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tv   Today  NBC  August 4, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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i ended up going because i've seen the thing so me times they were like "oh, look at you, you're here, too." and i got on stage, we had a sing along on with the crowd. we have some b rolls. >> not three, not four, not five, not six -- now i have my camera on the stage. and i think it's going to be coming up. look. i shot this! wherever you're around, oh, baby, when i see your face, mellow as a month of may >> how about that camera work? >> that music is so good. you know what? you're getting better. >> it was so fun, though. the whole place was in a great mood. >> you were tweeting at midnight. hoda, you have to slow down. >> that music was worth it.
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some things are worth it. there have been a lot of breakups. >> you pick up the paper in i day now. it's the iran nuclear thing and it's breakups. one or the other. >> here we go. so today we learned -- well, we heard about miranda and blake a couple weeks ago. now another judge from "the voice" is heading to divorce court. i couldn't believe this one. for some reason you never hear about them in trouble. >> we never heard about them in trouble. i mean, i don't read the rags but after 13 years of marriage gwen stefani has filed the divorce from her husband gavin rossdale. >> they're asking for giant custody of their kids, they have three kids, a nine-year-old, six-year-old and one-year-old. it's one of those things i remembered seeing her on the set of "the voice" with her kids and the whole -- she just -- i don't know. for some reason there are certain people who you think there may be trouble. >> they seemed rock solid. but so did jennifer and ben for a long time. >> yeah, they did. >> look at me and frank.
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and this one i'm surprised about this. after 26 years of marriage, rebe mcintire separated from her husband and manager and producer but they say despite this being the end of their marriage, it's just just a separation, they continue to support each other and have worked together for 35 years and will continue to do so. she's a very sharp businesswoman, he's really good at all of that. >> i guess you never know. with anyone's marriage you don't know what's going on or how hard they fought to keep it together over how many years, who knows? we just hear it at the end. >> i don't know why people are surprised that marriage is hard and goes through rough patches here and there. your own life does so then imagine sharing your life with another person and it's going to be -- there will be times that are very, very thick and thin, baby. >> well, will smith got sick of hearing the rumors that he and jada were breaking up so he did something that people often don't do. celebs don't do. he went right on to i think it was twitter or facebook -- facebook, and he posted this
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response. it sounded like he wrote it himself. this didn't sound like a publicist things. he wrote "under normal circumstances i don't usually respond to foolishness because it's contagious. but so many people have extended me their deepest condolences that i figured what the hell, i can be foolish, too. so in the interest of being redundant, repetitious, over and over again-ness, jada and i are not getting divorced." and he did that. he said "i promise you all if i decide to divorce my queen i swear i will tell you myself." and he used the hashtag #dumb people should have to wear scarlet ds. he's over it. >> he's living in his own bubble. we weren't aware of anything. >> he's like i want to respond to the rumors we're like we didn't know about them. >> it's easy to do. if you go through something publicly it's easy to think that's all anybody is thinking about it r and it isn't. >> and that's something we should all learn. if you're reading your twitter feed -- oh, hi!
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>> there's a difficult person in the room. >> you are so funny! the show, all of it. >> i'm so excited to be here. i'm already so drunk. >> oh, good! [ applause ] >> just the way i left you. >> so here's a question we have for you. would you guys miss voice mail? if you no longer had voice mail on your phone, would you care? >> well, you get used to it. i remember when you had a voice machine, you had an answering machine attached to your landline at your house before cell phones and this's how people let you know there was a -- there was another way to let you know that you had called so i do leave voice mail. >> you do. >> too much typing, too much typing. >> i call and then if i hear an answer magazine i usually hang up because i think they'll see a missed call and call me back. and when i leave a voice mail sometimes they say "i know you're never going to hear this but make sure you do."
