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tv   Today  NBC  August 6, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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no, let them have their time and rest, sweetie. hope you're doing great. >> we love you, bobbie. a couple of birthdays. >> it's birthday month because december is so darned cold, do the math. >> elvis duran had a birthday yesterday. he's a good friend of ours. >> 61. and then yesterday after our show i took sonny out to mary's. anywhere in new york you want to go. >> that's her -- >> i won't say her age. she finished off those lamb chops, let me tell you, and mashed potatoes and the corn and the spinach. >> and donna dorable. we want to wish dop yeah nna a happy, happy birthday. >> hue jackson photo bombed a reporter outside the children's hospital. take a look at this. >> photo bomb. >> the best time of photo bomb, hugh.
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>> like it happens every day. >> let's see it again. >> i would go crazier than that. hi, hello. >> how did she keep her cool? >> i don't know. hugh and his wife were there as part of their work for the fight cancer foundation. he posted a picture for wrote this. the first day of our honeymoon, april 1996. >> they're such a great couple, aren't they, those two? >> the one time i was with them at their apartment. >> oh, my gosh. >> about a year and a half ago, i guess. and i said to him on the air after, i have never seen a man look at his wife the way he looks at her. >> yeah. >> it's amazing. >> it's adoration. >> he's in love. >> it's beautiful. >> taylor swift was at a concert in canada. her fans go crazy for her. one fan went too crazy. she was on stage. she was singing. a fan reached up and tried to grab her leg and you'll see it in a second, and she's tall and
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she had to keep her balance, she did. she gave the stink eye, which who wouldn't? and, wow. that's one of those things -- that could have ended badly because she's in high heels. she's not paying attention to whoever is up there, a security guard quickly turned in to the rescue. you never do that. you never cross that line. >> she's not focused on -- >> canadians -- have you been in canada much? >> just when we went. >> they're so genteel, is the right word, polite, lovely, eh. they're just nice. >> somebody had a lot of sauce. >> that is an ugly american that went over the border. >> don't blame us, okay! they did it. >> maybe somebody had a little too much to drink. >> taylor, of course, classy as ever, didn't comment on it. she posted a picture on instagram saying edmonton was insanely fun. i can't wait to be back on your stage tomorrow night. she's classy. >> yes, she is. we haven't seen this kret yet but
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we've been told it's amazing. boating in alaska, a popular place to watch whales. >> we saw way out in the distance a whale. let me get my camera and take a picture. watch what happens. >> i hear him. holy [ bleep ]! oh, my god! this is -- [ laughter ] >> okay, that's unbelievable. let's see it again. >> holy [ bleep ]! oh, my god!
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bourbon. >> you'll be very happy. >> you know what he smells like.
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>> that one time he was on. >> yeah, that time. we wish them well. the father gets a tattoo for your daughter we say is that a good thing, list en en to the story. >> there's a young girl, a 6-year-old girl named charlotte ed those cochlear implants and her dad decided he didn't want her to go through this alone so he got one, too, only his was a tattoo and he did it so that she could -- >> isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen? >> she said it was cool and then she wondered why he didn't have one on the other side. >> she has two. >> so he maybe will get that, too. >> he said charlotte's journey has been quite a journey for her and us. it was all about her not me. anyway, so that was a sweet thing. >> isn't that a miracle invention? and when you see a child's face when they first hear, it's miraculous. >> you're going to love this. >> i'm so happy because you know how much i love thursdays.
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this oda has a little something for me and for you. i decided to split the baby here. i get the what-what and you get the -- >> but the what-what ruins the other part for me. >> it's missy elliott -- get ready. here we go. just get ready. don't show the title yet. don't show it. crank it. get ready. my part. your part. would have had enough of silly love songs the wings! who has even heard of the wings in forever? yes, go. i look around me and i see it isn't so see, something for you, something for me. >> i like this part. some people want to fill the world with silly love songs see? >> that's just me. >> and the what-what comes up later again. >> turn it off before it does.
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and what's wrong with that i need to know 'cause here i go again >> come on. isn't that awesome? it has a little what-what. the what-what is coming up later. they go through the whole thing. >> good, i love that. >> isn't that nice? >> yes! thank you for thinking of me, hoda. speaking of radio, sirius, you can listen to us on channel 108. we don't know why you'd want to but you can and hoda's radio show is at 2:00 eastern time every monday and wednesday. >> if you leave now you'll kick yourself later. you'll miss ambush makeovers and it's that good. >> it's hot in new york city because valerie bertinelli is cooking up for us. we'll join her in the kitchen. >> and news about her new show. >> you like that song? >> yes. >> and rick after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows,
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golden globe winning actress and best-selling cookbook author valerie bertinelli has some exciting news. >> she sure does. a new food network show premiering this weekend. it's called valerie's home cooking. >> tell you all about it. >> she shares her passion for preparing delicious meals with all of her family and friends and she's already had some special guests over for lunch on the premiere episode her hot in cleveland co-star -- >> and my husband. >> he's such a sweetie. >> and my girls!
