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tv   Today  NBC  August 10, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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some of the kids who didn't make it? young kids with cancer? that's a tragedy." she said "let me tell you about frank gifford. frank gifford was a hall of famer, was an incredible football broadcasting legend and more than all that he was a family man." and she said "he built this family." and she said "he is a try yuchl trum. he got to live until almost 89 years old." >> some people don't like this word but the legacy he left are his kids, his children, the most kind, loving kids and the way that kathie lee talked about frank. >> and you look at cassidy and co-di -- and he has three other children from a previous marriage -- but we came to know cass and cody the best and to watch how they are. and i only saw cody yesterday but i have to tell you, i am in
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awe of that whole family and -- >> the fact that kathie lee -- she's taught me a lot about faith and i know she has you, too, probably, tons and sometimes kathie lee she talks about it and it's one thing to talk about it and it's another thing to live your faith. and it's incredible to witness. >> she does. and you know what's funny? we all got to know frank. frank wasn't just the husband of someone you worked with. and you know what's funny? think about this. when i was first starting to work with kath, i went out to their house to meet him and cody and cass and frank said to me "i know a little something about a hit show because i had one on "monday night football."" he said "let me tell you how you can have a hit show with kathie lee. you have to trust her with everything you have." and he said, "look at me, she is
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the most trustworthy person i have ever known." i never forgot -- that showed how much love he had for her. but he came on our show a bunch of times and he was always -- he was always fun. i mean, i have to say, when he showed up here, we knew we were going to laugh and i think we have a little bit of frank on our show. >> frank gifford is in the house, baby. you were 56 when we got married. i was 20. [ laughter ] and we proceeded to have two children. you were 60 when we had cody and 63 when we had cass, right? >> and both of them have done extraordinarily well academically. >> remember when we hosted the olympics together? >> one of the times we hosted, yes, it was calgary olympics, the late roon arlege wanted to put frank and kathie lee together. we actually were early on in our relationship.
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>> we were newly married and tom shales, the esteemed "washington post" critic said "they are two marshmallows sitting by the fire." now he's probably going to write "two geriatric ken and barbies sitting there." >> years ago you did your own show with regis and regis would get sick i'd pop in and i'd just sit there. so here i am, i'm sitting here. [ laughter ] >> and you're doing it magnificently. >> thank you, my darling. >> so sweet! >> oh, my gosh! >> my favorite thing, wherever she's been generous enough to invite us over to her house, it's the way he laughs at her. >> he does. he'd still think she was totally hysterical. >> and everybody knows she's hilarious but it's good to marry a man who can see this. >> we ha a few more clips. we were just reminiscing. everybody has a frank story. i'm talking about a guy in the gym came up to me and said "my son met frank gifford when he was this tall."
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people were stopping me. they all have a moment with frank and we had our share of moments, too, here on the show a few years ago. they did like this he said/she said kind of game. anyway, take a look. >> very grainy. >> what did he say again? >> i don't know, he says i like it when he tells me that i look skinny. >> and he says yes to everything that you say. >> that is not true, but i do like when he does say yes. you know what i love about him so much is he's a very giving person. frank is a really generous, sweet person and he's a good man and i'm very grateful for him. >> it's hard to look at those clips. it feels like just yesterday we were sitting here and she was making jokes and him and her and them and the kids and the rest of us. >> it shows how much of a family this show is. >> yeah! >> that he was part of your family, too. >> he really was. he really was. i know when he came on the show,
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you know, he and i shared a little something special, too, i think. >> he said something about you when he came on the show once that i think we want to look at that shows how he thought about you. >> when i first met hoda, the first two or three minutes i thought "how is this going to work?" >> why? >> you seemed so different. >> we are! >> five minutes later she really came into our lives. she's an extraordinary woman and i think most of the people share that same feeling but she is so much fun, so bright, so quick, very special lady. >> i thought that was going to make you cry but it made me cry. >> it made me cry, too. we know frank as our friend and a friend of the show and a friend of us. but to the nation, really, to new york especial now the
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nation he was a legend. you look at all the newspapers today and it talks about a man for all seasons and the "post." i love this picture of him, the ultimate giant. but he was in the hall of fame back in 1977 and it's interesting because i've never seen this clip but i know he spoke at that event. let's take a look. >> it's helped me with a lot of young people and young stars coming up in the game today who can lose sight of what it really is all about. what we do on the field is about as meaningful as what takes place in the stands. and what we can do to contribute to the help of young people i have always tried to do and what we can do to help the community in which we are part of. >> gnd the kids always right there. cass, by the way, called up this morning and i spoke to her for a ab