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>> i've learned not to send you anymore. although i sent you one yesterday. >> no, that was a text. anyway, here's what apple is going to do. stin ode you leaving a voice mail, they'll transcribe your voice mail -- well, siri is, so you can read the voice mail. >> it will be sent as a text to the person. >> which has its ups and downs. if i left a message like "hey, where are you?" like that -- >> it could interpreted as "hey! where are you?" you don't get a tone. >> so apple declined to comment to nbc. >> nobody calls us back. i feel worse about that than voice mail disappearing. >> so this is weird. >> we don't get this. >> we don't come get this. you know how the backs of your earrings are, okay? they have a little plastic thing and then they have the back thing in it? well some one named chelsea smith has caused a national debate. >> she tweeted "after 19 years
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of living i realized that you're supposed to take the plastic part off." and she showed a picture of her going to all the trouble of (x >> so you know the hole gets bigger. >> it sure does! >> or you know sometimes people wear heavy earrings?
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>> julie, is everything hanging on you? >> wouldn't you like to know? >> we disagree with her. >> it's hard enough when it's little to hang on to it and it's hard to maneuver and try to find that if you drop it because you know you always do. >> and with the extra space it keeps the earring where it's supposed to be. so we did a poll because we're very scientific. >> because we have nothing better to do. >> 17,000 people were polled. 92% said keep the plastic on. 8% said ditch the plastic pieces. >> so we'd love you to go to our if page. >> we want to know because who on earth -- >> would you do that? >> keep the plastic on? yes, because it's like a bra for you're lobe, right? it keeps things in place, right? >> i agree. >> that was genius. >> a great analogy. that's what she said. >> she's not just difficult, she's smart, too. we need your kid.
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comedian, author, podcaster and now sitcom star julie klausner may not be a household name yet but apparently she is about job she is a creator and one of the stars of the hilarious new hulu series "difficult people." >> it's produced by amy poehler co-starring billy eichner. it debuts tomorrow and we have a sneak presque. >> what is that even to not be embarrassed by even just the idea of audience participation? >> i don't know. i don't even like a concert when the lead singer goes "now you guys sing." no, [ bleep ]. >> i pay you to sing thank you very much. >> i don't ask a magic dragon to come here and wait tables. [ bleep ] and if i am going to sing there's thousands of people there. would my voice make a difference? >> not when everybody around you is doing it. it's like voting. >> exactly. we know that doesn't matter!
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i did have a chance to do it. you have to. >> kathie lee gifford has a cameo on the show and she runs away with the episode. >> we can't reveal the audio because it's a spoiler. >> it is a spoiler. >> but it will be a good one. you and billy, by the way, have an incredible chemistry. >> thank you. >> is that how the show came to be? out of that friendship? >> i worked for him for four seasons writing for "billy on the street" and we had a rapport. you ladies know. it's not something you can learn. we play well off each other and we don't mind when we finish each other's sentences and both things make us laugh and we love the same celebrities and hate the same celebrities. we both love you so much. >> yay! well billy's funny. now this is not for children. >> no, it's not. no. >> there's some stuff in it. >> and how did amy poehler get connected with it? >> i had known amy from doing stuff at the ucb theater so i asked billy "would you be interested in playing my best friend" in this "curb your
10:14 am
enthusiasm" style where the two of us are jerks and we hate everybody except us and i wrote the script and sent it to amy and she loved itxoy and helped us make it a tv show and put her power behind it. she's quite a unique lady. >> so you are the tina fey -- no, you're the amy schumer of -- >> i'll take it. all of the above. all of the above. those are fabulous ladies to be compared to. >> so if ooz' the material -- >> if you can*sq i p'd kathie lee, you've written, too. if you can write you should. >> do you guys go off your own script? >> oh, i am pretty -- that's the question kathie lee asked me. "how attached to you are these words?" i said "pretty attach bud if you need to get to where you need to be, am i going to say no to kathie lee gifford? >> but when you are a writer you have such respect for the other person's writing. >> and i appreciated that. she said "let's do it the way i wrote it and then have fun with it."
