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tv   Today  NBC  August 5, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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co-starring alongside her mom, the amazing e meryl streep in a film that we really enjoyed. >> and her hair is so matted. so good. >> there's a reason for that. she's going to be with us. and in honor of the olympic games, two brazilian chefs who battled it out earlier and won are competing in the dessert round of our culinary competition. >> and we have great judges and it's winesday wednesday so that means lilliana is here with luxe for lex. >> hi! what are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> you brought your a game again. >> i try every wednesday. today's luxelfor less is one of the biggest trends in jewelry. it's cal d ear jackets. every celebrity has been spotted with them on the red carpet. we'll show you these great styles you can do. we'll show you how to create your own custom ear jacket. >> so the jacket is that thing underneath. >> the jacket is the thing that wraps behind the ear shbe. very, very cool.
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i'll show it to you later in the show. show. >> the opening ceremony will take place on august 5, 2006. it will be the first ever olympic games in 2016 that's a huge deal. around 10,500 athletes. and if you like hot men, rug sbi returning to the olympics. you love watching rugby. >> i don't know what it was, frank and i were in europe and it came on and i said "where are their helmets? where are there --" and he said "that's rugby." i started watching it. it's so -- yo. >> you can't stop watching it. >> you don't know what's going on -- >> you don't care. and another sport coming back to the olympics, but we'll tell you later what it is in who knew. >> and did you know today the national underwear today? all right, so here to help us celebrate, two olympians. >> o that's the back.
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>> olympic bronze medalist david oliver from track and field hurdles and silver medalist eric kennard of track and field. look at you guys, good morning. >> you're modeling the underwear. it's like a la ellen. ellen has her own underwear. >> we brought gifts for you. >> hoda prefers a thong. [ laughter ] but thank you. >> so we want everyone to start showing their support for the team. you can buy a pair, $19.50. >> >> how do you feel about the olympics? >> crazy. >> when do trials begin? >> july 1 through 10, track and field. >> so you're been working out like crazy? >> it looks like you've been letting yourself go. [ laughter ] >> a little bit. >> it's a little embarrassing. >> i want to feel. those are real. how about yours, come here. oh, yeah. >> yeah, yeah.
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thank you, guys. you guys are adorable, thank all the best. >> every portion of the proceeds will go to support the athletes directly. i'm going to hold these for the [ laughter ] >> ready? here you are. stretch them out, those are from me. >> oh, yeah. someone else's good y.w u know how you look at sozameone's life and you go "they have such a great life and you're are voog the worst day ever." don't compare your bad day to somebody else's good day. >> and don't spoil somebody else's good day because you're having a bad one. >> oh, that was excellent. [ laughter ] that happens a lot. >> if you guys are thinking about traveling for christmas or new year's, we have news for yo u. the time to buy your ticket is right now. >> and the best time is next week. exactly next week. >> they say according to sky scanner, this is a booking flight app or something, you should book flights the week of
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august 10 because that's when you get the best deals. so if you've planned your christmas or your new year's vacation -- >> even thanksgiving because they said november through january. >> they say prices are expected to be as much as 19% cheaper. i mean, that's amazing. >> but then you can't change at all. >> who cares? book it and lock it in. >> life happens, hoda, so there's some risk involved. >> i need to eat some caiprinha. [ laughter ] >> are you willing to play for amenities? there's this thing called the app fly view -- >> flight view. >> thank god you're here. they say you'll be charged extra. will you pay for these? better wi-fi? >> i don't use it. >> realtime tracking of your luggage. >> nope. >> i would hate that. if i knew my bag didn't make the
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flight -- if i could see it was going somewhere else and it was on my flight. >> what about in-seat charging stations. >> i would pay for that: on board texting capability. >> no. >> deplaning privileges to get off the plane first. >> what? to go and wait at the same place for your luggage which is someplace else? >> sometimes you carry it on and all you want to go do is get off that plane and everybody is going slow. i would pay. >> it's hard to talk to you right now because there's someone in our kitchen. >> it's very distracting. >> do you mind? we have a whole television program going on, billy. >> i'm sorry, i'm excited to be here. >> you are? >> yes! >> that's billy eichner. >> we had your co-star on yesterday. >> julie. what a thrill that she got to be on first. but i was the lead. okay. [ laughter ] >> she is adore able by the way. >> she is my best friend. >> it shows. >> we pretend in real life. you know knew is. >> we do, yes, we know that it's
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a hit, though, we can tell that. but you'll never know on hulu if it's a hit. >> well, thanks, kathie lee. >> they say they measure everything differently. this. >> it happened again! show. >> thank you. >> we'll talk to you in a little bit, unless you have something really funny to say. >> all right, if you want to see him on the street you may want to walk the other way because we're talking about the hilarious billy eichner. and find out where he's popping up ne . >> on hulu! already did the interview! we'll be right back, but first these mess'tes.