10:12 am
>> let's take a look. >> today a couple of my dearest friends are coming for lunch. >> you mean three. >> three of them. the problem is they all like different things, so today's menu is designed -- >> are you saying we're difficult? >> yes, very much so. >> we are? >> a veggie quiche with grilled romaine salad and balsamic dressing inspired by jane. >> stolen from jane. >> is it quiche? >> no, it's a quickie. >> oh, yes. >> stop it. >> totally lost control of my own show. >> how fun. >> how are they, by the way? >> they're great. they're all great. jane is in england, betty is in l.a. we're always texting each other. >> that's why it works. it's so real. it's so authentic and genuine. and this you made on the earlier hour. >> i made that earlier. >> let me ask you about the food network. you keep it on 24 hours, that's your thing.
10:13 am
do they make the studio look like your real house or do you really shoot in your house? >> we actually were going to shoot in my house but when they told me how many people would be there and crash kitchens -- >> you said, no, you can't take over my life. >> we got a kitchen that looked very similar to mine and the set designer did an amazing job. >> what interested you in doing this kind of a show, because you've done all kinds of tv obviously. why this? >> i love cooking. it's the way i show my love for the people that i love. and sitting down and enjoying a meal together -- >> is the best. >> i mean, yeah. it's the best thing ever. it's the way i enjoy my family and my friends. >> what are you cooking up for us, little missy? >> i'm starting with little crostinis and i'll make an artichoke and spinach dip. the cuisinart does all the work. >> i love food processors. >> you just sliced the crostini. so what do you have? >> i'm making my own crostini
10:14 am
right now because it's super easy to do. you can do it with bread that is day old or doesn't matter. you don't have to buy crackers anymore when you can make crostini. a little olive oil. that's baking it. >> pop it into the oven. >> it comes out nice and toasted and i like to add a little special something by putting a little garlic on there because i love the taste of garlic. >> me, too. >> i'm not a vampire. >> you like a hint of it. some people put the whole thing on there. >> yeah, well, you can do that when you do a baked crostini with mozzarella. now i will get this heated up in the pan. this is the only -- it's all about prep for me. so you start with some thawed frozen artichokes and i want to spinach leaves. so you get all that wilted -- forgot the garlic. what am i crazy? >> how could you forget? >> lemon juice.
10:15 am
i use it in almost everything. >> me, too. i really love it. can't get enough of it. >> it smells great. how long do you cook that up? >> just until this gets wilted. it happens pretty quickly. let it cool off a little bit but we've already put some cooled down there. you dump it in the food processor and dump some more parsley and i like to put parmesan and feta. >> nice. >> you can put almost any cheese that you like. i also like swiss or, you know what, i don't know if you eat dairy. you could put bacon cheese in there. >> look at hoda cooking. >> hoda's cooking! >> it's a miracle. >> i forgot which button. >> anyway, and that's what happens when hoda cooks. say we did that. let's pretend. >> so you can finish cooking by spreading on there. >> nothing valuable. >> no, i know. just a little bit on and now i'm going to make my little lime salt.
10:16 am
zest up the lime and i put the lime right in some nice sea salt that's flakey. there. it gets nice lime flavor and your fingers end up smelling really good. i slice up some radishes and you can take one of those -- >> hoda can't. >> because it has dairy in it. >> and what's next to it, val? >> oh, this is my go-to dip for book group. this is my mom's -- >> you have book group? >> for almost 20 years. >> what are you reading? >> we're reading harper lee's >> okay. >> this is my mom's crab dip she used to make for my dad's poker games. years. >> a really fun family you came from. >> this is really delicious and you can use imitation crab meat but it's nice to splurge a little bit. >> can hoda have this? >> it has cream cheese in it. >> i will have the crab.