10:15 am
>> and that's what billy and i get to do. because i trust him so much he will get what's on the page done and then we'll play and some of the best stuff comes from that. >> some some you have a lot love top celebrities. >> we have seth mier, martin short, fred arm seine plays xee billy's brother and is so funny. amy sedaris, debbie harry. you asked when are kathie lee gifford and debbie harry going to get together? >> we wanted to tour together. >> the big question is when is hoda going to come on? >> next season, god willing. >> so it sounds like it could be next season. >> you can play my sister. [ laughter ] >> that would be a recurring role? >> exactly, good point. hoda,kj/ you can have a guest star role only. you should be the sister that tragically is -- joins a cult and we never see you again. >> yes, that's the way to write her out. let me tell you something, she's a fantastic actress. >> is that true? >> i don't know, julie.
10:16 am
i don't know. >> i'm going to listen to her. >> "difficult people debuts tomorrow on hulu. >> it will be a lot of fund. all right, the bffs are back. jessica st. claire and lennon haar recommend. >> and what do the guys think about lipstick in? they'll kiss and tell after visa checkout is such an easy way to pay online. enter your username and password. a few clicks. and check out. simple as that. no re-entering payment and billing info. you feel like you're one step ahead. sign up for visa checkout. visa. everywhere you want to be. i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe. no way! three rye chips and a breadstick!
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10:20 am
"idiot test" ben gleib. >> last but certainly not least, the divorced -- so sad -- still single bob giddy who will appear on a special episode of "who wants to be a millionaire" airing tomorrow. >> who hosts that now? >> chris hanson. the fashion guy. so we're doing it for charity and my charity is food fighters, we'll try to raise money. >> you never get to keep money. >> it's a real bummer. >> and you store with your guinea grunts? [ laughter ] here we go. here's our first question that comes from a viewer. travis, you ready? >> never been more ready. >> janice asks this. to guys like women in lipstick? do they like to kiss a woman with lipstick? and does color matter? >> i like the lipstick that doesn't stain your skin because some lipsticks that you can't wash it off. yeah so if i'm dating the woman, wear your lipstick, do your thing. >> but when you're going in for a kiss and she has just applied a thick bunch of gooey red lipstick -- >> lipstick is fine.
10:21 am
i don't like chapstick because my lips feel funky afterward. >> it shouldn't be greasy and when we're done you shouldn't here a clie'py playing in the background. >> red, it's too much. you don't need to be a landing beacon for the mars rover. then it's sticky which looks sexy from far but then you kiss it and now i have sticky spider-man lips. >> is there a problem with the color? think. we don't like carneys or clowns. >> remember bonne bell, the lip that tasted like strawberry or bubble gum? >> no, i mean a man. >> i'm starving. >> i'm cool that. we didn't do that. >> what if they were all like, yes, bonne bell! strawberry! so good. >> i think ben is wearing it right now. >> i like my lips to taste flavorful. >> you crazy kids. let's go across the street.
10:22 am
>> my name is yvette from virginia beach and my question is how does one deal with a cranky husband? >> oh! >> well, first you have to find the source of his crankiness. >> what are you doing wrong? >> exactly! >> what are you doing wrong? is that what you said? >> how old is he i wonder? we do get cranker older. >> there's a short list you can do to unwind that crankiness very quickly. needs. >> throw on some bonne bell. >> just tell him what's up. just give him the business. >> oh, look at travis! >> don't go anywhere. our guys are sticking around to answer more questions. >> and we'll tackle the turkey neck.
10:23 am
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s cross-bronx expressway, busy as usual. good morning, tuesday, august 4th. i'm michael gargiulo. a storm tore down power lines sending trees crashing on stores and homes. winds 60 miles an hour in pots. at one point, more than 2,500 lightning strike recorded in just 15 minutes. a check of are weather. cloudy, some sun. isolated shower to the north and west. 89 the high. tonight mostly clear, 72. tomorrow sunny, warm, low humidity.