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. he's known or being unfiltered and apologetic and that's why we love billy eichner. he's probably best known for hifast-ts king emmy nominated show billy on the streat where he d sometimes terrorizes unsuspected pedestrians. >> now he's stars in the hilaire use new hulu comedy "difficult people" playing a pop culture fanatic. a real stretch for him. take a look. >> you're back early. >> i was banned from bravo. >> congratulations. >> it's chelsea handler's fault. >> it's my fault. i need to stop being mean to ce brities. ery talk [ bleep ] about a famous person i lose a big. >> it's the only thing that come
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mrs. naturally than being air. >> maybe it's time to pulltu perez hilton. >> pose in a baby with a bathtub? >> no, i mean stop being mean to celebrities. >> that's not going to happen. rl. >> hi, guys! >> so you're streaming on hu. >> kathie lee, i've been streamed. every actor dreams of being streamed at juilliard. >> there you go. >> right? i used to scream and now i'm streamed. >> for those in dinosaur land, what does that mean? well, that eans that there is a web site called hulu which you can go to if you have a computer or a phone. >> yeah? >> and a lot of people have phones. >> and watch it every time you want. >> hulu used to show reruns of other shows, now they ve original shows including mine called "difficult people." >> was it hard to sell your show? >> no, everyboel loves me, hoda. >> and it doesn't hurt amy polar is involved? >> amy poehler is the producer. >> how did you get her involved? >> how did i get her involved? sex.
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what more do you need to know you know why the show sold, kathie lee is on the show. one of our best episodes. she's so good. >> i can't get any of my own stuff made but i can do it for other people. >> you've been riding my coattails for years, kathie lee. >> tell us abont the scene. >> what can i reveal about the scene? >> you don't remember it? >> kathie lee as a -- well, she calls out some of the lead characters on the show in a very funny way. >> as she can only do. >> yes. >> so how did you and your friend get -- whose concept was this? >> julie klausner created the show and wrote the show. >> so she's going to make more money than you? >> no, i'm still a bigger name. [ laughter ] she deserves to make more money. i was blessed to be asked to be a part of the show. julie was a writer and producer on "billy on the street," that's how we got to know each other. >> because it's a real friendship. >> we have a real friendship that she uses inspiration for the show. we're meaner on the show than we are in real life but in real
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life we are completely>> you're exaggerations of your real selllvs. >> an alternate univeise version of ourselves. >> do you feel bad on the billy on the street when you scare people have to death. do you ever feel badly? >> no, i think they should feel lucky to be inially presenc. even for 10 seconds to get schemed by me is on honor. you have to join me on the street. >> we tried. >> to next season we we're do ing. >> it you're going to do that as well? >> in october. e play a whole game about hoda kotb and i want to play it on this show with kathie lee while you watch in pains >> what is it? >> i can't tell you. but it's a game about you and quotes that you have said? the past. >> she steals quotes from other pet,ople. >> i think you'll love it. >> she never has an original thought of her own. >> it's punishment because kathie lee follows me on twitter and you don't. it's a sweet game. can i tell you what i just did yesterday? >> what's that? >> i followed you on twitter. >> no way!
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that's amazing. i'm still going to play a mean game about you but i apprecie it. >> the first two episodes are available n hulu. >> any time you want. when our show is over. >> what it's like to work with meryl streep ay recall eryl streep where from a star who know healik best, her daughter. >> and a battle of chefs as we count down to rio. we don't need that many bags. eat some more pasta. certainly. low prices. every day. on everything. for whatever you put your art into. ooh, i think i saw dessert!... hey! steven stay strong! what's that? you want me to eat you?... honey, he didn't say that!... don't fight your instincts.