10:17 am
hoda can have a piece of bread. >> i'm sure you could vegan up this somehow. >> valerie's home cooking debut saturday on the food network if you want to make these recipes at home go to thank you, sweetheart. they're not hoda's words of wisdom but they are fantastic. >> get ready for the big reveal. before we discovered, my budget watched me like a hawk. (hawk screech) (hawk screech) (hawk screech) (hawk screeches) but now thanks to we can shop with low monthly payments on over 275,000 items and growing from brands like samsung, rachael ray and keurig. go to and get the credit you deserve today. t fingerhut. (doorbell rings) oh, i bet it's the kids' new xbox. yeah, you get that. (hawk screech) hey kool-aid man, are you into extreme sports? oh-h-h-h-h yeah-h-h-h-h! oh-h-h-h-h yeah-h-h-h-h! stir up some fun, with 50% less sugar
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it's time for webtastic. this week it comes from our facebook fan kim thompson. >> she had her wisdom teeth pulled and as the anesthesia was wearing off, she whipped out her camera to record lexi who started rambling about our show. >> let's listen. they're so funny. like i would love their job. they just sit there -- i mean -- they sit there and they gulp, gulp, and that's their job? sign me up! >> you're signed up, kim. >> no, we have to bring them on the show, lexi. to, let's bring lexi on the show. it's so easy. anymore.
10:22 am
>> it would be hysterical. >> kim tells us that lexi is interested in broadcast journalism. she has been a fan of the show since she was a little girl. that's so great. >> a picture when she was little. oh, my gosh. we have to bring her. all right, thank you. it all done. >> all right. three hours in hair and makeup all leading up to this moment. >> and will rick springfield kiss and tell? we catch up with him after your local news. this isn't just the start of school, find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear. new infallible lipcolor from l'oreal.
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a live look there. the grand central parkway right by the l.i.e. going through queens. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. pseg working to restore power to nearly 3,900 cust 34ers on long island, without electricity since tuesday evening when powerful storms tore down trees and power lines. those without power, go to the corum office with ice water, charging stations for phones and water available in stony brook and st. james starting at 11:00. and up to 84. light rain, especially central and southern new jersey. 69.
10:26 am
tomorrow showers mainly south of 81. saturday, cloudy, high 82. sunday, 83 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, with kathie lee and hoda, makeovers. join us again for news 4 new york at noon.
10:27 am
[explosion of fireeorks] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny. we are back on this thirsty thursday which means it's a good day for ambush makeovers. >> every thursday lots of ladies pack the plaza.
10:28 am
"today" contributor and stylist to the stars louis and author, fashionista and so much more. >> gorgeous woman. >> it takes the whole segmen r >> tell us what it was like outside today, gorgeous. a nice day. >> a gorgeous day, and i don't think we've ever had as many ambush makeovers. it's really a to gh decision. >> you know brenda was one of those people. 58 years old from milford, massachusetts, the mom of three kids. works as an office manager, rarely cutu her hair, she likes to trim it herself because she it. currently she is dat eg an hopes a new look will help her in that department. let's take a look at her story. >> well, i love this because not only are you playing hooky, you told your boss to watch because you were so confident you were going to be picked. >> oh, my gosh, yes! this is my number one bucket i am so cited -- nervous and this.
10:29 am
i watch you guys every thursday. stop work, i make the patients come out. we all stand in the room and watch tv for ambush makeover. >> well, you win. >> oh, my god. i love brenda. her daughter alicia is here. please eep your blindfold on for just a second. here is brenda desant before. brenda, let's see the new you. >> wow! nice. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right, are you ready? take off your blindfold and look at your mom. thank you. by the way -- >> look how sweet. brenda, are you ready? >> i don't know.e >> yes, you are.e >> yot hre. >> go ahead, brenda. >> oh, my gosh. i love it. i love it. thank you. >> hard to pull yourself away, isn't it? you can give her a kiss.
10:30 am
>> don't you look great there. >> stand with your mom. >> it's too sweet for words. >> i love them both. >> tell us about the hair. >> okay. the first thing i did, as you saw, her hair was blonder and blond an. bl onder. it was matching her skin color. the obvious thing, make it darker. and igor today gave her a great haircut, shaped it around her face, took off some length but she still has long hair because she's a long hair girl. >> jill, that dress. >> so cute, thank you. >> asymmetrical neckline and belt, that will make you look thinner and taller, not that you need it, but blue is the color going into next year. we wanted to set her up in style. brenda. watson.
10:31 am
she's 44 from new york. she's a teacher for high school students. she says she doesn't spend a lot of time on herself because her focus i ofs on her family. she celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary, w ts to look like she dnd 15 years ago. don'amwe all? wten she first oot married. let's listen to her story. >> hooray for mom. >> i'm so excited. her roots need'a littleltouchup. i'm not going to lie. she needed some help here and there. >> and i know you're excited, though. >> i can't wait. so great. thank you for picking me. >> and what do you think? >> i think it's a great opportunity for my mom. >> oh, love that. >> what a sweet family. she's here with her husband, drew, and two kids, faith and ryan. let's take one last lo at lisa watson before and now let's bring out the new lisa watson. >> okay. are you ready?