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86. thursday, cloudy, 82 and friday, a rough turn. rain and wind, 76 degrees. up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, it's guys tell-all. join us again for "news 4 new york" at noon and all day long at
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wish you guys could be here during commercial break because all kinds of stuff goes on. donna dorable walked by and she always bring hearse best stuff -- no, no, you come on
10:28 am
over here, please. >> bring the wide shot. >> donna is one of our producers. >> look, they're already getting better than t botch or willette. >> he's very dreamy. >> we had a good conversation yesterday. >> we did? >> instant connection. >> so you have a date for tonight? >> this is our new rendition of "the bachel ette." >> are you kidding me? this show is worse than tinder. >> worse or better? >> better. >> so we'll let you know tomorrow what happened. >> how the date worked out. >> in fact, we're coming with you. >> the problem is she walked by you said "she always wears nice skirts." and i was interested and she just swooped in. >> you see what you want to go get it. >> we have other females around here. >> good. >> they pay good money to come here. >> our next question. >> hi, my name is sara, i'm from new jersey. my question is how come sometimes you're trying to have a conversation with guys they just completely tune you out.
10:29 am
>> i didn't everyone hear the question. either. >> hoda does that to me everyday. >> they're only thinking about sex. like literally, the guy is thinking about what he want so he's like, yup, okay you're talking whatever, what else is going on? >> donna? donna? >> for me that's not true. >> not with donna. men in general! >> do you hear that, donna? he's sex obsessed. >> for me i'm just focused on -- i missed the first thing that was said and i'm thinking what was the first thing she said? am i going to remember that that? i'm thinking things back. generally. >> i want to be honest. i've been married for 17 years. okay? [ laughter ] i'm sorry. i don't hear what you say because i have heard everything you have to say. what more do you have to say to me after 17 years? i've heard it all! okay? >> wait until 29. [ laughter ] oh, gosh. street.
10:30 am
>> i'm cheryl from wilmington, ohio. i have a question. what do you do with a husband that is a sloppy eater? >> oh! >> that's a huge pet peeve. >> that's a hard one. >> easy on that one, start eating super sloppy yourself and make him watch you slobbering. "here's how youha+ look?" >> put down a tarp around him like it's a murder scene every time you have dinner. he'll get the hint. >> you have to have an emotional breakdown that really bothers you that much then he'll get the point. >> or maybe she won't go out in public with him. >> or just get him a bib. a bib will work. they put those on you in the crab house. >> or be real sarcastic and be like "real hot when you slobber everywhere when you eat, honey." >> is he aware that he's sloppy? >> i think he is. >> oh! >> she's told him. >> so he doesn't care. >> emotional breakdown time.
10:31 am
>> all right, have the breakdown. >> or stop feeding him. [ laughter ] that's another way to go. >> we have time for one last question across the street. there's nobody there? wait, i have one. >> hoda has one. >> it's right here. michelle asks this "i married an awesome man, he was pretty romantic but we've been married for 13 years and now he doesn't do anything roy man tick anymore." what should she do? >> she needs to do do something romantic. if she wants more romance you have to give what you want to get. >> and you have to explain what you want. just say "i feel like the romance is gone." but don't say it randomly. you have to wait -- maybe you do something nice for him, maybe there's a sexual activity and when you're relaxed afterwards say. >> all about sex. i'm back to van winkle. >> i've got the same theme here. tell him "i want romance back, where did it go? i'm hurting and i want more romance." >> guys need to be told. >> that and you have to
10:32 am
understand that romance is a language that women speak and we learn so that we can sleep with you. [ laughter ] once we have slept with you, we have no more need for that language. >> until we want to sleep with you again. >> right. >> we're going to be as lazy as we can get away with. >> so what i'm saying is deny him sex. you will see how romantic he w'till become. >> i like it. >> i can't wait to see what happens on the donna/travis date. >> me, too. i can't wait. >> so exciting. >> i'm going to just go. i'm going to watch. >> and we're going to give ben, if it doesn't work out, donna, we have a second date. >> we got a second chance. >> hoping this one crashes and burns. >> so if you want to submitda
10:33 am