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a couple claasic main courses that we'll get you to try when we head to rio de janeiro for 2016 game. >> then two different brazilian chefs partnered to face off in appetizer and the snack round but now the winners are teaming up with us for the dessert competition. it's big. >> cynthia presser is the first round champ and will team up with me. paula dasilva won the snack round and she will be hoda's partner. let as meet our judge four time gold medallist in olympic women swimming. >> christie rampon is from the olympic soccer team, con grat, and mr. john orosco is from the olympic men's gymnastic team. good to see you. are we ready? cynthia, you're going first? >> okay. >> what are you going to make, sweetie. >> we are going to make a flan which is a traditional brazilian dessert but it's so simple, you cannot get more simple than this. so i put three cans of condensed
10:19 am
milk in here, then we put egg, the.en i just my milk. >> milk is not there trend. then you measure, put the milk in then you pulse that. >> she's glad the milk is not here. >> that's right. >> you already had condensed milk. >> after you blend for a little bit it's very, very fast, you remove this and then with this sugar you would make a caramel that put on the bottom here. or you can always use a big mold as well. and then very important for the success of your flan. before you new there you remove the foam off. >>? why. >> what have you got against foam? >> particularly at first when
10:20 am
it's very smooth and then we bake. >> garnish. >> garnish. >> the judges will taste that. but don't judge it yet. don't score it because we're about to go to our next delicious. >> i've got her milk here. so we're making pave which is similar to a trifle layer. so condensed milk in the blender. >> that's a big can of condensed milk. >> sugar sweet. >> it's crack, right? chocolate. dump in the there and then blending, so we blend. and boom, boom. the magic of tv, right? >> what happens? >> it's done. it's supposed to be thicker but we'll pretend. so while that's blending, these are maria cookies. you can substitute lady fingers or something like that. another milk mixture we have a little bit of booz because
10:21 am
e because you ladies care about that. >> just wine, not booze. >> flavor it however you want. then dunk in the there. >> oh! you're making the bottom! >> you make that bottom. >> then if that was done what would you do. [ laughter ] >> once we layer it all in there, you pour. >> then chill and chill? >> right. >> very pretty. >> all right, judges. now first we'll score the flan. so we'd like to see your scores, please, for the flan, olympic judges. we have -- oh a-10, a 9.5 and a 9.5. wow! >> there's a lot of pressure going in. but this one has chocolate so please -- i'm scared, i'm nervous, it's like a medal round. what are we doing? >> oh, 9, 9.5 -- 9.
10:22 am
oh, cynthia is the winner! >> oh, we get medals? [ laughter ] >> if this came off, what would you with this? [ laughter ] you guys congratulations. >> thank you. >> the star of the new movie rickey rikki and the flash" mamie gummer. >> and we play who knew after your local news, everybody. so sad we can't give you your medals. you know i tried one of those bargain paper towels. but i had to use so many sheets per spill, the roll just disappeared. i knew i should've bought bounty. bounty is 2x more absorbent and strong when wet. just look how much longer bounty lasts versus one of those bargain brand towels. and that's a good deal. bounty. the long lasting quicker picker-upper. and now try bounty with new minions prints. minions summer 2015.
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live pictures from cliffside park where the water main is causing big problems. kai simonsen has details. >> reporter: good morning. portions of edgewater and fort lee and other residents experiencing low water pressure here. on the corner of anderson and colombia, a broken water main. the water has been turned off. a large crain now sits over the area where the water main is. the road has recompromised.
10:26 am
it will be interesting to see how they moved it out of this area. we'll continue to keep you up to date. >> the weather today, warm and less muggy. 87 for the high. tomorrow, some clouds. 84. more coming up on the "today" show with kathy three and hoda.