10:32 am
go ahead. you like what you're eeing. you want to see? turn around, sweetie. i guess it's funny. >> okay. whatdid you do? >> i helped with the happiness. yeah, sure. what it is, she has -- we cut off many inches of her hair. igor gave her hair movement. she had highlights that weren't really working, they were almost gray looking. we got rid of them. i think it's a much more modern look. >> a pretty color. >> and younger look. >> hipper. what do you think? >> looks great. looks great. >> and that dress, my gosh. >> t eck perfect dress for you. you're so teeny. >> we went with blue, the big color. you can wear it all year and going into next year. this is maggie london.
10:33 am
>> all right, brenda, come on out. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank yot, everybody. trying to make it work. >> rick springfield on his hip with meryl streep >> people are talking. >> yeah, they are. they've always been your second pair of eyes. gather the girls... to find your look. tful. bold. smart. flirty. sometimes it's unanimous. and sometimes you need a deciding vote. oh i need another opinion... excuse me, what do you think... love them! pspark your style for less...with ndreds of frames from new v brands like flower by drew barrymore. v backed by our 12- month guarantee. we're twinsi did you know only 1% of supplements have earned the usp mark... an independent certification for quality and purity? i recommend nature made because they've earned the most of any brand. nature made. the number 1 pharmacist recommended letter vitamin brand.
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i wish i had jesse's girl oh, yeah. that's us going back in time. >> you know -- >> we had to play it because,
10:38 am
you know what, 1981 you're aking us all back to a wonderful place. >> i hear you. >> a wonderful place by another person th didn't love that song. nd thatyis,tof course, rick sovpringfield. >> yes, indeed. >> he's not pining over her anymore. he has another love interest, her name is meryl streep, and e's starring alongside rick in "ric and the flash." >> don't get confused. this rick is not the ricky in the film. he plays meryl's girlrriend greg and wants to know where the relationship is headed. take a look. >> that's why you're their mom and i'm the dad. i love my kids so much. on'tyou? >> yes. >> so you want to just friends? >> no. >> and then you should see what happens next. >> yes. it's so good to see you. >> wow.
10:39 am
thing. >> yeah, jonathan demme, our director, is amazing. >> he's had a few hits. >> and you can't miss. should we get meryl streep for this or not? well, duh. p nt to audition for this role. >> i didn't. mean, first when i got the call jonathan demme wants to see you for the new meryl streep movie, come on. who is this really? >> you were on the east coast at the time. >> i was on t east coast touring and they wanted to audition cee next day on the west coast. and i'm not a great audioner and i only had a couple hours to prepare. i said i don't want to go in and dpoo a terrible reading for to go. >> were you nervous? >> my pit bull of a pr lady said get on the plane and go do the audition. i went and it was basically a guitar audition. they had already seen film on me and knew i could act but wanted to see if i could really play
10:40 am
guitar guitar. quite a few actors had gone in and said i can play guitar. great actors. everything is done live. >> it has to be authentic. >> no overdubs and no lmp-synch lip-synching lip-synching. >> but acting with meryl streep had to be intimidating. when she is looking at you and you're in the middle of the scene -- >> you can't be going, oh, my god, tha''s meryl streep in the middle of the scene. it was that -- ha -- moment when you first see her. i haven't met a person who has s inaid, i dor't really get meryl streep. everybody understands that she's the consummate actor. she's a really great person. she's a great family -- great mom, everything. >> but is she a good guitar player? it's not easy to become that proficient that fast. > she got it down enough to absolutely sell it which is all you need to do. >> is she a good kisser? because you have a couplemof scenes where you --
10:41 am
>> i can't kiss and tell. >> what? >> well, i'll just say that she is a complete actor and, you know, she doesn't fake things. it's all real. >> i love that your son was orking on set and one of the great stories i thought he was there and every morning you would hug and give him a kiss in the morning and then a security guard said something to him, right? > my son is a doll and we're a we have our -- >> you're a normal family. >> a normal family. and i would come in every morning and he was working as a p.a. on the movie. the first two weeks we're rehearsing the band to get the band sounding good, i come in every morning and hug and kiss him and rub his hair and security guy like the third day in comes over to josh, dude, what's going on with you and rick springfield? don't do that. don't do that with the actors, okay? >> did he say -- >> no, he didn't. he said, oh, okay. that's josh.