question to our man panel -- >> and say good-bye to that jaw line with similar two injections. >> how bad can it hurt? (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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help you do something so big. no matter how much you diet or how much weight you lose, it's one of the hardest areas to lose that jig. >> we're talking about that double chin. but now there's hope in a new fda approved treatment for neck fat. it's called -- is it kybella, doctor? kybella. it's a series of small injections that destroys fat cells. >> two patients are about to get the procedure right now with board certified plastic surgeon brian glass and the assistance of nurse kaitlin peter-paul. one patient is this gentleman, 35-year-old peter aughn. he's dropped to ed to ped to ed to
10:38 am
ped to 20 pounds but says the pockets under his chin haven't budged. so this is really happening right now? >> really happening. >> why is pete err good client or patient for this procedure. >> he's relatively fit, he's been dieting and exercising and he can not get rid of the fat underneath his neck. >> is it genetic always or sometimes. >> it's not always genetic but you like to get to someone that's optimized, they've diet and exercised? >> you've numbed him up. how many sessions will he need? at least two, usually four most. >> what happens? you're injecting what? what's going on here? >> kybella is made out of something called deoxycholic acid. so the agent is dissolving his fat, destroying the fat cells so they can't reaccumulate fat. lymphatic syst q >> excreted through your system. and what's interesting is the result lasts, despite weight
10:39 am
gain over the years. >> so you won't need do it again? >> you will not need do it again. so you're going to do it right now? >>re i'm going to do it right now. >> how much is it? >> it varies around the country. somewhere probably between 1200 to $2,000 a treatment who which probably adds up less than what it would be for liposuction. >> if someone wanted to use this exact syst somewhere else on their body, does it work or is iton just on your chin? >> it's not fda approved? >> great question. it's not fda approved for that. would it work? it probably would. there are some nuances where it may not be able to be used in some areas and it hasn't een investigated in that way yet. >> so as you'reinjecting, there are some drawback. what are the risks? >> the risks for kybella a very minor. swelling, possibly redness, could be bruising but th local ae[gsthesia does that. it constricts he blood vessels. >> are you nervous?
10:40 am
>> um -- >> tell us if it hurts i can't look because i don't like looking. >> don't look, don't look. >> so we placed a series of dots h doere before i start. >> are you f?eling it, peter? >> i don't feel anything. >> doesn't feel anything. >> can you feel me squeezing your hand? >> i can feel that. >> as i move along i'm putting a ittle b ngo ach segment. i'm not going through the dot because would not .want to place a tattoo into his neck. i can't look. i don't want to faint. there's no blood. there's no blood. he's doing great. >> oh, he's doing another one? >> i can stop. >> no, keep going. he wants to get rid of. >> it so here we go. it's pretty quick, pretty easy. it's almost done. >> oh, my god! >> o p more row. >> hopefully just once. pete's neck is a little bit muscled so he might have one more after that.
10:41 am
>> darn good looking. >> this next patient is a 53-year-old mother of two, marie a nger, she's always been health conscious but her double chin is bothering her so when her husband threw her a surprise 50th birthday arty she said the photos didn't match the way she felt so she works in dr. t doctor's office two days aweek provi ing skie care services for his patient and look who just o now is in the chair. isn't that amazing? >> peter's fine. >> he's even taking pictures >> now, marie, did it hurt you when you wenthrough the first tim >> no, i have to tell you, i felt very little of anything. just the initial injection for the numbing. >> by the way, you can already see a difference, i w just looking a the earlier pictures of you. do you feel the difference? >> i do and i love it. >> so this is her second procedure? >> her second procedure. >> and you feel good? you feel the difference right away. >> i feel great. >> did anything ird happen? >> little tingling, numbness fo "ar abnut two or th
10:42 am
ee days and that was it. and i went out with my day, i went back to work. >> so you can go back to work right after this. >> you'll be a little s ollen. >> then you just i it and it goes away. >> i like thewfact that it's lpnatural already foun in your system already. >> all right, come on over here, pete, we don't want to leave you out. wey're not going to do that here but thank you so much. >> he's going to do it for her here, though, right? >> at the commercial. thank you all very much. you were champs. laverne and shirley, monica and rachel, emma and maggie? we'll meet tv's newest gal pals who are playing house. parham. a lot of fun.
10:43 am
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>e >> being called a gal pal comedy for tod 's modern woman. the usa series "playing house" is about two life long best friends emma and maggie.