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[explosion of fireworks] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny. [ cheers and applause ] we're back on this winesday wednesday, marking one year to the opening ceremony of the olympic games in rio with a round of "who knew" all about the games and the host city. kathie lee is across the street
10:28 am
at the nbc experience store ready to handout a hundred bucks to anybody who gets the questions right and those who don't are lucky, too. they get one of her awesome autographed cds. [ applause ] here to help me out in studio from nbc sports is carolyn minnow. hello. are you excited? >> i'm excited. it's rio in here. >> look at all these tattoos from washington state. which sport will be included in the rio olympics for the first time since 1904, golf, cricket, or tug-of-war. >> golf. >> yeah, she knows her stuff. [ cheers and applause ] >> so we said rugby earlier and now golf. >> i know you're excited rugby is back. golf is back as well, interestingly enough, cricket and tug-of-war have made olympic appearances. tug-of-war was featured in the olympics from 1900 to 1920 so who knew? >> who knew is right? >> i'm blowing your mind right now. >> kat, to you. s. >> this my friend cleveland from
10:29 am
louisiana. new york is known as the big apple, what is rio's name, the celestial city, the wonderful city, the marvelous city? >> the wonderful city? [ buzzer sounding ] no, he's very happy, he so wanted this cd. >> i did! [ cheers and applause ] >> actually the marvelous city. >> the port it's a beautiful seaside town. population 6.5 million. just two fewer than here in manhattan. it's a vibrant culture. it's a beautiful place. we're so excited to be headed there. >> look at this pretty lady from georgia. what united states city was the finalist to host the 2016 olympic games? was it new york, chicago, or miami. >> can i do my plus one? >> yeah. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i would have said b. >> yeah, you'd be right. you'd be right. [ applause ] >> wow, so chicago was in the running?
10:30 am
>> yes, back in 2008 they narrowed it down to four cities, tokyo, madrid, rio and chicago and people were surprised a year later when chicago didn't make it there the first round of voting because the president and the first lady of the united states barack and michelle obama, hillary clinton was very involved, oprah winfrey was involved but ultimately at the end of the day there have been a lot of olympics in north america and that maybe was one of the reasons why we headed to south america for the first time. >> weather will be good for sure. >> lovely lady from richmond, virginia. the united states has never won a medal in which summer olympic snort table tennis? archery or tai kwan do? >> c, tai kwan do? [ buzzer sounding ] no, but an excellent choice. but it's wrong. [ laughter ] here you go. [ cheers and applause ] >> the correct answer is table tennis? >> yes. table tennis, one of three summer olympic sports that the u.s. has yet to medal in. archery and tai kwan do we won medals in 2012 at the london olympics but we're holding out for that table tennis medal.
10:31 am
>> by the way, watching table tennis at the olympic level is unbelievable. >> fascinating. they're athletes. >> we have time for one more? we don't. this has been fun. are you ready for rio? >> i'm so ready for rio. >> great, kathie lee is going to come back across the street. coming up, it's a new comedy with strangely familiar dynamics. we'll speak to jerrod carmichael and mamie gummer on working with her famous mom meryl streep. coming up that have. oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive.
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he's most famous for his standup comedy but jerrod car michael is proving to be one of hollywood's go to comedians. >> he made us laugh in last summer's film "neighbors" with seth rogan now jerrod is star of an nbc sit come based on his life called "the carmichael show." why didn't you call it "jerrod"? >> because i would have to put
10:46 am
the phonetic spelling on here. >> here's what happens when he and his girlfriend try to share big news on his relationship with his parents. i need to tell you. >> all right, but you know it is mid-prayer. >> is that in the bible or are you just winging it right now? look, mom, maxine and i are together. >> oh? [ laughter ] and by "thinking about" i mean maxine moved in three weeks ago. >> well congratulations. [ laughter ] >> crazy. >> mama doesn't feel the same way. >> so nice to see you. congratulations on this. >> thanks for having me, thank you very much. i'm happy to be here. >> you're writing, starring, doing it all. >> drinking rose, drinking rose, which is fantastic. >> it doesn't get better than this. >> this is great. >> and your mom and sister are here. we'll say hello to them. there they are. >> first time you came to new york you were one of the people on the plaza. >> we were on the plaza just waving, me and my mom and sister
10:47 am
now we're here inside with rose. come on! >> and you're a big star! congratulations, mama, you did well. you did well. >> thank you. >> so tell us about this, this is interesting. was it difficult to sell a pilot based on your life? >> not really. you just come with hopefully an interesting idea. i wanted it to be a conversation. the show was -- we touch on a lot of topics. >> you do. >> we touch on everything from transgender to religion. >> which is rarely discussed. >> and health and all these things and so we wanted to have conversations. so it wasn't that hard. we just try and form the best argue. >> and you got the cast everybody, including your cute girlfriend. darling. >> hello. duh. >> she's beautiful. amber is beautiful. >> something going on there or are you too busy? >> what are you talking about? she is very happily married. >> that doesn't mean anything more. >> really? [ laughter ] while holding wine.