10:42 am
josh would not go, he's my dad. yeah, okay, i won't. >> we love this movie. it's really quite entertaining. it's called "ricky and the flash" and it's in theaters tomorrow. >> he's one of the world's fashion premiere designers. >> three women all the goodness of milk. all the deliciousness of hershey' s syrup. squeeze. stir. share.
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10:48 am
>> you're that guy. >> you have to be honest. >> you've got to be honest. >> and all the success of the show. how many nominations? >> four nominations. a record for the show. 14 years on air. >> and running. >> and you kept going. >> you're known for a lot of things. one, your instagram photos. what inspires you when you take those? >> i mean, i'm cooking, i'm gardening, doing fittings. yesterday amy schumer gave birth to me. >> what? >> on instagram. >> what are you talking about? >> i put her in a ball gown and she gave birth to me. a glamour makeover moment. giving birth to a designer. >> that's crazy. she's crazy enough to do it. >> it was my idea.
10:49 am
h| you've done a good job. thank you, sweetie. >> you love flowers, zac. >> i garden like crazy. >> what kind of flowers are these, zac? >> these are from a famous florist zeze. those are sweet peas and peonis and orchids and roses. >> paula, let's see what you did. >> paula did really good. on our project runway barometer she got the form of the flower in the sleeve. she could have mixed in a few more colors into there. >> i love it. it's adorable. >> that's a great dress. that's an every woman dress.
10:50 am
>> nice job, paula. $125, that's amazing. >> now this is a tough one, a pizza pie because you like pizza. >> i'm cooking with zac, that's my hash tag. i go home in fashion detox and become human again and cook. i made the dough, too, i want to say. >> of course you made the dough. you're making lots of money. >> she's -- i don't know. that's like italian pizza, a little jersey shore. >> she looks hot. >> she looks really cute, summer summery, ready to serve her pizza. i like it. interpreted the tomato, the mozzarella and the basil into the rose print. great. >> the scarf. >> that's tropical pizza. is somebody going to be the winner? this is the hardest part of "project runway" when we have to delegate and pick a winner. >> thank you, ladies and zac.
10:51 am
come back and cook with us some time. >> i will. >> it premieres tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on lifetime. >> is it okay or not okay for women of a certain age to candy colored hair? >> zac, is it okay or not okay? >> it depend. after a certain age do it. >> the opposite of what i would have thought. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> really?
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
it's been a big trend lately, celebrities dyeing their hair bright colors. >> kelly rippa went from blond to pink. and lavender hair at last year's met gala. >> is it okay or not okay for grown women to have candy colored hair. >> here is what we thought about it. >> for me personally unless it's halloween, hoda, i don't understand why anybody would want to do it. but, it's none of my business.
10:55 am
>> hey, here is what i say. if it covers the gray, who cares what color it is? >> i hadn't thought of that. >> is it also okay or not okay to celebrate one of your favorite people's birthdays? >> donna! >> come here, donna. sit with us. >> come on, flapper girl. >> happy birthday to our favorite girl. >> love you, sweetheart. >> love donna. >> donna, how old are you. >> 24. >> little baby. tomorrow kevin bacon and relationship expert mike dowd. >> have a great thirsty thursday. we love you, donna. >> gorgeous. just look at donna. look at donna. look at donna. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, t you may know it only covers about 80% t of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare
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10:57 am
. today on "access hollywood live," if jane lynch and willem defoe had a baby, born middle aged? >> no! >> that is scary right there. theory. >> not going to walk off.
10:58 am
>> you look great, by the way. his new show takes pot shot it's, it is fantastic. >> begin with the new reality series. george hamilton, ex, alana stewart, and kimberly stewart are here. >> unfortunately another george whose tan might be bet be. a tan-off. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. >> ah! ah -- >> god bless america. [ cheers and applause ] >> god bless america, billy bush. >> gosh, it's sharks. attack the city this time.
10:59 am
and welcome to "access hollywood live." i'm billy bush. >>able i'm kit hoover. you know what? it delivered. if you wanted more cheese, more gore, more insanity than "sharknado 3." the most ridiculous. >> ra donk idonculous ridonculous. >> and ian ziering tweeted, mentions across twitter, which, by the way, he was a contestant on the "celebrity apprentice" with donald trump. a disciple of the donald. that sounds like the donald to me. $2.1 billion? >> a little over a fourth of our population. well done. i am learning from the best. the hulk on fire, played ian ziering's father. gil, totally delivered. fighting sharks. in space.


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