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ttle bit and she was so grateful for the outpouring of love and atext that is coming not only from the nfl and they talked about him at the golf match and they keep talking about frank but also from people here at nbc because everyone's asking and everyone wants to know how they can help and all the people -- you know, it's so funny. you know how sometimes you think about twitter and you think god, i hate twitter. it's been such a place for people to talk about what a wonderful guy frank -- i always want to say is, but was. meredith was one of the people, she tweeted -- >> meredith vieira tweeted "so heartbroken to learn about frank gifford's passing, he was a true gentleman." kendall jenner tweeted "very sad day, rest in peace to my godfather, the legend." which he was. >> a lot of people don't know he's the godfather to kendall and kylie jenner. >> ellen degeneres tweeted
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"sending love to kathie lee ver the loss of her husband frank, you are in our thoughts, by the way." >> and they're endless. we want to thank everybody on our facebook page. it means the world to kath and the kids. and christine guard ardner is a member of t eir families. she's kathie lee's dearest friend and assistant and we love her here and she's heartbroken as well. >> she's been working with them forever. she raised their kids. >> so a lot of people want to know how they c help. kathie lee is asking for donation to cassidy's place in lew lieu of flowers. this is the place kath and frank built to help kids -- some of them were addicted to -- they had aids issuh, or addicted to drugs. they helped ll kinds of disadvantaged children, people to ho haie all kinds of issues. it's cassidy's place and they would love you to donate anything you'd like to give to them.
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being remembered as a yes legendary football player, sportscaster and but his greatest legacy is the family he leaves behind. >> he was an a husband, father and friend who was blessed to live an extraordinary life. >> take a look. >> oh, my surprise! >> a star on the field and later on screen, hall of fame football player and emmy winning sportscaster frank gifford passed away of natural causes on sunday morning. he was 84. the gifford family released a statement in honor of their beloved husband, father and friend saying in part "we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live and we feel grateful and blessed to have been loved by such an amazing human being." long time partner al michaels paid tribute to the nfl hall of famer and eight-time all star at last night's hall of fame game. >> he was a very special man in so many ways. >> born in santa monica, california, gifford was a standout football player at the
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university of southern california, earning all american honors for the trojans. he played his entire 12 year nfl career with the new york giants, one of the last and most notable athletes to play both offense and defense. he was a star running back and later wide receiver who won the nfl's mvp trophy in 1956, leading the giants to the championship this that season. sunday the team called him "one of the greatest giants to ever wear the uniform." >> glad you're with us, this should be a good one. >> gifford soon started a secondary career as a legendary sportscaster. he was the iconic voice of "monday night football" for nearly three decades, joining the booth in 1971. >> football great, of course, glorious and fearless frank gifford. >> thank you, howard. you two please try and get along and help me tonight. >> it was through his work on screen that gifford met his future wife, kathie lee.
10:15 am
h t two married in 1986 and two years later co-hosted the winaer olympic games in calgary. >> it's like this all the time, by the way. living in a funny house. >> in on screen chemistry that would continue for nearly 30 more years. moment. time for a lesson. >> soak in the legend. >> i was r icked. father. >> you know what i love tbout him so much is he's a very giving person. frank is a reaouy gene ous, sweet person and he's a good man and i'm very grateful for him. >> we're so all so grateful for him. when you look at that video you just remember all of the moments that, you know, we had with him, that he had with his family and joanne just gave me this. this came from a -- there was a video that frank did for the archive of american television and in the interview he was asked this question "how would you like to be remem ered?" and he answered this, "first and
10:16 am
foremost as a good father who del a job no did it well. better husband than time than was the other tie. somebody who cared passionately about playing the game, reporting it properly, kept my life in the right perspective, never believed i was something i wasn't and rasely believed i was what i was." >> what's so remarkable -- and i don't think most people will -- you know, you can say you want to be rembered a certain way but when you listen to how people talk about him, how everybody talks about him, this is what they think. you know when katie hie talks about their house and the place they loved, don't you love th.t they got to spend their last morning together having a cup of coffee? >> they did. i think, joanne, if you could put this on facebook. we hear you on faceboo
10:17 am
people are posting things and they're talking about things and they want to share and we're glad that we have a can because we feel so connect and i know you guys, do, too. and i knowyoerwant to each out and help kath and facebook is a good place to do it. but this answer is, like -- this is what any man would dream? of, right, at the end? this is exactly what any meansh would dream of leaving b hind. >> and also in that -- don't you love that his first thing is that he wants to be a good father? and a good husband? that's all what of us should wish for is to make our families the biggest priority. >> by the way, jenna, we're happy you're here. we know you're a couple days from giving birth. as anyone knows in life. the end and the beginning are so close sergeant to often. wt e're glad you're here. we'll be back after this.
