instagram. it may be the social pic of the day. we'll be right back.
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coming up on news 4 at 6:00, governor cuomo gave him the power. now the state's top cop is using it to investigate the death of a mother of eight in police custody. what attorney general eric schneiderman had to say today. plus drone dangers. what's being done after three separate pilots spot drones flying dangerously close to their landing path at jfk airport. all-new tonight when sibilia and i see you at 6:00. tonight more than 4,000 miles of coastline is being
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searched for debris from missing malaysian airlines flight 370. last week a wing flap was found on reunion island near madagascar. so far the only clue that's been discovered is a suitcase, also found on the island. both items now being examined in france. but many oceanographers caution the debris field is probably so vast, finding more clues could be impossible. >> it's an enormous span and there isn't very much debris anymore, because a lot of it probably has sunken down so we're really searching for a needle in a haystack here. it may be late this week before we know if the debris found is from the missing plane. the national baseball congress has suspended the use of bat boys and girls during its world series in kansas following the death of a 9-year-old boy. kaiser carlile died after a bat struck him in the head saturday night while a player took warmup swings. the boy was wearing a helmet. the organization will honor kaiser at games tonight and tuesday. bookworms and queens are celebrating a financial
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windfall. melinda katz is donating $14 million to upgrade libraries. she had frozen support because of how money was being but after a change in leadership, is letting the money flow. the plan includes a second elevator for the queens library. the rest of the money will be used for security cameras and other improvements. last year new jersey repaved its side of the palisades parkway and work is scheduled for park of the new york side. stretch from bear mountain circle and south will be repaved this fall. then in the spring, the work will shift to the south. stony point and half straw. there is no work scheduled for south of exit 13 to the new jersey border. so you filed your taxes early, euroed a refund, it sounds good. and after waiting months, you find out your refund went into the wrong account, someone else's account. >> that's a problem. that's when you say "better get
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baquero." lynda baquero explains why this happened. >> a little problem. and this consumer used a popular tax preparation service to file her return. here's how the mistake occurred and what we did to try and fix it. randi makes her living as a stylist working at a manhattan hair salon and every year uses the same company to report her wages to the irs. >> i went to h & r block office in bayside where i have been going for the last four years. >> reporter: she paid h & r block $140 in early february, well before the april 15th deadline. the good news, she was owed a refund on both her state and federal returns. >> i waited about four weeks, and i looked in my account, and i wasn't getting anything. >> reporter: when she checked with the irs -- >> we pull it up, she says, who oh, no, it was deposited february 17th into your account. and i said no it wasn't. >> so she asked h & r block into it. >> she said oh, the preparer put down the wrong routing number and account number.
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so my money went straight to somebody else's account. i was so upset. i walked out crying. i was like, fuming. >> reporter: it took randi about four weeks, but eventually she got her state refund of $247 deposited into her correct bank account. but had trouble with the federal refund of $850. >> this is now 13 weeks. every other week, i'm told you've got to wait 45 days. help me get my money back. that's what i want. >> so we looked into randi's case with h & r block and they told news 4 they regret any inconvenience and they immediately worked directly with the client and with the irs. and the good news, problem solved. h & r block covered the amount of the federal refund. they also refunded randi the tax preparation costs, and she is thrilled to have all of her money. >> not fuming anymore. >> not fuming anymore. she's happy. >> well, who is responsible for a mixup like this? >> well, in this case, clearly there was an error made. but generally speaking, it doesn't matter who files your return. you're ultimately responsible
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for that information. you have to make sure that it's accurate. so before you have it sent in, make sure you review everything, all your social security numbers, the account numbers. everything, to make sure that it's accurate. because even though someone else prepares it, you are ultimately responsible. >> all right. could cost you. thank you. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero at or call 1-866-news-244. so let's get a check of the weather now. outside today. >> not too bad. it was up to 90 degrees, but the humidity wasn't that bad. it was generally below 40%, so didn't have as much of an impact and didn't feel quite as sticky in most cases. we have been tracking a few thunderstorms. had one severe thunderstorm on radar in sullivan county. that has weakened considerably. you can see the disappearance of these lightning strikes over time, just in the last 15 minutes. still, could produce some very gusty winds and some downpours right now near rosendale.
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this is the storm that was severe earlier. it's weakening, but headed in the direction of ripton union center, wilber and towards kingston. kingston, your temperature is 78. clouds moving in there. still 88 in stony kill, just to the south. 90 in poughkeepsie, 90 in long branch. 72 in monlt sello. you've had the clouds and showers in your area. and that's why your humidity is up to 78%. but generally, it's 40% or lower in most spots. so it's not quite as bad. the actual temperature is just like the feels-like temperature. so there's no difference there. now we may see a difference later tonight. humidity climbs, and tomorrow as well before drier air moves in on wednesday. in the meantime, at the shore, temperatures are in the 80s tomorrow. it's nice, except in the morning. there could be some thunderstorms right along the shore areas between, say, 7:00 a.m. and about 10:00 a.m. waves 3 to 5 feet over the ocean. a southwest wind will keep the humidity level up. there is also a high risk of rip currents again tomorrow.
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so make sure that it's best really when it's these conditions to stay on the shore. and on the beach area. and not go into the water. just be where there is a live guard. warm and humid, down to 74. one or two thunderstorms will dissipate later. same tomorrow. isolated at best north and west of the city, but right at the coast in the morning. 90 will be the high again tomorrow in central park. then to the 80s on wednesday. we've got lower humidity coming in, so nice weather for wednesday. thursday, mix of sun and clouds and a high of only 80. and then friday, there will be periods of rain in the forecast. we could use it around here. we haven't had too much lately. 77 will be the high. the temperatures will be down, because of clouds and rain showers. then back up to 82 on saturday. 83 on sunday. and monday into the low 80s. so the temperatures will stay moderately cool, slightly below average after we get past tomorrow into wednesday as well. guys, back to you. >> all right, janice. there are two cute new attractions at six flags great adventure.