10:48 am
when a pregnant maggie discovered her husband is cheating -- >> with a german woman. >> -- she gives up eer career to raise the baby. but she then finds it's not hard to get back into the dating game or her old jeans. >> let me say you look phenomenal. top to bottom. where did you get these jeans? >> oh, these are the ones i used to wear. >> these are pregnancy jeans? you cannot wear them. take them off your body. >> nothing else fits, though. >> what about these? >> they don't fit. >> what about this? >> they don't fit. none of them fit i have a top. >> put these on. >> i'm not putting these on. >> put them on! >> i'm not putting them on. >> take these off your body! i'm taking them off. >> no you're not. >> hoda and i go through that every morning getting ready for this show. jessica st. clair plays emma and lennon parham plays maggie. they are best friends in real life and it comes through. >> congratulations on season
10:49 am
two. >> i have to say, we would not have a season two if we had not had the kathie lee and hoda bump: >> being on the show, we got more women who didn't know about our show tweeting us like they say to watch it, we'll watch it. >> i walked into a pizzeria in my hometown and the woman was like "oh, my god! you were on kathie lee and hoda." i've been in this pizzeria hundreds of times and suddenly -- >> you guys are the new oprah. you make the new oprah. screw oprah. >> don't say screw oprah. >> i'm sorry. i love you, oprah. please edit that out. >> so you guys write these yourselves which is amazing. >> but you have an interesting way of coming up with your script. you get a basic outline then you just start doing your thing. >> so we act out all the parts in front of our writers and then we record ourselves on garage
10:50 am
band by computer then they transcribe it and then that becomes the basis for our script so that was the only way we could capture the real way best friends talk. >> we came up through the upright citizens brigade, an improv theater here in new york and l.a. and so that's how we -- >> grsat training. >> amazing. that's how we write. man. >> always. >> i'm a great man, hoda. i'm a great man. season two. we just decided to cast our best with us. >> who? >> keegan michael key, hootie, darius rucker. >> who makes out with hootie? >> listen, nobody, but hootie said on the set, he said "my wife said i can make out we they script." i said "it's not, but give me one second." >> i was sweating bullets. >> but we have a bone to pick with you.
10:51 am
>> what?l3zj-x&c we'll do a kickstarter for season two. >> look at this! >> this is so weird. this is the kind of thing somebody makes for you before they kill you. >> look at yours, i want you to look at this. so beautiful, though. >> oh, "playing house." it's so cute. >> but why is this creepy photo -- >> it's a little disturbing. >> season two, everybody, "playing house." >> i'm sorry you look like a drag queen in that, i'm sorry. >> i've never been prouder than
10:52 am
when i look like a drag queen. >> premiers tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central on our sister network usa. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. drag queen?
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
>> sorry hoda. we want to check back in with peter and marie who got kybella injections. >> what about these two ladies? >> do we need it? we don't have the money for it. usa won't pay for anything. >> you keep saying that. >> can you just give us a little something? >> look at you, you're gorgeous. >> get out! >> tomorrow, billy eichner, mamie gummer and luxe for less.
10:56 am
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10:58 am
>> oh, ian and tarp a are back. >> a baby. >> crazy. el chapo is still on the loose. we have brought in one man who can bring him in. that is dog the bounty hunter, here today. >> if anybody can do it that man can. great hair, and performed on the new york subway and no one recognized her. talk about that, and making her broadway debut in chicago. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. wait! -of-it gets better. she's up -- she's down! >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> laughing that hard. >> perhaps the left wedding
10:59 am
dance fail ever? >> ever. >> gone viral on youtube. watch this. a little slow mo, wa-bam, wa-bam and, poom! noms out his bride. >> gets up. seems fine. proper hup. here she goes, and then down goes the bride again. i would like to say, she is okay. everything worked out fine, but that was -- the groom came in. >> she's got a whole lifetime to get back at this guy, and i believe she will. >> what it is, show. on your wedding night. i think for both the bride and groom, supposed to be perfect. you want everything to be great. married, reception, coming in, all fired up. this is the stuff that makes it great. it flops. certainly. look at other ones this morning. internet. watch one thing. watch this guy. climbs up on the railing -- oh! beautiful southampton wedding, or something like that.


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