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coming up after the break, we'll have the latest on jennifer aniston, we're going to get back into the show. we'll talk about amy schumer's latest and more coming up on today's buzz. >> and two more people show off their fit physiques. they've lost more than 300 pounds combined.
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and good morning. a live look. beautiful lower manhattan, and it's 10:27. 75 degrees on this monday, august 10th. i'm rob schmitt. a new pedestrian plaza opening in about a half hour in manhattan. plaza 33 set up on 33rd street be tween 7th and 8th avenue. tables and chairs for outdoor lunches, this plaza open until october 11th from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. a check of weather. cloudy, humid. high 80 degrees. all of that humidity opens up the skies tomorrow. it going to be a wet one. then we clear out wednesday. thursday looking great, and a heat up again for the weekend. coming up next on the "today" show, we catch up with
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we're back on this monday. jenna bush hager is filling in for kathie lee and this is where we get you in the loop on the hollywood scoop in today's buzz. >> contributing editor of "rolling stone" and host of incoming on spotify, joe levy is here with all of the hollywood >> all right, honey. we've been waiting for jennifer aniston and justin theroux to
10:28 am
get married. years. how long is that? according to what we've read, they've been married dozens of times already. >> or pregnant. week. friends were invited over for what they thought was going to be a birthday party for justin. incidentally, happy birthday, birthday. he's celebrating on his bora. and they may have gotten the group rate at the four seasons hotel and resort. courteney cox and her fiance is there, jason bateman and his wife. jimmy kimmel, his wife and daughter showed up. so they took the party with them on their honeymoon. >> i love that. >> different kind of honeymoon. >> it is. not a lot of -- there's kids invited? >> sure. that doesn't always happen on a honeymoon, either. >> we both decided we love amy schumer but we want to go on her next vacation because she seems like she has fun with her posse.
10:29 am
>> every year she takes her friends from high school away on vacation. this is them. they are on a boat. that's one of her friends from high school. they are singing the back street boys "as long as you love me." that song, of course, came out in 1997 when amy was 16. >> well, her friends -- >> and she's primed to know all she was -- 34. >> i have to do math. math. tihe spot. she's my age. >> jennifer lawrence was along for the ride in the hamptons. i don't know if you've been seeing the documentation but the girl pyramid with jennifer lawrence, the two of them on the jetski absolutely adorable. she told jon stewart that she and her girlfriends got kicked off of martha's vineyard. they are not allowed -- >> is that true? >> she wouldn't say. i think it's true. >> she is fun. >> i want to be friends. >> on my comeback tour after this baby i'm going to e-mail her. put me in touch. taylor swift was in seattle this weekend?
10:30 am
>> she was in seattle. taylor brings out guests. every concert if you go, she's teasing it. if you're good tonight i'll bring out a special guest. in seattle brought out hometown hero -- there's sierra and russell wilson who are dating. that's what they are doing. but what are they not doing? >> they say they're not being intimate because they want to save it. >> that's right. >> for when they get married. >> but here's the thing, 60,000 people in the stadium and taylor says they went insane. she said this was the best night of her life. >> does she always do that? >> every show. here in new york when she was in jersey she brought out the women's soccer team after they won the world cup. the next night she brought out her friends, the victoria's tse cell angels. >> i wonder if other artist do that? >> the idea is to make a taylor swift show the most amazing night of the audience's life. bill murray is back, baby. >> well, he never went away.
10:31 am
he's going to be in "yghostbusters." we're ayear away. he said he didn't want to make "ghost busters 3" he wanted to see an all woman cast.s melissa mccarthy will be in the movie. he's got a cameo. dan ackroyd's going to cameo. we don't know if they'll reprise their original roles but they will be in the movie. speaking of movie, there was one bomb? >> "fantastic 4." we're so used to these superheroes doing great. the reboot, not so good, a third of what "ant man" made and i'm betting you didn't know him. >> no. >> she was one of the biggest comics marvel has. it got terrible reviews and people paid attention. the nerds spoke through social media. >> i like that. >> what was number one? >> "mission impossible" back for another week at the top of the box office. >> joe, thank you for all you do. >> thank you for keeping us in the loop.