10:48 am
no they're happily married and she's so great in the show. she's really funny. >> do you have a lot of pinch-me moments when you think about where your life has gone? >> the best thing is to not think about it too much then you're just working. usually my head is buried in the sand and i'm just working. but every now and then, yeah. right now is a pretty cool pinch me moment. >> this is probably just the pinnacle of your life. it's all downhill from here. >> cheers, jerrod. "the carmichael show" do you know when it premiers? august 26 at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. >> we wish you such success. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> next, lilliana has stylish trends up her sleeve. >> plus a surprise or two. luxe for less. this is "today" on nbc.
10:49 am
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before we get to the lovely lilliana we want to give a shoutout to great people. deb, who's my dog trainer, there's a whole group of auction winners on the other side. >> thank you, everybody. >> let's get the other shot, jimmy. there they are. all righty, let's get to lillianna and her luxe for less trend. >> i have to admit something. i lied all morning to you guys. today's luxe for less is not about ear jackets. >> it's not? >> no, it's birthday gifts under $50 because you both have birthdays coming up. >> oh, how sweet! >> i wanted to see those ear things. >> this is for me. >> so these are beautiful journals and they are custom printed in over 100 different designs from may gorgeous. and you kind of got a sneak peek
10:53 am
of it, these are from social print studio and we printed up your words of wisdom for you so you can frame them, put them on the black of your closet, 20 bucks for two of these jumbo photo spreads. >> i'm into it. >> kathie lee, this is for you. i know you love your wine and you have some amazing win. >> yes, i do. >> so these are wine canteens. >> love the wine you're with. and a little flur our. >> hoda, i know you love to work out. this is from trainer brand, a workout printed on a yoga matt in case you can't get to the gym. you can do it at your your hotel room. how cute is that? >> do you do yoga? >> no. >> maybe you'll start now. >> these are for both of you together. >> this is so fun, i love presents.
10:54 am
>> so that -- >> oh! >> those are for your pooches. that is collar for bambino. >> it has his name on it! >> and this is from oliveandatlas hand crafted in the pacific northwest. and last but not least, we have sweet treats to celebrate your birthday early. peanut butter and chocolate caramel cake from the purple cupcake for you guys. they're mini, they're beautiful. so happy early birthday. >> thank you, lilliana, for lying. >> do you forgive me? >> so much fun. since lilliana surprised us, she'll come back on september 2 to show you the ear jackets. >> all righty. tomorrow, valerie bertinelli, rick springfield. >> and on friday relationship expert mike dow will take your dating questions. go to >> we want to wish you guys a great winesday wednesday. tomorrow is thirsty thursday. >> make it a good one. everybody.
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10:57 am
today on "access hollywood live," the iconic bo derek is in the house. >> she is in shark nado 3.
10:58 am
oh, hell no. she plays his mom. >> we want to teach you shark fighting techniques and put you all to the test. two vicious sharks for you to attack. you are going to have your way with them. >> we are going to beat the stew out of them. donny ramirez joined us. his parents immigrated to the u.s. to provide a better life. she will address the misperception of imgranlts in america. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. welcome to "access hollywoo live" on hump day. >> hump day wednesday. we've got a packed show today. >> my name is billy bush. >> nice to meet you, bill. kit hoover. >> very nice to meet you. kit, you ready for vacation. you are getting close to your vacation. you are going to the carolinas, aren't you? >> there have been like 11 shark
10:59 am
attacks in the carolinas. i'm getting a little nervous. >> there is a solution here. i was going to suggest stay in the kiddy pool. there is a couple on the beach of north carolina that have come up with a solution, their own little cage. that is a shark cage. they aaid, look, weison't want to get bit. >> she didn't say that. she aid they don't want to get bit. >> first of all, i will go in a cage. i will go in whatever. years before, i would always say to my kids, i'm afraid of jellyfish or sharks. we swim in the ocean. we are not scared. yeah, we are a little scared. we are not going to get in prit there. >> look at this, the outer banks. that is kind of funny. doesn't the shark just destroy that in a second? >> there is also a wet suit out that i looked into.


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