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the new jersey park has released photos of its two newest california sea lions. piper was born june 5th and ridley june 18th to two first time moms, and they're expected to reach 110 to 220 pounds when fully grown. next, neighborhoodsin undated with homeless. >> police admitting it's a problem. we have the exclusive story, coming up next.
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many new yorkers say they're seeing more homeless people in their neighborhoods. there appears to be a disconnect in the de blasio administration as to whether, in fact, homelessness is a growing problem. news 4 affairs reporter melissa russo has exclusive details, new tonight. >> reporter: city officials insist street homelessness is not on the rise. >> no, we're not seeing more people on the streets. >> reporter: but a lot of new yorkers are. take a walk through midtown, people claiming to be homeless on almost every corner. and 73rd and broadway, upper west siders feel their family-filled neighbor is under siege. >> i feel these guys in the weeds, and the police don't do anything. it's despicable. it's awful.
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i mean, i feel like i'm in like in the bathroom. >> reporter: today the commanding officer of the nypd's homeless outreach unit said what city homeless officials have been denying. >> we're seeing a large increase of homeless out on the street, throughout the city. >> reporter: captain phil wishniak discussed what he believed to be an uptick in street homelessness as the de blasio administration invited news 4 to observe their outreach efforts today. >> they have coffee out all of the time. do you like coffee? >> reporter: the captain says public complaints are up too. >> quality of life. people urinating, sleeping out on the sidewalk. there's a lot more outreach being done in the subways, and the homeless are being woken up, and now i believe they're coming up to the street level. >> reporter: homeless officials say based on their annual street survey conducted in february, the number of homeless is down. but whatever the numbers, mayor de blasio and first lady shirt lane mccray, are preparing plans to devote more resources to homeless outreach. they'll retrain police and
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assign more members of the nypd to outreach efforts. they'll assess the risk level of the mentally ill street homeless to try to determine if they're dangerous, and connect them to mental health services. convincing people to come into shelter or go for help is not an easy task. and homeless outreach comes with other challenges too. in tompkins square park today where police have recently taken a more aggressive approach, this homeless man tells us he's furious he was arrested for having a beer and sleeping on a bench. >> we're very consistent in our approach, take a very soft approach. >> reporter: outreach teams say it takes time to develop trust with their clients. >> homeless people have just as much of a right to public space as does anyone else. >> reporter: mayor de blasio is expected to unveil his plan on wednesday. melissa russo, news 4 new york. and that does it for us. we thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live, from studio 3c in rockefeller center.
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this is news 4 new york. now at 6:00, the first test of the attorney general's new powers as he takes over the investigation of the death of a mother of eight in police custody. plus, after a weekend plagued by gun violence, the i-team finds the nypd is taking far fewer guns off the street than it used to. and right now, the city is holding a town hall on the deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibilia vargas. we begin with the investigation into the death of a 44-year-old mother of eight who died in police custody at mt. vernon police headquarters. >> new york attorney generic al eric schneiderman officially took over the investigation today. in the first test of new powers given by governor cuomo. rob schmidt is in mt. vernon with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, chuck and sibilia, cases like this are exactly why governor cuomo is giving the attorney general this responsibility. taking over investigations where unarmed people die in confrontations with or in the
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custody of police. at a time when the relationship between police and the public has often been tense, the death of 44-year-old ray net turner one week ago while being held in a mt. vernon jail cell has caught attention. it will be the first case erich schneiderman looks into as special prosecutor in cases where unarmed people die in encounters with police or in police custody. the attorney general spoke today, regarding turner, arrested last saturday in mt. vernon for stealing crab legs. a mother of eight arrested for the third time in recent weeks. >> we're going to do this right over the middle. we're not going to be overly aggressive in seeking to find something wrong and we're not going to ignore any facts. we'll follow the facts where they lead, and take this on partially and thoroughly. >> turner was found dead in her cell monday after feeling sick on sunday. she was taken to the hospital sunday night, and then released to return to jail. according to mt. vernon police,
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she was checked on every hour, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary until she was found dead around 2:00 p.m. monday, shortly before she was to be arraigned. turner's husband says his wife being sick should have been checked on more than just once every hour. >> if they did their job, they would have seen that and reacted to that and maybe, just maybe, had that 2% chance of my wife being alive. >> reporter: the mayor responded, saying at this point in the investigation, there's been no evidence of any wrongdoing in turnner's death. but the investigation continues. i can assure you that every stone will be turned to make sure that we get to the truth of the matter. >> reporter: the city of mt. vernon will hold a news conference wednesday to update the public on this investigation. i called the attorney general's office. schneiderman may be there for that, may not. we're not sure at this point. live in mt. vernon, rob schmidt, news 4 new york.
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the week started off with temperatures hovering around 90 degrees. are we looking at a repeat of last week's punishing heat? storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is here with that and also tracking a few thunderstorms in our area. >> yeah, sibilia. we are tracking storms north and west of the city. they have weakened now, and no longer severe. mainly over parts of ulster and sullivan county is where we have seen the cluster. and most of these storms are, like i said, much weaker now. this area of rain between kingston and hyde park moving towards rhinebeck was a severe thunderstorm an hour ago. you can see, it's just some light rain for the most part. and that's good news for you there. one or two small clusters right now, southern pike county moving towards hardwick into sussex county, new jersey. you may get brief, heavy downpour, might hear thunder and gusty winds. 93 in newark. 90 in central park.


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