10:32 am
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see, there' s no escaping it. pffft. who falls for this stuff? and don' t forget, kids get hun-gar-y too. if you are looking for some motivation to lose weight, look what we've got for you. >> we're about to meet the two newest members of the joy fit
10:37 am
club who've lost more than 300 pounds combined by trading in all those empty calories for satisfying healthy foods. >> here to tell us how they did it is our friend and "today" nutritionist and leader of the joy fit pack, joy bauer. how are you? >> can you imagine over 300 pounds? >> no. >> this is a feel-good segment. first up we have 32-year-old victoria from rochester, new york. she was always the largest, the tallest girl growing up and she told me she was literally born with this passion for food. she was obsessed even when she was younger she would remember thinking about her next meal when she was eating her current meal. >> sounds familiar. >> very familiar, right? so in her "before" picture she was over 350 pounds and that was at her top, about a year and a half ago. she had trouble walking up the stairs, she could not get on the floor to play with her beautiful little girl and i think her ah-ha moment came when she went to the amusement park, she could not fit on a ride she wanted to
10:38 am
go on and all she could think about was, oh, my goodness, if i was here with my daughter i would have been mortified. so she took control, she said enough is enough. she downloaded an app called my fitness pal for free. started logging her food, made herself accountable because there's a whole community and, again, if you look at that "before" picture, she's over 350 pounds. the woman who is about to walk out has lost more than 160 pounds. >> you ready? victoria, we see you before. come on out and join the joy fit club. >> what? stunning! >> unbelievable! that's a complete transformation. >> omg! do you feel amazing? >> yes, i feel amazing. >> so the idea, this app helped you do this? >> uh-huh. >> from that to this. >> let's look at a snapshot of her actual food. so she logs down -- let's see, she logs down her breakfast and her lunch and it counts up her
10:39 am
calories and what not. so this is not the only app that's free. there's one called lose it, there's one called calorie count, spark people. the nice part is it doesn't cost any money. >> you've lost it is. that your daughter over there? where is she? >> hello! and we hear you work out with her as well. >> definitely. family affair. >> is that part of your secret. >> definitely. >> and her boyfriend has lost 30 pounds as well. >> everyone's skinny! person. >> next we have 23-year-old greg from yonkers, new york. this is a new york day. he actually didn't have a weight issue growing up. everything sort of went south when he went to college. so instead of gaining the freshman 15 he gained the freshman 115. he stepped on a sale one day it said "error" and he freaked out. he was 21 years old and he was 380 pounds. >> wow.
10:40 am
>> so he aspired to be an actor and he didn't want to just get the roles for the overweight guy so this is what his pants looked he was 58 waist. >> wow. >> the guy that is going to walk hot -- >> i can't wait! >> let's see it. >> so 380 pounds before. he has lost over 150 pounds now. >> greg, step out, let's see you. wow! >> morning! >> oh, i'm sorry. hello! >> hello casting agent. >> and he's also a bartender while he's out there trying to get acting jobs and he has made for us skinny margaritas. >> oh, you did! how do you make those? >> fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice, tequila, club soda. >> all right! >> yeah, enjoy. >> i can't partake, but thank you anyway. >> here's to over 300 pounds down. >> cheers! >> congratulations!
10:41 am
>> congratulations, guys, thanks. con grat, honey. >> i'm going to tweet this recipe out. >> all right, first they were the manzos. >> now they're "manzo'd with children." >> and a grandma, this is the kids' table. and i'm young at heart. and look how big you've gotten. but you're just trying to manipulate me so you can eat my kraft mac and cheese. see, you're wise beyond your years. now get over there. move it. i love you. right. macaroni & cheese, you know you love it. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently
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oh, it's that time. we're going to have fun with one of tv's most entertaining families, the manzos. >> we first got to know caroline manzo and the gang on "the real house wives of new jersey." now they're back with season two of their spinoff "manzo'd with children." >> and there's big changes happening in the tight-knit bunch as daughter lauren is getting married and a new member of the family is welcomed in. >> do you feel like you are losing a daughter or gaining a son? >> gaining a son. >> oh, okay. so that was quick. dad doesn't feel like he's getting a son. >> what do you mean? >> i don't think it's the same as a son. >> that's mean.
10:47 am
your grandchildren. >> i think nk vito is a great kid but he's not my son. son in time. >> vito, vito, veto ie vito. >> the whole gang is here, karen, chris, lauren and new son-in-law vito. >> how did that feel to listen to your father-in-law say he doesn't see you like that? how does that feel? >> i felt fine. we know -- i know his personality. but deep down inside he loves me like a son, i know. >> have you called him papa yet. >> we actually discussed that. i call caroline ma, i all albert pop and i call my mom and dad mom and dad. >> oh, good. >> caroline, i'm sorry, i walked up and looked at this group and i was like "who's this one?" because caroline, stand up for one second. >> oh, stop! >> look at her. look what's happened here. what is -- honestly, what is going on?
10:48 am
you're getting younger. you've got the hair going. >> we're going to be hanging out together all the time if you keep talking like that. >> skinny jeans. >> how does it feel? your kids are getting on their merry way. how does it feel as you're watching your kids head off to these adventures as your daughter gets married? >> that's what you raise them for. you have them to let them go to world. oh. but they're not. they're awesome kids, they're so deal with it. but i think we did a hell of a job. >> i think parents want to feel that way but every now and then room. don't worry about it. >> but she's gone. >> well, she's not gone. she's looking for a house. >> she's never gone. >> you throw them out but they come back. >> we're looking for a house. >> talk to us about what we're going to see this season. >> you two, you crazy kids. who what are we going to see? we know your sissy got married.
10:49 am
>> it was a fun year for all of us because as far as the show goes this is the most -- the biggest moment our family has had since we've been a family and when you throw the cameras into it, it's always something that brings on initial anxiety but it was fun. >> you guys went to italy before your wedding? >> two weeks before. >> with vito's family? >> yes. >> how stressful was that for you? >> well, you'll see on the show but when we were told we were going i was like -- and i've always wanted to go to the amalfi coast is where we had gone and it was like -- part of me wanted to explode with happiness and the other part was like, why? what's wrong with you? is. >> and you can indulge on the pasta. >> i wouldn't drink wine, i wouldn't eat pasta, i just ate fish the whole time, i lost five pounds. >> how were the family dynamics in italy? >> it was very fun to see both parents get to see what their home life is going to look like. >> describe.
10:50 am
>> a lot of "vito, stop it!" so his mother and father got to see that first time and they got so-to-see him in his underwear for the first time. >> so are we talking first comes marriage then comes baby or not yet? >> we're looking for a house right now and sometimes i get -- oh, my god! i want to give them grand kids so bad but at the same time i'm like let's wait, get a house. >> take your time. >> i would say you should. >> we're going to wait. our first vacation together was our honeymoon. >> well you guys are a lot of fun. it's no surprise your spinoff is doing well. we want you to watch the season premier of "manzo'd with children" at 10:30, 9:30 central on our sister network bravo. >> it will be fun. we'll be back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
that does it for us. tomorrow elvis duran will drop by with his artist of the month. it's austin mahone. >> plus the man from uncle "army hammer" is with us. >> and fashion for kids of all ages. >> kath, we love you, we'll leave you with beautiful images of a great man. have a great one.
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10:58 am
world." a lot to discuss with them. amy and matt ending their marriage. >> but a wedding to look forward. their son zach just got married well. opens. >> see? it all works out. stand by, billy and kit. we're live in five -- three -- two -- one. oh, welcome to "access hollywood live." billy and i are back from vacation. we are tanned, rested. actually, i am tan, and rested. billy looked at me this morning and said, look away. i'm hideous. >> horrible. don't look at me. >> what are you talking about? >> she's kit hoover and i'm bloated beyond belief. i do it every vacation. what's the deal? >> no. you go just as hard in the day. when i get with my brother, on vacation, i love to do 1,000 activities. tennis and -- >> i saw instagrams. oh, my god. running every day. working out.
10:59 am
>> i didn't mean to humble, brag. it totally came off like that. >> my brother shows up, pushes me to do an extra three miles. her and her brother run ten miles a day while i drink ten six packs a day. >> i should get hammered. reverted back to childhood. calls me junior. come on. swim with the sharks. okay. come on junior, go run. okay. >> did he give you a cage to swim in? >> a little cage. a little rage in the cage. >> jennifer aniston and justin theroux. so much. you took an extra few days of vacation. can you believe? almost like you can't take any time off. >> i know. three breakups, but a wedding. there they are. got married on a hump day. >> what do you think about that? to me, all the details of this, they'll be all over this story, if i'm honest, totally transparent, i'm not overly interested. very happy she got this weight off her. the weight the entertainment magazine shows. >> pushes on her. >> exactly.


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